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Zing(originally Vivify) is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest II, it has a partial chance of reviving a fallen ally (unlike Kazing, which doesn't fail).


Dragon Quest III

Zing is introduced, which revives a party member to half their total HP, but only works half the time. Kazing has been improved from the previous title and will restore a party member to full HP and does not fail like Zing can.

Dragon Quest IV

Zing is learned by Meena at level 20, Kiryl at level 21, and the Hero at level 28.

Dragon Quest V

Name Level
King slime --
Orc king --
Conkuisitor 10
Cureslime 12
Old man of the sea 17
Hero 29
Healslime 30
Epipany 30
Slime 30
Dwight 40

Dragon Quest VI

Zing is already known by Kingsley upon joining the party, and is learned by Nevan at level 13. Other characters can learn it by mastering the Priest vocation.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Zing is learned by Angelo at level 19, and by by the Hero at level 29.

Dragon Quest IX

Zing has a roughly 50% chance to bring back a deceased party member. It is available to Priests at level 18, Minstrels and Rangers at level 24, and Sages at level 20. It costs 8 MP to cast.

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