Rockbomb Ravine

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Rockbomb Ravine is a crag-encrusted canyon filled with the infamous living landmines. Though dangerous to approach, the shards of these monsters are necessary to build enough explosive power to demolish the Golem of Cantlin's hide. The green naviglobe is available in a chest near the teleportal.

Recruiting Splatrick

Splatrick is a rarity among globs of goo–he holds no ill-will towards humans. Persecuted for his beliefs by his fellow dollops, he asks the Builder to defend him. Do so and the little goober will join as a new citizen in Cantlin.

Splatrick is one of the two optional villagers in DQB1, the other one being Androo in the the final chapter.

Points of interest

There isn't much to see in this lonely island, the biggest attraction are the rockbombs and orichalcum ores on the canyon walls.

  • Slime forest, located in the southeastern part of the island is where Splatrick can be met.


List of available materials in the Rockbomb Ravine.

Raw materials
Broken branch icon.png
Broken branch
Cactus cutlet icon.png
Cactus cutlet
Coal icon.png
Copper icon.png
Grassy leaves icon.png
Grassy leaves
Iron icon.png
Marshroom icon.png
Medicinal leaf icon.png
Medicinal leaf
Orichalcum icon.png
Plumberry seedling icon.png
Plumberry seedling
Prickly peach icon.png
Prickly peach
Pumice pieces icon.png
Pumice pieces
Ruby icon.png
White petals icon.png
White petals

Raw materials requiring a shovel
Branch icon.png
Cactus crown icon.png
Cactus crown
Cactus trunk icon.png
Cactus trunk
Grass icon.png
Medicinal shrub icon.png
Medicinal shrub
Milkblossom icon.png
Prickly peach cactus icon.png
Prickly peach cactus
Sandgrass icon.png
Sandwort icon.png
Stalwort icon.png

Building materials
Chalk icon.png
Earth block.png
Obsidian block icon.png
Pebblestone block icon.png
Plumberry lumber icon.png
Plumberry lumber
Sand block icon.png
Sandy sandstone icon.png
Sandy sandstone


List of enemies available in Rockbomb Ravine.

Image Name HP Attack Defense Drop 1 Drop 2
DQB Cosmic Chimaera.png Cosmic Chimaera 68 30 33 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Fightgeist.png Fightgeist (Night only) 56 24 16 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
Metal slime builders.png Metal Slime 5 20 255 Silvery sludge icon.png
Silvery sludge
DQB Rockbomb.png Rockbomb 160 48 23 Rockbomb shard icon.png
Rockbomb shard
Rocky Box Slime.png Rocky Box Slime (Small) 24 8 8 Small stones icon.png
Small stones
Pumice icon.png
Rocky Box Slime.png Rocky Box Slime (Large) 14 10 12 Bathtub icon.png
Big rock icon.png
Big rock
DQB She-Slime.png She-Slime 12 6 4 Orange oil icon.png
Orange oil
Daffodaisy bud icon.png
Daffodaisy bud
DQB Slime.png Slime 7 4 0 Blue goo icon.png
Blue goo
Milkblossom bud icon.png
Milkblossom bud
DQB Spiked Hare.png Spiked Hare 70 28 24 Hareloin steak icon.png
Hareloin steak
Finest fur icon.png
Finest fur

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  • Splatrick is the smallest slime in the Dragon Quest Builders games.