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The Character template is used to display common information about characters in the Dragon Quest Series. Each character article should contain an instance of this template at the top of the page.


|Japanese name=


  • Name: A required parameter. The name of the character.
  • Game: The game this character appears in. Should be an interwiki link to the game article.
  • Image: A single artwork image of the character. Should be of good quality. Should be a thumbnail if the image is large. An optional parameter.
  • Sprite: Any sprite images of the character from the game. An optional parameter.
  • Japanese name: The Japanese name of this character. An optional parameter.
  • Roumaji: The Roumaji name of this character. An optional parameter.
  • Title: The title this character possesses if applicable. An optional parameter.
  • Class: The job class of this character. An optional parameter.
  • Race: The race of this character. An optional parameter.
  • Age: The age of this character if known. An optional parameter.
  • Family: The family this character belongs to. An optional parameter.



Your Mom
Dragon Quest X
Title Ninja
Class Plumber
Race Kiwi
Age 34
Family Martin family


|Name=Your Mom
|Game=[[Dragon Quest X]]
|Family=Martin family