Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: Hero Avan and the Demon King of Hellfire

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: Hero Avan and the Demon King of Hellfire ( ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険 勇者アバンと獄炎の魔王) is a spinoff of the Adventure of Dai that focuses on Avan and his party and their quest to defeat Hadlar.

The writer of the original story, Riku Sanjo, reprises his role in this prequel manga. This time the art is by Yusaku Shibata, more known for his hit series, "Zipman!!".


The Demon King's army is attacking the whole world. The Kingdom of Carl and Princess Flora stand up to stop the invasion. And then there's young Avan!

Upon seeing the resistance the Carl Kingdom shows to the Dark Army's advence, Hadlar threatens to take Princess Flora with him and sacrifice her to the underworld's god. Hadlar invades the castle with the help of many monsters and quickly finds the princess. However, two young soldiers -Roka (the head of kinghts) and Avan- stand up to the darkling and engage in combat. Avan surprises him with his usage of the Sizzle abd Kafrizzle spells. Hadlar then decides to use a more powerful spell: Kaboom. While Hadlar is distracted preparing to attack Avan with the explosive spell, Roka manages to cut the arm of the fiend clean. Enraged, the dark lord hurts Roka, rendering him unable to keep fighting. As he is unable to cast Kaboom with just one hand he casts Boom towards the hero, who is also angered due to his friend being injured. In the climax of the battle, Avan uses Roka's blade to unleash an Avan Strash, casting Hadlar away. Soon after, Avan and Roka embark on a journey to finish the former's duel with Hadlar and save the world.