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This template is an infobox for monsters/enemy and is to be used on monster articles. This template is designed to give a "cliff notes" version of information about the monster. More detailed information should appear within the article's content using Template:Enemy. This template uses Template:Infobox as a base template.


{{Infobox | color = FFFFFF | bgcolor = CC5B14 | type = Dragon Quest Monster | title = Ninja Enemy 1 | image = Rhapthorne2 DQVIII PS2.png | caption = You must die! | label1 = {{#if: | Kanji | data1 = {{#if: | {{{kanji}}} | label2 = {{#if: | Romanji | data2 = label3 = First Appearance

Wiki markup

{{Monster Infobox
|title=Ninja Enemy 1
|image=[[Image:Rhapthorne2 DQVIII PS2.png]]
|caption=You must die!
|jap=にほんご <!-- Optional: Japanese name -->
|romaji=Nihongo <!-- Optional: Japanese name in latin letters -->
|firstappear=Dragon Quest L
|old=Auld Fāh<!-- Older names, if any -->

Compatibility parameters

  • "jap=" can be "kanji=".
  • "romaji=" can be "romanji=".

Second names are old ones (of wrong/inaccurate terminology), but retained for compatibility.