Caliburn Cave

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Caliburn Cave is a location in Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. Located in the north of Avalonia, it is the proving ground for aspiring swordsmen, who must delve into its depths and face off with Sir Dirk Worthington in order to prove their mettle and battle prowess.

Along with Northern Plains, it comprises the first level of the game and therefore features some of the weakest enemies, serving mainly as an introduction to the battle system's core mechanics.


Level rewards[edit]

  • Rank S - 1 x Thunderball
  • Rank A - 1 x Iron Ore
  • Rank B - 1 x Monsterbone

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  • "Caliburn" is another name for Excalibur, the magical sword wielded by King Arthur in Welsh legend.
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