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{{Monster Infobox
| name=Treevil
| image=DQ9_Treevil.png
|caption= Art by [[Akira Toriyama]]
| family=Plant
| type=Tree
| game= Dragon Quest VIII
|firstappear=''[[Dragon Quest II]]''
The '''Treevil''' is a recurring monster that was introduced in ''[[Dragon Quest II]]''.
==Related Monster==
The treevil is a bizarrely colored conifer that wandered into the human world from the depths of demonic lands. Despite these infernal origins, they prove to cherish camaraderie and will bring back fallen friends with a loan of their leaves.
===''[[Dragon Quest II]]''===
|nes-sprite=[[Image:DW2 Evil tree.png]]
|nes-spells=[[Weird Dance]]<br>[[Fizzle]]<br>Flee
|nes-locations=[[Dirkandor]] region<br>[[Zahan]] region<br>[[Burrowell]] region
|nes-item=[[Holy water]]
|remake-sprites=[[Image:DQII evil tree.png]]
|remake-spells=[[Weird Dance]]<br>[[Fizzle]]<br>Flee
|remake-locations=[[Dirkandor]] region<br>[[Zahan]] region<br>[[Burrowell]] region
|remake-item=[[Holy water]]
===''[[Dragon Quest VIII]]''===
|sprite=[[Image:DQVIII PS2 Treevil.png]]
|family=[[Nature family|Plant]]
|description=Said to carry Yggdrasil leaves in their treetops, these monsters have the ability to resurrect fallen comrades.
|skills=[[Weirder Dance]]<br> Use [[Yggdrasil leaf]]<br>Flee
|locations=[[Baccarat|Baccarat Region]]
|items=[[Strong medicine]]{{fraction|1|64}}<br>[[Yggdrasil leaf]]{{fraction|1|256}}
===''[[Dragon Quest IX]]''===
|image=[[File:DQIX Treevil.png|150px]]
|game=''[[Dragon Quest IX]]''
|droppedItem=[[Superior medicine]] (common, 1/16)<br>[[Coagulant]] (rare, 1/64)
|skills=[[Weird Dance]]<br>Use [[Yggdrasil leaf]]
|description=They keep Yggdrasil leaves concealed in their canopies to bring back their buddies. Fry them with fire fast.<br><br>They love a party, and enjoy nothing more than standing in a big circle of a hundred or more friends doing the Weird Dance.
|locations=[[Urdus Marshland]]<br>[[Iluugazar Plains]]<br>[[Mt. Ulbaruun]]<br>[[Newid Isle]] (high ground)<br>[[Lonely Coast]] (high ground)<br>[[Grotto]]
|fieldNotes=Wicked woodland wariors who usher their enemies into the hereafter with a deadly Death Dane. They're actually very friend-focused, and dream of holding forest fetes so all their mates can dance together.
|image=[[File:Treevil DQH2.png|100px]]
|gold=90<span style="font-variant: small-caps;">g</span>
|item=[[Deadwood]], [[Block-it locket]]
|locations=[[Battle of the Great Divide]] (N), [[Battle of the Great Divide]] (S) (B1)
===''[[Dragon Quest Builders]]''===
|chapter-1-items=Tainted tree (★★☆)  , twisted tree trunk (★☆☆)
|chapter-1-locations=Poisonous swamp
|chapter-2-items=Plumberry (★★★), dead tree (★☆☆)
|chapter-2-locations=All swampy areas
|final-chapter-items=Tainted tree (★★☆), twisted tree trunk (★☆☆)
|final-chapter-locations=Green teleportal
* Japanese: Udoraa (ウドラー) may be derived from Udo, the Japanese name for the Aralia cordata species of plant, which has medicinal uses, or it may be derived from the English word ''wood'', and a resulting interpretation of this monster's name is "Woodler".
==Related Monsters==
*[[Dark macarbour]]
*[[Cherreevil Blossom]]
*[[Evil tree ent]]
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[[Category:Dragon Quest II enemies]]
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