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The CharacterList template is used to display a set of characters who can equip a certain piece of equipment in Dragon Quest games. It specifically applies to the set of characters which can equip a piece of equipment in a single game.


In almost all cases, using this template should be preceded by a heading for the game and a subheading of 'Characters'. This specifies what information the table actually contains.


A header call to this template should be the first usage of this template on any page.

  • header: A required parameter which marks this as the start of a character table.


Each entry in the character table is represented by a single template call.

  • entry: A required parameter which marks this as a single character table entry.
  • character: The name of the character. Should be an interwiki link. Also, if this character only applies to a specific console version of the game, this should be noted in parentheses (i.e. (NES, GBC)).


The footer call marks the end of the character table.

  • footer: A required parameter marking the template as the footer.




Ragnar McRyan (NES, GBC)
Bianca Whitaker (SFC)


{{CharacterList|entry|character=[[Ragnar McRyan]] ({{NES}}, {{GBC}})}}
{{CharacterList|entry|character=[[Bianca Whitaker]] ({{SFC}})}}