Sacred stone

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Sacred stone
DQVII sacred stone.png
Kana 神の石
Old localizations Sacred stone
Found in Dragon Quest VII
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect A stone that possesses the power of flight.

The sacred stone (also known as the BlissRock) is a key item in Dragon Quest VII. When used, it can provide the power of flight, either to individuals or structures.


The party receives the sacred stone as a gift from the Praetor after the events at Aeolus Vale. It becomes important for reaching the Divine Shrine from the Altar of Arrival later in the game. The High Priestess of the Holy Order of the Almighty states that it is no ordinary stone, being made out of the power of prayers and dreams. Sacred stones are the reason why their shrines are able to float in the heavens. The Skystone is also said to be made out of sacred stone, as well.


  • A stone that possesses the power of flight. (Description when selecting the Sacred stone in Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest VII.)