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Venom Mist

Venom Mist is a breath attack in the Dragon Quest series. It envenomates the enemy, draining a large amount of the victim's Max HP per turn.



Dragon Quest VEdit

Venom Mist is learned by monster companions such as the fat rat. It deals 1/6th of the enemy's max HP. Oddly, in the SNES version monsters that are asleep or paralyzed cannot be envenomed as well.

Name Level
Drag-goof 13
Fat rat 15
Walking corpse 25

Dragon Quest VIEdit

Venom Mist is obtained by advancing to rank 2 of the Ranger vocation. It deals 1/8th of max HP per turn.

Dragon Quest VIIEdit

Venom Mist is learned by reaching rank 6 of the Monster Masher vocation, as well as rank 3 of the Gripevine, and Galumph vocations.