Rotten cotton

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The Rotten Cotton is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series.


The Rotten Cotton is a white, fluffy three-eyed oddball with antenna protruding from the top of it's puffy head. With fur looking like the cotton plant it's named for, these beats will soon flood the battlefield by calling for backup from their brethren. They're not the brightest bunch though, often just staring into space blankly. Sometimes they will smash full force into foes with their bouncy body, doing massive damage and harming themselves in the flurry.

Dragon Quest VI

#35 - Rotten cotton
HP MP Experience Gold
40 0 32 9
Attack Defense Speed
40 31 17
Dropped Item Bone stake
Skills Body Slam
Call for backup
Bestiary # 35
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

Dragon Quest X


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