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Yggdrasil, originally known as the World Tree, is the name of a great mythical tree in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest II, it commonly appears in the names of items which originate from the tree, such as Yggdrasil Leaf or Yggdrasil dew.


Dragon Warrior II

The player can obtain a Leaf of the World Tree by traveling south of the Sea Cave to an island with one tree on it. By searching this tree, the player can obtain the Leaf. The party can only get one leaf at a time from this tree and if the player already has a Leaf of the World Tree, they cannot get another one.

Dragon Warrior III

The World Tree is found in the overworld at the intersection of four lone impassible mountains. By searching this tree, the player can obtain a Leaf of the World Tree. As in Dragon Warrior II, the party may only have one leaf at a time.

Dragon Quest IV

Yggdrasil is a location in Dragon Quest IV. It appears simply as an immense tree hundreds of times the size of any real-world tree, with the elven village of El Forado at the base. Located slightly east of Mintos, surrounded by a ring of impenetrable mountains, it is only accessible by balloon flight.

The party visits it late in the game, after acquiring the balloon. After ascending to its boughs, they encounter Orifiela, a Zenithian who fell from the sky and landed in the Tree's branches. She helps them find the Zenithia Sword, which is nearby, and, after being rescued, agrees to show them the way to Zenithia.

In Chapter 6 (Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DS Version only), defeating Foo Yung & Chow Mein will cause the blooming of the rare Yggdrasil Flower atop The Tree.

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Dragon Quest VII

The World Tree can be found in Gröndal. When the party travels there in the past, the World Tree hasn't achieved maturity yet. It is a mere sapling known as Ygg. The residents of Gröndal, under the influence of fighting batboon try to cut down the sapling before it becomes a World Tree. The party stops this from happening and Ygg is able to become a World Tree. The party can obtain a World Leaf by going to the World Tree. If the party does not have a World Leaf, a bird will drop one from the tree for the party to pick up and obtain. If they do, the bird will not drop one. They can also obtain a World Dew at Gröndal. However, only the Hero can get on line to buy one and, if supplies run out before the Hero gets one, the party will have to leave town and enter again to try and get another one. If they already have one, they will not be allowed to buy another.

Dragon Quest IX

In Dragon Quest IX the tree is part of the central plot and appears at the top of the Observatory. The Yggdrasil is considered the gateway to the realm of the Almighty, as when it blossoms the Starlight Express comes to ferry Celestrians. However, as part of the events of the game, when the tree blossoms, it instead causes a disaster in the Observatory. It is later revealed that Yggdrasil is in fact the goddess Celestria, the daughter of the Almighty, Zenus. She became Yggdrasil to show Zenus that even though mortals were flawed, some still have good in their hearts.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below


Yggdrasil comes from Norse mythology. It literally means World Tree and it is the tree that supports the entire world.

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