Seed of life

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Seed of life
Old localizations LifeAcorn
Found in Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest II
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest IX
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Permanently raises the HP of a single party member.

A seed of life (originally translated as Acorn of Life) is an item that permanently raises HP to whoever eats it. It can give off 4-6 HP points. Seeds of life can be found in treasure chests, pots, drawers, or some enemies may drop them. They cannot be bought at shops.


Dragon Quest[edit]

Due to text limitations in the Gameboy Color remake of Dragon Quest, seed of life was renamed to LifeAcorn.

Seed of life (いのちのきのみ inochi no kinomi)DQ-SNES-LOGO-ICON.PNG
Buy Sell Effect
N/A 150 gold Found only in the remake versions. Increases HP permanently by +4 ~ 6. Consumed after a single use.
Can Be Used Outside Of Battle? Can Be Used In Battle?
Shop(s) This item is not sold in any shop.
Location(s) Rimuldar, Grave of Galen, and Breconnary
In-Game Description
Mobile Increases max. HP by 4-6 points.

Dragon Quest II[edit]

Dragon Quest III[edit]

Smackanapes, and Ethereal serpents carry seeds at 164, and Rottenweilers, Boreal serpents, King squids, Tentaculars, and Putrefidos at 1128.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

They can be sold for 187 gold coins. Tessie will sell them in Torneko's shop for 375.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

It increases the maximum HP of a character and can be sold for 18 Gold Coins.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

A seed that slightly supplements a single ally's maximum health. They can be sold for 20 gold. Rarity 1/5


Increases maximum HP by 4-6 points.[1]
Any party member can eat this to increase maximum HP.[2]
Any party member can eat this to increase maximum HP.[2]
Permanently increases the maxmimum HP of a single ally.[3]