Pink Typhoon

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Pink Typhoon is an ability that was pioneered by Jessica Albert. It involves a dynamite dame slicing a group of enemies to ribbons with flower power.


Dragon Quest VIII

Pink Typhoon can be learned by placing 88 skill points into Jessica's Sex Appeal skillset. When used, she spins around, surrounding herself with a pink tornado of flower petals, which then rips into enemies. It deals around 70~80 damage to a group of enemies for 5 MP. It uses the Woosh attribute, making Jessica one of the few mage-type characters that can utilize the element.

Dragon Quest XI

Jade unlocks the skill for 18 points, and will perform it for 16 MP. Base damage is 80~120 with a cap of 140~180l growing with her charm stat. The skill has a fixed 10% chance to enthrall foes for 23 turns.

Later one, Jade will be able to unlock Pink Tornado for 25 skill points. This improved version costs 18 MP to use and has a base damage of 130~190 and a maximum range of 370~430. Charm chance is still fixed at 10%, however.