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Port Haven {formerly San Marino) is a seaside town in Dragon Quest VI. It is located southwest of the Alltrades Abbey. It is where the Hero and Carver meet Milly. This is the first town to have a casino.

Ship rides can be taken from the town to the port east of Somnia and back. The cost is 50 G per person.


Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes
Thorn whip 350 Attack +18/Style +7
Boomerang 420 Attack +15/Style +5
Stone axe 550 Attack +19/Style +4
Iron claw 700 Attack +21/Style +15
Chain sickle 1,100 Attack +27/Style +13
Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Leather armour 180 Defense +11/Style +15
Scale armour 350 Defense +15/Style +9
Leather dress 380 Defense +25/Style +19
Scale shield 180 Defense +7/Style +4
Leather hat 65 Defense +2/Style +2
Hardwood headwear 120 Defense +6/Style -15


Port Haven Dog Owner.png
Port Haven docks.png
Price per person
15 Gold Coins

Casino Prizes

Prize Tokens Information
Magic water 200 Recovers some MP on use.
Silk tuxedo 500 10 defense & 40 style.
Yggdrasil Leaf 1,000 Revives one fallen ally.
Dragon shield 2,000 30 defense & 25 style.
Platinum mail 3,500 66 defense & 51 style.
Kamikazee bracer 5,000 10 style and casts Kamikazee if the wearer is defeated.


Nearby monsters


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