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{{Monster Infobox
#REDIRECT [[Treeface]]
|caption=Art by [[Akira Toriyama]]
|firstappear= ''[[Dragon Quest II]]''
===''[[Dragon Quest II]]''===
===''[[Dragon Quest VIII]]''===
|game=''[[Dragon Quest VIII]]''
|droppedItem=[[Strong medicine]] (common)<br>[[Yggdrasil leaf]] (rare)
|description=Said to carry Yggdrasil leaves in their treetops, these monsters have the ability to resurrect fallen comrades.
|locations=[[Baccarat Region]]
===''[[Dragon Quest IX]]''===
|game=Dragon Quest IX
|droppedItem=[[Superior medicine]] (common, 1/16)<br>[[Coagulant]] (rare, 1/64)
|skills=[[Weird Dance]]<br>Use Yggdrasil leaf
|description=They keep Yggdrasil leaves concealed in their canopies to bring back their buddies. Fry them with fire fast.<br><br>They love a party, and enjoy nothing more than standing in a big circle of a hundred or more friends doing the Weird Dance.
|locations=[[Urdus Marshland]]<br>[[Iluugazar Plains]]<br>[[Mt. Ulbaruun]]<br>[[Newid Isle]] (high ground)<br>[[Lonely Coast]] (high ground)<br>[[Grotto]]
==Related Monster==
*[[Dark macarbour]]
Image:Treevil DQII NES.gif|''DQ II'' (NES)
Image:DQVIII PS2 Treevil.png|''DQ VIII'' (PS2)
Image:Treevil DQIX DS.png|''DQ IX'' (DS)
[[Category:Dragon Quest II enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest VIII enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest IX enemies]]{{Wikia}}
[[Category: Plant monsters]]

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