Raging bull helm

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Raging Bull Helm.png

The raging bull helm is a recurring helmet in the Dragon Quest series. It is a high-level helmet that offers a lot of defence to the wearer.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The raging bull helm has a defence bonus of +42 and can be sold for 16,500 gold. It can be worn by the Hero and Yangus.

Recipe: Mythril helm + Cowpat + Fresh milk

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

DQIX Raging bull helm.png  Raging bull helm  (DS)
Defence +22
Found Buy in Wormwood Creek.
Rarely dropped by or stolen from Barbatos.
Rarity ★☆☆☆☆
Recipe Gigasteel helmet + Magic beast horn x2 + Tough guy tattoo
Equipment Class Helmet
Equipable by Warrior, Thief, Gladiator, Paladin
Buy Price 10,400
Sell Price 5,200
Flavor text Horned headgear for the wild at heart.
Notes Upgrades into Minotaur helm.


  • A helmet sporting two large horns. Get in touch with your inner bull. (Description of the Raging bull helm in Dragon Quest VIII.)