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Vrenor (Frenor in the NES version) is a location in Dragon Quest IV. Located in the northeast of Zamoksva, it is a highly gossipy small town.


Alena, Borya and Kiryl travel to Vrenor in Chapter 2 and encounter the Fake Princess of Santohaim and her retinue. After her capture, the kidnappers place the Armlet of Transmutation as her ransom in a letter found by a dog named Zasha (Kit in the original English localization). The party, having acquired the item earlier in their travels at the Vault of Vrenor, gives it up to ensure the girl's safety. After this, they move on.

Later on, a girl flees from Palais de Léon with an injured Oojam (former ally of Maya & Meena). The two stayed at Vrenor's Inn to rest and recover.

Other treasures

All versions


Shops and Services

ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Copper sword.png Copper sword100Attack +12
ICON-Thorn whip.png Thorn whip200Attack +14
ICON-Divine dagger.png Divine dagger200Attack +14
ICON-Boomerang.png Boomerang350Attack +18
ICON-Hunter's bow.png Hunter's bow350Attack +18
ICON-Chain sickle.png Chain sickle550Attack +20
ICON-Iron lance.png Iron lance880Attack +28
Note: The thorn whip and the boomerang are only available in the NES version.
The divine dagger and the hunter's bow are only available in the remakes.
Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 30
Antidotal herb 10
Chimaera wing 25
Moonwort bulb (NES Version) 30
Chain mail 350 Defense +18
Bronze armour (Remakes) 700 Defense +25
Hardwood headwear 120 Defense +6


Price per person
4 Gold Coins

Nearby monsters

(Chapter 2)

Left of town (Chapter 5-6)

Right of town (Chapter 5-6)

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