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Zoma's Citadel is the name of the final dungeon in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. It is located in the central area of Alefgard, across the water to the southeast of Tantegel. Upon the death of the demonlord, the citadel's foundation still stands and would go on to be the nest of evil for future generations.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

Ruled by Zoma, it is also the place where Ortega meets his death at the hands of the King Hydra. The citadel itself is only the on the surface of the island, with the rest of the structure being an massive catacomb. The player must search behind the false throne on the first floor to enter the underground chambers, but before that they must defeat a gauntlet of six stone guardians in the central hall.

The second floor is split between two maps, the first of which is a dead end and can be entered from several stairwells on the first floor. The path to Zoma through the second map is through the stairwell behind the throne, and leads to a directional panel puzzle similar to the ones seen in the Tower of Rubiss.

The third floor is where the player will witness the death of Ortega, and also houses a large vault of treasure. It is a linear path aside from this, with all other rooms being empty. The lowest floor of the citadel is a sacrificial dias set before a narrow walk way surrounded by inky black water, menacing statues, and scones. Zoma sits on his throne at the end of the walk way, and taunts the player before the King Hydra attacks. Once the reptile is killed, the devil summons the corpse and ghost of Baramos to kill the Hero.

After Zoma's death, the citadel begins to collapse and the party is pulled into the abyss. After a short cutscene the group is flung out of the basement floor of the Nail Mark.


Monsters (exterior)[edit]

Monsters (interior)[edit]