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Rags, also known as cloth, are an extremely rudimentary piece of "clothing" in the Dragon Quest series that first appeared in Dragon Quest V. It is the least protective piece of armor in the games it appears in.

DQVI Rags.png
Japanese ただのぬのきれ
Old localizations
Found in Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Effect Provides a very small defense bonus to the wearer.


Dragon Quest VEdit

Rags have a defense bonus of +3.

They might also be dropped by Jailcat or Walking corpse. They're sold at the armour shop in Faerie Lea during Generation I and the south armour shop in Fortuna.

Dragon Quest VIEdit

Rags have a defense bonus of +3, and can be sold for 18 gold coins. Can be worn by slimes. They are sold in the Upper World Version of Alltrades Abbey and can also be found in:

They might also be dropped by Czargoyle.

Dragon Quest VIIEdit

Rags have a defence bonus of +3. They can only be worn by Maribel and Ruff. Some can be found in the Woodcutter's home on Estard Island and later purchased at the item shop in L'Arca.