Solar Flair

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Solar Flair is a light-element ability in the Dragon Quest series. It bathes a group of enemies with damaging cosmic light from the very heart of the Milky Way.


Dragon Quest IX

Solar Flair can be used by any character that has the 'Paladin's Primer' (quest #108) item in their inventory. Base damage is 180~210, and will increase once the user's magical mending surpasses 200. It will reach it's zenith after the value hits 850, blasting enemies for 375~405.

  • Because it uses magical mending as it's power source, the skill is considerably more potent when used by a priest or sage.

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest XI

Solar Flair functions as a Pep power, being activated when both the Luminary and Rab are in the zone. It deals 285~315 light damage to all enemies with a high range of 625~655, and has a chance to increase lightning-elemental damage by 25% for 4~6 turns. If an enemy is a bag of bones or a ghoul, then damage is increased by 50%.

  • The return of Pearly Gates to the series is likely the reason that Solar Flair was designated as a pep ability. The skill now appears to be a combination of Kazap and Pearly Gates.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End

Cesar He casts this skill in the game

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