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{{Shop|entry|item=[[Moonwort bulb]]|price=30|attributes=}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Moonwort bulb]]|price=30|attributes=}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Iron apron]]|price=700|attributes=Defense +22}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Iron apron]]|price=700|attributes=Defense +22}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Leather helmet]]|price=80|attributes=Defense +2}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Leather helmet]] (not in Switch Version)|price=80|attributes=Defense +2}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Hardwood headwear]] (Switch Version)|price=140|attributes=Defense +6}}
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| valign="top" width="25%" |
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| valign="top" width="25%" |
{{Shop|header|title=Weapon & Armor Shop|subtitle=[[Game Boy|GBC]]}}
{{Shop|header|title=Weapon & Armor Shop|subtitle=[[Game Boy|GBC]] and Switch}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Divine Dagger]]|price=200|attributes=Attack +14}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Divine Dagger]]|price=200|attributes=Attack +14}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Chain sickle]]|price=320|attributes=Attack +16}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Chain sickle]]|price=320|attributes=Attack +16}}

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Romaria (previously localized as Romaly) is a castle-town located in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is visited early in the game, shortly after completing the Path of Promise. It is the first "mainland" location visited in the game, as well as the series' introduction to non-slot machine gambling.

Romaria is a roman-esque castle-town that serves as the first location in a Dragon Quest game which features a Monster Arena where the player can gamble on enemy monster battles. Even if the player is unlucky, the arena can prove useful for observing the capabilities of the nearby monsters, as well as imported ones from later in the game.

King's Crown Subquest[edit]

Romaria is the focal point of the King's crown subquest. Upon first arrival, the King of Romaria will request the heroes retrieve his stolen crown from a group of bandits. These bandits are Robbin' 'Ood and his henchmen who are headquartered in the nearby Skyfell Tower. By defeating the bandit, the heroes can return the crown to the King or use it as a helmet for their own. If returned, the King will abdicate the throne in the Hero's favour. However, in order to continue the quest, the Hero must speak with the former king in the Monster Arena and remind him of his duty as a king.



Magic Key required[edit]

Ultimate Key required[edit]

Shops & Service[edit]

Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8
Antidotal herb 10
Holy water 20
Chimaera wing 25
Moonwort bulb 30
Iron apron 700 Defense +22
Leather helmet (not in Switch Version) 80 Defense +2
Hardwood headwear (Switch Version) 140 Defense +6
Weapon & Armor Shop (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Chain sickle 550 Attack +24
Iron lance 750 Attack +28
Broad sword 1,500 Attack +33
Leather armor 150 Defense +12
Shell armour 300 Defense +16
Chain mail 480 Defense +20
Bronze shield 180 Defense +7
Weapon & Armor Shop (GBC and Switch)
Item Price Attributes
Divine Dagger 200 Attack +14
Chain sickle 320 Attack +16
Iron lance 650 Attack +26
Leather armour 150 Defense +12
Shell armour 350 Defense +16
Chain mail 480 Defense +20
Bronze shield 250 Defense +7


Price per person
3 Gold Coins

Other notable attributes[edit]

   Casino icon.png   This location includes a casino or other gambling facility.

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

Nearby monsters[edit]

Romaria casino


  • The names Romaly and Romaria derive from the city of Rome in real world Italy. Romaria is located in the same corresponding location on the world map in Dragon Quest III.
  • If playing as the female hero, and thus becoming queen, the innkeeper will let the player rest at the inn for free, for one time only.


DQ III NES Romaly.png

Locked doors[edit]