Very devil

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#144 - MageImp
HP MP Experience Gold
210 35 120 60
Attack Defense Speed
105 70 53
Dropped Item Pot Lid
Locations Estard
Spells Snowstorm
Family Demon
Capture Rate Hard
Bestiary # 144
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The Very devil (formerly MageImp) is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the Estard region in Disc 2 and the Engow region in Disc 2.


Dark devilish demons that weave their wave through battle on wicked tiny wings, with which they've been known to terrorize entire towns. They can cast they crushing Crackle spell to sling ice damage at all enemies, along with focusing their fiery laser to deal massive damage to a single foe. They're equipped for long hard battles with the ability to heal themselves and others with the mighty Midheal.

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