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This template is an infobox for spells and is to be used at the top of spell articles. Note that for specific details of a spell in a certain game/version, the Template:Spell template should be used. This template uses Template:Infobox as a base template.

{{Spell Infobox
|title =
|image =
|japanese =
|romaji =
|old =
|type =
  • title - The current English name of the spell (Frizz as opposed to Fireball, Omniheal as opposed to Healusall, etc.)
  • image - An image of a character performing the spell, or an illustration of such
  • type - What kind of effect this spell has (See below for details)

Optional parameters:

  • japanese - The name for the Japanese games
  • romaji - The romanized spelling of the Japanese name
  • old - The names from older translations from earlier localizations (i.e. under "Dragon Warrior" brand name)

Types of Spell and Ability[edit]

  • Offensive - Spells that deal damage or cause instant death (Frizz, Zap, Crack, Whack, etc.)
  • Restorative - Spells that restore HP or MP or cure status ailments (Heal, Zing, Drain Magic, Squelch, etc.)
  • Support - Spells that increase stats or cause positive status effects (Buff, Oomph, Bounce, Acceleratle, etc.)
  • Debilitating - Spells that causes negative status effects or lowers stats (Snooze, Sap, Fuddle, Fizzle, etc.)
  • Exploration - Spells that can transport party members, change the time, lure enemies, or sense treasure (Zoom, Safe passage, Whistle, etc.)
  • Skill - Abilities learned as a part of a skill set of a class or as part of a skill point system (Thin Air, Lightning Storm, Gigaslash, etc.)
  • Dance - Abilities performed as a dance (Hustle Dance, Underpants Dance, etc.)
  • Other - Spells/abilities like Hocus Pocus, which don't fit in anywhere else.