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20 September 2022

  • curprev 12:0212:02, 20 September 2022LiquidMetal talk contribs 620 bytes +620 Created page with "{{Character |Name=Purrsula |Game={{DQTreasures}} |Image=250px |Sprite= |Jap=ミューシャ |Romaji=Myūsha |Title= |Class= |Race= |Age= |Family= |Voice Actor=Laura Aikman }} '''Purrsula''' (ミューシャ, Myūsha) is a character from {{DQTreasures}}. She is a flying cat who accompanies Erik and Mia during their adventure on Draconia. Purrsula is a pink cat with green eyes and black wings who takes an interest on Erik. ==Trivia== *Purrsula..."