The Wormonger is a boss that first appeared in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2.


The wormonger is the boss of Treepidation in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It is a mammoth-sized worm that, in the early part of the game, has swallowed the chief engineer Rory Bellows. Rory can be rescued by entering the giant worm's mouth while it is sleeping and defeating the Hyper heyedra deep within its digestive tract.

After beating the game, the wormonger can be scouted. It takes up three monster spaces, meaning it is so large, it is the only monster the player can have out at one time. However, it makes up for its "lone wolf" status by sweeping everything with its humongously long body, striking all enemies on the opposing side in battle. Sadly, it is only a Rank D monster and one of the weakest three-space monsters.

Family Nature
Rank D
Size L
Weapons Staves
Traits Poisonous, Paralyzing, Grand Slammer, Late Riser
Resistances Immune to Donk, Whack, Poison, Confusion, Inaction, Paralysis, and Sleep
Skill Wormonger
Location Treepidation
Breeding chart -

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