Serenica Equipment

The Serenica Equipment is a set of optional powerful equipment from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age once owned by the legendary Sage Serenica. The outfit is based of the female Sage from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.

"The Serenica"


Each part of the equipment is found in different part of Drustan's labyrinth. Only Serena can wear the set and if she dons every part of the equipment, it changes her appearance to resemble Serenica. The full set are composed of:

By talking to Father Benedictus of Arboria in the third act, he will give the party the Rusty sceptre. The requirements needed to reforge the scepter is to use the Fun-size Forge, and locating the If I Could Turn Back Time forging manual in the Luminary's Trial to restore the weapon at its full power.

The surplice can be found in a chest behind a giant closed door in the level 1 of the Luminary Trial and the circle in a chest at the end of a dead end in the east part of the Fierce Forest.