Slon the Rook

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Slon the Rook is a member of the Order of Zugzwang along with his partner Kon the Knight. He appears to be a purple variant of a Thwarthog.

Slon the Rook
HP MP Experience Gold
2400 0 3500 6580
Attack Defense Speed
300 135 80
Locations Talon Tower
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS


Slon the Rook initially appears alongside Kon the Knight. The two are summoned by Bishop Ladja to kill Pankraz. They fail to do so initially, unable to stand up against Pankraz's might. In response, Ladja holds the Hero at neckpoint, threatening to kill the Hero with his scythe and condemn his soul to eternity of damnation in Nadiria if Pankraz does not stand down. Pankraz complies, thus allowing Slon and Kon to throttle him until his HP runs out. Ladja delivers the killing blow, and the three take the Hero and Prince Harry to Crocodilopolis to be slaves while the Great Sabrecub is left behind.

Slon does not appear until several years later at Talon Tower, when the Hero is an adult. Slon is guarding the Dragon's left eye while Bishop Ladja is guarding the other eye. He does not seem to recognize the Hero, only knowing him as a threat to the Order of Zugzwang. Unlike most other major bosses, Slon's death is not visualized on-screen, simply disappearing after his defeat.

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