Reckless necklace

Reckless necklace is a cursed Accessory item in Dragon Quest IX.


Reckless necklaces are cursed, requiring the services of a church, or the Benediction ability from a Priest's Faith skill, to remove them once equipped. Nevertheless, they are highly desirable for their use in Alchemy.


Dragon QuestEdit

Called "Deaths Necklace" at the time, it can only be obtained by collecting the treasure chest in the Mountain Cave a certain number of times.

Dragon Quest IXEdit


 Reckless necklace
Defence 6
Equipable by
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price
Flavor text Unnatural neckwear with an ominous odour about it.
Notes This item is cursed, and can be combined with Saint's ashes to produce a Lucky pendant.


Reckless necklaces can be found in Rank 9 chests, and sometimes appear on DQVC.

Equipping charactersEdit

All characters can equip reckless necklaces; no character should, as the curse renders the wearer ineffective in combat.

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