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Fact-checking resources

Salutations! Thanks for all your help with VII's new information, it's been a real sore spot for the site for years and I'm glad someone decided to pitch in! These sites here are the ones I use to double check myself when I don't feel like spelunking through countless gamefaqs boards. Auto translate can be a little rough, but once you get the hang of things its easy to discern the information. Once again thanks a ton for your help!

General information Character ages, nicknames, how often monsters appear, developer quotes, etc. Only thing they lack are pictures.

Hard data The one most regarded by the gamefaqs crowd. Its ceased updates as of VII's remake, but covers monster resistances, stats, equipment price, you name it. Absolutely the best resource for IX's data, providing all the calculations for skills and spells, as well as hidden equipment stats. Not quite as detailed as Navi, but they do provide images for most games, and it pays to have additional sources