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Xenlon is an additional post-game boss made for the Super Famicom and Game Boy Color remakes of Dragon Quest III. He is a dragon of immense age and magical capability, granting wishes to those able to best him in battle.


He is found at the top of Zenith Castle, sleeping at the summit. He can be battled multiple times in order for a wish to be granted. Upon beating him, he will transport you outside of the Castle of the Dragon Queen whether a wish is made or not.



HP MP Experience Gold
7300 Infinite 50,000 None
Attack Defense Speed
400 350 255
Dropped Item None
Locations Zenith
Skills Freezing Blizzard
Flops onto party (136~207)
Chews character (204~311)
Disruptive Wave
Attacks Twice
Spells Kaboom
Family Dragon
Game Dragon Quest III
Console SNES
Mobile Phones

This divine dragon is by far the strongest foe in the game, and will make Zoma look like a chump. He has immunity to every status debuff, and even Drain Magic, so the only way to approach this fight is with a full frontal assault with Oomph and Falcon Blades. His specific action attacks like chewing on a character will ignore defence, so don't even bother with Kabuff. Instead, keep Acceleratele up at all times to make life easier for healers. Also, because Xenlon only has one spell and an equal chance to use any of his actions, Insulatele is a better idea than Bounce.

On the bright side, Xenlon has no resistances to offensive spells, meaning that if the hero has enough MP, you can cast Kazap over and over again to whittle down his health. Magi and Sages should only cast Kafrizzle when healing and buffing have already been covered for the turn.


  • Due to Monster Medals being saved automatically, you can save wishes by defeating him & getting all of his sets of medals, then resetting the game.


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