Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light is a Android/iOS console role-playing game published by Square Enix in 2014.


The game starts out by introducing the player to a monster named Watabou, who explains what is going on in the Super Light world. He explains that he is not sure why certain monsters are suddenly attacking, but he knows that the player is the perfect person to look into it. He then demonstrates monster fighting, dungeon crawling, and even how to buy things in the store. Watabou acts as a support character for the first few quests, but later disappears and serves only to answer questions.

As the player progresses through the dungeons, the player can make new monster friends and add them to the battling team, collect gold that can be used to buy new maps, and collect all kinds of items that can be used in battle. The more battles, the stronger the monsters get; unfortunately, Super Light operates with a stamina system that restricts how often dungeons can be explored.


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