Quest #173 - "Plum Duffer"
Location Gleeba
Availability After downloading from DQVC.
Requested by Duff, the peddler near the armour shop.
Fulfilled to Duff, the peddler near the armour shop.
Item Required 10 plum stones.
Reward DQ9 Chronocrystal.pngChronocrystal; DQ9 ResetStone.pngReset stone for repeat.
Detail Duff, a peddler from Gleeba, wants you to retrieve the evidence that the plums his wife packed for him were eaten by seasaurs. It seems that eating them made the seasaurs turn into seaverns.
Hint for solution Seaverns are found in high level water Grottos. They will only drop Plum stones while this quest is activated. It is a 100% drop.
Repeatable Yes.
Date Released April 22, 2011.