Sizzling Stone

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Sizzling stone
DQVII sizzling stone.png
Old localizations Sizzling stone
Found in Dragon Quest VII
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Contains the spirit of Sir Mervyn.

The Sizzling Stone (also known as the HotStone) is a key item in Dragon Quest VII. Although it appears to be an ordinary stone that is warm to the touch, it actually houses the spirit of a legendary Hero.


At the beginning of the game, the Sizzling Stone is in the possession of Pike, the Hero's uncle, who uses the stone to try and flirt with women at the bar in Estard. In the PSX version of the game, Prince Kiefer gets the idea to use the Sizzling Stone to unlock the sealed doors at the Shrine of Mysteries, so he asks the Hero to borrow it from him when he falls asleep at his house. The Hero makes his way back to the Shrine of Mysteries and places it on the statue's staff in order to try and unlock the doors, but to no avail. In the 3DS version, this part is omitted, as Kiefer is the one who steals the stone and tries it out at the shrine. Later after Pollock returns from the fishing trip at Pilchard Bay, Pike reclaims the stone from his nephew.

Much later in the story, the party finds out from a spirit of the Holy Order of the Almighty in a shrine east of La Bravoure that the Sizzling Stone actually contains the spirit of the legendary hero, Sir Mervyn. Prior to the final battle between the Almighty and the Demon King, the Almighty used His powers to seal Sir Mervyn into the stone in case He was defeated. One must take the Sizzling Stone to the top of the Tallest Tower in order to release Sir Mervyn. The party returns to Estard to get the stone from Pike, but he has already sold the stone to Bulgio, an eccentric millionaire.

After tracking Bulgio from his various mansions, the party eventually catches up with him at the Palazzo di Bulgio and relays the story of Sir Mervyn to him. Bulgio is skeptical of their claims and refuses their request for the stone, but before they leave his mansion, Bulgio relents and gives the Stone to them—on the condition that he accompany them to the Tallest Tower and see if they are telling the truth. Upon arriving at the tower's entrance, the Sizzling Stone begins to glow incredibly hot and unlocks the sealed doors.

The party, accompanied by Bulgio, journeys to the top of the tower where a shrine is located. Bulgio gives the stone to the party and the Hero approaches the altar. The stone suddenly leaves the Hero's hands and begins to float into the sky. The stone suddenly becomes infused with rays of the sun and reveals the legendary hero Mervyn himself from within.


  • This radiant rock is weirdly warm to the touch. (Description when selecting the Sizzling Stone in Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest VII.)