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Japanese names parameters[edit]

Many templates accept Japanese names, but the terminology had been wrong. I fixed the situation as follows:

  • For the displayed headers, "Kana" and "Kanji" are unified to "Japanese", and "Romanji" and "Rōmaji" to "Romanized Japanese".
  • For the template parameters, "jap=" and "romaji=" are now provided, but of course the old names remain ok, too.


  • The new names are clear - Those who don't know Japanese understand it's Japanese. (What's the heck "kanji", "kana" and "romaji"??)
  • The names are wrong, presumably due to poor understanding of Japanese: There's no such word "romanji". "Kana" and "Kanji" are confused use. (It's like pin-yin vs ideograph of Chisene, not the language itself.)

--D9w.hatena (talk) 23:36, 9 February 2020 (EST)