Conqueror's sword

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Conqueror's sword
DQH - Conqueror's sword.png
Japanese 覇王の大剣
獄炎の大剣 (Walk)
Romaji Haō no daiken
Goku-en no daiken (Walk)
Old localizations None
Found in Heroes
Heroes II
Effect None

The Conqueror's sword is a greatsword that appears in Dragon Quest Heroes, Dragon Quest Heroes II, and Dragon Quest Walk.


Dragon Quest Heroes[edit]

The sword appears as an equippable weapon for Psaro. It can be bought for 7,150 gold, sold for 3,570 gold, and when equipped gives him Attack +61 and Blocking +10.

The sword looks similar to the one seen in Psaro's character artwork.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[edit]

The sword returns as Psaro's starting weapon. As such, it gives him Attack +13 when equipped. It can also be upgraded to the Giga Conqueror's sword via appraising a Would-be weapon from a boss dimensional dungeon, appraising Greatsword extracts from completing Maze of the Mighty as Psaro, or assembling five greatsword fragments obtained by completing Maze of the Mighty or Über Emperor's Abode as Psaro. The Giga Conqueror's sword also gives Psaro Attack +13 when equipped, but it also gives 1-3 random effects.

Dragon Quest Walk[edit]

The sword appears as a part of the Demon Swordsman Psaro Equipment gacha event. It is a 5-Star greatsword that gives the user 230 ATK (345 ATK when equipped with both hands). It learns Leg Sweep at Lv10, Super Focus Strength at LV15, Demon King Dark Sword at LV20, Hellfire Demon Flame Slash at Lv30, and King of Demons at LV50.