Zoma's Citadel

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Zoma's Citadel (ゾーマの城, "Zoma's Castle"), Charlock Castle in older localizations, is the name of the final dungeon in Dragon Quest III. It is located in the central area of Alefgard, across the water to the southeast of Tantegel. Upon the death of the demonlord, the citadel's foundation still stands and would go on to be the nest of evil for future generations.


Dragon Quest III

Ruled by Zoma, it is also the place where Ortega meets his death at the hands of the King Hydra. The castle itself is notably larger than the castle in the original game, particularly the underground sections. Looking behind the throne on the first floor is still the only way to progress, however.

Monsters (exterior)

Monsters (interior)



Places of interest

Hidden staircase

The castle has a hidden staircase on the first floor which is the correct path to reach the innermost areas of the castle in both Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. This staircase is referred to by various NPCs in both Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. In order to find the stairs, the hero must search behind the thrones in the middle of the first floor.