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This is a transcript of the Party Chat from Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.


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(*): ......

(*): Be careful, Hero. I sense that our presence here has not gone unnoticed.

(*): Right, let's push on.

(*): Ya gettin' a whiff of this foul air? Aye, this is Murdaw's castle, alright.

(*): Keep your eyes peeled, Hero! The enemy could strike at any moment!

(*): It seems that Murdaw has already decided the path to our destiny...

(*): So ol' Murdaw keeps his doors locked, aye?

(*): Ya think he's scared of me? He better be.

(*): The presence of evil up here is stifling...

(*): Aye, you feel that? We're closin' in on somethin' evil. It's like the air's suddenly gettin' heavy.

(*): Are you ready, Hero?
It's time!

(*): Bah! I'm through with thinkin'!
After you, Hero!

(*): What are you doing, Hero!? We need to get to Murdaw, quickly!

(*): Avast, Hero! This ain't the right way! Ya want that slimy Murdaw to slip away on us!?

(*): Are you ready, Hero?
It's time!

(*): Bah! I'm through with thinkin'!
After you, Hero!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Why are we still hangin' around Somnia, Hero? Got a hot date or somethin'?

Carver: Whatever your business, do it quick so we can wrangle that mustang 'n everything like that!

Carver: Maybe they'll make us honest-to-Goddess soldiers if we catch that horse, aye?

Carver: Trouble? Hero, I don't think you could cause trouble if ya tried.

Carver: Crikey... That's a poor reason to become a soldier.

Carver: Sorry, kid, but my fist's got Murdaw's name all over it. M-U-R-D-A... Oh, the W's on my foot.

Carver: Arf! Ruff! Arf!

Carver: Had ya goin' there, aye, Hero? I can't speak dog. Not fluently, anyway...

Carver: Hah! I make drab uniforms look good.

Carver: Giant chasms, aye? Would it kill Murdaw to do somethin' NOT evil for once?

Carver: More power by the hour, aye? Then we just need to gain more power by the half-hour!

Carver: Sweet! Time for a little spillunkin'... Er, spellinkin'...
Uh, cave explorin'!

Carver: C'mon, Hero, let's help the lady out.

Carver: See there? No good deed goes unrewarded!

Carver: The western forest, aye? I thought mustangs liked livin' in meadows or on the range, but whatever...

Carver: Easy there, old salt. Leave the heavy liftin' to us strappin' lads.

Carver: I'll bet lots of ladies have a thing for the King.
Lucky guy...

Carver: Rest easy, old timer! With the two of us on the job, ya got nothin' to worry about!

Carver: Wow. He should be happy he lived to tell the tale.

Carver: Huh... The forest north of the bridge out west, aye?

Carver: Perfect! Alright, Hero, lead the charge to this forest!

Carver: Sounds like one wonderful wagon, alright.

Carver: A fine set of wheels like that could survive a trip halfway round the world, easy.

Carver: Oh, didn't you see the wagon, Hero?

Carver: Well, I did. It looked like one smart set of wheels.

Carver: Hey, uh... I ain't so sure we should be in here, Hero.

Carver: King Somnus never so much as nods off?
What's his secret?

Carver: Me, I'm worthless without my beauty rest.

Carver: She's out like a light. Wonder what she's dreamin' of.

Carver: Mm? Seems like we're not alone in here.

Carver: A monster right here in town, aye? The world really is fallin' apart.

Carver: This must be the ring that lady lost.

Carver: Let's go back up and give it to her!

Carver: It's nice to be able to waltz in here like you own the place, aye?

Carver: You got it, old fella. We'll do what we can to help ya out!

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Ya need to respect your elders 'n everything like that.

Carver: If the King's smart, he'll pick us for the mission and no one else.

Carver: Hey, everyone needs a hobby, aye? Me, I like kicking monsters in the face.

Carver: You got it, arms-in-brother– Wait, what did he call me?

Carver: Aw, don't listen to him, Hero. They'll be singin' a different song once we catch that mustang!

Carver: I'll be one before long, too! Don't ya forget it!

Carver: See, Hero? Wranglin' that horse is your ticket in!

Carver: The “phantom realm”? Wonder what the girls look like there...

Carver: When His Majesty cracks the case, we'll be ready to crack Murdaw's jaw.

Carver: Aye, the King might even be a better man than me.
...I said “might”.

Carver: That's what I'm tellin' you! We need to catch that mustang, and fast!

Carver: Whoa! I'd almost give up sleep for two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners a day.

Carver: Hey, what about me?

Carver: Ah, don't let it bother ya, Hero.

Carver: Urgh! My stomach's all in knots...

Carver: ......

Carver: Aye! Let's go and help someone in need, Hero! Wranglin' that mustang sounds like a job for us!

Carver: Don't worry, Hero. Once we catch that horse, they'll have no choice but to induct you, aye?

Carver: Can you believe that? Studyin' day and night without so much as a catnap!
That makes my head hurt...

Carver: The military's itchin' for a fight, aye? Good to know we've got backup.

Carver: Hmm... Hope we get to meet the King soon, too, aye?

Carver: A search expedition? You don't think she's talkin' about that wild mustang, do ya?

Carver: Geh. He got us good, aye?

Carver: Fair enough. He's a pretty busy guy, ya know.

Carver: We'll have to catch that mustang by ourselves!

Carver: These prison guards aren't much for conversation...

Carver: Huh. Next thing ya know, folks'll be tellin' us this horse can fly, too.

Carver: Never mind. I'm not afraid of some monster mustang!

Carver: Giddy up, Hero! Let's wrangle this monster mustang!

Carver: Ya ready, Hero? We're gonna get this mustang, and that's that.

Carver: Whoa there, horsey! Whoa!

Carver: She's not such a monster mustang when you see her eye-to-eye, aye, Hero?

Carver: Alright, Hero. Let's get this beast back to that old timer in the castle.

Carver: The more I size up Peggy Sue, the more I'm gonna hate givin' her up.

Carver: We'll both be Somnian soldiers for sure now, Hero!


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Carver: Hang on, Hero – your village is all the way up this mountain?

Carver: I never would've guessed. Mountain folk are hardy, but you're as skinny as a twig!

Carver: Not exactly smooth sailin', aye? What're all these monsters doin' on this mountain!?

Carver: “Buddy”, huh? Seems more like a henchman, the way he looks after the place for ya.

Carver: Must be a mountain thing.

Carver: An inn inside a mountain? Now I've seen everything.

Carver: Whoa! This is my kind of town! It's like a carnival 'n everything like that.

Carver: I love bustlin' towns like this. They make the peace we got all the more worth protectin'. Funny... I feel like I've had this thought before...

Carver: It's like some kinda festival, aye? Time to really let our hair down, Hero.

Carver: Oh, it's bazaar time, aye? Well, that explains all the hustle 'n bustle.

Carver: The price wars around here must be brutal, what with the wall-to-wall stalls 'n everything like that.

Carver: Being a merchant sounds like a stressful job. I'll stick to fightin'.

Carver: King Somnus comes here? You'd think he'd have a royal shopper or somethin'.

Carver: “Net loss”, huh? If I see one, I'll teach it the meaning of “tooth loss” with a kick to the jaw.

Carver: And I thought monsters were mean. These merchants are cutthroats!

Carver: Is there anythin' ya can't buy at this bazaar, Hero?

Carver: Oh, they sell stuff in sets, do they? Hmm... But is it any cheaper that way?

Carver: That ain't cheap, no, but that doesn't mean it ain't a good deal, either.

Carver: Ah, well... You can't always get what ya want.

Carver: Pot lids, aye? I don't need any stinkin' lids, me bein' a martial artist 'n everything like that.

Carver: This business pits brother against brother? What a dirty job.

Carver: Is there anythin' ya can't buy at this bazaar, Hero?

Carver: That doesn't seem like smart shoppin', buying somethin' sight-unseen...

Carver: I doubt anyone here would fall for that trick, but you be careful, Hero.

Carver: So Bill's the younger brother and Buck's the older one, aye? I need to find a way to remember that.

Carver: And here I was hopin' we'd find the King out shopping...

Carver: Let's go accomplish great things, aye? Then maybe the King will call on us!

Carver: Whoa. The crownsmith's daughter is a real jewel.

Carver: Looks like she didn't inherit her dad's looks.

Carver: What's that festival of yours like, Hero? You'd better invite me up to it someday.

Carver: The town inn, aye?

Carver: Hey Hero, how about we go and test it out?


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Carver: I can't wait to see the look on that wagon guy's face!

Carver: I hope that old timer doesn't have a heart attack when he lays eyes on this mare.

Carver: Come on, Hero! Let's go to the castle and make the old guy's year!

Carver: Funny how the whole town seems different when things are goin' our way, aye?

Carver: Hardy har! I'm in a mood to kick up a little trouble, Hero!

Carver: Folks probably thought she was a dangerous horse 'cause of how big she is. Hey, I know the feeling.

Carver: Wow, Peggy Sue's really the talk of the town, aye?

Carver: Hey, Hero, how about we cut down on the chit-chat and hightail it to the castle, aye?

Carver: All the monster sightings have made folks nervous around this poor horse. But she's such a sweetheart!

Carver: Sounds like this king really needs our help.

Carver: Aye, King Somnus has his work cut out for him.

Carver: Folks probably thought she was a dangerous horse 'cause of how big she is. Hey, I know the feeling.

Carver: See, Hero? Let's get Peggy Sue into the castle, pronto!

Carver: Huh? I know Peggy Sue is special, but legendary?

Carver: Suppose that's what happens when ya bring a horse into a bathroom. Some straw oughta soak up that mess.

Carver: Sounds like this king really needs our help.

Carver: Wow, Peggy Sue's really the talk of the town, aye?

Carver: Hero, come on! We didn't go through all this just so you could pick on the poor fella!

Carver: Believe me, I know. There's no wagon Peggy Sue can't pull!

Carver: Hmm... Guess horses ain't exactly indoor animals. She's wearin' out our welcome.

Carver: They really love their king here, aye, Hero?

Carver: Why do horses love oats so much? Me, I need protein!

Carver: See? Peggy Sue grows on people. She's really somethin', aye?

Carver: It's good to see folks got the fightin' spirit around here.

Carver: Folks around here really are crazy about their king.

Carver: Huh. Wonder what King Somnus lost?

Carver: Man, if folks are this scared of a sweet horse, how will they react when Murdaw shows up?

Carver: Well, well! We managed to impress the King. Aren't we special!

Carver: He's a nice fellow for a king. I thought he'd be older, though. And taller.

Carver: We did it, Hero! Peggy Sue and the wagon are all ours!

Carver: What kind of name is Ra, anyway? Got any ideas on where to look for this mirror, Hero?

Carver: We'll be sure to find this mirror... As soon as we figure out where to look.

Carver: Aye, King Somnus has his work cut out for him.

Carver: The north-eastern checkpoint, aye? Well, daylight's wastin'. Let's shove off, Hero!

Carver: Right. Time to hit the north-eastern checkpoint, Hero!

Carver: We should be proud we got the job, but we need some clues, fast!

Carver: Hmm... Ya know, Hero, I think I'll let you be the brains on this mission.

Carver: If that mirror can be found, we'll find it first... No doubt about it!

Carver: Let's do this, Hero! Can't fall behind the other soldiers, aye?

Carver: Do you really think King Somnus stays up all the time? Maybe he sleepworks and no one notices.

Carver: Seems like findin' leads is gonna be tougher than we thought.

Carver: Don't worry! We'll do our best for all the folks who didn't get picked, aye?

Carver: Come on, Hero. To the north-eastern checkpoint!

Carver: Hardy har! There's no wagon in the world that our Peggy Sue can't pull.

Carver: Come on, Hero. To the north-eastern checkpoint!

Carver: Was that fella cryin' tears of joy or sadness? I'll bet he's just proud to see his wagon get some use.

Carver: Off we go, Hero! To the north-eastern checkpoint, then on to Ra's mirror!

Carver: A mirror that shows only the truth, aye...?

Carver: Bet that thing would shatter if it tried to reflect my muscles. It can't handle the truth!

Carver: Aye, King Somnus has his work cut out for him.

Carver: You prayin' for safe travel to the checkpoint?
Good thinkin'.

Carver: Hmm... Ya know, Hero, I think I'll let you be the brains on this mission.

Carver: Hmm... This might wind up bein' a long journey. Good thing we have that horse 'n wagon, aye?

Carver: Come on, Hero! We need to start headin' for the north-eastern checkpoint!

Carver: Hey Hero, that's enough sightseein'. Let's shove off toward the north-eastern checkpoint!


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Carver: This place brings back memories. Wasn't that long ago when we climbed this tower, ya know.

Carver: Alright, Hero, let's get to the north-eastern checkpoint.

Carver: Whew! Got my lower-body workout for today.

Carver: So this is your home village, aye, Hero?
Not too shabby.

Milly: So this is Weaver's Peak, is it? What a lovely place!

Carver: It's really quiet around here. Tranquil, even.

Carver: Wow, your village is great. The air's fresh. The folks are down to earth. And what a view!

Carver: Seems like a place like this would breed hardy folk, Hero. So what's your excuse?

Milly: What a wonderful village. I could see myself settling down in a place like this one day.

Milly: The air here is so fresh and clean! It's like a different world up here in the mountains.

Carver: Is that your cat in the front, Hero? I'm more of a horse person, myself.

Milly: Aww... That cat reminds me of Madame Luca's kitty.

Carver: I'm sure all the monsters'll disappear once we take out Murdaw.

Carver: Don't let the pressure get to ya, Hero. I've got your back!

Carver: Of course Hero is stronger now... He's been hangin' about with me.

Carver: Hardy har! Kids sure say the funniest things, aye?

Carver: “Mountain spirit”, aye? That your neighbourhood deity, Hero?

Carver: Wonder if monsters see Murdaw as their protective spirit... Well, our spirits can beat up theirs, anyway!

Carver: How does it feel to be the big man around town, Hero?

Carver: Service with some style! I like that!

Carver: Me, I could use a stiff drink, too. But I'll wait until we're done with Murdaw.

Carver: Folks are really on edge over Murdaw, aye?

Carver: These folks should stay put. The mountain's still crawlin' with monsters.

Carver: So your village is famous for weavin', aye?

Carver: Passed down through generations 'n everything like that? Isn't that nice?

Carver: How does it feel to be the big man around town, Hero?

Carver: Well, don't stop believin' in your weavin'.

Carver: Passed down through generations 'n everything like that? Isn't that nice?

Carver: So folks around here don't trust this Buddy guy, aye?

Carver: He seemed reliable enough to me.

Carver: Good to know you've got someone watchin' over ya in this village.

Carver: Whoa! That armour is out of this world! I bet it's packed with spirit power!

Carver: That armour must be unbreakable, aye?

Carver: I can feel the power pulsin' from it. It's givin' me goosebumps.

Carver: Your mayor sure seems like a nice fella, Hero.

Carver: Whoa, Hero. I didn't know ya had it in you!

Carver: Yer sister's out of this world, Hero. She doesn't look much like you, though.

Milly: You must feel blessed to have such a cute sister, Hero.


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Carver: I always get sleepy when I see a bed... But no time for nappin' now!

Milly: I do like an inn with a unique atmosphere. And this one is certainly unique...

Carver: Ahoy! We're at the checkpoint!

Carver: I bet the monsters are a lot tougher beyond here. Can't wait to find out!

Carver: Never been past here myself. I've always dreamt of seein' the world, ya know.

Carver: Uh, okay. So go north-east, head south, look for a house...

Carver: Gah! I'm lousy with directions. I'll leave this one to you, Hero.

Carver: Right! Don't worry about us.


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Carver: Whoa. Not bad lookin', for a nun.

Carver: Who says nuns are no fun? Oh, right... I do.

Carver: Oh, I won't, Sister, I won't! Hardy har!

Carver: Blimey! Someone's made it here before we did!

Carver: No more wastin' time, Hero. Let's keep movin'!

Carver: Avast! What's a house doin' way out here?

Carver: Looks like someone lives here. Let's drop in and say hello, Hero.

Carver: Bit of a weirdo, aye?

Carver: Maybe we should leave him be.

Carver: Well, here's the shed I built. It ain't fancy, but it's solid.

Carver: Now it's time for that back scratchin' we were promised.

Carver: That dwarf duped us! What does Alltrades have to do with Ra's mirror!?

Carver: I trust this dwarf as far as I can throw him. Actually, that's probably pretty far...

Let's poke around the river.


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Carver: Well, what have we here! Looks like that dwarf was good for somethin'.

Carver: If the rest of his tale's true, there's a big ol' abbey waitin' for us east of here!

Carver: So maybe that dwarf wasn't fibbin' about the river path...

Carver: But do you really think there's an abbey on the other side? I suppose we should see...

Carver: I think you and me'll get along just fine, Hero. A real dream team!

Carver: I feel like we were fated to meet, ya know? Like it was destiny 'n everything like that.

Carver: Ah, sorry to get all emotional on ya. Let's go wrangle us a mustang!

Carver: Looks like we're partners in crime startin' today.

Carver: Word back in town was that the mustang was prancin' around the forest to the west.

Carver: Let's charge over there and bag that beast, aye?

Carver: Kinda nice sharin' the road with someone for a change. I feel like I've already known ya for a while.

Carver: Think that mustang'll be a real handful, aye?
Don't be scared...

Carver: Haunches of steel and a fiery temper.
...I'm talkin' about me, not the horse.
I'll tame the beast!

Carver: Havin' me around sure makes fightin' easier, aye?

Carver: I bet the monsters were eatin' you for breakfast 'fore I came along. My left bicep weighs more than you!

Carver: Well, here we are. Time for some serious horseplay!

Carver: Hey! This horse is makin' monkeys out of us!

Carver: I'll show that beast who's boss. Next time we give chase, I ain't stoppin'! Ya hear me, horse!?

Carver: Hey, I think this horse is too smart for us. We need a stratergy... Uh, a strategery... Er, a plan!

Carver: Ahh, I feel like a new man! Fine weather we're havin', aye?

Carver: Ya gotta take a load off sometimes, Hero. Be good to your body and it'll be good to you.

Carver: C'mon! Let's go see that old fella in the castle!

Carver: Peggy Sue's really tame for a wild horse...

Carver: And to think folks called her a “monster mustang”. Weird, aye?

Carver: Nice! A mission straight from the big man himself! We're movin' up in the world, Hero!

Carver: He picked the right guys, aye? Ra's mirror is as good as ours!

Carver: If I was a legendary mirror, where would I be? Hmm...

Carver: That's a lonely job, guardin' that checkpoint. I'd go mad – I'm a people person, ya see.

Carver: Looks like we're venturin' into foreign territory... Who knows what we'll run into.

Carver: He said somethin' about a place to rest up north-east, aye? And then a house down south and to the west. Let's scout it out!

Carver: That nun in there was easy on the eyes, aye?

Carver: Mm? You want to pay her another visit, Hero? Hardy har! I don't blame ya.

Carver: I'm a martial artist. These hands were made to tear stuff apart, so don't ask me how I just put that together...

Carver: That dwarf and his mind games... Drove me crazy, he did!

Carver: You just know he was makin' up that story about a tunnel under the river, too.

Carver: We're certainly not in Somnia any more, aye?

Carver: Huh? What's so different about it? Don't ask me.
I'm just tryin' to make conversation.

Carver: The monsters're a lot stronger on this side of the river, don't ya think?

Carver: I know we're on king's orders, but maybe takin' it slow ain't a bad idea. Can't find Ra's mirror if we're dead!

Carver: Whew. That cave have enough monsters for ya?

Carver: What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, aye, Hero? Keep buildin' those skills!

Carver: We're really startin' to fight as a team, aye?

Carver: You'll be up to my level in no time...maybe.

Carver: Whoa! It's really here!?

Carver: Looks like that dwarf was right.
I still find it hard to believe...

Carver: Hang on! What's that land down there?

Carver: Hey, uh... You aren't thinkin' about doing anythin' crazy, are ya?

Carver: Don't come cryin' to me later if you get yourself killed falling down that hole, Hero!

Carver: Whoa! What the heck is that!?

Carver: Are you seein' what I'm seein'? This...this pit!?

Carver: Watch your step, Hero! You'll break more than your leg if you fall in there!

Carver: (gulp) Just lookin' over the side makes my head spin.

Carver: Hey, uh... What exactly are ya plannin' here, Hero? You're not thinkin' what I think you're thinkin', aye?

Carver: I see some kinda land down there, but it's not makin' any sense...

Carver: What in the name of the Goddess is goin' on here!?

Carver: I didn't just dream all that, did I?

Carver: “Ruins”, aye...? Well, the place was ruined, alright.

Carver: It's an odd feelin', walking around half-visible. I'm used to seein' and bein' seen, ya know.

Carver: Oh, and don't go playin' any dirty tricks just because you're invisible, Hero. It's temptin', but...

Carver: Wh-What was that creepy voice...?

Carver: Ugh. That old hag sure was pushy, aye?

Carver: 'Course, we can't get much done lookin' like this, ya know.

Carver: Guess we have no choice but to track down that “dream dew” stuff...

Carver: That lady gave us ten medicinal herbs... Ten!

Carver: Ya think she's tryin' to tell us the cave's not, ya know, safe?

Carver: I can't believe she used to go in there by herself. She's got almost as much guts as me! Almost.

Carver: Ya think Milly's related to that old girl? I don't see the resemblance.

Carver: If ya think about it, that dream dew stuff's pretty much our only solid lead here, aye?

Carver: Maybe I shoulda turned on the charm with that old hag.

Carver: Huh? Which way is south? Don't ask me, Hero. Do I look like I've got a compass in my head?

Carver: Huzzah! Finally got our hands on that dream dew stuff!

Carver: Not that it's doin' anything for us yet. Think we sprinkle it on our feet or somethin'?

Carver: I suppose we'd better go and ask that old Luca lady.

Carver: Is it me, or does everything look different now that folks can see us again?

Milly: Now that you're visible, you should be able to get all sorts of useful information from the people in town.

Carver: Pretty long haul between the port and Somnia Castle, aye?

Carver: We better get movin'.

Milly: Somnia's this way, isn't it?

Milly: Somnia Castle should be due west of where we got off the ferry.

Carver: Well, that was odd. First they practically parade us into the castle, then they dump us like dirty bilge water.

Carver: Ah, well. Guess we might as well hit Amor, aye?

Carver: If you look that much like the Prince, it'll be easy to recognise the guy... If we ever meet him.

Milly: Hee hee. All hail Fake Prince Hero!

Milly: Oh, don't let it get you down. Let's keep searching for Ra's mirror – that's bound to offer us some clues!

Milly: To get to Amor, we need to head north-west from Somnia and go all the way round, then follow the mountains towards the south-east.

Carver: Huh. That's odd.

Carver: Doesn't everythin' seem a little off from when we first came here, Hero?

Milly: There's no doubt this is Amor... But something is clearly out of place.

Milly: I'm sure this terrain was completely different the last time we were here.

Carver: C'mon! Let's go give that mirror key a try!

Carver: Hey, any idea why they call it Moonmirror Tower?

Carver: Maybe there's a mirror in there that makes you look as round as the moon. Wouldn't that be funny, aye?

Milly: I thought we were just dreaming, but this key seems real enough.

Milly: Come on, let's get to Moonmirror Tower.

Ra's mirror awaits us!

Carver: That tower makes my head hurt. We need to find a way to the top, and fast.

Milly: I think that girl Ashlynn is still inside the tower...

Carver: Huzzah! We got the mirror, Hero!

Carver: We need to get back up to the Somnia Castle in our world!

Carver: We need to get to the ruins of Alltrades, east of Port Haven. That's our ticket back to our world.

Milly: Somnia Castle awaits! Erm, the one in your world, that is!

Milly: What's it going to be, Hero? The ferry from Port Haven? Zoom will do the trick just as well, you know.

Ashlynn: Um, hellooo. Don't you have a king waiting for you to bring him that mirror?

Ashlynn: I hope you can use it to beat Murdaw!

Carver: Aye, Hero! Now to hop into that well in Alltrades and get back to our world!

Milly: Come, we need to get to Somnia Castle in the other world.

Ashlynn: You're going to take Ra's mirror back to King Somnus in the other world, right?

Carver: It's nice to be on familiar ground again, aye?

Carver: Ya know, Hero, it'd be quicker if you just cast Zoom and flew us all back to Somnia Castle.

Milly: Hero, you and Carver seem to know this area well.

Milly: It's just as I thought. The aura here is somehow different...

Ashlynn: So this is the “world above”...

Ashlynn: Hey, are we at Somnia yet?

Carver: Alright! Let's find Murdaw and give him what for!

Carver: So, uh, this Apnea lady that's taggin' along with us... What's her story?

Carver: So is she really gonna join us in the showdown with Murdaw?

Milly: Murdaw's Keep lies far to the south-east of Somnia.

Milly: At last, the time for battle is upon us.

Milly: Still, the idea that King Somnus might somehow be Murdaw has shaken my desire to fight...

Ashlynn: Um... I have, like, no idea what's going on here...

Ashlynn: But who cares! I'll still fight Murdaw together with you guys!

Ashlynn: Hey, are we at Murdaw's yet?

Carver: Huzzah! That's that! Murdaw's history! ...I think, anyway.

Carver: Well, no matter what, we'd better get back to Somnia Castle on the double!

Milly: Murdaw really was King Somnus... I must admit,

I wasn't prepared for that.

Milly: The King went on ahead with Captain Blade and the others. They're probably waiting for us at the castle now.

Ashlynn: Um... I have, like, no idea what's going on here...

Ashlynn: But whatever! I'm sticking with you, Hero! It's more fun that way.

Ashlynn: Hey, are we at Somnia yet, or what?

Carver: The King's really givin' us the runaround, aye?

Carver: I reckon we'd better head off to the Somnia Castle in the world down below, aye?

Milly: So the King and Queen returned from Murdaw's Keep to the other Somnia Castle...

Milly: Looks like we'll have to go back to that big chasm again, eh?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I'm impressed I figured it out by myself!

Ashlynn: That King Somnus we saw earlier must be the one from the world down below!

Ashlynn: Hey, so how do we get back to the other Somnia Castle again?

Carver: Aye! Onward to Somnia, Hero!

Carver: If only there was some spell that “zoomed” us all back to Somnia. Hint, hint!

Milly: I'm excited to get to Somnia so we can find out the truth. I hate being in the dark like this!

Milly: If we talk to the King and Queen, I'm sure they'll be able to shed some light on the situation for us.

Ashlynn: I figure a reward from a king's gotta be really something! I can't wait to see what it is!

Ashlynn: This is so confusing! Two Somnia Castles is too many!

Carver: Ghent, aye...? The soldier at the checkpoint said it was pretty far north of Somnia, ya know.

Milly: The sacred village of Ghent... I wonder what kind of people these Ghentiles are?

Ashlynn: I wonder what the Providence looks like... I bet it's pretty impressive...and impressively pretty!

Carver: Alright, off we go!

Carver: What's on your mind, Hero? Worried about Ashlynn?

Carver: Look, I don't know why she's stayin' behind either...

Carver: But like Milly said, we can't force her along. Take a leaf outta my book and stop thinkin' so much...

Milly: Destiny awaits us!

Milly: Ashlynn? I'm not sure why she chose to stay behind, but I'm sure she has her reasons.

Milly: In any case, the four of us have something more important to worry about: defeating Murdaw!

Nevan: It is time for us to go. The future peace of the world depends on our success.

Nevan: Let us be on our way.

Carver: Dyin' hurts... Let's seal the deal with Murdaw for real this time!

Milly: We're as ready as we'll ever be!

Ashlynn: Go get him, guys!

Nevan: The Providence awaits us.


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Carver: What a dump! Is this really Alltrades Abbey?

Carver: What a mess! How'd the Abbey wind up like this, anyway?

Carver: Agh! A-Avast, Hero! I can see right through your body!

Carver: Whoa! I can see right through MY body, too!

Carver: Are we d-dead? Are we gh-ghosts?
What's going on here!?

Carver: If this really is Alltrades, then it looks like Murdaw's already gotten to it, aye?

Carver: Hey, uh...you don't think we're invisible, do ya?

Carver: (sniff) Take a whiff of that fresh sea air...

This must be a port town.

Carver: Pretty big town, aye? I bet it'd be quicker to cut through that middle building instead of goin' the long way around.

Carver: Somethin' about the smell of the ocean and that sea breeze... It's calmin', aye?

Carver: He really can't see us. Wild!

Carver: Aye, she's right. Even good dogs do bad things sometimes.

Carver: Either that's one noisy mutt, or animals can sense our presence.

Carver: So this's the Mayor, aye? I don't like him already.

Carver: People do the oddest things when we talk to them.

Carver: This is actually kind of fun, aye?

Carver: If animals can see us, does that mean they're smarter than people?

Carver: Hey! Hello? I'm right here! HEY!

Carver: Alright, that clinches it. He really can't see us.

Carver: Hold on... Am I hearin' things, or did he just say “Somnia”?

Carver: Crikey. I feel like she was THIS close to seein' us.

Carver: Huh. Nothin'.

Carver: Huh. I imagine folk of faith are better at sensing things than regular people.

Carver: I thought this was a prison, but it seems like they're mostly just using it for storage.

Carver: The Mayor? That's the stuck-up old bloke with the pampered pooch, aye?

Carver: Sure is lively in here. All sorts of people, aye?

Carver: Our disappearin' act is gettin' old, quick.

Carver: Next time I'll try tweakin' someone's nose.

Carver: At this point, I'm happy to get any attention...

Carver: What's this lady up to? I don't like the look of it, whatever it is.

Carver: Sounds like that Ella girl's gonna get the worst of it.

Carver: Aye, that old salt might've heard us! We're here! Ahoy! (cough) My voice is startin' to crack.

Carver: Oh, so Ella's this fella's granddaughter, aye?

Carver: Hope nothin' bad happens' to her.

Carver: Oh, this is a bank?

Carver: Good thing we're the honest type, or we could liven up her quiet day in a hurry.

Carver: “Well-travelled”? “Tough-lookin'”? Hey, he must be able to see me!

Carver: I feel just like a fly on the wall around here.

Carver: Who cares about the swordsman, but “the most powerful sword in the world”? That's another story.

Carver: Hey, tell us too while you're at it, granny!

Carver: Well, now we know a little bit about the mirror, at least.

Carver: Too bad ol' granny doesn't know where it is, though.

Carver: This joint's pretty empty, aye? Not that we're improvin' the scene, us bein' invisible 'n everything like that.

Carver: Hey, ya hear that, Hero? He said “Somnia”, aye?

Carver: Huh. And here I thought I was the only Carver in the world.

Carver: Whoa. This guy's all business, aye?

Carver: If I had a dad like that, I'd probably run away the first chance I got.

Carver: Fat lot of good that'll do. There's always that one guy who jumps on at the last minute!

Carver: I see it and I still don't believe it. That says “Somnia”, alright.

Carver: I'm tired of tryin' to figure this all out. From now on, you're thinkin' for two, Hero.

Carver: Shame we can't board this ship, or else we could see if she really sails to Somnia or not.

Carver: He's gonna have to pray harder than that. The sea's overflowin' with monsters these days.

Carver: Geh! This is really starting to tick me off.

Carver: Wow... It feels a bit dodgy spyin' on personal stuff like this.

Carver: (sniff) Goodbyes always make me tear up.

Carver: I wish we could find a place where more folks spout random facts about Ra's mirror.

Carver: A swordsman, aye...?

Carver: I'd like to see him sometime. Ya know, see if he picks his nose like everyone else, or what.

Carver: If he's the only cargo hauler, he's got a tough job ahead of him.

Carver: Whoa! Hey, a casino! This place is paradise for a manly man like me!

Carver: Wait a sec! We can't play if nobody can see us ante up, aye?

Carver: These folks are lucky we're a couple of honest invisible guys.

Carver: Talk about lousy customer service. Us bein' invisible is no excuse!

Carver: Think this lady used to be a bunny girl, once upon a time?

Carver: If you think about it, love's a gamble too. Know what I mean, Hero?

Carver: Keep feedin' that one-armed bandit, buddy.
Me, I prefer poker.

Carver: Sometimes I swear these folks can sense we're here...

Carver: Goddess of Poverty!? Pfft! We're here to save the world, not swipe casino tokens!

Carver: Hardy har! I'm really startin' to enjoy the looks on these folks' faces!

Carver: Shame the bunny girls aren't payin' attention to you, aye, Hero?

Carver: At least he's dreamin' big, aye?

Carver: Hey! Hey, that was Ella, Hero!

Carver: Well, this guy's a real prince.

Carver: We better do somethin', or else Ella's gonna be in deep trouble 'n everything like that.

Carver: Hey, let's follow her upstairs, aye?

Carver: Aw, she can do better than that guy. I wish she could hear me!

Carver: Uh oh. I'm not sure I like where this's going!

Carver: This is no good! There has to be some way to warn her what's up!

Carver: Well, that's that. Now what...?

Carver: Aye, that's the spirit, Johan! Show a little backbone!

Carver: Ugh, I can't stand this. There's got to be some way to tell him who's the real culprit!

Carver: Mr Barkington... Poor little guy. He's a victim here, too, ya know.

Carver: What I wouldn't give to be visible for just ten minutes!

Carver: No! It's not her, I'm telling you!

Carver: Well, I hear what he's saying. Now if only he could hear what I was saying...

Carver: Listen, they got the wrong girl...

Carver: Gah! This is drivin' me round the bend!

Carver: This guy's more concerned about girls than he is King Somnus. No wonder monsters are runnin' wild.

Carver: This is where he threw Ella? Poor girl...

Carver: That little witch...

Carver: At least Ella's got someone on her side...

Carver: At least Ella's got someone on her side...

Carver: This guy's really obsessed with girls, aye?

Carver: Huh? What're you looking at me for? I'm not like that at all!

Carver: I'd say she's probably better off not knowin'.

Carver: So this Milly girl is the beauty we keep hearin' about, aye?

Carver: Huh. Interestin'. Hey Hero, let's stop by the church.

Carver: Come on! Let's go and see that Milly girl!

Carver: Wow! Looks like carpenters make more than just sawdust, aye? It'd cost a mountain of gold to build a joint this big...

Carver: Maybe I oughta try that line of work after we beat Murdaw and get our visibility back.


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Carver: Whoa. I've heard of livin' in the sticks, but this is ridiculous.

Carver: You'd have to be some kinda super hermit to pick this place.

Carver: It's locked, aye, but I think there's someone inside...

Carver: Well, it's not like we can break in. Let's shove off, Hero.

Carver: Whew! That thing came out of nowhere! My heart's still pitter-patterin' like a bunny rabbit's.

Carver: What's he hangin' around down here for?


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Carver: I'd say we'd better do what the old lady says.

It's not like we have any better ideas.

Carver: I had a good sleep...but I'm good at everything.

Carver: Oh, come on! Does she have to be so bossy?

Carver: I can't shake the feeling the old bag is just usin' us.

Milly: Right then, let's head south to get some dream dew!

Carver: I suppose we're off to the Lucid Grotto, aye?

She says it's to the south.

Milly: Right then, let's head south to get some dream dew!

Carver: Anyway, who needs her when ya got me? I'll help ya tackle that southern cave...

Carver: So this is the Lucid Grotto, aye? A bit, ah, chilly.
Ah... Ahhh...

Carver: Ahh-CHOOOO!!!
...Whoa! Nice echo!

Carver: Keep on your toes. We're not alone in here.

Carver: Hey! That fella's guzzlin' all the dream dew!

Carver: That's that! We got the dew...

Let's go see that old bag.


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Carver: Huh? Hey, the old hag's standin' out in front. She must've got bored with no one to boss around.

Carver: Ya know, we didn't get much say in any of this...

Carver: But we've got a new friend, and our bodies are nice and solid again, so I shouldn't complain!

Milly: Thanks for having me, you two. I look forward to travelling together!

Carver: If there really is a Somnia in this world, you don't have to tell me to check it out. I can't wait to see it!

Milly: So what next? Shall we board the ferry from Port Haven?

Carver: Any place with “mirror” in the name has to be a step in the right direction, aye?

Milly: Hmm... The only way to cross over to that western continent is to take a ferry from Port Haven.

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Carver: If nothin' else, that crystal is entertaining. I'd watch it all day if I had one. Wonder what else it shows...

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Milly: I was thinking... Madame Luca said something about “noble garb” yesterday, didn't she?

Milly: Maybe we should try and find some for you. Surely it must be for sale somewhere?

Carver: I suppose it's reassuring to know the old lady's there when we need her.

Milly: We'd best be on our way, Hero.

Carver: Noble garb, aye? We'll keep an eye out.

Milly: We'd best start looking for some noble garb right away.

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Carver: We're off to Somnia again, aye?

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Milly: Let's head to Somnia Castle to see what's going on.

Carver: I suppose it's reassuring to know the old lady's there when we need her.

Milly: We'd best be on our way, Hero.

Carver: Right! Let's go and pump the Somnians for info!

Milly: Let's head to Somnia Castle to see what's going on.

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Carver: Hey, do you remember the directions to Amor that lady gave us yesterday?

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Carver: So, do you remember how to get to Amor, Hero?

Milly: Do you recall how to get to Amor, Hero? From Somnia, head west and cross the bridge, then head back around towards the south-east.

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Carver: Hey, the lady told us to keep an eye on the church in Amor, aye?

Carver: Well, then I say we head back to Amor today.

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Milly: Let's go have a look at this church in Amor, shall we?

Carver: I suppose it's reassuring to know the old lady's there when we need her.

Milly: We'd best be on our way, Hero.

Carver: I'm hopin' they finished cleanin' the church today...

Milly: Come, Hero. Let's visit that church in Amor that Madame Luca mentioned.

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Carver: I'm rarin' to go today. Back to Amor!

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Milly: Let's head to Amor to pay Ilya and Evgenya a visit.

Milly: Madame Luca said we should help those two, remember?

Carver: I suppose it's reassuring to know the old lady's there when we need her.

Milly: We'd best be on our way, Hero.

Carver: Hey, remember what the lady saw in the crystal yesterday?

Carver: Somethin' about helpin' Ilya and Evgenya, and then gettin' something really important for our trouble?

Carver: Well, let's get on it!

Milly: Destiny calls us to Amor, Hero. We need to pay Ilya and Evgenya a visit.

Milly: Remember, if they're not around town, they're bound to be in the nearby cave.

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Carver: Remember what the lady told us yesterday?
Ya know, about a mirror in a tower 'n everything like that?

Carver: She had to be talkin' about Ra's mirror.
Let's go and see!

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Milly: At last, Ra's mirror seems to be within our grasp.

Milly: Let's hurry to the tower near Somnia to see what's up!

Carver: I suppose it's reassuring to know the old lady's there when we need her.

Milly: We'd best be on our way, Hero.

Carver: Right! It's tower time! Ra's mirror is ours today, and that's that!

Milly: Thanks to Madame Luca, we're nearing the end of our search.

Milly: Let's get to that tower and grab that mirror, Hero!

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Carver: (yawn) What a great night's sleep. I needed that.

Carver: We're baggin' that mirror today, Hero! Nothin' can stop us!

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Milly: It's finally time. Let's make Ra's mirror ours!

Carver: I suppose it's reassuring to know the old lady's there when we need her.

Carver: That mirror's as good as ours today!

Milly: We'd best be on our way, Hero.

Milly: Ra's mirror is almost within our grasp.
Let's make it so!

Carver: Weird... This seems like a totally different town now.

Milly: We need to head for the docks if we're to get the ferry to Somnia.

Milly: You remember where they are, don't you?
That's where we first met!

Carver: Hardy har! I'll never take being visible for granted again!

Milly: Port Haven... I can't help but feel a bit nostalgic here.
I wonder if it's the smell of the sea?

Carver: Now that ya mention it, I feel the same way...
Maybe it's all in my head.

Milly: Hmm... Well, we've no time to dwell on that.
Let's push on.

Carver: Ah, Ella... Whatever ended up becomin' of her, anyway?

Carver: So some folks sensed us when we were invisible...
Just shows that nothin' can hide an aura as mighty as mine.

Milly: What a lively kitty!

Carver: Said too much? He didn't say enough! What's the matter with the King?

Milly: I've never been to Somnia myself, but all this talk has me more than a bit intrigued.

Carver: Why does everyone get so negative whenever the subject of Somnia comes up!?

Milly: You don't need to be a dream seer to realise that something significant is going on in Somnia...

Carver: Oh, wow... (sniff) I wish this guy was my grandad.

Milly: Seems like Ella's grandfather really loved the poor girl.

Carver: Hardy har! What a flirt. That girl practically threw herself at me!

Carver: Alltrades Abbey is just a whole lot of hole right now.

Carver: That's a good thing for Murdaw. We're already tough, but access to Alltrades would have made us invincible!

Milly: Murdaw must have really felt threatened by the existence of Alltrades Abbey.

Carver: Mr Barkington looks much better now.
That's a load off...

Carver: It's too late to apologise now...

Milly: Oh, my... I do hope Ella is okay...

Carver: He really knows how to rub it in, aye?

Carver: If only we had some way of warnin' them back then...

Carver: Hang in there, Johan!

Milly: I hope the two of them can be reunited...

Carver: Mm? Where's Ella?

Carver: Crikey... This is like one of those tragedies you see on stage 'n everything like that.

Carver: What a tease! I wish someone would tell us the full story.

Milly: Here kitty kitty!

Carver: Why, that little two-faced...

Milly: So that's Ivy... At least she seems to be showing some signs of regret.

Carver: I'm pretty worried about him, too, ya know...

Milly: The poor man... I hope Ella can return to him safely one day.

Carver: Oh, how embarrassin'. I really do now how this works, ya know. Honest!

Milly: Let's get out of here, Hero. We're getting in the way of his work.

Carver: Weapons take skill to use safely. We better put Murdaw down before folks hurt themselves.

Carver: Hang on, Hero! You didn't just lie to that kid, did ya?

Milly: Hee hee. I've told the odd fib or two, I suppose. What's to become of me, I wonder?

Carver: I don't need a history lesson on that bloomin' mirror. I need a geography lesson. Where is it!?

Milly: The Goddess Herself made Ra's mirror? I have to say, it's quite a romantic tale...

Carver: King Somnus, asleep for ages? That doesn't sound like him.

Milly: Something strange is brewing in Somnia...

Carver: It's a bit of a weird slogan, aye, Hero? I prefer “Saws are for sissies. We use our fists!”

Milly: Oh! I wonder if they would be able to fix Madame Luca's leaky roof?

Carver: We better make a break for it, Hero. This lady's bonkers.

Milly: Interesting. So these people have a child named Carver as well?

Milly: He must look a lot like our Carver if she's having trouble telling them apart...

Carver: So not only do I share a name with this other Carver fella – I must look like him, too. Great.

Milly: We shouldn't interrupt him while we's sleeping. Let's go, Hero.

Carver: Aye. It definitely says “Somnia”...

Milly: So this is where we board the ferry to Somnia.

Carver: Fat lot of good that'll do. There's always that one guy who jumps on at the last minute!

Carver: Hardy har! Sounds like this sailor could use a cold dip.

Milly: He seemed in fine fettle!

Carver: I'm sure we could've figured that out ourselves.

Carver: I feel like I've already seen all there is to see...

Carver: This place practically seems like home.

Milly: If the ferry's not ready to sail, there's not much we can do about it. Let's try and gather some more information from the locals.

Carver: The King is cursed now? Why won't anyone tell us the whole story?

Milly: The more I hear about Somnia, the more I'd like to get there as soon as possible...

Carver: That's no good. We're not goin' to be learnin' anything else from her...

Milly: Nobody seems to want to talk about Somnia.
I suppose we'll just have to go and see for ourselves.

Carver: Blimey. The girl here really loves blabbin' on about that swordsman.

Carver: Swords are for sissies. Seems like she's never met a martial artist.

Milly: If what she says is true, I wouldn't mind meeting this dashing swordsman myself!

Carver: I couldn't wait to play when we were invisible, and now we can! It's just a shame folks can see my poker face now...

Carver: Up for a game? It's not gamblin' if we win!

Milly: A little fun can't hurt. Just don't overdo it, Hero.

Carver: I'll bet you double or nothin' that I can triple my tokens.

Carver: Wonder what I should trade for first when I hit it big...

Milly: Seems like gathering advice from other players could be the secret path to success!

Carver: I've got nothin' to prove. We martial artists hit the jackpot when it comes to guts.

Carver: If at first you don't succeed, ante up again!

Milly: Oh, dear... Doesn't he know that getting addicted to gambling is a one way ticket to destitution?


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Carver: You were here before, aye, Hero?

Carver: Bet you're looking forward to actually conversin' with the locals this time.

Ashlynn: Huh. So this is one of the towns you visited when you were still see-through?

Nevan: This town looks like it's not without its charms.

Carver: We should give this place a try sometime, Hero.

Milly: It's nice to see people helping out with the family business. If only there were more like her!

Ashlynn: Hey, quit gawking at that girl, Hero! Don't pretend that you weren't!

Nevan: There's no sense in pushing ourselves too hard.

Nevan: If fatigue starts to build, it's best to rest and wake in the morning fully refreshed.

Amos: The inn here don't look too shabby. I'm sure nothin' untoward will happen if we stay the night there.

Carver: A young girl? She must be in trouble if soldiers are sniffin' around for her.

Milly: I wonder if there's something afoot? Let's ask around town to see if anyone knows anything.

Ashlynn: You think they're looking for me? I'm a young girl...

Nevan: You don't suppose it's our very own Ashlynn they're searching for? No, of course not.

Amos: It seems some local lass has done a disappearin' act. That don't sound too good.

Carver: It's a beautiful day out. Why keep the kid cooped up inside?

Ashlynn: Playing outside is fine and all, but worrying your mother is definitely not.

Nevan: I can only sympathise! If her son neglects his studies, he'll never get ahead in the world.

Amos: That's no good! You shouldn't be runnin' about and drivin' your mother round the bend!

Amos: Mind you, I was a dab hand at avoidin' doin' my homework when I was a nipper.

Carver: Hey, you don't think she's been kidnapped, do ya?

Milly: Hmm... I do sense that something untoward has happened. I'm sure it's just my imagination, though.

Ashlynn: Hide nor hair, huh? Hey, maybe Cynthia's gone see-through, too!

Amos: I'm guessin' she's not just playin' hide-and-seek...

Carver: Why're they keepin' kids away from there?
Makes ya wonder...

Milly: Dodgy-looking grown-ups by the dream well...?

Milly: Something's not right here, Hero. We'd better investigate.

Ashlynn: Sounds like some pushy grown-ups could use some pushing back.

Nevan: It is certainly curious. What could these so-called “dodgy-lookin' grown ups” be up to, I wonder?

Amos: Well, I for one am impressed by your display of bravery! Old Amos is proud of you, son!

Carver: Must be some really immature grown-ups, stealin' a kid's play spot 'n everything like that...

Milly: Hero... We should go and have a look at this dream well.

Ashlynn: Wow... This kid's, like, more mature than me.

Nevan: There's only one way to get to the bottom of this little mystery – we must get to the bottom of that well!

Amos: I'm guessin' she's not just playin' hide-and-seek...

Carver: See, this is why I like martial arts. Fists don't rust!

Milly: A master swordsmith... We'll have to keep that in mind.

Ashlynn: A master swordsmith is great and all, but I don't have any rusty swords handy!

Nevan: No self-respecting Ghentile would be seen carrying a rusty sword!

Amos: Well, if you're goin' to hang round damp wells, your swords are goin' to end up gettin' a tad rusty.

Carver: Turnscote, aye?

Carver: Ya hear that, Hero? Let's go!

Milly: Perhaps we should head for Turnscote.

Milly: I'm curious to see what kind of sheen he can put on that rusty sword!

Ashlynn: There you go, Hero! Let's bring that rusted sword over to Turnscote!

Nevan: I wonder if this swordsmith could give a staff an overhaul too. They can show a little wear and tear after a while...

Amos: My trusty old blade has always seen me right, but I suppose it could do with a bit of a polish...

Carver: He must be talkin' about Welda, aye?

Milly: I can't wait to see how that rusty old sword turns out!

Ashlynn: Well, sure! Welda's fixing up a sword for us right now!

Nevan: The Goddess has taught us not to judge others – but why would anyone choose to live down a well!?

Amos: Hey, mate! Your sword's goin' to get rusty if you keep hangin' round this damp old well!

Carver: Hmph. I never did my homework, and look how great I turned out!

Milly: It's only natural for a mother to be concerned about her son's well-being.

Ashlynn: I wish someone would rustle up my favourite supper!

Nevan: It's good to hear that this boy is engrossed in his studies. More power to his elbow!

Amos: If it's goin' to earn me a slap-up supper, I might roll my sleeves up and do some studyin' myself!

Carver: Aye, seize the day! Play, play, play!

Carver: If ya get knackered from bookwork, then you definitely need more exercise.

Milly: It seems that well is the place to be for the youth of this town!

Ashlynn: That kid should stick with the bookwork. A tasty reward awaits!

Nevan: I'm sure once you finish your studies, your mother will let you play. Everything in its right place!

Amos: Old Amos is always up for a bit of a laugh. Let's all go out and play once you polish off your homework!

Carver: If his head's in the clouds, he's probably thinkin' about the weather.

Nevan: Often we cannot fathom what those closest to us are thinking. Only the Goddess truly knows what lies within our hearts.

Amos: Well, if you want to know what's on someone's mind, there's no substitute for askin' them straight out!

Carver: Huh. Maybe he's got a gamblin' problem.

Milly: If the Village Chief is short of money, he must be in some kind of trouble...

Ashlynn: I hope he didn't do anything illegal!

Nevan: For the Village Chief to be scrabbling around for gold coins is rather unseemly...
I wonder what's the matter?

Amos: As a young lad, I was always taught to save my gold coins for a rainy day.

Amos: You won't see old Amos havin' to go round beggin' for money! That's not how I was brought up!

Carver: Huh. He must've come here lookin' for help with the ransom money...

Milly: Perhaps it's my maternal instinct, but I'm getting very concerned about the Chief's daughter...

Milly: Let's get to that overgrown well up north right away!

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's go save Cynthia!

Nevan: It seems the Village Chief is no longer around.
I vote that we proceed to the overgrown well to the north.

Amos: ...So did this fellow lend the Village Chief those five thousand gold coins in the end? It's hard to tell!

Carver: I bet yer worried about her too, aye? Who's a good boy?

Milly: Seems like even this dog is worried about poor Cynthia.

Ashlynn: Aww, those sad puppy-dog eyes... We gotta do something!

Amos: Don't look so glum, little doggy chum! We'll have a sniff round to try and track down Cynthia for you.

Carver: Kidnapped? Five thousand gold coins!?
This just got really serious!

Milly: Hero, we simply cannot leave this be.
Let's follow the Chief!

Ashlynn: They kidnapped her? That's terrible!

Ashlynn: Hero! Let's find who did this and rough 'em up!

Nevan: A kidnapping? This is unforgivable!

Amos: Five thousand gold coins, eh? I bet you could buy a fair few medicinal herbs with that kind of money!

Carver: Hmph... Who does this fella think he's dealin' with?

Milly: Ugh, his aura is sickening. Let's get out of here, Hero.

Ashlynn: This guy have any expression other than “mean”?

Nevan: I, I have never been addressed so roughly in my life!

Amos: Not welcome, are we? I'd like to give this lad a piece of my mind, I tell you!

Carver: We shouldn't be hangin' around here? We'll see about that!

Milly: Hmph! No business? We'll see about that. How about

we make it our business, Hero?

Ashlynn: Make ourselves scarce!? What if we like it here?

Nevan: Well, I for one have no intention of making myself scarce. The nerve of this ruffian!

Amos: It takes a lot to get old Amos riled, but this lad is sorely testin' my patience!

Carver: Those rotten, dirty, thievin' little...

Carver: ...No, the girl's more important right now.

Milly: Let's hurry up and get her ungagged!

Ashlynn: Cynthia's still safe! Thank goodness!

Nevan: There's no sense in giving chase to those louts.

Let's leave them to their ill-gotten gains.

Amos: I dread to think what the likes of them are goin' to spend five thousand gold coins on...

Carver: Hah! They learnt a proper lesson, aye?

Milly: Nicely done. Now let's get Cynthia ungagged!

Ashlynn: Just try and get back at us! We'll do you in all over again!

Nevan: With the divine grace of the Goddess, justice will always prevail. ...I hope those louts take note!

Amos: I thoroughly enjoyed showin' those lads what for!

They got me good and riled, let me tell you!

Carver: Good. That's that. Let's shove off to Wellshire, too.

Milly: The Chief seemed thrilled to have Cynthia back.

I bet he's nearly as relieved as I am!

Ashlynn: I'm so happy Cynthia's still in one piece!

Nevan: I think it's high time we took our leave.

Amos: Nothin' quite like sendin' some wrong-doers away with a thick ear!


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Carver: I'm gettin' tired. It'd be nice to see the inside of an inn right about now.

Milly: The Chief must be relieved to have Cynthia back safe and sound.

Ashlynn: I bet Cynthia's back home by now.

Nevan: I would imagine that the Chief and his newly-rescued daughter have returned to their home.

Amos: If those kidnappers show their faces here again, old Amos will be the first to show 'em what for!

Carver: Good thing we weren't still transparent, or Goddess knows what woulda happened!

Milly: I dread to think what would have happened if we'd arrived just a little bit later...

Ashlynn: There's nothing this crew can't accomplish. Go team!

Nevan: It seems the people of this village have found peace.

Amos: Seems a sense of “well”-being has returned to Wellshire! ...D'you get it!?

Carver: The light doesn't look any brighter to me. Everyone seems happier, though, and that's good.

Milly: I'm just glad nothing untoward happened to her...

Carver: Aye, all's clear. Those two can get back to their childhoods, now.

Milly: Those thugs might be gone, but children should still be careful when playing outside town.

Amos: That's the spirit! It's good to see young'uns with a sense of adventure.

Carver: Now that's a kid after my own heart.

Milly: Hee hee. Reckless boys can be exasperating, but they do have a certain charm.

Ashlynn: Yep, definitely more mature than me...

Nevan: Youthful high spirits are all well and good, but one should draw the line at out-and-out mischief!

Amos: I got up to my fair share of mischief when I was a nipper! Grand days, they were!

Carver: I don't know about parenting, but havin' a pretty daughter must bring its own set of hassles for parents.

Milly: Men and their simple minds... I'm sure his wife is a simply wonderful woman.

Ashlynn: Remind me to never get married to a guy like this...

Nevan: I'm sorry to hear that this fellow is hen-pecked, but we hardly have time to hear about his woes!

Amos: I wouldn't mind havin' a ray of sunshine to brighten up my day, let me tell you!

Amos: But there's plenty of adventurin' to be done before old Amos can settle down and raise a family!

Carver: What a cute pooch. Nothin' to worry 'bout now, is there!

Milly: Aww, he must've been so worried about Cynthia.
What a clever pup!

Ashlynn: That poor puppy. But everything's dandy now!

Nevan: I get the distinct feeling that this dog knew exactly what was going on...

Amos: Seems my doggy chum's perked up! Looks like he's as happy to see Cynthia as everyone else!

Carver: I'm just glad they didn't hurt the lass.

Milly: Well, it's all over now, so hopefully she can relax and get on with her life.

Ashlynn: I'm glad we were able to help Cynthia!

Nevan: To be honest, it was a bit unseemly for the Chief to be scrabbling for gold coins...

Nevan: Ah, but all's well that ends well, I suppose. May the Goddess be praised!

Amos: This lass is feisty! Mind you, if I get hold of those louts, I'll knock 'em into the middle of next month!

Carver: All in a day's work, aye?

Carver: I'm just happy Cynthia's safe 'n sound 'n everything like that.

Carver: We don't need this, Hero, but we might as well take it. Think of the Chief's feelin's.

Milly: The Chief borrowed most of this money from the villagers...

Milly: Well, I suppose it would've been inappropriate to refuse. Just remember to remain humble about it, Hero.

Ashlynn: I feel kinda bad about this, but things might've gotten awkward with the Chief if we refused.

Nevan: If this is how the Chief chooses to express his gratitude, it is hardly our place to refuse.

Amos: The Chief is a gent and no mistake!

Carver: We sure are rich...

Milly: Oh my, two faux pas in a row...

Ashlynn: Wow! Talk about an embarrassment of riches. We're gonna need a bigger wagon!

Nevan: It seems we have ample funds, Hero. Perhaps we don't need the Chief's reward?

Amos: We seem to be causin' nothin' but hassle to this poor chap...

Carver: Ahoy! A seed of life! Must be our lucky day.

Milly: Seeing the Chief's glowing aura is more than enough reward for me!

Ashlynn: Yahoo! The Chief rocks!

Nevan: If this is how the Chief chooses to express his gratitude, it wouldn't be the done thing to refuse.

Amos: The Chief is a gent and no mistake!

Carver: I know the Chief wants us to relax 'n everything like that, but we should probably shove off pretty soon!

Milly: We'd better get back to our journey. Our destiny awaits!

Ashlynn: If you're through chatting, it's about time we hit the road, Hero.

Nevan: Pleasant though this village is, it won't do to dawdle here all day. Shall we be on our way?

Amos: The Chief is a gent and no mistake!

Carver: Whoa! Another gift in the bag.

Carver: No good deed goes unrewarded. Hardy har! It's funny because it's true!

Milly: That prayer ring should come in quite handy during battle, Hero.

Milly: We owe a great deal to the Chief for all his generosity.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! The Chief rocks!

Nevan: A prayer ring is indeed something to be treasured. Let's use it wisely, Hero!

Amos: The Chief is a gent and no mistake!

Milly: As soon as Cynthia returned, the aura here brightened considerably.

Ashlynn: Hey, since we're here, why don't we pay a visit to Cynthia's house?

Nevan: Hero, do we have any further business in this village?

Nevan: If not, I'd humbly suggest that we be on our way.

Carver: Seems it's the same price comin' or goin'.

Milly: It'd be nice to make the return trip via ferry as well. It's so relaxing...

Carver: Keep this between you 'n me, but I get seasick sometimes... Only when I'm on a boat, of course.

Milly: No matter how you travel, as long as you're with good company, any journey can be enjoyable.

Carver: Ahoy! I suppose we're bound for Somnia next, aye, Hero?

Milly: What a pleasant voyage. The view was fantastic!

Carver: Other passengers? I never noticed. I spent the whole voyage bowin' over the bow...

Milly: Other passengers can do as they please. We'll continue our journey at our own pace.

Carver: Looks like it'll be a while before we can sail back, aye?

Milly: We've no plans to head back just yet anyway. First we need to have a look at Somnia Castle.

Carver: How far is it between here 'n Somnia, I wonder?

Milly: Somnia must be quite a city if merchants are this enthusiastic about it.

Carver: North from the western mountains... Or was it west from the northern mountains?

Carver: One thing's for sure – I definitely heard “west”.
Uh, maybe you should handle the navigatin', Hero...

Milly: So we just travel north around the mountainous western terrain, and Somnia Castle should be to the west. Sounds simple enough.

Carver: No “arrr and arrr” for us, that's for sure.

Carver: We've got a mirror to find 'n everything like that.

Milly: The sailors are really busy when on deck. I'm sure they can't wait to relax once they reach land.

Carver: If that was a joke, then hardy har. He should try it on someone more fresh off the boat than us veteran voyagers.

Milly: I do hope we get to take another relaxing trip on this ferry someday.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Ahoy, we're finally in Somnia! Er, I mean the other Somnia – the one in this world.

Milly: This seems to be a rather lively place!

Carver: This place is just like our Somnia. No, wait, it's nothin' like our Somnia. Wait... It's like it is, but it ain't!

Milly: I wonder how exactly the two Somnias are connected...

Carver: I see the castle up ahead. Good to know it's in the same place.

Milly: A second Somnia...

Carver: Aye, sounds like a Somnian dog, alright.

Milly: He seems like a lively pup!

Carver: Chancellor who? We're out of the loop in this Somnia.

Milly: I sense that this Chancellor Keating doesn't enjoy the best reputation among the townspeople here.

Carver: A prince, aye...? Our Somnia didn't have one of those.

Milly: I wonder if Murdaw is one of the monsters this prince went off to fight?

Carver: Oh, hardy har! That's funny!

Carver: Imagine you, Hero, bein' mistaken for a royal prince!

Milly: Sounds like you're a dead ringer for the local prince, Hero!

Carver: Maybe it's time for a royal makeover, Hero. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Milly: Hee hee. Ever fancied being prince for a day, Hero?

Carver: Heh... Bet if I put on some fancy threads, folks would start mistakin' me for the King!

Milly: I hope your outfit's not going to cause anyone any trouble, Hero...

Carver: Keating, aye? Even the name sounds rotten. It rhymes with...er, somethin' bad, I think.

Milly: Chancellor Keating... I sense we should be wary of this man.

Carver: Not just wells. Giant holes in the ground'll do the job, too.

Milly: Hmm. I suppose most ordinary people wouldn't consider climbing into a well in the first place...

Carver: So the King and Queen are both sick now?

Milly: It would appear that this Somnia has a queen...

Milly: It really is different to the Somnia in your world, isn't it, Hero.

Carver: Hmm... So Murdaw's lookin' to conquer this world, too? We'd better go and see the King, pronto!

Milly: Murdaw's influence has spread even here...

Carver: Whoa, Hero. This isn't good. Let's go round to the business end.

Milly: How rude of us...

Carver: Crikey! Does anyone NOT fear this Keating fella?

Milly: Keating... We need to keep an eye on him.

Carver: Guess we'll need to go straight to the source for answers – the castle itself.

Milly: Maybe we should speak to those inside the castle to try and shed some light on what's going on here.

Carver: Wait... The King's “not young”?

Milly: So the King Somnus here is an old man...?

Carver: Our Somnia ain't perfect, but it's nowhere near this bad.

Milly: All this talk of the missing prince is making me terribly anxious...

Carver: Ah, it happens. Me, I can't even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.

Milly: You probably seem familiar to him because you look so much like this land's prince.

Carver: This guy must have really been somebody in the dim and distant past, aye?

Carver: Maybe the monsters cast a super-size version of Snooze on the royal couple.

Milly: Working out the cause of the King and Queen's slumber can't possibly be an easy task...

Carver: The King of the Sea, aye? I'll bet he never gets seasick.

Milly: A king living beneath the sea? That's rather romantic!

Carver: The King of the Sea's got himself quite a palace, that's for sure!

Milly: If only all monsters were like this slime. The world would be conflict-free...

Carver: Looks like castles are tough to enter in any dimension, aye?

Milly: Our destiny lies within the castle... But how are we going to get inside, Hero?

Carver: Ya know, Hero, I hate lyin' as much as the next wanderin' martial artist...

Carver: But maybe ya should try pretendin' to be the Prince for a bit?

Milly: You do look just like the Prince, you know. You've fooled everyone we've met so far...

Carver: It worked! Well, ain't that sweet, “Prince”.

Milly: Come on, Hero. He's moved out of the way – now's our chance to enter the castle!

Carver: Rusty, aye? He certainly looks familiar.

Milly: What is it, Hero? Have you met the Captain before?

Carver: He's right – things look grim. But chattin' about the weather ain't gonna fix anythin'.

Milly: It must be Murdaw... His influence is growing.

Carver: You're a king at this prince business, Hero.

Milly: Come, Hero. Now that we're in, let's try talking to a few people in the castle.

Carver: All that sleepin' can't be good for the King and Queen.

Carver: Their muscles'll shrivel up if they sleep forever.

Milly: Surely there must be some way to wake them...

Carver: Uh-oh. This kid's seein' right through ya, Hero. Quick, say somethin' royal!

Milly: This child is sharp. Dream seers often claim that innocent eyes are best equipped to see the truth.

Carver: Must be nice bein' a royal cat. Probably gets three feasts a day.

Milly: What an adorable little kitty!

Carver: Whoa, that's some spicy soup! If that won't wake up the King, nothin' will.

Milly: The castle's inhabitants all seem deeply concerned about King Somnus.

Carver: Readin' books about stayin' awake would put me right to sleep.

Milly: It seems they've tried all sorts of methods to get the King to wake up, but to no avail.

Carver: What was he mumblin' about at the end there?
Tell who?

Milly: Ugh. These cells are all damp and horrible.

Carver: I can't wait to see the look on this Keating fella's face, either.

Milly: It seems like this Chancellor Keating fellow won't exactly welcome the return of the Prince...

Carver: Whoa, he's crying tears of joy. Maybe we took this royal ruse a little far...

Milly: The people of Somnia seem to love their prince just as much as their king.

Carver: The Prince of Somnia was a popular guy, aye?

Milly: My, it seems everyone was on tenterhooks awaiting the return of the Prince.

Carver: Well, as long as he doesn't take us out to the front and give us the boot.

Milly: Chancellor Keating's away at the moment, it seems.

Carver: Well, uh... Maybe the Prince is too tired to chat right now. Long road 'n everything like that.

Milly: Interesting. So the Prince has been off trying to find a way to wake his parents.

Carver: Small hamlet in the northern mountains? That sounds like Weaver's Peak, aye, Hero?

Carver: I wonder what this world's version is like...

Carver: Oh well... We'll just have to wait.

Milly: This gives us a good opportunity to gather more information from the people around the castle.

Carver: Let's go, Hero! ...Oh, er, I mean Prince Hero. Hope no one heard me say that...

Milly: Shall we, Your Highness? Hee hee!

Carver: This Keating fella's created a really hostile work environment.

Milly: Up the stairs we go, my liege!

Carver: Er...yeah. Let's go with that.

Milly: Hopefully he won't be too let down when he finds out the truth...

Carver: Somethin' tells me this Keating guy won't be giving you the warmest welcome, sweet “Prince”.

Milly: I sense it would be wise to have a look at the King before Chancellor Keating returns.

Carver: Watchin' that whole exchange made me a little happier, too.

Milly: He doesn't need to thank us. The Prince is a very kind man!

Carver: Aye, he's asleep, alright.

Milly: His aura doesn't suggest any suffering...

Carver: Mirror? She said “mirror”, aye? Aye!?

Milly: Mirror...? That must be Ra's mirror she's talking about.

Carver: Uh, I don't think this lady gets it...

Milly: I'm sure she must be talking about Ra's mirror.
But why....?

Carver: Geh...

Milly: So this is Keating in action...

Carver: He's got a point. We should be glad we're only gettin' the heave-ho, aye?

Milly: Don't worry, Hero. Our fate clearly lies elsewhere for now.

Carver: North-west, then south-east? Sounds like a pretty loopy route to me...

Carver: Not like we have any other options, now that we got kicked out. Amor's as good a destination as any.

Milly: The mirror key? I wonder if that has some connection to Ra's mirror...

Carver: The water from Amor can “cure anything”?

Carver: Maybe it could wake up the King... Could it be that easy?

Milly: I've heard of the miraculous healing qualities of amor seco essence.

Milly: Apparently, it's known to be more effective than medicinal herbs.

Carver: Let's go somewhere else, Hero. I doubt the castle'll have us back any time soon.

Carver: I'm gettin' sick of the scenery here, anyway.

Milly: At least we got a look at the royal family before being thrown out of the castle.

Carver: Oh, aye! We, uh, agree. Lock the phony up!
(Back away very slowly, Hero.)

Milly: Hee hee. It would appear that our antics are the talk of the town.

Carver: Our hopes were dashed, too! Not like hers, but...

Milly: I'm beginning to feel bad about getting everyone's hopes up...

Carver: Ugh... I wish we could explain our side of the story...

Milly: Hee hee. Whether it's that world or this, one thing's for sure – rumours really do spread quickly!

Carver: Aye, the king in this Somnia is no spring chicken.

Milly: Finding Ra's mirror could turn out to be the key to waking the King and Queen.

Carver: Amor, aye? Why don't we check it out? Not like we've got anythin' better to do.

Milly: To find Amor, we go north-west from here, then make our way around the mountains and head back south-east. Sounds easy enough, no?

Carver: Buck up, man. With us on the case, Murdaw's days are numbered.

Milly: It pains me to see people in such distress... But it's up to us to ease their anxieties, and soon!

Carver: Let's go, Hero! No way are we missin' Amor now!

Milly: This salesman really takes his work seriously!

Carver: I'd love the chance to line up you and the Prince next to each other someday, Hero.

Milly: It seems the Prince lives on as a child in this gentleman's memory.

Carver: See, Hero? C'mon, let's go somewhere else!

Milly: Barring exceptional circumstances, I sense we won't be allowed within the castle walls again for a while.


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Carver: Aye, looks like there's nothin' here. Let's shove off.

Milly: Searching for a “misplaced dream”, huh?

There's something rather poetic about that...

Carver: Whoa! Nice change of scenery, aye?

Milly: My, what a charming place! Is that a waterfall I hear?

Carver: It'd be wasted on me. Gettin' sick is for sissies.

Milly: Everyone in this town is brimming with health. I've never seen so many glowing auras!

Carver: What can we do? I'm not breakin' into a church.

Milly: Hmm. It would've been nice to offer up a quick confession, at least.

Carver: Huh. Next she'll be tellin' us she's really a hundred years old.

Milly: Carver, shh! She can hear you!

Milly: It really shows. The villagers here have such smooth, gleaming skin.

Milly: They say that good water makes for good health, and here's living proof!

Carver: Whoa, treasure huntin'!? I did that all the time as a kid!

Carver: Buryin' coins in the ground, drawin' maps, 'n everything like that... Those were the days!

Milly: I suppose human lives are like treasure hunts, when you think about it...

Milly: Oh? Sorry, that was rather philosophical of me, wasn't it? Hee hee.

Carver: Aye, he'd probably spoil the stream just by dippin' in his pinkie toe.

Milly: If only we could use this water to wash away the filthy stains Murdaw has left upon the world.

Carver: The mirror key was buried in the earthquake? Well, great! So much for that, aye?

Milly: It's not like digging up that old cave is an option. Hmm...

Carver: Uh, don't tell me ya didn't notice the cave, Hero...

Carver: That fella's either deaf from the waterfall's racket or really, really angry.

Milly: Isn't it interesting how your voice naturally rises in noisy places? Like next to a waterfall, or next to Carver...

Carver: No room at the inn, aye? There really must be somethin' in the water.

Milly: People seem to come from all over the world just to get a taste of the water here.

Carver: Don't tell me this guy took the last bed in the inn...

Milly: Shouldn't we check with the innkeeper first?

Carver: Hey, at least you have a bed. Not everyone's so lucky.

Milly: I'm glad I don't do anything strange like that when I sleep...do I?

Carver: Ain't no cure for love, friend.

Carver: Not that I've ever been infected, but...

Milly: The only cure for the sickness called “love” is the medicine known as “time”...

Milly: Oh? Sorry, that was rather philosophical of me, wasn't it? Hee hee.

Carver: Whoa! An ex-bandit, aye? I bet she's got some interestin' tales...

Milly: Lovestruck bandits...

Carver: Considerin' the water in this town, I bet this dog'll live to be a hundred... In dog years, anyway.

Milly: Even the dog's fur is gleaming!

Carver: Hardy har! That's a good one!

...Wait, I don't get it.

Milly: I'll never understand men's obsession with bunny girls...

Carver: Tough break for the kid. Lucky break for his pals, though.

Milly: The poor child... Hang in there!

Carver: Looks like every hour is happy hour for this fella.

Milly: The proverb itself is easy enough to understand...

Milly: But the mirror key it speaks of was buried in an earthquake...

Carver: What? That cave's been sealed for twenty years!?

Carver: Well, Goddess knows what shape the mirror key's in now.

Milly: Even if the mirror key really exists, it must be buried under tons of rubble now.

Carver: Hey, I know about bad dreams. Once, I dreamt that my head turned into an apple pie...

Carver: Everyone was tryin' to eat me, and all that came out of my mouth when I screamed was apple sauce. So, yeah...

Milly: Judging by Carver's snoring, I'd say he has some rather lively dreams...

Carver: It's nice to see a kid respectin' her elders.

Carver: It'd be rude to come all this way and not say hello to Evgenya, aye?

Milly: Shall we go down and have a word with Evgenya?

Milly: Perhaps she'll be able to tell us something about the mirror key.

Carver: Oof. Someone didn't drink her Amor essence or whatever today. We oughta try back later.

Milly: I sense that Evgenya is deeply concerned about something...


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Carver: Just how tall is this tower? Maybe it got its name 'cause it goes all the way to the moon...

Milly: There's something sinister about this place...

Carver: Locked, aye? Great.

Milly: It looks like we'll need a key...

Carver: Ahoy! More uncharted territory to...chart! This mission is really bringin' out the explorer in me!

Milly: I doubt there's any way he's going to let us pass, Hero. Let's go.


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Carver: No old ladies? Is this bumpkin blind or somethin'? Ain't he ever seen Evgenya?

Milly: You don't think...?

Carver: So this fella comes here all the time, but he expects us to believe he's never seen Evgenya?

Milly: I sense we've somehow entered a different world again. This isn't the same church we were in before.

Carver: What, did the previous priest quit last night or somethin'?

Carver: Things have gone from weird to weirder. Where are we?

Milly: It seems as though we went to sleep and woke up in a different world...

Carver: Whoa! Is that... Is that what I think it is? Blood?

Milly: This water flows down from that cave upstream, doesn't it?

Carver: Everyone's in a panic round here. But I'd be anxious too, if the local watering hole turned into...that.

Milly: There must be some reason why the water's changed colour. Let's investigate, Hero!

Carver: This ain't natural, or the current would've cleared it up by now. Somethin' strange is goin' on here!

Milly: The water has exactly the same colour and consistency as blood...

Carver: Everyone needs to stay calm. There's gotta be a good explanation.

Milly: I understand the villagers' reactions. This can't be an easy thing to witness...

Carver: Whatever they cook better be well-done. Anythin' rare would just remind people of the river.

Milly: It's good to have calm, practical people in the village at times like this.

Carver: Aww, nasty water ain't the end of the world.

Milly: Let's hurry and get to the bottom of this so that the villagers can be at ease again.

Carver: Aye, we'd better go up there and check it out!

Milly: Yes, we'd better hurry to that northern cave!

Carver: “Evgenya”!? So she WAS here!

Carver: Wait, he said a “young” couple... A different Evgenya, maybe? I don't know what's what around here any more...

Milly: A young girl named Evgenya came through here...and the old lady we met before was also called Evgenya...

Milly: Surely there must be some connection? We'd better investigate.

Carver: Aye, he needs all the customers he can get.

Milly: It's at times like these that people reveal their true colours. And I'm not just talking about their auras.

Carver: That's the spirit! A real man's gotta do his job, no matter what!

Milly: We won't be able to put the villagers at ease unless we get to the bottom of this bloody-water business.

Carver: Whoa. Nerves of iron, aye? Me and this fella have a lot in common.

Milly: I like his attitude. “Stuff” does indeed happen, after all.

Carver: We'd better not tell him. He might have a heart attack.

Milly: No need to worry him. It's best to let him rest.

Carver: The northern cave, aye? I knew it. We better get movin' that way, Hero!

Milly: If we're to meet Ilya and Evgenya, we'd best journey to that cave as well.

Carver: Didn't we hear about treasure hunters back in the other Amor?

Milly: I wonder... Do you think the Evgenya in this world is the younger version of the one we already met?

Carver: That cave's gotta be the key to all this, Hero! Let's go up north, aye?

Milly: “Some key”? That must be the mirror key!

Milly: If the cave hasn't yet collapsed in this world, maybe it's still possible to find the mirror key there!

Carver: The Evgenya in this place is a popular lady, aye?

Milly: It sounds like this young Evgenya is quite a woman.

I can't wait to meet her for myself!

Carver: “Evgenya the Cyclone”, aye? Sounds tough. I like it!

Milly: If I hear one more ode to Evgenya, I'm afraid I'll start becoming jealous!

Carver: Aye! Let's go!

Milly: Let's go, Hero!

Carver: It seems like Evgenya really didn't work at the church in this town after all.

Milly: There's no point in hanging around here. Come, let's head to the cave.

Carver: Wh-Whoa... This lady's really givin' me the creeps.

Milly: Is this Evgenya...? It must be. She has a very similar aura...

Carver: Sounds like that someone oughta be us, Hero.

Milly: He's fighting whilst injured! We can't just stand idly by, Hero. We've got to do something!

Carver: What're you waitin' for, Hero!? That's our cue!

Milly: If we don't help him now, that poor man is finished!

Carver: For a guy with such nasty wounds, he sure is chipper.

Carver: Ah, well. Let's help him back up to the top.

Milly: Evgenya was convinced that Ilya is dead...

I can't wait to see the look on her face when we reunite the two of them!

Carver: Geh. The bloomin' thing's empty!

Milly: Hmm... If the mirror key isn't here, then...

Carver: Hittin' monsters hard is our business, and business is good.

Milly: Thank the Goddess we made it in time!

Carver: Whoa! Did she say “mirror of Ra” just now, Hero?

Carver: C'mon! We can't lose 'em!

Milly: So the mirror key opens the door to Moonmirror Tower...

Milly: At least that's what they said, anyway.

Milly: Come, Hero! We need to get after those two!


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Carver: Keep mum, Hero. Sometimes folks're better off not knowin' the whole truth.

Milly: The blood that dirtied the water was the cause of Evgenya's distress...

Carver: The Goddess is gettin' all the credit for our handiwork. Ah, well.

Milly: It's important to show gratitude for the blessings you receive.

I'm grateful to have companions like you and Carver to travel with, Hero!

Carver: Aye, we know the sales pitch: this stuff cures disease 'n everything like that.

Milly: The town will be back on its feet in no time.

This water's crystal clear again!

Carver: Geh. So where'd they run off to?

Milly: Knowing those two, I bet they're already far away by now.

Carver: You hear that, Hero!? The mirror's in Moonmirror Tower!

Carver: So...where's Moonmirror Tower again?

Milly: The mirror key, Moonmirror Tower, and Ra's mirror... At last, everything is clear.

Milly: Ra's mirror is in Moonmirror Tower!

Milly: The next step is to find that tower. Let's go!

Carver: “Adopt”, aye? You know what it means, Hero? It's on the tip of my brain.

Milly: We know they've left town, but where did they go?

That's the key question...

Carver: You'd think a gulp of that miracle water would work wonders on shot nerves.

Milly: Well, at least the water will be clean and fresh from now on.

Carver: “Back in the black”? Is that a good thing, Hero?

Milly: It's good to know things are getting back to normal here.

Carver: What the–? First he was terrified, and now he's bouncin' off the walls. He needs a medium settin'.

Milly: Now he can sell his armour without any disturbances.

Carver: Crikey! Nothin' rattles this guy. We could use a fella like him.

Milly: Well, he's rather blunt... I hope his weapons aren't! Hee hee.

Carver: So, uh, we still can't stay the night?

Milly: Ooh, a kindred spirit! Whenever I'm feeling happy,

I start cleaning too.

Carver: They ain't here, that much's for sure.

Milly: Ilya and Evgenya have such a good relationship.

I'm almost a little jealous!

Carver: Ah, so they did pay one more visit to Amor before shovin' off.

Milly: Why don't we have a word with the villagers before we move on?

Milly: Once we've heard all that they have to say, we can decide on what to do next.

Carver: What does she mean, “how we got here”? We took the wagon over, and...

Carver: Wait! No! We fell asleep at the church, and then we wound up here!

Milly: I suppose you could say we came to Amor...from Amor!

Carver: Aye, uh, that's exactly what Evgenya was doin' at the church before we went to sleep.

Milly: Don't you think it's about time we paid Evgenya the church worker a visit, Hero?

Carver: I ain't sleepy yet, anyway.

Milly: It'd be rude not to take them up on their kind offer, Hero. Let's be sure to rest here once you're ready.

Carver: If the old lady's here... We must be back in the first Amor again, aye?

Carver: I don't get any of this, but who cares. We got the mirror key, 'n that's all that matters.

Milly: Evgenya said that we appeared in her dream...

Milly: But why would we appear in Evgenya's dream...?

Milly: Could it be that the world we've just returned from exists within Evgenya's dreams?

Carver: Won't be long before we're seein' ourselves in that mirror, aye?

Carver: What a trip. I never thought we'd get here.

Milly: Our fate is clear, Hero. Let's head for Moonmirror Tower!

Carver: Guy's wrinkly as a prune, but no doubt about it – he's Ilya!

Milly: (sniff) I'm so glad Evgenya and Ilya's story had a happy ending!


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Carver: You could call him that, aye. “Old flame” works, too.

Milly: Even after all these years, Ilya and Evgenya are still so close. I need to find out their secret!

Milly: Dreaming... Yes, maybe we were dreaming after all...

Carver: Cyclone, Tempest... Wish I had a nickname like that...

Carver: How does “Carver the Hammer” sound? “Carver the Sawblade”? Why do I keep comin' up with carpentry-themed names?

Carver: She may be gettin' on in her years now, but that Evgenya was a heck of a looker back in her day.

Milly: Honestly! Are all men this easily infatuated!?

Milly: Hero? Hello?

Carver: I TOLD THE OLD MAN... Wait, why am I yellin' at you, Hero?

Milly: My, it seems like Evgenya the Cyclone had all the boys shaken up! Hee hee.

Carver: Hard for me to imagine it's been “decades”, but...

Milly: Two lovers, brought together in each others' dreams... (sniff) I think I'm welling up!

Carver: It'd be great to have a kid who idolises her old man as much as this lass does. Someday, maybe...


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Carver: Whoa, ya can barely see the ceilings in this place.

Milly: Let's go, Hero. But be careful not to get lost...

Carver: I think my muscles are sproutin' muscles.

Milly: Seems like an ordinary mirror to me.

Ashlynn: Ugh! Look at my skin! I'm gonna need a month of beauty rest when this is over...

Nevan: I say, my collar is rather rumpled! This won't do.

I am representing Ghent, after all...

Amos: It'd be a bit rum if I were to see my monstrous self starin' back at me! But no, it's just plain old Amos!

Terry: If I wanted to check myself out in the mirror, I could do it in my own time. I didn't need to come here...

Lizzie: (snarl) (slobber) Th-That's me! One more me! (snarl)

Goober: Boing! Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Welcome to the club. Now where's that mirror?

Milly: We should go. We need to push forward.

Carver: Wait, so does she want us to leave her behind or...?

Milly: Hee hee. She certainly is spirited. I like her!

What are we going to do, Hero?

Carver: She's got a 10-ton chip on her shoulder, but you can never have too many companions, I suppose...

Carver: Anyway, the mirror! We're almost there, aye, Hero!?

Carver: I'm more than ready for it, that's for sure.

Milly: Lucky you, Hero, you're just becoming surrounded by cute girls!

Ashlynn: Yahoo! I'm not alone any more! This is great!

Carver: Ahoy! Here it is, Hero! No doubt about it, this is the mirror the King told us about!

Carver: Eh? What do ya mean, “which king”? I'm talkin' about King Somnus from back in our world!

Carver: The King and Queen here just sleep all the time...
They ain't sendin' us on any quests.

Carver: It was our King Somnus who asked us to find this thing in the first place, right? Quit tryin' to confuse me!

Milly: You did it, Hero! This is doubtless the mirror sought by King Somnus.

Milly: What do you mean, which one? Naturally, I speak of the King Somnus of your world. Not getting confused, are you?

Milly: King Somnus in this world continues to sleep alongside his queen. This is very troubling...

Milly: But for now, you must fulfil the mission you have been given as a soldier of the Kingdom of Somnia.

Carver: She's got a 10-ton chip on her shoulder, but you can never have too many companions, I suppose...

Carver: Anyway, we gotta get back to Somnia, Hero!

Ashlynn: I stopped here on the way to Moonmirror Tower. It's a beautiful castle, isn't it?

Carver: We'd better defeat Murdaw on the double, aye?

Milly: The King and Queen are sure to wake up once we defeat Murdaw!

Ashlynn: What? So this castle's king and queen just sleep all the time?

Carver: Aye, he's got that right. Captain Rusty's a fine fella.

Milly: I sense a deep adoration for Captain Rusty within the castle.

Ashlynn: Hey, who's this Captain Rusty? He a friend of yours or something?

Carver: Geh... Keating, that dirty little...

Milly: Oh, poor Captain Rusty...

Ashlynn: The “Fake Prince Incident”? What was that? Sounds pretty juicy!

Ashlynn: Lots of stuff happening around here, and it's all going right over my head.

Carver: It'd take all week to explain how we got the mirror.

Milly: I'm rather impressed that this merchant knows about Ra's mirror.

Ashlynn: Don't you think we should keep a low profile with this thing?

Carver: Good idea. Probably better not go around showin' this off too much.

Milly: I'm rather impressed that this merchant knows about Ra's mirror.

Ashlynn: That's probably the smart thing to do. We shouldn't show this to strangers.

Carver: Wait, what!? So Rusty's Blade, too!?

Carver: This is so confusin'... I hope you're takin' notes, Hero!

Milly: This world and your world are undoubtedly connected, Hero...

Milly: The question is how? That's what we need to find out.

Ashlynn: I don't get why some people hate their names. If it's that much of a bother, just change it!

Carver: Hero, we're supposed to bring the mirror to OUR Somnia!

Milly: I like to take it easy as much as the next girl, but I really think we should hurry back to the Somnia in your world, Hero.

Ashlynn: Hey, why's this soldier so mad at you, Hero? What'd you do to him?

Carver: Huh? Somethin' left to do in this Somnia?

Milly: You know that it's the other Somnia we need to go to, don't you? Of course you do!


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Ashlynn: What kind of jerk pretends to be a prince? I'd love to meet him so I could tell him off!

Ashlynn: You tell me, mister! I always wanted to ship out on a really big boat!

Carver: We ain't up to any funny business. Ain't that right, Hero?

Milly: Are you planning to take the ferry to Port Haven, Hero?

Ashlynn: I wanna ride the ferry!

Carver: Mmm? Somethin' left for us to do here?

Ashlynn: C'mon! Finish up whatever you're doing so we can hop aboard the ship.

Carver: I kinda like Zoom more than long sea voyages, but...

Milly: I do hope that no sea monsters disrupt our journey.

Ashlynn: Hooray! I'm going on a boat ride!

Carver: We can cast Zoom to reach Port Haven anyway, aye?

Ashlynn: Aww, we can't get on?

Carver: Good. My belly couldn't take much more of this rockin' 'n rollin'.

Milly: Another smooth voyage. I've become quite the fan of sea travel.

Ashlynn: It ain't easy (glurp) being queasy...

Carver: Aye. What's the rush?

Milly: We like to do things at our own pace, don't we Hero?

Ashlynn: I like ships, but my tummy sure doesn't.

I wouldn't mind giving it time to settle before the next voyage...

Carver: Feels like we haven't been here in ages, aye?

Milly: I'm pleased to see Madame Luca looking so well.

Ashlynn: Wow! What a charming place!

Carver: Sayin' hi to the cat first, aye?

Milly: I miss that little kitty!

Ashlynn: Think this cat gets his dreams read, too? That'd be soooo cute!

Carver: Wh-Whoa, hold on now! You mean we've been livin' in a dream world all this time!?

Carver: But dreams are so...flimsy – here one minute and gone the next. Same thing could happen to us!

Carver: Wait a sec, though. If this is all a dream...then am I just the dream version of my real self?

Carver: Am I the illusion that the real me sees in his dreams...? This is way over my head...

Milly: Are you surprised, Hero?

Milly: I remember when Madame Luca first told me. At first I was terribly shocked...

Milly: But then I realised that the only way to discover the truth was to keep pressing forward.

Milly: How about it, Hero? What are you going to do?

Ashlynn: Anyone mind explaining what she was going on about?

Carver: Hey, we can play with the cat later, Hero.

Carver: Let's use our souped-up Zoom and take a trip back to our world!

Milly: I wish we could take Luca's kitty with us!

Ashlynn: Think this cat gets his dreams read, too? That'd be soooo cute!

Carver: Time's a wastin'. Let's shove off for Somnia!

Milly: Hee hee. Madame Luca seems as playful as ever.

Ashlynn: And here I thought this old lady was all-knowing. Nope.

Carver: C'mon, Hero, let's shove off! Enough kitty-cat chat!

Milly: I wish we could take Luca's kitty with us!

Ashlynn: Think this cat gets his dreams read, too? That'd be soooo cute!

Carver: Time's a wastin'. Let's shove off for Somnia!

Milly: Come, Hero. Let's try visiting Somnia Castle in both worlds.

Ashlynn: Carver and the old lady sure do bicker a lot.

Maybe they have a secret crush on each other...

Carver: The lady don't need to tell us twice. We were fightin' down the path long before she started bossin' us around.

Milly: It's nice to know Madame Luca will be watching over us from her crystal.

Ashlynn: This is neat. I'm starting to believe in dream seeing!

Nevan: This dwelling brims with a vast, vibrant energy.

Nevan: I sense its power, but I cannot discern its source. This is curious indeed...

Carver: Alright, Hero! Time to show Murdaw a thing or two!

Milly: Hopefully the next time we see Madame Luca, Murdaw will be no more!

Ashlynn: Glad she's on our side. Let's go do our best!

Nevan: So the Goddess has blessed this woman with the gifts of a dream seer.

Nevan: No doubt she has already foreseen the outcome of our battle with Murdaw.

Nevan: Well, whatever outcome she has seen, we must battle as if our victory was preordained!


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Carver: Whoa! Sounds like Johan manned up. Went and rescued Ella, aye?

Milly: How strange that the Mayor would leave town...

Carver: Still, even a stuck-up mayor's better than no mayor at all.

Carver: If I ever get some free time, I could fill in for him!

Milly: I wonder if he's ever planning to return?

Ashlynn: You know the Mayor, Hero? Wow! You're a popular guy!

Carver: There's no way we're gettin' back into Somnia down here...

Carver: Let's hurry back to our Somnia and get the mirror to King Somnus on the double!

Milly: The King Somnus of your world must be on tenterhooks waiting for Ra's mirror, Hero.

Milly: Let's hurry up and get it to him!

Carver: If ya ask me, we had it worse than anyone else over there...

Milly: I can't bear the thought of the King and Queen being trapped in their slumber. We have to help them!

Ashlynn: What's going on? Something wrong in Somnia Castle?

Ashlynn: Wow! He must be, like, super good with wood!

Carver: To think, I wrote Johan off for a wimp when we first met.

Carver: Looks like he's got some guts after all!

Milly: Johan's journey must have been tough. He looks a lot stronger now!

Ashlynn: Awww. I love happy endings.

Carver: After all she went through, she actually cares about that lousy Mayor?

Carver: Oh, Ella... (sniff) Ain't you a peach.

Milly: I'm sure it's this kindness that attracted Johan to Ella in the first place. It's nice to see that some men realise beauty isn't just skin deep!

Ashlynn: Hey, Hero. Is that girl your type? She sure is pretty!

Carver: Even when he's not around, this mayor manages to make life miserable for folks.

Milly: Perhaps he deserves what he gets, but I can't help but feel sorry for the poor man...

Carver: Ya know, I've met some harsh girls in my day, but Poison Ivy here's the queen of mean!

Milly: At least she seems to be showing some remorse now...

Milly: I'd say she was just a little too fond of mischief.

Carver: It's good to see the old timer feelin' great.

Milly: His aura is absolutely gleaming! I'm happy for him.

Ashlynn: That guy's happiness is rubbing off on me, but then I'm always happy!

Carver: Now the old fella can live in peace again, aye?

Milly: Everyone seems really happy that Ella has returned. I'm glad, too!

Ashlynn: Yippee! Great news!

Carver: Blimey. She told all them stories to her grandson...

Is she sayin' she didn't believe any of 'em?

Milly: Hee hee. Oh, it's real alright.

Ashlynn: Wow! The Goddess made Ra's mirror? She's so crafty!

Carver: Aye? Wait, what's not what she had in mind?

Milly: Hee hee. I can't speak for the boys, but that's definitely not what I had in mind either...

Ashlynn: Hey, what exactly did you have in mind, Hero?

Carver: You probably shouldn't encourage girls like that, Hero.

Carver: Man, this is just gettin' crazy! I sure don't remember this house. I swear on the Goddess 'n everything!

Milly: This lady seems absolutely convinced that Carver is her son.

Milly: I wonder why...

Ashlynn: Hey Carver, you sure this isn't your house? It just has to be!

Ashlynn: There's no way a mother would forget what her son looked like. Ever!

Carver: I wish she'd just drop it...

Milly: Wait... You don't think Carver could've lost his memory, do you, Hero?

Ashlynn: I feel kind of bad for that lady...

Ashlynn: Think he's trying to ignore us?

Milly: They seem to be terribly busy. We shouldn't get in their way, Hero. Let's take our leave.

Ashlynn: Guess it's a good thing we're not customers.

Milly: This place is in great shape. They say the state of a carpenter's workshop reveals a lot about his craftsmanship.

Ashlynn: He looks busy. He's only got eyes for yew...and other types of wood, too. Tee hee!

Carver: We made it! And so did my lunch this time.

Milly: What a pleasant voyage that was...

Ashlynn: Ugghhh... (glurp)

Carver: Aye? Seasick? Me? Hardy har!

Milly: I'm just fine. I find that enjoying the view helps keep me grounded during these trips.

Ashlynn: Ugghhh... (glurp)

Carver: Sea legs? My sea quadriceps alone are the size of tree trunks.

Milly: What a waste it would be to spend an entire voyage staring at the bottom of a bucket!

Ashlynn: Where can I get these “sea legs”, anyway? I lost my lunch and most of dinner...

Carver: Aye. We've seen better days...

Milly: We really should visit a church soon. Coffins are so unsightly and depressing...

Ashlynn: Hauling a coffin's a hassle, but dead or alive, we leave no one behind!

Carver: Depart? We just got here!

Milly: Hey, Hero, remember this place? This is where we first met!

Ashlynn: Fine with me. Sea travel, solid food, and me do NOT get along.

Carver: A big meal or two and twelve hours of sleep will set that guy right as rain. Works for me!

Milly: I didn't notice any choppiness myself, but I suppose one has a different perspective as a sailor.

Carver: Hardy har! I suppose her prince should have bulgin' pecs and locks blowin' in the wind, aye?

Milly: It seems the ships from Somnia carry rumours as well as passengers. Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Hmm... A phony prince doesn't sound so dreamy to me.

Carver: Whoa. That was like watchin' a carriage wreck in slow motion.

Milly: Oh dear... I sense that man's love is unrequited...

Ashlynn: Wow. Talk about a failure to communicate.

Carver: The lone swordsman again, aye? She should forget that chump. Lone martial artists are where it's at!

Milly: The most powerful sword? That sounds intriguing...

Ashlynn: Wow! Heroes, princes... My kind of people!

Carver: Hey, you gonna go and see Evgenya, Hero?

Milly: We have to tell Ilya and Evgenya about Ra's mirror.

Ashlynn: Wow! This place is right out of a painting!

Ashlynn: Hey, what'd he say? The waterfall's too loud!

Ashlynn: Hmm... So that's what happened. Uh-huh, whatever.

Carver: He's takin' care of 'em both now? That Father's an angel, aye?

Milly: Evgenya must be so happy to have Ilya back after all this time.

Carver: I love happy endings... (sniff)

Milly: Thanks to Evgenya and Ilya, we were able to find Ra's mirror. We owe them both a great deal!

Ashlynn: Yeah, she had happiness written all over her face! In between all the wrinkles, I mean.

Carver: He oughta feel it – we couldn't have done it without him.

Milly: We'll make sure Ra's mirror makes its way to King Somnus. Won't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: Say, that guy aged pretty well. I'll bet he broke some hearts when he was younger.


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Carver: Wonder how that crusty ol' coot is farin'.

Milly: The surrounding area is rather bleak, but this cottage is nice and homely.

Ashlynn: What a cute little cottage!

Carver: Avast! No bad attitude or insults this time? I'm almost...disappointed.

Milly: Did one of you build that shed out there? I'm impressed!

Ashlynn: Ha ha! That guy's so ugly, he's actually kinda cute!

Carver: What a slave-driver! He's still bossin' folks around, aye?

Milly: Oh my, this really is a wonderful shed... Such elegant craftsmanship!

Ashlynn: Stacking wood, huh? Sounds like a career with a lot of growth. Ha ha! Get it? Wood? Growth? Ah, fun.

Carver: Mornin'! You sleep well, Hero?

Milly: I always feel so relaxed and comfortable after sleeping in a church.

Ashlynn: (yawn) Mmm, I slept great...

Carver: She's got nothin' to worry about! I know my body like, uh, the back of my hand. I'm fine.

Milly: I actually wanted to be a nun when I was a little girl.

Ashlynn: What a pretty nun...

Carver: Oh, I won't, Sister, I won't! Hardy har!

Carver: Aye! A short rest here, then next stop: Somnia Castle!

Milly: It seems everyone is desperate to get their hands on Ra's mirror.

Ashlynn: Oh, wow. Guess we found, like, the hottest item in the realm!


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Carver: Good thing I'm so humble, or all this praise would go right to my handsome head.

Milly: I bet there are still some soldiers out there looking for it.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I helped find it, too!

Carver: In a place like this, sleepin's about the only fun thing to do when you're off duty...

Milly: Poor thing. He seems exhausted.

Ashlynn: Hero, shhh! Soldiers need beauty rest too, you know.

Ashlynn: Oooh, tents! Shops! But why's the place so placid?

Carver: The bazaar's finally run its course, aye?

Milly: They hold an annual bazaar in this town, don't they?

Ashlynn: What!? No! And I missed it by THIS much.

Carver: If he says so. Me, I never lose.

Milly: Location is indeed the key to a successful business.

Ashlynn: Yeah... When it comes to selling, it's all about location, location, location!

Carver: Pfft, whatever you say. Birds don't talk, anyway. They sing!

Milly: His secret operation planning keeps him up all night – every night!

Ashlynn: Riddle me this: “I am awake up above but asleep down below. What am I?”

Ashlynn: Give up? I'm King Somnus! Tee hee!

Carver: Aye, that or maybe he just had a thing for overpriced knick-knacks.

Milly: Well, he won't be looking for it much longer! Hee hee!

Ashlynn: “Legendary mirror”? She means Ra's mirror, right?

Carver: Aye! That's old news to us!

Milly: The speed at which rumours spread never ceases to amaze me...

Ashlynn: But I thought the lady with us is– Oops! I keep forgetting it's a secret!

Carver: Looks like the older brother won the sales war – or dreamt he did.

Milly: Now there's a merchant who knows the value of a good location!

Ashlynn: He's in a good mood. I guess money does buy happiness.

Carver: Wouldn't be much of a bazaar without customers.

Milly: When peace returns to the world, maybe I'll try opening a little stall in this town.

Ashlynn: Wish I'd gotten here sooner!

Carver: Why don't we just buy it? Let's live a little.

Milly: I wonder if that key will open any of the locked doors we've encountered?

Carver: Geh! How humiliatin'.

Milly: Oh dear. What a sorry state...

Ashlynn: Boy, we need to manage our money better...

Carver: There won't be any more bazaars if the world ends. Just another reason to stop Murdaw.

Milly: The bazaar may be over, but this world is not going anywhere.

Ashlynn: The end is near, alright – for Murdaw!

Carver: Sounds like Bill's done playin' second fiddle to his brother at the bazaar.

Milly: The bazaar's just finished and he's already planning for the next? That's dedication.

Ashlynn: Boy, there's no way I could plan that far ahead.

Carver: Two Murdaws or twenty – I'm gonna knock 'em all out.

Milly: Running away is not the answer. We must stand together to defeat Murdaw.

Ashlynn: Lots of people seem fine with this whole “two worlds” thing...

Ashlynn: They don't know yet that this is the dream world, though...

Carver: Sounds like you've got a real shot with that girl, Hero.

Milly: Oh, right. You fell into the chasm instead of her father, didn't you, Hero?

Ashlynn: I think that girl's giving you the eye, Hero.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! We women can tell!

Carver: Bet you're glad the old fella's doin' okay, aye, Hero?

Milly: The workmanship on Cliff's crowns is wonderful.

Milly: He's a true craftsman in every sense of the word!

Ashlynn: Wow, look at all these crowns! Guess they're not just for kings any more...

Carver: The town inn, aye?

Carver: Hey Hero, how about we go and test it out?

Milly: I sense that there are plenty of places outside this town where the thief's key might come in handy as well.

Milly: Now that we've paid for it, it would be a shame not to try it out in some of the places we've visited.

Ashlynn: That thief's key only opens up one specific type of door, right?

Ashlynn: Still, I bet there's plenty of them out there just waiting to be unlocked!

Ashlynn: Huh? Oh, we didn't buy it?

Ashlynn: I don't know... I think it'd be a big help if we had it...


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Carver: Finally, we're back – and with Ra's mirror, to boot!

Carver: I can't wait to see the look on the King's face!

Milly: Somnia Castle is within our sights. Quickly, let's go and see the King!

Ashlynn: Wow! So this is Somnia in your world, Hero?

Carver: The King's gonna “flip his crown”? That don't sound good.

Milly: This news is going to shock everyone in the castle!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I bet the King gives us each a big hug!

Carver: Oh, quit teasin', Hero! That's not funny.

Milly: Now hold on... Aren't you going to tell him?

Ashlynn: Did you hit your head, Hero? We have the mirror!

Carver: She won't have to worry for much longer, aye?

Carver: We're gonna use Ra's mirror to take out Murdaw for good!

Carver: ...Not that we know how to use it yet.

Details, details...

Milly: Hmm. The townspeople seem very anxious...

Milly: Let's not waste any time in putting them at ease!

Ashlynn: She needs to quit worrying – it's bad for your skin!

Carver: No one's dyin' on our watch, that's for sure!

Milly: I understand her fears, but a little bravery would go a long way right now.

Ashlynn: Poor people... They'll die of fear before Murdaw even gets here.

Carver: He probably just wants to show Murdaw how ugly he is so he'll keel over on the spot...

Carver: Uh, aye, never mind. Just thinkin' out loud.

Milly: I must admit, I too am curious as to what the King intends to do with Ra's mirror.

Ashlynn: Hellooo! It's for beating Murdaw, of course!

Carver: Mmm? Oh! We never did ask this girl what her problem was, aye?

Milly: Hero, we should help this poor lady. Shall we go and fetch it for her?

Ashlynn: C'mon, Hero. Help the lady!

Carver: Great! Ya can never be strong enough, I say.

Milly: Making good use of this reward would be the best way to show our gratitude.

Ashlynn: That was awfully kind of her!

Carver: Better times are comin'. You can bet on it!

Milly: I sense that there's a light waiting for us all at the end of this dark tunnel.

Ashlynn: No matter how bad things look, you should never give up! Right, Hero?

Carver: Splittin' hairs is a neat trick, but I can split a whole skull with one kick!

Milly: Interesting. I suppose it's only natural that the King should be a fine swordsman.

Ashlynn: Oooh, I wish I could meet this “Young King Somnus” guy!

Carver: Murdaw's not slinkin' away this time.

Milly: I sense that this gentleman's wish is soon to be fulfilled.

Ashlynn: Wow, sure is nice of the man to pray for king and country...

Carver: Out like a rock. Me, I sleep like a boulder.

Milly: If we're looking to shop, let's visit the shops in town.

Ashlynn: Wonder what he's dreaming about?

Carver: Fortune favours the bold, they say.

Milly: I wish him a speedy recovery!

Ashlynn: He's healing the old-fashioned way? What's wrong with magic?

Carver: Murdaw wouldn't be such a big deal if all he did was fog up folks' memories.

Milly: Somehow I doubt that Murdaw is responsible for his forgetfulness...

Ashlynn: Weird! It's like the guy has a young body but an old brain.

Carver: The fella doesn't look old enough to have worked there before.

Milly: Now's not the time for such doubts! She should be happy for her husband!

Ashlynn: Maybe that's that “déjà vu” thing, huh?

Milly: There must be some reason why the King never sleeps...

Ashlynn: Wow, so the King Somnus here never sleeps at all? That's, like, the exact opposite of the other king.

Ashlynn: Boy, she doesn't look too comfy!

Milly: Don't let your guard down! I sense the presence of a monster...

Ashlynn: Hey, there's someone in here. Really! I mean it!

Carver: I love unexpected workouts.

Milly: That wasn't a very threatening monster, but still, its presence in town would've only caused unrest.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! We did it!

Carver: This must be the ring that lady lost.

Carver: Let's go back up and give it to her!

Milly: Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be damaged. That's good!

Ashlynn: No one under forty would be caught dead wearing this gaudy ring!

Carver: It's been a while, aye?

Milly: Somnia Castle is equally impressive in both worlds!

Ashlynn: Wow! It's even bigger when you see it up close!

Carver: Hmm... Not a good thing to keep your commanding officer waitin'.

Milly: Come, Hero. Everyone's waiting for us.

Ashlynn: This is so exciting!

Carver: Aye, show a little respect for the dead. To the church!

Milly: Resurrecting our companions should always be a top priority!

Ashlynn: You shouldn't have to be reminded to resurrect your friends.

Carver: I guess you could call it that, aye, Hero?

Milly: It was indeed quite the journey, and not without its difficulties.

Ashlynn: You've all been gone for that long?

Carver: If AWOL means “awesome without limits”, then guilty as charged.

Milly: You can't blame him – you really were away for rather a long time. But you did what had to be done.

Ashlynn: No one could forget me – 'cause I wasn't around to be remembered. I'm new!

Carver: How could everyone have forgotten me?

Er, I mean us.

Milly: An impossible mission? I beg to differ – and we've got proof!

Ashlynn: Oh, we have good news. And how.

Carver: That wagon's been a real Goddessend.

Milly: So this is the gentleman who provided us with the wagon?

Ashlynn: I've never ridden in such style!

Carver: He's got a right to remain silent. We're gonna storm Murdaw's joint before Murdaw can storm us.

Milly: If Murdaw were to attack, I don't think it would matter whether he was in a cell or a castle...

Ashlynn: That cell's probably one of the safest places around.

Carver: Nice to know someone here remembers us.

Milly: See? They haven't forgotten about you after all, Hero!

Ashlynn: Aww, see? Some people still care about you.

Ashlynn: Aww, quit messin' with the poor guy. Tell him the truth!

Carver: Aye! Let's go!

Milly: He's right, we should let him know as soon as possible.

Ashlynn: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Carver: That's a lot of pressure, havin' the fate of folks' dreams in our hands.

Milly: The townspeople have a lot of faith in King Somnus, don't they?

Ashlynn: Who can sleep at a time like this, anyway?

Carver: C'mon, Hero, let's move!

Milly: He's right, Hero. Let's go. The King is waiting.

Ashlynn: Let's go! Let's go!

Carver: I used to think I'd get sick of all this praise, but it's not happenin'.

Milly: All this praise is beginning to make me blush!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! We're the best thing to happen around here since salt pork, Hero.

Carver: It's not like we were on holiday. Attack is the best form of defence, aye?

Milly: The people of Somnia expect a lot of their soldiers, it would seem.

Carver: Blimey, Hero. You've got a sick sense of humour.

Milly: I can sense the Captain's disappointment, and it's making me feel guilty!

Ashlynn: Ugh. You're driving me up the wall here!

Carver: C'mon! Ahoy! Ahoy! Let's follow him!

Milly: Quickly, let's follow the Captain!

Ashlynn: Oh boy! Time for your big report to the King!

Carver: If folks are this happy about us gettin' the mirror, what'll they do when we beat Murdaw?

Milly: Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Soak up the praise, team!

Carver: Heh... Now that it's time to deliver the goods, I'm gettin' all sweaty 'n everything like that.

Milly: That's this world's King Somnus...

Ashlynn: Hey, the King really is young! And how!

Carver: We found the mirror in the last place we looked, and that's all I'm sayin'.

Milly: I don't think “Moonmirror Tower” would mean anything to him...

Ashlynn: Tee hee! That's our little secret!

Carver: It's not anyone's fault we're so bloomin' good.

Milly: I'm sure this soldier tried his best, but...

Ashlynn: Hardened soldiers get jealous, too? Who knew?

Carver: I'm willing to share half the huzzahs, Hero. You put in a lot of work – almost as much as me!

Milly: Even our rivals are congratulating us. I'm impressed!

Ashlynn: I'll bet you're walking on air, Hero!

Carver: Aye, it was a tough job! Even I'll admit that.

Milly: Hee hee.

Ashlynn: We tried really, really hard, sir. Really!

Carver: Hey, we better not keep the King waitin' too long, aye?

Milly: It seems our success has come as a bit of a surprise to everyone.

Ashlynn: Maybe they should have tried jumping into big chasms and climbing some tall towers, too.

Carver: Mm? What's goin' on upstairs? Let's go and see.

Milly: I don't know what Captain Blade wants, but his aura suggests it is an urgent matter.

Ashlynn: Was it me, or did the Captain seem a little stressed out?

Carver: Let sleepin' guards lie, Hero. We gotta go upstairs.

Milly: Let's go and meet the Captain, quick!

Ashlynn: Sleeping on the job!? That's terrible!

Carver: Aye. He didn't look too calm 'n collected, did he?

Milly: Let's go upstairs and see what's up.

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's go!

Carver: Avast! Maybe King Somnus cooked up a strategy for beatin' Murdaw!

Milly: The King's chambers are on the top floor.

Let's hurry!

Ashlynn: The Captain didn't go this way.

Carver: Good Goddess! The King's in pain!

Milly: What's happened to the King...?

Ashlynn: Your Majesty! Is he sick!?

Carver: What could've happened to him in the dead 'o night like this? Guess evil never sleeps, neither.

Milly: The King's face is as white as a sheet...

Ashlynn: Oh, I hope the King's alright...

Carver: Avast! Anyone have a clue what's goin' on here?

Milly: Could this elegant lady be the Queen? The one who couldn't awaken in the real world?

Ashlynn: So, I guess the young King's gone now, huh...

Carver: Time to storm Murdaw's Keep, aye...? We can worry about the King later.

Milly: Let's head for that checkpoint. We need to follow the eastern mountains to the south.

Ashlynn: That's a lot of directions to remember. We'll ask the Chancellor later if we forget.

Carver: The only thing I understand here is that we finally get to hammer Murdaw like a rusty nail.

Milly: Defeating Murdaw will reveal all, I'm sure of it!

Ashlynn: Off we go!

Carver: Aye, it ain't smart to leave the castle undefended.

Milly: I'm sure the soldiers will keep the castle safe for us.

Ashlynn: That guy takes his job seriously.

Carver: Oh, um... Nothin' happened. Nope. Nothin' at all. So, how 'bout that weather?

Milly: Hmm, I wonder... Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Only thing that happened was some guy turned into a lady.

Ashlynn: ...What!? It's not like anyone would believe us anyway!

Carver: I'm glad we never miss the fun stuff.

Milly: It's nice to see such determination in the face of adversity. Somnia's soldiers are a dedicated bunch!

Ashlynn: So many eager beavers around here!

Carver: If she only knew.

Milly: King Somnus can count on our support!

Ashlynn: Sure is fun having five people in our group. We're, like, the party that likes to party!

Carver: Don't need to hear that twice. We ain't about to fall behind!

Milly: We should go, let's follow the eastern mountains to the south and head for the checkpoint there.

Ashlynn: If only he knew – the King's right here with us!

Carver: That's the right attitude. We can win this!

Milly: We'll be fighting alongside the King! It's an honour!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Are you getting all this, King?

Carver: Aye! Long live Somnia, victory to the King, 'n everything like that!

Milly: Victory is assured!

Ashlynn: Oooh, I want a victory shout, too. “Go us!” How's that?

Carver: Aye, we heard the news.

Milly: I hope the Somnians pray for the King's safe return.

Ashlynn: Yep. That's exactly what happened. Right, Hero?

Carver: Hmm... This fella thinks too much.

Milly: We've no time to waste. We need to get to Murdaw's Keep.

Ashlynn: The King barely had time to, um, change, let alone say goodbye. Tee hee!

Carver: Aye, we're off. Right, Hero?

Milly: We'll be on our way, then.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! Onward!

Carver: Don't mind if I do!

Milly: That guard is always so friendly!

Ashlynn: I feel so regal!

Carver: Aye, show a little respect for the dead. To the church!

Milly: Resurrecting our companions should always be a top priority!

Ashlynn: You shouldn't have to be reminded to resurrect your friends.

Carver: Aye, aye. We know, we know.

Milly: Do we look like troublemakers, I wonder?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! The lady in the back look like anyone you know?

Carver: I can't wait to carry the King on our shoulders!

Milly: We'll be sure to let the King know that his subjects have faith in him!

Ashlynn: Murdaw's going down for good this time.

Carver: Just think: next time we come here, Murdaw will be dead and the world'll be at peace.

Milly: It's time for us to head for Murdaw's Keep as well. To the south-eastern lands we go!

Ashlynn: I'm pretty sure the King hasn't gotten there yet. Tee hee.

Carver: I can think of a lot of uses for that mirror. We can blind Murdaw, or hit him over the head, or, uh... See, two uses!

Milly: The method is not important – Murdaw will be defeated, by whatever means!

Ashlynn: She does make a good point... How do we use this thing?

Carver: Hardy har! I thought it'd say somethin' like that!

Milly: Captain Blade must have made an announcement.

Ashlynn: Not the most appreciative citizen, is he...

Carver: Keating...

Milly: Keating...

Ashlynn: Ooh, is he rich!? I bet he worked really hard for his money!

Carver: A good-for-nothin' in any dimension...

Milly: So he's a millionaire in this world, is he...

Ashlynn: This is the rich guy? Guess he forgot to buy manners.

Carver: Maybe ya couldn't hear the ruckus over your snoring.

Milly: The King truly is cunning... He didn't want Murdaw to notice his approach, so even his own subjects were kept in the dark.

Ashlynn: I don't think she'd notice even if the King were in the same room as her. Tee hee!

Carver: This cave leads to Murdaw's castle, aye? Feels like the whole place wants us dead.

Milly: Murdaw is deep within this cave... I can sense it...

Milly: It's time to show what we're made of, Hero. Let's go!

Ashlynn: Why do damp and gloomy caves always have to be so...gloomy and damp?

Carver: The air's gettin' heavy in here, aye...?

Carver: Keep your eyes peeled, people! Murdaw ain't above hittin' us from behind!

Milly: We must continue forward. But mind how you go!

Milly: Is everyone alright? If anyone's injured, be sure to heal up quickly.

Ashlynn: Are we there yet? At Murdaw's?

Ashlynn: These monsters must be the cream of Murdaw's crop, huh?

Carver: Aye! Keep your guard up, folks!

Milly: We're getting closer to Murdaw, Hero. It's almost time.

Ashlynn: I think I'm getting...a little tired...

Carver: He's in here, alright! I can feel it in the air alone!

Milly: Finally... Face to face with our nemesis.

Ashlynn: It's like there's an invisible evil force just inches from my nose...

Ashlynn: No way it's gonna stop me, though.

Carver: Well, that was weird.

Carver: Is it just me, or do ya get the impression we didn't really beat Murdaw?

Milly: Well, we can't stay here forever. We should go, Hero.

Milly: Let's follow the King and Captain Blade back to Somnia.

Ashlynn: Hey, the King said he was going to reward us, right?

Ashlynn: I love getting gifts! Let's hurry back and see what he hands out!


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Carver: Whew! Nothin' like forty winks to fortify brains 'n brawn.

Milly: Is everyone rested and raring to go?

Ashlynn: (yawwwn) Good morning, Hero.

Carver: Oof... That's just not right.

Milly: Th-That poor soldier...

Ashlynn: If Murdaw's behind this...he'll have to answer for it.

Carver: Crikey! Looks like he was attacked from behind.

Milly: I sense that he is now at peace...

Ashlynn: That's no fair... No fair at all.

Carver: Here we go. From here on out, we gotta give it everything we got, ya got me?

Milly: I'm glad I was able to pray once more before the battle ahead.

Ashlynn: Murdaw, you're not gonna get away with this!

Carver: Great. Last thing we need is our first line of defence fallin' asleep on the job...

Milly: I'm sure standing up straight all day long is very tiring.

Ashlynn: He looks more bored than tired, I think.

Carver: This fella's sleepin'. He'll be seekin' new employment before long...

Milly: Soldiers need to sleep just like anyone else, but...

Ashlynn: Boy, these are some lazy soldiers. They'd make an easy snack if any monsters showed up.


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Carver: Huh. Things seem pretty quiet around here.

Carver: I imagined once folks heard we beat' Murdaw, they'd be in a tizzy 'n everything like that.

Carver: Why aren't they throwin' a Murdaw Deadication or a National Peace Feast or, I dunno... Somethin'!

Milly: I thought the villagers would be celebrating after having heard about Murdaw's defeat from the King or Captain Blade...

Ashlynn: Weird. Things seem pretty low key considering Murdaw is history.

Carver: That kid should hang in there. Who knows what evil tomorrow might bring.

Milly: I predict great things for that child! Perhaps a few prayers to the Goddess will speed up his development...

Ashlynn: I wish I could be a kid again!

Carver: You think the dogs know Murdaw's gone, too?

Milly: What a lovely pup!

Ashlynn: Aww, what a friendly doggie.

Carver: She must be blind, aye? Seems totally reasonable that someone my size could wallop Murdaw...

Milly: The poor girl. She seems to have lost all hope...

Ashlynn: Dreamt it, huh? Well, in a way, I guess...

Carver: Aye, he went, alright. Just don't ask me to explain the details.

Milly: The King certainly did embark on that campaign.

Ashlynn: Well, he did, but I doubt anyone would've recognised him as the King...

Carver: Standing still ain't as easy as it looks. Maybe that old timer's secretly in martial arts training...

Milly: I hope that poor old man doesn't overdo it!

Ashlynn: You know what they say. If you don't give your bones a break, they might just break on you! ...Well, I say it, anyway.

Carver: Hmm... The news didn't make it over here yet?

Milly: I was sure that Captain Blade would have informed the townspeople by now...

Ashlynn: Why doesn't he know about Murdaw yet? That should be huge news!

Carver: Some folks say you're only as young as ya feel.

Milly: Hmm. There must be some reason why he would start to feel that way...

Ashlynn: He's starting to sound like an old man, too!

Carver: Hey, you don't suppose this young couple ain't so young in the other Somnia?

Milly: Dreams and reality... Their destinies will always be entwined.

Ashlynn: They should just enjoy being young again and not sweat the small things.

Carver: Wha? What's she mutterin' about? Is she really dreamin' or...?

Milly: Oh my! Does this mean...!?

Ashlynn: Was King Somnus sick over in this world?

Carver: I'm really startin' to think no one realises we bashed Murdaw...

Milly: I get the feeling that the King is yet to return...

Ashlynn: You'd think word of something as big as Murdaw's defeat would have spread by now...

Carver: Looks like the King and Captain Blade still aren't back yet, aye?

Milly: I wonder where in the world the King's group could have got to...

Ashlynn: Wow. They should have been back by now!

Carver: That's a question for the Captain, not us.

Milly: Hmm. Explaining what's going on in this castle would take more time than we've got.

Ashlynn: The King hasn't come back yet, huh? Captain Blade, neither...

Ashlynn: He said he had a reward for us, too...

Carver: What do ya think he was thinkin'?

Milly: At least we know that Murdaw hasn't harmed the King. But I do wonder where he could have gone...

Ashlynn: How can a king just go missing like that!?

Carver: Why stop there? I say super-duper-size it!

Milly: Everyone seems eager to see the King return.

Ashlynn: Hope the King comes back safe and sound. And soon...

Carver: Prisoner? What prisoner? See, I'm already ignorin' him.

Milly: We'll make our own judgements on who to ignore.

Ashlynn: A blowhard? Well, I wanna hear what he's blowing so hard about!

Carver: I suppose it's only natural to fear the worst if the King ain't back. Where could he have gone?

Milly: I must admit that I'm rather concerned about the King. I hope nothing happened to him on the way back...

Ashlynn: Murdaw hasn't done in anybody... This blowhard's got things in reverse.

Carver: Great. Just great.

Milly: As I thought... Neither the King nor the Captain have yet returned to the castle since defeating Murdaw.

Ashlynn: Oh, it's alright! I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Carver: If he's nervous, that must mean the King's not back yet.

Milly: If the King is yet to return from his campaign, then he's right to be nervous.

Ashlynn: I'm starting to get kinda nervous myself.

Carver: I know how he feels. We soldiers, we can relate.

Milly: I'm sure King Somnus would be pleased to hear of his subjects' concern for him.

Ashlynn: Too bad he didn't come with us. Boy, would he have been surprised!

Carver: His Majesty lose? That ain't his style.

Milly: She should try and relax. The King is sure to prevail.

Ashlynn: This definitely isn't good. People are starting to panic.

Carver: Ahh, of course! Why didn't I think of that?

Carver: I wish the King would've just told us that from the start.

Milly: Now it all makes sense. Right, let's head for the other Somnia Castle!

Ashlynn: The King was telling us to go to HIS Somnia Castle, not this one!

Ashlynn: C'mon, Hero, let's go!

Carver: I'm not keen on leavin' a priest by himself here...

Carver: Then again, he'd be in even worse danger travellin' around with us, so...

Milly: It's certainly a relief to have a priest here!

Milly: Still, I do hope he takes care not to get attacked...

Ashlynn: We can record our adventure here? How convenient!


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Carver: Whoa! Things are really hoppin' over here!

Milly: The town seems filled with happy voices and gleaming auras. It's nice, isn't it Hero?

Ashlynn: Hey, check it out! Everyone's all smiles around here!

Carver: I don't know what makes me happier: hearin' that the King's awake or that Keating is gone!

Milly: Thank goodness the King is finally awake. What a relief!

Ashlynn: Keating? Was he the chancellor here?

Carver: Aye, happy days are here again.

Milly: It's nice to see the people here in good spirits for a change.

Ashlynn: Yahoooo!

Carver: These folks know how to party, aye?

Milly: I understand his excitement. The King and Queen were asleep for a very long time!

Ashlynn: He said it! It's definitely time for a party!

Carver: The kid ain't lyin'. Captain Rusty got robbed!

Milly: Oh, poor Captain Rusty...

Ashlynn: I'm sorry I never had a chance to meet the guy.

Carver: Wait, the King's lookin' for the fake prince?

Carver: That's not good, aye? I mean, not good for us...

Milly: I wonder why he's searching for the fake prince now, all of a sudden?

Ashlynn: The fake prince? I'd like to meet this guy!

Carver: A hunt for the impostor...? Uh-oh.

Milly: You do have a bit of a princely demeanor, Hero... Hee hee.

Ashlynn: What? Hero looks like the Prince of Somnia?

Carver: Didn't seem all that fancy to me...

Milly: If only he knew! It's a whole other world...

Ashlynn: Hey, c'mon! Let's go to the castle and see the King!

Carver: This lady might be pretty sharp!

Milly: Hee hee. That's not such a bad theory...

Ashlynn: ...Prince? What prince?

Carver: “Time for him to return”, aye...?

Milly: Now that the King and Queen have awoken, I sense that a meeting with the Prince is close at hand...

Ashlynn: Wow! I hope I get to meet the Prince of Somnia someday!

Carver: Aye, that sounds about right to me.

Milly: I've no doubt that it was Murdaw who was the cause of all their troubles.

Milly: The Murdaw of the dream world may be gone, but I sense that the battle isn't quite over just yet...

Ashlynn: Exactly how long did the King and Queen sleep for? It must've been a while, huh?

Carver: I think I've got an idea where the Prince might have disappeared to...

Milly: Yes, I can't help but wonder what became of the Prince... Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Sounds like this nation could use a vacation!

Ashlynn: Yeah, Blade is a much dreamier name than Rusty.

Carver: So they'll be gettin' the usual twelve hours from now on, aye? I imagine royalty gets to sleep in.

Milly: The King and Queen waking up has had quite a positive effect on the townspeople's auras.

Ashlynn: Huh? Where'd the lady who was always sleeping go?

Carver: What were we thinkin'?

Milly: Back out we go!

Ashlynn: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Carver: Great. Bein' in jail's bad enough without a nosy neighbour.

Milly: The real mystery is why they waited until now to arrest us.

Ashlynn: Hold it, hold it, hold it! So are you saying Hero was the fake prince?

Ashlynn: Wow! I did NOT see that coming! And it takes a lot to surprise me!

Carver: He said you looked like his son, aye, Hero?

Milly: I believe the King wants to speak to you, Hero.

Ashlynn: That poor King. He's going through so much right now.

Carver: Ain't it amazin' what a conscious king will do for a nation's spirits?

Milly: I'm certain the Prince is safe. Don't you think so, Hero?

Ashlynn: Any idea where the real Prince is? Is he close?

Carver: Deep thinkin' like that's a recipe for a headache...

Milly: I can understand how difficult it is to believe in the existence of the dream world.

Ashlynn: I'll admit it: I don't really get it, either.

Carver: It's best to just accept what happened and move on, I say.

Milly: Well, one thing is for certain: now we have to find and defeat the real Murdaw!

Ashlynn: So...the King here was turned into the dream-world Murdaw by the real-world Murdaw.

Ashlynn: That's right... Right?

Carver: That was one tough story to follow... I'm just glad it had a happy ending.

Milly: It's such a wild story. The Queen turning into the King in the dream world in order to rescue her husband...

Milly: It seems the bond between them was so strong, they were able to understand each other's hearts in the dream world. How romantic...

Ashlynn: Love can be more powerful than magic...

Carver: You're their what? You aren't thinkin' what I'm thinkin', are ya, Hero?

Milly: ......

Ashlynn: “For you are our...” What? Fill in the blank!

Carver: Must've been back-breakin' work changin' the sheets with the King and Queen sleeping like the dead.

Milly: Now that the King and Queen can appreciate their efforts, the castle staff should enjoy a little more job satisfaction!

Ashlynn: Wow, look at that bed. Guess that's what they mean by “king size”.

Carver: Throwin' sheer numbers at Murdaw won't work. They'll just get trounced again.

Milly: I'm sure the King knows that they're ready, but still...

Ashlynn: “Vim and vigour” alone won't be enough to beat Murdaw!

Carver: A ship! That's it! ...But that's gonna be a problem, aye?

Milly: There must be a large ship we can use somewhere. Something bigger than a Somnian ferry...

Ashlynn: We need a ship to reach Murdaw's lair now? I feel queasy already...

Carver: Just doin' our duty as soldiers! Right, Hero?

Milly: I think the King and Queen's love for each other played more of a part in this than we did.

Ashlynn: How we managed to rouse the royal couple? That's simple! We, uh... Hmm... Maybe it's not so simple...

Carver: Won't know until ya try, ya know?

Milly: I wonder what the other me would be like...

Ashlynn: I love meeting new people, but the thought of meeting another me is kinda scary...

Carver: Unimaginative? Hardy har! We have dreams, alright. As far as I know, we're dreams ourselves!

Milly: Come along, Hero! Surely you must be curious to meet your other self?

Ashlynn: You want dreams? I have dreams! For instance... Um...

Ashlynn: Hmm... I seem to have forgotten them all.

Carver: Aye. We should go and see him, Hero.

Milly: We should find out what the King has to say.

Ashlynn: He's alright, right? I hope he isn't sick again.

Carver: Whoa whoa whoa! Hero! What're ya sayin'!? You're not serious, are ya?

Milly: What's going on, Hero? Do you have something in mind?

Ashlynn: Wait, what? You're saying no to His Majesty? As in, “the King”!?

Carver: We're goin' to Ghent, aye? Wow, this is turnin' into somethin' pretty big!

Milly: We should strike while this iron is hot, Hero. Let's get to the northern checkpoint right away.

Ashlynn: These Ghentiles... They aren't scary or anything, are they? I mean, “serving the Goddess” sounds like scary business.

Carver: Aye, I doubt he's worried about the weather.

Milly: Indeed... He must be contemplating how to bring peace back to the world.

Ashlynn: He's probably trying to figure out how to keep everyone happy!

Carver: To the left, Hero! Uh, is that his left or our left?

Milly: Shall we have a word with him, then?

Ashlynn: I'd like to know what's on his mind too!

Carver: Poor, poor Rusty... A real tragedy, that...

Milly: ......

Ashlynn: ......

Carver: When we finish Murdaw for real, I'll dedicate the final blow to Captain Rusty!

Milly: Captain Rusty didn't deserve this...

Ashlynn: I had a feeling that Keating was a bad seed.

Carver: Don't know nothin' about flowers, but I think I could build a nice flower box if I tried. Weird, aye?

Milly: She's right. This is a good place to forget one's fears.

Ashlynn: If only we had time to stop and smell the roses.

Carver: Huh. How'd he get soup down the King's piehole?

Milly: Perhaps the King would have preferred to remain asleep...

Ashlynn: I'd sooner be seasick than eat spicy food.

Carver: Hey Hero, you think that book has anything to say about our dream world?

Milly: I'd love to read a book about dreams! Especially after all that we've been through.

Ashlynn: Look at all the books!

Carver: A question like that could give a man a migraine!

Milly: I'd love to stand you next to the Prince to see how similar you two really are, Hero. Hee hee.

Ashlynn: I wonder where the real Prince could be.

Carver: If the good die young, why am I still alive 'n kickin'? Ain't no one better at bein' “good” than me.

Milly: Oh, poor Captain Rusty...

Ashlynn: Guess that means Keating will live to a hundred then.

Carver: We'll be back with good news before he knows it!

Milly: Shall we, then?

Ashlynn: Off we go!

Carver: Ahead we will go!

Milly: That guard is always so friendly!

Ashlynn: We're back!

Carver: Time's a-wastin'. Let's go and bash Murdaw for real now!

Carver: ...'Course, we have to figure out how to get to him, first.

Milly: If we want to keep the smiles on these people's faces, then we have to defeat Murdaw!

Milly: The awakening of the royal family is a source of great joy in the town.

Milly: Speaking of royalty, didn't the King say he wanted to speak to us?

Ashlynn: If we beat Murdaw over here, everyone'll be even happier!

Ashlynn: But where is this other Murdaw, though?

Carver: If you ask me, I'd take Zoom over another sea cruise any day of the week.

Milly: I always love a nice sea voyage!

Ashlynn: Wow, I didn't get too seasick! Maybe I'm finally growing my sea legs!

Carver: I hear you can lose your shirt in a casino...

Good thing I ain't modest.

Milly: That fisherman sounds like he knows what he's talking about!

Ashlynn: You probably shouldn't gamble if you don't know when to walk away.

Carver: Hmm... I wonder which castle?

Milly: Sounds like a nice dream to have!

Ashlynn: Well, in MY dreams, I'm always a pretty little princess!


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Carver: Beatin' Murdaw in the dream world musta woken 'em up, aye?

Milly: Isn't that wonderful, Hero? They've finally awoken from their long slumber!

Ashlynn: “Cured”? Who says they were sick?

Carver: That ain't news to us.

Milly: There was quite a commotion over in Somnia, wasn't there, Hero?

Ashlynn: “Cured”? Who says they were sick?

Carver: We'd better go and see the King before too long, aye?

Milly: What do you think? Shall we take the ferry to Somnia, or should we Zoom there to save time?

Ashlynn: That soldier looked like he was about to break into tears!

Carver: Seems like anyone who knew those two is happy now, aye?

Milly: Even as far as Port Haven, news of King Somnus's recovery is raising people's spirits.

Ashlynn: That soldier looked like he was about to break into tears!

Carver: Looks like the ferries have a hard-workin' crew.

Milly: Hmm. The sea is still full of monsters, though, so we do need to be careful.

Ashlynn: Wow, this guy's in amazing shape! Guess hauling cargo is the best workout there is.

Carver: I wouldn't mind knockin' back a few drinks, too! What do ya say, Hero?

Milly: “Wild party”? Sounds like the news from Somnia is really spreading fast!

Ashlynn: I love parties!

Carver: Somnia seems like an awful long way to drag an anchor.

Milly: It really was nice, wasn't it? Everyone in Somnia's got a spring in their step!

Ashlynn: I love parties!

Carver: Avast! So they really woke up, aye?

Milly: I suppose we'll finally be able to meet them, then.

Ashlynn: They must've woken up once we beat Murdaw over in the dream world.

Carver: I reckon you could say we're wanderin' around in our dreams, too!

Milly: Even when they were fast asleep, the King and Queen's hearts were as one. Isn't it moving?

Ashlynn: “Curious incident”? Story of my life, these days.

Carver: Wonder what he'd think if he knew we actually come from the dream world! Not that he'd believe us...

Milly: The dream world seems to be the hot rumour on everyone's lips.

Ashlynn: It must've been Murdaw's curse that kept them asleep all this time...

Carver: Oh, boo hoo! Who'd fall for a girl who might sabotage your supper?

Milly: What goes around, comes around, or so they say... Still, I wouldn't wish loneliness upon anyone.

Ashlynn: Me, I like guys with a mix of brains and brawn, you know?

Carver: Nothin's gonna ruin our good luck. Murdaw's a goner, regardless...

Milly: I feel sorry for those who can't enjoy their own good fortune...

Ashlynn: I get the sense this guy lost big at the casino.

Carver: “Rebels”? Hardy har! If anyone's gonna get in trouble here, it's that guy!

Milly: He seems a bit rebellious himself, doesn't he?

Ashlynn: We're “rebels” because we don't think good things come in threes? Whatever, weirdo.

Carver: Murdaw's already history over in the dream world...

Carver: Now that King Somnus is up 'n at 'em, you can bet it's time to take on the real thing!

Milly: It may not be good for business, but I do hope to see a peaceful world free of weapons someday.

Ashlynn: I get the feeling the final battle's coming sooner rather than later.

Carver: Nothin' wrong with weapons, but we need a ship before anythin' else.

Milly: It may not be good for business, but I do hope to see a peaceful world free of weapons someday.

Ashlynn: I get the feeling the final battle's coming sooner rather than later.

Carver: Maybe if the kid eats his veggies, we'll take him there sometime, aye?

Milly: Dreams vs reality... I'm not sure which is more enjoyable, to be honest.

Ashlynn: Getting to the dream world is easy. You just close your eyes and go!

Carver: I don't “think” the dream world's real – I KNOW it is!

Milly: The dream world is probably best enjoyed from the safety of one's own bed.

Ashlynn: I've been having a hard time telling the difference between what's real and what's a dream lately... Hey Hero, pinch me, will ya?

Carver: She's out like a loose board.

Milly: I hope she's having sweet dreams!

Ashlynn: I wonder what she's dreaming about...

Carver: A...“pattyserie”? That's a real thing?

Milly: I'm afraid I have no useful advice to offer her...

Ashlynn: What's a pattycake, anyway? Can I bake one?

Carver: Good to know we've got an open ticket, aye?

Milly: I can't get enough of sea travel!

Ashlynn: Ugh. Wish someone had a spell to cure seasickness...

Carver: King Somnus is popular everywhere, aye?

Milly: We should think about heading to Somnia as well.

Ashlynn: I can't wait to see the King and Queen's faces, either!

Carver: King Somnus is popular everywhere, aye?

Milly: She should take the ferry over right away. It's such an enjoyable trip!

Ashlynn: I wish everyone could see the King's smiling face. It's inspiring!

Carver: Aye, I'm sure Queen Apnea was a real beauty... Back in her day, at least.

Milly: I'd give anything for the kind of eternal beauty Queen Apnea possesses.

Ashlynn: Hey Hero, who do you think is prettier – me, or the Queen?

Carver: Haulin' all that cargo looks like a great workout. Wonder if he needs a spotter?

Milly: I bet there are lots of excited Somnians waiting for these parcels to be delivered!

Ashlynn: Seems like a lot of cargo. The ship won't sink, right?

Carver: Huzzah! New territory to tame! More monsters to massacre!

Milly: Yes, Hero, we'd best take care as we travel.

Ashlynn: We'd better make a beeline for Ghent!

Carver: Specially favoured, aye...? Can't wait to see what all that's about!

Milly: So if we follow the eastern river north into the mountains, we'll reach Ghent, will we? Sounds simple enough.

Ashlynn: I bet these Ghentiles think they're holy hot stuff. Hope we don't get a lot of attitude...


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Carver: So this is Ghent, aye?

Carver: Lots of room to roam here... Hey, look at that big building at the other end!

Milly: The sacred village of Ghent... I can sense the holiness that pervades every cranny of this place.

Ashlynn: Wow! This place is pretty amazing. It doesn't have that small village feel at all.

Carver: There's somethin' extra holy about this place, ya know? I can feel it on the back of my soul or somethin'.

Milly: This village appears to attract all types of visitors.

Ashlynn: There's something different about these Ghentiles... You can see it in their faces.

Ashlynn: Everybody just looks so...smart!

Nevan: The sacred village of Ghent is where I was fortunate enough to be born and raised.

Nevan: Ghent's rich history and deep spiritual traditions have taught me all I know – and I know a lot!

Carver: Hardy har! So that's why gettin' here was such smooth sailing. Fate was pushin' us along!

Milly: What a wonderful village!

Ashlynn: The people here sure seem, uh, different, don't they?

Carver: Whoa. Ghent must be the best village around.

Carver: Remind me to come here if I ever get sick.

Milly: Hmm, yes... I do seem to recall hearing about the healing powers of Ghent.

Ashlynn: Wonder if they could fix my memory here...

Carver: If ya don't count a few cuts 'n bruises, I'm as healthy as Peggy Sue!

Milly: Fortunately we all seem to be in one piece, don't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: Oh, we're right as rain!

Carver: Hmm... You think this Elder knows how to resurrect folks 'n everything like that?

Milly: I think we should go and meet this Elder.

Ashlynn: Seems like they really respect their Elders around here!

Carver: Who cares about sacredness? Let's find the Providence, Hero.

Milly: That large shrine in the rear of the village must be where the pilgrims go.

Ashlynn: I won't complain if I pick up a little sacredness while we're here.

Carver: Whoa. Those weapons must dish out holy heck!

Carver: Couldn't hurt to stock up on a set or two.

Milly: We'd have nothing to worry about. We always fight in the name of justice and rightitude. Isn't that right, Hero?

Ashlynn: I'd say wielding these arms against Murdaw is a just form of rightitude.

Carver: Huh. So even the Ghentiles have “warriors”, aye?

Milly: Ancient times... Holy warriors... This really is an awe-inspiring place.

Ashlynn: Wonder what these “holy warriors” are like. I bet they look super tough in their armour!

Carver: ...Why would we want to do that?

Milly: Sounds like an offer we can't refuse. Shall we go inside?

Ashlynn: We can go in? Really? Wow, the Ghentiles sure are nice to us!

Carver: He's got the blood of the Elder, aye? Must be one tough kid.

Milly: I wonder what this “holiness” means in practical terms.

Ashlynn: Nevan, huh? That's an...interesting name.

Carver: A staff like that's bound to be handy on the battlefield.

Milly: Surely the staff of Ghent must be imbued with the power of the Goddess.

Ashlynn: Hey, do they sell those anywhere around here? Like, as a souvenir or something?

Carver: Avast! We're really not gettin' in!?

Milly: So the Providence is enshrined in there...

Ashlynn: Just when I was starting to think everyone around here was super nice...

Carver: Must be quite a ship if folks are comin' from all over to see it!

Milly: Seems like proof positive that the Ghentiles are intent on protecting their ship.

Ashlynn: The guy's got a point. What could one little peek hurt?

Carver: A “divine steed”, aye? We've got one of those. I'd put Peggy Sue up against this fella any day.

Milly: Can you imagine if Peggy Sue descended from the heavens? She's so pretty – sometimes I wonder!

Ashlynn: I'll bet Peggy Sue has some neighs to say on this issue...

Carver: Whoa. This horse is a fiery one, aye?

Milly: What a beautiful steed!

Ashlynn: Oh, yuck! He got some spittle on me!

Carver: Oh, so the Elder called on the King while he was sleepin'?

Milly: King Somnus wasn't actually “sick” to begin with, so perhaps they were just praying for the wrong thing.

Ashlynn: Sounds to me like their prayers were answered!

Carver: Folks are pretty nice around here, aye, Hero? All humble 'n everything like that.

Milly: It's nice to see people who understand the importance of humility and gratitude.

Ashlynn: I better say thanks to the Goddess, too! You know, for being well fed and finding friends and all...

Carver: Crikey. She treats those cows better than she treats her husband.

Milly: I sense that even this moaner is pure of heart. Maybe she just has some difficulty showing it...

Ashlynn: Wow. I wonder if she makes her husband sleep in the pasture at night, too?

Carver: Am I the only one with a sudden craving for meat?

Milly: Yes, that's a cow alright...

Ashlynn: Gross! I didn't think cows could drool that much!

Carver: Am I the only one with a sudden craving for meat?

Milly: Yes, that's a cow alright...

Ashlynn: Gross! I didn't think cows could drool that much!

Carver: Am I the only one with a sudden craving for meat?

Milly: Yes, that's a cow alright...

Ashlynn: Gross! I didn't think cows could drool that much!

Carver: That guy oughta take it easy or he'll wind up in bed again.

Milly: The Elder's powers are truly impressive...

Ashlynn: Wow! Is there anything they can't cure here?

Carver: Hope the kid remembers to thank the Elder.

Milly: I'm sure she'll be playing outside again in no time.

Ashlynn: I'd love to come back and play with the little missy someday!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Nevan! That name just cracks me up!

Carver: Wait, what? He won't even do a favour for King Somnus himself!?

Milly: Oh dear...

Ashlynn: Wow. He just straight up ignored the King's request. Can he do that?

Carver: I don't get what happened, but I think they're lendin' us the ship. That's all that matters, aye?

Carver: C'mon! Let's go follow him!

Milly: It would appear that the Goddess has spoken.

Milly: Let's go. Nevan is waiting.

Ashlynn: Hey, all that glittery light just now... Was that... Was that the Goddess?

Carver: Aye! To the shrine, Hero!

Milly: I hope they'll be praying for us too!

Ashlynn: The Elder came through for us in the end!

Carver: So he's the favoured son...er, grandson, aye?

Milly: I sense that Nevan is rather fond of his grandfather as well.

Ashlynn: Well, he'll be walking that path along with us now!

Ashlynn: Hopefully we won't trip over each other along the way...

Carver: Alright! Let's go!

Milly: Finally, it's time to see the Providence.

Ashlynn: Ooh, this is so exciting!

Carver: How long has she been sealed up in here, anyway?

Milly: This ship belongs to the people of Ghent. We'd best take good care of it, Hero.

Ashlynn: So this is the Providence? Incredible!

Carver: It requires a lot of work to keep ships, er, ship-shape.

Milly: The Ghentiles must think very highly of the Providence.

Ashlynn: It's so clean! I'd hate to get seasick and ruin it!

Carver: Looks like bein' the “chosen one” has its perks!

Milly: Let us pledge our lives to completing this mission!

Ashlynn: Oh, this must be the captain!

Carver: C'mon, Hero! I'm rarin' to go! Let's shove off!

Milly: Did you forget something, Hero?

Ashlynn: Wait a minute... How are we going to set sail? I don't see any water in here.

Carver: Huh. Maybe she got a bad case of the jitters or somethin'.

Carver: Ah, well. We can't force her. Let's keep going.

Milly: Ashlynn can decide what's best for herself.

Nevan: Her name was Ashlynn, was it not? Is there something troubling her?

Nevan: She certainly looks trouble-free to me.

Carver: I'm so excited, I'm shakin'!

Milly: The time has come. Let's go, Hero.

Nevan: Guarding the Providence is a sacred duty of the highest order.

Carver: We'll take care of everything, right, Hero?

Milly: I understand how Ashlynn feels. I'm sure she'll be alright.

Nevan: I confess, understanding the eternal mysteries of women is something I've never excelled at...

Carver: ...I'll handle Ashlynn's share of the battle.

Milly: Come, Hero. We have to go on without her.

Nevan: It is best to allow her to rest for now. She is at peace, I can assure you.

Carver: C'mon, Hero, I wanna settle this once 'n for all!

Milly: Did you have some unfinished business to attend to, Hero?

Ashlynn: Hmm? What are we back here for?

Nevan: At present, there is no other way to reach Murdaw's island besides going by sea.

Nevan: Let us set sail once more aboard the Providence!

Carver: Aye! Let's go!

Milly: We'll be back soon!

Nevan: I'm glad to see a fellow Ghentile guarding the Providence alongside Ashlynn.

Carver: Ahoy! Anyone around?

Milly: I wonder... Could this be King Somnus's ship?

Nevan: Something terrible has befallen this ship. It looks as if it has endured a ferocious assault.

Carver: I'm just happy we met someone with new abilities. Now Murdaw's in deeper trouble than ever!

Milly: You seem to be her hero, Nevan.

Ashlynn: Nevan must be one of those famous Ghentile “holy warriors”!

Nevan: I will not betray the faith that you have placed in me.

Carver: Wanna see what the place looks like when it's empty, aye?

Milly: If you're looking for the Providence, it's waiting for us just south of Ghent.

Ashlynn: Talk about smooth sailing! I didn't upchuck once!

Nevan: I'm gladdened to see that the Providence has been well guarded.

Carver: Now's probably not a good time to tell him we were sailin' on the thing, aye?

Milly: If he were to pop outside now, he could have a look... But we'd better not tell him that!

Ashlynn: Wow, it sure was a surprise when we came out on that river in the Providence!

Nevan: So it seems this rather rough-spoken gentleman desired to see the Providence.

Nevan: Well, I'm afraid it's a divine vessel, not some sort of common-or-garden tourist attraction!

Carver: Well... I mean, we haven't fought him yet, so...

Milly: No picnic? The entire island is shrouded by an aura of evil. That would be some picnic...

Ashlynn: The Murdaw over in the dream world was pretty tough, too, wasn't he?

Nevan: It will take an exceptional effort to defeat Murdaw. We must rely on the infinite grace of the Goddess.

Carver: Bah! Next time, we'll drop him for sure! Mark my words!

Milly: Next time, we'll spare no effort in our fight against Murdaw.

Ashlynn: ......

Nevan: No matter how many times we suffer defeat, our spirits will not be vanquished!

Carver: Aye! It's time to take out Murdaw!

Milly: I only hope the Elder will continue to pray for us.

Ashlynn: Yes... I have my own role to fulfill...

Nevan: I will not let my grandfather down. I pledge that we will one day return victorious.

Carver: Aye! It's time to take out Murdaw!

Milly: I only hope the Elder will continue to pray for us.

Ashlynn: Yes... I have my own role to fulfill...

Nevan: I will not let my grandfather down. I pledge that we will one day return victorious.

Carver: Nothin' like the feel of the sea breeze in your mohawk, aye, Hero?

Milly: The Providence is the pride of the Ghentiles. Let's be sure to treat her with due reverence, Hero.

Ashlynn: She's a real pleasure cruise!

Nevan: It has been a while...

Carver: I've never had such fair sailing. I almost feel bad that we're the only passengers...

Milly: The craftsmanship is magnificent. It's impossible to tell when the ship was made.

Ashlynn: This ship's so clean, you can eat off its decks!

Nevan: The Goddess will reward those who have tended to the sacred Providence.

Carver: Huh? Have we got some kinda business with this old coot?

Milly: The surrounding area is rather bleak, but this cottage is wonderfully homely.

Ashlynn: Aww, this cottage is so cute...

Nevan: I find this place greatly to my liking.

Carver: What a slave-driver! He's still bossin' folks around, aye?

Milly: This certainly is a sturdy-looking hut.

Ashlynn: Stacking wood, huh? Sounds like a career with a lot of growth. Ha ha! Get it? Wood? Growth? Ah, fun.

Nevan: There's no sense in rushing things. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say.


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Carver: Gah! Hot! What's the matter with this place!?

Milly: Be careful! That lava burns incredibly hot!

Nevan: Walking over the lava will steadily sap our stamina.

Carver: Hot enough for ya? Monsters I don't mind, but this heat... Holy heck!

Carver: Isn't there any water around here? I need to wet my whistle...

Milly: Haah... Haah...

Milly: The layout of this cave is rather complicated.

We must take care not to get lost.

Nevan: This lava forms a perfect natural barrier to prevent enemies from invading.

Nevan: It's no coincidence that Murdaw has located his fortress here.

Nevan: Th-This sweltering heat... I feel rather faint...

Carver: Ahh-CHOOO!

Carver: Brrrr... Now that the lava's behind us, the air feels downright chilly.

Carver: I can feel the evil creepin' closer. That's a sign we're closin' in on Murdaw!

Milly: We've yet to reach Murdaw's Keep...

Milly: The farther we press into the cave, the stronger the monsters become. Keep your wits about you!

Nevan: After the lava's heat, this cold is severe...

Nevan: One moment I'm sweating through my Ghentile robes and the next I fear catching a chill...

Carver: Didn't know him, but I feel for him...

Milly: That is the fate that awaits us if we drop our guard for even a second. We must remain focused.

Nevan: Sleep peacefully. You are with the Goddess now...

Carver: Curse you, Murdaw...!

Milly: Did you read that? On the floor?

Milly: He must've been a Somnian soldier, looking for his missing Prince...

Nevan: Truly this is a desolate place to meet one's end...

Carver: Ya gettin' a whiff of this foul air? Aye, this is Murdaw's castle, alright.

Carver: Keep your eyes peeled. The enemy could strike at any moment!

Milly: Be careful. I sense that our presence here has not gone unnoticed.

Milly: We must push on...

Nevan: I have never before experienced such an oppressive sense of evil...

Carver: Haah... That guy played rough!

Milly: I sense that was not the last of Murdaw's traps. Let's proceed with caution.

Nevan: Truly Murdaw excels in the arts of deception.
To be attacked by a stone statue!

Carver: Hardy har! Ain't no problem now that we're ready for him, aye?

Milly: What could these statues be guarding?

Nevan: We shan't be fooled by the same old tricks!

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Let's bash that Murdaw good and proper! Then there's the small matter of findin' your real body!

Milly: We've all got a lot on our minds, but for now we must focus on defeating Murdaw!

Nevan: I confess that I am flummoxed by what I just witnessed. I thought my studies had covered everything...

Carver: A sorcerer mightier than Murdaw? Well, I'll believe anythin' at this point.

Milly: I don't sense any aggression in this monster's aura...

Ashlynn: The bigger they are, the harder we'll knock 'em down!

Nevan: Perhaps there really are sorcerers out there that are on the same level as Murdaw...

Nevan: And if so, I imagine they must answer to an even greater power...

Amos: I wonder whereabouts you'd find this sorcerer that's stronger than Murdaw...

Amos: It's times like these when I'm more than happy to live in blissful ignorance!

Carver: You can't live your whole life in a dream! At some point you've got to wake up and smell reality.

Milly: We're almost there. Soon we'll be able to dream of a brighter future.

Nevan: It is time for us to face Murdaw. Our destiny awaits...

Carver: Come on! Let's get on with it, aye? I'm spoilin' for a fight!

Milly: It is time.

Nevan: May the Goddess bless us with courage and fortitude. Our destiny awaits...

Carver: C'mon, Hero! That ain't the way! We've made it this far – let's finish the job!

Milly: Where are you going? Hurry, we must confront Murdaw!

Nevan: I'm not at all sure what this is supposed to accomplish...

Carver : Come on! Let's get on with it, aye? I'm spoilin' for a fight!

Milly: It is time.

Nevan: May the Goddess bless us with courage and fortitude. Our destiny awaits...


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Take it from me, Hero: havin' your real body back feels great! We'll track yours down. Don't worry!

Milly: It seems that Queen Apnea has been giving your situation a lot of thought, Hero.

Ashlynn: Well, despite the confusing circumstances, this lady's definitely your mother, Hero! I'm sure of it!

Nevan: I fear that Murdaw's downfall has not resolved all the world's problems. Stern tests may well lie ahead.

Amos: The Queen of Somnia is quite a looker, if I may be so bold!

Amos: Fair reminds me of my old mother, she does.
With fancier hair.

Carver: C'mon gang! We're rarin' to go and ready for anything!

Milly: In a way we're all searching for ourselves on this quest. I know I am...

Ashlynn: You heard the King. Let's go!

Nevan: It is hard to comprehend how this good-hearted king could become Murdaw in the dream world.

Amos: I'm just flabbergasted that a two-bit adventurer like me can have an audience with the King of Somnia!

Carver: Nothin' can stop us now that we've got free use of that boat. The world's our seaslime!

Milly: Now that we have command of the Providence, we're free to explore much more of the world. How exciting!

Ashlynn: East of Somnia Castle, right? Let's go check it out!

Nevan: The Elder of Ghent has once again given me more than I could ever thank him for...

Amos: Hang about! Forgive old Amos if he's a bit slow off the mark...

Amos: Are you really sayin' we're gettin' free rein of the sacred ship of Ghent!? Well, I'll be!

Carver: Sometimes a dream is just a dream. No use losin' sleep over it.

Milly: It makes perfect sense! Alltrades Abbey must be restored in the dream world!

Ashlynn: Alltrades Abbey is restored? This I gotta see!

Nevan: It is feasible that this fellow has witnessed an event that has occurred in the dream world.

Amos: Alltrades Abbey? Am I right in thinkin' that we stopped by there on our travels?

Carver: Think all this praise'll give us big heads? Mine's already mighty huge.

Milly: It was our pleasure, wasn't it Hero?

Ashlynn: I'm a hero, too? Little ol' me? Really?

Nevan: I do no more than the noble traditions of Ghent demand of me.

Amos: No, no, don't go praisin' old Amos to the hilt! I was just along for the ride really!

Carver: There's another Hero out there somewhere. Your fate is to find your real self.

Milly: Certainly not the first time we've heard this...

Ashlynn: Hmm...

Nevan: It seems that in some respects, you are not identical to the real Prince. I find this most fascinating...

Amos: I've got a funny feelin' I'll know this lookalike fellow when I spot him. Not much gets past old Amos!

Carver: Hey, about that lightning staff the King gave us...

Carver: I heard it packs quite a kick when you use it in battle.

Carver: Let's give it a shot when we have a chance. I bet it'll send the enemy boltin' away in a flash!

Milly: Have you finished up with the King and Queen?

Nevan: It won't do to tarry here for too long. Shall we be on our way?

Carver: I can only hope Captain Rusty is still alive and kickin' out there somewhere.

Milly: Oh, poor Captain Rusty...

Ashlynn: Captain who-sty? Have I met this person?

Nevan: I have the strangest feeling that we shall encounter this Rusty once again, Goddess willing.

Amos: It seems no one has a bad word to say about this Captain Rusty. I'd dearly like to shake his hand!

Carver: Even I never got this much praise before.
Bein' a hero ain't half bad!

Milly: I don't think anyone truly expected us to defeat Murdaw. I'm seeing lots of surprised auras as of late!

Ashlynn: I'll never turn down gratitude, but I wouldn't call what we did a “show”.

Nevan: It is indeed jolly good to receive praise expressed in such well-spoken tones!

Amos: I'm just lucky enough to be taggin' along! I had nowt to do with Murdaw's defeat, more's the pity!

Carver: Lucky us – we got to do all the dirty work.

Milly: I understand how he feels, but guarding the castle is of equal importance!

Ashlynn: That soldier's got moxie!

Nevan: Somnia boasts a noble tradition of brave warriors. I am impressed by all I have met.

Amos: I would have loved to see old Murdaw get his comeuppance and all!

Carver: Sounds like a fun party. Too bad we missed it, aye?

Milly: A poem? Well, that's one way to ensure our immortality!

Ashlynn: You think I'll be in his poem, Hero? All I did was guard the boat!

Nevan: The sheer joy of the people of this kingdom is almost tangible, isn't it?

Amos: I've never seen a more cheerful bunch than this!

Carver: Sounds like findin' your other self is as important to these folks as beatin' Murdaw...

Milly: Your real self, Hero... I'm sure he's alive out there somewhere.

Ashlynn: We better find some leads, fast!

Nevan: Hero, the journey to find your true self is finally beginning.

Amos: So is this other Hero called Hero too or is he called somethin' different?

Carver: Think all this praise'll give us big heads? Mine's already mighty huge.

Milly: It's great to be back, isn't it, Hero?

Ashlynn: I just love a warm welcome!

Nevan: We have returned thanks to the bountiful grace and goodwill of the Goddess.

Amos: It's a pleasure to be here! You don't get castles like this where I come from!

Carver: ......

Milly: ......

Ashlynn: Hearing that makes me flummazzled!

Nevan: It is a tricky conundrum indeed...

Amos: Forgive me, but I've got a bit of catchin' up to do.
I'm not that sure what happened to this Rusty lad...

Carver: A proper slap-up meal? Where do I sign up for that?

Milly: His aura is just bursting with enthusiasm. How nice!

Ashlynn: I need a meal. When I slap my belly, it sounds hollow!

Nevan: I doubt it would conform to the strict diet required of the Ghentiles. But maybe just this once...

Amos: I'll eat anything, me!

Carver: Whoa! We've even made the world a better place for jailbirds!

Milly: I'm so glad the prisoner can relax!
...Wait, what am I saying?

Ashlynn: Guess this guy likes life behind bars. What a weirdo.

Nevan: Well, let's at least accept his thanks.

Amos: If you've got cheerful prisoners, that's a sure sign that the whole kingdom's on top of the world!

Carver: If this kid wants to be like me, she'd better start workin' out right about now!

Milly: It's nice to see even the children reacting positively to the news of Murdaw's defeat.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Pretty neat, huh?

Nevan: All the weariness of battle falls away when one witnesses the smiling faces of grateful children!

Amos: Well, to be fair, at that point I wasn't actually–
Oh well, never mind...

Carver: The missing Prince, aye? I ain't even gonna begin tryin' to explain what really went on.

Milly: Hmm. That's rather a tricky question...

Ashlynn: The Prince, huh...

Nevan: It is an exceedingly complex position you occupy with regards to this prince, Hero.

Amos: Credit where credit's due. It was these folks who showed that Murdaw what for.

Carver: Keep up the good work!

Milly: Always a pleasure!

Ashlynn: Just passing through.

Nevan: The castle guards here are certainly friendly.

Amos: Nice castle they've got here!

Carver: If you're worried about fallin', just stay away from high places!

Milly: I know the feeling. I'm always worried that too much good can only lead to an eventual disappointment.

Ashlynn: Wow, what pessimism. Me, I always see the goblet as half full.

Nevan: The ways of the Goddess are often mysterious, but I pray there are many more good things to come.

Amos: How can you have too many good things!? Enjoy what you have, that's what I say!

Carver: That's the spirit!

Milly: He really is excited!

Ashlynn: Boy, does he look happy! The Murdaw menace must have been tough on folks of all ages.

Nevan: How refreshing to hear a child's carefree laughter...

Amos: Well, I had nowt to do with Murdaw's defeat but I'm takin' pride in it all the same!

Carver: You hear that, Hero? Someone's defeated Murdaw! ...Any idea who he's talkin' about?

Milly: This man's got his finger on the pulse, hasn't he! Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Why's he shouting? He think we're deaf?

Nevan: I'm sorely tempted to enlighten this fellow...

...But perhaps there really are times when it's best to just smile and nod.

Amos: Oh, I heard alright! Murdaw's finally gone for good!
I'll never get tired of hearin' that one!

Carver: Well, Hero, whether they're sayin' good things or bad things, at least everyone's talkin' about ya!

Milly: “Gang”? That makes us sound so uncivilised...

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Not quite the exact same gang, but close enough.

Nevan: That was no fake prince who defeated Murdaw – that much is certain.

Amos: What's all this talk of fake princes!? Is old Amos a little slow on the uptake again or what?

Carver: So they've got the news posted here. Word is officially out!

Milly: It's good to get a little excited now and then!

Ashlynn: Hey, it doesn't say who defeated him – not even in the fine print!

Nevan: We must not take excessive pride in our achievements. There is much that remains to be done.

Amos: This is the best news I've ever heard! (sniff)

Carver: A “brush with greatness”? I think it'd be great if you kept that brush to yourself.

Milly: It was our pleasure, wasn't it Hero?

Ashlynn: Wow! He's about to explode! Maybe we should give him some room.

Nevan: The Goddess counsels us not to put our faith in praise for it can just as quickly change to blame.

Amos: I don't think old Amos qualifies as part of this “brush with greatness”, more's the pity!

Carver: Aye, that is a fine breeze.

Milly: Indeed! There's nothing better than a shining sun and a cool breeze.

Ashlynn: I hope this peace lasts for a long, long time.

Nevan: D-Does anyone else feel we should apologise for using the back exit?

Amos: This breeze on my face takes me back to my carefree days as a nipper playing in the fields.

Carver: How are we goin' to find the other Hero? Where do we even start?

Milly: Well, some of us are less in the dark than others... Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Sounds like the Prince was right on the money.

Nevan: Hero, the search for yourself will double as the search for the Prince of Somnia.

Amos: So we're lookin' for someone who looks just like Hero? That should be a breeze!

Carver: I don't recall the Goddess sendin' me anywhere, but I don't feel like arguin'.

Milly: All this praise is awfully flattering!

Ashlynn: Sent from the Goddess, huh...? Is that where I came from?

Nevan: If the Goddess sees fit to use us to fulfill Her higher purpose, then so be it.

Amos: To think that I used to blush when they called me the town hero in Scrimsley! This is all too much for me!

Carver: I do hope business picks up for him!

Milly: Peaceful peddling sounds wonderful! As long as he's careful to avoid monsters, that is.

Ashlynn: You couldn't pay me to be a travelling merchant. What a tough job!

Nevan: If he's travelling, he should take a trip to Ghent.
I only wish I could pay it a visit myself.

Amos: The folk in Scrimsley have got their heads screwed on, so they won't let any salesman short-change 'em!

Carver: Now “Blade” is a good name for a fighter! Not as good as “Carver”, but what can you do?

Milly: We've met Captain Rusty's dream world self...

Ashlynn: Wait – so this Rusty guy was Captain Blade in the dream world?

Nevan: Hmm... So in Captain Rusty's dreams, he becomes a soldier by the name of “Blade”...

Amos: Seems a shame not to like your own name.
I'm quite a fan of “Amos”...

Amos: My old mother used to say that one day the whole world would know my name...

Carver: Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd have so many strangers sayin' nice things about me!

Milly: I'm sure she'll be able to enjoy this peaceful world for many years to come!

Ashlynn: It's a wonderful life, alright.

Nevan: World peace is the best medicine there is.
I pray she lives many more years yet.

Amos: I never thought I'd see a peaceful world either.
It seems like just yesterday that those monsters were attackin' Scrimsley...

Carver: That's right! We need to pay a little visit to Alltrades Abbey!

Milly: Sounds like her husband's telling the truth!

Ashlynn: She oughta believe in her husband more, I'd say.

Nevan: Hmm... This man's constant sleep is likely not the work of Murdaw. I wonder...

Amos: I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this house isn't an abbey. What could that dream be about?

Carver: If I run into one of these “pattycake princesses” in the dream world, I'm goin' to watch my back...

Milly: Sounds like this gentleman is currently visiting the dream world.

Ashlynn: Dream big, I always say. Dream big.

Nevan: Well, he doesn't seem to be suffering any discomfort, at least.

Amos: I've always been happiest when I'm asleep. Except for that monster episode, but let's not dwell on that...

Carver: We could tell him the whole story, but that would take days.
We defeated Murdaw and that's that!

Milly: ......

Ashlynn: Sounds like the exact details haven't quite reached Wellshire yet.

Nevan: It appears that word of Murdaw's defeat has reached even here.

Amos: By heck, his attitude didn't half change when he found out who we were!

Carver: Maybe we should've told him the truth, but we ain't got all day!

Milly: Everyone likes to feel useful, don't they?

Ashlynn: I think this guy's a legend in his own mind. Tee hee!

Nevan: Well, hopefully his guard skills are superior to his rather brusque manners.

Amos: This chap's got no shortage of confidence, has he?

Carver: Aye, even the sun seems to know we walloped Murdaw.

Milly: It's a glorious day indeed!

Ashlynn: Couldn't ask for a better laundry day, right?

Nevan: The Goddess has truly pulled out all the stops today!

Amos: Anyone else fancy a picnic? ...No? Prefer to carry on adventurin'? That's fine too!

Carver: The kid should be allowed to play where he likes!

Milly: At least those ruffians are gone now. I'm sure he'll be just fine.

Ashlynn: If I were him, I'd probably go regardless of what my mom said!

Nevan: It's only right that a mother should worry about her son. But you've got to cut the apron strings sometime!

Amos: If you ask old Amos – which no one did – nippers should be allowed to play in any well they fancy!

Carver: He should still watch his back. There's no shortage of monsters with a taste for travelling salesmen out there!

Milly: Peaceful times mean that everyone can enjoy seeing more of the world.

Ashlynn: Sure is nice to have a piece of peace, huh?

Nevan: It is heartening to see that people can once again go about their business in relative peace.

Amos: Murdaw's been defeated good and proper, but there's other bad sorts out there!

Carver: Good for him! The dream well is now officially free of all kidnappers and shady sorts.

Milly: Still, without adult supervision, I'd be concerned about letting a child run free out there.

Ashlynn: I don't know of any well games, but I bet they'd be wet and wild if I did!

Nevan: I was never allowed to play in wells. I suppose that's what you get for being the “Chosen One”. Maybe I missed out...?

Amos: We used to have contests to see who could drink the most well water. It wasn't a great game, lookin' back.

Carver: I hope they don't bump into a real well wisher. We'd best wish them well! Hardy har!

Milly: Well, as long as they're careful, everything should be fine.

Ashlynn: Oooh, that does sound fun! Maybe I could try that out sometime!

Nevan: “Pretend to be a well wisher”!? What can it all mean!? Perhaps my youth was a little too sheltered...

Amos: Now that's a fine game! I'd like to join in if I didn't have adventurin' duties!

Carver: The poor kid shouldn't study his whole life away.

He needs to get out and live a little.

Milly: It's a mother's lot to worry about her child's education.

Ashlynn: Raising a kid is a real adventure, I'll bet.

Nevan: I can only commend the boy's diligence. A bright future awaits him, I'm sure!

Amos: My old mother wanted me to become a famous scholar! It didn't quite pan out as she hoped...

Carver: Books are all well and good, but seein' is believin'!

Milly: Good for him! Developing your own thirst for knowledge is the most important part of education.

Ashlynn: If he wants amazin', he should try studying magic. It's got a million-and-one uses!

Nevan: It's good to see a smart young man who's hungry for further knowledge. Rather reminds me of myself...

Amos: He's got himself a nice little set-up here!

I wish I'd had a room to study in as a lad.

Carver: We haven't run into anything we can't handle yet.

Carver: Kidnappers, sorcerers, run-of-the-mill crooks – they're all goin' down when we're in town!

Milly: My word, the Chief's aura is blinding!

Ashlynn: Boy, this Village Chief sure looks the part.

Nevan: It's good to see the Village Chief carefree and smiling. He's been through rather a trying time.

Amos: I had nowt to do with any of that. Makes me feel quite left out, it does.

Carver: Good to see Cynthia doin' well, aye?

Milly: Poor Cynthia. I still shiver when I think of what she must have been through...

Milly: But I must say, she seems to be doing much better these days!

Ashlynn: Her name's Cynthia, right? Good thing she didn't get her looks from her father!

Nevan: It is pleasant indeed to be given such a warm welcome. In fact, I feel a little flushed...

Amos: I don't believe I come under the category of this lady's “heroes”, but it's grand to be here all the same!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: So here I am again! Feels funny comin' back to the ol' place.

Milly: You know, we've been so through much together, it feels like an age ago when I met you here, Hero.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! We made it to Port Haven!

Nevan: Port Haven... That's a fine name for a town. May it offer us a haven from the storms of life!

Amos: (sniff) Ahh... Now that's a fine sea breeze for you!

Carver: Well, I ain't no out-of-towner, and Mayor Carver does have a nice ring to it...

Carver: ...But I'm not ready to run for office 'n everything like that. I've got places to visit and monsters to bash!

Milly: I'm glad the Mayor's job isn't being offered around willy-nilly. It's a position with a lot of responsibility.

Ashlynn: Makes sense to me. Picking strangers for mayor isn't what I'd call smart government.

Nevan: I pray a suitable mayor makes an appearance before long. It's certainly not my idea of a dream job.

Amos: I was a bit worried she was gonna make old Amos mayor there! Town hero's one thing – but town leader!?

Carver: Aye, here's hopin' his sales pick up. It'd be good to see my hometown thrivin'!

Milly: He really is excited!

Ashlynn: I bet he'd be even more shocked if he heard that we're the heroes who beat him!

Nevan: It's a fine thing to see a smile on every face!

Amos: I remember I wasn't half shocked when I heard Murdaw had been beaten.

Amos: I never thought I'd end up seein' the world with the very folk who were responsible!

Carver: They weren't sick to begin with, but oh well...

Milly: I suppose it's no surprise that news from Somnia reaches this town so quickly.

Ashlynn: Boy, he's certainly taking this well.

Nevan: Perhaps once I would have made this man aware of our role, but now I am content merely to share in his joy.

Amos: I used to have certain problems with sleepin' myself. But thanks to Hero and company, I'm over it now!

Carver: Even the cat seems to be in a good mood.

Milly: It's nice to see such a happy cat!

Ashlynn: How cute!

Nevan: All of the Goddess's creatures seem able to sense the darkness that has been banished from the world.

Amos: Right, that's just what old Amos would say! If I were a cat, I mean...

Carver: Aye, let folks think it was the King's power if they like. We can't go hoggin' all the credit!

Milly: Oh dear... That soldier really has got the wrong end of the stick. Well, no harm done!

Ashlynn: Wow. His facts couldn't be more fouled up, but I don't want to kill his buzz.

Nevan: It is a fine thing to see how much deeply-held respect the King commands here.

Amos: Well, whoever's power was responsible, the main thing is that ordinary folk are happy.

Carver: Always been a little jealous of sailors. Life's such a breeze for them. Hardy har!

Milly: The town's aura is certainly much livelier now.

Ashlynn: Nice to see someone so into his job.

Nevan: So it seems the number of passengers sailing the seas had declined dramatically.

Amos: There's nothin' like seein' a man who loves his job, I tell you!

Carver: My old man's the best in the business. But it's true, he ain't the fastest in the business...

Milly: He was talking about Carver's father. How nice!

Ashlynn: Hey, Carver knows his way around a hammer and nails, right?

Ashlynn: Maybe he could take that work on instead? Hmm, I guess saving the world takes priority here.

Nevan: It seems that Carver's father's talents are truly in demand. Like father, like son!

Amos: So have I got this straight – Carver's old man is a top-notch carpenter? Who'd have thought it!

Carver: I don't know how she did it, but that was some fancy guesswork!

Milly: Those who do the Goddess's work always seem to be blessed with acute intuition.

Ashlynn: The whole town's buzzing about the business with Murdaw right now, isn't it?

Nevan: The Goddess has indeed sent peace flowing back into the world. I too can sense it keenly.

Amos: Cripes, I can't go takin' credit for somethin' I had nowt to do with!

Carver: Alltrades Abbey, huh...

Milly: Indeed... If even some of those poor souls can find peace now, it will have been worth the effort.

Ashlynn: Ah, the Alltrades ruins... Places don't get much more desolate than that, do they?

Nevan: I too will pray for the souls of all those caught up in the destruction of the Abbey...

Amos: The more I hear about this Murdaw fellow, the more pleased I am that you put an end to his antics!

Carver: Uh... Don't mind us! We didn't see a thing.

Milly: We really shouldn't have burst in on them like that...

Milly: But it's nice to see them both so happy, at least.

Ashlynn: Tee hee...

Nevan: B-Blushing, you say? No, no, I can assure you that's not the case!

Amos: Now that's a fine couple for you! Old Amos knows true love when he sees it!

Carver: We were uh, just leavin', aye, Hero?

Milly: Poor Ella... We really should apologise for our intrusion...

Milly: I hope we didn't spoil their happy moment!

Ashlynn: Hmm... I feel a bit like a fifth wagon wheel in here.

Nevan: Perhaps we should head downstairs. I'm feeling a little flushed for some reason...

Amos: The funny thing is old Amos seems to feel more awkward about all this than they do.

Carver: Sure feels great to have somethin' to do now that Murdaw's done. We'll find that Prince, wherever he is!

Milly: The Prince... Where could he be? I do hope we can find a clue soon.

Ashlynn: We'll find him. Count on it!

Nevan: It is extraordinary to think that there is another Hero out there somewhere.

Amos: Instead of us findin' him, it would save a lot of bother if he found us instead!

Carver: I just hope she learnt somethin' from it!

Milly: Ivy just needs to find her own true love. I'm sure she can do it.

Ashlynn: Well, that's what she gets for trying to swipe someone else's man.

Nevan: Manipulating people's hearts is a difficult task, even for the Goddess.

Amos: What's all this about pinin', whinin' and plottin'? Seems old Amos has some catchin' up to do once again.

Carver: Hey, I ain't blind! I can see just fine that Johan chose the right girl!

Milly: At least she's acknowledging their happiness. It's a start.

Ashlynn: People like this... They rub me the wrong way.

Nevan: The Goddess alone may judge you, but it is sad to see someone fall so far from the path of rightness.

Amos: It seems this lass is really well-balanced – she's got a chip on both her shoulders! Ha ha!

Carver: ...And they all lived happily ever after! My cockles are pretty toasty, too. Wait, what are cockles again?

Milly: He deserves his happiness. No one was more concerned for Ella's well-being.

Ashlynn: Oh, I want a grandpa like that!

Nevan: It is a fine thing to be able to take pleasure in another's good fortune!

Amos: I'm not at all sure what's occurrin' but old Amos isn't one to spoil the general air of cheerfulness!

Carver: If folks in Port Haven had always been this happy, I might never have left!

Milly: He's right, you know. Things are looking up!

Ashlynn: That's great and all, but I feel like our work is just beginning...

Nevan: Sadly, the world is far from a state of total peace. But if you have peace in your heart, that is enough.

Amos: “Mustn't grumble!” That's what my old mother always used to say...

Amos: If there's one thing any self-respectin' adventurer needs, it's a stiff upper lip!

Carver: Imagine a world without swords to swing and monsters to bash! I'd waste away to nothin'.

Milly: Just as she says, peace is what matters most. Isn't that right, Hero?

Ashlynn: Guess peace can be a double-edged sword when your job is selling weapons. Tee hee!

Nevan: I fear that the weapon trade will be booming for some time yet.

Amos: She's not wrong – peace is the most important thing!

Amos: Along with eatin' your veggies and sayin' your prayers!

Carver: Looks like we've got another fine Port Haven hero in the makin'!

Milly: We'll just have to try and hold the fort until this little fellow is tough enough to take over. Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Being tough is important, but so is having a stout heart!

Nevan: It's a fine thing to see that this young fellow has such grand ambitions.

Amos: When this lad takes down Murdaw, I hope he calls me! I wouldn't want to miss it a second time!

Carver: Murdaw's one less thing for us all to worry about now.

Milly: She needn't think about dying! I sense that she still has many years ahead of her.

Ashlynn: I hope she lives long enough to see her grandson grow up.

Nevan: This woman clearly cares deeply about her grandson. I pray his generation can live in peace.

Amos: Even if Murdaw was still around, I reckon this lady's grandson would make short work of him!

Carver: Ahoy! I've been waitin' what seems like forever for this place to open!

Milly: I'm sensing that we're going to visit this place quite often in the future.

Ashlynn: Wow. Wish I could try on the outfit that girl's wearing!

Nevan: As our party grows, we'll be able to use this place as a meeting point.

Amos: So this is Patty's Party Planning Place!

Amos: The rumours have spread as far as old Amos, but this is the first time I've made it here!

Carver: Whoa! Don't tell me she's really gone to sleep!?

Milly: Huh? Am I hearing things? She's snoring like a drain already?

Ashlynn: I've heard of catching forty winks, but that's just plain lazy!

Nevan: I can't approve of sleeping one's life away!
Free time should be used to improve oneself!

Amos: I could do with forty winks myself.

Carver: Sounded a lot like snorin' from where I was stood...

Milly: Oh? Was she awake all along?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I'm pretty sure that was snoring.

Nevan: It's at times like this that I long for the piety and purity of Ghent...

Amos: Ah-phew... Ah-phew...
...Wh-What? Just havin' a doze...

Carver: Dad...

Milly: ......

Ashlynn: Carver...

Nevan: The time of Carver's homecoming has arrived...

Amos: Is it just me or does everyone seem a little on edge? Is something the matter?

Carver: That was somethin' I had to do. But enough of all that emotional stuff – let's shove off.

Milly: I'm proud of you, Carver.

Ashlynn: Wow... I'm ashamed to say, I'm a little jealous.

Nevan: Carver, I know you'll fight even more fiercely, now that you have the blessing of your parents.

Amos: I, I think I've got somethin' in my eye... (sniff)

Carver: Thanks, Mum. That means a lot to me...

Milly: You've got your mother's approval to hit the road again, Carver.. That's lovely to hear, isn't it?

Ashlynn: You heard her! There's nothing we can't do, Carver!

Nevan: We'll all fight more fearlessly than ever and make Carver's mother proud!

Amos: There's nothin' quite like a mother's love! I miss my old mother somethin' rotten...

Carver: Dad...

Milly: Carver's father is completely different when he's talking to himself...

Ashlynn: Wow, there's more to Carver's dad than meets the eye.

Nevan: Carver's father may not like to express his emotions, but the depth of his love cannot be mistaken.

Amos: WoooarrrRRGGH!!!

Amos: What? Don't look at me like that! It wasn't me becomin' a monster – I was just expressin' how moved I was!

Milly: I understand Carver's mother's concern for her son. I feel the same way.

Ashlynn: Let's be sure to bring Carver around next time.

Nevan: Carver's boundless supplies of vim and vigour give strength to us all!

Amos: I feel bad that Carver's not here. I'd have been more than happy to step aside to make room for him!

Milly: A mother's love... Well, I'm sure Carver. knows that he's always welcome here. Don't you think, Hero?

Ashlynn: Wow, I wish I had a mom as kind as Carver's...

Nevan: It is a fine thing to have someone patiently awaiting your return!

Amos: I dearly wish Carver were alongside us now!

Milly: I sense that behind that tough act is a father who would dearly like to meet his son...

Ashlynn: Pretty blunt, isn't he? Like son, like father, I guess.

Nevan: There are times when people say the exact opposite of what they really wish to say.

Amos: If I ever spoke like that to Carver's face, I bet he'd make me regret it!

Carver: A mermaid, aye? I'll have what he's drinkin'!

Milly: A sea populated by mermaids... Sounds wonderful – if it's true.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! This guy for real? He's hilarious!

Nevan: Hmm... Way up north...? It sounds like somewhere we could perhaps sail to...

Amos: He seems to be havin' trouble walkin' in a straight line...

Carver: What's wrong with knockin' back a drink or two when you're happy? Or three? Or six?

Milly: It's very decent of him to be so concerned for the old gentleman.

Ashlynn: Some people take their celebrating a little too far...

Nevan: Well, at the very least, he has someone to look after him. Otherwise who knows where he'd end up?

Amos: Peace or no peace, there's no excuse for losin' the head!

Carver: We're doin' everythin' we can to make sure that day arrives sooner rather than later!

Milly: A girl travelling alone...? I would say that's still fairly dangerous, even without Murdaw's presence.

Ashlynn: I was travelling on my own for a while, actually...until I met you guys.

Nevan: Perils still plague the path of all travellers. I'd say she's safer staying here for the moment.

Amos: If I had time, I'd be more than happy to accompany her wherever she wants to go. Maybe next time?

Carver: The priesthood? Doesn't sound as fun as bein' a wanderin' martial artist!

Carver: But then, there are days when I wouldn't mind givin' a different vocation a whirl...

Milly: Alltrades Abbey... Now there's a place I'd like to investigate.

Ashlynn: So all it takes is a trip to Alltrades and you can quit the military?

Nevan: That reminds me – I've heard that Alltrades Abbey is a place where you can change your vocation.

Carver: Imagine goin' from warrior to priest and gettin' the right balance of attack power and recovery!

Milly: But Alltrades Abbey IS still standing.

Milly: It's just not standing in a place that most people can visit, that's all...

Ashlynn: They have so many trades to choose from over there. It's enough to give me a career crisis!

Nevan: It wouldn't do to trouble this fellow with the truth about Alltrades Abbey in the dream world...

Amos: We can't have all the warriors and soldiers changin' vocations! Not while there's still monsters skulkin' around!

Carver: Hardy har! I'd like to see that lone-swordsman fella take a shot at Murdaw!

Milly: That far-away look in her eyes is making me a bit jealous...

Ashlynn: “Lone swordsman”, huh? She's not talking about Hero, is she?

Nevan: This is the first I've heard of this so-called lone swordsman. I wonder if it will be the last?

Amos: All that I can say is that this lone swordsman is most definitely not yours truly!

Carver: Don't true love make ya sick? Ah, just kiddin'.
I'm happy for 'em 'n everything like that.

Milly: (sniff) Their story is starting to make me well up!

Ashlynn: The “sea of life”, huh? Aww, it's nice to see true love does exist.

Nevan: Now that the shadow of Murdaw's oppression has been lifted, love seems to be blossoming all around.

Amos: Maybe one day I'll settle down with a bride of my own. That's if anyone'll have me!

Carver: Gag me with a sword. This lovey-dovey stuff makes me wanna be sick.

Milly: Truly a match made in heaven! Or Haven, I suppose. Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Wow... Love is really in the air around Port Haven, isn't it?

Nevan: I-I'm not sure I want to know too much more about this romance. I should surely be praying...

Amos: I suppose it's too late to offer her my hand in marriage and a high-end hovel in Scrimsley?

Amos: Poor old Amos just doesn't have a way with women...

Carver: Time for another session with everyone's favourite dream seer! Great.

Milly: Oh, Madame Luca! We're back!

Ashlynn: Oh! Hey, the old lady's over there! Helloooooo!

Nevan: This dwelling brims with an unmistakeably vast, vibrant energy.

Carver: Mornin' all! I'm feelin' fightin' fit and rarin' to go!

Carver: Seems ol' Luca's cookin' didn't kill us after all!

There's a reason to be cheerful!

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Ashlynn: (yaaaawn) Nnngh... Morning, everyone...

Nevan: What precisely did we eat last night? I didn't recognise a single ingredient...

Nevan: I'm starting to regret the second helping of lizard's tail souffle... Those were lizard's tails, weren't they?

Carver: Aye, that's all well and good, but the Abbey in this world is still a ruin...

Carver: Wait! That's it! We need to go to the upper world and check out that giant chasm!

Milly: If Madame Luca has seen it in the crystal, then surely it must be real.

Milly: Alltrades Abbey in the dream world must have been restored – let's go, Hero!

Ashlynn: Alltrades? Didn't someone in Somnia mention that place?

Nevan: If Alltrades Abbey were really back in one piece, it would be...er...out of this world!

Carver: Why do I sometimes get the feelin' this cat's more welcome here than I am?

Milly: I'm glad to see Luca's kitty looking so well!

Ashlynn: Oooh! The kitty's purring at me!

Nevan: Er... How does one address a cat?

Carver: Mornin' all! I'm feelin' fightin' fit and rarin' to go!

Milly: Good morning, Hero. Did you sleep well?

Ashlynn: (yaaaawn) Nnngh... Morning, everyone...

Nevan: There's nothing like a high-quality bed for getting a jolly good night's sleep!

Carver: Seems like as good a time as any to pay Alltrades Abbey a little visit.

Milly: If you've said your goodbyes to Madame Luca, Hero, then we should get going.

Ashlynn: We got the all-clear from her. Let's go!

Nevan: If Alltrades Abbey were really back in one piece,

it would be...er...out of this world!

Carver: Alright, alright, this cat's startin' to grow on me.
Kinda like her mistress... There – I admit it!

Milly: I wish we could take Luca's kitty with us!

Ashlynn: Oooh! The kitty's purring at me!

Nevan: Er... How does one address a cat?

Carver: Sounds like good advice from where I'm standin'! Let's pay this Scrimsley place a little visit!

Milly: “Meet someone”? I wonder who it might be?

Ashlynn: Oooh, a voyage! Now that I've grown my sea legs, I can't wait to try them!

Nevan: Indeed, a trip to Scrimsley sounds like a wise move.

Carver: If anyone wants to test my powers, bring 'em on! This could be fun!

Milly: Where would we be without Madame Luca's words of wisdom? Quite lost, I suppose...

Ashlynn: Wow! The start of another adventure, huh? Keep 'em coming, I say!

Nevan: So we sail east from south of Scrimsley, then land and hike even further east. I hope I can remember all that...

Amos: Who'd have thought there'd be such a place far to the east of good old Scrimsley?

Amos: I had my hands so full defendin' my patch, I never had any time free to explore the area.

Carver: I'll drag this monster kickin' and growlin' out of the shadows myself!

Milly: We'd best bear Madame Luca's warning in mind as we go.

Ashlynn: What kind of monster? And where? A situation this serious needs some specifics!

Nevan: The blood of the most holy warriors of Ghent flows through my veins...

Nevan: If there is a monster terrorising the sleep of the innocent, I have no choice but to intervene.

Amos: So people are all tucked up in bed for the night and then they're just dyin'!? That's just not right!

Carver: So Luca said something about a place called Howcastle, aye?

Carver: I've learnt to take her hints seriously. How about payin' it a little visit?

Milly: If Madame Luca says that we should sail west to Howcastle, then, well...

Ashlynn: Luca unloaded a whopper of a fortune on us last night, huh?

Ashlynn: I think I got the specifics, though. First, we “tack” west. That means sail, right?

Ashlynn: Once we pass a rocky mountain to the south-west, we'll see a checkpoint.

Ashlynn: Pass through there and walk a bit, and we'll get to Howcastle.

Ashlynn: What we're looking for is there. That was the gist of it, right?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Who says Milly is the only one good at remembering things?

Nevan: If Luca tells us that our destiny lies to the west, I think we must take the Providence and go to meet it.

Amos: The cat must have been lickin' my face in the night. It's still a little sticky to the touch.

Amos: What's that you say!? Droolin'!? Pull the other one! You can't fool old Amos that easily!

Carver: Aye, much as I'd love to stay here with Luca and her cat forever, I think we should shove off!

Milly: Good to know we got the all-clear.

Ashlynn: Did I understand her right? She was talking about the future, right?

Nevan: Luca spoke of a young king who rules over the land of Somnia...

Nevan: Could this refer to Hero? Or the other prince? Or...

Amos: Madame Luca's a fine hostess. I hope I can return the favour someday!

Carver: No sense sittin' around here until our muscles get puny.

Carver: Do you think we should follow Luca's advice and head to this Clearvale place?

Milly: How about we heed Madame Luca's words and head over to Clearvale today?

Milly: We need to leave Howcastle and walk south until we see a small shrine to the west...

Milly: It would seem that shrine is our ticket to Clearvale.

Milly: ...That's what Madame Luca said, anyway. I'm curious to see what kind of “strange experience” awaits us in Clearvale!

Ashlynn: I love surprises! Wonder what Clearvale has in store...

Nevan: The Goddess has gifted us a beautiful clear day. Shall we heed Luca's words and head south of Howcastle?

Amos: Now that was a sleep and a half, I tell you!

Amos: Shame I still seem to have half the pillow stuck to my face... Bloomin' feathers...

Carver: Um... What pearls of wisdom did ol' Luca have for us yesterday?

Carver: I slept so well, it seems I've forgotten everythin' she said!

Milly: Have you already forgotten what Madame Luca had to say yesterday, Hero? Tut tut!

Milly: We're to take the flying bed and head for the well south of Amor. Beyond the well there's a castle.

Milly: Castle Swanstone, I believe it was called.

See? I remember everything!

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's go look for Castle Swanstone, huh?

Ashlynn: Now that we have that bed, it's just a quick, relaxing trip to the well south of Amor.

Nevan: Unlike so many of the charlatans out there, Madame Luca is a dream seer we can rely on.

Nevan: With that in mind, I recommend that we head to Castle Swanstone as she suggested!

Amos: That's a comfortable bed, alright!

Amos: It was so soft, I felt like I was flyin'!

Carver: If Luca says there's a tower in a dream-world desert, that's good enough for me.

Carver: How about we shove off and see what's doin' at this tower?

Milly: A tower in the middle of a desert...

Milly: Haven't we seen one of those somewhere?

Ashlynn: Huh? Oh! Sure I remember Luca's fortune!

Ashlynn: There's a tower in the middle of a desert in the dream world, right? Right!

Nevan: So there is a tower in a desert in the dream world. Stern new challenges surely lie in wait for us there.

Amos: I'll be honest, I'm not all that fond of heights. And I'm not too good with deserts either, come to think of it...

Carver: I'll bet there's tons of vicious monsters beyond the floodgate. I can't wait to introduce 'em to my fists!

Milly: The floodgate doesn't seem too far away from here.

Milly: If we take our ship and follow the coastline to the west, we'll get there before long.

Ashlynn: That's near Castle Swanstone...

Ashlynn: I can't help but remember King Ludwig and Princess Miralda!

Nevan: Beneath the ocean waves, cruel monsters lie in wait for hapless voyagers.

Nevan: I pray that true peace visits land and sea in the not too distant future.

Amos: Let's be headin' to this floodgate, then!
Time's a-wastin'!

Carver: So Luca says there's someone in the village of Pescado who needs our help, aye?

Carver: If it's that fisherman who gave us an earful, he can help himself as far as I'm concerned.

Carver: Anyway, let's go and find out. It'd be good to know, ya know?

Milly: “Someone”? She must be talking about Rod!

Milly: But how do we help him? What does he need?

Ashlynn: Ooh, I bet she's talking about Rod, that guy who hurt his legs!

Ashlynn: But he always spots us when we try to tail him. Wish I knew what he was up to...

Nevan: Hmm... I sensed that this Rod was trying to conceal some secret in the depths of that cave...

Nevan: If only he hadn't kept looking back over his shoulder all the time...

Amos: I'm a bit sheepish about askin', but I wasn't blabberin' away in my sleep, was I?

Amos: I had the strangest dream of tusslin' with this giant scaly fish.

Amos: I'm not really sure if it was a nightmare or not, to be honest...

Carver: I can see why sailors fall in love with mermaids! What's not to like!?

Carver: Anyway, let's get Unda back to her home!

Milly: Rod really does have a heart of gold. We must try our best to help him!

Ashlynn: How evil do you have to be to hunt mermaids, huh?

Ashlynn: C'mon! We have to get Unda back to her friends!

Nevan: So Unda awaits us in the ocean waves. Let us not keep her waiting too long.

Amos: I'm a bit sheepish about askin', but I wasn't blabberin' away in my sleep, was I?

Amos: I had the strangest dream of bein' chased by this strange mermaid.

Amos: Now, what was strange about it was that it had the head of a fish and a human body!

Amos: Have you ever heard the likes of that before!?

Carver: We owe the old lady great gourds of gratitude for that Zoom upgrade.

Carver: Whizzin' between the two worlds is sure to speed up the process of findin' Hero's real body.

Milly: My, what a warm light that was!

Ashlynn: Zoom Zoom Zoom! C'mon, let's go try it out!

Nevan: Madame Luca has gone above and beyond the call of duty! She's even casting spells on us now...

Nevan: Acts of kindness and generosity like that make all the hardships and trials worthwhile.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Folks around here seem very chatty. Let's see if they have anything worthwhile to say, aye?

Milly: Oh my! The news has reached here as well!

Ashlynn: Wow! Rumours travel faster than the speed of Zoom sometimes!

Nevan: Good news travels fast it seems, though for some reason, bad news always seems to travel faster.

Amos: If the water's as pure as they say, it'd be a shame not to go for a quick dip.

Amos: I mean, I can't swim, but I'd be happy to mind your stuff while you go for a paddle.

Carver: I'm already beautiful, healthy, 'n everything like that. What more could this water do for me?

Milly: This really is a lovely town, isn't it?

Ashlynn: Here's hoping the water and everyone around it stay pure forever. I'll drink to that!

Nevan: The people in this town seem to be earnest and pure at heart. I think I'm going to like it here.

Amos: If I don't get the good folks back in Scrimsley some crackin' souvenirs, I'll never hear the end of it!

Amos: Let me think... There's the priest, the innkeeper, then obviously there's that lass... And not forgettin'...

Amos: ...I'm all in a tizzy! I can't be spendin' all my gold coins on souvenirs! They'll have to make do with my tales!

Carver: It brings back painful memories of that time Murdaw clobbered us. ...No! I'm not goin' to think about it!

Milly: Well, he's right about the look-alike part. To a certain extent, anyway.

Ashlynn: I'm sure the Prince is alive and well. I just know it!

Nevan: I have absolute faith that we will solve the mystery of Hero and the Prince. But for now, we must be patient.

Amos: He's got the story all mixed up! The Prince wasn't beaten by Murdaw! Least, I don't think he was!

Milly: I can imagine her mother's consternation, too. I hope she gives her husband an extra elbowing from me!

Ashlynn: I think the sky really has gotten prettier since Murdaw's defeat. Is that even possible?

Nevan: I pray that her mother and father are resting in peace and domestic harmony...

Amos: So let me get this straight. Her old man's up in heaven, but he's still gettin' grief from the missus...?

Amos: That don't sound much like heaven to old Amos!

Carver: The heroes who defeated Murdaw!? Passin' through this very town!? Well, how about that!

Milly: How about that indeed! This gentleman clearly doesn't have a good memory for faces.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! You think he'll beg me for an autograph if I tell him it was us?

Nevan: The gentlemen may be referring to us, but I think it's best not to embarrass him about it.

Amos: It seems you're becomin' somethin' of a legend in your own lifetime, Hero!

Amos: They'll be sellin' wood-carvin's and jerkins with your face on 'em before long!

Carver: Probably best just to smile and nod along with the ol' fella.

Milly: Hee hee. This old gentleman never fails to make me smile.

Ashlynn: You think maybe he does know who we are and is just trying to be silly?

Nevan: I thought for a second he was going to ask to join us...

Amos: I've got a funny feelin' this fellow can hear a lot more than he's lettin' on.

Carver: Aye, it's good to see a merchant with a little fire in his belly! Hope he makes a killing!

Milly: Murdaw may have been defeated, but there are still plenty of monsters wandering around. He should be careful!

Ashlynn: Good to see things are back to business as usual.

Nevan: May the Goddess smile on his endeavours.

And frown on any attempts he makes to short-change his customers...

Amos: Somnia's not too far from here. Those folks looked like they had gold coins to burn!

Carver: The nerve of some people. We're out bustin' our humps and he's just snorin' his life away.

Milly: Hee hee. If I were him, I'd go back to sleep too!

Ashlynn: Wow. Some people can sleep through anything...

Nevan: This man doesn't appear to be sleeping his life away due to any illness... Hmm...

Amos: They say sleep is good for what ails you! But this lad might be gettin' too much of a good thing!

Carver: I don't look for love, ya know. Love comes lookin' for me!

Milly: I do hope Ilya and Evgenya will be taken good care of.

Ashlynn: She held on to her love for decades... Isn't it romantic?

Nevan: I don't know much about this saga of Evgenya, I must confess. I look forward to learning more.

Amos: You never know how life's goin' to change! I've been goin' through a lot of changes of my own recently!

Carver: That kid's got spirit! Those monsters won't know what hit 'em when he grows up.

Milly: That's a fine ambition. Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Seeing everyone so happy makes me...happier!

Nevan: Murdaw's shadow lay too over the hearts of our youth. It is a joy to see them so liberated.

Amos: If old Amos were a nipper again, I'd be doin' just the same, I'll warrant!

Carver: Seems there's something funny in the water around here. Let's leave this fella to his ramblings!

Milly: Hee hee. If only the “amor seco essence” had such positive effects on all men!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Here's to you, Hero!

Nevan: The Goddess teaches us moderation in all things, but it would seem this fellow has other ideas.

Amos: If this lad keeps drinkin' to our health, we won't have to worry about gettin' sick any time soon!

Carver: Aye, but those monstrous hordes didn't plan on bumpin' into us! We'll spoil their little party!

Milly: That's the kind of level-headedness you'd expect from a scholar.

Ashlynn: Wow. Talk about the cold voice of reason...

Nevan: Yes, I can only concur whole-heartedly with this gentleman's perceptive analysis of the situation.

Amos: So to get rid of all those monstrous hordes, how many battles is it goin' to take? Any ideas?

Carver: Bah! Don't people have better things to do than walk round arm-in-arm?

Milly: We've come all this way – it'd be a real shame to leave without saying hello to Ilya and Evgenya.

Ashlynn: I bet we'll find those two inside the church.

Nevan: I confess that I am intrigued by this couple.
I would dearly like to meet them both.

Amos: I wonder if these folks have any spare happiness they could share with old Amos?

Carver: Maybe I'm turnin' into a softy, but they did seem pretty happy. Good luck to 'em!

Milly: Just one glimpse of their happily conjoined aura made me happy as well.

Ashlynn: I sure hope I'm that happy when I'm their age.

Nevan: It was indeed a pleasure to make that couple's acquaintance. It is rare to see such untainted joy!

Amos: There were more than a few tears in my eyes after seeing that old couple. Now that's love, I tell you!

Carver: I'll bet her old man doesn't know how to handle a bad-tempered beastie, eh?

Milly: She should aim to be just like her father. The world needs more female scholars!

Ashlynn: Guess her dad must read a book a day or something.

Nevan: It is right and proper that this girl admires her father. But I doubt he is as well-read as me!

Amos: You can tell just by lookin' at her old man that he knows a thing or two. I take my helmet off to him!

Carver: Evgenya's room is right there near the stairs, aye?

Milly: Let's go and see them, then!

Ashlynn: Wouldn't hurt us to say hello, right?

Nevan: I am excited to be finally meeting this fabled couple.

Amos: Old Amos tends to get a bit nervous meeting folks for the first time. I've nothin' stuck to my face, have I?

Carver: Ain't that the truth. She really was excited to see us!

Milly: I do hope the priest continues to take care of Ilya and Evgenya.

Ashlynn: Ooh, Evgenya's happiness is just so contagious!

Nevan: I pray that the happy couple remain as deeply in love for the rest of their lives.

Amos: Meetin' that pair brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye!

Carver: The ol' fella may be sound asleep, but he's still got plenty of guts and gusto.

Milly: It was thanks to these two that we were able to retrieve Ra's mirror and defeat Murdaw...

Milly: We should let them know how grateful the whole world is to them both.

Ashlynn: Aww... Seeing the two of them just warms my little heart.

Nevan: Ra's mirror did indeed prove indispensable.

Amos: Hang about! Are you tellin' me this is THE Ilya the Tempest and Evgenya the Cyclone!?

Amos: They used to be my idols when I was a nipper!
Pinch me! I think I'm dreamin'!

Carver: Aye, we've been gettin' more gratitude than I know how to handle.

Carver: But Evgenya deserves it, too! If it wasn't for her help, Murdaw would still be causin' trouble.

Milly: It was thanks to these two that we were able to retrieve Ra's mirror and defeat Murdaw...

Milly: We should let them know how grateful the whole world is to them both.

Ashlynn: We owe big thanks to Evgenya. Hope she takes care of herself.

Nevan: I pray that Evgenya can spend the remainder of her days happily beside Ilya.

Amos: To meet real-life legends in the flesh! It's more than a lad like me ever dared to dream, I tell you!

Carver: He's sleepin' like a baby.

Milly: Ilya looks to be sleeping soundly, doesn't he?

Ashlynn: Shhh! It would be a shame to wake him.

Nevan: If all the tales of adventure are true, Ilya has truly earned his rest.

Amos: What I wouldn't give to see what's goin' on in his dreams!

Amos: I'm sure he's relivin' some of his biggest adventures from the prime of his life!

Carver: Aye, it looks like he's still got a swing in his punch, alright!

Milly: Hee hee. Seems like he's having an exciting dream.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I bet he's fighting right alongside us in his dream!

Nevan: If he's doing battle even in his dreams, I wonder if he's really getting any rest?

Amos: Just hope he doesn't take a tumble out of the bed!

Carver: So Evgenya's even got fans up in heaven!

The ol' girl was really somethin' else!

Carver: That's good to hear! We might be passin' this way on a regular basis.

Milly: Everyone can cross freely? That's great news!

Ashlynn: Hope those guys don't let any monsters sneak through.

Nevan: It's good to see the crossing is well-guarded.

Amos: It's nice to know we can come and go as we please!

Carver: Good to know folks have been gettin' out more.

Milly: Everyone seeks the healing powers of the Ghentiles, it would seem.

Ashlynn: So, to get to Ghent from here, we go north along the east river and, uh... It'll all make sense when we're actually doing it.

Nevan: If anyone is sick or ailing, they should make their way to the holy village of Ghent without delay.

Amos: Ghent, eh? Folks round my way always talk about it in hushed tones!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Aye, we're back, alright.

Milly: I hope we're not intruding.

Ashlynn: Good to be here!

Nevan: It is indeed good to be back.

Amos: By heck, this is a fancy place! So this is where Nevan was born and raised?

Carver: Good to see the girl back on her feet! Kids should be gettin' into trouble – it's nature's way!

Milly: The Ghentiles do not discriminate when it comes to healing. They really are a wonderful people.

Ashlynn: This town sure is a hot ticket for the sick and injured.

Nevan: Seeing the joy in the faces of those who have been healed in Ghent is our highest pleasure.

Amos: My word! It looks like old Amos is tearin' up once again! (sniff)

Carver: If ya don't count a few cuts 'n bruises, I'm as healthy as Peggy Sue!

Milly: Fortunately we all seem to be in one piece, don't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: Oh, we're right as rain!

Amos: Well, to be honest, I did have a rather embarrassing illness, but I'm right as rain now!

Carver: Right then! Let's see what the Elder's got to say for himself!

Milly: The Elder is sure to help us out.

Ashlynn: Oh, right! We can get the Elder to handle the resurrection!

Amos: The Elder of Ghent must be right powerful. Old Amos hasn't met anyone this holy before!

Carver: We're not here for any sacred sacredness! We're here to tell the Elder that Murdaw's history!

Milly: Speaking of sacredness... Shall we pay the Elder a visit?

Ashlynn: Hey, I think I just heard some kid shout Nevan's name!

Amos: I wouldn't mind some of that sacredness! It'd be sure to impress the folks back home!

Nevan: It is good to be back. My fellow Ghentiles are looking well, may the Goddess be praised.

Carver: So Nevan's gonna star in his own poem!?

Better him than me! I've got no time for rhyme!

Milly: Wow, I'm so proud of Nevan. He truly is a holy warrior of Ghent!

Ashlynn: Wow! This is how legends are made!

Nevan: Please, do not praise me too highly. All we have achieved has been in line with the will of the Goddess.

Amos: Fancy that! Appearin' in your very own poem! Do you think there's any room for old Amos in there?

Carver: Seems like Nevan's a big-shot around here.

Maybe I should ask for his autograph?

Milly: Well, well... Nevan seems to be the mothers' favourite!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Energy to spare, huh?

Nevan: Needless to say, I did not defeat Murdaw alone!

Amos: I know a thing or two about bein' a local town hero. It's got its perks, but you have to work hard too!

Carver: Good to see this kid so rarin' to go again.

I just hope she doesn't overdo it!

Milly: Wonderful! The child has been cured!

Ashlynn: I'm no doctor, but I'd say she's made a full recovery. She's so spry!

Nevan: I know she's happy to have her health back, but does she have to scream quite so piercingly?

Amos: So this lass was under the weather?
You wouldn't know it from lookin' at her!

Carver: We gave Murdaw a heap of “heavenly justice”, alright!

Milly: It would have been surprising indeed if the news hadn't yet reached Ghent.

Ashlynn: I guess you could say we dished out some divine punishment on behalf of the Goddess.

Nevan: Truly no one can hope to escape the justice of heaven. The Goddess is indeed due much praise.

Amos: My old mother used to tell me that heavenly justice would catch up with me if I didn't do my homework!

Carver: No surprise there. It ain't like the temple's gonna grow another ship.

Milly: We are truly blessed to be able to use a ship as wonderful as the Providence.

Ashlynn: Remember when they launched the ship? All that clanking and whirring! Boy, what a racket!

Nevan: This man has stood guard over the Providence all throughout my grandfather's time as Elder of Ghent.

Amos: I wish I'd seen the Providence while it was here! That would have been a treat!

Carver: King Somnus is a fine figure of a man!
I feel inspired just thinkin' about him!

Milly: Indeed. Inspired leadership is important.

Ashlynn: That king of theirs is the real thing!

Nevan: With the grace of the Goddess, King Somnus looks destined to inspire his people to achieve great things.

Amos: King Somnus is a real leader for you! He's got me feelin' positive about the future and all!

Carver: We ain't lyin'! We just ain't tellin' the truth!

Milly: Perhaps she could see in our eyes that we were lying. Or maybe it was our auras...

Ashlynn: Oh, great, now she's angry at us.

Nevan: Er, Hero. Don't you think perhaps we should tell this old lady the truth?

Amos: Can the people here really tell when you're tellin' lies? I'd best be careful!

Carver: I ain't sure it's healthy to sound that way when ya snore...

Milly: He's out cold, that's for sure.

Ashlynn: You'd think his own snoring would wake him up.

Nevan: He appears to be healthy. But I admit, he doesn't sound entirely...er...normal...

Amos: Perhaps he's just got a blocked nose. I'm sure it's nothin' to worry about!

Carver: Aww, I wanted to see him explode!
Just kiddin', just kiddin'...

Milly: It's nice to see that the female Ghentiles are also blessed with healing powers.

Ashlynn: ...Wow! He's already cured!?

Nevan: I am glad to see the grace of the Goddess cure another soul of their ailments.

Amos: By heck! That wasn't just play-actin', was it?
That was the real thing!

Carver: Aye, I thought it would be the end of him, too. But all's well that ends well!

Milly: Her healing powers are impressive!

Ashlynn: Amazing! He's like a new person!

Nevan: I'm glad to see that he's made a full recovery.

Amos: You're really feelin' right as rain? That's a relief!
Old Amos can't stand to see folks in distress.

Carver: So he just ate too much!? Well, he ain't gettin' any sympathy from me, either!

Milly: He's practically dancing home! That nun certainly did a good job of healing him.

Ashlynn: Wow. What a pig!

Nevan: The Goddess frowns upon unbridled greed and gluttony. I pray this is the last time.

Amos: Maybe it's not my place to say this, but you shouldn't be runnin' to a nun with a case of indigestion!

Carver: He's shovellin' down dessert like there's no tomorrow! He's never gonna learn!

Milly: I'm sure the Goddess is just delighted to see him eating again...

Ashlynn: Look at all that food! How much can a belly hold before it busts?

Nevan: Just because you're lucky enough to live in Ghent, it doesn't mean it's acceptable to risk your health!

Amos: Maybe you could show your gratitude to the Goddess by takin' the odd break from eatin'?

Carver: Why don't she get her hubby to make his own dinner? That'd teach him!

Milly: Her husband may be greedy, but at least he's healthy.

Ashlynn: How much do you wanna bet her husband packs away more than the cows?

Nevan: Her husband appears to have learnt his eating habits from those cows. I disapprove of this gluttony.

Amos: If this woman's husband keeps eatin' like a cow, he might just turn into one!

Carver: All the martial arts abilities in the world won't stop sickness, aye?

Milly: The Ghentiles devote their lives to helping others.
How humbling...

Ashlynn: I certainly know where to go the next time I get sick!

Nevan: I am inspired once again by the healing powers of Ghent. I too must strive to improve myself.

Amos: Everythin' I heard about Ghent is true! It's a special place and no mistake!

Amos: All this healin' seems to be goin' on free of charge! Now that's what I call a miracle!

Carver: Looks like we might be interruptin' somethin'...

Milly: Let's stay out of the way and observe the Elder at work.

Ashlynn: Hmm. They must have come all this way from some remote village.

Nevan: Let us watch and witness the healing powers of the Elder of Ghent at work.

Amos: I wonder what the matter is...

Carver: She's havin' a rotten day. I wonder what her story is...

Milly: She seems to be in terrible shape...

Ashlynn: Aww... Poor lady.

Nevan: This is no mere case of indigestion. This poor woman is gravely ill.

Amos: It sounds like her son's havin' a tough time of it too!

Carver: Just listenin' to the Elder's soothin' voice seems to have fixed up all my aches and pains!

Milly: We really are indebted to the Elder for bestowing us with health and courage.

Ashlynn: With the Ghentiles on our side, how can we lose?

Nevan: I will not let the people of Ghent down! I will come to the aid of all those who are suffering!

Amos: I'm truly blessed to be gettin' this kind of treatment in Ghent! I don't know if I deserve it!

Carver: I never get sick. But in case I do, bring me straight to the Elder of Ghent! He's amazing!

Milly: Thank the Goddess... His mother seems to have been cured.

Ashlynn: Wow! She was that bad off, and yet the Elder fixed her in a flash! Incredible!

Nevan: Aiding those in distress is what gives the people of Ghent their purpose in life.

Amos: So that old dear was at death's door, but the Elder brought her back to health?

Amos: I take my helmet off to the Elder of Ghent!

Carver: Well, she seems to be dozin' peacefully now.

Milly: Her difficulties seem to have eased.

Ashlynn: She's out like a candle. This is probably her first good rest, now that she's not in pain.

Nevan: Her countenance looks remarkably trouble-free.
I pray she enjoys good health for many years yet.

Amos: She's lucky to have such a carin' son, despite all the flak he has to put up with.

Carver: All that sweat and tears has given us one fine ship!

Carver: Looks like we'll be gettin' a lot more use out of her from here on out!

Milly: She's a worthy vessel indeed. Thanks to the Providence, we can explore new lands we were unable to reach before.

Ashlynn: She's a smooth ride, alright! I haven't lost my lunch once while aboard her.

Nevan: There is indeed no worthier vessel on the ocean waves. Wouldn't you agree, Hero?

Amos: Now that's a lad who loves his ship!

Carver: Aye, it's always a plus to have the Goddess on your side!

Milly: I have indeed sensed a remarkable power protecting us whenever we are on board the Providence.

Ashlynn: I don't need any convincing. That ship is unsinkable!

Nevan: I too used to tend to the Providence every day. Those were happy days indeed!

Amos: I'm glad to hear the Providence can't sink, but I don't really want to test this theory too much!

Carver: Now, where was the Providence anchored again?

Carver: Didn't someone say somethin' about the coast to the east of Somnia Castle? Aye, that's it!

Carver: Let's shove off already!

Carver: I don't know what's waitin' for us out in the big, bad world, but I can't wait to find out!

Milly: If we're going to be travelling around the world, I'd certainly rather do it in a ship than on foot.

Milly: I sense that our adventures are just beginning!

Ashlynn: Guess this is the start of a new adventure! I hope we find your double soon, Hero.

Ashlynn: So, uh, where to now, Hero?

Ashlynn: Let's go someplace really, really far! What's the point of having a ship if we don't use it?

Nevan: Hmm... Where would the Providence be waiting...
Let us look near the coast to the east of Somnia Castle.

Nevan: A new adventure begins here. There are monsters to defeat – and Hero's true self to locate.

Nevan: In the great tradition of the holy warriors of Ghent, my task is to fight for justice and peace.

Carver: There's a town up ahead. Worth takin' a look, aye, Hero?

Milly: We're not in any particular hurry. Why don't we pay this town a quick visit?

Ashlynn: Hmm. Scrimsley, huh? Wonder what it's like.

Nevan: I have heard tell of the town of Scrimsley, but I haven't yet had the opportunity to visit it.

Carver: The mountains around here are rough. My calves are on fire!

Milly: This area is full of monsters that we haven't encountered before...

Milly: We'd best focus until we become accustomed to fighting them.

Ashlynn: I dunno why, but I just have the best time on the road with you folks. Weird, huh?

Nevan: There is certainly no shortage of mountains in this locale. I'm afraid mountaineering is not my forte...

Carver: I wonder how many monsters we've sent to the great beyond.

Carver: I should've kept score... Well, always more where they came from, aye?

Milly: A day like this does wonders for one's positivity. Look, even Peggy Sue is chomping at the bit!

Peggy Sue: (snort) Neeeigh!

Ashlynn: Hmm... I've been a bit run down lately, you know? I need to take better care of myself.

Nevan: I sense that there are monsters lurking in the vicinity. We must be on our guard.

Amos: A nice bracin' walk, scrappin' with some monsters... There's nothin' quite like a good adventure!

Carver: Is this coffin full of rocks or somethin'? Well, at least I'm gettin' a workout.

Milly: Hmm. Commander Brutus was certainly a capable soldier...

Milly: But it would seem that the monster in the cave is even tougher.

Ashlynn: Terry was dragging one of these coffins along all by himself, wasn't he?

Ashlynn: He's not that big of a guy. He must be solid muscle!

Nevan: The sunderbolt blade! It has an impressive ring to it, right enough! I pray we can get hold of it.

Amos: So this fine horse goes by the name of Peggy Sue, does it? She's a horse and a half, I tell you!

Carver: Well, at least we got rid of that coffin.
Talk about dead weight!

Milly: Let's return to Arkbolt for now.

Ashlynn: It'll probably be a while yet before Wayfarer's Pass is open.

Nevan: So the young warrior named Terry has departed with the sunderbolt blade...

Amos: And there was me thinkin' that a young whipper-snapper like that would never get the better of us.

Amos: Just goes to show that old Amos has still got a fair bit to learn!

Carver: Wayfarer's Pass should be all fixed up by now, aye? Why not head over that way?

Milly: I'm sure that we'll get the opportunity to atone for our failure at the Pass...

Ashlynn: I wish we could just forget everything that happened here.

Nevan: I have a peculiar feeling that we shall encounter Terry again in our travels.

Amos: That King of Arkbolt isn't half stingy! Fancy not even givin' us a reward!

Amos: He could have at least given us an oaken club or somethin'!

Carver: I wish I'd beaten that cave monster. If my old man taught me anything, it's to never leave somethin' half done.

Milly: I don't believe this area is part of the kingdom of Arkbolt.

Ashlynn: Say, Commander Brutus's kid was pretty cute, wasn't he? All stubborn and precocious...

Nevan: What a truly desolate area. There is no sight of even the most humble hamlet.

Amos: Old Amos is startin' to get a mite peckish.
...Is no one else hungry?

Carver: How'd we end up here!?

Carver: Who in their right mind would visit this place, anyhow?

Milly: We seem to be back in the dream world... I wonder where exactly we've ended up.

Milly: Let's look for signs of civilisation. A town, a village – even a hut. Anything will do!

Ashlynn: Haah... Haah... Taking the stairs between worlds is no fun... There's gotta be a better way...

Ashlynn: I'm beat. My legs feel numb...

Nevan: Two worlds joined by a staircase... Truly, reality is stranger than my textbooks have led me to believe...

Nevan: As we travel across unfamiliar terrain, we should take extra care to maintain our levels of stamina.

Amos: Who'd have thought we'd find a place like this at the top of a staircase!? We're not in Scrimsley any more!

Amos: It takes a lot to rattle old Amos, but wanderin' about unfamiliar terrain makes me a tad nervous.

Carver: Ahoy! A town, here? In the middle of the desert?

Milly: Sand, sand, and – oh my, what's that over there!? Oh... More sand.

Ashlynn: This dry air is murder on my skin. It's practically cracking before my eyes! Gross!

Nevan: Have you caught sight of the town that lies over there? I suggest we pay it a visit!

Amos: So you squeeze yourself through a tunnel only to find yourself in the desert...

Carver: Hmm... So they seem to be losin' people in Aridea. But where does everybody go?

Milly: A floating island that visits the western cape on a full moon? That's the kind of talk that tickles my curiosity!

Ashlynn: I wonder if all the desert-town deserters are already at the western coastline...

Nevan: A full moon hangs in the night sky. Everything is bathed in a cold, crisp light.

Amos: The desert gets a bit nippy at night, I tell you!

Amos: Ah...Ah-CHOO!

Carver: Aye, it's a full moon tonight, alright.

Looks like tonight's the big night!

Milly: The moon is full – which means the floating island must be at the western cape. Let's hurry!

Ashlynn: We're gonna get to the bottom of this Isle o' Smiles business tonight. I just know it!

Nevan: Perhaps we should drop by Aridea on our way.

Amos: Ah...Ah-CHOO!

Amos: Fear not! It'll take more than a bit of a sniffle to get the better of old Amos. (sniff)

Carver: Seems like all those poor folks trapped on the altar have been released.

Carver: That's that. Our work here is done.

Milly: The only way off this island is via the floating island we came here on. I hope we can work out how to steer it...

Ashlynn: That King Medford guy was a real character, huh? All twirling around in the air like that!

Nevan: It troubles me still. Just what nature of beast was that Jamirus?

Amos: Right folks! Let's get on board that island!
(Never thought I'd say that...)

Carver: Medford's Manor might not be the biggest castle I've ever seen, but it's one classy joint!

Milly: I wonder... How many mini medals can there be in this world?

Milly: I suppose the only way to find out is to try and collect every last one!

Ashlynn: Let's come back once we get more mini medals, okay?

Nevan: Thanks to King Medford's taste for medals, exploring's going to be just that bit more fun from here on!

Amos: Far be it from me to be nosy, but I wonder what His Highness does with all those medals?

Amos: Maybe he trades 'em in someplace for even bigger rewards!

Terry: Well, each to their own. If he wants to collect medals, then so be it...

Lizzie: (snarl) Next prize... How many medals...we need? (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing boing!

Carver: Where we headed next, aye? No sense wanderin' round like headless hacksauruses...

Milly: The sea breeze here is frightfully strong. It's playing havoc with my hair!

Ashlynn: That wasn't fun... I came THIS close to falling down the stairs at one point.

Nevan: So we're stuck between steep mountains and the deep blue sea. We'll have to keep pressing forward!

Amos: I was a tad concerned about my ears poppin' in the upper world, but it seems there's nowt to fear.

Carver: So we're stuck twiddlin' our thumbs 'cause that guard's catchin' up on his beauty sleep?
There's somethin' fishy about this...

Milly: It would appear that we've come to a dead end at that checkpoint.

Ashlynn: I'd love to see the other side of that checkpoint someday.

Nevan: It seems that we won't be able to pass for the moment. Everything in its own time, I suppose...

Amos: Seems a bit like we went out of our way for nothing. Still, mustn't grumble, I suppose.

Carver: The landscape's wide open here. Looks like we've got some serious walkin' to do.

Milly: This place has a real air of tranquility – and tranquil air, too!

Ashlynn: Boy, is it me, or are even the monsters around here a little... You know, “backwoods”?

Nevan: This area has a rather calmer feel to it. It seems we can breathe a little more easily here.

Amos: I could have sworn I just heard some monsters scrapping with each other in the woods.

Amos: If only all monsters had the decency to fight each other, I could retire happily in Scrimsley!

Carver: No use wastin' our time huntin' for the Prince out here. We wouldn't know where to start.

Milly: If I were a spoilt delinquent prince, where would I go...?

Ashlynn: We should probably pick a specific point and start searching. Wandering willy-nilly won't do us any good.

Nevan: The Goddess counsels us to have patience in times of adversity... But WHERE has that little brat got to!?

Amos: That Prince Howard doesn't need a royal rite of purification! He needs a rite royal clip round the ear!

Carver: Is that Prince Howard still taggin' along?

Prince Howard: Oh, I'm here alright! Against my better judgement...

Milly: Are you ready for the rite of purification, Prince Howard?

Prince Howard: Hmph!

Ashlynn: I feel like I can't really let my hair down with the Prince around.

Prince Howard: And you think I can relax with you around!?

Nevan: I pray to the Goddess that we may carry our collective burdens with grace and forbearance...

Prince Howard: Are you referring to me as a burden?

Amos: We'll never get this royal rite of purification over and done with unless we all pull together.

Prince Howard: Alright, alright! I'm pulling...

Carver: Well, that's that! Time to head back to Howcastle!

Prince Howard: My moment of glory awaits!

Milly: We need to take Prince Howard back to the castle. In handcuffs, perhaps?

Prince Howard: You no longer have to worry about me slipping the leash, I can assure you!

Ashlynn: Whew! I can't wait until we get this royal albatross off our necks.

Prince Howard: Don't tempt fate! I might just slip away to spite you!

Nevan: The path to the rite of purification was far from a smooth one.

Prince Howard: My ancestors didn't do things by halves, that's for sure.

Amos: I'm shattered! I'm goin' to need a good kip, I tell you!

Prince Howard: Well, if you tire so easily, I may have second thoughts about hiring you as one of my servants!

Amos: ...You what!? Old Amos isn't lookin' for a career as a servant, I tell you!

Carver: I'm runnin' out of patience. Let's get back to Howcastle – and fast!

Milly: Seems like the Prince really wants to tell his daddy just how brave he's been! Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Prince Howard's right. Listen to him! I want to be rid of this guy already.

Nevan: I dare say we can return to this village any time.
Let us repair to Howcastle!

Amos: Let's be makin' tracks before anythin' untoward happens!

Carver: Hey, Hero! Do you think we've seen all there is to see of this kingdom?

Milly: I sense that this magic key is imbued with great power. Let's be sure to use it wisely.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! Let's take that magic key and open every red door we see!

Nevan: It is a relief to see Prince Howard ready and able to take the throne. The question is what do we do next?

Amos: I don't know if we're goin' to achieve much besides wearin' out shoe leather by wanderin' round here.

Carver: What do ya think's in there?

Milly: That shrine looks like it's been there a while. I wonder what could be inside?

Ashlynn: You know, I just have this feeling there's nothing to do here...yet.

Nevan: That door appears to be firmly locked.

Amos: There's somethin' about a bright red door that says: “You're not comin' in”...

Carver: Let's get that door open and head on inside!

What've we got to lose!?

Milly: I can't wait to see what's inside this old shrine.

Ashlynn: I can't shake the feeling that this shrine leads somewhere else.

Nevan: We are fortunate that King Howell's generous spirit blessed us with this magic key.

Amos: So as long as we've got this magic key, we'll be able to open any red door we fancy!

Amos: There must be red doors all over the place just waitin' for us to open 'em!

Carver: For a second there, I thought we'd come out in the same spot we went in.

Milly: Let's see... We entered from the lower world, so this must be the upper world.

Ashlynn: A town or village would really make my day about now.

Nevan: Lofty mountains surround the area to the north.
I suggest that we head to the south.

Amos: I don't want to make a fuss, but I wouldn't mind a break in the next town. I'm gettin' a tad peckish...

Carver: So we've been dumped in the middle of a poisonous swamp. Is this a dream or a nightmare?

Milly: Hmm, so we're in the lower world now, but I've no idea where.

Ashlynn: It's getting hard to tell down from up...

Nevan: I confess to being somewhat disorientated. Is this terrain new to us or not?

Nevan: At times like this, there is no substitute for consulting a map...

Amos: Goin' down that staircase was a hike and a half...
My knees are jigglin' like a pair of slimes!

Carver: Destiny's Drop, aye? Hope you're not scared of heights, Hero!

Milly: Destiny's Drop is to be found in the mountains to the north-east of Clearvale, isn't it?

Ashlynn: So Tom Foolery promised a shard of courage to Matthew...

Ashlynn: Sure would be nice if we could help him out!

Nevan: I've read of Destiny's Drop in an old textbook.

Can it really be such a fearsome climb?

Amos: There's somethin' about the word “drop” that bothers me. I wasn't plannin' on doin' any droppin'!

Carver: Some folks might call Destiny's Drop steep, but I call it exercise!

Milly: If you don't want your destiny to involve a very big drop, I suggest you don't look down...

Ashlynn: Go team! Let's get the shard, okay?

Nevan: I understand now – Destiny's Drop is a fearsome climb indeed...

Amos: Folks like me were designed to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground. I've got no head for heights.

Carver: You need more than a shred of courage to get your hands on a shard of courage!

Milly: Oh my, I can't wait to see the look on the Tresses' faces when we bring them this shard of courage!

Ashlynn: Yahoo! We did it! Now let's get this shard back to town!

Nevan: Look at the mysterious glow radiating from the shard of courage. This is no ordinary rock...

Amos: Right, let's hurry back to Clearvale before that Tom Foolery fellow puts in an appearance.

Carver: A flyin' bed! Sounds like a first-class way to fly, aye?

Milly: We got an even better present in return. How nice!

Ashlynn: Our own flying bed? Now I feel like we owe the kid!

Nevan: The altitude achieved by the bed in full flight isn't sufficient to clear tall trees or mountains.

Nevan: However, it WILL take us over oceans and rivers. And what could offer a more comfortable flight than a bed?

Amos: I'm not keen on heights, but I won't pass up the opportunity of seein' the world aboard a flyin' bed!

Carver: A flyin' bed can take us to all kinds of new places. The only question is where to first?

Milly: It seems we've arrived in yet another new location in the real world. Let's investigate!

Ashlynn: Haah... Haah... Yay... Stairs again...

Nevan: I would suggest that we begin by looking for any nearby towns or villages.

Amos: So is this the basement or what? Old Amos is gettin' a touch confused.

Carver: Did I hear the gatekeeper say Turnscote?

Somethin' familiar about that name...

Milly: So that was Turnscote. I sense that we'd do well to remember that name.

Ashlynn: We wouldn't fit in that town? What'd that guy mean by that?

Ashlynn: Oh, he must mean we were too classy for it. What a nice thing to say! Tee hee!

Nevan: This is rather frustrating. Just how can we gain access to the town?

Nevan: In any case, let's bear its location in mind. It may come in useful later.

Amos: And there was me thinking Scrimsley folk were hostile to strangers!

Amos: Still, it doesn't seem like the kind of place I'd be overly keen on visitin' anyway.

Carver: I took a nasty knock to my leg in that last battle.

Carver: It's just a flesh wound – nothin' I can't walk off.

Ouch... Ouch... Ouch...

Carver: Ya know, we've gotten a lot tougher than we used to be.

Carver: I bet we could batter that Murdaw in a rematch with one arm tied behind our backs!

Carver: The sun's shinin'... The birds are chirpin'...

This is perfect fightin' weather!

Carver: Line up twenty monsters and I bet I could knock 'em all down without breakin' a sweat!

Milly: The search for your real self has taken us far and wide, Hero, but we're still rather short on clues.

Milly: But it's your destiny to be reunited – you must have faith in this and keep pushing forward!

Milly: (sigh) What a pleasant breeze...

Milly: If it weren't for the perpetual monster attacks, this would truly be a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

Milly: I wonder how Madame Luca is getting on.

Milly: I'm not feeling homesick or anything, but I do think of her every now and then. I hope she's doing well!

Ashlynn: You know, I think I've really honed my magic lately.

Ashlynn: It's like I get an image in my head, and then – poof! – I make it happen in real life! Neat, huh? Tee hee!

Ashlynn: Oww... I think the blisters on my feet are getting blisters!

Ashlynn: Hey, Hero! I'm just going to put this out there: I could sure use some lighter, stronger armour.

Ashlynn: Oh, and if it comes in pink, that'd be just perfect!

Nevan: We've ended up with an impressive array of vehicles at our disposal...

Nevan: A sacred ship, a floating island, a flying bed... What other unconventional modes of transport await us?

Nevan: Oh my! I seem to have torn my clothing!

Nevan: A monster must have got its claws into it in the last battle. It seems my fighting skills still need some work.

Nevan: ...Take that! ...And that! Avast, you foul beasts!

Nevan: ...Ahem! I do beg your pardon. I was just engaging in some battle training. One can never be too prepared!

Amos: Look at the way Peggy Sue carts that heavy wagon around without a whinny of complaint.

Amos: I dare say we could all learn a lot from her about keepin' a stiff upper lip!

Amos: I'm not one to sing my own praises, but I'm gettin' the hang of bashin' an assortment of mighty monsters.

Amos: I reckon I could take on a couple of Murdaws without the least bit of bother!

Amos: Is it me or are more monsters scarperin' when they see us comin'? Maybe they've heard our reputation!

Carver: So we're back in another unknown part of the lower world. I'm losin' track of where we are.

Milly: As soon as we entered this area, I could sense the overwhelming presence of monsters. We must take care.

Ashlynn: Boy, it's like we just keep going and going, yet we never run out of new things to see. It's a big world we live in!

Nevan: We must never overestimate our strength. In new terrain, unforeseen perils may await us.

Amos: If there's one thing I learnt as a nipper, it's to always remember the path home.

Carver: If someone had told me about a princess stuck in a mirror, I'd say they had slime for brains...

Carver: But we've seen it with our own eyes!

We can't let the King down – let's show this Spiegel character what for!

Milly: If there's no tower where they said it would be, let's try the world up above!

Ashlynn: You think Spiegel's magic is pretty tough? Ah, what does it matter. I know we'll beat him, no matter what!

Nevan: Spiegel is a powerful sorcerer, so we must be on our guard against his spells and charms!

Amos: It was a boyhood dream of mine to rescue a beautiful princess! Let's roll up our sleeves!

Carver: Hardy har! He didn't know what hit him! Now let's head back to Castle Swanstone, aye?

Milly: I'm certain that Miralda has been freed from the mirror. We must hurry back to King Ludwig.

Ashlynn: Yuck! This wind! I'm getting sand everywhere – and I mean, everywhere!

Ashlynn: My feet are on fire, too. Can we ride the bed through this? Please?

Nevan: I'm all a-fluster! That duel with Spiegel really got the old blood flowing!

Nevan: I, I must calm down! It wouldn't do for a Ghentile to get over-excited...

Amos: Wouldn't you know it! Old Amos has clean forgotten the way back! Do you remember it, Hero?


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Carver: You'd better believe it was outstanding! I ain't capable of anything less!

Milly: Speaking of which, what happened to the King Somnus in this world?

Milly: The young king turned into Queen Apnea, so that should leave them without a ruler...

Ashlynn: I wonder if Apnea and Captain Blade are back yet...

Nevan: Hmm... This would appear to be the dream world version of Somnia Castle.

Amos: It looks like there's a bit of life in this town!

That's always good to see!

Carver: Aye, life sure is good with Murdaw gone.

Milly: A world without Murdaw seems almost like a dream...

Milly: Then again, this is the dream world.

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's go see what's going on in the castle!

Nevan: Life is indeed a wonderful thing.

Long may this peace last!

Amos: Right enough, life's been wonderful ever since I fell in with this bunch of brave adventurers!

Carver: Hardy har! I never thought we'd get in trouble for takin' care of Murdaw.

Milly: He would do better to set his sights on a world where soldiers aren't needed...

Ashlynn: I can sympathise with the little rascal – but it's not like Murdaw was just gonna read a book until the kid grew up.

Nevan: I pray that this child can find a new goal for himself before he gets into any mischief.

Amos: I had nowt to do with Murdaw gettin' clobbered so I feel a bit left out.

Amos: Still, I'm sure there's no shortage of adventure waitin' out there for old Amos!

Carver: Aye? Is this dog hungry or something?

Milly: It must be the armour merchant's dog.

Such a cute puppy!

Ashlynn: Aw, poor pooch. We're too busy to play with him right now.

Nevan: This is a most amiable looking dog.

Amos: Now maybe it's just me, but this dog looks like it's a lot sharper than old Amos.

Carver: Aye, only a real stick in the mud would be in a lousy mood these days!

Milly: I sense that she's still harbouring some anxiety.

Ashlynn: Yep! Everything's a-okay now that we took care of the big bad guy!

Nevan: The reality of Murdaw's absence will take some time to fully sink in.

Amos: I wouldn't fancy bein' done in by Murdaw either!

Still, there's nowt to worry about now!

Carver: I don't care how many chasms Murdaw dug – we'll fill 'em back up any time, any place!

Milly: I wonder if he's talking about the chasm above the ruins of Alltrades Abbey...

Ashlynn: So many rumours floating around these days!

Nevan: Hmm... Giant chasms in the ground...

So this occurred in the dream world...

Amos: So did that Murdaw fellow dig some kind of hole to trap folks? I wouldn't put it past him!

Carver: I'd have been furious if that mirror had turned out to be some “silly antique”.

Milly: The King had the right idea all along.

Ashlynn: That King really knows what he's doing, huh?

Nevan: Ra's mirror rendered all of Murdaw's tricks and deception useless, may the Goddess be praised!

Amos: I wouldn't mind havin' a look at that there mirror of Ra sometime.

Amos: I'd like to see what sort of reflection would be waitin' for old Amos.

Carver: Looks like we've been volunteered for a bit of ring wranglin', aye?

Milly: She could have dropped the ring somewhere less treacherous...

Ashlynn: Ooh, I love exploring old wells!

Nevan: Now that we're committed to helping, it wouldn't do for us to turn our back on our duty.

Amos: Hoppin' down a well's no problem. I did it all the time as a nipper!

Carver: “Monster-infested”, aye? Now we really gotta help the lady!

Milly: We are going to help her, aren't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: I take it that ring is important to her, huh?

Nevan: A dark well is indeed no place for this woman to be venturing alone.

Amos: What do you say, Hero? Shall we pop down and have a nose around?

Carver: Huh. It looks like that lady could tell you're from the sticks, Hero.

Milly: You've already enjoyed a taste of fame, haven't you, Hero? Hee hee.

Ashlynn: I don't really remember where I came from...

Ashlynn: But I'll take the countryside over the big city for sure!

Nevan: Let us use that seed of strength wisely.

Amos: Fame and glory, eh? That sounds like it's right up old Amos's alley!

Carver: “Character building”, aye? Is that anything like body building?

Carver: Anyway, we're in the same boat as her. Who knows what's next!

Milly: Being able to see things in a positive light is an admirable trait.

Ashlynn: Hey, she's got that ring on her finger!

Nevan: We've all been through our own “character-building experience”...

Nevan: But it has given us the fortitude to cope with any adversity.

Amos: The end of the world puts things in perspective, right enough.

Carver: Avast! That's really King Somnus's proclamation?

Carver: Sounds like a totally different fella... You sure he ain't a phony?

Milly: A royal proclamation? Does this mean that the King has returned?

Ashlynn: No way... Did the King really write this?

Nevan: Did King Somnus perhaps suffer a blow to the head?

Amos: Drinking and partying? This King Somnus sounds like a chap I'd like to meet!

Carver: Now that we've seen the King, his proclamation makes some sort of sense.

Milly: I hope King Somnus doesn't get carried away and incur the wrath of the Queen...

Ashlynn: The King sure looked happy to be young again...even if it's only in his dreams!

Nevan: It's good to hear that King Somnus is in fine fettle.

Amos: That royal declaration is a real crowd pleaser,

I tell you!

Carver: Sleep-talkin', aye?

Milly: King Somnus enjoys the support of his subjects even when they're dreaming!

Ashlynn: Wow, he's sleeping standing up! Hope he doesn't fall in the water...

Nevan: Being able to sleep while standing is no mean feat. Bravo!

Amos: This fellow will catch his death if he insists on napping in a place like this!

Carver: Captain Blade's alive 'n well, no doubt about that.

Milly: Well, Captain Blade didn't give his life. But where could he have gone?

Ashlynn: Not that Captain Blade had anything to do with Murdaw's defeat...

Nevan: We must preserve peace for the sake of those who laid down their lives to achieve it.

Amos: Captain Blade sounds like an all-round good egg.

I hope we bump into him someday.

Carver: I'll bet Keating's ponderin' the same question himself right now.

Milly: It seems that one's crimes in the real world won't go unpunished in the dream world, at least.

Ashlynn: Does anyone like Master Keating anywhere?

Well, except for this guy...

Nevan: If this Keating character has been locked up, the order must have come from the King himself.

Amos: Wasn't this Keating fellow some kind of money-bags?

Amos: Couldn't he just buy his way out of prison?

Carver: I bet back pain like that is a real pain in the rear.

Milly: He looks young, but I'm guessing he's quite old in the real world...

Ashlynn: Ugh! I hope he can hold himself together.

Nevan: There's nothing wrong with him that a dose of prayer won't take care of!

Amos: He doesn't look old, but he speaks like he is...

Amos: Seems in the dream world, appearance and actual age can be at odds on occasion.

Carver: I think I know what's goin' on here, but I'm not about to try and explain it.

Milly: Let's not spoil this couple's dreams, Hero.

Ashlynn: I see what she did there. She wants to “forget” about his failing memory? Tee hee!

Nevan: Intriguing... It seems that the real world is exerting a subtle influence on this world.

Amos: Old Amos sometimes forgets the odd thing

...Now what was I sayin'...?

Carver: Hardy har. The King works in mysterious ways, aye?

Milly: We can't tell her that this world's Murdaw was, in fact, King Somnus...

Ashlynn: Wow. You can't get much past her, huh?

Nevan: The world moves in ways we cannot hope to grasp.

Amos: Folks should stop frettin' and enjoy a bit of peace and harmony!

Carver: Feast, aye? That sounds good – I'll have two, please.

Milly: She can feast as much as she likes from now on!

Ashlynn: Ooh, I think I smell roast beast. (slurp)

Sorry, I'm drooling like a slime!

Nevan: No matter the meal, it'll certainly taste sweeter from now on. Peace is a fine condiment!

Amos: A special feast, no less? I like how this lady thinks!

Carver: Aye. Let's shove off!

Milly: The security at the castle is top-notch, as always.

Ashlynn: Standing guard at the entrance all day must be a real bore.

Nevan: This is a splendid castle, to be sure.

Amos: What a castle!

Carver: It wasn't so much the King doin' the defeatin' – it was his mirror. But that's that.

Milly: I'm just glad that the King has returned safely.

Ashlynn: I guess you could say beating Murdaw was a team effort all around, huh?

Nevan: Truly the Goddess smiles on us when we combine our strengths and work together.

Amos: I'll be sure to pull my weight next time!

Carver: I know that voice...

Milly: Hee hee. I should have known that Queen Apnea would be keeping an eye on her husband.

Ashlynn: That laugh at the end was kind of scary. I hope the King's not in any kind of trouble!

Nevan: She is aware of everything and allows her husband to do as he pleases. Truly she has a generous spirit.

Amos: Old Amos knows a classy lady when he sees one! (...Could this be my dream woman?)

Carver: We did a load more than “help” him, but... Ah, well. Some credit's better than none at all.

Milly: Interesting... So we “helped”, did we?

Ashlynn: So we were just helpers, huh? How interesting...

Nevan: Well, in the broadest sense, we did indeed offer assistance to the King.

Amos: Old Amos can't take any credit for this.

Carver: “Displays of courage?” I display it all day!

Milly: I wonder what exactly the King said about us?

Ashlynn: All this praise is making me blush!

Nevan: With all this praise, I feel my head swelling...

Amos: It looks like old Amos is knockin' about with some proper celebrities!

Carver: We'll be seein' Blade before long, aye, Hero?

Milly: I hope that Captain Blade is safe, wherever he is...

Ashlynn: He didn't go missing “in the struggle”, right? More like afterwards.

Nevan: Captain Blade was a truly brave and noble man.

Amos: Old Amos feels all left out again...

Carver: Pfft. All that book-readin' must be rottin' this guy's brain.

Milly: If only his theory had been correct...

Ashlynn: I guess not all scholars are created equal.

Nevan: I pray this scholar applies his mind to finding out why all these monsters remain at large.

Amos: Those monsters haven't disappeared, that's for sure!

Carver: The King's back to sleepin', aye? Good for him.

Milly: A “different person”...?

Ashlynn: I'm sure the King's in a good mood now that things are back to normal.

Nevan: I'm intrigued to see how King Somnus has changed. Let us meet him without delay.

Amos: I know what it's like to feel like a different person...

Amos: Well, I say “person”. It's more of a monster really...

Carver: Hardy har. There's a better explanation for it than that!

Milly: Everyone seems to have noticed the change in King Somnus.

Ashlynn: He doesn't just “seem” like a different person...

Nevan: I'd like to explain the truth, but I must bite my tongue.

Amos: Well, old Amos never had the privilege of meetin' the previous King so I couldn't tell what's changed.

Carver: Blimey! That dog eats better than I do!

Milly: I'm sure it must have been a lively feast.

Ashlynn: I bet the roast beast was a “dreamy” dish!

Nevan: We'll just have to wait until the next feast!

Amos: I can't believe we missed a feast!

Carver: No point explainin' things to folks in this world. They'd think we were stark ravin' loonies.

Milly: I only wish we could lock up the other Keating as well...

Ashlynn: Wonder what the Keating down in the real world is up to.

Nevan: I wonder if the Keating here in the dream world has the faintest idea why he is imprisoned.

Amos: If the King wants him locked up, this Keating fellow must be a bad egg!

Carver: Keating, aye...? I can see why he got this royal treatment from the King.

Milly: This Keating has no idea what's been going on in the real world... No wonder he's angry!

Ashlynn: That guy needs to buy a nicer personality!

Nevan: In the real world, Chancellor Keating had the run of the kingdom while King Somnus slept...

Nevan: He no doubt spent money like water, which is why his dreams have taken this sorry form.

Amos: Old Amos might not have two gold coins to rub together, but I know wrong from right.

Carver: You heard the man. Let's help ourselves, aye?

Milly: But can we actually access our reward?

Ashlynn: Oh, wow! Presents from the King himself!

Nevan: This is truly something to be grateful for.

Amos: If it's coming from the King, I'm guessing it won't be oaken clubs and medicinal herbs. ...Right?

Terry: As long as it's something we can actually use...

Lizzie: (snarl) Treasure! Lizzie take treasure! (slobber)

Goober: B-boing, b-boing, b-boing!

Carver: Aye! Time for a little chest-raidin'!

Milly: It took quite an effort to reach this point.

Ashlynn: And we have the key we need!

Nevan: Royal treasure is truly something to be grateful for.

Amos: All I know is if it's medicinal herbs and oaken clubs, old Amos won't be best pleased.

Terry: As long as it's something we can actually use...

Lizzie: (snarl) Treasure! Lizzie take treasure! (slobber)

Goober: B-boing, b-boing, b-boing!

Carver: Sounds good to me. Let's shove off.

Milly: It seems that the King has been waiting for us.

Ashlynn: What got into that guy? Hope we're not in trouble or anything.

Nevan: We know where the throne room is, do we not?

Let us head there without delay.

Amos: I'm in a bit of a tizzy here. I tend to get nervous round royal types!

Carver: Now we know why the King was so excited. Losin' a few decades will do that to ya!

Milly: Hee hee. He was right about the gushing.

Ashlynn: We already got ourselves to him! Tee hee!

Nevan: We could explain how the King differs from his previous incarnation...

Nevan: But our explanations might be incomprehensible to him.

Amos: Old Amos was fair taken aback to see such a young whipper-snapper on the throne!

Carver: Folks around the castle really loved the Captain, aye?

Milly: We'll pray for Captain Blade's safety, won't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: If we only knew where Blade was, we could just pop over and help him out...

Nevan: The more we learn of Captain Blade, the clearer it becomes that he was held in the very highest esteem.

Amos: When this kingdom's soldiers do battle, they'll have Captain Blade in their hearts.

Carver: It's good to see morale's high with the troops, aye?

Milly: It's good to see that support for the King is growing.

Ashlynn: The rumours all pretty much have King Somnus slaying Murdaw by himself, huh?

Nevan: It is clear that this guard dearly wanted to join in the assault on Murdaw.

Amos: I know exactly how he feels. I wanted to be there to stick the boot into Murdaw too!

Carver: Umm... Will our part make it into the history books?

Milly: It certainly was a confrontation for the ages.

Ashlynn: Hmm... Sure would be nice if I could say what really happened!

Nevan: The epic battle with Murdaw will live on in history and in people's hearts.

Amos: I wonder if there's room for old Amos in these history books?

Carver: It's true... We can't rest on our laurels 'n everything like that.

Milly: I think the King himself has “slacked off” a little, to be honest...

Ashlynn: We should do our part for the monster-slaying cause, too.

Nevan: We must find out the reason why monsters continue to plague the land.

Amos: There's no slackin' from the soldiers of Somnia.

They're a fine bunch and no mistake!

Carver: Nothin' wrong with livin' a little, aye?

Milly: It's only natural. All the castle's problems were solved at once, after all.

Ashlynn: Gross. She smells like whatever she drank...

Nevan: I cannot condone excessive drinking. But there are times when it's only right to celebrate.

Amos: This lass looks like she can take her drink! Shame old Amos can't...

Carver: It makes sense that the chancellor would be happy to have his boss back.

Milly: Holding the fort must have been tiring for the chancellor.

Ashlynn: “The rigors of battle”? Really? The King looks fine and dandy to me.

Nevan: Waiting for someone to return from battle is never easy. I can sense the chancellor's relief.

Amos: So this fellow's a big-shot round here? He does look like someone you could rely on...

Carver: Off duty, aye?

Carver: Now what? I'm not a big fan of free time.

Milly: This time, it's not Queen Apnea from the lower world, but the real King Somnus.

Milly: We've heard all about the fun he's been having, haven't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: Wow, the King's rooting for us! It's good to have friends in high places!

Nevan: Where to next, Hero?

Amos: What a fine fellow that King Somnus is.

Old Amos is his newest fan!

Carver: He pinched her...? It really is good to be the King.

Milly: King or not, he'd better behave!

Ashlynn: The King better hope the Queen doesn't find out about that...

Nevan: I'm quite sure the Goddess frowns most severely on antics of this nature...

Amos: Kings have it easy!

Amos: Hmm... King Amos... It's got a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Carver: Hey, so the King's a barfly now?

Milly: The King seems to have a weakness for cute girls...

Ashlynn: Boy, the King's letting it all hang out here in the dream world, isn't he?

Nevan: King Somnus certainly seems to be enjoying his newfound freedom.

Amos: A dancer! For a secretary!

Amos: Old Amos wouldn't mind givin' this king lark a go.

Carver: Ahoy! Word's already spread here, aye?

Milly: Your home village is lovely, Hero.

Ashlynn: Oooh, I just love quaint little villages like this!

Nevan: This village has a simple, rustic charm.

Amos: So this is where you hail from, Hero?

I wouldn't mind settlin' here myself!

Carver: Sounds like everyone's breathin' a lot easier these days, aye?

Milly: I didn't sense any strong monsters in the area, I must say.

Ashlynn: I bet they're all having a big party down there – a peace party!

Nevan: Monsters still roam the land despite Murdaw's defeat. The villagers must be on their guard.

Amos: Seems the villagers are havin' a grand time of it, wanderin' around to their hearts' content.

Carver: Hardy har! Sounds like your neighbours didn't know you had it in ya, Hero!

Milly: Hee hee. She seemed rather surprised, Hero! She did call you the village hero, though.

Ashlynn: Wow, the view here's to die for!

Nevan: That old lady is bursting with health and vitality.

Nevan: Fresh air is clearly one of the keys to a long life.

Amos: Seems the world and its mother's talkin' about you, Hero!

Carver: It's good to see the rumours made it up here without gettin' fouled up.

Milly: We're not really that far from the village at the base of the mountain and its gossip, I suppose.

Ashlynn: I guess the whole village must know by this point, huh?

Nevan: Weaver's Peak is brimming with smiling faces. It's a fine thing to behold!

Amos: Beatin' that Murdaw was really a feat and a half!

Carver: Buddy? Ain't that the one who keeps callin' you “buddy”, Hero?

Milly: It sounds like everyone downed tools when they heard that Murdaw was defeated.

Ashlynn: This Buddy guy must be stronger than Carver if he's protecting all those villagers.

Nevan: It seems that the holiday spirit is flowing through the good folks of Weaver's Peak.

Amos: It's never a bad idea to finish work a little early and let your hair down!

Carver: The sky always looks pretty when you're in a good mood. And right now, it looks stupendous!

Milly: I'm inclined to agree with him, I must say.

Ashlynn: This guy's kind of a poet. You wouldn't know it from looking at him, though.

Nevan: I pray that this peaceful state shall continue far into the future.

Amos: The view from up here is stunnin' and no mistake! Look at all of those mountains!

Carver: On the house, aye? My favourite kind of drink!

Milly: Everyone's so welcoming now that peace has returned! Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! A girl can get used to a village like this.

Nevan: I shan't take this woman up on her generosity, but it is sincerely appreciated.

Amos: “On the house!” Three little words that old Amos loves to hear!

Carver: Hardy har! I like that fella's style!

Milly: He's certainly in, erm, high spirits...

Ashlynn: That guy needs to, like, pace himself or something.

Nevan: I cannot condone this gentleman's...er...habits.

Amos: He could cut down on his drinkin' a tad!

Carver: Hope that old fella doesn't celebrate himself into a coffin.

Milly: It really is festive around here.

Ashlynn: I hope he doesn't drink the whole year away.

Nevan: From young to old, it would seem all are celebrating.

Amos: That old boy's spillin' more than he's gettin' down his throat. Oh well, as long as he's happy!

Carver: I could see myself bein' a hunter. It's a job for manly men, aye?

Milly: Maybe he could be a guide for the local hunters... Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Hunting sounds fun, but I'm pretty happy with my adventuring career right now.

Nevan: So Buddy's father is a hunter...

Amos: I once had a dream where some hunters were tryin' to bag old Amos. Terrifyin', it was.

Carver: No one here but the cow, aye?

Milly: What a wonderfully glossy coat. That cow must be well taken care of.

Ashlynn: You think that cow's got milk? I'm thirsty.

Nevan: Are cow's faces supposed to be that big?

Amos: Hmm... That cow looks deliciou–

Amos: I mean, it looks like a healthy, strappin' beast!

Carver: She looks as good at weavin' as I am at fightin'.

Milly: Being able to do what you love will bring happiness at any age.

Ashlynn: Wow, she's weaving up a storm!

Nevan: It just goes to show that nothing is more important than good health.

Amos: Look at her go! Let's see if old Amos is half as healthy when I get to her age!

Carver: I reckon it'll take a while before folks can really rest easy.

Milly: I know exactly what that nun means.

Milly: I must admit that I share her unease.

Ashlynn: She makes a good point. It doesn't really seem over yet, somehow.

Nevan: I think that many people throughout the world share this fear.

Nevan: Murdaw's baneful shadow lay over all of our hearts for far too long...

Amos: I'd like to reassure her, but I get tongue-tied at times like these.

Carver: Blimey, this armour's really something! I bet it's blessed by spirits 'n everything like that!

Milly: That armour really suits you, Hero, it deserves to be equipped straight away!

Ashlynn: Don't you just love that new-armour smell?

Nevan: Just gazing at armour like that makes me feel safer.

Amos: I wonder how old Amos would look in that armour...

Carver: That armour must be unbreakable, aye?

Carver: I can feel the power pulsin' from it. It's givin' me goosebumps.

Milly: Let's come back for it another time!

Ashlynn: Seven thousand gold coins, huh? That's not exactly cheap.

Nevan: It seems our current supply of gold coins just isn't going to cover it.

Amos: So we're low on funds? Well, no sense complainin' – let's go and get some gold coins!

Carver: That armour must be unbreakable, aye?

Carver: I can feel the power pulsin' from it. It's givin' me goosebumps.

Milly: I sense that the enchanted armour is bestowed with the divine protection of the spirits.

Ashlynn: Huh? We're not buying it after all?

Nevan: I sensed the extraordinary strength that armour was imbued with.

Amos: What's that?! It was too expensive!?

Carver: Avast! You jokin' or what, Hero?

Milly: How can you say something like that, Hero?

Ashlynn: Hold on now! Have you forgotten about your search for yourself?

Nevan: I do not wish to meddle, but perhaps it's best to explain the true nature of your quest to the Mayor?

Amos: Were you just tellin' the Mayor what he wanted to hear, Hero? That's nice of you but...

Carver: Stop by and see Tania, aye? Hardy har! Don't mind if I do.

Milly: A search for yourself is not the easiest concept to explain, I suppose.

Ashlynn: I don't think he understood, but at least he's a good sport about it!

Nevan: The Mayor may not fully understand the nature of our quest, but we can count on his support.

Amos: The Mayor seems like a good sort. He's worried about the well-bein' of this Tania lass.

Carver: Marriage? Soon!? Did you take a hit to the noggin, Hero!?

Milly: How serious are you, Hero?

Ashlynn: Hmm... I don't really see the chemistry, but whatever.

Nevan: Er... Matrimony is a wonderful thing, but are you sure about that timing...?

Amos: When you get married, Hero, we're goin' to have ourselves the party to end all parties!

Carver: Crikey, she's really serious about this!

Milly: I'm sure you know what you're doing, Hero.

Ashlynn: She's keeping it a secret...?

Nevan: Far be it from me to doubt you, but did you really make such a promise, Hero?

Amos: I'm worried that all this talk of weddings is goin' to get out of hand!

Carver: Crikey. This is why I'm single and lovin' it.

Milly: I can't believe she's so tolerant of your half-hearted attitude, Hero.

Ashlynn: “Rebel”? More like “slacker” if you ask me...

Nevan: It's best to leave all of this matrimonial malarkey until after our quest is over, don't you think?

Amos: Hero, you're quite a hit with the ladies!

Carver: Avast, Hero! Are you seriously gonna drag this out?

Milly: So Hero... What will you do?

Ashlynn: I think she's serious, Hero.

Nevan: Does love truly affect people this profoundly?

Amos: Seems like this Judith lass is more than prepared to wait!

Carver: You shouldn't promise to marry folks willy-nilly like that, Hero.

Milly: Do be careful, Hero. A single careless word can cause so much pain...

Ashlynn: Someone else, huh? I wonder who the lucky gal is...

Nevan: Judith has clearly taken the news hard.

Amos: ...You've got another lass on the go, Hero!? When were you goin' to tell old Amos?

Carver: ......

Milly: The poor girl... Both you and Buddy...

Ashlynn: Boy, Judith sure has rotten luck with guys...

Nevan: I'd love to comment, but affairs of the heart are not my strong suit.

Amos: This Judith lass looks like a tough type. She'll be fine, you mark my words.

Carver: Crikey, Hero. This girl's attraction to you is startin' to sound fatal.

Milly: She's quite eager to please, isn't she.

Ashlynn: So Hero likes to take things slow, huh?

Nevan: She clearly still holds a torch for you.

Amos: I think this lass is goin' to keep comin' back no matter what you say, Hero.

Carver: Avast, Hero! If you really made that promise, you ain't the Mr Nice Guy I thought you were!

Milly: Don't tell me you've actually forgotten, Hero?

Ashlynn: Is that girl really serious about all this?

Nevan: Did you really make this promise, Hero? Not that it's any of my business, of course...

Amos: Now, old Amos has been known to forget the odd thing, but I wouldn't forget agreein' to marry a lass!

Carver: (yawn) What a great sleep!

Carver: It's a shame we didn't get to talk with Tania much, though.

Milly: It's clear Tania cares for you a lot, Hero.

Ashlynn: Boy, Tania sure was excited to see you yesterday, wasn't she?

Ashlynn: I'll bet having you back home was a real treat for her, Hero.

Nevan: You were truly dead to the world, Hero.

Amos: That Tania lass isn't half dreamy, I tell you!

Carver: Let's come back now 'n then, aye, Hero? You know, just to make sure Tania's okay...

Milly: It must be wonderful to have a sister who cares so much about you, Hero.

Ashlynn: I'm a big fan of your sister, Hero!

Nevan: It's a true blessing to have a sister like this, Hero.

Amos: Old Amos would do anythin' for Tania!

...I really would, you know!

Carver: Rise 'n shine, Hero! Time to shove off!

Milly: My, what a replenishing sleep!

Ashlynn: I feel like I could conquer the world today!

Nevan: Good morning to one and all!

Amos: It's mornings like this that make you glad to be alive!

Carver: Seems like Tania's startin' to sense something, too...

Carver: Maybe there's another Tania down in the real world somewhere, aye?

Milly: It's hard to determine how best to address Tania's concerns...

Ashlynn: Wow. Can't get much past Tania, huh?

Nevan: None of us know just what answers we will find in our quest.

Nevan: I'm curious, but also fearful of the truths we may uncover.

Amos: I've never met a lass like Tania before! She's got a good heart – and a great smile!

Carver: Hardy har! That cat seems to like us!

Milly: I'm glad that the cat is here to keep Tania company.

Ashlynn: Aww... She kind of looks like a fuzzy little Tania, doesn't she?

Nevan: Petting a cat can be a healing experience – not unlike a visit to Ghent.

Amos: They say that pets grow to look like their owners.

Amos: But you're nowhere near as hairy as this cat, Hero!


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Carver: He has a point. You'd think the monsters would be scarce, what with Murdaw gone 'n everything like that.

Milly: Monsters that should have disappeared with Murdaw's defeat are still at large...

Milly: Perhaps a source apart from Murdaw is involved...?

Ashlynn: Getting all these people down the mountain would be tough even without the monsters.

Nevan: So the number of monsters in this area has not decreased one jot...

Amos: This place would be perfect if it wasn't for those flippin' monsters!

Carver: Good thing ya got out of that village, Hero, or your legs would be puny, too.

Milly: What a lovely area. The air is so fresh!

Ashlynn: Wow, she's already tired? We're, like, a stone's throw from the village!

Nevan: I'm sure it's hard to take breaks with so many monsters at large.

Amos: Whenever I've walked too far, a good foot massage fixes me right up!

Carver: Can't argue with that, aye, Hero?

Milly: It'd be nicer if there weren't any monsters roaming around...

Ashlynn: He shouldn't stand so close to the cliff.

It's windy out here!

Nevan: I'd prefer to snuggle up indoors with a nice book, myself...

Amos: What a view! Old Amos could get used to this...

Carver: That's the question of the moment right there.

Milly: Perhaps it would be best for the villagers to return to Weaver's Peak.

Ashlynn: If a couple of monsters are enough to freak him out like that, he should've never left home.

Nevan: The world is still a long way from being safe for everyone to walk around as they please.

Amos: If he doesn't mind out, a monster will scare him right off the cliff!

Carver: Aye, I reckon the monsters made payin' proper respects pretty tough around here.

Milly: So this is where the village's dearly departed are laid to rest...

Ashlynn: Aww. I think I'm going to cry...

Nevan: I pray that this man's wife can rest here in peace.

Amos: You shouldn't have to risk your life to take a trip to your wife's grave. It's just not right!

Carver: “Culture shock”!? That sounds rough! He should see the priest, and fast!

Milly: I'm sure he'll remember this day for the rest of his life!

Ashlynn: I can't imagine never leaving your hometown...but maybe that's because I can't remember mine.

Nevan: Perhaps he'll get bitten by the travel bug and one day venture further afield.

Amos: There's a whole wide world out there for him to explore!

Carver: It'd take a pretty silly innkeeper to set up shop in here, aye?

Milly: I sure hope monsters don't visit this inn...

Ashlynn: How does this inn stay in business? I thought location was everything!

Nevan: It's fun to stumble upon these kinds of tucked away places.

Amos: You don't get a lot of sunlight in this inn!

Carver: Whoa! This place is hoppin'!

Milly: Bazaars are always so exciting!

Ashlynn: Oooh, a bazaar! That means shopping! Yippee!

Nevan: I dare say we may be able to stumble across a real find in this town.

Amos: A bazaar! You don't get many of these where I come from!

Carver: Time to put our scoutin' skills to the test!

Milly: With all these shops, the competition is red-hot.

Ashlynn: I guess the point is...it pays to shop around!

Nevan: This gentleman's advice is most sound.

Amos: So let me get this straight – you'll find the same item at different prices depending on the shop?

Carver: He wasn't sellin' anything we haven't seen before, aye?

Milly: He always seems to be a step behind...

Ashlynn: This poor guy's either the worst businessman ever, or the unluckiest – or both!

Nevan: That does seem a rather strange place for a shop. But it's intriguing nonetheless.

Amos: If he'd only munched on a few seeds of agility, he might've fared better.

Carver: Folks pay more attention when you're tough, aye, Hero? Welcome to my world.

Milly: Lots of people here seem to know you, Hero.

Ashlynn: Is she saying you used to be a weakling, Hero?

Nevan: She's clearly a born saleswoman – she remembers all of her customers.

Amos: This stunner is an acquaintance of yours, Hero? I'm impressed!

Carver: Hmm. Do folks really care that much about crowns?

Milly: Cliff's crown making skills are held in high esteem.

Ashlynn: I wish I could try on one of those crowns for myself!

Nevan: This fellow seems to know which way the world is going.

Amos: I wouldn't mind tryin' a spirit crown on for size!

Carver: It's good to see that guy outlived Murdaw, aye?

Milly: His aura is shimmering with joy.

Ashlynn: You can tell he really loves life. And turnips.

Nevan: Before, peace must have seemed like an unrealisable dream.

Amos: That old boy's full of beans. ...Or full of turnips!

Carver: Captain Blade, aye...? He's known all over these parts.

Milly: The story of King Somnus and Murdaw is indeed bizarre – not to mention complicated.

Ashlynn: The King's been like a new man ever since he came back to the castle, huh?

Nevan: She no doubt craves enlightenment regarding King Somnus, but we should keep it to ourselves.

Amos: I'd explain what really happened, but I don't have the first clue!

Carver: Givin' thanks for Murdaw's a good way to get roughed up, if ya ask me.

Milly: Now that everyone can relax, hopefully it'll lead to more bazaars.

Ashlynn: I guess Murdaw was good for some things – like getting us all together.

Nevan: This town certainly seems to be enjoying peace.

And profiting from it too!

Amos: You can never have too many bazaars! Old Amos is just worried about burnin' through his savings!

Carver: He should stop griping and start gatherin' stuff to sell.

Milly: This bazaar must have been rather spontaneous.

Ashlynn: The lesson here is to always be prepared.

Nevan: It seems this bazaar caught this fellow flat-footed.

Amos: In other words, this stall isn't open for business.

Carver: You actually bought that? You collectin' knick-knacks or something?

Milly: “Bone stake”...? I suppose it's a weapon?

Ashlynn: A bone stake, huh? I wonder who could equip something like that.

Nevan: His customer service leaves a little something to be desired.

Amos: Ouch! The tip of this thing isn't half sharp, I tell you!

Carver: Bein' a cheapskate beats bein' swindled! Aye, Hero?

Milly: We can always come back if we need to.

Ashlynn: It's not like a “bone stake” sounds all that great, anyway.

Nevan: I don't mean to cast aspersions, but that man seemed suspicious...

Amos: I'm pretty sure I could whittle a bone down and you wouldn't know the difference.

Carver: Are you really plannin' to buy that, Hero?

Milly: Apparently, we're poorer than I realised...

Ashlynn: Sheesh! He didn't have to rub it in like that.

Nevan: The purpose of our quest is not to collect riches. We fight for a higher cause!

Amos: Old Amos was always taught to save for a rainy day. It's no fun to be hard up.

Carver: Buyin' in bulk for emergencies, aye?

Milly: That didn't seem like a particularly good bargain...

Ashlynn: Do you think that water's the real deal? I mean, we're an awful long way from Amor.

Nevan: Amor seco essence is a powerful healing tonic.

It's always good to have some to hand.

Amos: If old Amos remembers rightly, amor seco essence has the same healin' powers as the spell Midheal.

Carver: Hey, how does he know it's the “deal of the century”, anyway? The century ain't over.

Milly: Wise shoppers buy what they need, when they need it.

Ashlynn: We haven't had much use for chimaera wings lately, anyway.

Nevan: I wonder how much we really would have saved.

Amos: So we didn't splash out in the end?

Amos: Maybe if he'd chucked in another chimaera wing...

Carver: We don't even have four hundred gold coins? How embarrassin'.

Milly: Perhaps it's time for us to start economising...

Ashlynn: Did we have any deposits in the bank, maybe?

Nevan: Perhaps it's a sign from the Goddess that this purchase is surplus to our requirements.

Amos: And there was old Amos gettin' all excited about our little spendin' spree...

Carver: A thief's key, aye...? I'd be interested in that, actually.

Milly: This seems like it'll come in quite handy...

Ashlynn: You're turning him down? This deal seems like a no-brainer, Hero.

Nevan: A thief's key sounds like something of a find to me.

Amos: Two hundred sounds like a fair price to old Amos...

Carver: Huzzah! This key oughta come in handy.

Milly: I wonder if we can try out our new key here in town somewhere?

Ashlynn: Yahoo! Let's go try this sucker out somewhere!

Nevan: What a find! It pays to shop around, it seems.

Amos: I've got a feelin' this key is goin' to be worth its weight in gold.

Carver: Crikey. How'd we end up so broke?

Milly: Oh dear... I'd hate for someone else to snap it up instead.

Ashlynn: Boy, we need to manage our money better...

Nevan: Shall we sell some of our possessions to bolster our war chest?

Amos: Hang about! Old Amos might have two hundred gold coins stashed away here somewhere...

Amos: ...No. I forgot that we'd chucked all our money together...

Carver: Well...it's not untrue, I reckon.

Milly: The people of this town must have a sixth sense especially for rumours!

Ashlynn: It can't be a good feeling to have your king go missing.

Nevan: I pray for the day when rumours are replaced by solid, verifiable facts...

Amos: Seems the rumour mill is workin' overtime these days!

Carver: Aye, but my old man can make stuff better than his.

Milly: I wonder which one is his father...

Ashlynn: Maybe he's right, maybe not. I don't know my dad, so...

Nevan: His father may be nothing but a swindler. Let's be on our guard.

Amos: This lad seems to have the gift of the gab. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a fine salesman too!

Carver: Hardy har! It's good to see the quiet brother gettin' riled for a change.

Milly: He's quite excited, isn't he!

Ashlynn: He must be doing pretty well!

Nevan: When your rival is your own flesh and blood, it adds an extra element to the competition.

Amos: What I wouldn't give to know how much profit this fellow's made today!

Carver: Who needs help puttin' on a kilt?

Milly: Normally five hundred gold coins, eh? I wonder...

Ashlynn: You say kilt, I say skirt. I'd never wear that anyway!

Nevan: I have little time for sartorial matters but is a leather kilt really a practical item of clothing?

Amos: A leather kilt!? It's not really my style, but I'll wear it if it makes you happy, Hero.

Carver: Never mind. It's not like we're in a big rush to buy the thing.

Milly: Bazaars aren't much fun with empty pockets. Let's go, Hero.

Ashlynn: I'd get upset about not affording this thing, but glorified skirts aren't my style.

Nevan: Let us accept that it was not meant to be.

Amos: I'm a tad worried about not even havin' two hundred gold coins to rub together...

Carver: You ain't buyin', aye? Let's shove off, Hero.

Milly: The only customers that matter are the paying ones, apparently...

Ashlynn: How rude! Let's take our business elsewhere.

Nevan: Rarely have I been treated in such an off-hand manner!

Amos: I'm glad we bought nothin'! Handin' over money to him would have stuck in my craw.

Carver: Crikey, Hero. Don't you wanna know what you're buyin'?

Milly: Erm... What did you just buy, Hero?

Ashlynn: You bought it! ...Wait, what did you buy?

Nevan: Perhaps there was a reason that this was the last item on the shelf...

Amos: Is it me or did we not meet a nipper who acted a lot like this fellow?

Carver: C'mon, we're done here. Let's hit another stall!

Milly: He never did tell us what he's selling.

Ashlynn: You know, it's probably for the better. I have a bad feeling about this guy.

Nevan: I preach caution towards silver-tongued salesfolk.

Amos: We should hurry before he sells it to someone else! ...Whatever it is!

Carver: I don't like this fella's high-pressure sales style.

Milly: This merchant definitely went to salesman school...

Ashlynn: Don't fall for it, Hero! Whatever it is, I'm sure it's worthless!

Nevan: So we remain in the dark as to what he was selling...

Amos: Is anyone really goin' to snap this up? I wonder...

Carver: What a fraud...

Milly: I'm not sensing any remorse whatsoever...

Ashlynn: Oh, brother! As if we're the bad guys here!

Nevan: He may laugh but I sense there is little humour there.

Amos: Did he think he could pull the wool over our eyes!?

Carver: He's talkin' about those two brothers, aye?

Milly: He must have been following the brotherly contest closely.

Ashlynn: Wow, those brothers are the talk of the town.

Nevan: There's something very pure about brotherly rivalry.

Nevan: They're spurring each other on to new heights.

Amos: So this Bill is beatin' Buck at his own game, is he?

Carver: Hardy har! Next thing ya know, someone'll be tellin' us about a “Town o' Frowns”.

Milly: “Isle o' Smiles”? If ever somewhere sounded too good to be true...

Ashlynn: Likely story. They say it's full of smiles, but what's the place really like?

Nevan: This sounds like the most baseless of rumours.

Amos: “Isle o' Smiles”!? Why did no one tell old Amos!? Where do I sign up?

Carver: Pfft. You'd have to be crazy to believe that tale in the first place!

Milly: Happiness is not something that can be slotted into one's schedule!

Ashlynn: If a place sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Nevan: The Isle o' Smiles was built on lies but there was nothing false about the ferocious power of Jamirus.

Amos: A quick trip there tells you it won't live up to its name.

Carver: Hardy har! I knew this girl had a thing for ya, Hero.

Milly: It's nice to have someone recognise your achievements.

Ashlynn: Sounds like you've really come a long way, Hero!

Nevan: This woman has an intimate knowledge of your personal history, Hero.

Amos: As soon as she spotted it was you, Hero, she got a lot more friendly! What's your secret!?

Carver: You're a popular fella, Hero!

Milly: Hee hee. You're a proper Haggleton heartthrob, Hero.

Ashlynn: Well, well, Hero! You're quite the ladies' man!

Nevan: It seems she harbours some affection for you, Hero...

Amos: Any hints on how to be a hit with the ladies,

instead of just getting hit by the ladies?


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Carver: Hardy har! I thought the whole continent would know we whupped Murdaw by now!

Milly: Even among the Somnian military, there are those who haven't yet heard the news...

Ashlynn: I bet guard duty will be a lot easier from now on.

Nevan: News travels slowly to outposts such as these.

Amos: And there was me thinkin' that the world and its mother had heard the news...

Terry: This guy's really out of touch...

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Good news would make that guy's day!

Milly: Wilful contrariness like that is a sign of immaturity, Hero.

Ashlynn: Oh, come on! Just tell him the truth!

Nevan: I suppose he'll have to use his own judgement to discern the truth.

Amos: I hope he doesn't get upset with us when he finds out the truth!

Terry: Is there a particular reason you're doling out misleading information, Hero?

Carver: He's sleepin' like a log.

Milly: He must be on break.

Ashlynn: Being a checkpoint guard sure is a relaxing job.

Nevan: Let's leave him be until his shift begins.

Amos: Must be tirin', guardin' these checkpoints...

Amos: Well, sweet dreams, fellow!

Terry: He certainly knows how to sleep...

Carver: “Crazy”, aye? Crazy how, I wonder?

Milly: I must admit, I'm rather intrigued by this “coot”.

Ashlynn: Too bad we can't cart the Providence into this world...

Nevan: Well, until we find a suitable means of transport let's just make a note of this information.

Amos: A crazy old coot? He sounds like he might be a good laugh.

Terry: Haven't we got enough on our plates without adding crazy old coots to the menu?


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Carver: Avast there, Hero! What're we doin' here again?

Carver: I dunno if you've noticed, but I don't like dealin' with this little fella much.

Milly: The scent of wood here is quite alluring.

Amos: Who'd choose to live holed up out here?

Carver: Lovable as always, aye?

Milly: Wouldn't it be wonderful to live such a simple, carefree life, Hero?

Ashlynn: This guy talks a lot tougher than he looks.

Nevan: He certainly takes things at his own pace...

Amos: You've got no shortage of acquaintances, do you Hero?

Terry: There's something appealing about making a living by chopping wood...

Carver: Good to see he's startin' to get a little self-confidence.

Milly: He's clearly terrified of his boss...

Ashlynn: The “number-one apprentice”? He looks like the only apprentice to me!

Nevan: He seems to be in perfect harmony with his surroundings.

Amos: This is a top notch hut and no mistake.

Amos: It must have been made by a famous carpenter!

Terry: A little bit of hard work will do him good...

Carver: Whoa! Look at this place! Is this Alltrades Abbey!?

Milly: I knew it. Alltrades Abbey in the dream world has been restored!

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's mingle and find out about this place.

Nevan: I confess that I am most taken aback by this.

Amos: Take a look at this place, would you?

It's bloomin' marvellous!

Carver: Let's scout around 'n see how things work around here.

Milly: It seems people take on all kinds of different roles in life.

Ashlynn: So...so this is Alltrades Abbey?

Nevan: It seems there are stairs leading down as well.

Let us be careful not to lose our way.

Amos: There's somethin' so dignified about this place.

It's not somewhere for idle chit-chat.

Carver: Crowded as always, aye?

Milly: Let's keep quiet, so as not to disturb people's prayers.

Ashlynn: I really love it here. The place has...atmosphere.

Nevan: Has anyone changed their vocation today?

Amos: This place feels a bit above old Amos's station.

Terry: Something in the air here tells monsters to steer clear.

Lizzie: (spit) This... Alltrades Abbey... (snarl)

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: I'm glad we got this place goin' again.

Milly: I sense that we'll be making many visits to this place.

Ashlynn: The soldiers here seem different from the ones at other castles.

Nevan: For such a sacred place to have been sealed off by monstrous forces... It's almost too much to bear!

Amos: The soldiers here are a cut above the rest.

Terry: Let's see what else is in here.

Lizzie: (slobber) Alltrades... Sacred place... (snarl)

Goober: Boing boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I reckon this lady musta been sealed away with the Abbey. What's this about “abilities”, though?

Milly: She doesn't seem to recall the details of what happened.

Ashlynn: Abilities I never dreamt I had, huh? Wait till the monsters get a load of those!

Nevan: The Abbey does indeed appear to have been revived very recently.

Amos: Seems like they don't have a clue that it was Murdaw who imprisoned them all.

Carver: “Change paths”, aye...? Which way're you headed today, Hero?

Milly: I hope that Alltrades Abbey continues to thrive for many years to come.

Ashlynn: That woman gives the best pep talks. She makes me feel full of potential!

Nevan: She speaks the truth. Life is indeed the greatest of journeys.

Amos: When a classy lass like this talks, old Amos tends to drift off into a nice daydream.

Terry: Let's hurry up and take care of business.

Lizzie: (splutter) Awaken abilities... Alltrades... (spit)

Goober: Boing boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: I'm lost. Did you follow all of that?

Carver: I'd better start payin' more attention – especially if we talk to him again.

Milly: We should ask that nun about advanced vocations.

Ashlynn: If we ever need a refresher, I guess we can just talk to the nun or this guy, huh?

Nevan: So if we look at the Attributes menu, we can check up on our progress.

Amos: So if you master multiple vocations, you might come up with an even more smashin' one!

Terry: That seemed pretty helpful.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie leave details to Hero... (sputter)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: We can always come back whenever we want more details.

Milly: He seems to be something of an expert when it comes to changing vocations.

Ashlynn: What's with his attitude? We're just not in the mood for a lecture, that's all.

Nevan: Well, when we get the urge to hear more about changing vocations, this is our man.

Amos: To be fair, we never asked in the first place...

Terry: C'mon, look lively.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie leave details to Hero... (sputter)

Goober: Boing boing boi-oing!

Terry: I was a gladiator before I even met you, so I've got nothing to learn here.

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie... Born dragon... (snarl)

Carver: Guess this is the go-to place to learn about vocations 'n everything like that.

Milly: The more I learn, the harder it is to choose a path.

Ashlynn: I bet it'd take a lifetime to learn every single vocation!

Nevan: This has been enlightening indeed.

Amos: The explanations were nice and slow and didn't use too many long words!

Terry: Have we heard enough?

Lizzie: (slobber) What...next... Hero... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (slurp)

Carver: So talkin' to her will help us know when we oughta switch vocations?

Milly: I hope this lady's advice will prove helpful in choosing our paths.

Ashlynn: There's no shortcuts in life, huh? We'll just have to fight, fight, and, er, fight!

Nevan: It's good to know our status with regard to changing vocations.

Amos: I'm grateful for having learnt somethin' today!

Terry: C'mon, let's get moving.

Lizzie: (snarl) Hero... What...next...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing? (slurp)

Carver: (yawn) That speech over? I zoned out a little while back.

Carver: I got the gist, though. Now we know why this abbey up 'n vanished.

Milly: Murdaw seemed intent on sealing off anything that stood in his way.

Ashlynn: So that's why this abbey was just a big hole in the ground...

Nevan: So Murdaw sealed off the Abbey to prevent heroes from emerging...

Nevan: “Hero” should therefore be the vocation to which we all must ultimately aspire.

Amos: If we all got ourselves bumped up to hero status we wouldn't have a thing to fear!

Terry: So we become heroes. No sweat.

Lizzie: (sputter) Murdaw seal Abbey... Seal broken... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It's still a dangerous world out there. I'd hold on to that sword...

Carver: Besides, a merchant should learn some sword techniques. Nothin' wrong with bein' well-rounded...

Milly: He has such a peaceful aura for a warrior.

Ashlynn: I guess current events really influence how you choose your vocation.

Nevan: I pray for a future where everyone puts down their weapons and chooses a path of peace.

Amos: Merchants are always goin' to make more money than warriors, that's for sure!

Terry: Peace or no peace, I wouldn't give up my sword for anything.

Lizzie: (snarl) Merchants strong... Stronger than expect... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: ......

Milly: Seems these types exist no matter what world you're in...

Ashlynn: Tee hee! ...Wait, what's a pattycake princess again?

Nevan: A p-pattycake princess!? There's no such vocation! Er... I hope...

Amos: It's not old Amos's cup of tea, that's all I'll say.

Terry: If people want to live in a dream, let them.

I'll take reality, if it's all the same.

Lizzie: (spit) Hero... Like pattycake...? (splutter)

Goober: Boing boi-oing! (jiggle)

Carver: Choppin' wood, aye? That's one way for a martial artist to make a livin' during peace.

Milly: Some vocations seem useful even outside of battle.

Ashlynn: Hmm... What would the world be like if everyone mastered one of these vocations?

Ashlynn: Monsters would be a lot more scarce, that's for sure.

Nevan: This at least is a dream I can approve of.

Amos: You could chop through all kinds of things if you were a martial artist. What a laugh that'd be!

Terry: The path to becoming a gladiator starts at the martial artist.

Terry: ...Chopping wood isn't part of the equation.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie cook food... Use fire breath...

Very handy... (splutter)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: So ya learn some magic and some priest stuff, and suddenly you're a sage?

Carver: That sounds like two steps too many for me.

Milly: The more vocations you master, the more new possibilities open up to you.

Ashlynn: Whoa. I guess this girl's more powerful than she looks.

Nevan: A sage! What a splendid-sounding vocation it is!

Amos: There's so many vocations to choose from! How are you supposed to know what path to take?

Terry: In do-or-die battles, you always want to have a sage on your side.

Lizzie: (sputter) Path to sage... Very long... (slobber)

Goober: B-Boing!

Carver: Even thieves are welcome at Alltrades as long as they use their abilities for good, aye?

Milly: In an ideal world, people would use their vocational training for the good of society...

Ashlynn: If he always had a knack for thievery, I bet he'll zoom right through his training.

Nevan: Well, it is good to have professional pride in what you do for a living...

Amos: Hero! Watch out for this fellow! Check he hasn't nicked anythin'!

Terry: A thief can be surprisingly useful to have around.

Lizzie: (spit) Thief... More than meets eye... (slobber)

Goober: Boing boing...

Carver: The Sword of Ramias, aye? Even the name sounds powerful.

Milly: This abbey truly does attract all sorts of people, all for different reasons.

Ashlynn: Wouldn't it be quicker to ask around at weapon shops?

Nevan: Hmm... The Sword of Ramias...

Somehow I feel it will be connected to our quest.

Amos: The Sword of Ramias, eh? Let's remember that name! ...Now what was it called again...?

Carver: Crikey, this guy's still lookin' for it?

Milly: I don't have the heart to tell him that we've got it...

Ashlynn: Kinda hard to find it when you never leave the Abbey...

Nevan: I recall that we first heard of the Sword of Ramias from this fellow.

Nevan: But it seems the Goddess had other plans for the sword...

Amos: I bet he'd be surprised if we told him where it was!

Terry: Well, he's not gonna find it here.

Terry: ...Unless he wants to rifle through our stuff. Heh.

Lizzie: (splutter) Ramias sword... Our sword... Best not tell... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing boing!

Carver: I like to think I was born a hero, but whatever...

Milly: “Hero”... Now there's a vocation anyone can admire.

Ashlynn: I doubt bumming around Alltrades all day will get him any closer to becoming a “hero”.

Nevan: This is indeed intriguing information.

Amos: If this lad can become one of them heroes, then anyone can do it!

Terry: Uh...yeah. No comment.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie... Hero material...? Not sure... (snarl)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Pretty quiet, aye?

Milly: What is it, Hero? Have you noticed something?

Ashlynn: What's up with those round...brazier things? I wonder what they're for...

Nevan: I feel like something out of the ordinary is bound to occur in this room...

Amos: So what happens here then?

Goober: Boing! Boing boi-oing! (jiggle)

Carver: Let there be light, aye? I reckon they'll all be lit sooner or later.

Milly: What is it, Hero? Have you noticed something?

Ashlynn: The number of lit braziers must mean something...

Nevan: I feel like something out of the ordinary is bound to occur in this room...

Amos: It'd be nice to get all these braziers lit and shed a bit more light on the subject, wouldn't it?

Terry: What, this place? I have no idea.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie does not understand... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing boi-oing! (jiggle)

Carver: Avast! We got 'em all lit! Huzzah!

Milly: Whose voice was that? We'd better inform the high priest about this...

Ashlynn: Whoa! Did you hear that voice!? I knew all these lit braziers had to mean something!

Nevan: Let us hurry to the high priest!

Amos: What are we goin' to achieve by informin' the high priest, I wonder?

Terry: Well? Are planning to tell the high priest or not, Hero?

Lizzie: (spit) Fires burning... Tell high priest... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! Boing boing boi-oing! (jiggle)


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: So this is Scrimsley, aye? Nice place!

Milly: This town has a lovely aura. And yet...

Milly: Something about this place is not quite right.

Ashlynn: Whew... What a slog. I'm exhausted.

Nevan: This town feels spacious and pleasant.

Carver: This is the part of travellin' I like – meetin' new folks, listenin' to their stories...

Milly: A forest glade is a delightful spot for a town.

Milly: But why do I feel a little uneasy?

Ashlynn: Hey, let's go hit the hay at the inn, okay?

Nevan: Hopefully we can pick up some helpful information here.

Carver: Hey, talkin' to folks is just fine, Hero, but let's get to an inn, aye?

Milly: A forest glade is a delightful spot for a town.

Ashlynn: Hey, are we ready to sleep yet?

Nevan: Hopefully we can pick up some helpful information here.

Carver: Nothin' wrong with a little tourism. The death of Murdaw is startin' to have positive effects all over.

Milly: He didn't seem very welcoming, did he, Hero?

Milly: It sounds to me like he'd rather not have any visitors at all...

Ashlynn: I bet the inn and shops here would love more business, though.

Nevan: Well, I would hardly describe us as “big city sorts”...

Nevan: Still, the man's distinct lack of enthusiasm for tourists is clear.

Carver: “Hero of the hour”, aye? That's not a very long time to be a hero.

Milly: It sounds like this Amos person is a protector of the peace here.

Ashlynn: Wow! That Amos guy must be a real musclehead!

Nevan: So this Amos is viewed as a hero in this town.

Carver: Pfft. Why would the Goddess care if we're here or not?

Milly: Are we causing someone trouble by being here...?

Ashlynn: Wait, what? I thought priests were supposed to be warm and welcoming!

Nevan: This priest has appealed to the Goddess in telling us to leave this town.

Nevan: This is not a warning to be idly ignored.

Carver: “That terrible day”? Did he stub his toe or something?

Milly: I'm curious about this Amos fellow.

Milly: Come on, Hero, let's ask around town to see if we can learn some more about him.

Ashlynn: Consider my curiosity piqued. What do you think happened to Amos?

Nevan: I pray whatever ails this Amos is nothing too serious.

Carver: “That terrible day”? He must mean the day he got bitten, aye?

Milly: I wonder if there's anything we can do to help him...?

Ashlynn: Maybe he got an infection or something when that monster bit him on the butt.

Nevan: Amos didn't appear to be in such a terrible condition...

Carver: What's he blabberin' about? He's just jealous of my hair.

Milly: Well, at least he seems to like it here...

Ashlynn: He's got it all wrong. Travelling is fun!

Nevan: I was hoping for some slightly more enlightening information...

Carver: ...And? Crikey. I hate it when folks just trail off in the middle of a tale!

Milly: Every night, like clockwork? Just what happens here after dark?

Ashlynn: How can he end his story on a cliffhanger? What a tease!

Nevan: A dark secret lurks in the hearts of the people of Scrimsley...

Nevan: But as to its nature, I haven't the faintest idea.

Carver: That kid's pretty sharp, mindin' the store at his age...

Milly: How cute! Can we buy him a little something, Hero?

Ashlynn: Wow! He's barely out of diapers, but he's still doing his part to help!

Nevan: He reminds me of my own happy childhood, helping my grandfather with his sacred duties.

Carver: Are we takin' a load off our feet, Hero?

Milly: So this is Scrimsley's inn. What a homely place!

Ashlynn: Can we spend the night here? Pretty please? I'm beat!

Nevan: It's nice to see an inn that's so spick and span.

Carver: They're closed, aye? Ah, well. Let's try back later, Hero.

Milly: Why don't we have a look around town for a while?

Ashlynn: What? How can an inn not be open for business!?

Nevan: Perhaps we can stroll around a bit while the innkeeper gets things in order.

Carver: Nothin' wakes me up once I start sawin' logs. Earthquakes, thunder, end of the world – nothin'!

Milly: Did you see the bags under his eyes? He clearly didn't get enough sleep.

Ashlynn: Talk like that's enough to give a girl nightmares...

Nevan: I confess I am perplexed by this man's tale.

Nevan: But I sense this town conceals some dark secret.

Carver: Ahoy, Hero! How 'bout we have a quick prayer? Couldn't hurt, ya know?

Milly: Churches always have such a tranquil aura.

Ashlynn: I don't know why, but churches are just so soothing.

Nevan: The infinite mercy and goodness of the Goddess is almost tangible here.

Carver: In what state? What's she mean by that, aye?

Milly: This Amos is clearly a very important figure here.

Ashlynn: How about we look for this Amos, huh?

Nevan: I'm intrigued to find out just what has befallen this Amos fellow.

Carver: Whatever's botherin' him, it's not a common cold. He won't be bouncin' back any time soon.

Milly: Why don't we take a rest and then go and check on Amos?

Ashlynn: Amos seems like such a nice guy, doesn't he?

Nevan: It seems certain that being bitten on the behind is what lies...er...behind his malady.

Carver: Honeymoon's over, aye?

Milly: This house must be home to that lady and her husband.

Ashlynn: Why did she tell us about her husband out of the blue?

Ashlynn: She think we're old buddies of his or something?

Nevan: This woman no doubt owes her safety and well-being to the indefatigable Amos.

Carver: Crikey! I spend any more time around here and I'll start worshippin' Amos!

Milly: He must have been terribly worried about his son...

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Amos's fan club is huge! Even I want to join at this point.

Nevan: This Amos seems to wear his heroic status lightly.

Carver: Everybody's Amos this and Amos that. This guy's like another me!

Milly: I'm sure nothing beats living together with family.

Ashlynn: Aww, they look so happy!

Nevan: I feel bad for wandering in while dinner is being prepared.

Carver: Hardy har! Reminds me of myself when I was a little rascal.

Milly: It seems that Scrimsley has found its next Amos!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Glad that kid's on our side, huh?

Nevan: He seems like he has a bright future ahead of him as this town's guardian.

Carver: Mmm? What's the matter with the mutt?

Milly: The poor pup seems a little down.

Milly: It seems like there's something weighing on his mind.

Ashlynn: Guess today's not that dog's day.

Nevan: That dog does seem somewhat down in the mouth.

I wonder what the matter could be.

Carver: The mutt's worried about his master, aye? “Man's best friend” 'n everything like that!

Milly: I'm sure the pup will cheer up as soon as Amos gets better!

Ashlynn: Aww, what a good dog, keeping guard for Amos all this time!

Nevan: I'm sure he'll come bouncing back as soon as Amos has recovered.

Carver: So that's Amos, aye?

Carver: I thought he'd be more mean 'n muscular, but he seems like a nice enough fella.

Milly: Amos isn't just a hero – he's a gentleman, too.

Ashlynn: Oh... So Amos got bit on his butt, huh?

Nevan: Might I suggest that we take our leave?

Nevan: Perhaps we should take Amos's advice and find a bed for the evening here in town.

Carver: What kinda inn turns down customers like that? This is gettin' awfully suspicious.

Milly: This innkeeper seems to be hiding something...

Ashlynn: Wait, what? We're not staying here?

Ashlynn: Oh, come on! Amos recommended it to us and everything!

Nevan: Standard practice in the innkeeping world is to welcome guests who want to stay the night...

Nevan: There's something odd afoot. I suggest we give this fellow one more try.

Carver: Avast! You hear that!?

Carver: Let's go outside 'n see what's doin', Hero!

Milly: This is no ordinary earthquake!

Ashlynn: Ack! Earthquake! Ohhh, it's a big one, too!

Nevan: Wh-What is going on?! C-Can this really be an earthquake?

Carver: Is that fella off his rocker!? He can't really expect us to just sit here!

Milly: I don't think he's going to let us through. Let's find another way!

Ashlynn: Hey! Why isn't he letting us out, huh!?

Ashlynn: I don't know what an “owt” is, but I'm itching to find out!

Nevan: Something is happening that the innkeeper clearly wants us to keep our noses out of.

Carver: Avast! Hey, Hero! Let's take those stairs up to the roof!

Milly: This has been happening in this town every night!?

Ashlynn: Now I know why this guy couldn't catch forty winks here.

Ashlynn: But how did he sleep through all this shaking in the first place!?

Nevan: It's time to see this town's secret with our own eyes! To the roof!

Carver: Wh-What in the name of the Goddess is that?

Milly: We can't do anything from up here. What's your plan, Hero?

Ashlynn: Hey! Do you think that's the monster that bit Amos on the butt!?

Nevan: How could a beast like that suddenly appear in the middle of the town?

Carver: What a night! Let's go and chat to the innkeeper!

I gotta find out what's goin' on here!

Milly: Were you able to sleep, Hero?

Milly: It was a bit of a shock finding out that monster was actually Amos, wasn't it?

Ashlynn: (yawn) I could have gotten a better night's sleep in a casino...

Ashlynn: I can't believe that monster was actually Amos...

Nevan: So Amos is in that parlous state after being bitten by a monster.

Nevan: If only there was something we could do to aid him...

Carver: Whatever the secrets are, they ain't happy ones, aye?

Milly: It would be best for his peace of mind if he didn't know the truth.

Ashlynn: Good thing that guy didn't go on the roof with us.

He probably would've had a heart attack!

Nevan: We had best keep this to ourselves, for Amos's sake.

Carver: I don't mind keepin' mum about this if that's what he wants...

Carver: But that ain't gonna solve anything, aye?

Milly: The more I hear about Amos, the more tragic his story seems...

Milly: If only there were something we could do for him...

Ashlynn: Hey, how about we poke around and see if there's any way to cure Amos?

Nevan: Sure enough, this is not a tale we should go telling to anyone outside of Scrimsley.

Nevan: And needless to say, we mustn't tell Amos himself...

Carver: Here we go again!

Milly: Amos...

Ashlynn: It's hard to believe that Amos could be behind this chaos...

Nevan: We cannot just leave Amos to his fate!

Carver: Let's head up to the roof, Hero.

Milly: The innkeeper can't hide his fear from us.

Ashlynn: Hero! C'mon, let's go to Amos!

Nevan: He's trying to appear calm, but his eyes betray him.

Carver: Forget about this guy, Hero! We gotta go up! Now!

Milly: The poor man... Every night...

Ashlynn: We shouldn't say anything. He's better off thinking this is just an earthquake!

Nevan: To the roof!

Carver: Huh. You think the nun ran out to make sure he's okay?

Carver: Well, whatever! Might as well go back to bed for now.

Milly: She's right, Hero. Let's tread carefully.

Ashlynn: Wow... Amos must be so happy, knowing how much everyone worries about him.

Nevan: Now that we've uncovered the truth, we should return to our room.

Carver: Yeah... That'd be a whopper of a revelation!

Milly: Poor Amos indeed. If only we could help somehow...

Ashlynn: My heart aches for him, of course, but the townspeople here have it pretty rough, too.

Nevan: Now we understand why Amos is so fatigued during the daytime...

Carver: Huh. So that's it, aye? He just wanders around and keeps his claws to himself?

Carver: Well, that's a relief... Sort of... No, it really ain't, is it?

Milly: He may be “no bother”, but I don't think that's the issue here.

Ashlynn: You know, man or monster, I'm sure Amos is still the same gentle guy on the inside.

Nevan: The affection in which the town's people hold Amos is extraordinary.

Milly: The innkeeper begged us not to say anything as well...

Milly: But even if we keep quiet, Amos will eventually learn the truth one way or another.

Milly: I'm telling you, gossip is a terrible thing.

Ashlynn: I really think it'd be better to tell him, but if that's what the priest wants from us...

Nevan: If Amos left town, it would be an enormous loss to the people here.

Carver: Oops. Too late now, aye?

Milly: We can't possibly tell him that we've already spoken to Amos...

Ashlynn: You don't think Amos would actually leave Scrimsley... Do you?

Nevan: Words can never be unspoken.

I feel we have erred terribly...

Carver: Aye, she's right. His monster act is gettin' old.

Milly: Considering he's stomping around town all night, it's little wonder he sleeps all day.

Ashlynn: I bet that lady isn't the only one getting a little frustrated around here.

Nevan: Poor Amos is at the mercy of a monstrous power beyond his control.

Nevan: If only he could learn to harness that power...

Carver: Those seeds fixed his sleepwalkin', aye?

Carver: That sounds to me like a pretty solid lead!

Milly: Hero! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Ashlynn: Seeds...of reason?

Nevan: Seeds of reason? Perhaps they still grow somewhere.

Carver: The seeds're on the northern mountain, aye? That's what that old lady told us!

Milly: Amos's problem is like sleepwalking, isn't it?

Maybe the seeds of reason can help!

Ashlynn: That old man's not sleepwalking, right? I never know who to trust around here any more.

Nevan: We cannot rest till we obtain these seeds of reason!

Carver: ...There really ain't no need for this, aye?

Milly: If everyone kept everything to themselves, no problems would ever get solved.

Milly: It's important for people to face up to their problems together, don't you think, Hero?

Ashlynn: Well, we can't really un-see what we saw, so...

Nevan: A truth once learnt cannot be forgotten...

Carver: A few monsters are keepin' them from helpin' Amos? Pfft. C'mon, Hero, to the north!

Milly: I'm sure those seeds of reason will cure Amos!

Milly: Come, Hero, let's head to that mountain up north!

Ashlynn: That's got to be it! She said the seeds are at the mountain to the north of here, right?

Nevan: Even a small lead is better than nothing. We must go to the mountain to the north!

Carver: Well, that's that.

Carver: Amos took it a lot better than I would've.

Milly: What did you think of Amos's reaction, Hero?

Milly: Do you think he really believes he turns into a monster? I wonder...

Ashlynn: He just laughed it off...

Ashlynn: Do you think he's alright? I hope he doesn't leave town or anything.

Nevan: So you've told Amos the truth.

Nevan: I pray that this has a positive outcome...

Carver: Whew... Ain't as easy as ya thought, aye?

Milly: I don't think I could look at that face and tell him the truth either, Hero...

Ashlynn: It's not easy looking someone in the eye and holding back a secret...

Nevan: I dare say that withholding the truth from him was the wisest choice.

Carver: He can count on us to stay mum, aye, Hero?

Carver: Ahoy! The seeds of reason are here somewhere!

Let's find 'em!

Milly: This seems like a very tranquil place, but I sense we need to be careful of monsters.

Ashlynn: Huh? Hey, I think there's someone up there.

Nevan: Let's just hope these seeds of reason aren't too well hidden.

Terry: Let's get this over with.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrr... Mountain steep...

Air thin... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: These caverns are startin' to make my head hurt...

Milly: Apart from the monsters, it's quite beautiful here.

Ashlynn: Better watch that we don't get lost in here.

Nevan: Even if it's safe outside, there may well be hidden perils deep in the caves.

Amos: So this here's the northern mountain, eh?

Terry: The monsters round here are a bunch of weeds. We're not gonna break a sweat.

Lizzie: (slobber) Up... Up we go...

Grrr... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: I reckon he gave up right on this spot, aye?

Milly: I don't know where he came from, but he did well to make it this far...

Ashlynn: Sheesh. I hope the monsters aren't too strong.

Where's the fun in that?

Nevan: Seems we have company in our search for the seeds.

Nevan: I hardly think he'll beat us but let us make haste!

Terry: Strong monsters? I'll be the judge of that.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie... Very strong monster... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Crikey. He's still here?

Milly: It seems he hasn't given up on his search yet.

Ashlynn: Boy, he wasn't kidding! This place was packed with some seriously heinous beasties.

Nevan: Let's not tell him that we got our hands on the seeds. It doesn't pay to crow.

Terry: Is he ever gonna work up the nerve to get himself down off this mountain?

Lizzie: (snarl) Monsters not scary... Lizzie's friends stronger... (slobber)

Goober: Boing? (slurp)

Carver: Hey, let's give it a tug. It ain't like we've got any other leads...

Milly: How strange... It's a plant, and yet I sense it has a certain...intelligence.

Ashlynn: C'mon, give the plant a pull. You know you want to.

Nevan: This plant seems to have grown in a way that virtually cries out to be uprooted.

Terry: We didn't come all this way just to look at a plant.

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie like meat... Not so much grass... (slobber)

Goober: Boing...? Boing!

Carver: Blimey! Lectured by a plant? That's a first.

Milly: Come to mention it, we are looking for seeds...

Ashlynn: Wow, a talking plant!? Now I've seen everything!

Nevan: Seeds... There must be seeds lying around here somewhere...

Terry: The plant's got a point.

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie search for seeds too... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: No plant's gonna treat me like that. Let's make like a tree and, uh, get outta here.

Milly: Oh dear, I think we've upset him...

Ashlynn: Kind of a tough nut to crack, huh? Or plant. Whatever.

Nevan: I don't recall encountering talking vegetation in my school books...

Terry: I wonder if a face would pop out if we pulled it.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie no pull plant... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: So these are the seeds we heard so much about, aye?

Carver: If we bury 'em, you think they'd sprout one of those grumpy greens?

Milly: With these seeds, we'll be able to cure Amos!

Ashlynn: These are the seeds, huh? Wonder what they taste like.

Nevan: The unfortunate Amos awaits our return!

Nevan: Let us make haste back to Scrimsley!

Terry: So this is what a seed of reason looks like...

Lizzie: (snarl) Deliver seeds... Lizzie promise not to eat... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Now he won't shut up, aye?

Carver: We'll have to keep that in mind in case we need info later.

Milly: This plant is more helpful than most of the humans we've met!

Ashlynn: For such a small sprout, he sure has a big mouth.

Nevan: What a kind-hearted plant. Er, not that it actually has a heart...

Terry: Really? Advice from a plant? (sigh)

Lizzie: (spit) Plant smarter than Lizzie... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: He calls that a “pearl of wisdom”?

Milly: It's nice to know we're not the only ones with problems...

Ashlynn: Oh, brother! We didn't come all this way to get treated like this.

Nevan: Perhaps we expected too much in seeking advice from a vegetable...

Amos: That there plant's got a lot of cheek, I tell you!

Amos: What's that!? It produced those seeds of reason?

Amos: Why didn't you say!? This plant saved my hide!

I'll have to come and water it sometime!

Amos: Hello, my plant pal! Old Amos is here to water you!

Amos: You helped me out with those seeds of reason, so it's the least I can do.

Terry: I knew this would be a waste of time...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrr... Lizzie not like plant... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle)

Carver: Why'd we even bother coming here?

Milly: I can't help but wonder what kind of advice the plant has to offer...

Ashlynn: It's good for plants if you talk to them, but what if they talk to you?

Nevan: It's good of the plant to offer us advice.

Amos: What was it you wanted to ask the plant, Hero?

Terry: As if a plant could actually give good advice...

Lizzie: (snarl) Plant good...? Or bad...? Lizzie not know... (slobber)

Goober: Boing... (slurp)


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Carver: Avast there, Hero! You forget the seeds o' reason?

Milly: Never mind wandering around, let's see if the seeds of reason work on Amos!

Ashlynn: Well, that sounds like a– Wait a sec! What about the seeds of reason!?

Nevan: Hero, I recommend that we make use of those seeds of reason.

Terry: Are we gonna help this guy or not?

Lizzie: (snarl) Seeds... Use seeds... (slobber)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Crikey! You really unleashed the beast there, Hero! Don't go easy on him!

Milly: Oh Goddess! The seeds are having the opposite effect to what we expected!

Ashlynn: Oh no! He'll bring down the house if he starts stomping around in here!

Nevan: Can we not calm him somehow!?

Terry: We'll have to calm him down – by force!

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie ready...

Lizzie fight beast! (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boi-oing!

Carver: Huh. A shape-shifting fighter, aye?

Carver: Well, great. He oughta come in handy.

Milly: I'm looking forward to seeing Amos in action!

Milly: ...But the people of Scrimsley will be devastated when they hear that he's leaving.

Ashlynn: Now that's what I call a happy ending!

Nevan: Let us make Amos feel welcome.

Carver: I bet the mutt's happy his master's cured!

Milly: I hope the pup doesn't mind us borrowing Amos for a little while!

Ashlynn: Good for the pooch. Amos is all better!

Nevan: This dog was doubtless as surprised as us by Amos just now.

Terry: He's probably gonna be lonely with Amos gone.

Lizzie: (snarl) Hope dog happy... (slobber)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: We fixed Amos and got another guy for our team...

Carver: Aye, I'd say Scrimsley's been good to us. I won't forget this trip.

Milly: Perhaps Scrimsley will slowly return to normal now.

Ashlynn: You know, I kind of like Scrimsley. So nice and wide open!

Nevan: I trust the people of Scrimsley will be catching up on their sleep now.

Amos: I've caused all sorts of strife for the good folk of Scrimsley. Won't happen again, I can assure you!

Terry: Anything else we need to do here, Hero, or can we be on our merry way?

Lizzie: (spit) Scrimsley...? Lizzie not feel welcome... (snarl)

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Folks have really changed now that Amos is on our side, aye?

Milly: The speed of rumour seems to be a constant wherever we go.

Ashlynn: It's nice to see everyone wishing Amos well!

Nevan: The people of Scrimsley have taken this as a positive development.

Terry: Amos is quite the celebrity in this town.

Lizzie: (slobber) Amos our friend... Lizzie like Amos... (spit)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: It's good to know Scrimsley's got some backup!

Milly: I'm sure Amos will be relieved to hear it!

Ashlynn: I guess he's better than nothing...

Nevan: It's good to see someone with a sense of public duty.

Amos: It's a relief to hear there's someone protectin' Scrimsley while old Amos is away on his travels.

Terry: So we're borrowing the town's protector, are we?

Lizzie: (spit) Grrr... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oing, boi-oing...

Carver: Nothin' beats the peace of mind that comes with a personal prayer from a priest, aye?

Milly: We'll pray for permanent peace in Scrimsley...

Ashlynn: That priest has a peaceful look about him.

Nevan: I pray that the blessings of the Goddess are with the people of Scrimsley.

Amos: It's always nice to have a priest givin' you some blessings!

Terry: This guy's got a real priestly feel to him...

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie feel blessed... (spit)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing! (jiggle)

Carver: This lady worried herself sick over Amos, aye?

Milly: I could see the relief in her eyes.

Ashlynn: Everyone in Scrimsley sure has high expectations for Amos, huh?

Nevan: It's a fine thing to have all these well-wishers in Scrimsley. I like this town more and more...

Amos: I'll be poppin' off for a while with Hero and his mates to fight for world peace.

Amos: But I won't forget the good folk of Scrimsley! I'll be back to visit – you mark my words!

Terry: No one's got a bad thing to say about Amos.

Lizzie: (snarl) Amos many fans... Big star here... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: This is the guy who cured his sleepwalkin' with the seeds of reason, aye?

Carver: I reckon Amos is followin' in his footsteps...

Milly: He's right, you know. We can't be worrying about our hair in the heat of battle!

Ashlynn: You think that guy wanted to join us?

Nevan: This gentleman seems ever so slightly suspicious of the world outside Scrimsley.

Amos: Old Amos is a man of simple tastes and doesn't need fancy things!

Terry: Me, I like to look good in the heat of battle.

Lizzie: (slobber) Who stronger...? Lizzie or Terry...? (spit)

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: I know where this guy's comin' from, that's for sure.

Milly: I'm impressed that he kept it under his hat for so long.

Ashlynn: I heard that if you have a secret you're dying to tell, you just yell it into a pot and you'll feel better! Easy, right?

Nevan: Keeping one's lips sealed about something like that is no mean feat.

Amos: I've caused the good folk of this town a lot of grief. I'll try to make it up to the lot of 'em!

Terry: So Amos used to stomp round town as a monster? That explains why he can transform...

Lizzie: (slobber) Amos... Lizzie's new pal... (snarl)

Goober: (jiggle)

Carver: I reckon he's catchin' up on all that lost sleep, aye?

Milly: He seems to be dreaming about his nightly disturbances...

Ashlynn: Maybe this guy doesn't know the truth yet.

Nevan: It seems that monsters still stalk the streets of Scrimsley in this gentleman's dreams.

Amos: Old Amos and his nightly wanderings have given this poor chap nightmares! I feel rotten!

Terry: He'll find no rest in his disturbed sleep...

Lizzie: (spit) Earthquake... Just dream... (slobber)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Why's it always tougher to take compliments from ladies than fellas?

Milly: Hee hee. The ladies of Scrimsley seem to have a bit of a soft spot for our Amos.

Ashlynn: They sure do love and respect Amos around here, huh?

Nevan: The people of this town seem cold at first but they care deeply about Amos's welfare.

Amos: Look at the state of me! I've only gone and got tears in my own eyes now! (sob)

Terry: ......

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie likes... Blue human... (snarl)

Goober: (jiggle)

Carver: Good to know we got the town on our side.

Milly: It looks like her husband is out gallivanting yet again today.

Ashlynn: We really owe this lady. She's the one who told us about the seeds of reason!

Nevan: I pray this lady lives a long and fruitful life here in Scrimsley!

Amos: Now, if old Amos isn't very much mistaken, it was this old dear's husband who used to sleepwalk...

Amos: She must have pointed you all in the direction of the seeds of reason! I'm speechless with gratitude.

Terry: I've no idea what this woman's story is but at least she's rooting for us.

Lizzie: (slobber) Old lady... Nice lady... (spit)

Goober: Boing, boi-oing, boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: I know what'll be hittin' monsters. My fists and feet, just like always.

Carver: Not just me, though. We'll all have to be stronger than ever from here on out.

Milly: He's right, you know. There are no fears that teamwork can't overcome!

Ashlynn: I'm sure Amos can handle the monsters, but can he handle Hero's snoring?

Ashlynn: That's pretty scary if you ask me! Tee hee!

Nevan: On this quest, I have discovered strengths I never knew I had.

Nevan: With the blessings of the Goddess, Amos too will blossom.

Amos: All this praise is makin' old Amos a tad embarrassed!

Terry: Oh, those monsters are going to get hit alright...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie monster too... Don't hit Lizzie... (spit)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: I gotta admit, I've kinda taken a liking to Amos's mutt...

Carver: I'm glad someone's lookin' after him. I'd hate to worry about him on the road.

Milly: They really like each other, don't they? It looks like he's in good hands.

Ashlynn: That pooch and the boy are already best friends. That's what I call puppy love!

Nevan: With his dog in capable hands, Amos can set off on his quest without any worries.

Amos: This is a relief, I tell you!

Amos: The one thing I was worried about was abandonin' my poor little puppy. But he's all smiles now!

Terry: You know, that dog looks a bit like Amos...

Lizzie: (slobber) Dog looks happy... Lizzie happy too... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! ...Boing?

Carver: Hardy har! This kid's showin' those made-up monsters what for, as always.

Milly: Aww, they've found a game to play together!

Ashlynn: All that running in circles... It's making me a little (glurp) queasy...

Nevan: Amos's canine companion looks perfectly content!

Amos: Seein' my dog so well looked after by that little nipper fair brings a tear to my eye!

Terry: I envy them, playing without a care in the world...

Lizzie: (snarl) Be careful... Run into Lizzie...

Get hurt... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Looks like that dog's got his bounce back, aye?

Milly: The last time we saw that pup, he had his tail between his legs, but look at it wagging now!

Ashlynn: Seeing this has to make Amos happy.

Nevan: This dog has really made itself at home here.

Amos: I was worryin' myself sick about this little fellow.

Amos: But now he's got a good home and looks as happy as can be!

Amos: See you later, fellow! Be a good dog!

Terry: They say that dogs come to resemble their masters...

Terry: Let's hope this one doesn't have a habit of transforming into a monster...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie like dogs... Dogs don't like Lizzie... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: The joint seems pretty big now that nobody's home, aye?

Milly: I always feel a pang of loneliness in an empty house.

Ashlynn: Seems a lot more spacious, doesn't it?

Nevan: Amos had a large house indeed.

Amos: Once the world's at peace, I'll be back!

Terry: Are we doing anything in particular here?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie smells monster... (spit)

Lizzie: (slobber) Smells like Amos... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That's a good question. Where is he?

Milly: It seems that this gentleman's been looking for Amos for a while...

Ashlynn: Oh, no! We got the seeds of reason for him and everything...

Nevan: Amos normally sleeps through the daylight hours. Where can he be...?

Terry: ...?

Lizzie: (snarl) No Amos...? Where Amos...? (slobber)

Goober: ...Boing?

Carver: Hey, you don't think...ya know, when we talked to him in bed...

Milly: Oh dear... This doesn't sound good...

Ashlynn: I guess the truth hurt him a lot more than it seemed.

Nevan: When he heard the truth, Amos appeared to laugh it off. But he clearly took it very seriously...

Terry: Who is he talking about?

Lizzie: (snarl) Man seems angry... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: So Amos just upped 'n left? He's nowhere in town?

Milly: Amos...

Ashlynn: What? Seriously!? Surely he must be somewhere in town still?

Nevan: Could Amos have truly left the town in his current state?

Nevan: If so, this is alarming to say the least...

Terry: So where has this Amos got to?

Lizzie: (snarl) Amos... (slobber)

Goober: Boing... (slurp)

Carver: Amos...

Milly: I feel terrible for causing these people grief...

Ashlynn: Where do you think Amos could've gone...?

Nevan: To think that the seeds of reason we fetched could have cured Amos of his terrible condition...

Nevan: If he's gone, there's nothing we can do to help him.

Terry: I admire this guy. Sounds like he's got old-fashioned honour.

Lizzie: (spit) Amos... Gone away... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Just when things seemed to be turnin' around in this town...

Milly: What a dreadful situation...

Ashlynn: Maybe he's just off running an errand or something?

Nevan: It's only natural that the people of the town are down-hearted without their hero...

Terry: That's an apt way to put it...

Lizzie: (sniff) No stuffing...? Where stuffing go...? (spit)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Hardy har. This fella's way out o' the loop.

Milly: Amos left town while we were up that mountain...

Ashlynn: If that guy's telling the truth...

Nevan: If the earthquakes have stopped, then I'm afraid that Amos really has gone...

Terry: I bet I could sleep through an earthquake or two.

Lizzie: (sputter) Inn quiet... Town quiet... (snarl)

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: Blimey! So he's really gone, aye?

Milly: That lady knew Amos well... Does this mean that what she said was true...?

Ashlynn: So...does that mean we're never going to see Amos again?

Nevan: She speaks with a curiously strong sense of conviction. I'm afraid she may be right...

Terry: This Amos sounds awfully stubborn.

Lizzie: (snarl) Amos gone... No trace... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing, boing!

Carver: “Undo it”? Some things are better left undone.

Carver: We were just tryin' to give Amos the truth... Aye, Hero?

Milly: Was she saying that we should give up on Amos?

Milly: Perhaps she regrets telling us about the seeds and doesn't want to put any more ideas in our heads...

Ashlynn: “Won't be found”? What, so there's no way we can ever make up for this?

Nevan: It seems that searching for Amos is a waste of time.

Nevan: This woman doesn't sound like she's lying...

Terry: Tough luck...

Lizzie: (sniff) Lizzie sad... (sob)

Goober: Boi-oing...

Carver: The folks of Scrimsley have lost a real hero in Amos...

Milly: The town has lost its hero...

Ashlynn: You don't think Amos was embarrassed about turning into a monster every night, do you...?

Nevan: If Amos really has gone for good, it's going to be a struggle for the people of Scrimsley to accept it.

Terry: If it's true, we just have to deal with it.

Lizzie: (splutter) Lizzie like Amos... But Amos gone... (sob)

Goober: Boing... (slurp)

Carver: Amos... He's gone for good, aye?

Milly: The poor pup is all alone...

Ashlynn: It sure is chilly in here...

Nevan: I'm no expert in reading canine expressions, but this dog appears to be inconsolable.

Terry: Looks like this place is abandoned...

Lizzie: (spit) Only dog... House empty... (slobber)

Goober: Bo...boing... (slurrrp)

Carver: That guy over there lives all by his lonesome, aye?

Milly: Isn't it inconvenient to live alone in a place like this...?

Ashlynn: How could someone stand living alone in a place like this? I'd start talking to the walls!

Nevan: Let's see if this fellow has any useful information for us.

Amos: What kind of person would choose to live in an out-of-the-way place like this?

Amos: Unless you were into fishin'! That must be it!

Terry: What's with this place...?

Lizzie: (sniff) Lizzie smell no monsters... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Crikey. Gettin' there sounds like a pain, aye?

Well, let's keep it in mind – Castle Swanstone, due south.

Milly: Castle Swanstone... I wonder what kind of place it is?

Ashlynn: Do you think this guy hails from Swanstone?

Nevan: Let's keep Castle Swanstone in mind for the future.

Amos: I was noddin' and smilin', but to be honest, old Amos wasn't really payin' attention.

Amos: Any chance of gettin' him to repeat all that?

Carver: Hardy har! Good thing we found another way in.

Milly: Yes, conventional means are not the answer...

Ashlynn: Little does he know, we've already been there. Tee hee!

Nevan: Castle Swanstone was a most impressive castle, to be sure.

Amos: That shortcut was bloomin' well hidden, I tell you!

Amos: Old Amos wouldn't have dreamt of lookin' there if it hadn't been for you folks!

Carver: Avast! So that key from King Ludwig fits the floodgate? Let's go and open her up!

Milly: I wonder what awaits us beyond the floodgate?

Ashlynn: I wonder what's on the other side of the floodgate! Aren't you curious?

Nevan: I wonder why the floodgate was closed in the first place? There must be some explanation...

Amos: There's a whole new world waitin' for us beyond the floodgate. I can't wait to see it!

Carver: This fella's pretty up on things for a hermit, aye?

Carver: Maybe he gets more visitors now that the floodgate's open.

Milly: I sense a dark force south of the floodgate. It must be the cause of the rough seas, too.

Ashlynn: Choppy seas? Great. It ain't easy being queasy...

Nevan: So the floodgate was closed because of the rough waters that lie beyond it.

Amos: Not a lot of folks know this, but old Amos isn't too keen on choppy oceans.

Amos: Don't be alarmed if I look a little green round the gills.

Carver: This fella's pretty up on things for a hermit, aye?

Carver: Maybe he gets a lot more visitors than he's lettin' on.

Milly: “Was”? Does this mean that it's no longer there?

Ashlynn: ...Mmm? That's weird.

Ashlynn: Something about the words “enchanted city” really stuck in my head for some reason...

Nevan: I recall reading about a legendary enchanted city in my school books.

Nevan: I must confess I thought it a mere myth.

Amos: An enchanted city, no less! Old Amos hasn't looked back since we left Scrimsley!

Carver: Aye, we can imagine, alright. Just not in this world...

Milly: The enchanted city of Sorceria... Truly a mysterious and tragic place.

Ashlynn: That city wasn't always just in the dream world...

It used to be here, too...

Nevan: Sorceria was a profoundly mysterious place.

Nevan: I realised how much I have to learn. I would dearly love to go there again and study.

Amos: He's talkin' about Sorceria, I'll warrant!

Old Amos knows all about it!

Terry: Been there, done that...

Lizzie: (snarl) South of Swanstone... Sorceria... (sputter)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: So we're stuck on this side, aye? Ah, well.

Milly: No wonder people are frustrated. What could have happened to the guard?

Ashlynn: What's the point of a checkpoint if the guard's asleep?

Nevan: Hmm... A guard that cannot be woken up...

What could be the matter with him?

Amos: So that's where all that snorin' was comin' from!

Carver: Whoa! So you just sleep to death? Sounds creepy!

Milly: Has such a sickness really been “doing the rounds”?

Ashlynn: You never wake up until you're dead?

What a nightmare!

Nevan: A fatal sleeping sickness? We cannot turn a blind eye to this.

Nevan: If only there was something we could do to come to this poor man's aid.

Amos: If I were to grab forty winks beside that fellow, do you think I'd get sick as well?

Carver: Aye, he's out like a bent nail, alright.

Milly: Isle o' Smiles... Where have I heard that name before...?

Ashlynn: Those must be some crazy dreams he's having!

Nevan: Crossing the mountains north of Arkbolt? This fellow is dreaming some very detailed directions.

Amos: Isle o' Smiles!? There can't really be a place with a name like that, can there?

Amos: Well, I suppose people can go wherever they like in their dreams.

Carver: Avast. What's with that tough-lookin' fella in the blue outfit leavin' the castle?

Milly: There's a signpost over there.

Ashlynn: Hmm? Hey, someone's coming.

Nevan: This is an imposing place. Oppressive even...

Amos: Now this is a big castle!

Carver: Pretty fancy joint, this place.

Milly: This castle's layout seems rather complex...

Ashlynn: We'd better not split up in this place. It'd take us weeks to find each other.

Nevan: This castle appears to be home to quite a large number of people.

Amos: Old Amos isn't too good with directions, but I'll try not to get myself lost.

Carver: What was up with that fella? And where was he draggin' that coffin?

Milly: ......?

Ashlynn: Hmm. Not the friendliest guy, huh?

Nevan: That brusque fellow had a confidence and presence rare in one so young.

Amos: That youngster had an aura of all-round toughness about him.

Amos: I bet he'd be pretty handy in a fight...

Carver: Think the Somnian military would mind if we moonlit, Hero?

Milly: Hmm... It seems that they're recruiting soldiers.

Ashlynn: Wow, it's like that sign was written just for us!

Nevan: Judging from that sign, Arkbolt has got some heavy-duty monsters it needs to deal with.

Amos: ...I love fightin'! ...I hate monsters!
Sounds like old Amos is their man!

Carver: Whoa. Gettin' in was a little too easy.

Milly: “Tough enough”... I wonder how he came to that conclusion?

Ashlynn: Wait a sec! He thinks I look “tough”?

Ashlynn: Cute? Yes. Sassy? Definitely. But tough? That's not the look I'm going for.

Nevan: Let us make haste, before that guard changes his mind...

Amos: Old Amos is tremblin' with excitement!

Carver: I wouldn't mind someone singin' my praises. Hint, hint, Hero.

Milly: Brutus... That's a good name for a commander.

Ashlynn: Woo! “Flash lightning knight!” “Winning every fight!”

Ashlynn: Tee hee. Sorry, it's just catchy!

Nevan: The commander of a castle like this must be impressive indeed.

Amos: Who's the transformin' monster who's always winnin' every fight? Old Amos!

Amos: ...I thought I'd give my own lyrics a bash!

Carver: Wouldn't mind checkin' out the place. I haven't worked out in hours!

Milly: I'm sure the training room is an important place for soldiers.

Ashlynn: Everyone trains in that room? Ugh, I bet it stinks in there.

Nevan: No matter what it is you do, training is vital.

Amos: Old Amos used to train by punchin' tree trunks out in the forest. I'm jealous of this place!

Carver: Patrollin' is a boring job, aye, but somebody's gotta do it.

Milly: If he's bored, that should mean the castle's safe, at least.

Ashlynn: Hey, patrols are important! He better not zone out on the job!

Nevan: Every job has its tedious side.

Amos: He may be grumblin' about his job, but he's not lettin' his guard down for a second!

Carver: Too much sun 'n wind can be a bad thing, aye? I'm feeling a bit weather-beaten lately.

Milly: The view of the treetops from up here is fabulous.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I just love the sun. If I could bathe in it, I would!

Nevan: It is a pleasant breeze indeed. I'd like to breathe it in for a bit...

Amos: If that old boy stays out in the sun and wind too long, he'll dry up!

Carver: C'mon, let's do this, Hero! It's about time we got some royal attention 'n everything like that.

Milly: We haven't come this far just to turn back, Hero!

Ashlynn: What!? Hey, Hero, are you gonna let them get away with that?

Nevan: These guards don't look like they're open to persuasion.

Nevan: If we desire an audience with the King, we'd better roll up our sleeves and prepare for battle.

Amos: C'mon, Hero! Let's give these upstarts a lesson they won't forget!

Carver: Hardy har! And that was just a light workout!

Milly: Hee hee. Seems we passed their little test.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! As if there was ever any doubt we'd win...

Nevan: At least they were as good as their word. Let's go!

Amos: Nicely done!

Carver: Aye, let's shove off, Hero!

Milly: I don't envy their job. It must get tiresome.

Ashlynn: They still seem pretty uppity, considering the blow we just gave their egos.

Nevan: Shall we go inside, then?

Amos: What a thrill! But old Amos never knows what to say to royalty...

Carver: Right to business, aye? That merchant's got gumption!

Milly: He's certainly making the most of his situation.

Ashlynn: Kind of a weak selection, huh?

Nevan: The castle does seem to have been deliberately constructed to confuse outsiders.

Amos: That merchant's got his eye on the ball, I tell you!

Amos: I didn't see an item shop here, so I bet he's rakin' it in!

Carver: Roomy in here, aye?

Milly: It looks like a lot of people live within the castle walls.

Ashlynn: I like this place! Indoor shopping is always a plus!

Nevan: Shops, a church... This castle really has it all!

Amos: I thought this place would be packed with hard-nuts who've seen that sign.

Amos: But they haven't exactly put the sign in the most accessible location...

Carver: “Really tough soldiers”, aye? Hardy har! That's the job we were born for, Hero!

Milly: I wonder how the King decides which soldiers are tough enough...

Ashlynn: I wonder how “really tough” you have to be?

Nevan: Let us proceed. It doesn't pay to tarry!

Amos: Somehow I doubt we'll be able to just march in and meet the King.

Carver: A bunch of monsters, aye...? Maybe they don't know Murdaw's dead yet.

Milly: Perhaps this is why the King is recruiting soldiers.

Ashlynn: Sounds like this cave's an important route around here.

Nevan: Monsters seeping from a hole? The world is a curious place indeed.

Amos: Sure enough, you can't just patch up a collapsed cave with monsters around.

Carver: Wayfarer's Pass? Doesn't sound too fair of a way to me.

Milly: He seems to be in a bit of a pickle...

Ashlynn: I guess that pass is the only way through to...uh, wherever it goes.

Nevan: I wonder if we might be of some use here...

Amos: Bein' stuck in a cave can't be good for business!

Carver: Well, no kiddin'! You can't do much without a decent army on your side, aye?

Milly: The King must be a popular figure to inspire such efforts from his army.

Ashlynn: That sign out front said they wanted fighters, right?

Ashlynn: I guess the Arkbolt Army needs to beef up its ranks a bit.

Nevan: Arkbolt boasts an impressively tight-knit army.

Amos: A king needs a strong fightin' force, to be sure.

Carver: Hardy har! Sounds like that fella was all bark 'n no bite.

Milly: The soldiers in this castle do look rather fearsome.

Ashlynn: Hard to tell if Arkbolt's soldiers are tough...or if that guy is wimpy.

Nevan: Any self-respecting hard man must bounce back from these beatings.

Amos: Ouch. It's painful just to look at him...

Carver: Wanna pay our respects, Hero?

Milly: Shall we have a look upstairs?

Ashlynn: Maybe we should peek in on the priest?

Nevan: Let's meet the priest before we proceed any further.

Amos: Havin' a chat with that sister has made old Amos want to start prayin' more often!

Carver: Crikey, that Bronson guy was playin' for keeps, aye?

Milly: Phew... That was tough. Do you think we'll be allowed to see the King now?

Ashlynn: You know, he said he had a busy schedule...

Ashlynn: He must be booked solid beating up wannabe soldiers!

Nevan: So this is how Arkbolt welcomes visitors.

Nevan: I think we've got a hard time in store for us...

Amos: That took it out of me! Can we not stop for a quick breather?

Carver: Hold me back, Hero! I was born ready!

Milly: I can't believe he's giving his would-be opponents such freedom...

Milly: We should make the most of this opportunity, Hero.

Ashlynn: Wow, that guy looks like he packs a punch...

Nevan: This is a battle that we cannot avoid indefinitely.

Amos: Let's show that fellow what we've got!

Old Amos is in the mood for a tussle!

Carver: He means the sign outside, aye? The one askin' for soldiers?

Carver: We should give it a shot! Who's got more fightin' experience than us?

Milly: So only those who respond to the sign are allowed to see the King?

Ashlynn: Guess we're not getting through like this.

Nevan: The only way to gain access to the castle is to say that we saw the sign.

Amos: Let's say “Yes!” first, then deal with the consequences later!

Carver: Hey, uh, Hero... You think Brutus is that guy starin' at us by the stairs?

Milly: Is that Commander Brutus standing over there...?

Ashlynn: What? Don't tell me we have to fight another guy!?

Nevan: If the battles are going to get tougher, perhaps we'd better rest first...

Amos: I hope this Brutus fellow is ready for us!

Carver: Brutus, aye...?

Milly: Commander Brutus must be a fearsome opponent.

Ashlynn: Guess we've got one more fight on our hands...

Nevan: I feel we're in for a tough time.

Amos: Brutus better be ready for us!

Carver: A wandering swordsmen, aye? Haven't heard of one of those in a while...

Milly: “The most powerful sword in the world”... Interesting...

Ashlynn: What he lacked in friendliness, he made up for in looks.

Nevan: I have a feeling we may encounter this lone swordsman again.

Amos: So if old Amos strutted round draggin' a coffin, would that lass fall for me too?

Carver: Confident fella, aye?

Milly: He must train often. Even his aura is muscular!

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's go upstairs, too!

Nevan: That man has been watching us do battle.

Amos: When he says his turn's comin' up, he's talkin' about fightin', right?

Carver: So the monsters haven't slacked off around here, aye?

Milly: It's true, not much has changed since Murdaw was defeated.

Ashlynn: Fighting monsters seems to be the national pastime around here. More power to them!

Nevan: The Arkbolt Army is devoted to its ongoing struggle against monsterkind.

Amos: I'm sure the Goddess is takin' careful note of all their prayers!

Carver: Blue getup? You think he means that fella we passed near the entrance?

Milly: He may have been rough-looking, but still...

Ashlynn: Wait... Does he mean Mr Mean? That rude guy is really that strong?

Nevan: Ah, that brusque swordsman? I had no idea he was such a gifted fighter.

Amos: A rough-looking swordsman in blue? He's not talkin' about old Amos?

Carver: Well, I'd be bored, too, if they put me on guard duty in Somnia...

Milly: The poor guard seems restless.

Ashlynn: Hero, be careful when you strike up conversations with random soldiers!

Ashlynn: Any of these guys might challenge us to another one of those dumb duels. These soldiers are so gung-ho!

Nevan: Boredom is the price of peace, they say.

It's to be welcomed.

Amos: I know what that fellow means. It might be dangerous but there's nothin' quite like bashin' monsters!

Carver: Hardy har! I'd be interested in meetin' those monsters!

Milly: A monster like that sounds incredibly dangerous.

Ashlynn: How'd that 'fraidy-cat soldier make the cut?

Nevan: I think I'm starting to understand why the King is recruiting skilled fighters.

Amos: We'll need to battle this Brutus lad first. Then we can judge how hard those monsters are.

Carver: Nettle shakes, aye? I prefer drinkin' raw egg yolks.

Milly: I'm sure her cooking is the cornerstone of the Arkbolt peacekeeping effort!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I love watching people scarf down a big meal!

Nevan: Even the cuisine in Arkbolt packs a punch!

Amos: I'll have to get hold of one of those uniforms if it'll impress the lasses.

Carver: Poor kid. Nobody wants to see their dad get dressed down in public, aye?

Milly: It's good to know that Commander Brutus is beatable, at least.

Ashlynn: Something in his eye? Riiight.

Nevan: That would appear to be Commander Brutus's son.

Amos: I wonder what that lad's called. Brutus Jr?

Carver: Oh, he's hurt. For a second I thought he was nappin'.

Milly: The poor thing sounds like he's really in pain.

Ashlynn: Wow, that guy's been beaten into next week.

Nevan: Judging from that man's injuries, his opponent wasn't a monster...

Amos: A soldier's life is not an easy one, I tell you!

Carver: “Swordsman”, aye...? Three guesses who he's talkin' about...

Milly: Both the soldiers in this room have been beaten black and blue.

Ashlynn: I'll bet he must've given the blue swordsman one of Arkbolt's “tests”.

Nevan: It appears that this swordsman knows how to pull back from landing the fatal blow.

Amos: Old Amos wouldn't mind a swing at that swordsman in blue!

Carver: Hey, ya think that Brutus guy wrote this?

Milly: A soldier's life is his weapon, or so they say.

Ashlynn: What a rule! Wouldn't that make it hard to eat? Or brush your hair?

Nevan: This is clearly a place where rules and regulations must be obeyed.

Amos: It's good advice! You never know when you're goin' to have to unsheathe your sword!

Carver: I get the sense Commander Brutus can protect the castle just dandy without that fella.

Milly: Sometimes self-confidence is the best weapon a soldier can have.

Ashlynn: That guy doesn't seem quite in the same league as Brutus.

Nevan: Well, it's clear that Commander Brutus is far from a weakling.

Amos: With just two guards, you can only keep an eye on the front and back gates!

Carver: Ahoy! That's an easy one to remember!

Milly: The life of a soldier doesn't sound very appealing, I must say.

Ashlynn: This place seems more about the Three P's: Posters, Posters, Posters.

Nevan: You can almost sense the high morale in this castle.

Amos: I'm not even a soldier in this kingdom but I'm inspired by this sign!

Carver: He's right. Let's shove off, Hero.

Milly: He probably spends every day training like this.

Ashlynn: Yow! Give him some room before someone loses an eye.

Nevan: Shall we watch him train a bit? From a distance, of course.

Amos: That lad's got a set of lungs on him!

Carver: What's there to see in a prison, aye?

Milly: Wandering all around this castle is quite tiring...

Ashlynn: I wonder what that guy in the cell got busted for.

Ashlynn: Is it bad manners to ask? Do crooks even have manners?

Nevan: It seems it is human nature to pace in circles to alleviate boredom...

Amos: Fancy that. A prison right here inside the castle...

Carver: He want some cheese with his whine?

Milly: I can't help but feel sorry for him, locked up all alone like that.

Ashlynn: I guess mealtime's the highlight of the day when you're stuck in here.

Nevan: If he keeps wailing like that, he's only going to make himself hungrier.

Amos: Old Amos's tummy is rumblin'!

Carver: Aye. I guessed that was Brutus.

Milly: I'd certainly feel better if he were on my side in a fight.

Ashlynn: Do we really have to fight this guy? Can't we just, you know, talk things through?

Nevan: This Brutus character is the one who was watching us earlier downstairs.

Amos: So that's Commander Brutus. His reputation really does precede him!

Carver: You heard the man. Let's chat with the King.

Milly: He must be Arkbolt's chancellor.

Ashlynn: C'mon. We'd better do what we're told.

Nevan: Hero, we should speak to the King.

Amos: Meetin' the King? Old Amos is gettin' the jitters just thinkin' about it!

Carver: Hey, we'll never know unless we try to beat him, aye?

Milly: We've come this far, I suppose a battle with Commander Brutus is inevitable.

Ashlynn: Well, we aren't exactly ninety-pound weaklings.

Nevan: This Commander Brutus is no doubt much stronger than the soldiers downstairs.

Nevan: We mustn't let our guard down.

Amos: This Brutus seems to be patiently waitin' his turn to batter us. Makes me nervous, it does.

Carver: Whoa, whoa! We can't leave now, Hero!

Milly: The King needs us, Hero. I don't see any reason why we should turn him down.

Ashlynn: No is not an option, Hero! You'd never live it down!

Nevan: Hero, we must do battle here in order to help others later.

Amos: So that fellow wants a scrap, does he?

Amos: Old Amos is in the mood for a rumble.

Let's not let him down!

Carver: Alright! Let's go!

Milly: I think we're ready!

Ashlynn: Well, ready or not, here we go!

Nevan: Now then, let us consider our strategy. Er... Let me think...

Amos: Let's roll up our sleeves and show this fellow what we've got!

Carver: Crikey! He must be some fighter!

Milly: Terry...?

Ashlynn: I realise he's a “lone swordsman” and all, but facing that monster solo is suicide!

Nevan: It is perilous indeed to try to face that monster alone. We must go to his aid!

Nevan: But before that, we have the not-so-small matter of defeating Commander Brutus...

Amos: Sure enough, that young whipper-snapper was no ordinary swordsman.

Carver: Right, Hero! Time to shove off to the training room!

Milly: The training room was in the south-west of the castle, I believe.


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Ashlynn: That commander looks like a pretty prickly adversary to me.

Ashlynn: We better make sure we're prepared before we go down there, okay?

Nevan: So at last we face the strongest foe Arkbolt can throw at us.

Amos: We wouldn't want to keep the King or Commander Brutus waitin', would we? Let's get ready to rumble!

Carver: Normally that'd make me wanna peek in there all the more...

Carver: But I'm too excited about our battle with Brutus to care!

Milly: The King and his entourage are headed for the training room. We should be too!

Ashlynn: You want to short-sheet the King's bed or something? Let's go back downstairs.

Nevan: Let's head to the training room without delay.

Amos: If we keep Brutus waitin', he's goin' to get angry. And I don't think we'd like him when he's angry...

Carver: I woulda been completely lost without that guy!

Milly: South-west corner. Right!

Ashlynn: You forget where the training room is, Hero? Let's move!

Nevan: It won't do to keep the King waiting. Let us hurry!

Amos: Old Amos is ready to show this Brutus fellow what for!

Carver: Hardy har! We'll see who's got a full set 'o limbs after the fight.

Milly: We didn't defeat Murdaw by worrying about our limbs, did we? Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Not much of a pep talk, huh?

Nevan: Who will be victorious? Let us pray that we have the Goddess on our side.

Amos: These soldiers should take a step back or they'll end up gettin' dragged into the rumpus!

Carver: Great news! Alright, Hero, let's move!

Milly: Let's fight wisely, Hero!

Ashlynn: All we have to do now is win this thing!

Nevan: I pray that the fight will be judged fairly.

Amos: Old Amos has no intention of handin' victory to this Brutus fellow!

Carver: Even the Queen's rootin' for us, aye?

Now I'm really rarin' to go!

Milly: We certainly will do our best!

Ashlynn: We better show Her Majesty one royally good fight!

Nevan: Commander Brutus looks to be flexing his muscles in anticipation. Here we go...

Amos: I didn't realise the Queen would be watchin'!

Old Amos is gettin' a bit flustered!

Carver: Cold feet? Mine are toasty. (sniff sniff) Don't smell like toast, though.

Milly: The King is waiting, Hero. Let's do this!

Ashlynn: We should probably stop messing around. You can't blame him for thinking we're losing our nerve.

Nevan: I've gathered my strength and am prepared for battle, Hero.

Amos: Let's show these royal folk a fight they won't forget!

Carver: You nervous, Hero? I can't blame ya. We can't afford to lose this one, aye?

Milly: Shall we take advantage of the Commander's generosity to prepare ourselves?

Ashlynn: Kind of early to be taking a time-out, isn't it?

Nevan: This Commander Brutus is an impressive fellow.

Amos: Old Amos has got no time for pussy-footin' around. Let's get down to business!

Carver: Crikey! Bronson's got more stamina than Peggy Sue, aye?

Carver: We'd better keep that in mind next time we take him on!

Milly: We mustn't be so complacent next time....

Anyway, let's go.

Ashlynn: Yikes! That guy crashed down on us like Alltrades Abbey!

Nevan: The taste of defeat is a bitter one indeed...

Amos: It seems old Amos still has a lot to learn...

Carver: That's the royal guard for ya, aye? Strong to the finish – our finish!

Milly: Those two guards were quite the combination.

Ashlynn: Ugh! Those two were way too strong!

Nevan: If we're going to meet the King, we need to defeat those guards.

Nevan: We must remain positive. Fortune favours those who persevere!

Amos: Ugh. What happened...?

Amos: Whatever it was, we can't let it happen again!

Carver: The man really lived up to the legend, aye?

Milly: Commander Brutus was even stronger than we imagined...

Ashlynn: So Brutus beating us wasn't just a bad dream? Great...

Nevan: We must remember the words of the King...

Nevan: If we do not defeat Brutus, we won't be allowed to face that monster.

Amos: Well, if you're goin' to lose a battle, make sure you lose to someone good!

Amos: And that Commander Brutus was good, I tell you!

Amos: Er... I should spend less time admirin' his technique, and more time bashin' him!

Carver: Blimey. Tight enough for ya?

Milly: There's another staircase leading down.

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's go down a little deeper.

Nevan: Hmm...

Amos: It's bloomin' damp in here!

Carver: What, no monsters around here?

Milly: Shall we go in a little deeper, Hero?

Ashlynn: Sure is dim in here. Thank the Goddess for those torches.

Nevan: This seems like a good place for rest and respite.

Amos: Whoops! I almost slipped and landed on my behind!

It's still a little tender from that monster bite...

Carver: So this path leads to the north, aye?

Milly: A lot of people must be inconvenienced by this.

Ashlynn: Oh, right! Didn't someone in the castle say something about an earthquake here?

Nevan: Now I see. This must be Wayfarer's Pass.

Amos: He's got a face like a rainy day in Scrimsley.

Carver: Monsters? We laugh in the face of monsters!

Hardy Har! See?

Milly: Monsters? I can see that being a problem for people.

Ashlynn: Let's keep on keeping on. A few monsters aren't about to stop me!

Nevan: Hmm. We should delve deeper into the cave.

Amos: Seems you can't walk ten paces these days without stumblin' across a monster!

Carver: I bet that puts the King in a bind, too.

Milly: It seems that repair work has been put on hold.

Ashlynn: Sounds like these guys are taking five until someone cleans up the monsters.

Nevan: Until the monsters are gone, no repairs will be taking place.

Amos: Well, monsters do have a habit of bein' scary.

Carver: Hardy har! That fella's got the right idea.

Milly: I can sense the workers' frustration.

Ashlynn: You can tell that guy values drinking over making a living.

Nevan: I wonder when they last did an honest day's work.

Amos: That fellow looks knackered and he hasn't even lifted a finger!

Carver: A big hole, aye? Wanna give it a look, Hero?

Milly: Monsters appearing from the hole... Let's go and have a look, Hero. I'm getting curious.

Ashlynn: How big a hole are we talking about here?

Nevan: We can't rely on eyewitness accounts. We need to see this for ourselves.

Amos: Now we've heard all this talk of giant holes and maraudin' monsters, we need to see for ourselves!

Carver: A big hole is no big deal, but a bunch of monsters... That's a problem.

Milly: It really was a huge hole.

Ashlynn: I'd love to clear out the monsters for these people, but right now we aren't even allowed inside.

Nevan: At present, I cannot see how we can offer any useful assistance here.

Amos: ...Does anyone else fancy poppin' back outside?

Carver: Crikey! Look at that view!

Milly: Can you see the hole?

Ashlynn: Wow! What a cliff this is!

Nevan: It appears that there are soldiers stationed here.

Amos: Old Amos has no head for heights, I tell you!

Carver: Ceiling's pretty high, ain't it?

Milly: This cave is so spacious, it doesn't feel like we're underground.

Ashlynn: Boy, we're up so high! I can't even see the bottom.

Nevan: I would surmise that this tunnel has long been used by travellers.

Amos: This would be quite scenic if it weren't for all the beasties roamin' around.

Carver: So nothin's gonna get solved until someone beats the big one, is that it?

Milly: This sounds like quite a dangerous predicament.

Ashlynn: Trouncing those two troublemakers over there won't help, huh?

Nevan: An enormous monster lodged deep within the cave...

Nevan: If it were to emerge, then we'd have a true emergency on our hands.

Amos: No matter how many beasties they bash, more keep comin' to replace 'em...

Amos: Just the thought of it gives old Amos goosebumps!

Carver: Those monsters prowlin' around the entrance don't seem too tough.

Carver: There ain't no point in beatin' them if it won't solve anything, but...

Milly: It must be quite an inconvenience for these people not to be able to travel up north.

Ashlynn: Those monsters over there seem to be guarding the entrance.

Nevan: At least now it is clear what happened here.

Amos: Well, we're not goin' to get any further.

Shall we head back the way we came?

Carver: What, we can't go in?

Milly: We can't get through. Shall we head back above ground?

Ashlynn: Well, I guess this path won't be clear any time soon...

Nevan: I pray the monsters over there refrain from making any sudden attacks...

Amos: I bet if you delve deeper into that there hole, you'll find gangs of huge monsters. (shudder)

Carver: Huzzah! We beat him! We beat Brutus!

Milly: Phew... Commander Brutus is tougher than your average thug!

Ashlynn: Yahoo! We did it, Hero! We showed him!

Nevan: I admit I was concerned at times, but we managed to pull it off!

Amos: M-M-My knees are still kn-knockin' together!
It's n-not a d-d-dignified sight, is it?

Carver: Crikey, I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. That was a tough one!

Milly: Both sides were in it to win. It was a good fight.

Ashlynn: Brutus lived up to his reputation, huh? I was gasping for breath there.

Nevan: He seems to be genuinely stunned that we managed to defeat Commander Brutus.

Amos: I can't believe we managed to get the better of that Brutus fellow! I'm still pinchin' myself...

Carver: Is it my imagination, or are we gettin' more respect now that we beat Brutus?

Milly: It's rather embarrassing to be called a skilful soldier to your face...

Ashlynn: Even when they're being nice, the gate guards are all business.

Nevan: It's pleasant to be treated with such respect.

Amos: Now that we've showed Brutus what for, we must be the hardest folks in this whole castle!

Carver: I can't wait to hear all the words that rhyme with Carver!

Milly: Hee hee. I wonder what kind of song it'll be?

Ashlynn: Yahoo! I'm gonna sing this song day and night!

Nevan: What an honour.

Amos: Old Amos has penned a few songs in his time, you know!

Carver: Hardy har! Gotta put up or shut up, aye, Hero?

Milly: The soldiers should concentrate on keeping everyone in the castle safe.

Ashlynn: Sounds like that soldier has some pent-up aggression.

Ashlynn: I guess I would, too, if all I ever got to do is patrol duty.

Nevan: It seems that soldier had his heart set on undertaking this mission himself.

Amos: Seems everyone in Arkbolt knows who we are.

Fame at last!

Carver: Come to think of it, we'll be cooped up in that cave pretty soon, aye?

Carver: We'd better enjoy the fresh air 'n everything like that while we can.

Milly: He seems to spend all his time standing out here.

Milly: I'm worried that he'll catch a cold if he doesn't get back inside soon.

Ashlynn: I'd soak up the sun and enjoy the wind in my hair all day, if I could.

Nevan: I'd like to breathe some more of this air in before we go.

Amos: Good to see that old boy hasn't dried out.

Carver: Perfect! Time for our walkin' papers.

Milly: The King is waiting for us. Let's go!

Ashlynn: Let's go find out about this monster we'll be facing, okay?

Nevan: I recall when we first came here, these two guards were far from friendly.

Nevan: They seem to be much more amenable now.

Amos: Now we can come and go as we please. Happy days!

Carver: Well, we got the coffin, Hero... Let's shove off for the cave.

Milly: Let's try our best to help the King, Hero.

Ashlynn: That monster's as good as gone with us on the job! Yahoo!

Nevan: I recall when we first came here, these two guards were far from friendly.

Nevan: They seem to be much more amenable now.

Amos: Now we can come and go as we please. Happy days!

Carver: Spectacular, aye? I like the sound of that!

Milly: You know, the King hasn't given us any details yet.

Milly: Let's go and have another talk with His Majesty.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Commander Brutus couldn't take us down, either!

Ashlynn: Let's go get that monster and get our reward, Hero!

Nevan: The reward is much less important than dealing with that monster once and for all.

Nevan: In any case, let's hear what the King has to say.

Amos: Old Amos is a big fan of rewards!

Amos: Let's get a move on before someone else beats us to the prize!

Carver: The King promised us the sunderbolt blade, aye?

Milly: We can worry about the reward later.

Milly: For now, we need to focus on defeating that monster!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Commander Brutus couldn't take us down, either!

Ashlynn: Let's go get that monster and get our reward, Hero!

Nevan: The reward is much less important than dealing with that monster once and for all.

Amos: Let's get a move on before someone else beats us to the prize!

Carver: He's asleep, alright.

Milly: He seems exhausted. I think we should let him sleep in peace.

Ashlynn: He probably turned in after getting his butt kicked by all the soldiers. Never go to bed angry, I say.

Nevan: That soldier seems to have slept his wounds away.

Amos: I remember last time we saw that fellow, he was in a right old state.

Amos: It looks like those injuries are a thing of the past. Sleep tight, fellow!

Carver: Hardy har! You'd better believe we're bound for Wayfarer's Pass!

Carver: Uh, but don't we need the details from the King first?

Carver: C'mon, let's head to the throne room upstairs!

Milly: We should get some more information about this monster we're going to face.

Milly: I'm sure the King can tell us everything we need to know.

Ashlynn: He shouldn't be ashamed – he was strong, too!

Nevan: It's almost time to take on that monster in Wayfarer's Pass.

Nevan: But first we must get more information from the King.

Amos: If that beastie in the tunnel is really stronger than Commander Brutus, we've got our work cut out!

Carver: Let's shove off to Wayfarer's Pass! No way I'm losin' to that swordsman guy!

Milly: I wonder whether he was with Commander Brutus when he took on the monster?

Ashlynn: He shouldn't be ashamed – he was strong, too!

Nevan: If we steel ourselves, I'm sure that we can take on this monster.

Amos: If that beastie in the tunnel is really stronger than Commander Brutus, we've got our work cut out!

Carver: Blimey. I wish I could un-hear that.

Milly: I hope he'll be okay, going in there on his own...

Ashlynn: I wouldn't go that far. But the man is definitely interesting.

Nevan: This Terry seems to have mastered the art of appealing to women...

Amos: Well, I'm wearin' a blue getup – but no one's got old Amos stuck in their head!

Carver: Everyone in Arkbolt seems in the dark about the blue fella, aye?

Milly: If he headed for the cave right away, he may have already beaten the monster...

Ashlynn: I hope he didn't beat the monster! That's our job!

Nevan: Well, this is the fellow who took care of Commander Brutus, after all.

Nevan: I doubt any monster will find it easy to defeat him.

Amos: Everyone keeps mentionin' this “blue getup”.

Has he stolen old Amos's look?

Carver: Hold back? Not us!

Milly: I hope we can meet everyone's expectations.

Ashlynn: That poor monster's in trouble with us on the case.

Nevan: Everyone is anxiously awaiting news of this monster's defeat.

Nevan: Whether it's defeating monsters or guarding the castle, we all have our role to play.

Amos: Old Amos has no intention of holdin' back.

Let's show this monster what for!

Carver: Was he insultin' us? That went over my head...

Milly: I suppose he has a point...

Milly: Well, let's just make sure that we stay focused.

Ashlynn: What's wrong with a little optimism?

Nevan: Well, that can be said to be true.

Amos: Well, we've got more chance than some wimp who couldn't beat Commander Brutus!

Carver: Uh...aye.

Milly: Aww. His father put up a good fight!

Ashlynn: I feel bad for the kid, but it's not like we were cheating or anything!

Nevan: Perhaps he's right, perhaps he's not...

Amos: To be honest, I doubt I'd be able to beat Brutus if I was all on my lonesome.

Carver: Hardy har! That kid is the king of excuses, aye?

Milly: I'm rather touched by the pride he has for his father...

Ashlynn: I, uh, don't think he had a runny nose, no...

Nevan: The poor child cannot yet accept his father's defeat...

Amos: The lad's father was gracious in defeat. He could learn a lot from his old man's example.

Carver: Whoa – these guys're still out o' commission?

Milly: Oh dear, I hope they'll be back in action before long.

Ashlynn: Wow! That Terry guy must have done a real number on these two!

Nevan: So these are the soldiers left licking their wounds after their last gladiatorial contest...

Amos: I take my helmet off to these lads.

Carver: Anyone who beat Brutus should have no trouble with run-o'-the-mill monsters.

Milly: He certainly has enough spirit to become Commander.

Ashlynn: Watching us fight must've lit a fire in him, huh?

Nevan: That soldier burns with an admirable ambition.

Amos: I wish that fellow luck!

Carver: At least he's honest.

Milly: He's gracious even in defeat – the mark of a true Commander.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! He seems to be taking it well.

Nevan: It's good to see that only the Commander's pride has been wounded.

Amos: With a fine, upstanding fellow like Brutus in charge, it's no wonder the troops' morale is sky high.

Carver: Aye. The King first, then.

Milly: I sense that the Chancellor would like to speak to us later as well.

Ashlynn: Hey, um, any idea why that guy has a coffin with him?

Nevan: Let us do as the Chancellor suggests.

Amos: Time to see the King? Old Amos is all at sixes and sevens...

Carver: Hardy har! An order from the Queen, aye?

Milly: I'm always impressed by the Queen's elegance.

Ashlynn: If it's monsters you need slaying, then Ashlynn's your gal!

Nevan: The Queen has a deeply admirable dignity.

Amos: I bet that once upon a time, the Queen was really...

Amos: ...Er, really young!

Carver: The sunderbolt blade, aye? That ain't no useless knick-knack! I'm really rarin' to go now!

Milly: I can sense the King's sincerity. We won't let him down, will we, Hero?

Ashlynn: The sunderbolt blade, huh? Even the name is deadly!

Nevan: The sunderbolt blade sounds like no ordinary sword.

Amos: I never thought we'd have to drag round a monster's corpse. It fair gives me the willies!

Carver: That coffin looks pretty heavy, aye?

Carver: Anyway, let's shove off.

Milly: We're all set. Let's hurry to Wayfarer's Pass!

Ashlynn: I'm glad they're entrusting us with this mission and all...

Ashlynn: But I'm not too crazy about hauling this coffin around, you know?

Nevan: I was expecting something special, but this looks like any other coffin to me...

Amos: We can't let that lad in blue snatch the prize from under our noses!

Carver: I'd be up for teamin' up if he was. Either way, let's shove off!

Milly: We don't have a moment to spare. Let's head off, Hero.

Ashlynn: The swordsman in blue? He doesn't seem like much of a team player to me.

Nevan: Let us not disappoint the King.

Amos: So if we team up with that lad, will we split the sunderbolt blade in half...?


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Carver: Aye. Onward!

Milly: Let's go down those stairs.

Ashlynn: (shiver) Chilly in here, huh?

Nevan: Hmm...

Amos: It's bloomin' damp in here!

Carver: What, no monsters around here?

Milly: This cave is so large, it's easy to forget that you're underground.

Ashlynn: Sure is dim in here. Thank the Goddess for those torches.

Nevan: This seems like a good place for rest and respite.

Amos: Whoops! I almost slipped and landed on my behind!

It's still a little tender from that monster bite...

Carver: This must be the main trade route for merchants from the north and south, aye?

Milly: A lot of people must be inconvenienced by this.

Ashlynn: Oh, right! Didn't someone in the castle say something about an earthquake here?

Nevan: Let's get this problem sorted out on the double.

Amos: He's got a face like a rainy day in Scrimsley.

Carver: Leave? Hardy har! Monsters're why we're here!

Milly: Unfortunately, we've got a date with those monsters...

Ashlynn: Monsters? Good! Let's go get 'em!

Nevan: We've got a job to do – clearing this cave of monsters!

Amos: Let's get every one of those miserable monsters!

Carver: So the King sent us here to help these guys get to work, aye?

Milly: It's been a while since the work halted, hasn't it?

Ashlynn: You know, that guy looks plenty beefy to me...

Ashlynn: But I guess construction work is a far cry from fighting monsters.

Nevan: It won't be long now. We'll take care of those monsters.

Amos: Well, monsters do have a habit of bein' scary.

Carver: We're riskin' our lives, and all he cares about is hittin' the sauce. That's gratitude, aye?

Milly: They'll be back to work before they know it!

Ashlynn: If drinking were a vocation, that guy would be the best in the business.

Nevan: I wonder when they last did an honest day's work.

Amos: Doin' absolutely nothin' is thirsty work!

Carver: Aye – that's the hole we're huntin' for.

Milly: That's our destination. Shall we head off?

Ashlynn: C'mon! Let's go check out this hole!

Nevan: Let us proceed...with caution.

Amos: Let's go in and see exactly what's goin' on!

Carver: A big hole is no big deal, but a bunch of monsters... That's a problem.

Milly: It's quite a large hole, isn't it?

Milly: I wouldn't like the task of filling it in once the monster's been defeated.

Ashlynn: We can't plug the hole, but we can sure root out all the monsters inside!

Nevan: Well, first things first – we need to clear this place of monsters.

Amos: Do you reckon the monsters opened this hole themselves? I wouldn't put it past 'em!

Carver: Crikey! Look at that view!

Milly: Can you see the hole?

Ashlynn: Wow! What a cliff this is!

Nevan: It appears that there are soldiers stationed here.

Amos: Old Amos has no head for heights, I tell you!

Carver: Ceiling's pretty high, ain't it?

Milly: This cave is so spacious, it doesn't feel like we're underground.

Ashlynn: Boy, we're up so high! I can't even see the bottom.

Nevan: I would surmise that this tunnel has long been used by travellers.

Amos: This would be quite scenic if it weren't for all the beasties roamin' around.

Carver: Hardy har! We beat Brutus, so we can handle this. It's logical 'n everything like that.

Milly: If we can just take out the monsters' leader...

Ashlynn: Let's start with those two guarding the entrance!

Nevan: We must deal with that monster before it starts to terrorise the surface!

Amos: No matter how many beasties they bash, more keep comin' to replace 'em...

Amos: Just the thought of it gives old Amos goosebumps!

Carver: So the blue fella already went this way, aye?

Carver: Fair enough! Now it's our turn.

Milly: Well let's get after him then, Hero!

Ashlynn: I guess this coffin is proof enough we're here on the King's orders, huh?

Nevan: This Terry fellow seems to have stolen a march on us.

Nevan: Whether we team up with him or not, the main thing is to press on!

Amos: So he's come all this way draggin' that coffin on his own? Blimey!

Carver: Aye! Off we go!

Milly: Quickly, let's go after that swordsman!

Ashlynn: Uh, those two look way scarier from up close!

Nevan: We're going to have to deal with those two first.

Amos: Let's be careful! We don't want any of the party gettin' their own coffin!

Carver: Whew... That was a good warmup, aye?

Milly: I sense that the battles ahead will be fierce. Keep your guard up.

Ashlynn: Great! Now for the real fight!

Nevan: We did it! Now let's head inside!

Amos: Those were our first opponents!?

Could be an uphill struggle...

Carver: Whoa! Look at the size of this place!

Milly: Who would've guessed a cave of this size would be hidden behind that wall?

Ashlynn: This place is huge! Hope we don't get lost.

Nevan: The winding paths make this area quite tricky to navigate...

Amos: Take care not to take a dip in any of this water!

Carver: Where do ya think that Terry guy is by now?

Milly: There's no telling how deep this cave is...

Ashlynn: Nothing's gonna leap from the water and, like, suck my face off, right?

Nevan: The presence of monsters is strong here. Let us proceed with caution.

Amos: Ah-Ah-CHOO!!!

Carver: “Swordsman”? Him, I bet.

Milly: Looks like someone felt the sharp end of Terry's sword...

Ashlynn: Even the monsters are talking about him? He must be the real deal!

Nevan: It looks like he was felled with a single blow. This is no mean swordsman...

Amos: That monster still had some life in it when we arrived...

Amos: That must mean this Terry lad isn't too far ahead.

Carver: Geh. And I thought they smelt bad when they were alive!

Milly: Terry...

Ashlynn: No time to waste here. C'mon! C'mon!

Nevan: Let us hurry!

Amos: The final battle is waitin' for us up ahead.

Carver: This cave ain't big enough for a mountain of a man like me.

Milly: The aura here seems different...

Ashlynn: It doesn't seem like anyone is here.

Nevan: I wonder if Terry is on this level?

Amos: Down here I can barely see beyond my nose.

Carver: Crikey. I'm gettin' all twisted around.

Milly: Let's take care not to waste energy by walking around too much.

Ashlynn: We just keep walking and walking...

Nevan: This place is a labyrinth.

Amos: Old Amos is gettin' nervous every time we turn a corner...

Carver: Those are human bones, alright. They look too mouldy to be his, though.

Milly: Oh my...

Ashlynn: That must've been an Arkbolt soldier, sent to slay the monster.

Nevan: He is with the Goddess now...

Amos: Old Amos doesn't want to end up like that poor fellow!

Carver: Avast! Even I'm startin' to get creeped out by this place.

Milly: The air down here is horribly stagnant... (cough)

Ashlynn: Wow, this place is crawling with monsters!

Nevan: Warm, pungent air is wafting from somewhere close...

Amos: Doesn't this cave ever end?

Carver: Hardy har! The beasts here have a little fight in 'em, aye?

Milly: We've entered the monster's nest... I can feel it...

Ashlynn: Wait, monsters hatch from eggs? You learn something new every day!

Nevan: Hmm... I wonder where that blue-clad swordsman has got to...

Amos: Old Amos is feelin' a tad peckish but I wouldn't fancy an egg like that.

Carver: Whew... We better find the big one or we'll never get out of here.

Milly: What kind of monster lays eggs that big...?

Ashlynn: Do you think these eggs hatch all by themselves?

Nevan: For freshly-hatched monsters, they put up quite a fight.

Amos: I'm startin' to wonder if I'll ever eat eggs again...

Carver: There he is! You wanna help him out, Hero? He could use a hand here.

Milly: It's the swordsman in blue!

Ashlynn: So Terry broke all those eggs? He making an omelette or something?

Nevan: Terry is face-to-face with that enormous monster!

Nevan: We haven't a second to lose!

Amos: Let's look lively! We don't want to turn up to the party late!

Carver: He likes bein' a solo act, aye?

Milly: Does he really think he's going to defeat it alone!?

Ashlynn: What's he talking about!? We're trying to help him here!

Nevan: This Terry brims with self-assurance...

Amos: This lad shouldn't overdo it or that beast will have him for breakfast!

Carver: He's gone...

Milly: Terry... He certainly is strong...

Ashlynn: I guess we can kiss that sunderbolt blade goodbye...

Nevan: That was an extraordinary display of swordsmanship.

Amos: Old Amos is agog! That lad didn't put a foot wrong!

Carver: It's really quiet, aye...?

Milly: It's eerily silent in here now that the monster's been defeated.

Ashlynn: Boy, all this walking is murder on my feet...

Nevan: There's not the slightest hint of any monsters in the vicinity.

Amos: Ah-Ah-CHOO!!!

Carver: Whew... Finally free of that coffin!

Milly: We could've taken the coffin back ourselves...

Ashlynn: Yippee! That coffin was giving me the heebie-jeebies.

Nevan: That soldier hauled the coffin away without breaking a sweat!

Amos: It's good to get rid of that coffin, I tell you!

Carver: ...I reckon Terry lived up to the hype, aye?

Milly: Shall we head back to the castle for now?

Ashlynn: Hopefully it's safe enough for them to start working again.

Nevan: The air is getting fresher by the minute!

Amos: I can't get that image of those monstrous eggs out of my mind...

Carver: That's what we wanna know.

Milly: That lad is long gone, it would seem.

Ashlynn: I don't know who that blue guy is, but I do know he's got some attitude.

Nevan: Whoever he is, he's no doubt beating a path to Arkbolt Castle.

Amos: He had a bit of a baby-face, but when it came to doin' battle, that lad was fully grown!

Carver: Aye, I'd like to see what's doin' back at the castle, anyway.

Milly: Perhaps we'll find Terry waiting for us back at the castle.

Ashlynn: A while? But I want to explore new territory now!

Ashlynn: Oh well... Not much we can do but wait.

Nevan: We had better return to Arkbolt Castle.

Nevan: We owe the King and Commander Brutus a full report.

Nevan: It just saddens me to say that we don't have a great deal of success to boast of.

Amos: If we head through here, we can travel up north, right?

Amos: Once it reopens, let's give it a try, Hero!

Carver: Avast! Hope he ain't lifting with his back!

Milly: So... Shall we head back?

Ashlynn: That's a dirty job, moving rocks all day...

Nevan: We won't be passing through here any time soon.

Amos: That lad needs to watch himself! He should be bendin' at the knees!

Carver: He musta picked the rock-liftin' vocation. Does that even exist?

Milly: I thought he'd be a bit more enthusiastic to get started again...

Ashlynn: He's been at this for thirty years?

Nevan: Well, at least they can get back to work now.

Amos: These lads don't seem as laid-back now they have an honest day's work to do.

Carver: His sales'll stink until that construction wraps up.

Milly: I'm sure he'll be happy to finally hit the road again.

Ashlynn: Hold on, so that merchant sat here the whole time...?

Nevan: Once the pass reopens, many people will be travelling here.

Amos: Old Amos is lookin' forward to givin' this pass a go once it's ready!

Carver: At least some good came from this, aye?

Milly: At the end of the day, that's what matters most.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I can't wait for them to wrap up.

Ashlynn: That'll put our journey back on track!

Nevan: This is the day travellers have been awaiting.

Amos: I wish we could say that we'd helped open up the pass, but...

Carver: Hardy har! They're finally back on the job, aye?

Milly: Did his partner actually fall asleep...?

Ashlynn: We did our part... Now it's their turn!

Nevan: I'd love to say it was us who resolved the situation...

Amos: It's not goin' to be a picnic for the two of them to clear all these rocks. Rather them than me!

Carver: Things're about to get lively here!

Milly: He's surprisingly nimble considering he's just got up.

Ashlynn: Work like that is dangerous if you're drowsy.

Nevan: Shall we observe the repair work while we're here?

Amos: Old Amos can't wait till they open this pass up!


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Carver: Geh... I was hopin' we wouldn't run into the fella.

Milly: I wonder if the sunderbolt blade is the sword he's been looking for...

Ashlynn: Oh, great. Not only is he making off with the reward – he's rubbing it in, too!

Nevan: We didn't even face him head-to-head...

Nevan: Why then do I feel such an acute sense of defeat?

Amos: I take it that's the sunderbolt blade Terry's grippin' in his mitt.

Carver: (sigh)

Milly: The great swordsman Terry...

Ashlynn: Ugh. I just want to crawl into a hole...

Nevan: So the news has already been posted...

Amos: Why did we have to go and read that?

Ignorance is bliss, I tell you!

Carver: Carver rhymes with a lot more things than Terry. Just sayin'.

Milly: So Terry's their hero now, is he?

Ashlynn: Oh, please! Now he won't shut up about Terry!

Nevan: It seems we've found another of Terry's innumerable fans...

Amos: Don't be down in the mouth, Hero.

Amos: Old Amos'll knock a poem together for you!

Carver: Can we change the subject?

Milly: It is the truth, after all.

Ashlynn: Seems like word's spread all around the castle already.

Nevan: Not this again...

Amos: Seems the whole castle's gone Terry crazy.

Carver: I gotta admit, I can hardly believe he did it myself.

Milly: Terry almost seems like a different person when he's fighting...

Ashlynn: I wouldn't have believed it myself if I didn't see it.

Nevan: It may seem hard to believe, but it's entirely true.

Amos: We could barely believe it either! What's his secret!?

Carver: Sounds like a pitiful partner there, aye?

Milly: He looks like he's about ready to leave.

Ashlynn: It's a lot more fun to travel with a friend, isn't it? Safer, too.

Nevan: Hmm... His partner's a wandering merchant?

Nevan: I wonder if we have encountered this fellow on our travels.

Amos: That fellow must be chompin' at the bit to get through that Wayfarer's Pass.

Carver: At least one good thing came out of this, aye?

Milly: I'm sure both locals and travellers are elated to see the pass open again.

Ashlynn: We should get going ourselves. Those northern lands are calling!

Nevan: It sounds as if Wayfarer's Pass is finally open.

Amos: Those northern lands sound worth a visit. Old Amos has caught the travellin' bug!

Carver: Hardy har! Still sleepin'.

Milly: The poor man's going to be shocked when he finds out they're no longer recruiting.

Ashlynn: He'll be the last guy to hear the news at this rate.

Nevan: His wounds may have healed but he doesn't seem eager to get back to his training.

Amos: That lad must have cloth ears to sleep through all the din in this castle!

Carver: He bet on us? I didn't think he'd be into that kinda thing.

Milly: His aura suggested he was a more respectable person than this...

Ashlynn: Hmph! Like I care what that guy thinks!

Amos: I wonder how much he would have won if we'd brought that monster back.

Carver: I reckon lone swordsmen like to be alone, aye?

Milly: It sounds like she'll never forget her encounter with the swordsman.

Ashlynn: He's not worth getting THAT worked up about...

Nevan: What does Terry have that attracts women so strongly...?

Nevan: Not being a woman, perhaps I have no hope of ever understanding...

Amos: That sunderbolt blade Terry was swingin' was a sword and a half.

Amos: I was hoping he'd allow old Amos to have a quick go with it...

Carver: Speaking of, Terry must've brought that monster corpse back into the castle, aye?

Milly: Where did that monster in the pass come from? And why?

Milly: I hope the castle's investigation can produce some answers.

Ashlynn: Good thing there was only one of those big monsters, or this castle would be in real trouble!

Nevan: It was a peculiar monster indeed. It even had some capacity to speak.

Amos: Thinkin' of that monster makes me think of eggs.

And that makes me think about lunch!

Carver: There better be more of Murdaw's leftovers out there.

Carver: I ain't about to let Terry claim a prize for takin' out the next one.

Milly: I think we'd need to do some investigating to see whether that's true or not.

Ashlynn: Do you think the monster had been living inside that cave all this time?

Nevan: I pray that this was the last monster of its kind.

Amos: It was a fearsome beast, sure enough, but that Terry lad took the brunt of it.

Carver: Hardy har! He's actin' like we saved the day 'n everything like that.

Milly: I think it's a little early to be proclaiming peace.

Ashlynn: That guy was Mr Downer just a little while ago, wasn't he?

Nevan: Peace may have returned to Wayfarer's Pass, but it is far from universal.

Nevan: Though Murdaw may be gone, the monster population seems unaffected...

Nevan: It is up to us to find out why.

Amos: It seems like this Terry lad is the people's choice.

Amos: If he really has brought peace, then I have to take off my helmet to him.

Carver: Huh. But it's dead, aye?

Milly: Why put the body in a cell...?

Ashlynn: Wait... Isn't that a little weird?

Nevan: Shall we investigate this cell?

Amos: Old Amos wouldn't really know where to store a stinkin' monster corpse either...

Carver: Crikey. Is that soldier ever gonna heal up?

Milly: Wasn't there another soldier sleeping here before?

Ashlynn: Maybe he's having, like, flashbacks or something.

Nevan: I pray for his swift recovery.

Amos: It's no easy task bein' an Arkbolt soldier! That poor lad's still sufferin'.

Carver: Right from sickbed to his post, aye? Soldiers here got it rough, that's for sure.

Milly: Last time we saw him, he was fast asleep on the bed upstairs.

Ashlynn: That's the guy who was in a tizzy over Terry knocking him out, right?

Ashlynn: You saw Terry fight. He must've been going easy on this guy.

Nevan: Straight back to training, already? Impressive...

Amos: At least there won't be wannabe beast-battlers linin' up to test their mettle against this chap.

Carver: The sunderbolt blade, aye? Who needs it? It ain't fit for my fightin' style, anyway.

Milly: I've no doubt Terry is even stronger now with that sword.

Ashlynn: “Sunderbolt” sounds pretty dangerous. I bet you'd get a shock if you even touched it.

Nevan: With that sword at his disposal, is there any adversary who can take on Terry?

Amos: Old Amos wanted a go with that sword, but what if I'd sliced somethin' important off!?

Carver: I reckon beatin' Brutus would give ya ultimate braggin' rights around here.

Milly: He certainly has enough spirit to become Commander.

Ashlynn: Terry must've lit a fire under him!

Nevan: There is certainly no shortage of ambition here.

Amos: I wish that fellow luck!

Carver: Even tough fellas like me know to come in out of the cold...

Milly: I knew he would catch a cold...

Ashlynn: Gross! What's that stuff dripping from his nose!?

Nevan: I pray he learns his lesson!

Amos: Ah-Ah-CHOO!!!

Carver: Hardy hoo-boy. Someday I'll look back on this and laugh.

Milly: At least he's got a sense of humour about all this.

Ashlynn: I bet we can't leave soon enough for that guy!

Nevan: I imagine this is as close as Commander Brutus gets to being sympathetic.

Amos: Commander Brutus knows how to bounce back from adversity.

Amos: He took a triple beatin' from that beast, Terry and – of course – us.

Amos: You wouldn't tell by lookin' at him, though.

Carver: That kid really looks up to his old man. It kinda gets ya right here...

Milly: Such a spirited child... I'm sure Commander Brutus was exactly the same at his age.

Ashlynn: What a great father-and-son moment! I started welling up there for a second...

Nevan: Commander Brutus seems to be physically incapable of ever giving up. I admire him greatly.

Amos: Once that lad's grown up, old Amos would be game for a bit of a scrap.

Carver: I'd be lookin' into a new vocation if I was that guy.

Milly: There's definitely something strange about keeping the body down here, don't you think?

Ashlynn: What are they guarding it from? Thieves?

Ashlynn: Are rotting monster corpses hot on the black market or something?

Nevan: I must confess, I am also puzzled by this.

Amos: What if in the dead of night, the coffin lid suddenly sprung open and...

Amos: ...Arghhh! Old Amos has gone and scared himself!

Carver: I reckon ignorance is bliss in this case.

Milly: If we told him the truth, he probably wouldn't be able to sleep at all.

Ashlynn: Corpses make rotten neighbours. Tee hee!

Nevan: Sure enough, that fellow hasn't been blessed with a neighbour he would want to get to know better.

Amos: We could tell him what's really in there, but I reckon it's kinder not to.

Carver: I reckon this'll be our last visit to Arkbolt for a while, aye?

Milly: Once we're done here, we should investigate the other side of Wayfarer's Pass.

Ashlynn: Ugh. My feet are on fire from all the walking...

Nevan: I wonder how the King will react to us this time.

Amos: We're facin' the King again? Old Amos has got his tail between his legs...

Carver: Ahoy! Once we're through here, why not take Wayfarer's Pass to the other side, aye?

Milly: The pass will probably reopen very soon.

Ashlynn: I bet they finished up in a flash. They had a guy with thirty years experience, after all!

Nevan: Unfortunately, we cannot take much credit for the fact that Wayfarer's Pass has reopened.

Amos: It's great to hear that Wayfarer's Pass is open for business again.

Amos: I only wish we could have played more of a part.

Carver: I reckon some royal attention is better than nothin', aye?

Milly: The Queen is so kind and considerate... I consider her something of a role model.

Ashlynn: What's she apologizing for? We're the ones who came up short.

Nevan: It is flattering indeed to hear that the Queen recognises our efforts.

Amos: A real Queen called old Amos brave!

It fair brings a tear to my eye... (sob)

Carver: “Strong”'s not even the word. Losin' to Terry's nothing to be ashamed of.

Milly: It seems that Terry's already hit the road.

Milly: Isn't it time we set out on a new journey as well?

Ashlynn: A strong sword for a strong swordsman. Makes sense to me!

Nevan: I feel certain that we will encounter this Terry again in our travels.

Amos: The more people talk about how great that sword is, the harder this is to deal with...

Milly: He's right – we should forget about the sword. It's not why we came here, after all.

Milly: The country's problem has been solved, and we can carry on with our journey. That's what counts.

Ashlynn: He's got a point...but I'm still disappointed!

Nevan: Now that we've had an audience with the King, shall we be on our way?

Amos: Is there no sort of runners-up prize for effort?

Carver: Sleepin' on the job, aye?

Carver: He must think he can slack off now that the monster problem's taken care of.

Milly: A small castle full of treasure...

Its King assaulted by monsters...

Milly: It almost feels too specific for a dream...

Ashlynn: Looks like he slipped right back into the same dream.

Nevan: That soldier is sleeping at his post again?

Amos: It's not easy to sleep standin' up, I tell you! I've tried...

Nevan: The Goddess frowns on gambling – and I have no doubt Commander Brutus does too.

Carver: A sword like that was made for Terry, anyway.

Carver: Like the King said, it all depends on how ya look at it!

Carver: The place is pretty dead, aye? Looks like everyone shoved off.

Milly: Let's go farther in.

Ashlynn: So the monsters aren't coming out any more?

Nevan: At last, Wayfarer's Pass is living up to its name.

Amos: Not much life in this place, is there?

Carver: Hardy har! The guy finally got what he wanted, aye?

Milly: Once they got started, the rocks were out in no time.

Ashlynn: Wow! He knocked that back like it was nothing!

Nevan: They say that a drink after hard work tastes especially good.

Nevan: Looking at that fellow, I can well believe it.

Amos: He's swiggin' away like there's no tomorrow.

Doesn't he have a home to go to?

Carver: Why are they still here if the stones are gone?

Milly: It's nice to see people taking pride in their work.

Ashlynn: Those guys are a little gruff, but we owe 'em one, nonetheless.

Nevan: The workmen have done a remarkable job.

Amos: It's a relief to be able to get right through to the other side!

Carver: Aye, a fella could wander for days in that maze.

Milly: It seems that monsters have turned up in the cave again.

Milly: At least the big one is gone. Still, it's probably best that normal people stay out of the cave.

Ashlynn: Why don't they just seal the hole and be done with it?

Nevan: It's a relief indeed to have such a diligent fellow standing guard.

Amos: It looks like our work here is done!

Carver: So this is the other side, aye?

Milly: This must be this side's resting spot.

Ashlynn: It feels like we're pretty close to the exit.

Nevan: Now the construction work is complete, it's a rather fast trip through the pass.

Amos: (sniff) Is it me or does the air here smell different?

Carver: Let's change the subject, aye?

Milly: I wonder where that swordsman could have gotten to by now...

Ashlynn: Everyone around here must be happy that Wayfarer's Pass is open again.

Nevan: It seems that fellow was left cooling his heels here while the pass was blocked.

Amos: If he's headin' to Arkbolt, he should know there's a gap in the item shop market!


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Carver: Travellers must love havin' a place to take a load off way out here.

Milly: This inn is rather far from civilisation. I doubt they get very many customers.

Ashlynn: Wow, looks like this place is an inn, huh?

Nevan: Is it just me or is there something peculiar about the positions of these three buildings?

Amos: I thought this place was a tad unusual, but it's just a common-or-garden inn.

Carver: I doubt he gets much business dealin' only on this side of the pass.

Milly: Being able to travel freely to the south will certainly help the development of this area.

Ashlynn: Wow. Now I see how important Wayfarer's Pass really is!

Nevan: There doesn't seem to be much profit to be made in a place like this.

Amos: I reckon Arkbolt attracts merchants from here, there and everywhere.

Terry: That's old news.

Lizzie: (snarl) Wayfarer's...Pass... (splutter)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Even if that's true, there's no use losin' sleep over it. We can't get by without rest...

Milly: Passing away in your sleep? What a terrifying thought...

Ashlynn: You can't believe everything you hear – and I choose not to believe that!

Nevan: Hmm... Might there be another monster meddling in people's dreams?

Amos: Dyin' in your sleep's bad enough, but sufferin' too!? It's all too much for old Amos to bear!

Terry: That's no disease. Hero, you and your crew dealt with this already, right?

Lizzie: (spit) Must...not sleep... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! Boing boi-oing!

Carver: Hardy har! Doesn't he know that tellin' us not to go just makes us wanna go even more?

Milly: A phantom staircase? Given some of the things we've seen, it wouldn't exactly surprise me...

Ashlynn: Hmph. Just because he didn't see it himself doesn't mean it can't be true.

Nevan: By warning us not to go, he basically guaranteed we'll be going...

Amos: That fellow looks like he's well-off and well-fed. Maybe he's a local landlord or somethin'?

Terry: Maybe he should take a trip up that staircase and give us a report.

Lizzie: (snarl) Mystery...stairway... Lizzie climb... (spit)

Goober: Boooing!

Carver: Avast! What was that about? My ears are ringin'.

Milly: It seems that these people are often pestered by a pushy merchant.

Ashlynn: Mermaid meat? Eww! Forget it! I'll take plain old fish filets any day.

Nevan: If mermaid meat really has those properties, there must be no shortage of people seeking it.

Amos: Maintain her youthful looks? Isn't it a bit late– Um, I mean, never mind!

Terry: Let's get out of here. Mermaid meat? Seriously?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not merchant... Also not mermaid... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boi...oing?

Carver: Any idea where this cave leads?

Milly: Hopefully this is a shortcut to the other side of these mountains.

Ashlynn: Brrr... It's chilly in here!

Nevan: Where does this lead, I wonder?

...Or perhaps it's a dead-end?

Amos: First Wayfarer's Pass, now this. Give old Amos a town, a castle – anything but another cave!

Carver: Nngh... G'morning...I think. How can ya even tell in a cave?

Milly: Everyone seems well rested. Good.

Ashlynn: I'm amazed anyone can run a business in this monster-infested hole.

Nevan: Good morning – if indeed it is morning.

It's hard to keep track of time in here.

Amos: Poor old Amos kept gettin' woken up by water drippin' from the cave ceiling!

Terry: It's lookin' like a bad-hair day, Hero.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...awake... (spit)

Goober: Boing? Boing!


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Carver: Ahh-CHOO!!!

Eh, sorry. I must have snorted some sand.

Milly: I wonder what this place is called? Everything is covered in sand.

Ashlynn: Not exactly the most...lively of places, is it?

Nevan: The air's so dry here it hurts to inhale.

Amos: Why would anyone choose to live here?

Carver: It's like this town's had the life sucked out of it.

Milly: I don't envy the people who have to live here.

Ashlynn: I can't stand all this sand! It gets everywhere!

Nevan: This drought is remorseless. People and plants alike are wilting.

Amos: Blast! My shoes are all full of sand!

Carver: She ain't lying, aye?

Milly: How sad. I'm not sensing much in the way of hopes and dreams here...

Ashlynn: They'll never attract travellers with that attitude. Anything's better than nothing!

Nevan: That poor woman's face betrays a deep weariness with life.

Amos: Well, they've got no shortage of sand!

Carver: I don't see how the well runnin' dry was Murdaw's doing...

Carver: It probably has more to do with this bein' a desert 'n everything like that.

Milly: A dry well is an even bigger problem than a Dread Fiend for these people.

Ashlynn: Something tells me this town has seen better days – far better days!

Nevan: So when the well dried up, the life was sucked out of this sorry place.

Amos: There's no water here!? How am I goin' to wash the sand out of my hair now!?

Carver: When times are bad, I reckon ya can always escape to the bottom of a cup.

Milly: I'm amazed that he could understand a word you said, Hero.

Ashlynn: Men sure are weak sometimes.

Nevan: The Goddess frowns on public displays of drunkenness.

Amos: Old Amos isn't one to talk, but that lad really can't hold his drink!

Carver: The “Isle o' Smiles”, aye? That name sounds awfully fishy to me...

Milly: Is that island so attractive it can make a woman leave her husband...?

Ashlynn: She ran away from that winner? I can't imagine why...

Nevan: Intriguing. I would like to find out more about this Isle o' Smiles. We should ask around.

Amos: So his missus ran off to the Isle o' Smiles? That would explain the lad's permanent frown.

Amos: Can you really be happy if you're makin' the people around you miserable?

Carver: A little island? When did ya see that, Hero?

Milly: Little island? I didn't notice anything like that...

Ashlynn: You shouldn't pick on gullible people like that, Hero. He believed you!

Nevan: No sooner had that man heard your words than he raced off.

Amos: Did you think that one through fully before answering, Hero?

Carver: I don't get that fella. He hasn't missed what yet?

Milly: What could he have been talking about? I could sense its importance to him, whatever it was.

Ashlynn: He hasn't missed it “yet”? What, does this island, like, come and go with the tide or something?

Nevan: Has that man been drinking?

Amos: What is that lad on about? Old Amos doesn't have the foggiest.

Carver: What an odd fella. Either an island's there or it ain't.

Milly: Do you think an island really...comes here?

Ashlynn: I don't think I've ever seen a moving island before!

Nevan: The island wasn't there yet? What can all this mean?

Amos: So is he sayin' you can hop on this island and it'll go off somewhere?

Carver: That mutt's skin 'n bones. Food must be in short supply around town, aye?

Milly: I'm worried about the poor dog. His aura isn't very bright...

Ashlynn: Aww, look at that pooch's eyes! They look so sad...and hungry.

Nevan: That poor dog's nose is as dry as the desert.

Amos: I wonder if my poor dog back in Scrimsley is missin' old Amos... (sob)

Carver: I wish I could help, but wells are a pretty deep subject.

Milly: The well is almost dried up. If that goes, this town is in real trouble...

Ashlynn: So this is the only well in town? Doesn't look like it's doing very...uh, well.

Nevan: It seems that this town is going to need some sort of miracle in order for water to flow here again...

Amos: How do the folks here even manage to stay alive?

I can barely imagine.

Carver: Huh? She must have us mixed up with someone else.

Milly: They seem used to people trying to lure them away somewhere.

Ashlynn: Um...what? We didn't bring up the island – she did.

Nevan: What does she mean by “your island”?

Strange things are afoot.

Amos: They do seem like a happy couple, right enough.

Carver: Folks are sellin' the Isle o' Smiles around town? Wonder who they are.

Milly: They really do seem content here. I can see it in their auras.

Ashlynn: As if Aridea doesn't have enough grief – they have pushy salesmen, too?

Nevan: I pray we meet this fellow promoting the Isle o' Smiles. There is much I want to ask him.

Amos: What does this lad from the Isle o' Smiles look like?

Amos: I imagine him with a big silly grin on his face.

Carver: That cat's coat must be murder in this heat, aye?

Milly: Here kitty kitty!

Ashlynn: Oooh, kitty! Even scrawny cats are cute!

Nevan: That cat looks famished. The poor thing must be scavenging for scraps.

Amos: So if that cat scratched old Amos would I turn into a great sabrecat every night?

Carver: Hey, you ain't seriously thinkin' about going there, are ya?

Carver: ...Well, I'm sure you have your reasons, Hero. If you're goin', then count me in!

Milly: There's no way of knowing whether they're happy if no one ever comes back...

Ashlynn: Oh, this Isle o' Smiles is a bigger attraction than I thought. I didn't realise it was luring out-of-towners, too.

Nevan: There's something worrying about that man's words.

Nevan: We must ask around and find out more.

Amos: Imagine if this was a fairy tale...

Amos: There'd be a monster waitin' on the Isle o' Smiles waitin' to gobble up the folks who visit.

Amos: ...Argh! Old Amos has gone and scared himself again!

Carver: The western cape, aye...? Maybe we could find some clues over there.

Milly: So in other words, if we want to go to the Isle o' Smiles, we should head to the western cape?

Ashlynn: I'm guessing that guy's not buying into the Isle o' Smiles hype.

Nevan: I think it's worth investigating this western cape.

Amos: There's nothin' to talk about in this town except the Isle o' Smiles. Or sand.

Carver: She's not lookin' too good, aye...? Maybe we could track down her dad 'n everything like that.

Milly: That girl's father probably can't come back even if he wants to... Don't you think?

Milly: I wonder if anyone has ever actually returned from this Isle o' Smiles?

Ashlynn: Right now, I'd say that girl's father would be the best medicine. She needs him by her side.

Nevan: Did something befall that poor girl's father on the way to the Isle o' Smiles?

Nevan: Or did something befall him after he arrived there?

Amos: I hope that lass's old man hasn't got caught up in some kind of bother.

Carver: Whoa! That kid must've seen this island for himself, aye?

Milly: So the island only appears when the moon is full...

Ashlynn: An island? On the full moon? When you put it that way, it sounds kind of romantic!

Nevan: That boy seems to be getting a bit carried away. Can we really trust his words?

Amos: Is that lad talkin' nonsense?
He sounds like he means it...

Carver: An island free of toil or tears...?

I'd die in a place like that – of boredom.

Milly: The nun managed to sum the situation up nicely, didn't she, Hero?

Milly: But the only way to find out exactly what happens around here at night is to see it with our own eyes.

Ashlynn: Right. Let's go find a way to kill some time until nightfall.

Nevan: I sense that we have a long night ahead of us.

Amos: Don't worry! It may be a full moon but old Amos won't be up to his old monster-transformin' tricks!

Carver: Seems like half the people in Aridea came here just to get on the island.

Milly: I've never seen such a dedicated hedonist.

Ashlynn: I wonder how many people this island can hold.

Think we can all fit on it, too?

Nevan: The way that man is talking, you'd think his spirit is already on the Isle o' Smiles.

Amos: Well, the lad is enthusiastic, I'll grant him that.

Carver: It's nice to see someone has a little sense around here.

Milly: Well, if anyone was going to be sceptical...

Ashlynn: I think Skip's right. Unfortunately, he might be the only one around here with a good head on his shoulders.

Nevan: Even if the Isle o' Smiles were to be all illusion and trickery, people like him would not be fooled.

Amos: It may sound like a kid's tale, but there's plenty of full-grown adults who seem to have swallowed it.

Carver: Eh... That conversation went nowhere, aye...?

Milly: Let's try talking to some of the other people in town.

Ashlynn: Never mind? That just makes me want to pay it all the more mind.

Nevan: I think it best to find out more about this floating island and the so-called Isle o' Smiles.

Amos: Now I really want to hear more about this place!

Carver: Gets dark quick in the desert, aye?

Milly: It's already dark. I wonder if the inn's open?

Ashlynn: Whoa! Night already? I didn't notice.

Nevan: The night is drawing in.

Amos: Old Amos tends to get a tad jumpy of an evenin'. But don't worry – there'll be no monster antics from me!

Carver: Ahoy! That's definitely a full moon up there.

Milly: The moonlight is nice and bright. It should be safe to walk around, even outside of town.

Ashlynn: Sure gets cold when the sun drops around here.

Nevan: The number of people out and about has dwindled.

Amos: I know it's gettin' dark, but doesn't there seem to be a shortage of townsfolk?

Carver: So what was the story again? A floating island from the Isle o' Smiles that makes port under the full moon, aye?

Carver: If we're gonna find out if it's true, tonight's the night!

Milly: The island that goes to the Isle o' Smiles should be arriving at the western cape.

Ashlynn: Once we're done looking around town, I think I'd like to check out that western cape a bit.

Nevan: I want to see this island with my own eyes.

Amos: Looks like we'll be workin' the night-shift tonight!

Carver: That fella oughta move away from the well. It's probably freezin' in there!

Milly: Indeed. We'll freeze to death out here if we aren't careful.

Ashlynn: Sheesh. If he's that cold, why doesn't he go home and warm up?

Nevan: The Goddess has blessed us with a beautiful full moon in the cold, clear sky.

Amos: Ah-CHOO!!!

Carver: Seein' a full moon makes me wanna howl, too.

Milly: Is he howling because something's coming?

Ashlynn: I wonder what he's howling at.

Nevan: That dog sounds like he's giving a send-off of sorts to those who are off to the Isle 'o' Smiles.

Amos: Old Amos feels like stayin' and howlin' as well!

Carver: If ya ask me, this seems like the worst seat in the house for moon gazing.

Milly: (shiver) It's even colder here in the well.

Ashlynn: Sheesh. Does that guy ever go home?

Nevan: So there's beauty to be found even in a desolate town like this...

Amos: Look! The moon's the same size as the well!

Carver: Feels good to warm up the bones a bit, aye?

Milly: That old gentleman.... Is he napping?

Ashlynn: This is the couple who keeps turning down offers to see the Isle o' Smiles, right?

Nevan: This couple seem to have found perfect contentment in each other's company.

Nevan: Just being in the same place as them makes one feel at peace.

Amos: That old fellow will catch his death if he doesn't sleep in his bed.

Carver: She's one sweet old lady, aye?

Milly: She works very long hours, doesn't she? Poor thing.

Ashlynn: I'm surprised she's still awake after being on her feet all day.

Nevan: This is clearly an evening like any other to these folks. It is heart-warming indeed.

Amos: I hope that old dear gets a good night's sleep.

Carver: Hope that fella didn't catch a cold. At least it's nice and toasty in here.

Milly: That old gentleman... He's napping, isn't he?

Ashlynn: This is the couple who keeps turning down offers to see the Isle o' Smiles, right?

Ashlynn: That's a smart move, I'd say. They already have all the happiness they need right here.

Nevan: This couple seem to have found perfect contentment in each other's company.

Nevan: Just being in the same place as them makes one feel at peace.

Amos: That old fellow is fidgetin' in his sleep. It's a miracle he doesn't fall off the chair.

Carver: She's asleep, alright.

Milly: Let's keep it down – we don't want to wake her up. Nice and quiet now...

Ashlynn: Aww. She's calling for her father in her sleep.

Nevan: Hopefully she can meet her father in her dreams.

Amos: Let's be quiet! Don't make a sound!

Amos: Uh-oh! Here comes one of old Amos's sneezes. Ah-Ah-Ah...

Amos: ...I managed to hold it in!

Carver: Plenty of vacancies, aye?

Milly: Huh? The man who was so eager to go to the Isle o' Smiles... He's gone?

Ashlynn: Do you think the man from before is over by the cape now?

Nevan: Seems like no one is spending the night here tonight.

Amos: There's no one here but the innkeeper.

Carver: Hardy har! Must be nice to have such a cushy job.

Milly: It doesn't seem anyone is staying here tonight.

Ashlynn: I can see why everyone sleeps so soundly here. This town's quiet as, well, a desert.

Nevan: This is not a night when we can afford to sleep.

Amos: He's fast asleep...

Amos: If someone snuck in and slept here, he'd never know!


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Carver: Crikey! What's this now? That thing really does move!?

Milly: Look Hero, there's someone waiting on the bridge.

Ashlynn: Wow. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Nevan: I presume they won't suddenly attack us if we try and speak with them?

Amos: Let's get on board! Err...can you say that about an island?

Carver: Huh. So this is it, aye?

Milly: Oh my, it's wobbly. It really is riding the waves.

Ashlynn: Hey... Is it just me, or is that big-shot over there giving us the eye?

Nevan: Let's speak to the crewman, shall we?

Amos: It's not too late to go back over the bridge if we need to.

Carver: No turnin' back now, aye? That's that.

Milly: We don't want to raise suspicions. Let's at least pretend to go along with what they're saying.

Ashlynn: I'd like this floating island a lot more if the Isle o' Smiles people weren't so creepy.

Nevan: I hear sounds of revelry coming from behind that entrance over there.

Amos: How do you get an island to move!?

This is above old Amos's head.

Carver: Blah, blah, blah. Pass me the shovel, Hero.

Milly: Where are all the people from Aridea...?

Ashlynn: The crewman...? Wait, someone drives this thing?

Nevan: Just who are these people?

Amos: Hero, if we want to head back, we'd better do it sharpish.

Carver: I reckon we ain't allowed in that building until they shove off.

Milly: Well Hero, are you ready to smile? Let's go!

Ashlynn: We've come too far to chicken out now. Let's go tell that crewman to set sail or whatever.

Nevan: I would imagine the townsfolk are ensconced inside.

Amos: Hero, if you want to go back, we can still cross the jetty to dry land...

Carver: Ahoy! This thing actually sails!

Milly: At last, we're off to the Isle o' Smiles.

Ashlynn: I'm pretty used to sailing on the Providence, but will my sea legs work on a floating island?

Nevan: This island is rocking gently. I pray that we've all packed our sea legs.

Amos: Come on! Old Amos is ready for anythin'!

Carver: Cold feet, Hero? Looks like we can still get out if you want.

Milly: Who knows what awaits us from here, Hero. I suggest we make any necessary preparations now.

Ashlynn: I don't know about you, but I'm good to go.

Nevan: That crewman is almost too agreeable.

It raises my suspicions...

Amos: He seems like a pleasant lad. Almost too pleasant...

Carver: I reckon they want us to wait out the trip in that room, aye?

Milly: Looks like the room is open to us now.

Ashlynn: Wow, he can pilot this whole island all by himself? This is, like, the future of sea travel!

Nevan: I would dearly like to study the mechanism that allows this island to move.

Amos: You heard the man! Let's enjoy the ride!

Carver: This is one fancy cruise ship, aye? Or is that “cruise island”? Whatever.

Milly: Hey, there's one of the people we saw in town. And there's another...and another...

Ashlynn: We sure have a lot of company on this cruise.

Nevan: I see the faces of many people we've encountered before.

Amos: Everyone seems like they're on top of the world.

Hmm... I wonder...

Carver: We'd better play by the rules for now.

Milly: I imagine there's trouble awaiting us down there.

Ashlynn: That guy sure likes getting in our way, huh?

Nevan: What secret lurks at the bottom of those stairs?

Amos: It's probably best to do as we're told.

Carver: Hardy har! That fella's actin' like this is a dream come true 'n everything like that.

Milly: Hmm... If I were him I'd be worried about what happens once we arrive.

Ashlynn: Finally, huh? He must've been trying to get on board for a long time.

Nevan: There is a distinct lack of restraint to that man's joy.

Amos: If that fellow's this happy already, what's he goin' to be like once he's on the Isle o' Smiles!?

Carver: Does that fella ever run out of excuses to drink?

Milly: At this rate, he won't even notice when we land.

Ashlynn: You know, I doubt that guy's wife'll be thrilled to see him – not in his condition, anyway.

Nevan: Is he wobbling because of the waves or because of his reckless imbibing?

Amos: What's he like when he hasn't got a drink in his hand?

Carver: Huh? She must have a frog in her throat.

Milly: She must have some kind of cold....

Ashlynn: Bunny costumes are all the rage around here, huh?

Ashlynn: I wonder how I'd look in one of those. Maybe I'll try one on sometime. Maybe.

Nevan: That voice... It sounded rather masculine...

Amos: Old Amos's ears must be playin' tricks on him. That young lass sounded downright terrifyin' just there!

Carver: Seems like a fun joint now, but I bet you'd get sick of it soon enough.

Milly: The buffet is keeping people from asking questions, such as who made the Isle o' Smiles and why.

Ashlynn: This is some ride. It's like a floating party!

Nevan: There's no such thing as a free lunch...

Amos: The grub may be free, but someone must be footin' the bill...

Carver: These folks don't get that the easy way ain't always the right way, aye?

Milly: I wonder if he's ever heard the phrase “too good to be true”...

Ashlynn: In a way, the Isle o' Smiles is even creepier than Murdaw... At least it was obvious he was evil.

Nevan: It seems everyone on board has truly thrown caution to the wind.

Amos: Things tend to go wrong when you least expect it...

Carver: These folks are far too old to believe in fairy tales.

Milly: If you ask me, older gents are rather charming.

Milly: But I sense that such assurances would be wasted on that man at this point...

Ashlynn: But growing old is good. I mean, it's part of life.

Nevan: It sounds wonderful, but could a place like this truly exist?

Amos: So if no one ages, does that mean babies always stay as babies?

Amos: That just doesn't seem right to old Amos.

Carver: He was probably perfectly happy before he heard about this place...

Milly: Well Hero, if we ever find an inn without a keeper, we'll know who it belonged to.

Ashlynn: If he shuttered his inn to come here, then what about the travellers left out in the cold?

Nevan: It seems that folks from all walks of life have made their way here.

Amos: I wonder just how far rumours of the Isle o' Smiles have spread.

Carver: What a flip-flopper, aye? One taste of the good life and he lost all common sense!

Milly: And there I was, thinking he could resist anything. Not temptation, apparently...

Ashlynn: Skip might be fooled, but don't let the rosy atmosphere here get to you, Hero!

Nevan: Sometimes the doubter can end up as the strongest believer...

Amos: I thought that fellow had his head screwed on properly but now I'm not so sure...

Carver: You know, I've been checkin' out that bunny girl over there...

Carver: No, not like that! Anyway, somethin' just ain't right about her...

Milly: I wonder how much longer it'll be until we reach our destination...

Ashlynn: Ugh. We better stay out of that guy's blast radius – or I might end up losing my lunch, too.

Nevan: It seems one can get seasick even on board an island.

Amos: Well, that fellow doesn't look too happy!

Carver: Ahoy! She said “hooves” just now! Hooves! I heard her!

Milly: Take a good look at her, Hero. Something's not quite right, is it...

Ashlynn: Bunnies don't have hooves! They have cute little pink paws! Sheesh!

Nevan: There may be more to her than meets the eye...

Amos: Is it just old Amos or is there something a tad manly about that bunny?

Carver: She's one smooth talker, aye? It's almost scary.

Milly: “Surprise”? If ever a word had the lure of the forbidden fruit...

Ashlynn: You should ogle less and listen more! I swear she emphasized the word “dying”?

Nevan: I must say that I have never liked surprises...

Amos: Is that the cutest lass on the Isle o' Smiles, I wonder? Er... Sorry, my mind was wanderin' there...

Carver: I wouldn't drink this crud if they gave it away free...which they are...

Milly: The bar is very well-stocked, I must say.

Ashlynn: Something about those two bartenders. They're kinda shifty-looking.

Nevan: This wine is indeed an unusually rich shade of red.

Amos: Why did he have to go and mention blood?

Old Amos is feelin' queasy now...

Carver: Couldn't hold what in any longer!?

Milly: I sense it would be wise not to ask for more details. Let's move on!

Ashlynn: I don't think I wanna know what he's sorry about.

Nevan: Just what is going on here?

Amos: Old Amos is a bit confused but as long as there's no harm done...

Carver: Hey, what do ya think would happen if we said yes to him?

Milly: That bartender... He sounds like he's up to something...

Ashlynn: That is one eager-beaver bartender, huh? We look that thirsty?

Nevan: How do we shake the truth out of these people?

Amos: Hero, why don't we have a drink?

It can't do us any harm...can it?


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Carver: Hardy har! I shoulda known the Isle o' Smiles would be a sham.

Carver: Well, I suppose we're headed back to Aridea for now, aye?

Carver: I bet the rest of the passengers are waitin' for us back on the floating island.

Milly: Did you notice, Hero? Jamirus spoke someone's name when he died...

Milly: Could this mean that more Dread Fiends await us now that Jamirus is gone...?

Ashlynn: Thank the Goddess all those trapped souls were released from their prison or whatever!

Ashlynn: But where did that King Medallion guy go after he popped out at the end?

Ashlynn: I think we have some mini medals, but what's the point if we don't know where he went?

Nevan: It seems that with Jamirus defeated, all of his underlings have fled.

Amos: Justice will always prevail, I tell you!

Carver: Pretty crazy place, aye?

Milly: Shall we return to Aridea to see how it's doing?

Ashlynn: “Isle o' Smiles”? “Mound of Frowns” is more like it.

Nevan: I am afraid that the folly of man has been amply demonstrated by this affair.

Amos: All of these victims happily came of their own accord.

Amos: If you think about it, the only ones who could call this place a paradise are the monsters!

Carver: Our ride's still here! Time to shove off to Aridea, aye?

Milly: I wonder if all the people who've awoken from that nightmare are waiting quietly inside?

Ashlynn: Hey, do you think we could learn how to drive this thing?

Ashlynn: ...Oh – there's already someone at the controls!

Nevan: With no monsters to worry about, we have free use of this island.

Amos: There's someone standin' by the entrance to that there buildin'. D'you reckon it's a monster?

Carver: Hardy har is right! Lucky thing we had a salty sailor aboard. Let's leave the driving to him, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. The old gent is in his element.

Ashlynn: Wow! That's one guy who loves his job!

Nevan: The Providence is one thing, but sailing an entire island might prove to be something of an ordeal.

Nevan: For now, let's leave it to that gentleman.

Amos: That fellow's a dab hand with a rudder and no mistake!

Carver: I feel pretty safe leavin' the island in his hands.

Milly: Now's his opportunity to look for real happiness.

Ashlynn: I wish he'd keep his eyes on the ocean while he's “manning the helm” or whatever.

Nevan: That man seems to have found his true calling.

Amos: His rudder-arm's clearly been in trainin' for years.

Carver: Crikey! Someone's drivin' us? We should see who it is.

Milly: Maybe we should go and introduce ourselves to the driver.

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's go see!

Nevan: Our time on the Providence has blessed us with some competence in sailing.

Nevan: Should that man get into trouble, I'm sure we can jump in and assist him.

Amos: Just lookin' at that fellow's back, you can tell he's puttin' his heart and soul into it.

Carver: He's lucky they didn't throw him overboard. Hope he learnt a lesson from this.

Milly: They must have just forgotten about him after throwing him in here, the poor thing.

Ashlynn: He could've wound up with a lot worse than a bum back!

Nevan: I think that we can rest easy knowing that we've come to the aid of all who needed it.

Amos: Old Amos was a tad jittery. I thought he'd attack us when we spoke up to him.

Carver: Let's hope this whole experience'll push these folks back in the right direction, aye?

Milly: These people thought they were going to heaven, but they ended up going to hell and back.

Ashlynn: Hey, wasn't that the guy we found in the corner by the bar before?

Nevan: Hopefully, they'll all take a valuable lesson from this – home is the only place to find true happiness.

Amos: Let's hope that fellow pulls his socks up from now on!

Carver: I'm surprised he even remembers, given how many drinks he had.

Milly: That old drunk is something of a monster himself...

Ashlynn: I bet he could gargle with holy water and still taste that kiss.

Nevan: Did that fellow plant those kisses before or after he was drunk?

Amos: He'd have been better off just givin' 'em a peck on the cheek!

Carver: Hardy har! He's probably better off not knowin', aye?

Milly: Hmph. I've a mind to tell him the truth, in the hope that it straightens him out a bit.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! How does he know those beasts were even female?

Nevan: Those girls did indeed have voices most unbecoming of bunnies.

Amos: I must confess, those bunnies did have their charm...

Carver: Hardy har! Sometimes it takes guts to follow your gut.

Milly: (sigh) Human beings... The weakness of our resolve amazes me sometimes.

Ashlynn: Skip looks like a lean, mean warrior type, but he sure doesn't act the part.

Nevan: He claims to have known it was too good to be true, but he appeared to be totally taken in...

Amos: It's good that he can laugh about it now.

Carver: He's right, aye? I couldn't make out the name, though.

Milly: I heard it too! I don't know whose name he said, though...

Ashlynn: I'm surprised he was able to remember all that! Things got pretty hairy back there.

Nevan: There may well be monsters that are equal – nay, even stronger – than Murdaw and Jamirus.

Amos: Jamirus was trying to say someone's name!? I hope he wasn't calling old Amos!

Carver: I'm sure we're all pretty knackered after tanglin' with Jamirus...

Carver: Some rest might do us right, aye?

Milly: It's terribly kind of the innkeeper to take such good care of us.

Milly: We should take him up on his offer.

Ashlynn: That innkeeper's still got the knack. I sure feel sleepy all of a sudden...

Nevan: It would be good to take some rest while we voyage to Aridea.

Amos: With a real live innkeeper lookin' after us,

I bet we'll sleep like logs!


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Carver: Huh. Seems a lot livelier around here than before, aye?

Milly: The cruel wind that was blowing before seems like a fresh breeze now, doesn't it?

Ashlynn: The sand sure hasn't gone anywhere, huh?

Nevan: Aridea seems a good deal less desolate already.

Amos: I wonder where all the folks who've returned from the Isle o' Smiles have got to.

Carver: That lady's mood turned right around, aye?

Milly: I can't wait to see everyone that returned.

Ashlynn: Sure is refreshing to see folks happy around here.

Nevan: I pray that Aridea gets itself back on its feet.

Amos: I take it there'll be no mass exodus next time there's a full moon!

Carver: All's well if ya have a workin' well, aye?

Milly: It's impossible to work together when everyone is only focused on their own happiness.

Ashlynn: If they succeed, maybe things'll start looking a little green around here.

Nevan: I pray that both the well and the town will see a full recovery!

Amos: If the townsfolk put some effort in, the well'll be flowin' in no time.

Carver: Hardy har! Ain't that romantical 'n everything like that.

Milly: I assume that's his wife? I wonder what she sees in a lout like him?

Ashlynn: You think he'll quit drinking now that he's got her back? Somehow I doubt it...

Nevan: They seem to have rekindled their love.

Amos: I hope that couple can put the past behind 'em and come out of this stronger.

Carver: Honeymoon's over, aye?

Carver: Or maybe she's just attracted to the bad-boy type.

Milly: At least she seems to know her husband well...

Ashlynn: Oh, brother. I guess that's his cup of tea.

Nevan: Her husband will have to pull out all the stops to make it up to her.

Amos: I've got a funny feelin' I know why she set her sights on a new life on the Isle o' Smiles.

Carver: That's what happens when you give in to your base desires. You get burned.

Carver: ...Whoa, I'm startin' to sound all serious 'n everything like that. I need to lighten up.

Milly: I sense that he learnt an important lesson on the Isle, one that'll stay with him for the rest of his life.

Ashlynn: Oh, please. I bet we could start a rumour about the “Glen o' Grins” and he'd go lookin' for it all over again.

Nevan: He at least appears to have come out of this experience a little wiser.

Amos: You can't be happy all the time! What would life be without a few rough edges?

Carver: Hardy har! That mutt's finally pulled its tail from between its legs.

Milly: Oh my, the dog's aura has brightened considerably!

Ashlynn: There's a pooch who's finally living a dog's life.

Nevan: My, my, what a friendly dog.

Amos: He's got a smart look on his face, that there dog.

Carver: Great to see they haven't given up on the place. Lots of folks turnin' out to help!

Milly: I hope they succeed. Rescuing the locals will have all been in vain if that well remains dry...

Ashlynn: A steady water supply would really turn this place around. They can plant trees, crops...

Ashlynn: ...Before long, this town'll really be back in business!

Nevan: I would dearly love to one day say this town transformed into an ocean of green.

Amos: Never give up! That's what old Amos always says!

Carver: Nothin' makes ya work faster than a catchy tune, aye?

Milly: He seems to really be enjoying his work!

Ashlynn: I'm sure they'll hit water before long!

Nevan: With hope in their hearts and a song on their lips, the people of Aridea have a bright future!

Amos: I've a good mind to roll my sleeves up and get stuck into some diggin'!

Carver: Hmm... Aye, I think I see a dribble... Maybe...

Milly: Water? Really? That would be fantastic!

Ashlynn: Water? I dunno. It might just be puddles of sweat.

Nevan: Optimism seems to be all the rage in Aridea!

Amos: Let's hope the water doesn't all come out at once or we'll be in trouble!

Carver: Huh. She didn't say a word about her son before. Must've been worried sick inside, aye?

Milly: Another family together again.

Milly: I hope they'll be able to live a happy life together now.

Ashlynn: Looks like this house is hoppin' again!

Nevan: Having a long-lost son back in the fold will put a spring in anyone's step.

Amos: That poor woman must have been beside herself with worry while her son was away.

Carver: Abandonin' your dear old parents to visit a phony paradise ain't exactly the smoothest of moves, no.

Milly: I dread to think what would've happened to him if we hadn't turned up.

Ashlynn: He's got that right. If we hadn't come around, he would've been dessert for Jamirus!

Nevan: It is sad that he didn't realise sooner that true happiness was here in the bosom of his family.

Amos: Well, he won't be fallin' for any tall tales or foolish fables next time.

Carver: Hardy har! Feels good to help, aye?

Milly: They must have a lot to talk about. Shall we leave them to it?

Ashlynn: Hopefully that son will appreciate his parents more than ever now.

Nevan: I'm sorry we intruded on this family reunion.

Amos: Who needs the Isle o' Smiles when you've got yourself a happy family?

Carver: He may not be a fat cat, but at least he's chipper!

Milly: That kitty looks very contented.

Ashlynn: Ooh, look! He's purring!

Nevan: He appears to be licking his lips. He must've just been fed.

Amos: Old Amos has quite a soft spot for cats!

Carver: Huh. I stopped payin' attention halfway through all that, but what I heard sounded good.

Milly: I couldn't have said it better myself. Happiness can be found wherever you look for it.

Ashlynn: What makes me happy? A tummy full of roast beast, cute clothes, and a clear complexion!

Nevan: I really couldn't have put it better myself.

Amos: All these philosophical discussions of happiness have given old Amos a sore head...

Carver: Well, good thing her old man made it back, aye?

Milly: Her aura looks much healthier. Here's to a full recovery!

Ashlynn: Her father's disappearance must be what made her sick.

Nevan: Having her father beside her is the best medicine she could ask for.

Amos: I'm glad to hear she's feelin' better but I don't want to see that lass over-doin' it!

Carver: I bet that fella'll be fine from now on. He seems decent enough on the inside.

Milly: What's done is done. The important thing now is for him to take care of his daughter.

Ashlynn: Well, I hope he can keep that father-of-the-year act!

Nevan: Although that man went astray, he seems ready to make amends.

Amos: Whatever mistakes that man made, he always had his daughter's best interests at heart!

Carver: Now that I think about it, that kid must've been watching us from the coast, aye?

Carver: Good. I got worried when I didn't see him in town or on the island.

Milly: That's because we're sailing it! We'll have to come visit him again soon.

Ashlynn: Think that kid'll be sad to see us sail the island away?

Nevan: It's best not to tell him that the island was sailed by monsters all along.

Amos: The lad has quite a soft spot for that island.

Carver: Purely in soul form, aye...? I ain't sure that's the best way to put it, but I better not say any more...

Milly: That nun is as sharp as you'd expect...

Ashlynn: ......

Nevan: This may be the dream world, but to its inhabitants it's as real as our own.

Nevan: It's not our place to tell them the truth about their world.

Amos: That nun's words gave old Amos plenty of food for thought.

Carver: Huh. Not a single guest, aye?

Milly: I do feel for the poor innkeeper – his numbers are sure to dwindle.

Milly: After all, their main “tourist attraction” is no more...

Ashlynn: Sure is quiet, huh?

Nevan: It seems that the folks here for the Isle o' Smiles have returned to their home countries.

Amos: The rest of the town's full of life but the poor innkeeper seems to be left twiddlin' his thumbs.

Carver: Now he's stayin' here? This fella can't make up his mind about anything, aye?

Milly: Why, that's exactly what I was going to suggest...

Ashlynn: I can never tell when that guy is messing with us or not.

Nevan: I worry about that Skip Tickle character's ability to protect this town's people.

Amos: That lad's liable to live up to his name and skip town sooner than defend it.

Carver: He's right. We oughta show our faces around Aridea one more time before we shove off.

Milly: It wouldn't feel right to leave without saying a word. Let's pay Aridea a visit, Hero.

Ashlynn: Let's go back to Aridea, Hero!

Ashlynn: Maybe we'll find some of those freed souls back there!

Nevan: I would dearly like to see how the townsfolk who escaped the Isle o' Smiles are faring.

Amos: For a second there, I wondered if it was monsters shakin' us awake again.

Carver: Crikey! I can't believe I'm travelling the world on my own island! Talk about ridin' in style!

Milly: The wheel on that little platform can be used to make the ship move.

Ashlynn: A sweet ride like this is bound to turn heads wherever we go.

Nevan: This is marvellous! Now we have a sea-faring vessel up here in the dream world too.

Amos: Old Amos is just a bit concerned by what folk'll think if we commandeer this island.

Amos: Won't they think we're hucksters sellin' a one-way trip to the Isle o' Smiles?

Carver: It almost boggles the mind, aye? This entire island, servin' as our personal ship! It's good to be us!

Milly: Now that we've got this island, we'll be able to float effortlessly across the sea!

Ashlynn: No seasickness to speak of! I feel like a million gold coins on this island.

Nevan: It is a true blessing that we can rest on this island when we are fatigued.

Amos: Funny to think that in a way this island is a partin' gift from old Jamirus.

Terry: I'd prefer resting here to traipsing about searching for inns in flea-pit towns.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie like island... Just like ship... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (slurp)

Carver: This place is startin' to feel downright homely, ain't it?

Milly: I always feel at ease in here.

Ashlynn: It's always kind of reassuring to see the caretaker in here!

Nevan: Having someone here waiting for you is most reassuring.

Amos: Having this place to come back to is a weight off old Amos's mind.

Terry: This is my favourite place to sleep.

Lizzie: (snarl) Floating island... Floating hotel... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boi-oing!

Carver: Alright! Time to seize the day 'n everything like that!

Milly: We'll be back soon!

Ashlynn: See you next time, innkeeper man!

Nevan: I was blessed with a fine night's sleep.

Amos: Right, let's see what the weather's doin'!

Terry: Let's hit the road.

Lizzie: (slobber) Time to go... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: No one here... Not that I expected anyone.

Milly: This place could do with a quick once-over...

Ashlynn: Whenever I set foot in here, all I can think about is our battle with Jamirus.

Nevan: Hero, have you found anything of interest here?

Amos: Seems like no one's about.

Terry: This place is a mess.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not like prisons... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing?


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Carver: Nobody home, aye?

Milly: There's nothing here, is there?

Ashlynn: What's there to smile about in a place like this?

Nevan: It is as quiet as a tomb.

Amos: This place still gives old Amos the jitters.

Terry: Hero, did you leave something here or what?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie smell leftover scent of strong monster... (slobber)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing?

Carver: Blimey! What in the world is this? Talk about over the top!

Milly: That crest above the entrance... Could this be...!?

Ashlynn: Wow, it's a castle! A tiny castle, sure, but a castle all the same.

Nevan: Monsters do not appear to be dwelling here, at least.

Amos: You don't get flashy places like this where old Amos comes from, I tell you!

Terry: What are those things floating on the water?

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie not know here... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: How many times have we been here now?

Milly: The King's crest on the castle really does look like him...

Ashlynn: This has to be the smallest castle in the whole world.

Nevan: If I didn't know better, I'd think this castle belonged to a slime...

Amos: This place never gets any less flashy.

Terry: Those round things look like slimes to me.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie knows here... (slobber)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing!

Carver: “His Medal Majesty”!?

Carver: Wait... This must be the home of that fella we saw flyin' up after we beat Jamirus!

Milly: I just knew that this was King Medford's place!

Ashlynn: Ooh! Medford's Manor! We found his home!

Nevan: So we made it at last to King Medford's castle!

Amos: Hero, this is a real find! It's King Medford's Manor!

Terry: So is this your first time here too, Hero?

Lizzie: (spit) Medal...Majesty... (slobber)

Goober: Boing? Boing!

Carver: That has to be the most borin' guard post in the world, aye?

Milly: I'm always impressed by this castle's luxuriousness.

Ashlynn: Hey, there's an inn here, right? Mind if we rest a bit?

Nevan: I pray we find King Medford in good spirits again.

Amos: No sense in dawdlin' – let's head in!

Terry: Let's do what we came here to do.

Lizzie: (snarl) Medford...Manor... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oing! (jiggle)

Carver: Ahoy! There he is! The King himself!

Milly: It's a bit flashy here, but it works.

Ashlynn: Collecting mini medals is kind of addicting, isn't it?

Nevan: I'm not even sure if this really qualifies as a castle.

Amos: So what are we here for today?

Terry: Is it just us who comes here?

Lizzie: (snarl) Medford...Medallion... (slobber)

Goober: Boing? Boing!

Carver: Crikey! Never thought I'd run into such a know-it-all slime, ya know?

Milly: So the people in the castle were sealed alive?

Ashlynn: They can conquer the dream world, but they can't conquer people's hearts, is that it?

Nevan: It's a relief to see the castle back to its old self.

Nevan: A big hole here would only mean a big hole in the hearts of those in the real world.

Amos: We've got a lot to learn from that slime!

Terry: That slime's got the gift of the gab alright.

Lizzie: (snarl) Slime speak better than Lizzie... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing?

Carver: Huh. So the more medals we find, the more treasures we earn...

Carver: And the more trouble we'll make for the monsters, aye?

Milly: Interesting... That would explain it.

Ashlynn: I guess Medford got the monsters all hot and bothered, huh?

Nevan: Hmm... So he wanted to seal the castle to keep the treasure locked within it.

Amos: So the more mini medals we get, the more monsters will hate us!

Terry: Let's get all the mini medals we can and then sock it to monsterkind.

Lizzie: (spit) Jamirus seal here... Murdaw seal Abbey... (snarl)

Goober: Boooing...

Carver: We did it, Hero! Our mini medal hunt's finally finished!

Milly: Seeing the King's radiant aura...

Milly: It really makes searching the world for all those mini medals worthwhile, doesn't it Hero?

Ashlynn: Wow, I never even imagined we'd collect so many of those things!

Nevan: It's been a long time since we first made King Medford's acquaintance.

Nevan: I pray he continues his happy life, surrounded by his beloved medals.

Amos: So we've crossed the medal-huntin' finish line. Old Amos is gettin' all emotional again. (sob)

Amos: We should come and see the King from time to time even without any medals.

Terry: So there's no reason to come back here again...

Terry: Maybe we could pop back sometime...

Lizzie: (snarl) Medal hunt...complete... (sob)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!


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Carver: What is this place?

Milly: Look – over there! Is that...a mermaid!?

Ashlynn: Ooh! Look, look! Mermaids!

Nevan: I cannot believe what I am seeing...

Amos: Am I dreaming?

Amos: ...OUCH!
Pinched myself – and I'm awake!

Carver: Wait, are you tellin' me mermaids live here?

Milly: They all swam off when they spotted our ship.

Ashlynn: Aww! They swam away!

Nevan: I doubted my own eyes, but this was no dream.

Amos: We should've hung back instead of just blunderin' up to 'em.

Carver: Mermaids ho! Let's approach 'em reeeeeal slow 'n careful-like...

Milly: It seems mermaids exist after all, Hero.

Ashlynn: Ooh! Look, they're back!

Nevan: I cannot believe what I am seeing...

Amos: Am I dreaming?

Amos: ...OUCH!
Pinched myself – and I'm awake!

Carver: Shy little fishies, ain't they?

Milly: I can sense the mermaids' fear of humans.

Ashlynn: Aww! But we just want to be friends!

Nevan: In any case, we currently have no way of communicating with the mermaids. Let's be on our way.

Amos: Maybe if old Amos stuck his head under the water they'd come swimmin' back?

Carver: Kind of poorly guarded for a checkpoint, aye?

Milly: Let's keep moving, Hero.

Ashlynn: What's the point of a checkpoint if no one's around to check it?

Nevan: An unguarded checkpoint would have been unthinkable during Murdaw's reign of terror.

Amos: It seems like folks can come and go as they please.

Carver: Crikey. He dreamt about the Isle o' Smiles, aye? That fella doesn't know how lucky he is.

Milly: It seems Jamirus's influence extended even as far as this checkpoint.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Sounds like that soldier owes us his life, doesn't he?

Nevan: Reality and dreams are becoming rather tangled.

Amos: I wonder who that fellow was in his Isle o' Smiles dream.

Carver: Havin' an inn next to a checkpoint is a good idea, ain't it?

Carver: I bet this fella gets business from both sides of the border.

Milly: Shall we get going?

Ashlynn: Right! Off we go!

Nevan: I didn't even notice that this was an inn.

Amos: Beautiful day for a stroll – let's get walkin'!


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Carver: It must be a real riot, livin' in a sleepy little village like this.

Milly: The village leans right up against the mountain.

Ashlynn: I'd probably die of boredom if I lived here.

Nevan: A quiet little village, to be sure – if not for the neighing horses, I might suspect I'd gone deaf.

Amos: This really is the middle of nowhere!

Amos: ...Urgh! I just trod on somethin' squelchy.

Carver: Howsworth, aye? Nice name. Kinda rustic 'n everything like that.

Milly: So we're in the nation of Howcastle...

Milly: That would make this Howsworth...Howcastle. How convenient!

Ashlynn: Oh, look! All the houses here are made out of wood!

Nevan: One finds beautiful women no matter where one goes. Er... I mean, isn't it time for prayers already?

Amos: I'm thinkin' of investin' in this village – how much is Howsworth worth, d'you think?

Carver: Hardy har! That fella cracks me up.

Milly: Farming does seem like pretty hard work.

Ashlynn: Whew... I thought he was serious.

Nevan: Joking aside, there does seem to be a shortage of farmhands about.

Amos: Old Amos can think of worse things than settlin' down here in Howsworth.

Carver: Whoa! That horse has some spirit, aye?

Milly: The horse probably belongs to that old gentleman over there.

Ashlynn: Better keep your distance – he might be a biter.

Nevan: That is clearly a well-fed animal.

Amos: That horse is packin' plenty of horsepower.

Carver: That fella's a farmer through and through, aye? It's written all over his face.

Milly: Some work in the open fields might be a nice change of pace from all those dingy dungeons.

Ashlynn: Thirteen years? That'd make him a beginner around these parts!

Nevan: That rustic accent can be rather off-putting.

Amos: Seems these good folks aren't afraid of gettin' their hands dirty.

Carver: Aye, no use tryin' to turn back the clock.

Milly: I'm sure it's just the ripples on the water that look like wrinkles.

Ashlynn: I know what he means. Whenever I see my face in the water, I wonder, “Is that a pimple?”

Nevan: Truly a tranquil spot to reflect on one's life.

Amos: Well, none of us are gettin' any younger.

Carver: If we're near the castle, we might as well pay a visit.

Milly: The people here seem to enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Ashlynn: I bet every meal at Howcastle is packed with Howsworth produce.

Nevan: A lot of Howcastle visitors must pass through this village.

Amos: So this village is Howcastle's breadbasket...

Carver: He came all this way just to see the Prince?

Milly: “A lost cause”... What could he mean by that?

Ashlynn: What “stories” do you think he's talking about?

Nevan: I wonder if all travellers to the castle stay here. Perhaps Howcastle has no inn?

Amos: Old Amos wouldn't mind havin' a gawp at this hopeless prince!

Carver: Royal rite? So maybe we won't find him in the castle, aye?

Milly: Royal rite of purification? I wonder what that involves?

Ashlynn: I wonder what this Prince is like.

Nevan: I imagine it was this fellow's son who was working out in the fields.

Amos: So the Prince has set off, has he?

Carver: The Prince's babysitter, aye...? I bet he knows a lot about the royal fella.

Milly: Her poor husband... It just breaks my heart.

Ashlynn: I bet the old man really loved the Prince.

Nevan: I wonder how old this Prince Howard is now.
He must be approaching manhood...

Amos: So that fellow used to travel over to the castle every day.

Amos: It can't be all that far – why does he look so knackered?

Carver: Whoa. Folks have heard about the Prince of Somnia all the way out here?

Milly: I suppose updated rumours can take a little while to reach some places.

Ashlynn: Speaking of which, I wonder what the other version of Hero is doing right now...

Nevan: The Prince of Howcastle seems to have a somewhat less-than-stellar reputation.

Amos: This Howard character sounds like he falls a bit short in the prince stakes.

Carver: So he has to pass a rite of purification, aye?

Carver: Sounds like a rite he has no right to refuse.

Milly: We've heard so much about Howcastle...

Milly: Aren't you just dying to visit, Hero?

Ashlynn: They don't seem too fond of Prince Howard here, but it's not as if they hate him.

Nevan: What challenges face one who would undergo this royal rite of purification, I wonder...

Amos: Let's get to the castle and find out more about it.

Carver: Huh. Prince Howard often comes here to play, aye?

Milly: This boy seems to be a playmate of Howie's.

Milly: Sounds like the Prince has one friend, at least.

Ashlynn: Is he kidding? A prince, play with a village local?

Ashlynn: In most kingdoms, that commoner would be considered cuckoo!

Nevan: Perhaps this Prince isn't all bad after all.

Amos: This lad seems to be lackin' the proper respect for the Prince of his kingdom.

Carver: Plenty of ex-Howcastle workers in this village, ain't there?

Milly: Oh dear... I can sense that gentleman's resentment towards the Prince.

Ashlynn: The Prince got him fired? I'd love to hear that whole story.

Nevan: His memories of Prince Howard seem tinged with a certain bitterness.

Amos: Got the chop, he says? Looks like he took it hard.

Carver: Pretty wet 'n wild church, aye?

Milly: It's nice and cool in here.

Ashlynn: Wow – a chapel with its own waterfall!

Nevan: This must be where villagers are baptised.

Amos: It's nice to see a church that's got back to nature!

Carver: This place is real soothin', ya know? I bet the villagers hang out here all day.

Milly: So this isn't where the royal rite takes place, then.

Ashlynn: If this “rite of purification” is in a fancier place than this, I'd love to see it sometime.

Nevan: I wonder if Prince Howard has already undergone the royal rite of purification.

Amos: Old Amos has really fallen in love with this church. Let's come again, Hero!

Carver: Avast! This really is a fancy castle hidden way out in the backwoods.

Milly: Interesting... The entire castle is built on top of a mountain.

Ashlynn: Wow, what a castle! I can't even see the top of it!

Nevan: I wonder what awaits us inside.

Amos: Those stairs aren't half steep!

Carver: So this is Howcastle, aye?

Milly: The soldiers here have rather tranquil auras.

Ashlynn: Ooh! He seems friendly.

Ashlynn: Maybe because you've got a cute girl like me with you. Hey, it's plausible!

Nevan: Such a hospitable guard... This is clearly a kingdom that is at peace.

Amos: Well, let's head on in!

Carver: Who said it should be easy or fun? It's a rite, right?

Milly: So the Prince is being forced to visit some monster-infested cave?

Ashlynn: You mean normal people don't venture into dank caves all the time? I guess that's just us!

Nevan: He seems to be genuinely concerned about the Prince's well-being.

Amos: To be honest, old Amos doesn't much like dank caves or monsters either.

Carver: Sounds like the Prince could stand to grow up a bit, aye?

Milly: This would seem to be one of the more...laid back...royal families I've encountered...

Ashlynn: What's the Prince need armour for? Wouldn't it just slow him down when he runs screaming from monsters?

Nevan: I'm afraid I do not understand... Why would he want her to see his armour collection?

Amos: It seems everyone's havin' a pop at poor old Prince Howard.

Carver: Why's he askin' us? We just got here.

Milly: This must be the Prince's weapon instructor.

Ashlynn: You know, my impression of the Prince is getting worse with each passing moment.

Nevan: I believe I'm starting to get the measure of the Prince...

Amos: No princes to be found here, far as I can see.

Carver: Hardy har! How about “crammed full of cowardice”?

Milly: Working for this royal family is not without its problems, it would seem.

Ashlynn: Wow. He's a poet, and boy does he know it!

Nevan: It seems Prince Howard's reputation leaves a lot to be desired.

Amos: He's right – you shouldn't tell fibs.

Carver: Whew! I thought he was gonna challenge us to battle for a second there.

Milly: Well that request came out of nowhere. I wonder what the King needs a hand with?

Ashlynn: I guess we have time. Why don't we go see what the King has to say?

Nevan: There is nothing to be lost by hearing the King out.

Amos: Does that soldier really think we look tough or was he just flatterin' us?

Carver: What do ya think? Go up and see the King now, or explore the castle a bit longer?

Milly: Let's go upstairs to meet the King.

Ashlynn: An audience with the King? No waiting? Let's go!

Nevan: Perhaps we should gather some more information before having an audience with the King.

Amos: Why is it Kings are always upstairs? You never find 'em downstairs, do you now?

Carver: I wonder if he has to let the Prince win...

Milly: Oh dear. There's nothing worse than sleep deprivation.

Ashlynn: A prince who plays with queens, kings, and aces all night? Sounds like a real joker.

Nevan: I haven't the first clue about card games. I fear I wouldn't last long as a soldier in Howcastle.

Amos: So the Prince is a gamblin' man, is he?

Carver: Crikey! And here I was wonderin' how she knows my old man.

Milly: It didn't take much to make her snap, did it?

Ashlynn: Does Prince Howard really eat that much? He must be one king-size prince!

Nevan: She may have a sharp tongue, but the aroma suggests that she knows how to cook.

Amos: So Prince Howard likes his food, it seems.

Carver: I reckon the Prince gets along better with kids than grown-ups.

Milly: Well that's one citizen who admires the Prince.

Ashlynn: Of course he likes the Prince – kids'll like anyone who plays with them.

Nevan: The more I learn about this Prince, the less I feel I know him...

Amos: I wonder what games this lad plays with the Prince.

Carver: Hardy har! This Prince must be a real handful if his guards are gripin' to strangers!

Milly: What could the Prince have done to them?

Ashlynn: Boy, that soldier looked frazzled.

Nevan: Do these soldiers not worry their gripes might make their way back to the King?

Amos: Sounds like this fellow's at the end of his tether.

Carver: A “spoilt royal brat”...? Folks sure have lots of titles for this Prince – none of them good.

Milly: He pledged his life to the royal family, but he's not pulling any punches when it comes to the Prince...

Ashlynn: Sheesh. Why doesn't he tell us how he really feels.

Nevan: Well, no job is without its faults, but this seems rather out of the ordinary...

Amos: To be sure, baby-sittin' falls outside a soldier's duty.

Carver: It's kind of a maze down here, aye?

Milly: The aura down here is completely different.

Ashlynn: Not much foot traffic down here...

Nevan: This area of the castle is rather sparsely decorated.

Amos: Ah-Ah-CHOO!!!
...Beg your pardon – it's a tad dusty down here.

Carver: Blimey! This castle has everything!

Milly: The Prince sneaks out through an underground passage? Now I'm really curious...

Ashlynn: Ooh, a secret tunnel! I love this kinda stuff!

Nevan: I see. So one can exit the castle by traversing a subterranean passageway.

Amos: Why would a Prince be sneakin' away from his own castle? Old Amos hasn't got the foggiest.

Carver: “Impressive”? Nothin' about him is impressive.

Milly: Finally, an audience with Prince Howard!

Ashlynn: That's Prince Howard? What an ego! Just goes to show, not all princes are dashing!

Nevan: Prince Howard certainly makes quite an impression.

Amos: That's the Prince!? Bloomin' heck...

Carver: A room this fancy is fit for a king, aye?

Milly: Tuck your shirt in, Hero – we're meeting royalty.

Ashlynn: Fix your hair! Don't slouch! Be on your best behaviour!

Nevan: It seems strange that passing travellers like us are granted an audience with the King so easily.

Amos: Remember to mind your manners!

Carver: I'm not used to gettin' this kinda treatment from the get-go.

Milly: The Chancellor seems kindly.

Ashlynn: Hey, um, weren't we here because the King wanted help with something?

Nevan: It is pleasant indeed to get such a warm welcome.

Amos: Maybe they don't see our sort very often round these parts.

Carver: Huh. If she says so. I don't really know the fella.

Milly: Prince Howard's mother seems like a very kind-hearted lady.

Ashlynn: Well, she is his mother, after all. What else would she say?

Nevan: It is natural for a mother to be concerned about her son's reputation.

Amos: It's hard to credit now, but when old Amos was a nipper, folks used to call me a coward.

Amos: That's why I rolled my sleeves up and trained myself in the arts of scrappin' and adventurin' and so on.

Amos: ...Beg your pardon! Old Amos got a bit carried away down memory lane. Don't mind me!

Carver: I'm no expert on royal etiquette, but shouldn't ya at least hear the King out before you say no?

Carver: I know it might be tougher to turn him down once he's had his say 'n everything like that, but still...

Milly: Come on now Hero, it won't do any harm just to listen to what he has to say.

Ashlynn: Hero! You can't just say “no” like that!

Nevan: It is curious that the King would ask for help from travellers who are just passing through.

Nevan: I must confess that this has rather piqued my curiosity.

Amos: So we've got Howsworth, Howcastle, Howard and Howell. ...Which one was which again!?

Carver: That's that, aye? I suppose there's no harm in thinkin' it over a bit.

Milly: I can sense the King's consternation. Won't you reconsider, Hero?

Ashlynn: Prince or no Prince, I wouldn't mind seeing that cave where they do the purification rite.

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's say yes! Then we'd have the perfect excuse to check it out!

Nevan: Prince Howard sounds like he brings this kingdom's soldiers nothing but grief.

Amos: We've received such a warm welcome in Howcastle.

Amos: It seems a shame to refuse one little quest...


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Great. So first we gotta find the royal brat, aye?

Carver: Ah, well. It'll give us a chance to learn our way around the castle, I reckon.

Milly: I get the feeling that this is going to be an incredibly annoying mission...

Ashlynn: Well, no turning back now! Let's go find us a prince!

Nevan: We can't very well accompany the Prince to the cave if we can't find him first. Let's go!

Amos: I heard the Chancellor use the words “once again”...

Amos: It sounds like Prince Howard might pull this disappearin' act on a regular basis.

Carver: Alright, let's get to searchin' for this fella!

Milly: We don't know the castle half as well as the Prince, which will make finding him difficult.

Milly: Let's ask around and keep our eyes peeled.

Ashlynn: I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

Nevan: Where shall we begin our search?

Amos: (sniff) Old Amos can't get a whiff of that Prince!

Carver: Whew... We haven't even started our mission yet, and I'm exhausted already.

Milly: At least the Prince showed up here when he was supposed to.

Ashlynn: I really, REALLY hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

Nevan: It seems it's time to get started properly.

Amos: The Prince changes his tune when he's in front of his old man, doesn't he?

Carver: Let's have a chat with the Prince later, alright?

Milly: Hero, I think it's the King we need to speak with, not Howard.

Ashlynn: Charming, isn't he?

Nevan: Remain calm, Hero. Don't let him get to you.

Amos: Well, we can't say that no one warned us. The Prince seems like a bad egg and no mistake!

Carver: Huh. I doubt this guy knows where the Prince went.

Milly: Let's talk to some of the people downstairs.

Ashlynn: That soldier's no help.

Nevan: We have no time to waste, Hero.
Let us be on our way!

Amos: Perhaps this guard's helpin' Howard to hide...
No, that's foolish talk.

Carver: Huh. Is that all he can say?

Milly: Right, we can finally get started.

Ashlynn: That guard smirked at us just now, didn't he? I saw him!

Nevan: Come, Hero. Let us proceed.

Amos: It seems the Prince is behavin' himself back with his old man.

Carver: Hardy har! Even the Prince's own chancellor has had enough of him!

Milly: His aura is truly frazzled.

Ashlynn: Sounds like the Prince goes missing quite a bit.

Nevan: I gather that Prince Howard has made a habit of disappearing. This is a cause of some concern.

Amos: What have we gotten ourselves into...

Carver: Hardy har! But who's gonna protect the Prince from himself?

Milly: We've made a promise to the King, Hero.
We can't back out now.

Ashlynn: Not exactly excited to help out some spoilt Prince, but a promise is a promise...

Nevan: I do not know what lies ahead, but with the grace of the Goddess, we will succeed.

Amos: You're as worried as I am, aren't you Hero? Let's just keep it to ourselves for now.

Carver: Maybe someday, but right now he's got a lot to learn, aye?

Milly: The intensity of the Queen's love for her son is plain to see.

Ashlynn: A problem child growing up to become a great man? I guess crazier things have happened...

Nevan: The Queen seems to be rather defensive of her son.

Amos: A fine king? Right now I'd settle for a fair-to-average prince!

Carver: Great. So first we gotta find the royal brat, aye?

Carver: Ah, well. It'll give us a chance to learn our way around the castle, I reckon.

Milly: I get the feeling that this is going to be an incredibly annoying mission...

Ashlynn: Well, no turning back now! Let's go find us a prince!

Nevan: We can't very well accompany the Prince to the cave if we can't find him first. Let's go!

Amos: I heard the Chancellor use the words “once again”...

Amos: It sounds like Prince Howard might pull this disappearin' act on a regular basis.

Carver: Aye. We should leave no stone unturned.

Milly: I wonder if anyone has seen the Prince?

Ashlynn: The King told us his son's hidden somewhere inside the castle, didn't he?

Nevan: He could have concealed himself in the shadows.

Amos: What a castle!

Carver: Ready to head back to the throne room, Hero?

Milly: This child is definitely still a flight risk...

Milly: But there's no use in worrying about that now.
Let's go back to the King.

Ashlynn: Time to check on our mate the King.

Nevan: It's a relief that our search is at an end.

Amos: Old Amos is worn out, I tell you!

Carver: Well that settles that, aye? Let's head back inside.

Milly: If neither of these guards saw him come out, he must be inside the castle.

Ashlynn: Right! Back inside, then!

Nevan: At least we can narrow our search to within the castle walls.

Amos: Well, it's good to know the Prince hasn't slipped out.

Amos: Guess his old man knew what he was talkin' about after all.

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: Oh! That's the cave where they do that royal rite 'n everything like that, aye?

Milly: ...I suppose he hasn't seen the Prince, then.

Ashlynn: I'll bet that's the reason he's hiding from us in the first place.

Nevan: That fellow feels some sympathy for the Prince.

Nevan: In any case, it doesn't appear Prince Howard came this way.

Amos: Well, Prince Howard isn't just anyone. He's got certain princely duties to fulfill.

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: I reckon she's used to this sorta thing by now, aye?

Milly: I don't sense his presence anywhere around here.

Ashlynn: Ugh! Where IS he!?

Nevan: No one so much as bats an eyelid over his disappearance. It seems to be an everyday occurrence.

Amos: If he's really so petrified of that cave, we've got our work cut out for us.

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: Hardy har! We better find the Prince before this fella.

Milly: Prince Howard won't have time for any weapon training today, will he, Hero?

Milly: As soon as we find him, we're taking him straight to that cave.

Ashlynn: I guess we're not the only ones the Prince is ducking out on.

Nevan: If the Prince routinely eschews weapon training,

we cannot rely on his fighting skills.

Amos: Well, askin' him turned out to be a waste of time.

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: I reckon he ain't back there. That fancy fella would tell us if he was.

Milly: A lovely composition, but it doesn't get us any closer to locating the Prince.

Ashlynn: I'd rather hear a poem about where the Prince likes to hide...

Nevan: A poet's job is more difficult than I had imagined.

Amos: We've got no time for rhyme!

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: Crikey! I don't see him anywhere!

Milly: I doubt he's just going to appear out of thin air...

Ashlynn: Hmm... Now where could he be?

Nevan: Let's leave no stone unturned.

Amos: This reminds me of playin' hide-and-seek as a nipper.

Carver: Ready to head back to the throne room, Hero?

Milly: This child is definitely still a flight risk...

Milly: But there's no use in worrying about that now.

Let's go back to the King.

Ashlynn: Time to check on our mate the King.

Nevan: It's a relief that our search is at an end.

Amos: Old Amos could do with forty winks, I tell you!

Carver: Huh. I loved playin' hide-'n-seek...when I was five.

Milly: That gentleman will keep watch over this area for us. Let's search somewhere else.

Ashlynn: At least we know that guy will spot the Prince if he runs through here.

Nevan: Even the castle's soldiers are joining the hunt.

Amos: Hide-and-seek is no activity for a military man.

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: I kinda doubt he'd be hangin' around here, aye?

Milly: Where did the Prince run off from in the first place?

Ashlynn: If that guy's always facing forward, the Prince could sneak right behind him!

Nevan: Everyone seems quite accustomed to the Prince's antics.

Amos: It's like this is a regular event!

Carver: Let's go up, Hero!

Milly: He looked relieved as well.

Ashlynn: Oh, please be true!

Nevan: He is undoubtedly telling the truth.
Quickly now!

Amos: Seems Prince Howard's finally accepted his fate.

Carver: Crikey! The Prince can actually fit in there?

Milly: Prince Howard is rather adept at hiding in even the tightest of spaces, isn't he?

Ashlynn: Wow. Does this mean we should be checking every pot, too?

Nevan: I seriously doubt the Prince possesses the flexibility to fit inside a small pot.

Amos: Why not cook his favourite dinner? He'll soon come runnin'!

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: Folks aren't shy about sharin' their opinions of the guy, aye?

Milly: Let's pretend we didn't hear that, eh?

Ashlynn: I can imagine why she doesn't want him found. Feeding that Prince was probably a full-time job!

Nevan: The Prince is not in the kitchen at least.

Amos: Let's look elsewhere!

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: Whoa! Like huntin' fish in a barrel, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. He actually answered back. He's still got a lot to learn about hide-and-seek.

Ashlynn: He fit inside that barrel...? He's not exactly a small child, either!

Nevan: Let us return to King Howell.

Amos: You wouldn't find old Amos clamberin' into pots and barrels, I tell you!

Carver: Hardy har! This Prince must be a real handful if his guards are gripin' to strangers!

Milly: What could the Prince have done to them?

Ashlynn: Boy, that soldier looked frazzled.

Nevan: Do these soldiers not worry their gripes might make their way back to the King?

Amos: Sounds like this fellow's at the end of his tether.

Carver: Not many places to hide around here, I suppose.

Milly: Shall we check around this room, Hero? I'm sure he's not here, but still...

Ashlynn: I doubt he'd hide in a room guarded by soldiers who can't stand him.

Nevan: Well, there's no Prince here.

Amos: He couldn't be in here.

Carver: It's kind of a maze down here, aye?

Milly: The aura down here is completely different.

Ashlynn: Not much foot traffic down here...

Nevan: This area of the castle is rather sparsely decorated.

Amos: Ah-Ah-CHOO!!!
...Don't mind me! It's just a tad dusty!

Carver: He's out like a light. That ain't helpful.

Milly: With that old man asleep, the Prince could go wherever he pleases undetected.

Ashlynn: I wouldn't hide down here if I were the Prince. He'd be a sitting duck.

Nevan: Well, he doesn't appear to be around here.
Where to next?

Amos: There's nowhere underground that you could really hide yourself except for here.

Carver: Hide-'n-seek, aye...?

Milly: He didn't even know Prince Howard had run away.

Ashlynn: This castle has too many places to hide...

Ashlynn: If Prince Howard is that good at hide-and-seek, this could be a looong day.

Nevan: A barrel? Intriguing...

Amos: Hidin' in a barrel?

Amos: This lad's a clever one, I tell you!

Carver: C'mon, Hero! Back to the King!

Milly: Howard must have gone straight back to the King.

Ashlynn: Aaand back to the King again!

Nevan: So it seems Prince Howard didn't come this way.

Amos: Hero, I think we should make seein' the King our top priority.

Carver: Uh-oh. You don't think...

Milly: Did he forget something...?

Ashlynn: I have a bad feeling about this...

Nevan: Perhaps he forgot some item necessary for the rite?

Amos: I'm hopin' he hasn't scarpered.

Carver: Wonderful. Too bad we ain't got a prince to take there!

Milly: Then I believe we can safely assume the Prince is not headed in that direction...

Ashlynn: Forget the cave – where's the Prince?

Nevan: So the cave lies to the south of the castle.

At least we've learnt that much.

Amos: Maybe the Prince has taken himself to the cave?
...No – there's fat chance of that.

Carver: For now, we'd better just say “yes sir!” and be on our way, aye?

Milly: His aura is so optimistic... I can't bring myself to tell him that Howard has run away.

Ashlynn: Uh-oh, should we say something? He's even pushier than he was last time...

Nevan: It is certainly a great responsibility we bear.

Amos: First things first – let's find that Prince!

Carver: We'd better find that Prince, and fast!

Milly: He really is determined for the Prince to undergo this rite.

Ashlynn: Whew! I was worried what the King would think of us losing his son again.

Nevan: It seems we have no choice but to carry out the King's wishes.

Amos: Old Amos was petrified the King would have our heads for losin' his precious son.

Carver: Crikey, that guy really likes puttin' us on the spot, aye?

Milly: So it's safe to assume he hasn't seen Prince Howard run downstairs...

Ashlynn: Oh, we're going to look after him, alright!

Nevan: Let's plunge a little deeper into the castle and see what we find.

Amos: You just know there's more trouble in store once we track the Prince down.

Carver: Prince Howard is a royal pain in the rear for a lot of folks, aye?

Milly: I suppose the poor man can't refuse a royal request.

Ashlynn: Knowing the Prince, he probably runs off whenever he's about to lose a hand.

Nevan: The Prince plays cards all night and gives folks the run-around all day. Where does he get his energy?

Amos: Seems like there's no one hidin' under the bed.

Carver: Crikey! That lady needs to look before she yells!

Milly: If the Prince stays hidden like this, he's going to miss his dinner.

Ashlynn: Prince Howard must have a bottomless belly.

Nevan: Her words are harsh, but I detect no malice in her tone.

Nevan: I'd almost say she rather enjoys bantering with the Prince.

Amos: We've gone and got ourselves shouted at again!

Carver: The kids are Prince Howard's only fans around here.

Milly: Children are always so affectionate towards their playmates, bless them.

Ashlynn: Playing games all day? At the Prince's age? I guess he's childish in more ways than one.

Nevan: One could argue we're playing with the Prince as well – a perpetual game of hide-and-seek.

Amos: I wonder if Howie's teachin' that lad to gamble and all.

Carver: I wonder if these two ever stop their bellyaching.

Milly: He's getting well ahead of himself. We need to get the Prince to the cave first.

Ashlynn: If Prince Howard heard what that soldier just said, he'd probably have him fired – or worse.

Nevan: Once the Prince has undergone the rite, he'll be considered worthy of taking the throne.

Nevan: ...A worrying proposition, indeed...

Amos: Havin' Howard for a King doesn't sound like a walk in the park to me either.

Carver: So the rite's a mystery to everyone, aye?

Milly: These rites differ from kingdom to kingdom. We'll just have to see this one for ourselves.

Ashlynn: The cave's usually off limits to everyone except royalty...

Ashlynn: But if we tag along with the Prince, we can see the ceremony for ourselves! That's worth it...right?

Nevan: Only those accompanying the Prince are allowed to witness the rite.

Nevan: So it's only logical that none of the soldiers are familiar with the ceremony.

Amos: Are we ever goin' to see this rite for ourselves?

Carver: The Prince's private escape hatch, aye? Hey, wasn't there an exit to outside the castle somewhere?

Milly: Sounds like he's spotted him coming down here before. Let's keep searching.

Ashlynn: These corridors exit out all over... It'll be tough to check them all.

Nevan: Let's press on and keep searching for the Prince.

Amos: This underground passage looks like a perfect escape route for the young Prince.

Carver: No way he'd be in here...

Milly: I doubt he'd make it this easy for us.

Ashlynn: No prince here.

Nevan: No sign of Prince Howard.

Amos: There's no pots here for him to hide in.

Carver: We'll just have to comb every inch of this place, I reckon.

Milly: Don't give up. We'll find that prince!

Ashlynn: This is getting really, really old.

Nevan: Just one more push and I sense we'll find him.

Amos: Does anyone else get the feelin' that he's somewhere right under our noses?

Carver: I don't suppose you've got some kinda prince-detector, aye?

Milly: There's no way that the Prince came through here without being spotted.

Milly: He must be hiding somewhere in the castle.

Ashlynn: I can't shake the feeling that he's somewhere nearby...

Nevan: Is there somewhere we've overlooked?

Amos: It doesn't seem like we'll be headin' to that cave any time soon.

Carver: Wonder what kind of monsters we're talkin' about with this cave, aye?

Milly: ...I suppose he hasn't seen the Prince, then.

Ashlynn: I'll bet that's the reason he's hiding from us in the first place.

Nevan: It doesn't seem as if the Prince has come this way.

Amos: You'll forgive old Amos if he's a little short of sympathy for the Prince right now.

Carver: Aye, thanks for the news flash!

Milly: He doesn't seem to be in here.

Ashlynn: Ugh, I'm exhausted! This is driving me crazy!

Nevan: We must continue with our search!

Amos: Looks like he stopped issuing invitations to check out his armour collection.

Carver: Good question, aye? How many times would ya guess? A hundred?

Milly: Well, this will be the last time!

Ashlynn: It'd probably make that soldier's day to know the Prince ran off before even setting off this time.

Nevan: The last thing we want is to help the Prince break his dubious record.

Amos: Maybe the Prince is makin' a notch in a tree trunk every time he dodges the rite.

Carver: That's a song I wouldn't mind singin'!

Milly: Expressing one's feelings in song is an excellent stress-reliever.

Ashlynn: Pretend this never happened? Why? That sounded like a surefire hit!

Nevan: I'd very much like to hear how that ballad continues...

Amos: Just hearin' that rhyme takes the wind right out of my sails, I tell you.


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Carver: Keep an eye on him! He's one slippery prince!

Milly: It looks like we're finally ready to head for Hallowed Hollow.

Ashlynn: He is NOT – I repeat, NOT – getting away from me this time!

Nevan: Our tedious game of hide-and-seek is finally over. ...Right?

Amos: Time to head off – and about time, too!

Carver: Even I picked up on that soldier's sarcasm.

Milly: Oh dear, the Prince appears to be in a foul mood...

Ashlynn: One minute we're the Prince's royal pursuers. Now we're his royal attendants. Isn't that funny?

Nevan: Alright, what's next for us to do?

Amos: This Prince Howard needs to mind his manners.

Carver: Smoothly, aye...? I wouldn't bet on it with this Prince.

Milly: He must suspect that the Prince will run off again...

Ashlynn: Between the Prince and the cave monsters, we're going to have our hands full.

Nevan: Shall we head to Hallowed Hollow?

Amos: It'd be nice if these guards hailed us once in a while!

Carver: Hardy har! Some pep talk, aye?

Milly: His concern for his prince is quite genuine.

Ashlynn: Great... And just when the Prince was starting to gain a little confidence, too!

Nevan: Sympathy may not be what the Prince needs.

Amos: We'll do all we can to protect the Prince from any hostile monsters.

Carver: Hardy har! So much for the Prince's ol' armour routine, aye?

Milly: I'm glad she isn't having any of the Prince's nonsense.

Ashlynn: I wonder if there's some history between her and the Prince.

Nevan: Is showing off your armour really that enjoyable?

Amos: The pair of them are like a couple of stroppy schoolchildren.

Carver: It's probably safer for the Prince to leave the fightin' to us.

Milly: Somehow I doubt we'll be seeing much in the way of impressive weapon skills from the Prince.

Ashlynn: Wait, does that mean he actually attended some sessions?

Nevan: Even if the Prince has some sword skills, it's clear his heart's not in it.

Amos: I wouldn't trust Prince Howard to beat an egg, much less a monster.

Carver: That fella was laying it on a bit thick, aye?

Milly: The Prince certainly doesn't hold back with his opinions, does he?

Ashlynn: Prince Howard must've heard some of this guy's other poems about him.

Nevan: I pray that the Prince one day earns his place in an epic poem.

Amos: That poet doesn't think all that much of his heroic Prince.

Carver: C'mon! Let's run for the cave while he's still got fire in his belly.

Milly: My word, did Prince Howard just show some enthusiasm?

Ashlynn: “Raring to go”, huh? I'll believe it when I see it!

Nevan: I would be willing to settle for him simply not disappearing for once.

Amos: Let's see if Howard's still raring to go once we're in the cave.

Carver: Oh, are we sayin' bye to the King before we set off?

Milly: The King and Queen must be worried about Howard.

Ashlynn: I'm sure the King would grant us another audience now that Prince Howard is along with us.

Nevan: Shall we speak to King Howell before we leave?

Amos: Upstairs, always upstairs. Why not the basement once in a while?

Carver: Maybe he can catch up on his sleep while we're in the cave.

Milly: Dear me, sleep deprivation is a terrible thing.

Ashlynn: Why's that guy so tired when Prince Howard isn't? I thought they stayed up all night playing cards together?

Nevan: That fellow's eyes are indeed half-closed.

Amos: He looks like he's ready to collapse.

Carver: Hopefully he won't try to give us the slip the second his belly growls...

Milly: That lady knows what makes Prince Howard tick.

Ashlynn: We'll be back by dinner? This must be one of those quickie rites. Fine with me!

Nevan: I sense that woman is skeptical of Howard's ability to see the job through.

Amos: Where you find food, you'll find the Prince.

Carver: That kid must be the Prince's most loyal subject, aye?

Milly: Prince Howard seems to be something of a hide-and-seek hero.

Ashlynn: Well he should be good at hide-and-seek – he's certainly had enough practice!

Nevan: It's only the Prince's hide-and-seek skills that seem to garner any praise.

Amos: Well, everyone's got a talent of some sort.

Carver: Hardy har! Maybe we should've tried to cut him off.

Milly: Hee hee. I don't think that soldier will be as forthcoming with his opinions in future.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Busted.

Nevan: That guard should count himself fortunate to retain his head, much less his job.

Amos: That guard needs to learn to keep his grumbling to himself.

Carver: Hardy har! The Prince really knows how to inspire the troops, aye?

Milly: It sounds as if the Prince might doubt that guard's sincerity.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I'd love to hear what that soldier's thinking right now.

Nevan: These guards appear much more focused when facing the Prince.

Amos: The Prince seems like he's a little out of sorts.

Carver: This is more of a maze than a basement.

Milly: It's slightly cooler down here.

Ashlynn: Hey, where're we going?

Nevan: Ah yes, these subterranean passageways again.

Amos: Ah-Ah-CHOO!!!

...It's dusty down here.

Carver: Huh. It's nice to see the Prince cares about someone besides himself.

Milly: Prince Howard may seem rude, but perhaps deep down he's not all bad.

Ashlynn: Wow... I actually choked up a little there.

Nevan: Perhaps the Queen was correct in her assessment of the Prince.

Nevan: Though he may not always show it, Howard does indeed appear to have a kind heart.

Amos: Prince Howard's got a sharp tongue on him but his heart's in the right place.

Carver: Ahoy, look! The King's grinnin' like a court jester!

Milly: Let's say our goodbyes and head off.

Ashlynn: Okay, Ashlynn... Don't slouch, don't slouch, don't...

Nevan: The King and Queen will no doubt be anxious until the rite is complete.

Amos: Prince Howard's folks don't have to worry.

Old Amos is right behind him!

Carver: We'll see how long that lasts, aye?

Milly: Let's make sure we've got good news for the Chancellor next time we see him.

Ashlynn: The Chancellor still looks plenty worried to me.

Nevan: The Chancellor won't rest easy until Prince Howard's back in one piece.

Amos: Seems everyone's relieved just to see Prince Howard show up.

Carver: Even with his folks, he just blurts out exactly what he's thinkin', aye?

Milly: The Queen's soft voice is like a warm, comfortable blanket, isn't it?

Ashlynn: Soon we'll be seeing exactly how delicate that disposition really is.

Nevan: Prince Howard has been brought up with an ample supply of maternal love.

Amos: I understand his mother's concern, but Prince Howard has to take this rite like a man.

Carver: You heard the King. Let's finish this up 'n everything like that.

Milly: Let's try not to disappoint the King.

Ashlynn: Prince Howard is definitely respectful towards his father, isn't he?

Nevan: It would appear Prince Howard really is endeavouring to make his father proud.

Amos: So the King's called Howell, his son's Howard, and the kingdom's Howcastle...

Amos: That's right, isn't it? Old Amos is gettin' the hang of this at last!

Carver: She recognised the Prince straight away, aye?

Milly: Hmm, the Prince must visit here from time to time.

Ashlynn: Wow. The villagers show him the proper respect, at least. Guess a prince is a prince.

Nevan: Even the humblest citizen of Howsworth boasts impeccable manners.

Amos: If she only knew what we had to go through to get him here...

Carver: Even this fella recognises the Prince, aye? Funny.

Milly: I'm sure the Prince would be useless at farm work.

Ashlynn: Prince Howard isn't the same blabbermouth here as he was back at the castle, huh?

Nevan: I imagine the people of Howsworth are wondering why we're with their Prince.

Amos: With his fancy royal clothes, you can see the Prince comin' a mile off.

Amos: Old Amos has just stepped in something squidgy...

Carver: Aye, nothin' to fear – not with me on the job.

Milly: Everyone seems surprised that Howard is going to the cave...

Ashlynn: I got a bad feeling about this...

Nevan: She tried to hide it, but she was surprised to see the Prince heading to the cave.

Amos: Old Amos can't wait to see this cave!

Carver: Is he snorin' or did somethin' crawl up his nose?

Milly: Snoring like a drain... He must be tired after a long journey or something.

Ashlynn: Asleep at this hour? What is he, nocturnal?

Nevan: Let's leave him to his slumber.

Amos: That's some impressive snorin', I tell you!

Carver: Whoa. As sick as he looked, he woke right up for the Prince.

Milly: That was suspiciously polite for Prince Howard...

Ashlynn: The villagers around here show the Prince waaay too much respect, if you ask me.

Nevan: Word of the royal rite of purification has reached even that man's sickbed.

Amos: Prince Howard seems to inspire both love and hate.

Carver: Aye, I'm startin' to know how he feels.

Milly: Her poor husband... It just breaks my heart.

Ashlynn: I bet the old man really loved the Prince.

Nevan: I wonder how long ago this was.

Amos: So that fellow used to travel over to the castle every day.

Carver: Prince Howard ain't fit to tie the Prince of Somnia's shoes.

Milly: Howard clearly doesn't like being compared to other people.

Ashlynn: Not to distract us from Prince Howard's purification or anything...

Ashlynn: But what do you think the other version of Hero is doing right now? I can't help but wonder.

Nevan: Howard really doesn't want to hear anything about his fellow Prince.

Amos: The Prince of Somnia's exploits have left quite an impression on this fellow.

Carver: (sniff) Hmm. Wonder what's cookin'?

Milly: Oops, I think we got in her way there.

Ashlynn: We probably shouldn't sneak up on her like that. What if we scared her and she cut herself or something?

Nevan: That woman is clearly busy. We should make ourselves scarce.

Amos: Her mind's clearly on the cookin'.

Carver: They must play together a lot, aye?

Milly: I'm sure he'll have plenty of chances to play with the Prince later.

Ashlynn: Tee hee. I think we've seen enough hide-and-seek from the Prince for one lifetime.

Nevan: That child is clearly fond of the Prince.

Amos: It does seem like a grand place for a spot of hide-and-seek.

Carver: Huh. Do ya think that fella really wants to help the Prince?

Milly: The Prince is a perfect gentleman one minute, a rude child the next...

Ashlynn: Wow. I've met toddlers more mature than Prince Howard.

Nevan: So this man accompanied the Prince on a previous expedition to Hallowed Hollow.

Nevan: I wonder just what happened to them there.

Amos: I can't help but feel that we've drawn the short straw here...

Carver: The villagers must come here to relax.

Milly: I'm certain the Prince would trade his royal monster-filled cave for this one if he could.

Ashlynn: Wow! Is Hallowed Hollow really that pretty? I can't wait to go see it!

Nevan: I wonder how far the Prince has ventured into Hallowed Hollow.

Amos: Maybe a little stay in a nice place like this would help straighten the Prince out.


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Carver: So this is the place, aye? It ain't quite how I imagined it.

Milly: Let's stay alert.

Ashlynn: What's that smell?

(sniff) It smells...wet.

Nevan: Is there someone waiting in the depths of this cave?

Amos: I've got a funny feelin' about this place.

And not funny in a good way, either...

Carver: Avast! Where's the Prince!?

Milly: I think the Prince has run off again...

Ashlynn: Argh! He's done it again!

Nevan: We seem to have mislaid the Prince.

Let's retrace our steps.

Amos: Eh!? No Prince!?

Carver: Crikey! That slippery devil!

Milly: He's off... I sense that finding him again will be quite the ordeal...

Ashlynn: Ugh! What have I done to deserve that little sneak? I'm a good person, right?

Nevan: Outsmarted once again! Let's head back and find the recalcitrant royal.

Amos: Don't tell me it's back to the starting line once again!?

Carver: Goddess knows if he's back here or not, but...

Milly: Where could he have got to this time?

Ashlynn: Ugh! I've had it up to here with that stupid Prince!

Nevan: My patience is fraying...

Amos: Which nook or cranny is the Prince lurkin' in now?

Carver: Could the Prince've slipped by that fella? Probably not, aye?

Milly: Hmm. What shall we do? We know he's not here – that's a start, I suppose...

Milly: The people in the castle might know where Howard likes to run off to. Shall we ask around?

Ashlynn: There's only one way into this castle, right? So that means he's not here...

Nevan: So Prince Howard hasn't returned.

Nevan: Yet, I feel there may be some clue here.

Nevan: We haven't much time, but perhaps speaking to a few folks in the castle would be a good idea.

Amos: So Prince Howard's givin' the castle a wide berth.

Carver: Ain't no point askin' that guy about the Prince, aye?

Milly: That chap's got caves on the brain...

Ashlynn: Not all monsters are horrible. Some of them are horribly cute!

Nevan: I confess that I am often filled with dread at the prospect of encountering monsters.

Nevan: But the only way to overcome your fears is to face them head on.

Amos: Old Amos can't afford to be afraid of monsters – I'd end up scared of myself!

Carver: Love ain't just blind – it's dumb, too.

Milly: Prince Howard probably offers to show his armour to all the girls...

Milly: But I sense that he has a soft spot for this one.

Ashlynn: You think if we wait long enough, the Prince'll show up here to put the moves on her?

Nevan: Perhaps I have something to learn from Prince Howard when it comes to impressing women...

Amos: I bet no one's interested in old Amos's armour collection...

Carver: That's a good question. How many times do ya think? A hundred-ish?

Milly: We'll do whatever it takes this time!

Ashlynn: That sneaky Prince missed his calling. He would make a great thief!

Nevan: The last thing we want is to help the Prince break his dubious record.

Amos: I just hope this is the last time.

Carver: Pretend this never happened? Crikey, we're ready to join in the chorus!

Milly: Expressing one's feelings in song is an excellent stress-reliever.

Ashlynn: Pretend this never happened? Why? That sounded like a surefire hit!

Nevan: I'd very much like to hear how that ballad continues...

Amos: Just hearin' that rhyme takes the wind right out of my sails, I tell you.

Carver: Crikey, that guy really likes puttin' us on the spot, aye?

Milly: If that soldier didn't see him, it's unlikely that the Prince was in here.

Ashlynn: Oh, we're going to look after him, alright!

Nevan: Let's plunge a little deeper into the castle and see what we find.

Amos: We need to find that Prince!

Carver: You wanna see the King right now, Hero? Eh, I dunno...

Milly: The King and Queen are sure to be anxious.

Ashlynn: I'm in no hurry to see the King – especially without the Prince at our side.

Nevan: While I feel that we owe the King a visit, I go with a heavy heart.

Amos: Hero – can we just show our faces upstairs then head back out?

Carver: I tell ya, he needs to stock up on shut-eye while we're explorin' the cave.

Milly: That poor man is still awake!?

Ashlynn: Why's that guy so tired when Prince Howard isn't? I thought they stayed up all night playing cards together?

Nevan: In this exhausted state, I doubt he'd notice the Prince if he walked right past him.

Amos: That lad's shakin' like a leaf!

Carver: Looks like the kitchen's closed, aye?

Milly: Unfortunately the situation means the exact opposite for us.

Ashlynn: After dealing with the Prince all this time, I'd say she deserves a break today.

Nevan: I believe it would be safe to assume that the Prince will not be returning in time for dinner.

Amos: I can't wait to get this royal rite over and done with!

Carver: I wonder if these two ever stop their bellyaching.

Carver: Good thing the Prince ain't with us...

Milly: He's getting well ahead of himself. We need to get the Prince to the cave first.

Ashlynn: I guess Prince Howard isn't here after all.

Nevan: Once the Prince has undergone the rite, he'll be considered worthy of taking the throne.

Nevan: ...A worrying proposition, indeed...

Amos: I doubt Prince Howard would be hangin' round here.

Carver: I'd like to find out, too. Let's catch that Prince!

Milly: Let's get the Prince and witness this mysterious rite.

Ashlynn: Hey, are we done here yet? Let's track down that Prince.

Nevan: It seems Prince Howard never stays in the cave long enough for anyone to witness the actual rite.

Amos: I hope we get to witness the rite sometime this century...

Carver: No Prince here...

Milly: He's not in here...

Ashlynn: What if he was just asleep in his own room right now? Wouldn't that be rich.

Nevan: No sign of him...

Amos: Maybe if we left a barrel out with some food in it...

Carver: That fella doesn't seem fazed by any of this.

Carver: We'd better keep searchin'. He's either here or in Howsworth!

Milly: He's known the Prince from when he was a toddler, so he must be familiar with his antics.

Milly: Let's try searching the places he mentioned.

Ashlynn: Hey, that was a clue, right? Not a very specific clue, but a clue...

Nevan: That narrows the focus of our search somewhat.

Amos: So he's either in the castle or over in Howsworth. Let's get him!

Carver: He ain't back, aye?

Milly: He can't be in here. The doorman would've seen him.

Ashlynn: Nobody's home. I figured it wouldn't be that easy.

Nevan: Perhaps we'd better look beyond the castle walls.

Amos: No Prince? Why aren't I surprised...?

Carver: Not in here...but I expected as much.

Milly: There's no way he's here.

Ashlynn: Same old story, huh?

Nevan: It would be quite a risk for the Prince to come here.

Amos: This is another Howard-free zone...

Carver: I just don't know what to say to these folks any more.

Milly: His aura doesn't suggest he'd take too kindly to questions regarding the Prince's whereabouts...

Ashlynn: You could store armour in the bags under the Chancellor's eyes. The stress is finally getting to him.

Nevan: As those entrusted with the Prince's welfare,

we have little choice but to find him ourselves.

Amos: Let's find ourselves a Prince!

Carver: I don't care about his future – I care about his present. And presently, he's missin'!

Milly: The intensity of the Queen's love for her son is plain to see.

Ashlynn: Maybe he'll make a good king someday, but he sure makes a lousy prince right now!

Nevan: I would agree that the Prince's detractors do tend to exaggerate...

Amos: He might make a fine king one day, but he's no great shakes in the prince stakes...

Carver: Orders are orders, aye? Let's wrangle the Prince and march him back to the cave.

Milly: Thank the Goddess that the King didn't start interrogating us about his son's whereabouts.

Ashlynn: Somehow I don't think his mom's worries will end once the Prince is purified.

Nevan: We'd best expand the search. Onwards!

Amos: My heart's racin'! Old Amos gets a tad nervous in front of royalty.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Hmm... Where is that Prince?

Milly: Where is that Prince...

Ashlynn: This prince is the king of rotten manners.

Nevan: The Prince's hide-and-seek skills are unparalleled.

Amos: Old Amos's main priority is not steppin' in anythin' squelchy, squidgy or squashy.

Carver: So he ran here to Howsworth, aye? We're hot on his trail now!

Milly: He's here somewhere, but the village has plenty of places to hide... Let's knuckle down and find him!

Ashlynn: He's in the village! Let's go!

Nevan: A verified sighting of the Prince, at last!
This is a positive sign!

Amos: Poor lad. Slime slobber is no laughin' matter.

Carver: Aye, it'd do the Prince good to get a bit dirty – after gettin' purified 'n everything like that, of course.

Milly: The future king probably should know how his subjects live.

Ashlynn: I bet the Prince would bolt before he got within a hundred feet of those fields.

Nevan: Before he can consider a career in agriculture, we must locate him first.

Amos: This fellow's desperate for help on his farm.

Carver: I see where that lady's coming from, but rules are rules 'n everything like that.

Milly: Many villagers are quite fond of the Prince, aren't they?

Ashlynn: I can see why the King's giving the Prince a little push. Otherwise, he's the sort who would goof off from cradle to grave.

Nevan: Harsh though it may sound, Prince Howard has no choice but to fulfill his duty.

Nevan: With royal blood comes power, but also the burden of responsibility.

Amos: Prince Howard's made it perfectly clear that he's in no rush to fulfill his royal duty.

Carver: Prince Howard came here!? He must be inside! That's that – we got him cornered!

Milly: Have we finally found him!?

Ashlynn: Shaking? Ugh... I should've figured.

Nevan: If he's this shaken from merely entering the cave, how will he ever complete the rite?

Amos: I'm guessin' the Prince wasn't shakin' and sobbin' with excitement.

Carver: Prince? You about?

Milly: We can't rest until we've searched every corner.

Ashlynn: I doubt he'd be in here – not with that lady eyeballing the entrance.

Nevan: No sign of him here...

Amos: Nothing princely round here.

Carver: Crikey. Folks're still dreamin' about the Isle o' Smiles?

Milly: There's no point in asking him about the Prince.

Ashlynn: Ugh... I wish I could just forget this whole escapade and go to bed myself.

Nevan: We have nothing to gain from talking to him.

Amos: That fellow wasn't the Prince in disguise, right?

Carver: He probably ain't here. It's too quiet.

Milly: Let's give this house a once over.

Ashlynn: It'd make my day if he was in here, so of course he isn't.

Nevan: The old gentleman seems to be awake.

Amos: Nope. No Prince here.

Carver: I'm rulin' this fella out. He ain't hidin' the Prince...

Carver: He wants him to go through that royal rite as much as we do.

Milly: Let's not ruin things for him by mentioning that the Prince has run off...again.

Ashlynn: That guy doesn't know the Prince very well, does he?

Nevan: I pray that Prince Howard can live up to the expectations of his people.

Amos: That old boy will have an extra spring in his step if Howard completes the royal rite.

Carver: No way he'd be here...

Milly: I think we can forgo searching this house.

Ashlynn: Nope. No place to hide in here.

Nevan: As expected, there's no sign of him here.

Amos: He's not crept into any cracks in the wall, has he?

Carver: Bein' a royal attendant ain't what it's cracked up to be, aye? We learnt that lesson.

Milly: He seems to have mixed emotions about the Prince.

Ashlynn: Ugh! That little... Doesn't he care about anybody but himself?

Nevan: This man seems to have been wounded by the Prince's words.

Amos: At least Prince Howard seems a bit more grateful for our efforts.

Carver: Hmm... This church's got nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Milly: No sign of him in here. Onwards!

Ashlynn: Maybe we should pray for some divine help. Couldn't hurt.

Nevan: No sign of him here...

Amos: He's not hidin' behind the waterfall, is he?

Carver: We'll get that Prince purified sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

Milly: The Prince doesn't seem to have been in here either.

Ashlynn: Yes, but what happens when royal folk don't WANT to go in there!?

Nevan: I pray we'll get to delve deeper into Hallowed Hollow.

Amos: Old Amos has seen that cave! Well, it was just the entrance, but still...

Carver: This Prince could learn a thing or ten from the Prince of Somnia...

Carver: But I bet Prince Howard couldn't bear to be compared with a real prince, aye?

Milly: Prince Somnia... Hero's other self...

Milly: Searching for him is one of the reasons that we're on this quest in the first place...

Milly: But our priority right now is to find the prince of Howcastle.

Ashlynn: If Prince Howard was here to hear this, I bet he'd start bawling all over again!

Nevan: This gentleman seems to have a burning interest in the Prince of Somnia.

Amos: I might be mistaken, but I get the feelin' the Prince is close by.

Carver: The real question is whether we can manage the Prince, aye?

Milly: This royal rite will remain a mystery to us unless we find the Prince.

Ashlynn: With a prince like Howard, no wonder people are worried.

Nevan: We of all people can certainly understand why the people are so anxious about their Prince.

Amos: If Howard's not man enough to do it, old Amos is happy to undergo the royal rite.

Amos: Then I'd get to be king! King Amos!
It's got quite a ring to it!

Carver: Ahoy! Prince ho!

Milly: Here, of all places...

Ashlynn: Found him!

Nevan: Here he is.

Amos: What's so interestin' about that corner?

Carver: Watch him, Hero! Don't let him slip away!

Milly: He seems terrified!

Ashlynn: Oh, brother... Pathetic.

Nevan: I confess I do sympathise with the Prince's plight.

Amos: I'm fine with monstrous monsters – it's ghosts that give me the willies.

Carver: We might have to haul him off the hard way. I'd enjoy that, actually.

Milly: Don't tell me you're starting to feel sorry for the Prince, Hero?

Milly: He does look pitiful at the moment, I'll grant you...

Milly: But he'll never grow up if he stays here, will he?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Smooth move, Hero! Calming him down before laying down the law, huh?

Nevan: Aside from leading him to the rite, there is little we can do for Prince Howard.

Amos: Come on! We've got to get this lad ritually purified and no messin'!

Carver: Whew! That's a load off my mind.

Milly: No more hide and seek for Howard! Hee hee.
Let's go!

Ashlynn: That's it! If we lose the Prince one more time, my sanity's going with him!

Nevan: It's a relief to find the Prince – but the real trial begins now.

Nevan: I pray the Goddess grants us the patience to put up with Howard's cowardly nature.

Amos: Right, second time lucky!

Carver: C'mon, people! To the cave!

Milly: Thank the Goddess that we found the Prince.

Ashlynn: Prince Howard looks down in the dumps... Not that I blame him.

Nevan: Let's get the job done this time!

Amos: Maybe we can get back to Howcastle by dinner time...

Carver: Aye, thanks for the greetin' but we've got ourselves a cave to get to!

Milly: The Prince's aura doesn't suggest he's very happy to be here. Hee hee.

Ashlynn: The Prince is still with us, right? Just checking.

Nevan: If we're done exchanging pleasantries, we should make our way to the cave.

Amos: We won't be able to relax till this royal rite is done and dusted.

Carver: That fella's gotta learn that agriculturin' ain't for everyone.

Milly: I'm amazed the Prince managed to hide in this village, considering how well-known he is.

Ashlynn: Does this guy ever take five?

Nevan: If we're done exchanging pleasantries, we should make our way to the cave.

Amos: That fellow seems to gain tremendous satisfaction from ploughin' his fields every day.

Amos: Oh heck! I've just stepped in something squishy...

Carver: Back to the cave, aye? We ain't quittin' no matter how many trips this takes.

Milly: Hopefully this time Prince Howard can finally finish the deed.

Ashlynn: I can read her like a book. She thinks we're gonna fail again.

Nevan: Folks here will be stunned if the Prince actually manages to undergo the royal rite.

Amos: The Prince has nowt to fear – we're the best in the business!

Carver: This was all hide-'n-seek to him? Blimey!

Milly: I've never seen such an appetite for hide-and-seek.

Ashlynn: It's no wonder the Prince is so good at disappearing – he plays hide-and-seek with kids all day!

Ashlynn: If only he'd spend that time working on his manners instead.

Nevan: If the Prince goes missing again, we might consider enlisting that boy's services to find him.

Amos: I'm hopin' there's no third act to Howard's hidin'.

Carver: Crikey, is that fella ever awake?

Milly: The island isn't exactly “gone” – you might just say it's on loan to someone. Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Turns out life was a lot happier for people who DIDN'T visit the Isle o' Smiles, huh?

Nevan: Now that we've located the Prince, let's make haste to Hallowed Hollow.

Amos: This fellow is goin' to wake up at some point. ...Right?

Carver: Seein' the Prince again really sparked somethin' in that old timer, aye?

Milly: We've got to make sure that Howard doesn't let him down again.

Ashlynn: Maybe that pep talk'll light a fire under the Prince.

Nevan: That gentleman has absolute faith in the Prince.

Amos: Surprisin' though it might be, some folks actually quite like old Howard.

Carver: Prince Howard ain't fit to tie the Prince of Somnia's shoes.

Milly: Howard clearly doesn't like being compared to other people.

Ashlynn: Not to distract us from Prince Howard's purification or anything...

Ashlynn: But what do you think the other version of Hero is doing right now? I can't help but wonder.

Nevan: Howard really doesn't want to hear anything about his fellow Prince.

Amos: The Prince of Somnia's exploits have left quite an impression on this fellow.

Carver: (sniff) ...Beef for dinner, aye?

Milly: Oops, I think we got in her way there.

Ashlynn: We probably shouldn't sneak up on her like that. What if we scared her and she cut herself or something?

Nevan: That woman is clearly busy. We should make ourselves scarce.

Amos: Her mind's clearly on the cookin'.

Carver: Pretty wet 'n wild church, aye?

Milly: It's nice and cool in here.

Ashlynn: Wow – a chapel with its own waterfall!

Nevan: This must be where villagers are baptised.

Amos: It's nice to see a church that's got back to nature!

Carver: Spelunkin' time, aye? We're goin' the distance this time!

Milly: He's right. I already feel a little purer just from being in this cave.

Ashlynn: Yes, but what happens when royal folk don't WANT to go in there!?

Prince Howard: Hmph!

Nevan: I pray we'll get to delve deeper into Hallowed Hollow.

Amos: We can go and see for ourselves, providin' our Prince stays the course this time!

Prince Howard: Hmph!


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Carver: Well, we're here. Time to get down to brass tacks 'n everything like that.

Milly: Let's keep moving – don't let your guard down.

Ashlynn: Let's hurry before he chickens out again!

Nevan: You may rest assured that the Prince is still with us.

Amos: We can at least get further than we did last time!

Carver: Crikey. This cave just got a whole lot bigger, aye.

Milly: These scattered shafts of light are rather pretty.

Ashlynn: Hey, where's the Prince!?

Ashlynn: ...Oh. There he is. Whew.

Nevan: Take care not to tread on any stalagmites.

Amos: ...URGH!

Amos: ...Er, sorry about that. A drip just went down my back...

Carver: For such a big cave, there ain't that many paths, aye?

Milly: I wonder how big this cave could be?

Ashlynn: Wow. More monsters than I thought...

Ashlynn: Those soldiers who tried to escort the Prince before sure must've had a rough time.

Nevan: Let's proceed with caution and take care not to expend any energy unnecessarily.

Amos: Slow and steady wins the race! If you go rushin' around, old Amos will get lost.

Carver: That test was a whole different beast from the other monsters here, aye?

Carver: Crikey, what a handful...

Carver: Avast! He's gone again!

Milly: I wonder how long that monster had been standing there waiting?

Milly: We lost the Prince again? Well that was careless... Let's go and look for him.

Ashlynn: We must be tested, huh? I wonder how many more of these tests are waiting for us.

Ashlynn: Oh, brother! He ran off again!?

Nevan: I now see why Prince Howard was so fearful of the tests awaiting him.

Nevan: While we were busy fighting, it appears the Prince scampered away.

Amos: Old Amos doesn't remember much about that last fight except the monster was a toughie.

Amos: It's like I was all befuddled or somethin'.

Amos: He's gone!? He's not run back to Howsworth, has he!?

Carver: Aye, well... Let's get him.

Milly: He can't have gone too far.

Ashlynn: That's it! When we find him, I'm spanking his royal rear!

Nevan: Even during combat, Prince Howard shouldn't be let out of our sight.

Amos: We need to put the lad on a leash, I tell you!

Carver: I'd give a hundred gold coins if he'd shut his trap.

Milly: Let's take a deep breath and move on.

Ashlynn: Look at the bright side – at least he stayed in the cave this time.

Nevan: But for the grace of the Goddess, the Prince would have been stranded here all alone.

Amos: Prince Howard only looks lively when he's escapin'!

Carver: I reckon there's no test here – just a whole lotta monsters. Watch your back.

Milly: Let's push on deeper into the cave.

Ashlynn: Watching the Prince is making it hard to focus on the monsters. My nerves are shot!

Nevan: This has become quite a long and winding path.

Amos: Prince Howard, if you want to hold hands with old Amos, it's no bother.

Prince Howard: The thought of it! I am not a child and will not be treated as such!

Amos: ......

Carver: Dead end, aye?

Milly: Only Howcastle royalty can pass through there, it seems.

Ashlynn: No Prince Howard, no entry, huh?

Nevan: Seems we have no choice for now but to retrace our footsteps.

Amos: I wonder how they can tell we're not royal folk.

Carver: The Prince is good for something, aye?

Milly: Onwards we go!

Ashlynn: Guess we still have a long haul ahead of us...

Nevan: From monsters administering tests to that curious door, Hallowed Hollow is a mysterious place indeed.

Amos: How does all this work!? It's over old Amos's head!

Carver: Huh. Just some stairs, aye?

Milly: Let's go down.

Ashlynn: Nowhere to go but down.

Nevan: I sense there is still much that awaits us below.

Amos: Let's head on down!

Carver: Blimey! This is even bigger than the last level, ain't it?

Ashlynn: I hope we don't have to face any more of those “tests”.

Carver: The Prince still with us...?

Carver: ...He is. Good.

Milly: Just walking around without getting lost is a chore.

Ashlynn: My eyes are finally adjusting to the darkness in here.

Nevan: We should be ready to retrace our steps should we take the wrong path.

Nevan: I sense there are monsters here – and we're getting closer to them.

Amos: ...ARGH!

Amos: ...Er, sorry about that. Old Amos nearly slipped and fell on his behind.

Carver: Well, that's that for test number two.

Carver: Geh! Not again!

Milly: Onwards we go!

Milly: What? The Prince? How utterly careless of us... Let's go back and look for him.

Ashlynn: Wow! The second test monster just up and vanished! And speaking of vanish...

Ashlynn: Arrrgh! We lost him again! This is a bigger headache than those stupid tests!

Nevan: The path has opened up before us.
On we go!

Nevan: If the Prince should slip away again as we fight,

I shall near the end of my tether.

Nevan: But at least he should not be far away, based on our prior experience.

Amos: That monster looked hard – and sure enough, it was!

Amos: Lucky we're second to none in the fightin' stakes!

Carver: If I were a spoilt Prince, where would I be?

Milly: Maybe he's hiding behind something nearby.

Ashlynn: How does he keep giving us the slip? We need to put that Prince on a leash!

Nevan: It is possible that he has escaped the cave altogether.

Amos: It'd take guts to get all the way out of the cave by himself, so old Amos is guessin' he's close by.

Carver: Hardy har! He went from hatin' us to praisin' us.

Milly: Howard has promised us no more running off...

Milly: I must say, I do sense a change in him. I think he's ready to face his destiny.

Milly: I think we should trust him this time, Hero...

Ashlynn: You mean he never got this far?

Ashlynn: We're good! It's time to go all the way!

Nevan: Curious that he does not fear being left alone each time he flees...

Amos: That was some fine hidin' – even by Prince Howard's standards.

Carver: Who knows what's waitin' for us next.

Carver: Only one way to find out. Let's shove off!

Milly: No more escaping, eh...

Milly: There's something about his aura that makes me believe him...

Ashlynn: Whew... I am drained.

Nevan: We find ourselves on a long, winding path once again.

Amos: Prince Howard's still here! Old Amos is keepin' his eye on him...

Carver: No dice, aye?

Milly: Of course. Only Howcastle royalty can go through.

Ashlynn: Goddess forbid the Prince would stay with us for once. We wouldn't be in this predicament!

Nevan: I'm afraid we have no choice but to go back and locate Prince Howard.

Amos: If only old Amos had a few drops of the royal blood of Howcastle flowin' through his veins...

Carver: It's open! Let's move!

Milly: Come on, this way!

Ashlynn: Nothing's gonna stop us now. I gotta see why everyone was raving about this cave!

Nevan: Prince Howard seems to be speaking with a newfound authority.

Amos: ...YAAARGH!

Amos: ...Er, sorry about that. Old Amos just wanted to hear his voice echoin'!

Carver: Another lone staircase, aye?

Milly: Down we go!

Ashlynn: Not much choice here, huh?

Nevan: More daunting trials may well lay below.

Amos: Old Amos never did care much for tests... Hopefully we're through most of them now.

Carver: No turnin' back now, aye? We've gotta keep going.

Milly: I sense that we've yet to reach our goal.

Ashlynn: Oof... This cave will end, right? Eventually?

Nevan: I still get a strong sense that there are monsters in the vicinity.

Amos: ...WAHOO!

Amos: ...Er, sorry about that. Old Amos was just tryin' out his new war cry!

Carver: Well, that's that for test number three!

Milly: There should be a set of doors ahead of us now.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! That was fun, right?

Nevan: P-Prince Howard...!? He's still here!

Amos: (wheeze) (pant) Don't mind old Amos...
I just need a second to get my puff back... (gasp)

Carver: There we go!

Milly: Come on, Hero. Let's move on!

Ashlynn: Yeah, yeah, another door, another test! Let's keep going!

Nevan: Let us proceed!

Amos: Prince Howard is soundin' more like proper royalty by the second!

Carver: Whoa, have a look at this...

Milly: Can you hear the waterfall, Hero?

Ashlynn: Hey, somebody's here!

Nevan: I sense something different in the air here.

Nevan: It is unpolluted by the presence of monsters.

Amos: That looks a lot like a priest to old Amos.

Or is this another test?

Carver: I reckon it's over, aye?

Milly: Aww, didn't Howie behave nicely for his rite?

Ashlynn: Was...that it?

Nevan: The Prince is shivering. Let us make haste to Howcastle.

Amos: You could catch a cold just lookin' at the poor Prince! ...Ah-Ah-CHOO!!!

Carver: Aye! Time to deliver our sweet prince home!

Milly: I could sense the priest's relief at getting the rite over and done with.

Ashlynn: Wow. So that was the entire ceremony...? I mean, really?

Ashlynn: After all we went through to get here... Like, what a letdown.

Nevan: Let's escort Prince Howard back to his castle.

Amos: For a minute there, old Amos was worried that talkin' to that priest would start another battle!

Carver: It's been a long haul down a tough road, but we finally did it. Let's go, Hero!

Milly: I suppose that's the end of the rite.

Ashlynn: Oh, brother...

Nevan: It wasn't easy, but Prince Howard came through in the end.

Amos: The things royal folk put themselves through!
I'm glad I'm just plain old Amos.

Carver: Whew, I'm whipped. I'd kill for a week or three at a fancy inn.

Carver: Take out the tests and this place is a pushover.

Milly: The cave has a completely different aura on the way out, doesn't it?

Ashlynn: The sooner we get Prince Howard back to the castle, the sooner I can get some peace in my life again.

Nevan: Now that Prince Howard has the Proof of Passage, all our trials seem worth the effort.

Amos: The royal rite of purification didn't half look cold!

Amos: I hope there's some dinner waitin' for us...

Amos: Has anyone got a towel? Prince Howard's drippin' all over the place.

Prince Howard: Hmph!

Carver: Hmm... Where is that Prince?

Milly: Where is that Prince...

Ashlynn: This prince is the king of rotten manners.

Nevan: The Prince's hide-and-seek skills are unparalleled.

Amos: Old Amos's main priority is not steppin' in anythin' squelchy, squidgy or squashy.

Carver: Huh. Maybe he ain't in this village after all, aye?

Milly: If the Prince isn't here, then he must still be somewhere in the cave...

Ashlynn: He's not here? Hmm...

Ashlynn: So he's either still in the cave or over in the castle. This is making me mental!

Nevan: Hmm... And I thought it highly likely that Prince Howard would come here...

Amos: Looks like we've not got a clue.

Carver: Aye, it'd do the Prince good to get a bit dirty – after gettin' purified 'n everything like that, of course.

Milly: The future king probably should know how his subjects live.

Ashlynn: I bet the Prince would bolt before he got within a hundred feet of those fields.

Nevan: Before he can consider a career in agriculture, we must locate him first.

Amos: This fellow's desperate for help on his farm.

Carver: I see where that lady's coming from, but rules are rules 'n everything like that.

Milly: Many villagers are quite fond of the Prince, aren't they?

Ashlynn: I can see why the King's giving the Prince a little push. Otherwise, he's the sort who would goof off from cradle to grave.

Nevan: Harsh though it may sound, Prince Howard has no choice but to fulfill his duty.

Nevan: With royal blood comes power, but also the burden of responsibility.

Amos: Prince Howard's made it perfectly clear that he's in no rush to fulfill his royal duty.

Carver: That kid should get in line. The Prince is busy playin' hide-'n-seek with us right now.

Milly: If he hasn't come here, I'd say it's unlikely that he's in Howcastle either.

Ashlynn: Seems like a good kid. If he'd seen the Prince, I'm sure he would've told us.

Nevan: So Prince Howard really isn't in Howsworth.

Amos: Well at least we know he's not back here playin' hide-and-seek with that lad.

Carver: Prince? You about?

Milly: We can't rest until we've searched every corner.

Ashlynn: I doubt he'd be in here – not with that lady eyeballing the entrance.

Nevan: No sign of him here...

Amos: Nothing princely round here.

Carver: He probably ain't here. It's too quiet.

Milly: Let's give this house a once over.

Ashlynn: It'd make my day if he was in here, so of course he isn't.

Nevan: The old gentleman seems to be awake.

Amos: Nope. No Prince here.

Carver: I'm rulin' this fella out. He ain't hidin' the Prince...

Carver: He wants him to go through that royal rite as much as we do.

Milly: Let's not ruin things for him by mentioning that the Prince has run off...again.

Ashlynn: That guy doesn't know the Prince very well, does he?

Nevan: I pray that Prince Howard can live up to the expectations of his people.

Amos: That old boy will have an extra spring in his step if Howard completes the royal rite.

Carver: This is where he hid last time, but...

Milly: Any sign of him?

Ashlynn: Doesn't look like anybody's here.

Nevan: No luck, it seems.

Amos: Looks like Howsworth is a prince-free zone.

Carver: This Prince could learn a thing or ten from the Prince of Somnia...

Carver: But I bet Prince Howard couldn't bear to be compared with a real prince, aye?

Milly: Prince Somnia... Hero's other self...

Milly: Searching for him is one of the reasons that we're on this quest in the first place...

Milly: But our priority right now is to find the prince of Howcastle.

Ashlynn: If Prince Howard was here to hear this, I bet he'd start bawling all over again!

Nevan: This gentleman seems to have a burning interest in the Prince of Somnia.

Amos: Seems there's been no visitin' princes at this address.

Carver: The real question is whether we can manage the Prince, aye?

Milly: This royal rite will remain a mystery to us unless we find the Prince.

Ashlynn: With a prince like Howard, no wonder people are worried.

Nevan: We of all people can certainly understand why the people are so anxious about their Prince.

Amos: If Howard's not man enough to do it, old Amos is happy to undergo the royal rite.

Amos: Then I'd get to be king! King Amos!

It's got quite a ring to it!

Carver: No way he'd be here...

Milly: I think we can forgo searching this house.

Ashlynn: Nope. No place to hide in here.

Nevan: As expected, there's no sign of him here.

Amos: He's not crept into any cracks in the wall, has he?

Carver: Hmm... This church's got nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Milly: No sign of him in here. Onwards!

Ashlynn: Maybe we should pray for some divine help. Couldn't hurt.

Nevan: No sign of him here...

Amos: He's not hidin' behind the waterfall, is he?

Carver: We'll get that Prince purified sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

Milly: The Prince doesn't seem to have been in here either.

Ashlynn: Yes, but what happens when royal folk don't WANT to go in there!?

Nevan: I pray we'll get to delve deeper into Hallowed Hollow.

Amos: Sounds to me like there's been no sign of the Prince.


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Carver: Ya know, I've never been so happy to see a long flight of steps in my life.

Milly: I'm certain everyone in Howcastle has been awaiting our return – especially the King and Queen!

Ashlynn: Laa de da de daa... Was I singing? Tee hee! I'm so happy, I can't help it!

Nevan: It feels good to return bearing glad tidings.

Amos: ...Hang about! Where's the Prince gone!?

Amos: ...Oh! There he is! Glad to see it.

Prince Howard: Hmph!

Carver: C'mon, folks! We're off to see the King!

Milly: Everyone was waiting anxiously for our return.

Ashlynn: Oop! Did I just see Prince Howard crack a smile? Tee hee!

Prince Howard: I...I did nothing of the sort!

Nevan: I'm very much looking forward to giving King Howell the good news.

Amos: I feel like runnin' round the castle lettin' everyone know we're back!

Carver: Shall we, uh, proceed forthwith 'n everything like that? ...Hmm. I ain't used to royal formalities.

Milly: Let's enter the castle, Hero.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Prince Howard is blushing!

Nevan: Both the guard and his Prince are in high spirits.

Amos: If that guard's this happy, the King and Queen will be doin' cartwheels!

Carver: The Prince won't be needin' that fella's sympathy any longer!

Milly: Come on, let's go and see the King!

Ashlynn: Hmm... Prince Howard didn't have much to say for himself, did he?

Nevan: That man has no shortage of sympathy for his Prince.

Amos: “I have no need of your sympathy. Monster-filled caves hold no fear for me!”

Amos: ...What do you think, Prince Howard? If you like that one, feel free to use it!

Carver: The King'll be surprised to hear the rite is over, aye?

Milly: Let's tell the King the good news, post-haste!

Ashlynn: Now don't take your eyes off the Prince until we're in the throne room!

Nevan: Once word spreads, the kingdom of Howcastle will no doubt unite in celebration.

Amos: At least we know the Prince won't run away on us again.

Prince Howard: Of course I wouldn't... Would I?

Amos: ......

Carver: Crikey. Good thing he caught that cold, or he'd never stop braggin'.

Carver: Aye, but who can blame him? He's probably just relieved this whole rite thing is over with.

Milly: Aww, Howie looks ever so proud! Hee hee.

Ashlynn: If we don't keep him moving, he'll end up showing that thing to every person in the castle.

Nevan: Never doubted the Prince for a second? I have doubts about that...

Amos: I'm pleased Prince Howard got through his cold shower...er...I mean, royal rite of purification.

Carver: Ready, folks? Let's go see the King!

Milly: Well, then, let's go up– Wait!
Sort your collar out first, Hero!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Let's go!

Nevan: I confess I am a little nervous.

Amos: Old Amos is feelin' that royal glow already!

Carver: Sooner or later he's just gonna keel over.

Milly: The poor thing looks like he's going to collapse.

Ashlynn: If there's any kind of celebration tonight, that guy'll be out cold after one drink.

Nevan: That fellow seems not to have noticed his Prince right in front of his nose.

Amos: Couldn't that lad take himself off to bed?

Prince Howard: That's all it takes to wear him out!? And that man calls himself a Howcastle soldier!?

Carver: It'd take a lot more than a quick dip to totally clean up the Prince's act, aye?

Milly: I think she was right the first time. He really has grown up!

Ashlynn: Boy, won't that lady be surprised when she finds out where the Prince has been!

Nevan: Simply preparing his meals has made that woman into a sharp judge of the Prince's character.

Amos: The main thing that's changed about the Prince is that he's soakin' wet!

Amos: ...Oops! I stand corrected. He's dried out now.

Carver: I wonder if the Prince'll stop playing kiddie games now that he's purified 'n everything like that.

Milly: I'm sure that Howard would be perfectly happy just being known as the king of hide-and-seek...

Milly: But he'll soon have to make a name for himself as the king of this land.

Ashlynn: I bet the Prince's life is about to get a whole lot busier.

Ashlynn: But somehow I think he'll find enough time to play with that kid once in a while.

Prince Howard: Most assuredly!

Nevan: The days of “Hunt-The-Prince” are over in Howcastle, I warrant.

Nevan: But whatever will replace hide-and-seek as the official castle pastime?

Amos: I reckon the Prince learnt a heap of useful survival skills from all that hidin'.

Amos: If he just applies them to his weapon trainin' there'll be no stoppin' him!

Carver: Something down here need doin', Hero?

Milly: It's deserted down here, same as always.

Ashlynn: Hey, Hero, when're we going to see the King?

Nevan: I feel that we should report to King Howell.

Amos: It's much more relaxin' now that Prince Howard's not runnin' off every few seconds.

Carver: Blimey. He's still sleepin'?

Milly: He probably dropped off while waiting for the Prince.

Milly: Shall we let him sleep and go and see the King?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! When the old man wakes up and hears the news, he'll probably think he's still dreaming!

Nevan: We should let him sleep.

Amos: Shame the old boy's sleepin'. I'm sure he'd love to hear the news.

Prince Howard: Far be it from me to wake this man simply to brag.

Prince Howard: Besides, he had every faith that I would succeed, so the news will come as no surprise to him.

Carver: Last night was like fifty festivals wrapped into one! Good times, aye?

Carver: These folks know how to throw a post-purification party. I'll help with as many rites as they like!

Milly: Did you see the King and Queen's faces last night?

Milly: They had smiles so wide, I'm surprised they could fit through the door.

Ashlynn: Do you think that rite truly changed the Prince?

Ashlynn: I coulda sworn I saw him trying to show a girl his armour last night...

Nevan: Yesterday was a momentous day in the history of Howcastle.

Amos: By heck! Old Amos is feelin' a bit delicate today!

Amos: I may have enjoyed myself a bit too much last night.

Carver: I wonder how Prince Howard's been farin'.

Milly: This is bringing back some hazy memories of that royal banquet...

Ashlynn: Prince Howard's purification banquet was pretty crazy, huh?

Nevan: Walking around here, I still get the feeling that Prince Howard is trailing in our wake.

Amos: Old Amos has never eaten that much in his life.

Terry: Did we come to this castle for any specific reason?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie first time here... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It's nice to see they're still friendly to travellers around here.

Milly: The guards' auras seem somehow brighter than before.

Ashlynn: Don't forget to salute that guard, Hero!

Nevan: That guard has a grin from ear to ear.

Amos: Now all the worries about the royal rite are gone, everyone seems chipper.

Terry: Howcastle, huh?

Lizzie: (slobber) This is...Howcastle... (snarl)

Goober: Boing boing! Boing!

Carver: I can't say I blame him...

Milly: I'm sure that Prince Howard can't wait to be king, after everything he's been through.

Ashlynn: It's a good thing he wasn't born prince – good for him, and good for Howcastle.

Nevan: I doubt this man has to worry about being asked to become a monarch any time soon.

Amos: Well, old Amos wouldn't mind givin' this king lark a try.

Terry: I wonder who'd have been king if Howard hadn't made the grade.

Lizzie: (snarl) Prince should become King... (slobber)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: I think she's got it wrong on both counts, but...

Milly: Thank the Goddess for that.

Ashlynn: Ugh. He's probably just showing it off to some other girl these days.

Ashlynn: That girl would be better off pining for a proper pauper than a spoilt prince.

Nevan: Am I mistaken, or might the Prince have blossomed into a fine, upstanding young man?

Amos: Y'know, old Amos might have some old armour lyin' round somewhere...

Amos: ...Ah, who am I kiddin'!? That lass only has time for royalty.

Terry: I'm with the Prince on this one. She's not my type.

Lizzie: (snarl) Armour collection...? Lizzie not understand... (spit)

Goober: Boing? ...Boing! (slurp)

Carver: I just hope they don't blame us when he becomes king.

Milly: I'm just pleased we could be of service.

Ashlynn: Boy, the guards around here sure hated their jobs until we came along.

Nevan: It seems a fair proportion of the castle's guards held grudges against their Prince at one point.

Amos: Things were lookin' worryin' for a spell.

Amos: If the old Prince Howard had become King, he'd have had the whole country playin' cards and hide-and-seek.

Terry: Guards aren't paid to complain. He should remember he can always be replaced.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie just got here... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boi-oing!

Carver: It all just sounds like a bunch of gibberish to me...

Milly: He's apparently from the “louder is better” school of recital...

Ashlynn: If that's true poetry, I'll take the fake stuff, thanks!

Nevan: Let's make this the last time we suffer this poet's painful prose.

Amos: That lad needs to get workin' on that next verse!

Terry: I can't decide whether to shame him with the silent treatment, or embarrass him with a slow hand-clap.

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie not like poet... (snarl)

Goober: (sluuurp)

Carver: Good thing we handled the heavy lifting then, aye?

Milly: Who'd have thought we'd have been able to help so many people just by passing through this country...

Milly: It's fascinating to consider all the roles fate would have us play...

Ashlynn: So they stand around in their nice, clean uniforms while we do the dirty work, huh?

Nevan: The Prince was truly a heavy burden on his soldiers.

Amos: If old Amos is bein' frank, I know exactly how these soldiers felt about Prince Howard.

Terry: I don't get it – were you a soldier here, Hero?

Lizzie: (snarl) Soldier grateful... Nice soldier... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing! Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! Maybe the Prince has grown up a bit!

Milly: Prince Howard was like a son to this lady. A delinquent son, but still...

Milly: Only a mother could have enjoyed that attitude of his.

Ashlynn: Maybe the Prince is on a diet? Anyway, I'm sure her cooking improved without all the interruptions.

Nevan: Well, at least Prince Howard has apparently stopped snacking between meals.

Amos: Maybe the Prince is busy pesterin' someone else!

Terry: Whatever – this has got nothing to do with me.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lady lonely... Lizzie give hug...? (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing.

Carver: Huh. It sounds like he didn't see that coming. I didn't either, to be honest.

Milly: He sounds quite shocked!

Milly: Well, I hope the Prince continues to surprise people by developing into a fine leader.

Ashlynn: That was the guy who never slept, right? He looks much better today.

Nevan: The new Prince Howard is a blessing indeed. Each time he fled in the cave, I almost gave up on him.

Amos: I bet that fellow's secretly goin' to miss those late-night card games.

Terry: No idea what he's talking about...

Lizzie: (snarl) New man? Cards...? Lizzie not understand... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Seems the Prince finally realised that hide-'n-seek ain't one of his duties, aye?

Milly: The Prince had another playmate in Howsworth, didn't he?

Milly: That poor child must be rather lonely as well.

Ashlynn: Aww, poor kid. He doesn't have any other young pals to play with around here.

Nevan: The old Prince Howard was a master at neglecting his duties for a game of hide-and-seek.

Nevan: I'm sure that now he has far more pressing matters to attend to.

Amos: Maybe this lad could go and play with that dodgy poet up on the roof.

Amos: Anything to stop him for making more of those terrible rhymes.

Terry: What's wrong with playing alone? That's what I always did...

Lizzie: (slobber) Prince's...brother...? (snarl)

Goober: Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: This fella's really changed his tune, aye?

Milly: Everyone's seeing Prince Howard in a new light since he completed the rite of purification.

Milly: Public perception is everything for a leader, after all. I just hope he doesn't let anyone down.

Ashlynn: The makings of a fine king? Tee hee! That's a good one!

Ashlynn: ...Wait, he was kidding, right?

Nevan: Given its striking effect on the Prince, it's little wonder the royal rite has continued for so long.

Nevan: I wonder if King Howell was a wastrel like his son before he underwent the ordeal.

Amos: I wonder how much the Prince has really changed. ...Though I suppose anything would be an improvement!

Terry: What was his problem with the Prince in the first place?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not know Prince... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Aye, it'll be interesting to find out.

Milly: It looks like everyone's looking forward to the day Prince Howard becomes king.

Ashlynn: I'm just glad I won't be serving under him.

Nevan: Once Howard ascends to the throne, perhaps card games and hide-and-seek will become nationally recognised sports.

Amos: Will King Howard still specialise in sharp exits?

I do hope not...

Terry: These guards think too much. That's the price of peace, I suppose.

Lizzie: (snarl) But...if cold, why sweat...? (spit)

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Empty as always, aye?

Milly: I've lost count of the number of times we've been through this corridor.

Ashlynn: These corridors are starting to feel like home now, huh?

Nevan: I keep expecting Prince Howard to spring out at us.

Amos: I guess we might not be seein' this place again any time soon.

Terry: No monsters? A pity – it might help kill the time.

Lizzie: (snarl) This short cut...? (spit)

Goober: Boing? (slurp)

Carver: That fella was pretty helpful to us once upon a time, aye?

Carver: Well, he was asleep just as often, but still!

Milly: We'll always be grateful to that gentleman for the help he gave us.

Ashlynn: I wonder when he finally heard the news.

Ashlynn: He probably still thinks it's all some crazy dream.

Nevan: Come to think of it, no one we've met harboured a genuine hatred of the Prince.

Nevan: All seem to wish him well in his future role as King.

Amos: Maybe that old boy should get some fresh air?

Amos: There'll be mould growin' on him next time we see him...

Terry: So that old guy helped you out?

Lizzie: (snarl) Howard make good king... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Crikey! He really has changed, aye?

Milly: He's talking the kingly talk already.

Ashlynn: At least he seems to realise all the trouble he caused us.

Nevan: I was wrong to ever doubt Prince Howard.

Nevan: I pray we will hear much about his enlightened reign in the future.

Amos: He's got his head screwed on alright! He knew we were flatterin' him right away!

Terry: He reminds me a little of me when I was a kid...

Lizzie: (slobber) That...Prince Howard...? (snarl)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Whoa – he ain't angry at all... Are we sure this is the same Prince Howard?

Carver: Well, we've all gotta grow up sometime.

Milly: It's amazing what a bit of self-confidence can do for someone.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! He's developing a sense of humor, too. That rite really did him right!

Nevan: The Prince truly has become a man.

Amos: You're a straight-talker, aren't you, Hero?

Terry: I can't imagine that guy as a king yet. He's still too green.

Lizzie: (slobber) That...Prince Howard...? (snarl)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: He was a stubborn one, aye. But I bet he can do some great things if he really puts his mind to it.

Milly: “Dedication” is right...

Ashlynn: He has a point. It was a real test of wills, but we won.

Nevan: It seems there was always a fine, upstanding young man inside Prince Howard, struggling to get out.

Nevan: It just goes to show that you should never give up on someone.

Amos: It was a bit of a slog, but our determination paid off in the end.

Terry: Dedication, duty, AND hide-and-seek skills? I salute you.

Lizzie: (slobber) That Prince Howard... (snarl)

Goober: Boi-oing! (jiggle)

Carver: This'll likely be the last time we see the King for a bit.

Milly: We've become regulars in the royal chambers, haven't we...

Ashlynn: Wow! It's so clean in here! This place was a disaster after the banquet.

Nevan: Thinking back on it, this has been a richly rewarding experience.

Amos: King Howell was knockin' 'em back last night.

I hope he's not feelin' any after-effects.

Terry: This is pretty cosy for a throne room.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie like King's room... (slobber)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Ever faithful to his post, aye?

Milly: Tuck your shirt in, Hero – we're meeting royalty.

Ashlynn: Fix your hair! Don't slouch! Be on your best behaviour!

Nevan: King Howell waits just over there.

Amos: Those guards never relax for a second.

Terry: Those guards sure have manners. I've got manners too. I just choose not to use them.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie feel welcome here... (slobber)

Goober: (jiggle)

Carver: That Chancellor's been nothin' but nice to us from the start, aye? That means a lot.

Milly: I hope the Chancellor stays around to serve under King Howard as well!

Ashlynn: Wow, I've never seen the Chancellor look so healthy!

Nevan: It's good to be greeted by such a friendly face.

Amos: How long are we stickin' around, Hero?

Terry: So we can stay as long as we please?

How long do we please, Hero?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie like Howcastle... (spit)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves there, aye? The Prince still has a lot of growin' to do.

Milly: Basking in the Queen's joyous aura is all the reward I'll ever need.

Ashlynn: She's not kidding. He's a whole different person in a lot of ways.

Nevan: I'm looking forward to seeing how Prince Howard turns out as well.

Amos: I reckon anyone'd change if they had to stand under a freezin' waterfall for a spell!

Terry: Everyone changes as they get older...

Terry: Seems to me this Howard fellow just changed faster than most.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie meet Queen... (slobber)

Goober: Boing? Boing.

Carver: That's that for our obligation to the King, aye?

Carver: Crikey, I'm glad he remembered!

Milly: So, Hero... Ready for our next adventure?

Milly: A magic key... What a wonderful reward.

Milly: I sense that we'll be making plenty of use of it.

Ashlynn: Will we have to call him “King Howard” the next time we visit?

Ashlynn: Oooh! The key's so pretty! Can I hold it for a second?

Nevan: It seems we really won over King Howell.

Nevan: Let us accept his generosity and make use of what treasures we find.

Nevan: Hero, your key collection is really comin' along!

Amos: Old Amos always gets tongue-tied in front of royalty.

Amos: Hmm...

Amos: If old Amos isn't mistaken, there was a locked door someplace here on the castle grounds as well...

Carver: I think I've had my fill of treasure huntin' for the moment.

Milly: Let's drop by and see Prince Howard again sometime, eh?

Ashlynn: I'd be happy to stop by and see the King and Queen again, too!

Nevan: I feel slightly unworthy of the King's fulsome gratitude and generosity.

Amos: What was it he gave us, again?

It's slipped old Amos's mind!

Terry: Doesn't look like he's going to cough up any more goodies.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want to see Howard... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing boing!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Looks like same ol', same ol' here, aye?

Milly: All the villagers look well.

Ashlynn: Hey, remember Prince Howard's banquet over at the castle? Boy, what a wild night!

Ashlynn: Who knew the Chancellor could belly dance like that? ...I wish I didn't.

Nevan: I wonder how many times we've visited this village, the castle, the cave...

Amos: It's as laid back as ever here.

Terry: Air doesn't get fresher than this.

Lizzie: (snarl) Horses... Farm... Countryside... (spit)

Goober: Boing.

Carver: Aye, well, he had a little help is what I heard, eh Hero?

Milly: King Howell said he was ready to step down at any point, but it seems he hasn't done so yet.

Ashlynn: He may have passed the royal rite, but that doesn't mean the Prince is ready for the King job just yet.

Ashlynn: Remember? He said he still had much to learn.

Nevan: Now that Prince Howard's undergone the royal rite, he's all set to become King.

Amos: Har har! I'm just thinkin' of how cold old Howard was after the rite!

Terry: So the Prince is all set to take the throne?

Lizzie: (snarl) Prince...Howard... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: You think folks here are startin' to feel better about the Prince yet?

Milly: I can sense the villagers' relief at knowing their next king has been decided.

Ashlynn: I'd love to tell that guy how we practically had to drag the Prince through the cave!

Nevan: That man's still keen to set Prince Howard to work in the fields.

Nevan: The Prince did say he has much to learn. Perhaps he could give farming a try...

Amos: Prince Howard had to get soaked to the bone to earn his right to be King.

Terry: Just what's that farmer going on about?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie monster... Lizzie eat plough... (spit)

Goober: Boing boing! (slurp)

Carver: He eats like a horse, aye?

Milly: Got any sugar lumps, Hero?

Ashlynn: I like his eyes. They're so pretty!

Nevan: That is one healthy, happy horse.

Amos: Old Amos stepped in somethin' squidgy again...

Terry: Anyone else smell something?

Lizzie: (spit) Horse have big appetite... (snarl)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: That fella cares more about crops than crowns.

Milly: He does have a passion for ploughing.

Ashlynn: I guess not everybody cares about local politics...

Nevan: Then again, who can say what might change when Howard ascends the throne?

Amos: That lad does things in his own sweet way!

Terry: Let's keep our distance from that guy.

Terry: If we interrupt his ploughing, he may start throwing punches.

Lizzie: (snarl) Field... Plough... (spit)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Next to the castle, aye? Have we been there before?

Milly: If this shelter is near the castle, we might as well go and try it out.

Ashlynn: That magic key will sure open a lot of doors for us. Tee hee!

Nevan: I believe that gentleman once worked at the castle.

Amos: Let's open every door we can!

Carver: Aye, we've been there before.

Milly: Ah yes, the shelter near Howcastle, I remember it.

Ashlynn: I could listen to that guy talk keys all day. He sure knows a lot about 'em!

Nevan: I believe that gentleman once worked at the castle.

Amos: Since the King was kind enough to give us that key, let's get as much use out of it as we can.

Terry: That guy's sharp – one glance and he knows what you're carrying.

Lizzie: (slobber) Magic...key... Help us...? (snarl)

Goober: Boing boing.

Carver: She seemed surprised, aye? Excited, but surprised...

Milly: Those who knew the Prince best seem to be the most surprised that he completed the rite.

Ashlynn: Boy, she seemed relieved...

Nevan: A prince succeeding his father to the throne should be taken as a matter of course...

Nevan: Yet here in Howsworth, everyone seems genuinely surprised it's really going to happen.

Amos: I wonder who'll be next in line after Prince Howard.

Amos: If he has a son that's anythin' like him, ol' Howie's in for a rough ride.

Terry: So a prince is set to become a king.

...Why is this news?

Lizzie: (snarl) Prince...become king... (slobber)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: Is that really the same guy that was snoozin' here way back when?

Milly: Is it just a coincidence that he's always sleeping when we come here?

Ashlynn: You heard that tale about the guy sleeping for centuries and waking up with a crazy beard and stuff? Well, that's him!

Nevan: Perhaps he still dreams of the Isle o' Smiles.

Nevan: At least now there's no harm in dreaming about it.

Amos: Should we stick somethin' up his nose?

...Just joshin'!

Terry: Is that guy sick or what?

Lizzie: (snarl) Snoring...loud... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: I reckon that fella's dream came true, aye?

Milly: His aura is bright and joyous...

Milly: That gentleman seems to regard the Prince as though he were his own son.

Ashlynn: Wow! He sure looked happy to hear the news, huh, Hero?

Nevan: The good news has put a spring in that fellow's step.

Amos: We'll just leave out the part where the Prince ran away every few minutes.

Terry: Sounds like that guy never doubted the Prince.

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie have faith...in...blue man... (snarl)

Goober: (jiggle jiggle)

Carver: Aye, Hero – give it to him straight.

Milly: You'll make the poor man ill again, Hero.

Ashlynn: Hey! Would you treat your grandpa like that, Hero?

Nevan: I'm sure the Prince will come here in person to tell him the news soon enough.

Amos: Are you havin' fun fibbin', Hero?

Terry: You pulling that guy's leg, Hero?

Lizzie: (slobber) True...? Lie...? (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: Prince Howard was that guy's bread 'n butter, aye?

Milly: Her husband doesn't seem to be in too much pain. That's a relief.

Ashlynn: Hope her husband snaps out of it soon.

Nevan: I'm glad to see she's doing well, at least.

Amos: That lady's always busy lookin' after her other half.

Terry: That old guy doesn't look great, but there's still some colour in his cheeks.

Lizzie: (spit) Strain bad... Relax good... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: The Prince hasn't earned everyone's trust yet. I can't blame 'em!

Milly: Sounds like not everyone has accepted the news of their next king yet.

Milly: But I sense that Howard will eventually win them over.

Ashlynn: You know, I think the Prince might stand half a chance as king – but only if his subjects believe in him.

Nevan: The Prince no longer deserves to be known as a coward. This kingdom is in safe hands.

Amos: If that fellow wants to prepare for Howard's reign, he should work on his card and hide-and-seek skills!

Terry: Some people are never happy.

Lizzie: (snarl) Howard not proper...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing? Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! New place, same ol' story.

Milly: I wonder what events in this village's history cause her to say that...

Ashlynn: I guess griping about politics is a national pastime everywhere we go, huh?

Nevan: It is only natural to feel trepidation about a new king.

Amos: Payin' for it, eh? ...I wonder how much Howsworth's worth, anyway?

Terry: Howsworth, in Howcastle...? How about that...

Lizzie: (snarl) All politics local... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hidin' is in the Prince's blood. He'll play with that kid sooner or later.

Milly: Howard was a royal prince, but when it came to hide-and-seek he was just another village child...

Milly: I hope he doesn't lose his common touch.

Ashlynn: It's only a matter of time until the Prince gets bored with his training again...

Ashlynn: I bet he'll slip out of the castle and come back to play with that kid.

Nevan: Hide-and-seek, cards, armour collecting...

Nevan: The young Prince Howard certainly had a lot of strings to his bow.

Amos: Maybe Prince Howard's hidin' round here already.

You never know...

Terry: He wants a prince for a playmate?

Good luck with that, kid...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not understand... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: He would have had to be there to really understand, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. If we'd had him on a leash, one of us would have ended up strangling poor Howard!

Ashlynn: We can look back on it now and laugh, right? Or cry? It was like one long, horrible game of hide-and-seek.

Nevan: I believe, if given the chance, that man would have liked to accompany the Prince through the cave himself.

Amos: Thinkin' about it, we SHOULD've dragged Howard round on a leash.

Terry: I can tell getting the Prince through the cave was no picnic, right Hero?

Lizzie: (spit) Hero got Prince through rite... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Quiet as a church mouse in here, as always.

Milly: It's nice and cool in here.

Ashlynn: Wow – a chapel with its own waterfall!

Nevan: This must be where villagers are baptised.

Amos: I keep thinkin' the Prince is goin' to come shiverin' out of that waterfall.

Terry: For such a backwater village, they sure have an impressive church.

Lizzie: (slobber) Church good... Water clean... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It'd be downright dishonest to call Prince Howard a coward nowadays, aye?

Milly: I'm sure that Prince Howard's reputation will only improve from now on.

Ashlynn: He nearly wet his pants, but he still went through the rite. Nothing cowardly about that, right?

Nevan: It seems Prince Howard will always be the locals' main topic of conversation.

Nevan: Let's hope in the future it's for all the right reasons.

Amos: I daresay the cowardly prince is a thing of the past!

Terry: There's a lot of talk of princes here.

Any of this about you, Hero?

Lizzie: (slobber) Church good... Water clean... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Feels just like old times in here, aye?

Carver: The joint just ain't the same without those “test” fellas.

Milly: Do you remember the first time we came here?

Milly: Where was it that Prince Howard hid himself again?

Ashlynn: Ah, this cave sure brings me back...

Ashlynn: You know, we should've just tied a bell to the Prince. Why didn't I think of that before!?

Nevan: Memories of Prince Howard's rite of purification are flooding back.

Nevan: How many times have we come here?

Amos: There's a mysterious air about this cave.

Amos: I keep thinkin' I'll turn round to find Prince Howard cowerin' in a corner someplace.

Terry: Are we going any deeper?

Terry: There's nothing here but monsters.

Lizzie: (snarl) Cave...deep... (slobber)

Lizzie: (spit) Enemies weak... Why come here...? (snarl)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing, boing, boooing!

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: Folks really do seem to believe in the Prince, I'll give him that much...

Carver: Maybe he'll end up a decent king after all, aye?

Milly: The priest's aura appears even and calm now.

Ashlynn: Just goes to show that even brats like the Prince can grow up.

Nevan: I wonder how many years will pass before the next royal rite of purification.

Nevan: Whenever it is, I very much doubt we will be involved.

Amos: If old Amos had to go through the freezin' shower part of the rite, I'd at least make sure the weather was a bit warmer.

Terry: A rite, in a place like this?

Lizzie: (snarl) Priest live here...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (slurp)


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: This town's kinda quaint 'n everything like that, aye?

Milly: Come on, Hero, let's try talking to some of the locals.

Ashlynn: I like the vibe here. It's just so...authentic, you know?

Nevan: May the Goddess bless this town.

Amos: Old Amos loves visitin' new places!

Carver: This is shapin' up to be a fun adventure, aye, Hero?

Milly: What a perfectly lovely town.

Ashlynn: What do you think of my equipment, Hero? Neat, huh? I picked it out just for today.

Nevan: May the Goddess bless this town.

Amos: Old Amos never gets sick of travellin' with you lot. Every day is like a party with this party!

Carver: The bed that flies? More like a bed of lies. I'll believe it when I see it.

Milly: I wonder if such a bed really exists...

Ashlynn: A bed that flies? Sounds like a silly fairy tale...

Nevan: I confess I've never heard of a flying bed.

Amos: A flyin' bed? That'd be news to me.

Carver: We didn't come for a flyin' bed, but let's keep an eye on the sky regardless, aye?

Milly: A bed that flies is a pretty outlandish concept, even for the dream world...

Ashlynn: Aww, I wanna see the bed!

Nevan: The world is full of marvels and miracles... Who's to say what is possible?

Amos: Would you get seasick sleepin' in a flyin' bed?

Carver: So the flying bed's flown the coop, aye?

Milly: How could a bed go missing? Perhaps it flew off on its own...

Ashlynn: Imagine travelling the world in a flying bed! Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!

Nevan: I wonder why the flying bed disappeared.

Amos: Now I really want to catch a glimpse of this bed!

Carver: Folks really have a lotta free time on their hands these days, aye?

Milly: This bed seems so well-known here that I'm surprised none of us have ever heard of it.

Ashlynn: I never knew there was such a thing as a flying bed, let alone flying-bed fanatics.

Nevan: Perhaps it's just a bed that makes those who sleep on it dream they are flying.

Amos: Maybe it “flies” by bouncin' round on special springs? The mind boggles.

Carver: Good thing I gave up tryin' to understand ladies a long time ago.

Milly: I don't think there's anything scandalous about following one's heart.

Ashlynn: Ahh, love! I know how she feels...

Nevan: I'm afraid I cannot comment on matters of the heart.

Amos: That lass sounds like she's got a lot on her mind.

Carver: Crikey, there's gotta be more to this picture.

Milly: Age is just a number, isn't it?

Ashlynn: If it really is a dream – and it kinda is – he'll have to wake up sooner or later, no?

Nevan: I am unqualified to comment on romantic matters.

Amos: Maybe he'll write a book revealin' the secret of his success with the ladies. Old Amos will buy two copies!

Carver: The flying bed? Off the balcony? ...Or maybe a bed FELL off the balcony and scrambled his egg.

Milly: Launch from the balcony...?

I can't help but be curious...

Ashlynn: So we might see the flying bed from here? Really? Now I'm getting excited!

Nevan: So in other words, this house warrants investigation.

Amos: Did that old boy really see what he claims?

Carver: Throw him a bone and say a prayer, Hero.

Milly: We should pray for his master.

Ashlynn: Do you think that grave belongs to whoever owned the house next to it?

Nevan: I pray that he may rest in peace...

Amos: That lad must be a servant at the neighbourin' house.

Carver: Locked, aye? That's that.

Milly: I sense something unusual about that house...

Ashlynn: I wonder if that flying bed can handle loop-de-loops and barrel rolls...

Nevan: It seems there is no one home.

Amos: I reckon the grave-visitin' lad is from that house.

Carver: She's got a point. Beatin' Murdaw and Jamirus hasn't thinned out the monsters any, aye?

Milly: I hope she can live in a peaceful world one day.

Ashlynn: Maybe we're not trying hard enough, huh?

Nevan: I sympathise deeply with the nun's sentiment.

Amos: To be honest, old Amos is a tad nervous to find out why monsters are still hangin' round.

Carver: Aye, any trip is a good trip with the right folks at your side.

Milly: He's right. Any journey is more enjoyable with good friends, isn't it?

Ashlynn: I don't know about you, Hero, but I've loved every moment of this adventure right from the get-go!

Nevan: I would not have been blessed with the chance to join this quest were it not for you, Hero.

Amos: I wonder who this partner he hated at first is.

Carver: Huh. He musta messed up in his dream.

Milly: It seems like these two are travelling together.

It's good to travel with people of different vocations. When you fall, your partner can pick you up.

Ashlynn: Wow, he's in a cold sweat...

Nevan: It sounds like this boss is an intimidating figure.

Amos: I'd love to know what that fellow's dreamin'.

Carver: He's truly asleep on the job, aye?

Milly: He must sleep with one eye open...

Ashlynn: Whoa! That guy's speedy!

Nevan: I thought he was fast asleep, but appearances can be deceptive.

Amos: That fellow's a natural born salesman!

Carver: Nothin' but a cat in here, aye?

Milly: Aww, the poor kitty's home alone.

Ashlynn: What a cute wittle snookums!

Nevan: I take it this is where the merchants reside.

Amos: That cat looks excitable – I think it wants its dinner.

Carver: Whoa! So that bed was flown by a kid? Really?

Milly: I sense he is telling the truth...

Ashlynn: Aww, I want to tuck myself into that flying bed so badly!

Nevan: So that child got lost and wandered here?

Amos: I wonder whether the flyin' bed could take off with old Amos on board.

Carver: Hmm... What's for dinner, I wonder...

Milly: What an elegant young lady.

Ashlynn: I wish someone would make me dinner every night.

Nevan: Let's not disturb the dinner preparations.

Amos: Any grub for old Amos?

...No luck it seems.

Carver: Imagine bein' jealous of a little kid like that. Hardy har!

Milly: His wife must have a heart of gold.

Ashlynn: Is he really jealous of a kid?

Nevan: It is deeply admirable to take in a lost child.

Amos: He's gripin' about the lad, but I can tell he enjoys havin' him round just the same.

Carver: This place really looks familiar, aye?

Milly: Could this be...?

Ashlynn: I like the vibe here. It's just so...authentic, you know?

Nevan: May the Goddess bless this town.

Amos: Is this the first time old Amos has been here!?

Carver: Right. Where to next?

Milly: Open spaces do wonders for one's peace of mind.

Ashlynn: It's never a dull moment with you, Hero.

Nevan: May the Goddess bless this town.

Amos: Where was the entrance again?

Carver: Clearvale, aye...?

Milly: Of course, this is Clearvale.

Ashlynn: Oh, yeah! This is all starting to make sense, come to think of it.

Nevan: So this is the real world Clearvale.

Amos: Old Amos is havin' a little trouble gettin' his head round this...

Carver: Aye... Goddess knows I hate to see anyone die, no matter what their age...

Milly: All things must pass, as they say, but it's tragic when young people go before their time...

Ashlynn: Oof. Well, I wish her good mourning.

Nevan: It sounds like that woman is enduring a recent loss...

Amos: She needs cheerin' up – should I give her a hug?

Carver: I couldn't imagine anything worse than bein' all cooped up.

Milly: Matt sounds like a spirited child.

Ashlynn: I'd cry myself to sleep if I were laid up like that.

Nevan: It is tragic when a child is confined to their bed.

Amos: This Matt's a brave lad!

Carver: You heard of that mountain before, Hero?

Milly: Could this “Drop” be part of our destiny?

Ashlynn: “Destiny's Drop”? Wow! Let's drop by someday!

Nevan: I wonder if our destiny is somehow entwined with Destiny's Drop.

Amos: Destiny's Drop? That's a name and a half!

Carver: If that swordsman can do it, so can we!

Milly: Could this “Drop” be part of our destiny?

Ashlynn: “Destiny's Drop”? Wow! Let's drop by someday!

Nevan: I wonder if our destiny is somehow entwined with Destiny's Drop.

Amos: If it's time for a date with destiny, old Amos is ready for action!

Carver: If that swordsman can do it, so can we!

Milly: Could this “Drop” be part of our destiny?

Ashlynn: “Destiny's Drop”? Wow! Let's drop by someday!

Nevan: I wonder if our destiny is somehow entwined with Destiny's Drop.

Amos: If it's time for a date with destiny, old Amos is ready for action!

Carver: That fella's pretty spry for his age, aye?

Milly: He's still young at heart.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Hope he finds a ripe old Miss Right!

Nevan: I know little of love, but it's said it keeps the spirit young.

Amos: Anythin's possible in the dream world!

Carver: We better do somethin' about those monsters, aye?

Otherwise, folks'll just stay at home and mope.

Milly: Tom Foolery...

Where have I heard that name before...

Milly: Hmm... I can't seem to remember.

Ashlynn: Tom Foolery, huh? I wonder what his act was like.

Nevan: With a name like Tom Foolery, how entertaining could his act possibly be?

Amos: Maybe I should introduce the world to the comedy stylings of old Amos!

Amos: ...But I wouldn't want to put this Tom Foolery fellow outta business.

Carver: No wonder she didn't choose him. He cries like a girl.

Milly: The poor man... This Alicia must have dumped him.

Ashlynn: Alicia made the right choice if you ask me.

Ashlynn: I mean, what's with the sobbing? That guy needs to man up.

Nevan: The Goddess moves in mysterious ways.

Amos: So maybe that lad was too young for Alicia.

Carver: Look at that pup! He's man's best friend to the end, and then some!

Milly: It's almost like the dog has come to the grave to pray...

Ashlynn: Aww... That poor dog. I'm going to start whimpering myself here in a minute...

Nevan: That is a wise-looking dog.

Amos: That dog's smell...

Amos: Wasn't there another gravesite somewhere with that smell...?

Carver: Talk about a sad tale, aye?

Milly: Oh my. I can only imagine what those parents must be going through.

Ashlynn: After hearing all that, I know Matthew was happy. I'm sure of it!

Nevan: Destiny is at work here. Let us pray for the child's soul.

Amos: We should lay a wreath for this poor Matthew lad.

Carver: A promise, aye...? What kind of promise, I wonder...?

Milly: That couple's story has really affected me...

Milly: Let's visit their house and see if there isn't anything we can do for them, Hero.

Ashlynn: I wonder if this promise is the sort of thing we could help fulfill...

Nevan: I have faith that their prayers have reached their son.

Amos: Old Amos thought about tellin' a few gags to lighten the atmosphere.

Amos: ...But it's not the right time.

Carver: Avast! What was that...thing?

Milly: Oh Goddess. I really wish I hadn't seen that...

Ashlynn: Tee hee! A middle-aged bunny-girl-man!? You sure we're in the real world?

Nevan: Oh Goddess! My eyes! They must be purified!

Amos: Touch wood we never have to witness anythin' like that again!

Carver: All the way from Somnia, aye? That Tom Foolery must put on one heck of a show!

Milly: That's entertainers for you – they flit about like leaves on a breeze.

Ashlynn: Ooh! She's making me want to get into show business, too!

Nevan: I'm sure this Tom Foolery never made it as far as Ghent.

Amos: If anyone needs a laugh, old Amos is always on hand to supply jokes, japes and joviality!

Carver: She ain't too ugly if you don't mind man hands.

Milly: Look at that five o'clock shadow...

Ashlynn: Uh, yeah. I need to learn a spell that'll erase the last minute from my mind...

Nevan: I pray the Goddess does not strike that bunny “girl” down for his...err, her crimes against nature...

Amos: That would be a fine lookin' lass – if it were a lass...

Carver: Destiny's Drop is north-east of here, aye? I'm committin' that to memory...

Milly: Something horrible must have happened to this Matt...

Ashlynn: What kind of badge did Tom Foolery promise him, I wonder...

Nevan: Can Destiny's Drop really be so steep that he judges it impossible to scale?

Amos: I can't wait to get an eyeful of Destiny's Drop.

I'm less keen on actually climbin' the thing.

Carver: Destiny's Drop is north-east, aye? Let's give it a look-see, Hero!

Milly: Climbing Destiny's Drop has become part of our own destiny, don't you think?

Ashlynn: I guess now's the part where we go get that badge for them, huh?

Ashlynn: That would've made Matt really happy, too!

Nevan: I have absolute faith that no mountain or cliff can best us.

Amos: So we're settin' our sights on Destiny's Drop to the north-east, are we?

Carver: That's...that's a tough one, aye.

Milly: Losing someone is never easy.

Ashlynn: I hate goodbyes, you know.

Ashlynn: When I say my final farewell, I hope there's a smile on my face!

Nevan: There are things which children are too young to fully understand.

Amos: I wouldn't know how to break news like that to a little lass either...

Carver: Did her friend skedaddle on her or something?

Milly: Has Matt disappeared, then?

Ashlynn: Well, that promise seemed a little...inappropriate.

Nevan: Perhaps this Matt will be home in time for his dinner?

Amos: A bed's not for ridin' on – it's for sleepin' in!

Carver: I dunno what to say to her. This is a toughie.

Milly: Telling her that she'll never meet Matt again is not going to be easy...

Ashlynn: Oh, this just breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Nevan: However hard it may be conceal the truth, it is not our place to enlighten that girl.

Amos: That bed she mentioned... Could it really be?

Carver: More lovey-dovey stuff. Geh.

Milly: Her aura is positively glowing with joy.

Ashlynn: I guess this is what they call “domestic bliss”, huh?

Nevan: I believe she's found true happiness.

Amos: Some day it'll happen for me...

Carver: Sounds like one big excuse to sleep on the job to me.

Milly: We know a thing or two about the “mysteries of the dream world”, don't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: When I'm all groggy in the morning, sometimes I can't tell if I'm in the real world or if I'm still dreaming.

Ashlynn: It happens to everybody, right? ...Right?

Nevan: Dreams are indeed fascinating – a realm where anyone can become whatever they want.

Amos: Why do people dream? Easy – it's because they're asleep!

Carver: Nobody home, aye? Let's shove off.

Milly: Is anyone here?

Milly: ...No, the house seems to be empty.

Ashlynn: On to the next place...

Nevan: Whenever visiting a new town, you should always pay your respects at the local church.

Amos: Maybe we should leave before we get mistaken for burglars.

Carver: That fella looks foul but seems fair, aye?

Milly: Maybe we should move on, Hero?

We don't want to disturb them.

Ashlynn: When you realise Matthew lived here, it kinda hits you deep down, huh?

Nevan: They must have come straight back from church.

Amos: Old Amos is keen on findin' somethin' that will help this couple out.

Carver: So just chip off a piece o' that crag to make a badge of courage, aye? Ain't that interesting!

Milly: Getting a shard of courage ourselves would be faster than tracking down this Tom Foolery.

Ashlynn: I know! How about we make this badge for her?

Ashlynn: If Tom Foolery couldn't do it, then we'll do it for him!

Nevan: It's up to us to leave this badge of courage on Matthew's grave!

Amos: I've never mentioned it before, but I'm actually a dab hand at carvin' rocks.

Amos: I'll show you my skills when we get to the Crag of Courage.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Avast! This cliff has a top, aye? You wouldn't know it from here!

Milly: This won't be an easy climb. Let's stay focused.

Ashlynn: Whoa! Looks like we're in for a real cliffhanger!

Nevan: With the Goddess watching over us, we have nothing to fear.

Amos: I-I'm not shakin' with fear! It's just a bit nippy!

Carver: Whoa. They build everything big around here.

Milly: My, it's beautiful in here.

Ashlynn: Hmm? Hey, isn't that a priest and a nun over there?

Nevan: A natural cave... Impressive...

Amos: It's a little less hair-raisin' here.

Carver: Golden pickaxe, aye? Good to know.

Milly: We're lucky to have met such a helpful priest.

Ashlynn: Alright, so it sounds like our first order of business is finding that golden pickaxe. Let's go!

Nevan: Our first task is to procure this golden pickaxe.

Amos: We're not plannin' on expirin' prematurely!

Carver: What? C'mon, Hero, let's hear him out!

Milly: Destiny's Drop certainly seems intimidating, doesn't it?

Ashlynn: We can't just turn back now, Hero!

Nevan: I will offer up a prayer to the Goddess.

Amos: Seems it wasn't monsters that killed folks – it was the drop. (gulp)

Carver: Great! We ready to shove off?

Milly: If we get hurt on the mountain, that nun can treat our wounds.

Ashlynn: Right! Now we're good to go!

Nevan: Knowing that we have such a helpful resource available offers me a great sense of relief.

Amos: It's a shame they don't have an adventure log...

Carver: C'mon! What're we waitin' for? No time to waste!

Carver: Scalin' a cliff or swattin' monsters are kinda fun on their own. Doin' both at once...? Not so much.

Milly: You can feel the gusts of wind blowing in.

Milly: The way up is quite convoluted. Let's make sure we don't get lost.

Ashlynn: Let's go, let's go!

Ashlynn: Pretty simple caves for such a big cliff, huh?

Nevan: A Ghentile should feel no fear... (gulp)

Nevan: The enemies here are formidable.

We must keep our guard up.

Amos: I wonder how much further we've got to go.

Amos: It's good to see a nice, flat path.

Carver: What, they got a doorman 'n everything like that?

Milly: What are we supposed to knock? A wall? A stone?

Ashlynn: Ooh! Do you think the pickaxe is in that treasure chest?

Nevan: So we have but to knock, and the path will open before us...

Amos: So we need to knock? Does that mean knockin' a hole in the wall?

Carver: Let's try givin' this cave a few whacks!

Milly: Hey, Hero, we saw a few rocks that looked breakable, remember?

Ashlynn: Wow! Can that thing break through any rock or just certain kinds? I wonder...

Nevan: Sounds like we can shatter solid rock with the golden pickaxe. Let's get swinging!

Amos: So we need to knock? Does that mean knockin' a hole in the wall?

Carver: The golden pickaxe is so shiny! I almost hate to get it dirty.

Milly: Finally, we've got it. Come on, let's head for the Crag of Courage!

Ashlynn: Yahoo! That shard of courage is as good as ours!

Nevan: So this is the golden pickaxe... The craftsmanship is superlative...

Amos: This pickaxe is a beauty! No merchant could put a price on somethin' like this!

Carver: Not even a wall o' solid rock can stop us now, aye?

Milly: I'm sure there are some rocks the pickaxe cannot smash.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Chip off the old block, huh?

Nevan: What power resides within the golden pickaxe!

Amos: Heave-ho, heave-ho!

Carver: Phew... (pant) Finally...made it... (pant pant)

Milly: My, what a lovely breeze.

Milly: Look, Hero. That big rock must be the Crag of Courage.

Ashlynn: Wow! I feel so alive! I just love climbing high places!

Ashlynn: It's like... It's like it's jogging my memory – like I might start remembering things!

Nevan: We have finally made it to the summit.

Nevan: Let's procure a shard of courage and get back down.

Amos: That was a climb and a half!

Amos: Old Amos doesn't belong at heights like this.

Carver: Alright! That crag's about to shed some shard!

Milly: Look, Hero. That big rock must be the Crag of Courage.

Ashlynn: Well? Let's break out that pickaxe and start swinging!

Nevan: I'd hazard a guess that the large rock there is the Crag of Courage.

Amos: I'm impressed the person who put up that sign made it this far...

Carver: Great! Let's get this shard back to Matt's place on the double!

Milly: Come on, let's hurry back to Clearvale.

Ashlynn: This shard's the secret to making everybody in town happy. I just know it!

Nevan: The Tresses will be overjoyed!

Amos: Let's just be careful we don't take any unplanned short-cuts straight down the cliff.

Carver: I reckon I'll never get used to scaling this cliff.

Milly: I don't think there's anything else here for us, Hero.

Ashlynn: Climbing up cliffs is actually a lot of fun, huh?

Nevan: Destiny's Drop certainly lived up to its grand billing.

Amos: Are we finally headin' back?

Carver: Alright. Time to hand over the shard.

Milly: If only Matt could be here to receive his badge of courage...

Ashlynn: Boy, I bet we're gonna rock the Tresses' world when they see that shard.

Ashlynn: Do you think Mr Tress will cry?

Nevan: Let's head to the Tress family home.

Amos: Now where's that shard of courage...?

Amos: ...There it is! I thought we'd dropped it for a second...

Carver: Uh, Hero, I'd say we DO have some business here...

Milly: This isn't the time to mess around, Hero.

Ashlynn: So funny I forgot to laugh, Hero.

Nevan: Mr Tress seems to be in rather low spirits.

Amos: What're you sayin', Hero!?

Carver: Why don't we stay the night, Hero?

It's better than sleepin' on the ground.

Milly: Matt's bed...? ...Could that be...?

Ashlynn: It'd be rude to say no, wouldn't it, Hero?

Nevan: I think we should accept Mr Tress's kind offer.

Amos: His son's bed might be a wee bit small for us lot.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Hardy har! We made our bed and now we fly in it, aye, Hero?

Milly: Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! He was too busy staring at the bed to notice us on top of it.

Nevan: Flying on that bed is a smooth ride indeed.

Amos: I bet his eyes popped right out of his head when we flew past on the bed!

Carver: Aye, and you gotta chase your dreams, right Hero?

Milly: Hee hee. I suppose we've proved that dreams can come true!

Ashlynn: Folks sure love that flying bed, huh?

Nevan: If only everyone followed their dreams, this would be a better world.

Amos: Old Amos's dream is to restore world peace together with Hero and co.

Carver: Hardy har! So we're the “chosen ones”, aye?

Milly: Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Boy, people's spirits soar when they see that bed fly!

Nevan: Indeed, I believe that Hero was chosen by the Goddess...

Amos: We wouldn't have that bed if we hadn't had the gumption to climb that cliff.

Carver: Hardy har! We know the feelin', aye?

Milly: Hee hee. I'd say he's still got it, too!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Sounds like that man's “living the dream”, huh?

Nevan: That fellow seems ever so pleased with himself.

Amos: So he feels like he's flyin' together with his young sweetheart? Some folk get all the luck!

Carver: I bet he'd flip his lid if we told him it was us ridin' that thing.

Milly: I suppose he didn't see us riding the bed, then.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I so want to tell him that we were the ones riding it!

Nevan: This fellow behaves as if the flying bed were some kind of ghost.

Amos: It seems a flyin' bed makes a fine tourist attraction.

Carver: Huh. I reckon Matt was that fella's owner, aye?

Milly: Matt must have popped down for a quick visit.

Ashlynn: Maybe Matt's keeping an eye on him from up above, huh?

Nevan: The Goddess moves in mysterious ways.

Amos: Crikey!

Carver: An undersea creature, aye...? Maybe we should go cruisin' to bruise 'im...

Milly: You know, I think I've heard that rumour myself...

Milly: Something about the souls of the city's inhabitants still floating around, forlorn to this day...

Ashlynn: ...A legendary city under the sea?

Ashlynn: Weird... That sounds familiar to me for some reason. I wonder why...

Nevan: Let's remember that: the seabed to the west.

Amos: A legendary city? That sounds right up my street!

Carver: Rough seas mean rough times for the local seafarin' folk, you can be sure of that.

Milly: Could it be a monster churning up that western sea?

Ashlynn: How can the fishermen hold down their lunch in seas like that?

Nevan: Hmm... The sea to the west of this continent...

Amos: I wonder who or what is behind those choppy seas.

Carver: That sea monster's gotta be behind all this, aye?

Milly: It seems the western sea requires our attention...

Ashlynn: A legendary city...sent to the seabed by a horrible creature...

Nevan: We must be on guard when we venture to the western sea.

Amos: A choppy sea's no good for fishermen.

Carver: Another job well done, aye, Hero?

Milly: The nun's aura is much brighter, too.

Ashlynn: We've made all the Tresses a lot happier, I'd say... Father, mother, and son, too.

Nevan: Scaling Destiny's Drop was truly worthwhile.

Amos: There's nothin' better than helpin' folks out!

Carver: If nobody knows him, maybe I should start callin' myself Tom Foolery, aye?

Carver: What? I'm just kiddin', Hero!

Milly: Tom Foolery... What a curious man...

Ashlynn: Aww, I hope I can see this guy's show someday!

Nevan: I find this Tom Foolery character most intriguing.

Amos: Alright! I confess! Old Amos is Tom Foolery!

Amos: ...You believed me, didn't you?

Ha ha ha!

Carver: Hardy har! I'd tell him it was us, but “doffin'” sounds like a bad way to ruin a good hat.

Milly: Hee hee. It seems that rumours fly around even faster than that bed!

Ashlynn: Hearing things like that makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it, huh?

Nevan: We owe our success to the protection of the Goddess.

Amos: Oh, old Amos is a kindly traveller alright!

Amos: ...Though I don't usually like to blow my own trumpet.

Carver: It's nice to see Mr Tress happy!

Milly: It was great to meet Matt too, wasn't it?

Ashlynn: We couldn't have gotten Matt's flying bed without his father's help. I'd call that a fair trade!

Nevan: I'm just pleased we could be of any assistance.

Amos: It's just a shame Mr and Mrs Tress couldn't see our flyin' bed trip.

Carver: Aww, shucks... I'd forgotten how embarrassin' praise can be.

Milly: Looking at Mrs Tress's bright aura makes it all worthwhile...

Ashlynn: Her feeling is right – Matthew really IS watching them! Wish I could tell her...

Nevan: With a flying bed, we have access to all manner of new locations. Let's make full use of it!

Amos: I wonder how little Matt's gettin' on...


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Oh, no more bazaar?

Milly: Shall we have a look around, Hero?

Ashlynn: These towns always die down after big shindigs.

Nevan: May the blessings of the Goddess be upon this town.

Amos: When's the next bazaar, I wonder?

Terry: What business do we have in Haggleton? None that I can see...

Lizzie: (slobber) This...Haggleton... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: The fella finally means business, aye?

Milly: Perhaps there's no market for his products where he comes from.

Ashlynn: Wow! I guess that's what it takes to make it at the Haggleton bazaar, huh?

Nevan: Staying put would certainly cut down on expenses.

Amos: Sure enough, only the early birds get the worms.

Terry: Is he even certain there's going to be another bazaar?

Lizzie: (snarl) Good luck...shop man... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Makes sense to me. This is a market town, after all.

Milly: There are still plenty of merchants around.

Ashlynn: Why not hold the bazaar all year long?

Nevan: I eagerly await the next bazaar.

Amos: He has a point – this place is pretty empty now.

Terry: No bazaar, no people. That's the way it goes.

Lizzie: (slobber) No people... Sad... (snarl)

Goober: Boing? Boing...?

Carver: Huh. I reckon anything's possible if you work hard enough, aye?

Milly: There's nothing wrong with a little competition, but there's no need for conflict.

Ashlynn: Those are the two brothers, right? Guess their sibling rivalry extends to the stalls, too.

Nevan: Just like I'm destined to one day best the Elder at the Ghentile bi-annual prayer composition competition classic!

Amos: So Bill won in the end?

Terry: This has got nothing to do with me.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...no have brother... (spit)

Goober: Boi-oing, boi-oing...

Carver: I'm surprised he actually admitted defeat.

Milly: I hope the brothers' rivalry remains friendly.

Ashlynn: He sure has a passion for business.

Nevan: I have no brothers but I can imagine how painful it would be to be outdone by one's younger sibling.

Amos: These brothers need to calm down.

Terry: Whatever you do in life, make sure you're winning.

Lizzie: (snarl) Big brother lose... Little brother win... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: He beat his brother, but he still respects him, aye? I like that.

Milly: Aww, he's bursting with pride.

Ashlynn: Hmm. He doesn't look it, but Bill's a hard worker.

Nevan: Whatever you do, you should give it your all.

Amos: I wonder how much money he beat Buck by.

Terry: As long as you're breathing, you've got to keep fighting.

Lizzie: (snarl) He work hard... He work very hard... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Hard to feel peaceful with all the monsters runnin' wild outside of town, aye?

Milly: It seems everyone still feels threatened by the monsters.

Ashlynn: Hmm... Does that mean no more bazaars?

Nevan: We must continue to fight until true peace returns to the world.

Amos: If folks don't feel safe comin' to town, sales are goin' to struggle.

Terry: There's still no land truly at peace.

Lizzie: (snarl) Bazaar...Petered? Who Peter...? (spit)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Hmm... Not like we need it at this point, aye?

Milly: There's no point frittering away ten gold coins on something we don't need.

Ashlynn: Wow! That thief's key is a steal at that price.

Nevan: It may be cheap but it would be wrong to waste money on items we don't need.

Amos: We're not buyin' it? Well, maybe old Amos could get one for personal use... No, never mind...

Terry: Offloading items for ten gold coins? He must have plenty of unsold stuff...

Lizzie: (spit) Hero have ultimate key... No need more... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: We don't really need that key, but it's free, so what the heck.

Milly: I don't feel comfortable taking something for nothing like this...

Ashlynn: Yahoo!

Nevan: It seems we are being rewarded for all our virtuous conduct.

Amos: If it's free, let's get all we can!

Terry: He knows a seasoned adventurer when he sees one.

Lizzie: (snarl) Free... Lizzie lucky... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Wait, we already had one? Why'd you wanna buy it again, Hero?

Milly: Don't get greedy, Hero. We already have one...

Ashlynn: You just wanted to buy it because it was a bargain, huh? I've been there...

Nevan: There's no need for more than one.

Amos: Whoops! He saw through our little game!

Terry: You got greedy...

Lizzie: (snarl) Got key! No need key! (splutter)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Some folks're havin' trouble believin' their monster troubles are over. I can't say I blame 'em.

Milly: Indeed, there's still plenty to be scared of...

Ashlynn: He's got a point – especially since we've done a lot more than just beat Murdaw now.

Nevan: Peace and security indeed remains a distant dream.

Amos: That soldier's got it right!

Terry: Well, at least with the feeble monsters round here there's nothing to be afraid of.

Lizzie: (snarl) Not safe... Not safe yet... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing?

Carver: We drop by plenty of churches ourselves, aye? They soothe the ol' soul 'n everything like that.

Milly: I'm sure the Goddess will keep an eye on him.

Ashlynn: What's this – a trustworthy merchant?

They exist!?

Nevan: That man is truly blessed.

Amos: I bet he's prayin' for bumper profits.

Terry: Whatever floats his boat, I suppose.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie pray... Goddess listen... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing.

Carver: You're always welcome here, aye, Hero?

Milly: Cliff's skills must really be in demand.

Ashlynn: Oh, he's sleeping? Shhh... Let's keep quiet, then.

Ashlynn: Wait, can you even hear me whispering over his snoring?

Nevan: It's no wonder he's so busy – ceremonial crowns are the must-have item at festivals everywhere.

Amos: Her old man's made a fair few crowns in his time.

Terry: We're not really going to make ourselves at home, are we?

Lizzie: (snarl) Snoring...loud... (slobber)

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Pays to be persistent, aye?

Milly: I'm glad he's got an apprentice to pass his knowledge on to.

Ashlynn: Wonder how long it takes to go from apprentice to full-fledged crownsmith...

Nevan: Working as an apprentice to a famed crownsmith does not sound like a simple endeavour.

Amos: Sounds like he's brimmin' with enthusiasm!

Terry: That apprentice has passion. For now, at least...

Lizzie: (snarl) Passion good... But talent better... (spit)

Goober: Boing! B-B-Boing!

Carver: Ya know, this fella reminds me of someone... I wish I could remember who...

Milly: He's sleeping like a baby.

Ashlynn: There's no waking him up.

Nevan: It looks as if he's catching up on plenty of lost sleep.

Amos: The bed's shakin' just from his snorin'.

Terry: If monsters attack, that guy won't stand a chance.

Lizzie: (snarl) Man snoring...? Or growling...? (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: He shoulda thought about that before he took the job, aye? Hopefully he'll tough it out.

Milly: With a taskmaster like Cliff, it'll be years before he even touches a crown.

Ashlynn: If it was easy, everyone would be a crownsmith.

Nevan: His efforts will surely be rewarded.

Amos: He could always become a professional wood-chopper and house painter.

Terry: He should be grateful he got this gig in the first place.

Lizzie: (slobber) Less complain... More chop! (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: You're not exactly what they call a “smart shopper”, aye, Hero?

Milly: Only the best merchants remember all their customers' faces.

Ashlynn: You just wanted to buy it because it was a bargain, huh? I've been there...

Nevan: There's no need for it, in any case.

Amos: Whoops! He saw through our little game!

Terry: You got greedy...

Lizzie: (spit) Hero have ultimate key... No need more... (snarl)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: The water looks just as perfect as always, aye?

Milly: Listen to that waterfall – noisy as ever!

Ashlynn: Ah, the air here is so fresh and clean. I feel like I'm getting a facial just walking around!

Nevan: The sound of falling water makes me recall how I used to meditate beneath a waterfall.

Amos: It's hard to believe this beautiful water was ever bright red.

Terry: The Amor water's crystal clear, to be sure.

Lizzie: (snarl) Water...clean... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Wow, she's lookin' good today! Just like yesterday and tomorrow, aye?

Milly: Just looking at the water makes me feel at ease.

Ashlynn: The girls' complexions here are perfect – not a pimple or pore in sight!

Nevan: Since we've come all this way, it would be a shame not to purchase some amor seco essence.

Amos: The air here's as fresh as it gets!

Terry: Have we got business here, Hero?

Lizzie: (slobber) Water sound...relax...Lizzie... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: An evil presence, aye...? I'd like to give this presence a present: my fists!

Milly: It's up to us to deal with those monsters!

Ashlynn: Well, I can only pray to the Goddess that her prayers make it up to...the Goddess...

Ashlynn: ...Perhaps I'll just pray for world peace as well.

Nevan: Let us join her in prayer.

Amos: I hope the world's one day as pure and wholesome as that nun.

Terry: Purity and wholesomeness can wait – first the world needs peace.

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie want...pure world, too... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boooing!

Carver: A quick dip should cool them cockles right off, aye?

Milly: What game are they playing, I wonder?

Ashlynn: Aww, I just love children. They're just so innocent and pure.

Nevan: Those two children are staring at the ground.
I wonder what's so interesting.

Amos: They're not playin' hide-and-seek...

Terry: I don't really get kids...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie like kids... But kids fear Lizzie... (spit)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Huh? Did she just say “Ilya”?

Milly: I'm sure she just said “Ilya”...

Ashlynn: Hey, he buried something there, didn't he? Ooh! What could it be?

Nevan: These youngsters are full of vim and vigour.

Amos: Nippers tend to forget where they bury their trinkets, don't they?

Terry: So were those the kids from the church?

Lizzie: (snarl) Kids...run... Cute... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Ain't that cute. He was trying to hide them.

Milly: They must be important items to those children.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Kids will be kids, huh?

Nevan: Let us put the trinkets back as they were.

Amos: I'm glad it wasn't strange bones and whatnot.

Terry: Leave the kid stuff to the kids.

Lizzie: (spit) Treasure...? (slobber)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Hey, ain't all kids pure 'n refreshing 'n everything like that? I know I was...

Milly: Just looking at these children makes me feel all warm inside.

Ashlynn: Well my heart's STILL pure and refreshing, thank you very much!

Nevan: I pray those children always remain this pure.

Amos: Those nippers' hearts are pure and bright, alright.

Amos: You might even say their hearts are as pure as the water! Er... Did that old boy say that already!?

Terry: Hearts always change, sooner or later.

Lizzie: (snarl) Pure... Clear... Bright... (slobber)

Goober: B-B-Boing! Boing!

Carver: Looks like our work's never done, aye?

Milly: The monsters probably won't venture into town, but I can see why the locals can't relax.

Ashlynn: How rude of those monsters, keeping her awake at night like that...

Nevan: When will these people finally be able to put their fears to rest?

Amos: Old Amos isn't one of those howling monsters, I swear!

Terry: The monster population might even be growing...

Lizzie: (snarl) Night monsters... Scary... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Whoa, whoa! Let's hear that fella out, Hero!

Milly: Anything called the “ultimate” key must be worth investigating.

Ashlynn: The ultimate key!? Ooh, gimme gimme!

Nevan: I'm not so sure the word is really out.

Amos: Yup, that's news to old Amos!

Terry: Does this ultimate key really live up to its name?

Goober: Boing? (slurp)

Carver: Ain't we the know-it-alls, aye?

Milly: You could say that we know about it... Or that we actually have it...

Ashlynn: Now that the word's out, I'm glad the key is safe in our possession.

Nevan: Well, I can't comment on how far word has spread...

Amos: Yup, that's news to old Amos!

Terry: Surely even the ultimate key can't open everything?

Lizzie: (snarl) Ultimate key... We have... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing? Boooing!

Carver: The bottom of the sea, aye...? Even I can't handle that much pressure. We're gonna need help with this one, Hero.

Milly: I can't wait to get my hands on this ultimate key...

Ashlynn: The ultimate key!? Ooh, I wanna try it!

Nevan: A sunken ship? Intriguing...

Amos: Old Amos can't hold his breath long enough to get to the ocean floor.

Terry: Well we can't just go scouring the whole ocean floor...

Goober: B-B-Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! How'd he know we needed an honest-to-Goddess mermaid to get that key?

Milly: Looking back, it really wasn't easy to find, was it?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! What a negative Nelly. We're proof that anything's possible!

Nevan: The rumours of a sunken ship were indeed true.

Amos: We've managed to get our hands on some blindin' stuff, I tell you!

Terry: Where there's a will, there's always a way.

Lizzie: (snarl) Ultimate key... We have... (spit)

Goober: B-B-Boiiing!

Carver: “Adopt”, aye? That must be another word for plumpin' ya up.

Milly: Hmm. Food and candy are no replacement for love...

Ashlynn: Wow! Free food and candy? Do you think I'm too old for this adopting business?

Nevan: Hmm... Luring someone with food...

Amos: Free food? Sounds like a fine chap!

Terry: Adoptin' for food? Is he serious?

Lizzie: (snarl) Adopt... Candy... (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp) Boing! Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: He lost me there. I just don't get it.

Milly: These children, Ilya and Evgenya – they're at the church?

Milly: Let's go and have a look, Hero.

Ashlynn: Do you think they could be the dream versions of the real-world Ilya and Evgenya?

Ashlynn: If so, then maybe this is the best thing for them... They get to be happy together as kids.

Nevan: Even when people suddenly materialise in the dream world, they seem to somehow blend in to people's memory.

Amos: One minute they're ancient, then they're kids.

Those folks keep themselves busy!

Terry: I'm not really following all of this.

Lizzie: (snarl) Ilya... Evgenya... Funny...? (spit)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: It's weird to see 'em as two happy kids, aye?

Milly: Ilya and Evgenya seem really happy as children, don't they?

Ashlynn: This isn't such a bad place for them, is it? They get to live happily together as kids...

Nevan: Even when people suddenly materialise in the dream world, they seem to somehow blend in to people's memory.

Amos: One minute they're ancient, then they're kids.

Those folks keep themselves busy!

Terry: I suppose folks are comfortable with a little mystery here in the dream world.

Lizzie: (snarl) Evgenya and Ilya...friends... (spit)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! Look at him go!

Milly: Children can be a real handful...

Ashlynn: Something tells me this isn't the first time that kid's gotten yelled at...

Nevan: Healthy children are a blessing from the Goddess.

Amos: When old Amos was a nipper, I often used to get in trouble for swingin' my club around.

Terry: That kid looks like a naughty one alright.

Lizzie: (snarl) Thought man yelling at Lizzie... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! Throw a few wrinkles on that kid's mug and it's him alright!

Milly: Ilya and Evgenya.... This must be their memories.

Ashlynn: Aww, Ilya's such a cute little boy!

Nevan: Only a child, and yet you can already see he is built of stern stuff.

Amos: Ilya looks like he'll break some hearts when he grows up.

Terry: That boy has some fire in his belly.

Lizzie: (snarl) Boy become strong man... Lizzie sure! (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing...?

Carver: Funny how we already know the kid's future 'n everything like that, aye?

Milly: It seems he's had his nickname since he was a child.

Ashlynn: Aww, Ilya's such a cute little boy!

Nevan: Only a child, and yet you can already see he is built of stern stuff.

Amos: Ilya looks like he'll break some hearts when he grows up.

Terry: So he dreams of becoming a treasure hunter?

Lizzie: (snarl) Boy become strong man... Lizzie sure! (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing...?

Carver: Horseplay, aye? Peggy Sue's missin' out!

Milly: Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! At least they weren't poisonous snakes, right? ...Uh, right?

Nevan: Well, he is a child, after all.

Amos: Ah, this brings back happy memories!

Amos: Old Amos was known to leave horse droppings on folks doorsteps on the odd occasion.

Terry: As long as they don't hurt anyone, kids should be left to run free.

Lizzie: (snarl) Boy will be boy... (slobber)

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: She's a little young to be talkin' about gettin' hitched 'n everything like that...

Milly: Hee hee! She's got her whole future all laid out.

Ashlynn: Ooh, she's soooo cute! I bet I was just like her, once upon a time.

Nevan: I pray that these children have a bright future.

Amos: Evgenya's got the face of a girl that's destined to have her heart broken by a real “tempest”!

Terry: So she's going to repay the priest?

Lizzie: (snarl) Walk down aisle...? Lizzie not understand... (spit)

Goober: B-B-Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! What a classic gag!

Milly: Hee hee. I'm not condoning horse plop pranks, but...

Ashlynn: Oh, that's hardly the meanest prank a kid could pull. Isn't that right, Hero?

Nevan: It's just children being children.

Amos: I was wonderin' what I stepped in on the doorstep...

Terry: Tricks like that stink.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not leave...droppings on porch... (spit)

Goober: Boooing!

Carver: Avast. Did she just say the kids are named Ilya and Evgenya?

Carver: Do you think wee versions of 'em are runnin' around here or something?

Milly: It seems that Ilya and Evgenya are living in the church.

Milly: But everybody talks about them as though they were children, not the old couple that we met...

Ashlynn: Ilya and Evgenya were both old and wrinkly in the other world, right? Hmm, you don't think...?

Nevan: It seems Ilya and Evgenya also reside in the dream world.

Amos: Old Amos was known to hide his granddad's glasses on the odd occasion.

Terry: Have these kids no family?

Lizzie: (snarl) Good kids... Find glasses... (spit)

Goober: Boing? Boing.

Carver: They do seem like good kids, aye? Deep down, I mean.

Milly: What great children. Even if they can be a little naughty...

Ashlynn: Oh, Ilya and Evgenya are the best, no doubt about it!

Nevan: Children are never really bad.

Amos: Old Amos was known to hide his granddad's glasses on the odd occasion.

Terry: So those kids don't have any family?

Lizzie: (snarl) Ilya and Evgenya good... Find glasses... (spit)

Goober: Boiiing!

Carver: Hey, what if we told that fella there's another world down that hole?

Carver: ...Aye, he'd probably think we're bonkers.

Milly: How many holes like that could there be in this world?

Ashlynn: A hole in the ocean...? This I gotta see.

Nevan: We must repair those holes without delay!

Amos: A hole in the ocean? Won't the real world get soaked?

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: Hey, what if we told that fella there's another world down that hole?

Carver: ...Aye, he'd probably think we're bonkers.

Milly: I wonder how many holes opened up in total?

Ashlynn: Telling that guy about Sorceria would just open a big can of worms, huh?

Nevan: We cannot allow the forces of evil to continue to sully the world with these chasms.

Amos: Turns out that hole in the ocean didn't mean the real world got soaked after all.

Terry: Once the hole gets fixed, we'll find out what was there before.

Lizzie: (snarl) Hole in sea...but water not drain...? (spit)

Goober: Boi-oing? Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Ah! So he'd be inheritin' the family trade, aye?

Milly: He's devoted his life to his studies, so he probably didn't have time to find a wife...

Ashlynn: Isn't he a little over the hill to be starting a family?

Nevan: A scholar needs a bright child to continue their work.

Amos: If he's offerin' all the sweets you can eat, he can adopt old Amos!

Terry: All kids can use a strong authority figure.

Lizzie: (spit) Man lonely... Lizzie not lonely! (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) (jiggle)


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: That waterfall is music to my ears.

Milly: The water in this town is so refreshing!

Ashlynn: You think moisturizing with the water here would help my combination skin?

Nevan: That sound of rushing water reminds me of my training, when I'd meditate under a waterfall for hours at a time.

Amos: Amor's water will never let you down!

Terry: Water doesn't get purer than this.

Lizzie: (snarl) Water...clean... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! We ain't bad treasure hunters ourselves, aye?

Milly: A little gift from Ilya and Evgenya!

Ashlynn: Ah! I bet this really put a spring in Ilya's step.

Nevan: A gift from the future... Or should I say, from the world of dreams...

Amos: Hmm... Is it better to make a fast person faster or make a slowcoach speedier?

Terry: The meteorite bracer boosts your agility.

But you know that, right?

Lizzie: (snarl) Meteorite bracer... Agility up... (spit)

Goober: Boing! B-B-B-Boing boi-oing!

Carver: Am I bonkers, or was that lady a lot younger in the other world? Prettier, too.

Milly: The scenery around here is inspiring.

Ashlynn: You see that lady's skin? It's like buttermilk! Her secret must be the water here.

Nevan: There's no better place to stock up on amor seco essence than right here.

Amos: Clear water, fresh air – it doesn't get better than this!

Terry: This town's not that bad, I've got to admit.

Lizzie: (slobber) Home of amor seco essence... Lizzie remember... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) (jiggle)

Carver: What, me worry? So what if the monsters ain't thinnin' out – fightin' is fun!

Milly: It'd be nice if it did wash away one's concerns...

Ashlynn: I guess even pure water can't wash away everything.

Nevan: Even the healing powers of Ghent cannot cure people of their deepest worries.

Amos: Old Amos has got worries I'd love to wash away.

Terry: Nothing that can cure all your worries.

Lizzie: (snarl) Water...good... (spit)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: Huh. That fella's pretty bright, aye?

Milly: The locals can't relax just yet. I can still sense their unease.

Ashlynn: You can't blame him for thinking that way, what with all the monsters around here...

Nevan: Even were that the case, we cannot go around announcing it to everyone.

Amos: When you think about the Dread Fiends still out in the world, your heart gets a lot heavier.

Terry: Dread Fiends? Ultra-super Dread Fiends?

Line 'em up – we'll knock them down.

Lizzie: (snarl) Murdaw... Jamirus... Gracos... Dhuran... So many... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: That lady has a point. I'd start worryin'...if I was the worryin' type.

Milly: It's interesting how the sky here seems to reflect the mood of the people.

Ashlynn: Why worry? You can't change the weather. And it's not like every day was sunny before the monsters came...

Nevan: The grey clouds are partly in that woman's heart.

But there is a dark force abroad...

Amos: Hmm... The sky looks the same as it's always done to old Amos.

Terry: We don't have time to worry about what the sky looks like.

Lizzie: (snarl) Sky grey... Sky dark... (spit)

Goober: Boing... (jiggle)

Carver: A group of heroes? That's gotta be us, aye?

Carver: I don't remember Ilya givin' us anything in particular, though. Hmm...

Milly: I wonder if it's in the same spot where Ilya buried those trinkets in the dream world?

Ashlynn: Hmm. Wonder where that story came from...

Nevan: Precious treasure from Ilya? What can it be?

Amos: Old Amos is happy to take any precious treasure that's goin'!

Terry: Treasure? I just hope it's something useful.

Lizzie: (snarl) Treasure...or trash...? (slobber)

Goober: B-B-Boing! Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! Them heroes got their reward, alright.

Milly: The connections between the dream world and the real world never fail to astound me.

Ashlynn: Wasn't that so nice of him, too? A present from the dream world – just what we wanted!

Nevan: The meteorite bracer is a blessing we happily accepted.

Amos: Riddle me this – what's rubbish above but treasure below?

Amos: ...Eh!? Got it already? Well, it was a meteorite bracer after all, so it's only natural you were quick!

Terry: So we're heroes, are we? That's another fine name we've got ourselves.

Lizzie: (spit) Buried treasure... Meteorite bracer... (snarl)

Goober: Boing? Boing boing.

Carver: You think he can't hear us over the waterfall, or did the waterfall just ruin his hearing?

Milly: “Sorcery and enchantment”? That sounds intriguing...

Ashlynn: A lost city of sorcery, huh...? Interesting...

Nevan: I wonder where that gentlemen gets his information.

Amos: I've got a feelin' that old boy only hears what he wants to hear...

Carver: That fella shouts the truth!

Milly: He's talking about Ashlynn's hometown, Sorceria. What a wonderful place that was.

Ashlynn: I'd love to tell him how I learnt Magic Burst from that very city, but why scream myself hoarse?

Nevan: I would dearly like to know how that gentleman comes by his knowledge.

Amos: That old boy only hears what he wants to hear. Old Amos will have to take a leaf out of his book!

Terry: Who is that old guy!?

Lizzie: (snarl) We not hear... (spit)


Carver: Nothin' like a front of stormin' monsters to change your travel plans.

Milly: It's a good job he didn't get stranded out there.

Ashlynn: I wonder how far that guy made it before he was driven back.

Nevan: Profit is indeed important – but not worth risking your life for.

Amos: If only he could sell to the monster market – he'd make a killin'!

Terry: Sure enough, that guy can't hope to deal with monsters the way we do it.

Lizzie: (snarl) Monsters everywhere... Merchant stuck... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: I thought we'd at least put a dent in their numbers by now...

Milly: Well, sleeping is not going to help reduce the monster population...

Ashlynn: Who can say for sure if there's more or less monsters... It's not like anyone's taken a census.

Nevan: Just how long has that man slept for?

Amos: If the monster population is growin' while he sleeps, we need to keep him awake!

Terry: Somehow I doubt that's the real reason he's going back to sleep...

Lizzie: (snarl) Monster numbers...not fall... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing boing!

Carver: Aye, they're gettin' along great in the dream world, right Hero?

Milly: He's right. They have indeed regained their lost youth.

Ashlynn: Wow... Did that man see them off? He makes it sound like he was there to the end...

Nevan: I pray the Goddess watches over Ilya and Evgenya.

Amos: Amazin' how old folks like that could regain their youth.

Terry: So they passed on together...

Lizzie: (snarl) Couple stay together... Destiny... Love... (spit)

Goober: B-Boing! Boing...

Carver: Bad dog! Don't bark indoors like that!

Milly: No time to play, sorry doggie!

Ashlynn: Aww... That pooch looks sad. Look at those puppy-dog eyes.

Nevan: That poor dog seems to be mourning something.

Amos: Someone should take that dog for walkies every once in a while.

Terry: You're a real animal lover, aren't you Hero? You never miss a chance to say hello.

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie no like dogs... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: Huh. At least things're workin' out for one of them.

Milly: One day I'd like to get to the bottom of the male fascination with bunny girls...

Ashlynn: Wow! You think confused customers ever wander in for a drink?

Nevan: Were this my home, I fear I would neglect my prayer and meditation...

Amos: Her husband certainly knows what he likes!

Terry: I wonder if he's more into owning his own bar, or having his own bunny girl...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want bunny ears, too... (spit)

Goober: B-B-Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Hardy har! I bet his pals are always beggin' to come over.

Milly: Hee hee. I can't help thinking of baby bunnies...

Ashlynn: Poor kid... He must have it pretty rough.

Nevan: Most children would enjoy having a rabbit around the house. But when it's your mother...

Amos: The lad should be proud!

Terry: He shouldn't blab about what happens at home.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want bunny ears, too... (spit)

Goober: B-B-Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Aye, I'll bet his spirits are high alright.

Milly: Wow, he can barely stand up straight...

Ashlynn: Boy, give that guy a drink and he starts talking a mile a minute. Good for us, I guess.

Nevan: Hmm... A magical city called Sorceria...

Amos: “Once existed”, eh? Whether it's still there now is another story.

Carver: So after turning his whole house into a fancy bar, he spends all day drinkin' in the basement? What a waste.

Milly: Wow, he can barely stand up straight...

Ashlynn: Tee hee! He's talking about my hometown!

Ashlynn: I'd tell him, but I doubt he'd remember much in his current state.

Nevan: Sorceria was an extraordinary city.

It lives on in my memories..

Amos: It wasn't down here but it was present and correct in the dream world.

Terry: Let's give him more to drink and see what else he's got to say.

Lizzie: (snarl) Drink...? Lizzie thirsty... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That fella sounds like he might have a screw loose someplace...

Milly: I'm sure that people are naturally sceptical of his dream-world theories.

Ashlynn: Wait, if he thinks the dream world is a totally different realm, what do dream-world residents think this world is?

Ashlynn: ...Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Nevan: What would he say if he knew that we travel freely between the dream world and this one?

Amos: Hark at him! I've never heard such a load of old tosh!

Amos: Er... What exactly was he sayin again?

Terry: Maybe we shouldn't encourage that guy too much.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie believe that human correct... (spit)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: Who knows, aye? Maybe people'll be believin' him before long.

Milly: I'm sure that people are naturally sceptical of his dream-world theories.

Ashlynn: Wait, if he thinks the dream world is a totally different realm, what do dream-world residents think this world is?

Ashlynn: ...Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Nevan: What would he say if he knew that we travel freely between the dream world and this one?

Amos: Do you really think he's not on to somethin', Hero?

Terry: I don't think people could handle the truth.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie believe theory... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Happily ever after 'n everything like that, aye?

Milly: They really were inseparable in every way...

Ashlynn: If I ever find my true love, I hope we have the same fairy-tale life!

Nevan: Truly there is no limit to the wisdom of the Goddess.

Amos: Old Amos just hopes they'll let me into heaven!

Terry: Seems there really are happy endings.

Lizzie: (snarl) (sob) (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Huh. You think they ever mentioned us?

Milly: I've no doubt that both Ilya and Evgenya were quite the raconteurs.

Ashlynn: That kid's a real chip off the ol' block, huh?

Nevan: I would have so loved to hear Ilya and Evgenya's tales.

Amos: That little lass looks like she'll be followin' in her old man's footsteps.

Terry: Sounds like she falls somewhere between interested fan and obsessed weirdo.

Lizzie: (snarl) Adventure... Treasure... Excitement... (spit)

Goober: Boing boing b-boing!

Carver: Aye, they're gettin' along great in the dream world, right Hero?

Milly: I don't think their adventures are over yet...

Ashlynn: I'd like to imagine them back on the road now, hungry for adventure, wandering to parts unknown...

Nevan: I pray the Goddess watches over Ilya and Evgenya.

Amos: When he says “back to their true home”, he doesn't mean the dream world, right?

Terry: Evgenya the Cyclone and Ilya the Tempest?

I wish I could have met them.

Lizzie: (snarl) They go away...? Lizzie sad... (spit)

Goober: (slurp slurp)

Carver: This room really brings back the memories, aye?

Milly: It's like I can still see their cheeky grins in this very room.

Ashlynn: I wonder if we'd see Ilya and Evgenya if we went to sleep now?

Nevan: This church's newest employee looks like he's got the muscle for some hard work.

Amos: Old Amos was hopin' to pick up some treasure-huntin' tips from the masters!

Terry: Hopefully that fellow finds the Evgenya to his Ilya.

Lizzie: (snarl) No Ilya... No Evgenya... (slobber)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Was there somethin' you still wanted to eyeball in here, Hero?

Milly: I'm sure the pass is a hive of activity these days.

Ashlynn: This cave again? Don't we have more interesting places to visit, Hero?

Nevan: I pray that this shall remain a safe pass for travellers.

Amos: You get some chilly breezes in here, I tell you!

Terry: We've no good reason to be here, right?

Lizzie: (snarl) This place... Lizzie remember... (spit)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Maybe he shoulda nursed his after-work drink.

Milly: Oh dear. Idle hands are a Dread Fiend's tools.

Ashlynn: If he's got time to lean, he's got time to clean, right?

Nevan: That fellow should go and look for other gainful employment.

Amos: That lad don't half stink of booze!

Terry: Bored? He doesn't know how lucky he is...

Lizzie: (slobber) Maybe boring, but safe... (spit)

Goober: B-B-Boing!

Carver: Crikey. How many times does he want us to thank him, for Goddess's sake?

Milly: It's nice to see people taking pride in their work.

Ashlynn: Those guys are a little gruff, but we owe 'em one, nonetheless.

Nevan: He really should get off his backside and look for other gainful employment.

Amos: He might have a point, but I'm none too fond of his attitude.

Terry: Did he really do it all on his own?

Lizzie: (spit) ............ (slobber)

Goober: Boing, boing, boing.

Carver: Aye, a fella could wander for days in that maze.

Milly: He's right. Lesser monsters still appear inside the cave, after all.

Ashlynn: Why don't they just seal the hole and be done with it?

Nevan: It's a relief indeed to have such a diligent fellow standing guard.

Amos: He's still guardin' this place!?

Keep it up, lad!

Terry: I'm sure there's no good reason for us to be here.

Lizzie: (snarl) Guard...no scared of...Lizzie...? (spit)

Goober: Boiiing!

Carver: Whatever makes him happy, aye?

Milly: I do worry about the future of that man's business...

Ashlynn: Is that guy, like, allergic to work or something?

Nevan: Some people are just hopelessly fickle.

Amos: So he just rests there all day?

Nice work, if you can get it.

Terry: Why doesn't he just set up shop there?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...not understand humans... (slobber)

Goober: B-Boing! Boing, boing!


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Carver: Huh. I thought things'd be a little spruced up around here by now.

Milly: Is it just me, or is the mood around here just as dark as when Jamirus was still around...

Ashlynn: Well, this is a downer. People sure looked a lot more chipper right after we beat Jamirus.

Nevan: One could hardly say this town is brimming with energy...

Amos: Trampin' round on sand don't half take it out of you!

Terry: No shortage of sand here.

Lizzie: (snarl) Hot... Too hot... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Not even sun-dried tomatoes, aye? What could the problem be?

Milly: Is there some evil power affecting plant life as well?

Ashlynn: There must be some evil power at work here – I just know it!

Nevan: Sure enough, it's as dried-up and desolate as ever.

Amos: You don't suppose someone's forcin' the seeds and sprouts to have nightmares...do you?

Terry: Hmm...

Lizzie: (slobber) Evil power...kill plants... (snarl)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: My thumb ain't particularly green, but even I could grow a bean. Wonder what's up...

Milly: There must be a monster somewhere exerting an evil hold over this town.

Ashlynn: Well, I doubt this problem will solve itself. Someone needs to root out the cause.

Nevan: Perhaps we may discover whatever is behind this in the course of our travels.

Amos: It's bloomin' odd...

Terry: Our first order of business should be to stop whatever monster is behind all this..

Lizzie: (snarl) Plant...water...sun... Should grow... (slobber)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Ah, more lovey-dovey stuff. Geh.

Milly: I wouldn't say that love is all you need, but it certainly helps.

Ashlynn: I suppose any woman would appreciate a hubby as doting as that guy, right?

Nevan: It must be a fine thing to know true love...

Amos: Sounds like his better half is a real ray of sunshine.

Amos: Not that you'd want for more sunshine around this here desert.

Terry: So that woman beside him's his missus?

Lizzie: (snarl) Big smile... Happy man... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Mermaid meat? She ain't serious, aye?

Milly: These mermaid rumours are everywhere.

Ashlynn: Young forever, huh? That sounds kinda scary, to be honest.

Nevan: It's tragic that anyone could countenance eating mermaid meat.

Amos: So are mermaids eternally young?

Terry: If that rumour spreads, lunatics will be mermaid-hunting in no time.

Lizzie: (snarl) Mermaids... Fish...? Human...? Which...? (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Legendary equipment, aye...? Sign me up!

Milly: Assuming that story's true, it sounds like collecting all the legendary equipment would be an epic undertaking.

Ashlynn: Oh, great – another Aridean tall tale...

Nevan: The Celestial Castle...?

Amos: Collect 'em all and you get a special prize!

Goober: Boing?

Carver: This is one miserable place for a mutt. Imagine wearin' a fur coat in this heat!

Milly: Oh dear, that poor doggie looks worried.

Ashlynn: Hope the poor pooch isn't starving!

Nevan: Just whom is that dog barking at?

Amos: Woof yourself!

Terry: ......

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie no like dogs... (snarl)

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Ahoy! Water, ho!

Milly: The well is full of water, and yet the town is as dry as it ever was...

Ashlynn: Ahhh... The one place it isn't hot.

Nevan: The water appears to be pure.

Amos: HEL-LO?

Amos: D'you hear old Amos's voice echoin'?

Terry: Well water can't be the problem – there must be some monster behind all the failed crops.

Lizzie: (snarl) Splish...splash... Feel...good... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing boing! Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Glad to see she's doin' good!

Milly: I hope they're enjoying family life.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! When that old lady smiles, she gets wrinkles on her wrinkles.

Nevan: This house brims with peace and joy.

Amos: Somethin' smells great. She's a dab hand in the kitchen.

Terry: Why are we here again?

Lizzie: (snarl) This house...warm... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That's what I like to hear! You should never run out on your folks!

Carver: ...'Course, I ain't one to talk, aye?

Milly: I do hope he treats his parents better from now on.

Ashlynn: Aww, that's so heartwarming...or would be, if my heart wasn't already boiling here along with the rest of me!

Nevan: His parents must be delighted to have their son back under the same roof.

Amos: The best way to please your parents is to give 'em a nice shoulder massage!

Terry: He should appreciate his folks while they're around.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not know...own parents... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Let sleepin' men lie, aye?

Milly: He looks ever so peaceful.

Ashlynn: Aww... He's sleeping like a baby. An old, wrinkly baby, but still...

Nevan: He looks so carefree.

Amos: Sleepin' on a chair's no mean feat.

Terry: Hmph.

Lizzie: (snarl) Man not slide...off chair...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing? ...Boing! (slurp)

Carver: Hardy har! He thinks I'm the cat's meow 'n everything like that.

Milly: Here kitty kitty!

Ashlynn: Oooh, kitty! Even scrawny cats are cute!

Nevan: Perhaps that cat came to the kitchen because it's hungry.

Amos: It would have been so much easier if old Amos had just transformed into a cat.

Terry: You're a real animal lover, Hero.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie okay with cats... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Hmm... A city of magic, aye? Do you think we'll ever find a city of martial artists?

Milly: I wonder if Sorceria was sunk by monsters...

Ashlynn: Sorceria sure sounds magical to me!

Nevan: I imagine everyone who lives there is a practitioner of magic.

Amos: Even the flyin' bed can't take us to the bottom of the sea.

Carver: That's Ashlynn's hometown, aye? Crikey, that place was somethin'.

Milly: I'll never forget the way the city was bathed in that heavenly light.

Ashlynn: Eldress...

Nevan: It was a truly magical place.

Amos: Nippers in Sorceria were usin' magic!
I'd never seen the like...

Terry: Sorceria? That was the place created by the Sorceress Ashmerelda, right?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want learn Puff... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: What a nice surprise, aye? She's like a new girl 'n everything like that!

Milly: Her aura is shining bright! I can scarcely believe she was sick.

Ashlynn: Aww,. I've been waiting a while to see her smile!

Nevan: It seems she recovered once her father returned.

Amos: Now she's brimmin' with health, she don't half look pretty!

Terry: Was she really all that sick?

Lizzie: (snarl) Not sick... Got better! (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: Never doubt the power of a papa, aye?

Milly: There's a long way to go, but I'm seeing signs of recovery here.

Ashlynn: I guess it's up to us to make sure this town – and this whole world – turn around.

Nevan: Who needs the Isle o' Smiles? He appears quite content here.

Amos: Let's just hope next he doesn't fly off to Gleeful Glades or some such!

Terry: There's plenty of smiles right here.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not understand family... But they look happy... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! No way that kid can be talkin' about me.

Milly: I like being called tough!

Ashlynn: I dunno if “tough” is the right word. How about “powerful” or “graceful” or “gorgeous”?

Nevan: I'm blushing at this fulsome praise.

Amos: It's good to have young fans!

Terry: Hey, I'm exactly as tough as I look!

Lizzie: (snarl) Who...Jamirus...? (spit)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: All we can do is keep fightin' the good fight, aye?

Milly: That day will come, but only if we keep fighting, Hero.

Ashlynn: The only thing I know for sure about the future...is that I don't know anything for sure about the future.

Nevan: Would that I could allay all her fears.

Amos: Them kids will be grown-up before you know it.

Terry: There's no guarantee the world will ever be without fear, but we'll keep fighting.

Lizzie: (snarl) Evil...strong... But we...stronger! (slobber)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: “Something-mor”, aye? I can't quite remember...

Milly: It's such a shame we didn't catch what he said.

Ashlynn: All I remember is the racket. You know, all that “Ja-mi-RUS! Ja-mi-RUS!”

Nevan: Now he mentions it, Jamirus did utter something...

Amos: Who could it be?

Goober: Boing? Boing?

Carver: Crikey! Talk about gettin' away from it all!

Milly: Thank the Goddess for that flying bed – I can't imagine how we would have made it here without it.

Ashlynn: Whoa! The last thing I expected to find way up here is a village.

Nevan: This makes Howsworth look like a veritable metropolis.

Amos: This is the back end of beyond – are they even goin' to understand us here?

Amos: Make sure you don't tread in anythin' squelchy!

Terry: What a boring village. Let's get out of here.

Lizzie: (sniff) Lizzie smell only tree...and grass...and dirt... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Dullerton, aye? A fella could really catch up on his nappin' in a place like this...

Milly: Well, I rather like this village.

Ashlynn: I bet that lady's family has lived here for a good dozen or so generations... Maybe more!

Nevan: Visitors here must be infrequent indeed.

Amos: She's got quite a tan!

Terry: Can we leave yet?

Lizzie: (snarl) Dullerton... Only mountains and fields... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: These folks don't get out much, aye?

Milly: Such wide-eyed innocence is refreshing to see.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! You'd think the circus was in town or something.

Nevan: That child certainly does not lack for enthusiasm.

Amos: Quite a welcome that lad gave us!

Terry: Are we really such a novelty?

Lizzie: (snarl) Child happy... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) (jiggle)

Carver: He “disappeared”? ...So did monsters get to him, or did he just vanish, or what?

Milly: Hey, we saw a house here with a dog outside it, didn't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: Wynne's armour, huh? Wonder how tough it is.

Nevan: I pray this Wynne returns soon.

Amos: This Silver doggy sounds like a right heroic pup!

Terry: Sometimes people just get sick of a place and move on...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lose Wynne... Silver protect wife... (slobber)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing?

Carver: How'd they get cows way up here in the first place?

Milly: Yes, that's a cow alright...

Ashlynn: Yuck. Don't get too close or that cow might lick you.

Nevan: It appears they work their animals here rather thoroughly.

Amos: Don't worry! Old Amos hasn't trodden in anythin' squelchy!

Terry: I don't typically associate with cows.

Lizzie: (snarl) How...now...cow...? (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: That mutt's got some fight in him, aye?

Milly: He's a good guard dog, but we're not intruders.

Ashlynn: Poor pooch. He's not used to strangers.

Nevan: He's keeping intruders at bay.

Amos: Arf! Arf! Grrrrrr...

...Good boy!

Terry: That dog's got some spirit.

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie not like dogs... (snarl)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: That cat's as laid-back as this town.

Milly: That kitty is so at ease with strangers.

Ashlynn: What do you think they feed that cat, way up here in the mountains?

Nevan: That feline has a charming countenance.

Amos: Old Amos once tugged a cat's tail and got scratched on the nose. You can still see the scar!

Terry: I don't mind animals. Most of them, anyway...

Lizzie: (snarl) Cat... No worry... Lizzie friend... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: (yawn) ...Oh, what'd he say? This place is puttin' me to sleep...

Milly: Was he being sarcastic...?

Ashlynn: I'd love to know where this “somewhere else” is – maybe we could go there instead.

Nevan: An official history of Dullerton would be a slim volume indeed.

Amos: I can't wait for the next excitin' event!

Terry: ...That was the worst story I've ever heard.

Lizzie: (snarl) Dullerton...dull... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Sister Grinn? Is she a nun or somethin'?

Milly: Could this Wynne have died from some awful disease?

Ashlynn: Think we'll get a chance to meet this Sister Grinn? I'd like to hear some of her jokes.

Nevan: So this Sister Grinn fulfils a priest's role here.

Amos: I wonder if Sister Grinn uses magic to cure the sick?

Terry: Sister Grinn, eh? Kind of a funny name...

Lizzie: (snarl) Here no priest... Only Sister Grinn... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing.

Carver: Hardy har! I thought I was gonna die laughing...

Milly: He's probably right. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

Ashlynn: He wasn't joking about Sister Grinn, was he?

Nevan: I've never witnessed such unorthodox healing techniques.

Amos: You don't think she's related to Tom Foolery, do you?

Terry: Her gags were making me gag...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie love...Sister Grinn... (slobber)

Goober: Boing? Boing!

Carver: I bet I could out-plough that fella.

Milly: It certainly looks like strenuous work.

Ashlynn: Gross. That guy is dripping in sweat!

Nevan: His wife sounds like a harsh taskmistress.

Amos: He's strong but he doesn't half take his time.

Terry: In battle, speed is everything.

Lizzie: (slobber) Slow...plough... Wife...scary... (snarl)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Sounds like he was a decent armourer, too. Shame.

Milly: That's too bad. I wonder just how mighty his armour really was...

Ashlynn: Wow, they're still talking about him after five years?

Nevan: I hadn't heard any such rumours. Had you, Hero?

Amos: Bloomin' heck! Only five years too late!

Terry: Something smells fishy here...

Terry: I'm not talking about an actual smell – something's strange about this Wynne story.

Lizzie: (slobber) Wynne suddenly lost...? Where he go...? (slurp)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: He just up and disappeared!? Like in a magic trick?

Milly: There must be something more behind all this...

Ashlynn: Maybe a little search-and-rescue mission is in order. What do you think, Hero?

Nevan: Is he truly saying that Wynne vanished before his very eyes!?

Amos: Maybe Wynne fell down a hole...?

Terry: He seems to be telling the truth...

Lizzie: (slurp) Lizzie believe man... Wynne vanish... (slobber)

Goober: Boing? Boing!? Boing!

Carver: Ahoy, Hero! Throw him a line here!

Milly: I do not sense that he is lying...

Ashlynn: You may not believe him, but I do!

Nevan: He seems very worked up.

Amos: You don't think he looks trustworthy, Hero?

Terry: Why not just tell him we'll trust him?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie trust man... Hero trust man, too... (spit)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: Great, now he's all pouty 'n everything like that.

Milly: This is all we deserve after what we said to him.

Milly: Let's wait and try asking him again later.

Ashlynn: See? This is what happens when you don't trust people, Hero!

Nevan: I would dearly like to know what that man saw.

Amos: Old Amos don't much like this turn of events.

Terry: Mistrust begets mistrust.

Lizzie: (snarl) Best...believe... Best...trust... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! At least she's honest with us.

Milly: Perhaps that was her way of saying we should stop bothering her.

Ashlynn: Wow. Talk about getting the cold shoulder.

Nevan: Well, that woman was certainly blunt.

Amos: That lady doesn't seem to want us around.

Terry: Let's take the hint and leave.

Lizzie: (slobber) Lady rude... Wants us leave...? (spit)

Goober: (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har har! (snort) Har har hardy har har! (pant) My...my stomach! Hardy har! She's killin' me!

Milly: Hee hee. Sister Grinn is destined to be a household name like Tom Foolery!

Ashlynn: Ooh, ooh – I got one, too!

Ashlynn: So Peggy Sue walks into a bar, and the barman says, “Why the long face?” ...Get it?

Ashlynn: Tee hee hee...eh... Okay, so what if it's basically the same joke. It's still funny!

Nevan: Ha ha! I, I shouldn't laugh but, well...

I must admit, that was quite amusing!

Amos: Har har har! Old Amos is makin' a note of that gag!

Terry: ...That's not funny.

Lizzie: (spit) Gwah hah hah...! (slobber)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: Don't be such a killjoy, Hero. Let's hear her routine!

Milly: Let's give her a listen, Hero.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I haven't even heard her yet and I'm already cracking up!

Nevan: Could one so beautiful also be funny?

Amos: Hang on a second! I need to prepare for this!

Terry: She sounds like she's not from around here.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want hear... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: (chortle) Hardy har har har har har! (snort) Har har hardy har har! (gasp) I... I can't breathe!

Milly: Hee hee. There's nothing like a good laugh to cheer you up.

Ashlynn: Tee hee hee! I have a few jokes of my own, but my punchlines don't pack the same wallop.

Nevan: The delta between her appearance and her humour is astounding.

Amos: Old Amos is cryin' with laughter!

Terry: Well, I've had enough.

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie sides hurt from laugh...! Gwah hah hah...! (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: We'll take whatever entertainment we can get, too, aye?

Milly: I sense that that little girl is actually rather fond of Sister Grinn.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I just have to hear this!

Nevan: Sister Grinn certainly seems like an interesting character.

Amos: There's nothing old Amos likes more than a good joke!

Terry: I've got no time for jokes.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want...hear joke... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing boi-oing!

Carver: Are we not entertained? Hardy har har! I know I am... (chortle) Hardy har... I need to lie down...

Milly: It's Sister Grinn's enthusiasm that carries her jokes, don't you think?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Do you think Sister Grinn could use an apprentice? A manager? Someone to get her drinks?

Nevan: Well, I for one was won over!

Amos: Where does she get her material?

Terry: If you think her jokes are funny, I'd hate to hear what you consider dull...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie love...Sister Grinn... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!


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Carver: So this legendary equipment'll lead us to the Celestial Castle, aye...?

Milly: We must seek out these legendary items – before they fall into the wrong hands.

Ashlynn: If good things come in threes, legendary things must come in fours.

Nevan: This legendary equipment acts as a kind of key,

it seems.

Amos: Collect all four and win a trip to the Celestial Castle!

Carver: So the phantom realm ain't a secret to this fella, aye?

Milly: Another well, located to the south of Amor. I wonder where this one leads...

Ashlynn: Wells, staircases, big chasms in the ground – what DOESN'T lead to that other world?

Nevan: The blessings of the Goddess be upon this man.

Amos: So we can get to the world below from south of Amor. That would bring us out in...

Amos: ...Nope, no idea. Don't have a clue.

Carver: Turnscote, aye? I'll remember that one!

Milly: I say we head over to Turnscote and pay him a visit.

Ashlynn: I'll bet that swordsmith is one of those rugged types, with a scruff of beard and hair tussled just right... Ahem... Sorry.

Nevan: Turnscote? This is useful information indeed.

Amos: Let's pick up any rusty old sword we find and get it bashed into a brand-new one!


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Carver: “A cave somewhere”... That vague enough for ya?

Milly: Any idea what cave he's talking about, Hero?

Ashlynn: It figures there'd be other relic hunters. We better hustle!

Nevan: With the guidance of the Goddess, I have faith we will locate them.

Amos: But there are mountains of caves in this world...

Amos: Hmm... “mountains of caves” sounds a tad odd, but you know what old Amos means! ...I mean there's lots!

Carver: Hardy har! We collected the set while he was blunderin' around in this cave!

Carver: Well perhaps there's other legendary equipment left to find somewhere else. I hope so, for his sake.

Milly: I can't help but feel sorry for him.

Ashlynn: Wanna tell him the bad news, Hero?

Nevan: Well, we all need to have goals in life.

Amos: He's talking about the cave where we found the Shield of Valora. That place was a bloomin' labyrinth...

Amos: The lad seems to be strugglin' already – he wouldn't last two seconds in there.

Terry: At least he's trying his best, I suppose.

Lizzie: (snarl) No...more...legendary...relics... (splutter)

Goober: (slurrrp)


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Carver: Crikey. This Shield of Valora better be worth all this runnin' around.

Milly: That must be the route to the legendary shield.

We should try and remember it.

Ashlynn: All that “north” and “east” business doesn't help if you don't know where to start, huh?

Nevan: “First, north. At the end, east. North at the first four-way intersection, then south at the four-way intersection to the west.”

Nevan: Have you committed it to memory?

Amos: That lad should just throw in the towel.

Carver: Ya know, we never would've gotten it if we hadn't bumped into that fella...

Milly: I wonder how long that poor man's been looking for the shield...

Ashlynn: That cave was a real conundrum, huh?

Nevan: If he's going to cease his search, I pray he does so sooner rather than later.

Amos: We're all grateful to the lad for his top tips – but we can't tell him that!

Terry: Even if he found the shield, could that guy equip it?

Lizzie: (snarl) Shield...Valora...super... (spit)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Nobody's around, aye?

Milly: Let's go, Hero!

Ashlynn: Where to next, huh?

Nevan: Now, where did this well connect to...?

Amos: A well inside a well? Well, well...

Terry: Another well? One's not enough?

Lizzie: (snarl) No...water... (splutter)

Goober: (slurp)


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Carver: Whoa... What is this place...?

Milly: There's a nun, but it doesn't look like a church...

Ashlynn: Ooh, look at that pretty crystal ball!

Nevan: Hmm... I sense a curious power emanating from this house.

Amos: Any chance of gettin' our fortune told for today?

Terry: Let's get out of here.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not...believe...fortune-telling... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Crikey. I'm glad I didn't see what she saw...

Milly: Sorceria, fabled city of magic...

We simply must find this place, Hero.

Ashlynn: Ooh... I have the worst headache all of a sudden...

Nevan: Something about our presence here brought about those visions. We should not take this lightly...

Amos: We're just your average travellers!

Carver: Aye, it ain't like we were lost, anyway.

Milly: Shall we take our leave, then?

Ashlynn: That crystal ball is really pretty!

Nevan: A curious force emanates from that nun.

Amos: Them crystal balls distort things, anyway. Just look at the nun's face through it. Yikes!

Terry: If we have no business with her, let's be off..

Lizzie: (snarl) We travel true... Many...thanks... (slobber)

Goober: Boi...oing?

Carver: Avast! A winged horse? Crikey!

Milly: I'd love to see myself gliding around astride a winged horse!

Ashlynn: Well, she was awfully dismissive. I'll bet she couldn't tell an emissary from a hole in the ground!

Nevan: Well, I for one am an emissary of the Goddess.

Amos: Old Amos's been called many things, but emissary of the Goddess is a new one.

Terry: Let's get out of here already.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...no...emissary... (slobber)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Crikey. What's this joint?

Milly: There's something strange about this place...

Where are we?

Ashlynn: Hey, there's a book on that counter. What do you think it's about?

Nevan: I sense a curious power to this place...

Amos: This isn't one of them haunted houses, right?

Terry: Don't we have more important places to be?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...feel strange here... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing?

Carver: Well we didn't come here for the bright and cheery atmosphere, aye Hero?

Milly: Hee hee. I like sharing my dreams too.

Ashlynn: Ooh, can I make a dreamcard next time, Hero? Can I? Can I?

Nevan: Hero, when you know not the true path, take a step forward with an open heart...

Amos: That old boy's got an odd way of speakin'.

Terry: I don't think now's the time for that.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want...share...dreams... (slobber)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing?

Carver: Sounds like a perfect trip for the flyin' bed. Let's ride!

Milly: It must be a world-connecting well.

Ashlynn: We haven't been to that well before, have we?

Nevan: Another world? This is the upper world, so he must be referring to the lower world...

Amos: Let's head to that well to the far north!

Carver: Huh. Wonder what kinda folks lived in Sorceria...

Milly: Crossing seas, are we? Good thing we've got our flying bed.

Ashlynn: We could just tuck in to the flying bed and be there in no time!

Nevan: The fabled magical city... Just hearing its name sets my heart racing.

Amos: I wonder if that old boy has checked the place out for himself.

Goober: (jiggle)

Carver: Another realm, aye...? I'd be up for seein' that – as long as it ain't annoying 'n everything like that.

Milly: We'll never allow darkness to consume our souls, will we Hero?

Ashlynn: Sheesh! How many realms are there?

Nevan: With the Goddess in our hearts, there is no darkness that can devour our souls...

Amos: If I'd let my heart get consumed... (shudder) It doesn't bear thinkin' about.

Terry: That sounds just like what happened to me...

Lizzie: (snarl) Not dream... Not reality... Dark land...? (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Dream what in the who now...?

Milly: Dreamsharing? That sounds different from Madame Luca's dream-seeing.

Ashlynn: Wait, you MEANT to come here, Hero? Could've fooled me!

Nevan: C'mon! What's dreamsharing got in store this time!?

Nevan: ...I-I'm sorry. I don't know what's come over me. It seems I've become quite obsessed...

Carver: Aye, I'd love to see what's down those stairs...

Carver: Bein' turned away just makes me all the more curious!

Milly: So we can only pass once there are at least ten dreamcards in the Insomnipedia, Hero...

Nevan: We should endeavour to collect ten dreamcards. We've come all this way, after all.

Ashlynn: C'mon, Hero! We should be able to get ten dreamcards in no time!

Terry: Ten dreamcards? That should be simple.

Amos: Don't suppose old Amos could make a dreamcard and pass it on to you, Hero...

Lizzie: (snarl) Dreamshare...ten times? (slobber)

Goober: Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing.

Carver: Avast! I thought we got the full house after ten dreamcards! A deal's a deal!

Milly: Secret door...? I simply must know what's on the other side!

Nevan: So there are still secrets concealed here...

Ashlynn: Oh, please. We can get ten dreamcards in our sleep.

Terry: And once we've got twenty dreamcards, then the bar gets set even higher?

Amos: Do you reckon there's another secret door behind that secret door?

Amos: That'd be a bit rich, wouldn't it?

Lizzie: (spit) Ten more...dreamcard...? (snarl)

Goober: Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing.

Carver: “Interesting”, aye? Is that good or bad?

Milly: Gathering dreamcards is actually rather enjoyable, isn't it?

Nevan: Interesting indeed. We should collect the full twenty-four!

Ashlynn: We've run across some pretty wild dreamcards, huh, Hero? Yours'll always be my favourite, though.

Terry: I thought we'd find out we need more than twenty-four dreamcards this time.

Amos: Up to twenty-four? We'll have that much in no time!

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not good at organising... Leave it...to Hero... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Whoa. I bet she filled out a few dreamcards in her time, aye?

Milly: Maybe I'll try making my own dreamcard?

Nevan: Ah, the satisfaction of a job well done. I'm just so proud of us!

Ashlynn: Come on, Hero! Let's go try out that new dreamscape!

Terry: Well that's one thing we can cross off the list.

Amos: Still seems amazin' to see the number of dreamcards in the Insomnipedia growin'.

Lizzie: (snarl) New...dreamscape... Lizzie...happy... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I'm startin' to feel left out of the fun here.

Milly: Maybe I'll try making my own dreamcard?

Nevan: I would dearly like to see one of her prize creations.

Ashlynn: We better come up with a new dreamcard ourselves. Don't want ours to get stale, after all!

Terry: Right! Enough dreamsharing!

We've got a quest to get on with.

Amos: Still seems amazin' to see the number of dreamcards in the Insomnipedia growin'.

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie think...of dreamcard too... (spit)

Goober: Boing boing.

Carver: Curie the cureslime, aye? Not the most original name...

Milly: Did you know he was going to join us when you said you were his friend?

Nevan: So his friend is somewhere out at sea? Let's search for her!

Ashlynn: Curie, huh? How does he float like that...?

Terry: You think we can really rely on him?

Amos: I never thought we'd be pickin' up new allies here of all places!

Lizzie: (snarl) Curie...our...friend...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing? Boi-oing!

Carver: I'd be kinda worried if I got mistaken for a cureslime.

Milly: He said he couldn't meet his friend... So is he just planning to stay here forever, then?

Nevan: Well, I have healing powers too, but that doesn't automatically make me a friend...

Ashlynn: A cureslime looking for his sea pal?

Ashlynn: You think maybe it's a man o' war or something?

Terry: Whatever way you slice it, it's not us he's looking for.

Amos: For a minute there, I thought he was lookin' at old Amos when he said “friend”.

Lizzie: (snarl) Hero...not...cureslime...friend... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: What's so weird about wantin' to chat to a cureslime in a well? It's human nature 'n everything like that.

Milly: Slurping up random conversations is what we do best!

Nevan: If you have no business with that creature, why speak with it in the first place?

Ashlynn: I'm sure you were just being friendly, right Hero?

Terry: If there's no need to talk, don't talk.

That's my philosophy.

Amos: He's callin' us weird? A cureslime's more out of place here than we are!

Lizzie: (snarl) Hero...make...conversation...? (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Whoa. It's like I'm havin' a flashback here...

Carver: Huh. This is just like when we wrangled Peggy Sue, aye, Hero?

Milly: Huh!? What's that over there...?

Milly: This is how you caught Peggy Sue, isn't it, Hero?

Nevan: Who is that standing over there?

Nevan: It's a liquid metal slime – they're quite agile.

Ashlynn: First a secret door and now a secret forest, huh?

Ashlynn: No time to chat, Hero! We gotta chase that guy down!

Terry: This forest's quite large.

Terry: It's pretty skittish alright.

Amos: Old Amos feels carefree in this forest.

Amos: It's not goin' to suddenly cast Sizz is it?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie like smell...of wood... (slobber)

Lizzie: (spit) Liquid...metal slime... Fast escape... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oing, boi-oing...

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Darn. Why'd he have to go and name the fella before we could?

Milly: Oh Hero! Getting attached to a liquid metal slime – whatever next!

Nevan: We have the Goddess to thank for this stroke of good luck.

Ashlynn: A liquid metal slime, huh? He's not going to flee every time we start fighting, is he?

Terry: You think we can really rely on him?

Amos: I don't know what your secret is, Hero, but winning over monsters? I'm impressed.

Lizzie: (snarl) Liquid metal slime... Very...strong... (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Curie the cureslime, aye? Not the most original name...

Milly: Did you know he was going to join us when you said you were his friend?

Nevan: So his friend is somewhere out at sea? Let's search for her!

Ashlynn: Curie, huh? How does he float like that...?

Terry: You think we can really rely on him?

Amos: I never thought we'd be pickin' up new allies here of all places!

Lizzie: (snarl) Curie...our...friend...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing? Boi-oing!

Carver: I'd be kinda worried if I got mistaken for a cureslime.

Milly: He said he was waiting for his friend, but surely he isn't planning to wait here forever?

Nevan: Well, I have healing powers too, but that doesn't automatically make me a friend...

Ashlynn: A cureslime looking for his pal...in a well?

Ashlynn: You think maybe it's a man o' war or something?

Terry: Whatever way you slice it, it's not us he's looking for.

Amos: For a minute there, I thought he was lookin' at old Amos when he said “friend”.

Lizzie: (snarl) Hero...not...cureslime...friend... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: What's so weird about wantin' to chat to a cureslime? It's human nature 'n everything like that.

Milly: Slurping up random conversations is what we do best!

Nevan: If you have no business with that creature, why speak with it in the first place?

Ashlynn: I'm sure you were just being friendly, right Hero?

Terry: If there's no need to talk, don't talk.

That's my philosophy.

Amos: He's callin' us weird? A cureslime's more out of place here than we are!

Lizzie: (snarl) Hero...make...conversation...? (spit)

Goober: (slurp)


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Carver: What's this joint? It's like some kinda ancient temple...

Milly: Look at those symbols on the floor...

What do you think they mean, Hero?

Ashlynn: Wow! I bet this is some kind of mystical puzzle!

Nevan: There is an air of mystery about this place...

Amos: It feels like the sort of place where'd you'd summon a big, scary creature or somethin'...doesn't it?

Carver: Crikey. What's the deal with this joint?

Milly: It seems to be a prison.

Ashlynn: This place is kinda creepy...

Nevan: It seems this place has been abandoned for quite some time.

Amos: Th-There's no one behind us, is there?

Terry: Let's give this place a quick once-over and get out of here.

Lizzie: (snarl) Who make this...? What for...? (slobber)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Nothin' but bones. Looks like he died empty-handed.

Milly: Was he locked up in this prison?

Ashlynn: Did he die of natural causes? I don't see any broken bones or anything.

Nevan: He seems to have passed away quite a long time ago.

Amos: D-Did you just see it move? ...No?

Terry: It's a skeleton. End of story.

Lizzie: (snarl) Why...die...here...? (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: A magma staff! Someone oughta whip this out next time we're in a scrape.

Milly: This staff has special powers, I can sense it.

Ashlynn: Ah, so that skeleton is the owner of this staff? Er, “was”, I mean...

Nevan: The Goddess has blessed us with this gift. Let us use it wisely.

Amos: It wouldn't be safe to go usin' it in here!

Terry: A magma staff? Doesn't sound like anything I'd have much use for.

Lizzie: (snarl) Magma...come...from staff...? Staff...melt...? (spit)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)


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Carver: This is a heck of a place to build a house!

Milly: There doesn't appear to be any problem with the water down here, at least.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! This what they mean by “well-come home”?

Nevan: Just precisely how large is this well anyway?

Amos: How'd they get a house down a well?

Carver: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that this fella lives by himself, aye?

Milly: So the floodgate key is to be found in Castle Swanstone. That's worth remembering.

Ashlynn: The “mirror princess”, huh...? Sounds like something out of a fairy tale.

Nevan: To Castle Swanstone!

Amos: I wonder what this mirror princess is like.

Amos: If she looks in a mirror herself, does she see an endless line of reflections?

Carver: One of the legendary relics, aye...? Now we're talkin'!

Carver: I'd be untouchable in armour like that! I bet it looks sharp, too!

Milly: I wonder if it was the Archfiend who destroyed the castle? Or was something else responsible...?

Ashlynn: The Armour of Orgo, huh? Sounds heavy.

Nevan: I wonder what became of the Armour of Orgo when that castle was demolished.

Amos: I don't suppose the Archfiend is goin' round wearin' the Armour of Orgo...?

Carver: The armour lives up to the legend, aye? It's just so...legendary 'n everything like that!

Milly: Castle Graceskull... What a strange experience that was...

Ashlynn: Anyone curious what happened to that demon they summoned?

Nevan: Slyde... Captain de Klein...

Amos: Heave-ho, heave-ho!

Amos: Who'd have thought my favourite pickaxe would come in handy again back there?

Terry: I've got nothing to do with this Armour of Orgo.

Lizzie: (snarl) Arch...fiend... (snap)

Goober: Boing! Boing boing! (slurp)


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Carver: I reckon we'd better say ahoy to the King first.

Milly: This castle is rather compact, but still a fine structure.

Ashlynn: Do you think the King of Swanstone is young? And nice? And good-looking? ...And single?

Nevan: The blessings of the Goddess be upon this castle.

Amos: This isn't the biggest castle in the world, but it looks solidly built.

Carver: Guardin' the castle gate is the hardest gig in the soldierin' trade, ya know.

Milly: I do like these polite soldiers.

Ashlynn: The soldiers sure seem nice – not intimidating at all.

Nevan: The castle does not appear to be very heavily guarded.

Amos: It doesn't look like we'll be scrappin' with the soldiers in this here castle.

Carver: Huh. What's that pup doin' up here?

Milly: I hope someone takes him for a walk in this lovely weather.

Ashlynn: Aww... What a cute wittle puppy!

Nevan: Whatever might that dog be barking at?

Amos: I agree with the pooch. Woof!

Carver: The world's just full of mysterious mirrors, aye?

Milly: He seems rather fond of the mirror princess himself.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I bet this is one of those stories with an evil queen and a Prince Charming and a talking frog and...

Nevan: I'm not entirely certain I trust that fellow.

Amos: It takes more than just a pretty face to lure in old Amos!

Carver: If the King gives the go-ahead we can “have a look”?

Carver: Why didn't he just say we can meet her?

Milly: I suppose we should pay the King a visit, then.

Ashlynn: Wow! Now I really want to see what's up with this princess!

Nevan: I'm not entirely certain I trust that fellow.

Amos: Let's see the King!

Carver: Crikey! She went from sweet to sour quick, aye?

Milly: I don't think she was actually looking for an answer, Hero.

Ashlynn: Sheesh, Hero... Haven't you ever heard of thinking out loud?

Nevan: Urgh... That little exchange could have gone better.

Amos: You're not afraid of chancin' your arm, are you, Hero?

Carver: Sounds like King Ludwig is a real ladies' man, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. Any girl could understand how she's feeling, I'm sure.

Ashlynn: That girl must be one of those royal-philes.

Nevan: She appears to be quite bashful.

Amos: Is old Amos not worthy of someone's love?

Carver: Crikey. Well ain't that a kick in the teeth.

Milly: We should speak to the King before doing anything else, Hero.

Ashlynn: Bummer! Why isn't the King showing her off any more?

Nevan: So we are not allowed to see her?

Now I'm all the more curious.

Amos: Well old Amos isn't one of the common people so I reckon I can have a peek.

Carver: If it's so famous, how come I ain't heard it?

Milly: A curse... This sounds intriguing.

Ashlynn: Wait, the Princess is cursed? The poor thing...

Nevan: Is there nothing to be done for her?

Amos: Plenty of rumours escape a small-town lad like old Amos.

Carver: Great. So, are we goin' up?

Milly: All the soldiers are ever so kind.

Ashlynn: Let's go, let's go!

Nevan: Up we go!

Amos: That guard has great posture!

Carver: Hmm. No arguin' with him.

Milly: Never mind, Hero. Let's try another way.

Ashlynn: That guy was, like, all business. Would it kill him to just let us through?

Nevan: It would appear we need permission to proceed.

Amos: I don't suppose we can just barge through.

Carver: Hardy har! Now that's what I like to hear!

Milly: What lovely manners.

Ashlynn: Let's go, let's go!

Nevan: Marvellous! Let us proceed!

Amos: The Chancellor's orders travel fast.

Carver: Storage rooms, aye...? Storin' treasure, I hope.

Milly: There shouldn't be any harm in taking a quick look.

Ashlynn: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Nevan: We certainly haven't time to loiter.

Amos: A mirror chamber, eh? I wonder if all the walls are mirrors.

Carver: He thought she was fake? Sounds like he expected a smoke 'n mirrors princess.

Milly: I wonder exactly what he was talking about...

Ashlynn: Mirror princess... Even her name is pretty.

Nevan: That fellow speaks of the Princess as if she were a museum exhibit...

Amos: Is this mirror princess an actual person or some kind of tourist attraction?

Carver: Aye, turning in their graves. ...Wait, why would they be movin' if they were dead 'n buried?

Milly: That gentleman must have been working at the castle since the King was a child.

Ashlynn: You think all that worrying is what made that guy's hair fall out?

Nevan: It seems as though the mirror princess might be a woman reflected in a mirror.

Amos: This old boy looks like a stubborn sort.

Carver: Crikey. All that research for nothin'...

Milly: I wonder who placed the curse that trapped the Princess in the mirror?

Ashlynn: Well, that clinches it! We have to help save the mirror princess!

Ashlynn: So, uh, go ahead and figure out how we do that, okay Hero?

Nevan: It seems we need to pursue another solution.

Amos: So he's tried recitin' a spell in front of the mirror...

Amos: Maybe the Princess saw that crazy beard of his and ran back off?

Carver: Huh. I wonder who takes care of his royal duties 'n everything like that?

Milly: It sounds like the King is obsessed with this mirror princess.

Ashlynn: Since when does staring at something fix anything?

Nevan: I would dearly like to see this princess for myself.

Amos: If the King's not on his throne, maybe old Amos could keep it warm.

Carver: I wonder if there's any way to track down whoever put her in that mirror...

Milly: Such a tragic story. I don't suppose there's any way we could help?

Ashlynn: Well that was a depressing little ditty, huh?

Nevan: Put to verse, her plight seems somehow more tragic than ever.

Amos: The song's nothin' special – but at least it was short!

Carver: World famous, aye? This I gotta eat!

Milly: Perhaps the King's heavy heart is weighing down on his stomach.

Ashlynn: The King is acting more like a lovesick teenager than a monarch.

Nevan: They say nothing kills the appetite like love sickness.

Amos: Maybe if the schnitzel was chopped into little bits he could keep it down.

Carver: Ra's mirror? Aye, we already got one of those.

Milly: If Ra's mirror can be of any assistance here, we should take it to the King right away!

Ashlynn: Hey, why don't we go tell the King that we've got Ra's mirror right here?

Nevan: Ra's mirror reflects only the truth... Sure enough, it may produce some results.

Amos: If you reflect one mirror in another, you'll just end up with endless reflections.

Carver: Great! Well, let's get goin', aye?

Milly: What a pleasant man.

Ashlynn: So he's in the cellar, right? C'mon, let's hurry!

Nevan: Let us make haste to the cellar.

Amos: The Chancellor'll give word to the guard himself? What a nice chap!

Carver: Whoa, hang on, Hero! You plannin' on just bummin' around the castle all day or what?

Milly: Aren't we going to see the King, Hero?

Ashlynn: Oh, come on! We've got nothing but business with him!

Nevan: There is only one place we want to see in this castle.

Amos: So we're just goin' to do a bit of castle sight-seein'?

Carver: He already has a companion, aye? Well, she's locked in a mirror 'n everything like that, but still...

Milly: I'm sure she echoes the sentiments of all the people in the castle.

Ashlynn: Oh, I wish I could do something for the King...

Ashlynn: ...I didn't mean marry him! Let's not get carried away here.

Nevan: I fear the situation will change little as long as the Princess stays imprisoned in that mirror.

Amos: Maybe we could borrow the bed for a quick nap?

Carver: Hmm... Wish I could get a peek in there, at least.

Milly: There's no way we're getting past. What shall we do?

Ashlynn: The Chancellor told us to go down and see the King, right? We should just go on in anyway!

Nevan: I wonder if King Ludwig is in the mirror chamber as we speak.

Amos: We've got the Chancellor's permission!

Let's just saunter in.

Carver: There he goes... I reckon we might as well follow him back upstairs.

Milly: Let's go and properly introduce ourselves to the King.

Ashlynn: The King looked downright depressed.

Nevan: Let's hurry to the King.

Amos: I reckon he thinks we're a rum bunch.

Carver: Hardy har! I'll behave myself, alright.

Milly: He doesn't need to tell us to behave in front of royalty.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! When am I not on my best behaviour?

Nevan: I'm not sure what behaviour would cause offence, but we should tread carefully.

Amos: Don't we look like we're always on our best behaviour?

Carver: Well? Let's do it!

Milly: I do hope Ra's mirror triggers something.

Ashlynn: What a pretty, pretty princess. She sure lived up to the hype!

Nevan: Th-This is extraordinary! There really is someone imprisoned within the mirror.

Amos: It's not just glass with someone in a room behind it, right...?

Carver: Her gums were flappin', but I couldn't hear anything.

Milly: She was trying to say something... Her mouth was moving, but I couldn't read her lips.

Ashlynn: That poor princess, all cooped up like that. Just looking at her makes me sad...

Nevan: Sadly it seems her voice cannot reach us.

Amos: “...I...love...you...Amos...”

Amos: Did anyone else see her mouthin' that?

Carver: Really, Hero. Where ARE ya goin', aye?

Milly: Hero, we need to use Ra's mirror to try and help the Princess in the mirror.

Ashlynn: You sure have a sick sense of humour sometimes, Hero...

Nevan: Let us do the King's bidding.

Amos: You think Ra's mirror is just goin' to reflect more reflections, Hero?

Carver: I reckon it's gonna take more than another mirror to solve this one, aye?

Milly: What was that awful figure that appeared in the mirror...?

Ashlynn: Do you think that sorceror we saw imprisoned the princess?

Nevan: While we couldn't rescue the Princess, we did manage to trigger something within the King.

Nevan: Let's make haste and speak with him..

Amos: Old Amos didn't like the look of that scary sorceror one little bit!

Carver: We ain't got time for explanations right now!

Milly: Hurry, let's go after the King!

Ashlynn: Good question – I'd like to know that, too!

Nevan: We must speak to the King post-haste.

Amos: So we used the mirror, saw that scary figure...

Is that what the King's been lookin' for all this time!?

Carver: You heard the man.

Milly: We should go and consult the King!

Ashlynn: Yep! The King's our man right now!

Nevan: Speaking to the King is our foremost priority.

Amos: We're doin' things in the wrong order. King first, others later!

Carver: Huh. So that was Spiegel the sorcerer, aye?

Carver: Well, let's root him out and take him down.

Milly: What a curious story...

Milly: If we ever want to find out how it ends, we have to defeat this Spiegel!

Ashlynn: This really is a fairy tale come true, with sorcerers and princesses, and everything!

Ashlynn: We have to defeat that mean ol' Spiegel to make sure it has a happy ending.

Nevan: Perhaps the Chancellor can tell us something more.

Amos: I wonder who wrote that old book...

Could it have been Spiegel himself?

Carver: Whoa. That mirror's been around the castle for a while now, aye?

Milly: We've agreed to help the King, so let's hurry and lift that curse.

Ashlynn: The King's got nothing to worry about – if anyone can save that princess, it's us!

Nevan: Let's locate this Spiegel character!

Amos: Havin' a mirror for a conversation partner?

That's tragic.

Carver: The tower is there, except that it ain't? Great, now what?

Milly: Did you get that, Hero? Cast Peep in front of the tower door.

Ashlynn: Sounds like the first step is finding that tower.

Nevan: If the tower is not in this world, perhaps it could be in the upper world?

Amos: What would happen if you cast Sizzle by mistake?

Carver: A fairy tale without an ending, aye...?

Carver: I reckon it's our job to write it.

Milly: Oh my... Condemning her to the mirror for eternity...

That is unspeakable...

Ashlynn: Ooh, love stories with sad endings always make me cry.

Ashlynn: We better beat Spiegel before I bawl my eyes out!

Nevan: This tale's ending is for us to write.

Amos: If we lose to Spiegel, will the book end with our demise?

Carver: Huh... You don't think the story in that book's happenin' right in front of our eyes, do ya?

Milly: If that's true, then it's truly curious...

Ashlynn: I thought the same thing! It's like that book's been predicting the future!

Nevan: Could that really be possible?

Amos: Yeah, he might be readin' too much into this.

Carver: I reckon we'll find out once we get there, aye?

Milly: Let's go and look for that tower, Hero!

Ashlynn: The sooner we start searching for Spiegel's tower, the sooner we'll find it!

Nevan: The tower must exist somewhere. Let's make haste!

Amos: It would be nice if she'd bothered to actually find out where the tower's got to.


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Carver: A tower in the desert, aye...? Does that ring any bells, Hero?

Milly: In his dream...? Do you think this tower is in the dream world?

Ashlynn: A mysterious sorcerer... I wonder what kind of magic we're talking about here?

Nevan: That certainly sounds like useful information.

Amos: So it used to be a tower and now it's a well?

That's quite a difference.

Carver: A tower in the desert, aye...? Do you think it's that one we passed by a few times?

Milly: He's seen it in his dreams – it must be in the dream world!

Ashlynn: That sorcerer's got to be Spiegel!

Nevan: Most likely Spiegel resides in that very tower.

Let's investigate!

Amos: So it used to be a tower and now it's a well?

That's quite a difference.

Carver: He's fast asleep. Let's shove off.

Milly: There's no need for us to wake him. Let's go, Hero.

Ashlynn: Who could sleep in this dank well?

Ashlynn: Say, you think Spiegel was a figment of that guy's dreams the whole time?

Nevan: He should sleep in a proper bed before he catches a cold.

Amos: I bet if you hollered at the top of your lungs here it would echo for ages.

Terry: Do we really need to be here?

Lizzie: (snarl) Sleeping... Snoring... (slobber)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: We can push 'n pull on that door all day – it ain't budgin'.

Milly: I don't think we'll be able to enter.

Ashlynn: How can we open it?

Nevan: No key we possess will open that door.

Amos: Open sesame!

Amos: ...Well, I gave it a shot.

Carver: Oop! No normal key'll open that door, that's for sure.

Milly: Do you remember the spell we need?

Ashlynn: Oh, darn! What're we supposed to do to open this again?

Nevan: Well, Hero, let's use the spell.

Amos: Sizzle isn't goin' to do the trick.

Carver: Alright! Let's go!

Milly: Let's be careful.

Ashlynn: Yahoo!

Nevan: So a spell opened the door... Somehow it makes sense for a sorcerer's tower.

Amos: ...Peep!

Amos: It's a bit late now, I know. Besides, old Amos can't even cast that spell!

Carver: Nice and roomy in here, aye?

Milly: I sense that reaching the top will not be easy...

Ashlynn: Wow, a girl could get lost in here!

Nevan: I get the feeling there are monsters at hand.

Let's be on our guard.

Amos: Maybe if we tip-toe through...

Carver: Uh, which way are we headed?

Milly: Let's not tire ourselves out before the end of our mission.

Ashlynn: You sure this is the right way, Hero...?

Nevan: The monsters in this tower seem powerful.

Amos: One-two, one-two – march!

Carver: This tower's a lot taller than I thought.

Milly: I'm sensing something ahead... Keep your wits about you.

Ashlynn: Be careful, Hero!

Nevan: Be not afraid, Hero. The Goddess watches over us.

Amos: Haah... Haah...

Carver: I reckon we're finally at the top.

Milly: Why, it's a little cabin...

Ashlynn: Oh, wow! What a view!

Nevan: Mind your step – the winds can get quite powerful this high up.

Amos: ...Urgh! That's one heck of a drop!

Old Amos isn't too good with heights...

Carver: “The world's greatest sorcerer”, aye? Says him.

Milly: Spiegel... Just what is he doing up here...?

Ashlynn: That guy's kinda scary! ...You sure we can take him?

Nevan: I do not trust him...but he does not appear to be altogether evil...

Amos: Just maybe not “world's most humble sorcerer”, right?

Carver: Hardy har! That's that!

Milly: We did it, Hero! Now Miralda can escape from the mirror!

Milly: Let's hurry back to Castle Swanstone.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! We finally beat that freak!

Ashlynn: That oughta break the curse once and for all!

Nevan: By the grace of the Goddess, we have done it!

Amos: Old Spiegel said he'd had the Princess trapped in the mirror for millennia.

Amos: Just how old would that make her!?


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: C'mon, let's report back to the King!

Milly: I'm sure Miralda can now be freed. Come on, let's tell the King the good news!

Ashlynn: Hurry up, people! We gotta talk to the King!

Nevan: I do so adore having good news to deliver.

Amos: Come to think of it, Spiegel's place high atop that tower seems like a sure-fire earthquake hazard, doesn't it?

Carver: We're back, aye, and with news the King'll want to hear!

Milly: Let's not keep the King waiting any longer!

Ashlynn: To the King! To the King!

Nevan: The King will surely be delighted by the news.

Amos: Hope we get a fanfare when we see the King.

Carver: We might get to finally meet this princess in the flesh, aye?

Milly: Everyone here seems to be familiar with the legend.

Ashlynn: I hope Princess Miralda can escape that mirror now!

Nevan: I can't wait to savour the fruit born of Spiegel's defeat.

Amos: I bet now old Spiegel wishes he had just stayed in that fairy tale.

Carver: C'mon, let's go see the King himself!

Milly: Come on, let's tell the King the good news!

Ashlynn: Hurry up, people! The King's waiting!

Nevan: We should be speaking to the King rather than that gentleman.

Amos: Chattin' to the elderly is all well and good, but we can't keep the King waitin'!

Carver: Hardy har! We always keep our word, aye?

Milly: He looked so grateful and relieved.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Of course we did it! And how!

Nevan: It pleases me that he is pleased.

Amos: We did it alright!

Carver: Uh oh... Hope we haven't kept him waitin' too long.

Milly: I'm sure he's quite anxious to hear from us.

Ashlynn: Is the King in here?

Nevan: Let us make haste and see the King.

Amos: His Highness must be on tenterhooks!

Carver: Let's quit chattin' and inform the King!

Milly: Come on, Hero, it's the King we need to speak to!

Ashlynn: I bet the King's gonna be so surprised!

Nevan: Let's report to the King.

Amos: We should be speakin' to the King first...

Carver: I wouldn't believe it if I ain't seen it myself...

Milly: That was wonderful... Simply wonderful!

Ashlynn: Aww... Wasn't that romantic?

Nevan: It seems that Miralda's curse has been fully lifted.

Amos: So is Miralda goin' to marry him or what!?

Carver: I reckon that takes care of the mirror princess, aye?

Carver: Of course if they wanted to reward us with a giant feast or somethin', I wouldn't turn it down...

Milly: Ludwig and Miralda both looked so happy, didn't they?

Ashlynn: It's a true fairy tale ending, huh? I was bawling like a baby the whole time.

Nevan: The Goddess's will be done.

Amos: I wonder how old Miralda really is...

Carver: Did the King go back to his room or what?

Milly: Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! We did it... We really did it!

Nevan: I bet all the soldiers were shocked to see the princess walking about.

Amos: Are we goin' to see a weddin' right away?

Carver: How long, she asks? Too long, I say...

Milly: It was almost an eternity, wouldn't you say, Hero?

Ashlynn: Spiegel said it was “a few millennia”, right?

I can't even imagine...

Nevan: I suppose time stopped for her while she was imprisoned within the mirror.

Amos: However many years it was, she doesn't look like she's aged one bit.

Carver: I can barely believe it myself, and I was right there!

Milly: After all these years, this news must come as quite a shock to the people here.

Ashlynn: Too bad that guy didn't see her actually come out – I would've loved to see his face!

Nevan: I'll never forget the moment she was finally freed.

Amos: I wonder if there's any more royalty about that need freein' from furniture?

Carver: “Happy” don't quite cover it, aye? He looked fit to cry, I'd say.

Milly: I wouldn't be surprised if it was the happiest the King has ever been in his life.

Ashlynn: Of course he looked happy... Wouldn't you be, Hero?

Nevan: I must admit to being quite pleased myself.

Amos: Old Amos didn't notice the King much, truth be told. But I could certainly tell him how Miralda looked...

Carver: Just thinkin' about it makes me shudder.

Carver: You'd rescue me if I got stuck in a mirror, aye, Hero?

Milly: Goddess, I can hardly bear to think of it...

Ashlynn: I'd go stir crazy after a day!

Nevan: She was trapped like the proverbial bird in a cage.

Amos: I wonder what your reflection looks like when you're inside the mirror?

Carver: Wonder how he'll describe me? Can words even do my pecs justice? I doubt it...

Milly: Could that old gentleman be the one who read King Ludwig the story when he was a child?

Ashlynn: Oh, I totally agree! Happy endings just make me so...happy!

Nevan: It will doubtless make a splendid tale.

Amos: Here's hopin' old Amos gets a happy endin' to his story as well! ...Well, I'm not ready for the endin' just yet, mind you...

Carver: He's got that right!

Milly: He's right, this whole mirror princess affair was nothing if not bizarre.

Ashlynn: Boy, he said it! We run into crazier things with each passing day!

Nevan: In life, one never knows what awaits around the next corner.

Amos: In this case, the fairy tale was real, so the truth was exactly as strange as the fiction!

Carver: That fella must've nearly passed out when she sauntered by, aye?

Milly: Miralda did indeed look fantastic. Her aura was glittering.

Ashlynn: She was so beautiful, even I was a little jealous. There, I said it.

Nevan: I've never seen such a stunning woman...

Er... Perhaps I should pray for a while...

Amos: She might be a few millennia old, but true beauty never ages!

Carver: “Happy” ain't hard to spell. But “chimaera” – that's a toughie!

Milly: I certainly hope he can manage something better than that.

Ashlynn: That guy will never be the king of pop music with lyrics like that.

Nevan: If I had even a modicum of musical ability,

I would compose a song for the King myself.

Amos: I bet if he wrote a sad song now, he'd get the sack!

Carver: Whatever he can't eat, I'd be happy to help out with.

Milly: I hope she realises there's now one more royal mouth to feed!

Ashlynn: I just realised that Princess Miralda hasn't eaten in thousands of years! Her tummy must be roaring!

Nevan: It's time for her to do what she does best!

Amos: Old Amos isn't half peckish, I tell you!

Carver: Not that I care about that lovey-dovey stuff, but they deserve happiness...

Milly: No wonder they look happy – imagine finally being able to embrace someone after staring at them for years!

Ashlynn: I'm more than a bit envious. I'm a LOT envious!

Nevan: There is no need for envy – the Goddess has a plan for us all to find happiness...

Amos: They've only just got together but they seem made for each other. Old Amos is jealous, too...

Carver: Hardy har! Praise from the Chancellor himself, aye?

Milly: Make sure you're gracious when receiving praise, Hero.

Ashlynn: Aww... A little praise sure goes a long way.

Nevan: He should know that we are only too happy to be of assistance.

Amos: The Chancellor's grinnin' from ear to ear.

Carver: Avast! We can use that floodgate key to reach the open sea, Hero!

Milly: Oh my, what a happy ending (sniff) – may the Goddess bless them both! (sniff)

Ashlynn: Oh my Goddess! The King and Miralda are gonna get hitched!

Ashlynn: I'm so, so, so happy for them!

Nevan: We have been truly blessed.

Amos: Gettin' married already!? ...Well, I suppose it's actually been a long time comin'!

Carver: I reckon the lesson here is “never give up”, aye? Things work out sooner or later...

Carver: Course, we ain't waitin' a few thousand years to restore peace to the world!

Milly: Such eternal devotion is something we can all aspire to.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I wish I could find my dream hubby like she did...just, you know, minus that whole “trapped for a few millennia” thing.

Nevan: Now I sense Castle Swanstone is back on the road to prosperity.

Nevan: As for us, we must continue our quest.

Amos: The more I hear, the more I despise this Spiegel.

Amos: I wish we could have stuck him inside a mirror!

Carver: Hardy har! I bet the King will finally get a good night's sleep, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. It's nice to see the servants sharing the joy.

Ashlynn: It looks so soft. And I bet it's bedbug-free!

Nevan: That woman's prayers have finally been answered.

Amos: And there was old Amos hopin' we could borrow that bed!

Carver: Pups can sense good cheer in the air, ya know.

Milly: Even that doggie is delighted that the mirror princess is free.

Ashlynn: That pooch is smiling like the cat that ate the chimaera.

Nevan: Perhaps he's just excited by the prospect of table scraps at the King's marital feast.

Amos: Woof yourself!

Carver: That legend can stay a legend, if ya don't mind.

Milly: It might be a legend, but you know what they say: Where there's smoke, there's often fire...

Milly: The undersea Dread Fiend must be out there somewhere...

Ashlynn: I guess you have to take the bad legends with the good ones.

Nevan: But how might one travel to the ocean floor...?

Amos: Are there any legends where a man who turns into a monster marries a beautiful princess?

Carver: Crikey! She went from sweet to sour quick, aye?

Milly: I don't think she was actually looking for an answer, Hero.

Ashlynn: Honestly, Hero, you were asking for that.

Nevan: Urgh... That little exchange could have gone better.

Amos: You're not afraid of chancin' your arm, are you, Hero?

Carver: Whatever world we're in right now, she ain't livin' in it.

Milly: She shouldn't get her hopes up. This story's ending has already been written...

Ashlynn: That girl's crazy for the King – emphasis on “crazy”.

Nevan: It may be hopeless, but she still hasn't given up.

Amos: Probably best we don't tell her we're the ones that rescued the mirror princess!


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Carver: Huh? Hang on, did he mutter somethin' about “mermaids”?

Milly: Did he say “mermaids”? What in the world could he have been talking about?

Ashlynn: I believe in mermaids! Well, I want to, anyway. The whole idea is kind of romantic, you know?

Nevan: Salty seadogs have traded rumours of mermaid-sightings since time immemorial.

Amos: Old Amos'd love to meet a mermaid! 'Course, a regular woman would be just fine, too.

Carver: “Used to be”? What, did he fall overboard or somethin'?

Milly: I wonder what happened to this Rod?

Ashlynn: Hmm. Is this Rod guy a troublemaker or something?

Nevan: He must have been a fine fisherman indeed to garner such praise from the locals.

Amos: Is he the second best fisherman now?

Is there an official ranking?

Carver: Oh, was that Rod who flew off the handle earlier? Now I get it.

Milly: So that was Rod earlier, was it? What could be making him so grumpy?

Ashlynn: Hey, you never know! Anyone can fall in love!

Nevan: I wonder why this Rod is so out of sorts.

Amos: Love's supposed to make a man soft and cuddly, not prickly.

Carver: What do you call a young fisherman, aye? “Fisherboy” don't sound right.

Milly: He's a polite little fellow, isn't he!

Ashlynn: Wow. You see the tan on that kid?

Nevan: So this is Pescado.

Amos: Doesn't seem to be much life about this place.

Carver: They're sold out, aye? Tell that to my belly.

Milly: Sea monsters have always been the scourge of any fishing village.

Ashlynn: Aww, the poor old man...

Nevan: I pray that this village's catches become bountiful once more.

Amos: Old Amos prefers a nice steak to fish anyday.

Carver: I take it that cat's hungry, aye? Good thing for us she's not a tiger...

Milly: What's become of the world when a cat can starve in a fishing village...?

Ashlynn: Aww, is the wittle kitty hungry? Poor, poor kitty...

Nevan: That cat looks alarmingly thin.

Amos: Hey there, kitty cat!

Carver: Whoa. Not enough hope here to float a thimble, aye?

Milly: He can't go out fishing because of sea monsters...

I wonder if there's anything we could do?

Ashlynn: Boy, that guy trumps all the grumps we've ever met! I feel for him, though.

Nevan: That man should speak to the Goddess. There's no substitute for a good pray sometimes.

Amos: That lad's thinkin' bloomin' negatively.

Carver: Hardy har! The lady's got the right attitude, at least.

Milly: We should all learn a thing or two about optimism from her!

Ashlynn: It'd be nice if her enthusiasm caught on around here.

Nevan: That woman has the right approach. One must never give in to despair.

Amos: A bit of positive thinkin'! When the fish come, that woman'll be all ready to scoop 'em up!

Carver: Someone's buyin' it all up? I'm gonna pass out if I don't get some protein soon!

Milly: What in the world is going on here?

Ashlynn: Why is someone hoarding all the fish? That's just...stinky!

Nevan: Who could be buying up all the fish?

Amos: I thought that fellow was some kind of peepin' tom!

Carver: It really seems like there's still monsters and trouble everywhere we go, aye?

Milly: If only the nearby sea could be freed of monsters, that would be a start...

Ashlynn: Wow... What can we do about rough seas, Hero...?

Nevan: It's tragic to see a fishing village where fishing is off limits.

Amos: Anyone who tells you the world is at peace is talkin' through their hat.

Carver: Mermaids, aye!? This we gotta see, Hero!

Milly: Disgusting. Only a savage would use a living creature as a tourist attraction.

Ashlynn: Boy, I sure hope that guy doesn't catch any!

Nevan: Exhibiting a mermaid would be an appalling act!

Amos: A mermaid!? Old Amos would love to get an eyeful!

Carver: The rocks by the northern cape, aye? Let's make a mental note 'n everything like that.

Milly: Could mermaids really exist? I wonder....

Ashlynn: Hey, Hero, why don't we go track down the mermaid? I really, really, want to see her! Really!

Nevan: I would dearly love to encounter a mermaid...

Amos: Old Amos is keen on meetin' a mermaid but I'm not so fussed about meetin' any mermen.

Carver: Whoa. Now I feel a little sorry for the guy...

Milly: It sounds like Rod is lucky to still be alive.

Ashlynn: Well, that's a real sob story, but it still doesn't give him an excuse to be so mean!

Nevan: It seems we all have our own burdens to shoulder.

Amos: Goin' from the best fisherman in the village to bein' a mangled wreck would make anyone prickly.

Carver: The cave, aye...? Must be somethin' there, I'd bet.

Milly: This cave sounds rather intriguing, don't you think?

Ashlynn: The cave? You think there's really “nothing of interest” in there?

Nevan: I think we need to see this cave for ourselves.

Amos: Old Amos can't wait to see what's in that cave!

Carver: I'm beginning to wonder if there really are more fish in the sea...

Milly: At least this shop seems to have had some fish today.

Ashlynn: Someone must be trying to corner the fish market around here.

Nevan: Was the last customer a local, I wonder?

Amos: Maybe we should reserve in advance for next time?

Carver: Whoa! That fella's quick!

Milly: I'm rather curious as to who's been ordering all these fish.

Ashlynn: Hey, Hero, why don't we try following him?

Nevan: Let's follow that fellow.

Amos: It's careless to abandon a shop while there's still customers.

Carver: Crikey. Not much of a people person, aye?

Milly: Isn't he the one who approached us when we first arrived here?

Ashlynn: You heard the man. Let's get out of here, Hero!

Nevan: Let's walk around the village a little more.

Amos: Let's go somewhere where we're less of a nuisance.

Carver: Blimey! Is that any way to greet visitors?

Milly: So this is who the fishmonger's been making those deliveries to...

Ashlynn: What a meanie! It's like he's got a fish chip on his shoulder or something.

Nevan: What shall we do? Should we leave?

Amos: Haah... Haah... That fishmonger don't half walk fast...

Carver: Oof. That fella's always on the move, aye...?

Milly: So this is who the fishmonger's been making those deliveries to...

Ashlynn: Oops! He's gone already. Must be pretty busy.

Nevan: What shall we do? Should we leave as well?

Amos: Haah... Haah... That fishmonger don't half walk fast...

Carver: He's up to somethin', alright. Let's get after him – but let's be discreet 'n everything like that.

Milly: Let's tail him – but make sure he doesn't spot us.

Ashlynn: He's definitely hiding something, that's for sure. We better not let him get away!

Nevan: I'm not comfortable with the idea of stalking someone, but clearly we have no choice.

Nevan: If we want to uncover the truth, we must make our way carefully.

Amos: Old Amos's heart's beatin' like a drum!

I hope he can't hear it...

Carver: Blimey. The jig is up.

Milly: That didn't go too well...

Ashlynn: Aww, he went back home!

Nevan: Let's wait until the next opportunity.

Amos: It was a mistake to go up and chat.

Carver: Huh. Even the fishmonger's surprised at how much he's buyin', aye...?

Milly: I always sensed that Rod was hiding something.

Ashlynn: You saw how much fish he was buying... What could he possibly be doing with it all?

Nevan: You don't think he has a fish addiction that's spiralled out of control, do you?

Amos: Old Amos has worked it out! He must have a cat the size of a house in that cave!

Carver: Unda's a pretty sweet fishgal, ain't she? She ought to be back with her crew.

Milly: Let's get Unda back to her friends, Hero!

Ashlynn: Ooh, aren't mermaids so romantic?

Nevan: May the blessings of the Goddess be upon Pescado.

Amos: If someone does bag a mermaid, chances are they'll stick 'em on display.

Carver: Sayin' goodbye ain't easy for anyone, aye?

Milly: Poor Rod. He must be pining for Unda.

Ashlynn: Let's get Unda back to her friends, okay? Rod's probably worried sick right now!

Nevan: Rod's heart must be deeply conflicted. Happiness and loneliness make a far from ideal combination.

Amos: Will Unda make it back to her companions? The suspense is killin' old Amos!

Carver: Hardy har! He just lost his best customer, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. Rod's not fed up of fish, is he Hero?

Ashlynn: Wouldn't it be funny if Rod actually hated fish the whole time?

Nevan: I wonder how much fish Unda got through in a day.

Amos: That giant cat in the cave must have moved out!

Carver: ...Rod's a pretty nice fella once you get to know him, aye?

Milly: We'll try our best not to let Rod down, won't we, Hero?

Ashlynn: I sure hope we can help make a happy ending for Rod and Unda.

Nevan: I pray that the Goddess leads Rod to happiness.

Amos: Rod's got a face like a stormy sea, but a truer heart you couldn't hope to find.

Carver: No monsters around here, I can say that much...

Milly: It really smells of the sea in here, doesn't it?

Ashlynn: I don't see anything weird here, anyway.

Nevan: This is a most spacious cave.

Amos: There might be a big monster boss hidin' round here!

...Or not.

Carver: Huh. You think the fish are really bitin' in a dark, stinking cave?

Milly: If he can fish here, that must mean this cave opens out into the sea.

Ashlynn: That guy DOES have bait on his hook, right?

Nevan: Perhaps he's found a secret fishing spot.

Amos: Is it monsters stoppin' that lad catchin' fish or is he just a bit useless?

Carver: Mighty suspicious, aye?

Milly: Make sure he doesn't spot us!

Ashlynn: That guy's hiding something, that's for sure!

Nevan: I can't help but feel like we're doing something wrong...

Amos: ...Shhh! Tip-toes, everyone!

Carver: Here's an idea, Hero: let's not get caught next time.

Milly: We got too close, Hero. That's why he spotted us.

Ashlynn: We'd probably be better off keeping a bit more distance.

Nevan: It's no easy feat to track him without being detected.

Amos: That Rod ain't half cautious!

Carver: Ahoy! Was that a mermaid!?

Milly: So mermaids are real! And here I thought they only existed in fairy tales.

Ashlynn: Wow! A real mermaid! I saw her with my own eyes!

Nevan: Was that...a mermaid...?

Amos: It plunged into the water so fast I barely saw it, but that was a mermaid, right?

Carver: Got away, aye? What a scaredy-cat! Or is that “scaredy-catfish”?

Milly: If only we could reassure her that we won't cause any harm...

Ashlynn: Aww... She was so scared...

Nevan: She seems to be afraid of humans.

Amos: That was a pretty negative reaction...

Old Amos is hurt, I tell you!

Carver: Really, Hero? Nothing happened here...?

Milly: Hero, if we go back now, we won't have accomplished anything.

Ashlynn: You sure that's the best thing for them, Hero?

Nevan: We must pursue the truth...

Amos: Are we just goin' to leave?

Carver: What a tale, aye? You're about to see a grown man cry. (sniff)

Milly: She ran the risk of getting separated from her friends when she came to Rod's rescue...

Ashlynn: Forbidden love between man and mermaid... That's good stuff! Write it down!

Nevan: Unda is a fine figure of a mermaid.

Amos: (sniff) Old Amos seems to have got some seawater in his eyes. (sob)

Carver: C'mon! Let's go and show him our ship!

Milly: Let's hurry back with the ship!

Ashlynn: If it's strength and a ship they need, we oughta give 'em both!

Nevan: There's no time to lose!

Amos: So he doesn't think we look the part? Hmph!

Carver: Hey, Hero, we can do this! Take him up on it, aye?

Milly: We're not going to take Unda back to her friends, Hero?

Ashlynn: Aww! We've just got to take Unda back! Pretty please, Hero!

Nevan: All shall unfold according to the Goddess's plan.

Amos: We've got a ship! We've got courage!

Why not tell him?

Carver: Ahoy! There she is!

Milly: I wonder if Unda will really go along with Rod's plan...

Ashlynn: Alright! Time for the voyage home!

Nevan: It is painful indeed to see Rod and Unda part ways.

Amos: I'm sorry we kept Rod waitin'!

Carver: Whoa. Rod is one heck of a fella, aye?

Milly: I'm so happy for Rod.

Ashlynn: This is so touching...!

Nevan: This is all rather over-exciting.
I must pray more...

Amos: Old Amos has gone bright red, I tell you!


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Carver: Ahoy! Mermaids ho! Hope they won't swim off on us or nothin'.

Milly: All the mermaids seem to be frolicking happily.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! Finally here! And look at all of Unda's friends!

Nevan: This is indeed a long way from Pescado. We've done well to arrive in one piece.

Amos: It's just like a dream...

Carver: So we can go into the briny deep with this harp, aye? Let's do it, Hero!

Milly: Lorelei's harp... What a curious instrument this is...

Ashlynn: I'm so happy Unda made it back to her merfolk!

Nevan: Let's give Lorelei's harp a try without delay!

Amos: Are Ova and Unda twins? Old Amos couldn't tell the difference.

Carver: Rod must be goin' nuts waitin' for news about Unda, aye?

Milly: Rod's going to be so happy!

Ashlynn: Come on! We gotta tell Rod all about Unda!

Nevan: I can just picture Rod's face lighting up.

Amos: So this Rod fellow's not hidin' anythin' else in that cave, right?

Carver: Hardy har! Folks wonder about Rod when he's carryin' on OR calmin' down. He doesn't get a break.

Milly: There's nothing Rod can do except wait patiently for the day he can be reunited with Unda.

Ashlynn: Too bad we can't tell her why Rod's so calm, huh?

Nevan: Rod must be rather lonely without Unda around.

Amos: Old Amos is dyin' to tell everyone what we saw! But I'll hold my tongue.

Carver: She was talkin' about Rod, aye? I bet the difference is night 'n day if ya live here.

Milly: That's right. People are sure to change as time goes by.

Ashlynn: She's talking about Rod, right? She sure doesn't have to tell me twice!

Ashlynn: I had no idea ol' hot Rod was such a loverboy!

Nevan: I've been told that I've scarcely changed since I was a child.

Amos: People are also known to transform into monsters!

Carver: A terrifying monster, aye...? Do you think the seas will smooth out if we take him down?

Milly: Visiting the bottom of the sea is no problem for us now that we've got Lorelei's harp.

Ashlynn: That monster sounds like a job for us! Let's get him!

Ashlynn: With the monster out of the picture, maybe Rod can pay a personal visit to Unda!

Nevan: The bottom of the south-eastern sea... Duly noted.

Amos: Is it really worth takin' on a terrifyin' monster just so that lad can do a spot of fishin'?

Carver: Huh. So he's sellin' to people other than Rod now?

Milly: I'm sure all the villagers are delighted by this news.

Ashlynn: I'll bet that's because he lost his number-one customer, Rod.

Nevan: With their most loyal customer no longer buying in bulk, business may be struggling.

Amos: It sounds like business is boomin' now.

Carver: Hardy har! That's music to my ears 'n everything like that!

Milly: It sounds like Rod is truly doing well!

Ashlynn: I hope Rod's journey back to sea can come sooner rather than later.

Nevan: I'm pleased to hear that Rod's in fine fettle.

Amos: Rod's a fine fellow!

Carver: Rod's spirits sure are soarin', aye? Good for him.

Milly: They're so lucky to have each other.

Ashlynn: Wow, what a guy!

Nevan: Rod will doubtless be as good as his word.

Amos: If I was a lady and someone said that, I'd be bowled over, make no mistake.
...What? I said “if”!


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Carver: Looks like them mermaids ain't scared of us any more, aye?

Milly: Everyone must be so relieved that Unda's returned.

Ashlynn: Boy, am I glad we got Unda home safe and sound!

Nevan: It seems the mermaids will speak to us now instead of fleeing.

Amos: Blimey! These mermaids ain't half beautiful!

Carver: Aye, we better keep mum. If word got out about this place, it might attract a bad crowd.

Milly: Of course. We won't say a word, will we?

Ashlynn: She's got nothing to worry about with me! My lips are sealed!

Nevan: I pray that the Goddess may protect all mermaid-kind.

Amos: Old Amos won't tell a soul.

Carver: Mermen, aye...? I ain't in a hurry to see some hairy fish fella.

Milly: Hee hee. I hadn't really thought about that.

Ashlynn: I'd love to meet a merman! I bet he'd be young and handsome and know all the best spots for seafood!

Nevan: So it's a secret... I must confess, I'm intrigued.

Amos: What if mermen look exactly like mermaids!? Blimey...

Carver: I reckon the water's always greener on the other side of the rocks, aye?

Milly: That young mermaid seems to be quite curious.

Ashlynn: Funny that she mentions that. I kinda wonder what it's like to be a mermaid, too.

Nevan: Perhaps the day will come when humans and mermaids may live in harmony.

Amos: Imagine livin' with a mermaid! You'd have to convert half your house into a swimmin' pool!

Carver: I reckon she knows her business, but sleepin' like that sounds like a good way to get conked by a boat keel.

Milly: I'd like to try that – on a clear day!

Ashlynn: Wow! I feel seasick just thinking about it.

Nevan: Sleeping while floating on the waves does sound blissful.

Amos: I would've thought mermaids could take a bit of seawater up their nose...

Carver: Was that a kid mermaid? Shouldn't she be in a school with all the other little fish? Hardy har!

Milly: Hee hee. She's so full of innocence.

Ashlynn: She must've never seen a ship up close before.

Nevan: The Providence is indeed pleasant and sublime.

Amos: The people in the boat are even more amazin'!

Carver: Is she darin' us to kidnap her? Find me a net, on the double!

Carver: ...Whoa, hang on! I'm just kiddin'!

Milly: Hee hee. We must have become good friends if she feels comfortable saying such things.

Ashlynn: Sheesh! What a mean mermaid!

Nevan: I do believe that mermaid enjoys pulling people's legs...err...fins...

Amos: We won't be bullied by any mermaid!

Carver: Crikey. She's already actin' like a perfect fishy wife for Rod, aye?

Milly: Rod will be delighted to hear that Unda's been thinking of him.

Ashlynn: Aw, that's so sweet! I hope Rod can find something besides fish to eat around the village, though.

Nevan: I hope they will be able to live together as man and mermaid soon.

Amos: She's worried about Rod's diet!? Maybe he's over-dosin' on fish.

Carver: Well, have a look at them! Playin' like the best of pals, aye?

Milly: It should be fine for the children to play here now that there's no risk of kidnapping.

Ashlynn: Aw, I just love listening to kids whoop it up like that!

Nevan: Children should always be so carefree.

Amos: Old Amos used to run around like that! Except I fell over more often...

Terry: Did we have some reason for coming here?

Lizzie: (slobber) Children play alone... Not dangerous...? (spit)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Hardy har! A bit short for a well wisher, aye?

Milly: I suppose playing “peace” wouldn't make for quite as exciting a game, eh Hero?

Ashlynn: Ah, so that's the famous “well wisher” game. Looks fun!

Nevan: I would've expected children to want to be the hero – not the monster...

Amos: GRRARGH! Old Amos is a monster too!

Terry: If he really was a well wisher, he'd already be dead by my hand.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie not...well wisher... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: You'd never catch me playin' with girls when I was a kid...

Milly: Good to see a girl with imagination beyond the dollhouse.

Ashlynn: Aw, they look like they're having so much fun!

Nevan: It's a fine thing to have a trusty playmate.

Amos: Once these kids grow up, those monsters had better watch out!

Terry: If they're happy playing, leave them to it.

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie enjoy playing too... (spit)

Goober: Boi-oing!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Remember back when the Chief's girl got snatched? Seems like ancient history now, aye?

Milly: Shall we visit the Chief since we've come all this way?

Ashlynn: I hope Cynthia's still doing alright.

Nevan: May the Goddess smile on Wellshire.

Amos: Old Amos never did any adventurin' here.

Terry: You do get around, don't you, Hero?

Lizzie: (spit) Town...beautiful... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Hardy har! It's good to have the Chief on our side, aye?

Milly: The Chief's aura is absolutely gleaming. His life must be trouble-free these days.

Ashlynn: He must be overjoyed to see Cynthia safe again.

Nevan: Does the Chief really believe us capable of anything? I wonder...

Amos: Yep, there's nowt we can't do!

Terry: That joker's in charge of this place? Hmph.

Lizzie: (slobber) Chief...praise...us...? (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: The Mayor still ain't back, aye?

Milly: It doesn't seem the Mayor's absence is affecting village life very much.

Ashlynn: Sounds like they could really take him or leave him.

Nevan: It appears the townsfolk are all pulling together.

Amos: Not havin' a mayor sounds better than puttin' up with one you can't stand.

Terry: Sounds like they never needed a mayor in the first place.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...not know...Mayor... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) (jiggle)

Carver: Well, he came to the right place for that question.

Milly: I'd love to reassure everyone that peace has returned, but it's too early for that...

Ashlynn: Well, we did beat Murdaw. That much is sure.

Nevan: Knowing for certain should put his heart at ease.

Amos: Strike Murdaw off the list of things to worry about!

Terry: Seems we've taken a weight off his mind.

Lizzie: (snarl) Relax too much...dangerous... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: The legendary shield's in Felonia, aye...? I'll make a mental note 'n everything like that.

Milly: Felonia...

Ashlynn: That's a rumour worth following up on!

Nevan: I dearly hope we might locate this legendary shield.

Amos: I wonder where this Felonia place is.

Goober: Boing! Boing boing!

Carver: I ain't worried. My spirits never sink.

Milly: A dark world... I wonder what we might find there?

Ashlynn: So it's just, like – poof! – and they're gone? I don't like the sound of that.

Nevan: The dark world? Does this mean there's another world aside from the dream world?

Amos: Old Amos knows that sinkin' feelin' when you're out of energy and gettin' sleepy.

Terry: The dark world? Interesting...

Lizzie: (slobber) Dark world...pitch black...? (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Everyone's got a case of the jitters. I wish we could find a cure for 'em all!

Milly: The fact is, peace has not yet returned... That's what she means, isn't it.

Ashlynn: You can't really call it peace when everyone's so antsy.

Nevan: I would hope we might be able to ease that nun's mind.

Amos: It's no surprise she feels a sense of unease. It's an uneasy peace, after all.

Terry: True peace is still to come.

Lizzie: (snarl) Everyone...hope for...peace... (slobber)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: More power to her.

Milly: We have a part to play in answering her prayer as well.

Ashlynn: If anyone tries to mess up the peace, they'll have to mess with us, too!

Nevan: I will add my voice to her prayer.

Amos: You don't want peace to be fragile – you want it to be unbreakable!

Terry: I've got no time for prayers.

Lizzie: (snarl) Who...Goddess...? Where...she live...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! Johan's really mannin' up, aye?

Milly: People often find inner strength when they have someone to protect.

Ashlynn: Is it me, or does Johan look a lot more grown-up than he used to?

Nevan: Johan has become a splendid young man.

Amos: Sounds like that lad will never run away from anythin'! Not from Dread Fiends, not from loan sharks...

Terry: I sense true strength in him.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...protect...Terry... Lizzie...protect...everyone... (slobber)

Goober: (jiggle) Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Crikey, what a gal! She's still worryin' about the Mayor after all this time!

Milly: She really should stop worrying about what happened... But Ella has such a kind heart.

Ashlynn: Seeing the two of them so happy makes me happy too!

Nevan: Their happiness and joy extends to all around them.

Amos: What could the misunderstandin' have been?

Terry: The Mayor will be back sooner or later. Unless a monster's got hold of him...

Lizzie: (snarl) Girl...very kind... (spit)

Goober: B-Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! She could learn a thing or three from Ella.

Milly: I hope she picks someone unattached this time!

Ashlynn: Oh, brother. Does that girl ever stop thinking about herself?

Nevan: Rather than envying others, she should strive to improve herself.

Amos: I've never been so happy that I'm not a knight in shinin' armour...

Terry: Don't worry about explaining who she is. I really don't care.

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie...not understand...love... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Ya know, I bet I coulda been mayor here if I stuck around long enough.

Milly: An election would really inject some life into the village.

Ashlynn: He seems nice enough. Maybe I'd vote for him.

Nevan: Every town needs a leader, after all.

Amos: He can count on old Amos's vote!

Er... 'Cept I don't live here...

Terry: Politics? No thanks.

Lizzie: (snarl) Apply...to be...mayor...? Lizzie...not understand... (spit)

Goober: Boi...oing?

Carver: Hardy har! I hope that kid don't give up.

Milly: We'll just have to try and hold the fort until this little fellow is tough enough to take over. Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Being tough is important, but so is having a stout heart!

Nevan: It's a fine thing to see that this young fellow has such grand ambitions.

Amos: When this lad takes down Murdaw, I hope he calls me! I wouldn't want to miss it a second time!

Terry: That kid's still got a way to go yet.

Lizzie: (snarl) Good...luck... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing, b-b-boing!

Carver: Hold on, now. Some monsters are kinda cute, as long as they ain't up to no good.

Milly: I'm sure the world will be peaceful by then.

Ashlynn: Hope that lady stays healthy long enough to see it happen!

Nevan: A grandmother's chief concern is the well-being of her grandchildren.

Amos: Oi, grandma! Not all monsters are bad, you know!

Terry: There's no point thinking that far ahead.

Lizzie: (snarl) ...... (slobber)


Carver: Hardy har! What the heck was she thinkin'!?

Milly: She's blushing...

Ashlynn: She should really find herself a more, you know, decent job...

Nevan: She thought pattycake was a dessert...?

Amos: She just wasn't cut out for the pattycake trade.

Terry: What's she talking about?

Lizzie: (snarl) Patty...cake...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: Hardy har! What the heck was she thinkin'!?

Milly: Pattycake, eh...

Ashlynn: She should really find herself a more, you know, decent job...

Nevan: Just what precisely was she asking?

Amos: C'mon Hero! Don't tell old Amos you've never heard of pattycake!

Terry: What's she talking about?

Lizzie: (snarl) Patty...cake...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: Ultimate key, aye? We gotta get one of those!

Milly: Let's head under the waves and look for that sunken ship.

Ashlynn: Why don't we do a little deep-sea diving for that key? We got Lorelei's harp right here...

Nevan: Shall we venture forth, now that we're able to explore the seabed?

Amos: With the ultimate key, there'd be no door we couldn't unlock!

Amos: Let's get our hands on it before an enterprisin' burglar beats us to it!

Carver: That key's an honest-to-Goddess treasure, alright.

Milly: We managed to get hold of it thanks to Lorelei's harp, didn't we?

Ashlynn: No door stands in our way any more, huh?

Nevan: The ultimate key certainly lives up to its name!

Amos: If we'd had that ultimate key from the start, life would've been easier.

Terry: Eh? Don't we already have that?

Lizzie: (slobber) Got...ultimate...key... (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Crikey! Say it, don't spray it, fella!

Milly: Oh dear...

Ashlynn: Ewwww!

Nevan: I believe he's had one too many...

Amos: That old boy needs to settle down.

Terry: Leave him to it...

Lizzie: (slobber) Old man stink...of booze... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: It's not like we came back here to drink.

Milly: I wonder why he drank so much...

Ashlynn: You won't catch me trying to stomach that stuff!

Nevan: Not a single drop of liquor has ever passed my lips.

Nevan: Seeing the state of that old man, I feel I have made the right choice.

Amos: Old Amos has never been that bad!

Terry: We don't need any advice.

Lizzie: (slobber) Drink...taste...good...? (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Smart girl, aye?

Milly: You need tough friends if you want to travel around this world...

Ashlynn: If a monster gives you the evil eye, you give it right back!

Nevan: Monsters don't discriminate – they threaten men and women alike.

Amos: I reckon that lass could outstare your average monster.

Terry: It's safest for her to keep quiet and stay put.

Lizzie: (snarl) Many monster... Still dangerous... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: Crikey. He'd better pull himself together.

Milly: It's never easy to profess one's love... Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Wow. He's making me nervous just watching him.

Nevan: Is that man trying to win the favour of the girl before him?

Amos: Old Amos feels nervous on that lad's behalf.

Terry: Pitiful.

Lizzie: (snarl) Hope...no monster...interrupt... (slobber)

Goober: Boi...oing?

Terry: I-I'm not thirsty, thanks all the same...

Carver: Hardy har! Check out Mr Popularity over here.

Terry: I-I'm not thirsty, thanks all the same...

Milly: Ladies really do like the strong, silent type, don't they?

Terry: I-I'm not thirsty, thanks all the same...

Ashlynn: Wow, Terry! Does everyone kiss up to you like this?

Terry: I-I'm not thirsty, thanks all the same...

Nevan: It appears that rabbit lady was waiting for Terry.

Terry: I-I'm not thirsty, thanks all the same...

Amos: But old Amos is parched...

Terry: I-I'm not thirsty, thanks all the same...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh... (slobber)

Terry: I-I'm not thirsty, thanks all the same...

Goober: Boing? Boing!

Carver: She's talkin' about Terry, aye? Goddess, some fellas get all the luck...

Milly: Ladies really do like the strong, silent type, don't they?

Ashlynn: Wow, Terry's got the girls swooning for him!

Nevan: I must confess to feeling somewhat envious of Terry...

Amos: Why do no lasses take notice of old Amos?

Lizzie: (snarl) Blue swordsman...belong to Lizzie... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: You can really feel the Goddess's protection in the air here. It must be the temple.

Milly: Do you remember coming here to ask for the Providence and meeting Nevan?

Milly: Why, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I just love Ghent!

Nevan: I always feel at ease in Ghent.

Nevan: If you settled down here, Hero, you'd understand my feelings.

Amos: The shrine in Ghent always bowls old Amos over.

Terry: Ghent, eh? Seems like an idyllic sort of village.

Lizzie: (snarl) Shrine...huge... Lizzie want...live here... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! We can't start lettin' down our fans now, aye?

Milly: She sounded genuinely grateful.

Ashlynn: Sure is nice to know we've got Ghent on our side, huh?

Nevan: I'm deeply grateful for all the support we've been given.

Amos: There's plenty more sufferin' folks for us to aid!

Terry: We're just doing our job.

Lizzie: (snarl) Save people... Do best... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That really put some pep in my step. Let's do this, folks!

Milly: Let's make sure that we bring about true peace one day.

Ashlynn: Is he saying we'll have another Dread Fiend on our hands soon!?

Nevan: Hero, we must go! We all share the same goal!

Amos: Old Amos is goin' to give it his all – and then some!

Terry: C'mon, let's go!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: How do ya think Miralda fared after all that ruckus?

Milly: I wonder if we'll get to see the happy couple.

Ashlynn: I sure hope Miralda's still happy here.

Nevan: It seems like only yesterday that we defeated Spiegel.

Amos: Let's have a look at that lovestruck monarch's mug!

Terry: So this is Castle Swanstone?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...like...castle... (spit)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: Simmer down, boy! That pup's got a big mouth, aye?

Milly: That dog's aura is bright and joyful.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Look at that fuzzy face!

Nevan: It's wagging its tail quite a bit!

Amos: I agree with the pooch. Woof!

Terry: Did you expect to learn something from a dog?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...not like...dogs... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: Watch out, Hero! He's gonna blow!

Milly: Oh my... How much could he have drank?

Ashlynn: Sounds like it was quite a party!

Nevan: It seems people can drink themselves into both happy states and sorry states.

Amos: You've got to have a drink at a wedding!

Terry: There's no hope for him.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie no like drink... Feel bad... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing...

Carver: Crikey! She went from sweet to sour quick, aye?

Milly: Oh Hero... You need to be more careful with your responses.

Ashlynn: Sheesh. That lady's not exactly a spring chicken herself.

Nevan: Those who lose in love can bear fearsome grudges.

Amos: That lass really let her mouth run away with her!

Terry: She can't fight fate.

Lizzie: (snarl) Her face...scarier...than monster... (spit)

Goober: Boing.

Carver: Crikey. She's a little psycho, aye?

Milly: Now's probably not a good time to talk to her...

Ashlynn: Wow... She's got it baaaaad.

Nevan: I must confess that the female heart is a mystery to me.

Amos: His Kingliness did well not to choose that lass.

Terry: I have no sympathy for the likes of her.

Lizzie: (snarl) Her face...scarier...than monster... (spit)

Goober: Boing.

Carver: The princess is out of her mirror, aye? Better let all the tourists know to cancel their sightseein' tours.

Milly: Hee hee. That's so romantic...

Ashlynn: Someday my prince will come, too. You watch!

Nevan: I-I'm blushing for some reason. I really must pray...

Amos: Old Amos has a lovin' embrace and all – but there's still no takers!

Terry: I didn't come here because of any rumours.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie's embrace...not loving... (spit)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: 'Course we knew! Why else would we be here?

Milly: The mirror princess must have had streams of visitors.

Ashlynn: The “mirror princess” may be missing, but Miralda sure isn't!

Nevan: In the future, Castle Swanstone will be known for Miralda's beauty – not for her mirror-dwelling.

Amos: If she popped back into the mirror, King Ludwig wouldn't be best pleased.

Terry: I'm not interested in rumours.

Lizzie: (snarl) What...rumour...? (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: “Queen”, aye...? Ain't that interesting?

Milly: Miralda must already be “Queen Miralda”, then.

Ashlynn: He said “Queen”! I like the sound of that!

Nevan: Though I'm no expert, the King and Queen seem like the world's best-suited couple.

Amos: I'm not so fussed about the King – but I'm happy to see the Queen!

Terry: ......

Lizzie: (snarl) King...and...Queen...upstairs... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: You heard the man, folks!

Milly: Let's take him up on his kind offer.

Ashlynn: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Nevan: Let us proceed.

Amos: Full steam ahead!

Terry: C'mon, let's go.

Lizzie: (snarl) Go...ahead... (spit)

Goober: Boiiing!

Carver: So a princess mirror doesn't need an actual princess to be a tourist attraction? Well, well...

Milly: The mirror itself is quite the sight, isn't it?

Ashlynn: Just thinking about being trapped in a mirror all that time... It still blows my mind!

Nevan: There's no need to hide the mirror any longer.

Amos: A mirror without a princess is like a treasure chest without a mimic. Er...does that make sense?

Terry: I don't need a mirror – I know I look good.

Lizzie: (snarl) Mirror...empty...? (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: She was in there for a few thousand years, aye? Better throw a few more “greats” in there.

Milly: Age is nothing but a number!

Ashlynn: Ugh! A woman's age is nobody's business but her own!

Nevan: Well, time was frozen while Miralda was in the mirror.

Amos: Old Amos worries about these things. Too big an age gap isn't good.

Terry: Don't people have better things to think about?

Lizzie: (snarl) How...old...Lizzie...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: Avast! What about all the stuff we did, aye?

Milly: It really was a fairy-tale ending.

Ashlynn: Aww... But our happy ending hasn't really ended yet.

Nevan: What a heart-warming tale!

Amos: What? No mention of old Amos!?

Terry: Sounds like any other story to me.

Lizzie: (snarl) Happy...ending...! (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: It must've been a real classy event, even without me.

Milly: I must say, I'm disappointed that we couldn't attend the wedding.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I wish I could've seen it, too!

Nevan: I pray that the Goddess may grant longevity and happiness to the newlywed couple.

Amos: I wonder if they'd have another weddin' ceremony for our benefit...

Terry: What difference does it make? We can see them whenever we want.

Lizzie: (spit) Hero want...meet...King and Queen...? (slobber)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Huh. I reckon a good man like me is tough to find.

Milly: With all the places we've been, there's no way they could have found us.

Ashlynn: They searched high and low... We must've been in between!

Nevan: If they went so far as to search for us, we must show our gratitude.

Amos: Maybe there were “Wanted!” posters of us doin' the rounds.

Terry: Shame they couldn't track us down.

Lizzie: (slobber) No Hero... King...sad... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (slurp)

Carver: Hardy har! He sounds more hoarse than a horse!

Milly: I wonder if his voice held up throughout the ceremony?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I guess every job has its hazards!

Nevan: I wish we could have heard his performance.

Amos: Poor lad sounds like a monster.

Terry: A balladeer without a voice isn't much good to anyone.

Lizzie: (snarl) Man...sound like...Lizzie... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Crikey! All that food, and we missed it! What a tragedy!

Milly: What a shame. I would've loved to taste her cooking.

Ashlynn: How many people did she cook for, you think?

Nevan: Now that I think of it, I am rather peckish...

Amos: Are there no leftovers?

Terry: A shame we missed out on the feast.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...want...wild taste...sensations... (slobber)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Crikey! We missed the social event of the century 'n everything like that!

Milly: I'm sure Queen Miralda looked absolutely stunning.

Ashlynn: Aww! Thinking about what we missed makes me wanna cry, too.

Nevan: Ahh, imagine what she looked like...

Amos: No one seems to care how King Ludwig was dressed.

Terry: C'mon! How good can a bride look?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...never been...to wedding... (snarl)

Goober: Boing. Boing?

Carver: They really tried lookin' for us, aye?

Milly: I don't think we were even in this country at the time.

Ashlynn: Aww... We need to make ourselves easier to find.

Nevan: It's a shame we couldn't attend in spite of the great effort expended to track us down.

Amos: If they'd got in touch, maybe we could've helped choose the date...? Nah, that's wishful thinkin'...

Terry: So we couldn't make it. End of story.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie wanted...go...wedding... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing...

Carver: Miralda was in that mirror for centuries. He couldn't wait a few more weeks?

Milly: His aura beams with joy – and all because we defeated Spiegel.

Ashlynn: Hey, at least the King thinks it's funny.

Nevan: It's a shame about the wedding, but let us celebrate their union now.

Amos: We'll make sure we turn up next time!

Er... Will there be a next time?

Terry: At least they tried to track us down.

Lizzie: (snarl) King...very...happy! (slobber)

Goober: B-Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: Let's hit her up again later – a few lessons in ancient history might do us good.

Milly: The Queen should focus on enjoying her newfound happiness.

Ashlynn: Now that I've seen Miralda up close, I gotta say... She's stunning!

Nevan: The Queen must have vast stores of knowledge buried away. If only she could share it all.

Amos: The Queen shouldn't worry. Old Amos has been gettin' more forgetful of late as well.

Carver: An inscription, aye...? Let's have another look at this legendary stuff.

Milly: The Celestial Castle... Could such a place really exist?

Ashlynn: Wow... Queen Miralda could charm the shell off a shell slime.

Nevan: That sounds like valuable information.

Amos: For a limited time only – collect all four and get a free castle!

Carver: It don't matter. We already found the “Celestial Castle” so...

Milly: I'm glad the Queen feels at home in these times.

Ashlynn: If Miralda is happy, then I'm happy, too!

Nevan: From here on, we will have to uncover information for ourselves.

Amos: Old Amos can barely remember what he had for tea yesterday, let alone ancient goings-on.

Terry: Sounds like she's so happy she can forget the past.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...doesn't know...own past... (spit)

Goober: Boi...oing?

Carver: Hardy har! Nothin' wrong with a little romance!

Milly: Hee hee.

Ashlynn: Wow! I guess the honeymoon isn't over, huh?

Nevan: Perhaps it's difficult for her to witness their intimacy every day.

Amos: What has that woman seen that allows her to speak with such authority?

Terry: Well I should hope it's love – they ARE married, after all.

Lizzie: (snarl) True...love... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: Crikey! It packs 'em in even without the princess, aye?

Milly: Hee hee.

Ashlynn: People will stand in line to see anything, I guess.

Nevan: People will flock to anything that's unusual.

Amos: I wonder how many sight-seers come here on an average day.

Terry: Took the question right out of my mouth: Don't people have anything better to do?

Lizzie: (snarl) Humans...so...curious... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: It sure ain't no wee hand mirror there, aye?

Milly: It's hard to believe that Queen Miralda was once trapped in there, isn't it?

Ashlynn: It's a pretty mirror and all, but I don't think I'd travel here just to see it.

Nevan: To think of Spiegel's curse imprisoning someone here for thousands of years... It chills the blood.

Amos: What good is the mirror over there? It's not goin' to reflect anythin'!

Terry: This must attract a fair few rubber-neckers.

Lizzie: (snarl) Mirror big... Can see whole Lizzie... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing? Boooing!

Carver: What, he thinks the King's hurtin' for gold?

He's a king, for cryin' out loud!

Milly: I think it's safe to say the King never had any intention of selling it.

Ashlynn: The nerve of that guy! He probably wanted to parade Miralda around like a circus freak!

Nevan: He should be ashamed of himself.

Amos: He's really wasted his time, comin' all the way here.

Terry: I'm not a fan of people whose only concern is profit...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrr... (spit)

Goober: Boing? Boing...

Carver: Spiegel probably wasn't the only kingpin left to knock off, aye...

Milly: I can sense the priest's concern...

Ashlynn: Why won't the forces of evil just quit while we're ahead?

Nevan: Those who serve the Goddess are full of insight...

Amos: That chap shouldn't worry so much! ...Right?

Terry: I'm guessing the real struggle lies ahead.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie sense...dark force... (shudder)

Goober: Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! That fella doesn't know the first thing about the princess and the wizard's curse.

Milly: The appearance of another princess would be a real cause for concern.

Ashlynn: I doubt anyone else'll be popping in there now that Spiegel's out of the picture.

Nevan: What a waste of a short life.

Amos: He should wait at least a thousand years before throwin' in the towel.

Terry: Why doesn't he just climb inside the mirror himself?

Lizzie: (snarl) No one...in mirror...now... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boi-oing!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: The mermaids must live under them craggy li'l rocks up there, aye?

Milly: It's beautiful... So there are still some worlds out there that we know nothing about...

Nevan: So this is the world the mermaids inhabit.

Ashlynn: I always figured mermaids would be pretty, but...wow! My eyeballs are in shock!

Amos: Wonder where the mermen are hidin' themselves...

Carver: I'd love for this “mage” to meet my fist.

Milly: This “evil mage”... Could it be...?

How curious...

Nevan: So the dark shadow of evil is cast over mermaidkind as well.

Ashlynn: Aren't we, like, really far from Pescado? Rod really bucked the odds running into her.

Amos: We were told not to stray there, but you just know we're goin' to go anyway.

Carver: She ain't so skittish around us now, aye?

Milly: Hee hee.

Nevan: Mermaids look so carefree when they swim.

Ashlynn: Tee hee...

Amos: These mermaids are lookers alright!

Carver: She's rhymin' the truth. I wonder if the fishes feel the same way...

Milly: The undersea world is still a complete mystery to humans like us.

Nevan: M-Mermaids are rather beautiful...

...Er, as are all of the Goddess's creatures!

Ashlynn: Do I like the ocean? The jury's still out on that one. It's just a whole new world down here.

Amos: You don't think the air in this bubble could run out, do you?

Carver: She ain't so skittish around us now, aye?

Milly: Hee hee.

Nevan: Mermaids look so carefree when they swim.

Ashlynn: Tee hee...

Amos: These mermaids are lookers alright!

Carver: Crikey... Where are we?

Milly: This place has such a somber atmosphere...

Nevan: I don't sense monsters nearby. But I do sense something else...

Ashlynn: What's the deal with this place? It's like a castle, but...not...

Terry: Hero, are you battle-ready?

Amos: Eh? Is someone home?

Lizzie: (snarl) Atmosphere...strange... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Huh. They're guardin' something good, aye?

Milly: Well, let's go!

Nevan: The only path is to fight – and win.

Ashlynn: Aren't we tough enough to tackle these chumps yet?

Terry: The soldiers protecting the treasure are awfully strong.

Amos: The sea's full of all sorts of strange places.

Lizzie: (snarl) Treasure...chests... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Whew! That's that!

Milly: Rather tough opponents, weren't they?

Nevan: We must recover our strength without delay.

Ashlynn: This place was a treasury all along? Cha-ching!

Terry: With me on your side, victory was assured.

Amos: My heart was goin' pitter-patter!

Lizzie: (snarl) Those...enemy...strong... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Whew! That's that!

Milly: Rather tough opponents, weren't they?

Nevan: We must recover our strength without delay.

Ashlynn: This place was a treasury all along? Cha-ching!

Terry: With me on your side, victory was assured.

Amos: My heart was goin' pitter-patter!

Lizzie: (snarl) Those...enemy...strong... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: What is this place...?

Milly: Who'd have thought there was a place like this under the sea.

Nevan: I detect a strong sense of the divine here.

Ashlynn: Is this some kinda sunken church or something?

Terry: I don't get the feeling there are any enemies around.

Amos: I see a slime... Any other monsters lurking?

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing?

Carver: An underwater temple, aye? Are they tryin' to keep their god a secret 'n everything like that?

Milly: Ordinary people would never be able to find a place like this.

Nevan: I confess to being unaware of the existence of a naming god.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Is there anything we can't find?

Terry: There's all manner of gods knocking about, isn't there...

Amos: Well, we only stumbled upon this place by chance.

Lizzie: (snarl) Naming...god...? (spit)

Goober: Boing...boing?

Carver: I bet I'll sleep pretty deep here. Hardy har!

Milly: It's reassuring to know we've got a place to rest underwater as well.

Nevan: If nothing else, this place will serve as an excellent waypoint. It's quite easy to get lost under the sea!

Ashlynn: Aww. I thought this was a mermaid's house.

Terry: Let's get going.

Amos: Blimey! Folks live way down here too?

Lizzie: (snarl) No...monster...here... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: An underwater inn... What'll they think of next?

Milly: I get excited just thinking of spending a night underwater.

Nevan: Shall we stay, Hero? It pays to be prepared for whatever comes next.

Ashlynn: Why is danger always awaiting us? Can't danger get a hobby or something and leave us alone?

Terry: If you fall out of bed, you're going to get quite a soaking.

Amos: Hero, you might have the record for stayin' in the most inns in the world!

Lizzie: (snarl) Damp... Soggy... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Either I ain't gettin' enough oxygen to my brain down here, or that's a house!

Milly: Oh my, who could live in a place like this?

Nevan: The literal depths people will go to in order to possess their own home is quite amazing.

Ashlynn: Hmm... I'm having some serious déjà vu here...

Terry: Quite a place to build a house.

Amos: It's not half quiet here, I tell you!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: And here I had you pegged for the honest type, Hero.

Milly: Sorceria... I wonder what kind of place it could be...?

Nevan: An enchanted city? Most intriguing...

I wonder what it's like...

Ashlynn: ......

Amos: Sorceria sounds fascinatin' and all, but I'm more interested in findin' out what's inside that giant pot...

Carver: 'Course we know about the place – we were just there!

Milly: There are probably other survivors somewhere in this world.

Nevan: At least this place appears free of the baneful influence of the Archfiend.

Ashlynn: I'm happy to see a few of the Sorcerians survived, at least.

Terry: We should be the ones asking what SHE knows about Sorceria...

Amos: Sorceria sounds fascinatin' and all, but I'm more interested in findin' out what's inside that giant pot...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie know Sorceria... (slobber)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Huh. I'll believe all that when I see it. We should check it out, aye?

Milly: Sorceria... I wonder what kind of place it could be...?

Nevan: An enchanted city? Most intriguing...

I wonder what it's like...

Ashlynn: Magic Burst... “The most potent spell of them all”...

Amos: Sorceria sounds fascinatin' and all, but I'm more interested in findin' out what's inside that giant pot...

Carver: It's probably best we don't tell her it was all Gracos's doing, aye...?

Milly: Sorceria, Ashlynn's hometown... What a wonderful place that was.

Nevan: Happily, this old woman's dream was true.

Ashlynn: I'm happy to see a few of the Sorcerians survived, at least.

Terry: The Archfiend is behind all of this. He won't get away with it...

Amos: This old dear could become a dream seer!

Lizzie: (snarl) Sorceria resurrected... Not dream... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Huh? You don't wanna know what's in there, Hero? That's not like you at all.

Milly: It must be an important diary. Look how tightly he was grasping it.

Nevan: To die alone here... It pains my soul to think of it...

Ashlynn: Ooh! Read it! Read it! Read it!

Terry: I'm really not interested.

Amos: It feels strange to read another person's diary...

Amos: But we're seekin' the truth after all.

Go on – give it a look!

Lizzie: (snarl) Read...diary...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Oof. Whoever that fella was, he didn't have much of a happy ending, aye?

Milly: His family must still be worried about him...

Nevan: I pray he rests in peace.

Ashlynn: That's what I call some bad luck. Not much hope of rescue from a place like this...

Amos: There must be folk somewhere waitin' for that lad's return...

Goober: Boing...

Carver: “Welda”...? Does that name ring a bell, Hero? I swear I've heard it somewhere before...

Milly: ...! Could it be Welda from Turnscote!?

Nevan: Doubtless he is watching over Welda from heaven.

Ashlynn: That's gotta be the Welda we met! I just know it!

Terry: We should be careful we don't meet a similar fate...

Amos: I'm sure all he wanted was to see his daughter's smilin' face.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh... (slobber)

Goober: Boing...


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Maybe a smack to the head'll knock his memory loose, aye? Hmm. Or not.

Milly: A spot of amnesia, it would seem... I wonder if we could somehow jog his memory...

Nevan: He doesn't appear to be the travelling-merchant type...

Nevan: Just what could the purpose of his journey have been?

Ashlynn: An important promise...? Say, didn't we run into someone who was waiting for someone else to return?

Ashlynn: Oh, shoot... Which town was it? I forget.

Terry: So he's lost his memory. Maybe a monster gave him a bump on the head...?

Amos: I heard that if you lose your memory, a short, sharp shock can bring it back.

Amos: ...Shall I smack him one?

Lizzie: (snarl) Who...that...man... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: He would've been sleepin' with the fishes if the nun hadn't found him, aye?

Carver: Too bad he can't remember nothin' – but that still beats bein' dead!

Milly: He'll no doubt be keen to restore his memory and return to his hometown someday...

Milly: And yet helping the people here may also be part of his destiny.

Nevan: I deeply admire that nun's dedication to others.

Ashlynn: It's nice to hear they landed a cheerful new chum, aye?

Terry: ...Nothing heals the spirit quite like helping others.

Terry: He may have lost his memory, but at least he's found happiness.

Amos: The seabed's a pretty dark place – you need a smilin' face to brighten it up!

Lizzie: (snarl) All people...smile here... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing...

Carver: That fella's got no memory, but at least he's got fans!

Milly: Anyone who's popular with children is a fine gentleman in my eyes.

Nevan: It's as if the three of them are one happy family.

Ashlynn: Sounds like the kid lucked out with this guy.

The world's full of mean people, after all.

Terry: When I was young, I just wanted to be strong. There wasn't much time for laughter...

Amos: But is that fellow as much fun as old Amos?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie like...laugh... Grah hah! (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: South, was it? Aye! South it is, then, Hero!

Milly: I can't wait to see this legendary sword with my own eyes.

Nevan: So this Ali holds the secret of unlocking the seal on the sacred sword.

Ashlynn: That guy's been on his own for decades?

Doesn't he, like, get lonely and stuff?

Amos: I didn't expect much from this place, but we just picked up some tip-top information!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Why'd he have to remind me of Mt Snowhere?

My pinky toes are still pretty blue.

Milly: I almost want to tell him all about the Snow Maiden, just to see the look on his face...

Nevan: Thinking back, there were some mysterious things afoot on Mt Snowhere...

Ashlynn: Hey, remember those magic words we needed at Mt Snowhere? ...I already forgot them!

Terry: I wonder if this old boy knows Ali Kazam.

Amos: Did old Amos get this straight...?

Amos: Is he really sayin' he only speaks to people every few decades?

Lizzie: (slobber) Legendary...sword... (snarl)

Goober: Boing...


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Weapons at the ready, Hero! No tellin' what we might meet in here.

Milly: It seems more likely we'd run into ghosts than monsters in a place like this...

Nevan: Should any ghosts appear, fear not.
I'll deal with them.

Nevan: A blessing from me will allow them to rest in peace.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! You think I'll scream if I see a ghost? Maybe we'll find out!

Terry: Who would've thought there'd be a sunken ship here...

Amos: I wonder what cargo this ship was carryin'...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...not afraid... (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp) Boing?

Carver: Huh. Maybe he drowned, maybe the monsters got him... Either way, what a shame, aye?

Milly: It certainly seems that it's been a while since he passed away.

Ashlynn: Uh...it's really dead, right? Like, it's not a zombie or anything?

Nevan: I pray he may rest in peace.

Amos: Hero, it's probably better not to chat with corpses...

Terry: Can't tell the cause of death from a bunch of bones...

Lizzie: (snarl) Only...bones... (spit)

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Blimey! We found it, Hero! The ultimate key!

Milly: We got it! Now we'll be able to pass freely through all sorts of doors.

Nevan: Thank the Goddess the ultimate key wasn't located earlier by anyone else.

Ashlynn: Wow! No door'll stand in our way now!

Amos: There've been a bunch of doors we couldn't open, right?

Amos: Should we go round and open them all at once, or should we take them as they come?

Carver: Watching over us, aye? What, like the Goddess 'n everything like that?

Carver: Now that I think about it, could she be that voice we've been hearin' off and on...?

Milly: Rubiss must have been watching over us every step of our journey so far.

Nevan: We have only made it this far with the blessing of Rubiss and the most merciful Goddess.

Ashlynn: Rubiss feels so warm to me... Almost like my own mother.

Terry: Watch over us or not – we're taking down the forces of darkness either way.

Amos: Blimey... Rubiss is a looker alright...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie feel...strange...power... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: She's got that right. We never would've reached that island without the ocarina.

Carver: We owe her big time, aye?

Milly: Indeed. The evil I sensed on that island was anything but ordinary.

Nevan: We shall prevail over the forces of darkness.

Ashlynn: No new monsters'll set up shop on that island while we're around.

Terry: ...An ocarina?

Amos: Old Amos wishes he could've pitched in when you battered Murdaw.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: Hey, that evil's as good as gone with us on the job!

Milly: Come on Hero, let's do as Rubiss says and get to exploring this world!

Nevan: Let us shed light on the world's dark mysteries!

Ashlynn: I feel like I could do just about anything with Rubiss on our side.

Terry: Let's show her that we can choose our own path, right, Hero?

Amos: I wish she'd tell us where exactly this breath-drawin' evil force was...

Lizzie: (snarl) Watch...over us... Lucky... (spit)

Goober: Boing. Boi-oing!


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Carver: Crikey! That waterfall makes the one in Amor look like a slow drip. Some world we live in, aye?

Milly: That waterfall is quite something. You can feel the spray from over here!

Nevan: This underwater waterfall is breathtaking.

Ashlynn: A waterfall under the water!? ...How is that even possible?

Amos: Even the good old Providence would have trouble stayin' afloat on that waterfall.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: We can't let a good king down. Let's go and take out this Gracos guy!

Milly: It seems Gracos lurks to the east of here. Shall we investigate, Hero?

Nevan: King Poseidon seems incandescent with anger.

Nevan: If this Gracos threatens the peace beneath the waves, he must be dealt with.

Ashlynn: Ooh, he's gonna share a secret with us! Let's get this show on the road!

Amos: Listen, Hero – I reckon this Poseidon chappie must be a merman! ...Right?

Goober: Boing? B-Boing?

Carver: Whoa. So this is a palace, aye?

Milly: Oh my, it's such an honour to be able to meet the King of the Sea.

Ashlynn: “Great king” is right, I'd say!

Nevan: Ah, Poseidon – legendary lord of the ocean.

Amos: The ruler of the deep, eh? Now that's a job description and a half!

Terry: So Poseidon rules over the oceans of the world? ...All of them!?

Lizzie: (slobber) Lord of Deep... Archfiend... Who...stronger...? (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Isaac? And Benjamin? Do those names mean anything to you, Hero?

Milly: Isaac and Benjamin... I've heard those names. They're famous sages, I believe.

Nevan: I pray we are one day fit to rub shoulders with wise men of that calibre.

Ashlynn: Just how old is that princess, anyway?

Amos: That princess is a looker, alright. Unlike her old man...

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Hardy har! Hearin' that just makes us wanna poke around here all the more, aye?

Milly: I'm ever so curious about what it's like inside.

Nevan: Let us not be discouraged by his words.

Ashlynn: Maybe we could ask the King for the key or something?

Terry: ............

Amos: What kind of treasure's stored here, I wonder?

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrarrrgh...! (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: That stuff's gonna come in mighty handy, aye?

Milly: He knew exactly what was going on...

Nevan: Ah, he is kind, but I still feel a bit uneasy about our actions...

Ashlynn: Yow. That floor around the treasure chests really stung!

Terry: ............

Amos: Course we'll use it in the cause of world peace.
We wouldn't flog it for a quick profit!

Lizzie: (snarl) Guard...expect...much...of us... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Bet you didn't think you'd find a big ol' place like this down here, aye?

Milly: There's no way we could have ever made it here without Lorelei's harp.

Nevan: I sense hostile forces all around us. Let us proceed with caution.

Ashlynn: How'd they build a place like this all the way down here? Mermaid construction workers?

Terry: Hmph. What is this place?

Amos: So this is Gracos's pad... Old Amos is gettin' jittery.

Lizzie: (spit) Grrragh... (slobber)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Wouldn't be hard to get lost in here, aye?

Milly: There's no way of knowing what lies ahead, so let's proceed with caution, Hero.

Nevan: A most impressive structure.

Nevan: The lord of this castle no doubt possesses considerable power.

Ashlynn: Traipsing around this underwater castle... It's just so...mystical.

Ashlynn: If only all these stupid monsters would stop spoiling the mood.

Terry: ............

Amos: It's a bit nippy down here on the seabed.

Amos: What we need is a good scrap or two to warm us up.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Whoa... Er, sorry. Got distracted there.

Milly: What a fancy device!

Nevan: A fascinating contraption...

Ashlynn: Didn't see that coming.

Amos: Hope it doesn't fill back up right when we're crossin' it.

Carver: What's that thing for?

Milly: A sand urn? I wonder what it could be used for?

Nevan: A sand urn? It sounds like it could disintegrate at any moment.

Ashlynn: You know, I have the oddest feeling I've seen this urn somewhere before...

Amos: Don't know what an item's for? Just give it a try!

Carver: Avast, Hero! Who's that fishy fella up ahead?

Milly: Is this the very bottom of the sea...?

Nevan: That must be Gracos.

Ashlynn: Oh, wow! I can't decide whether to run from that guy...or laugh at him!

Amos: Finally, an honest-to-Goddess merman! ...Right? Right!?

Carver: Hardy har! Too easy, aye, Hero?

Carver: And it looks like we just fixed up a city in the dream world, too!

Milly: That was strange... I just had a vision...
A city was restored...

Milly: Could it have been the Sorceria that Gracos mentioned!?

Nevan: By the Goddess! I sense something made whole once again...

Nevan: An island somewhere in the upper world has been revived...

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Guess we won that one, aye?

Ashlynn: Oh, and did you see that town floating back up as well, Hero?

Ashlynn: I think that was Sorceria! We have to go check it out!

Amos: Did you see Gracos's face!? What a mug!

Amos: He had a huge gob and all. I was worried he was goin' to swallow us up.


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Carver: Right. You're next, shield!

Milly: “In the small room of repetition, the true path forward lies at three levels down and two levels up.”...

Milly: What in the world could that mean? Any ideas, Hero?

Nevan: “In the small room of repetition, the true path forward lies at three levels down and two levels up.”...

Nevan: Perhaps we'd best commit that to memory...

Ashlynn: A legendary shield, huh...? Wonder where it is.

Amos: This legendary shield sounds like it'll take some findin'.

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Crikey. So there's parts of the sea where even mermaids fear to tread...er, swim. Sounds worth lookin' into.

Milly: Wonderful! I can sense the mermaids' joy!

Nevan: I pray the Goddess watches over all mermaidkind.

Ashlynn: Now Unda and her pals can live in peace for a change.

Terry: So this is where mermaids call home...

Amos: Mermaids beat mermen hands down!

Lizzie: (snarl) Many...mermaid... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Ya know, we've seen some amazing things on our journeys...

Carver: But this place has got 'em all licked, aye?

Milly: Oh my... It's beautiful...

Nevan: Th-This place... It's like a dream...

Ashlynn: Wow... Are you feeling this? The air is practically pulsing with magic!

Amos: What's that shiny stuff all over the place?

Amos: Think I'd get in trouble if I chipped off a bit with a pickaxe?

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! Sorceria's back in business! It stinks to be you, Gracos!

Milly: So this is the magical city of Sorceria...

Nevan: It seems that our virtuous deeds have revived this city.

Ashlynn: Funny... I feel like I already know my way around the place.

Amos: They've been waitin' for us? Old Amos doesn't like to be the centre of attention...

Goober: Boi-oing, boi-oing...

Carver: A sorceress, aye? What's her story?

Milly: Sorceress Ashmerelda... I vaguely remember reading about her in an old book.

Nevan: If the Sorceress Ashmerelda is still alive, I would dearly like to meet her.

Ashlynn: The great Sorceress Ashmerelda... Now where have I heard that before?

Amos: Now this city's seal's been broken, everything's fresh and sparklin'!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Crikey! Did I hear that right? Ashlynn was born here!?

Milly: My word! Sorceria seems to be Ashlynn's hometown!

Nevan: Some light has finally been shed on Ashlynn's background. I'm very happy for her!

Ashlynn: Wait, wh-what...? What's going on here?

Amos: This is a turn-up for the books! We've only gone and stumbled on Ashlynn's hometown!

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: I hope Ashlynn gets her memory back 'n everything like that soon.

Milly: Ashlynn's magical powers certainly are impressive.

Nevan: Finally some of the mysteries surrounding Ashlynn have been solved.

Ashlynn: ......

Amos: Let's have a chat with everyone we can.

Amos: We're bound to find out more about Ashlynn and this city.

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: Calamity ain't gonna come callin' a third time now that we're around.

Milly: So their suffering continued even after they'd escaped to the dream world... That's terrible...

Nevan: A tragic tale. The suffering this city has endured...

Ashlynn: Wow... I was in a good mood until I heard that story.

Terry: Nowhere was safe from the Dread Fiend.

Amos: Slowly but surely, we're uncoverin' the story of Sorceria.

Lizzie: (snarl) Souls...? Flesh...? Lizzie...not...follow... (spit)

Goober: B-Boing.

Carver: I dunno. I'd be pretty ticked if I lost my body after all the work I put into it.

Milly: Our magical powers can't compare with those of the Sorcerians.

Milly: It seems that everyone here is extremely adept at using magic.

Nevan: So Sorcerians exist only in spiritual form... What extraordinary powers of magic...

Ashlynn: So no one in this town has a body? They just exist in some spiritual form...?

Terry: The people of Sorceria are real survivors.

Amos: No physical bodies? Sounds like they're ghosts...

But that's not right, is it?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...has physical body... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: That makes sense to me. We all gotta do what we all gotta do.

Milly: It takes all sorts to make a city – even a magical one.

Nevan: From the mightiest mage to the lowliest labourer, all have their role to play.

Ashlynn: I...I feel like it's starting to come back to me...

Terry: I bet I could out-dig that guy.

Amos: If only you could use magic to get manual labour done...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...good...digger... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing?

Carver: Crikey. That's Sorceria for you, aye? Even the kids spit fireballs around here.

Milly: Hee hee. What a heartwarming scene.

Nevan: Youngsters really shouldn't play with fire – no matter how magically gifted they might be.

Ashlynn: I used to love playing around like that, back when I was a kid.

Ashlynn: Wait...did I? Ohh, I just can't remember!

Terry: It makes me think back to my youth...

Terry: ...No. Nothing. Never mind.

Amos: So that lad already has a girlfriend at his tender age. What's his secret, eh!?

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie's flames... Burn everything! (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! I remember collectin' cuts 'n scrapes like that when I was a kid.

Carver: ...I suppose my life hasn't changed all that much, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. What a heartwarming scene.

Nevan: With magic, practice is the only road to mastery.

Nevan: Working spells into playtime seems like a perfect way to further children's studies in magical arts.

Ashlynn: I used to love playing around like that, back when I was a kid.

Ashlynn: Wait...did I? Ohh, I just can't remember!

Amos: So that lad already has a girlfriend at his tender age. What's his secret, eh!?

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie lick wounds... Heal quick... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Not seeing a soul? What'd she mean by that, ya think?

Milly: The Eldress should be able to shed some light on Ashlynn's situation. We simply must meet her.

Nevan: The Eldress is doubtless engaged in the struggle against evil from the privacy of her own home.

Ashlynn: I sure hope I can somehow get in to see her – and soon.

Amos: Old Amos has never met an Eldress before. I wonder what she's like.

Goober: Boing?

Carver: This is over my head. Does the sand help the Eldress sleep better...or what?

Milly: The Eldress's condition is a cause for concern...

Nevan: So the sands of time are responsible for that never-ending illusion...

Ashlynn: The sands of time... Why does that sound so familiar?

Amos: Two centuries old and she survived the assault on the town? Now that's strength!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: So Ashlynn's the only one of us folks who's got what it takes to use the urn, aye?

Milly: I'm sure Ashlynn can handle it from here!

Nevan: We must ask Ashlynn to use the sand urn and gather up the sands of time!

Ashlynn: ...I'll give it my best shot!

Amos: So that sand urn turned out to be an important piece of kit.

Amos: To think, old Amos nearly dropped it! I'd never have forgiven myself...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Sounds like some sort of magic trick. I'd like to see that!

Milly: It's a real shame they're not awake. There's so much I wanted to ask them...

Nevan: When might the Eldress be sending this personal request, I wonder?

Ashlynn: I bet it'd be fun making stuff using magic!

Amos: Maybe this gifted old couple could whip us up a magically delicious dinner?

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: Whoa! If the Sorens can make carpets fly, they're even bigger magical geniuses than I thought!

Carver: Hardy har! We ain't just familiar with the carpet – we're carrying it!

Milly: The flying carpet... It's still out there somewhere...

Milly: I suppose he didn't notice that we've already got the flying carpet!

Nevan: A flying carpet? Such an item really exists...?

Nevan: I like to think the carpet sensed it was in danger and managed to fly out of harm's way...

Ashlynn: Wow! A real flying carpet? The kind you can ride on and everything?

Ashlynn: I wonder where it got whisked away to!

Ashlynn: This must've been where the flying carpet came from, huh?

Ashlynn: I guess we better give it back once we're done with it.

Amos: Old Amos has always wanted to go on a magic carpet ride!

Amos: That carpet's not goin' to go flyin' off by itself durin' the night, is it!?

Goober: Boi...oing?

Carver: A “well-to-do gent” has the carpet? Ugh... I hate dealing with rich fancy-pants.

Carver: I wanted to tell him we had the carpet right here...but what's the point.

Milly: Do you have any idea who this “gent” might be, Hero?

Milly: Indeed. The flying carpet was a certain gentleman's family heirloom – until recently.

Nevan: A flying carpet would truly broaden our horizons.

Nevan: Seymour Sass's possession of the carpet was doubtless part of the Goddess's finely-woven plan.

Ashlynn: Ooh, don't the words “flying carpet” just make your heart soar?

Ashlynn: Is that guy blind? We have the flying carpet right here.

Amos: I'd love that carpet – provided it's big enough for us all to have a seat!

Amos: Do you reckon old Seymour Sass knew it was a magic carpet all along?

Amos: It'd be a bit strange to consider any ol' rug your family heirloom, after all.

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: A flying carpet? We have somethin' like that?

Milly: A flying carpet? I wonder if he's talking about that plush rug we've got...

Nevan: Just imagine if the carpet in our possession turns out to be the flying carpet!

Nevan: If that's the case, then competing in the Best-Dressed Contest will have proved worthwhile.

Ashlynn: Ooh, I just knew that wasn't any regular old rug!

Amos: Is he really sayin' this rug we've got can fly!?

Amos: Let's have a word with the Sorens and see what they can do for us!

Goober: B-Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: We made it this far. We might as well say hello to the Eldress.

Milly: I sense that the Eldress has many interesting tales to tell us.

Nevan: I think it wise to make ourselves known to the Eldress.

Ashlynn: Ooh, waterfront property! Isn't she lucky!

Amos: I wonder how long the Eldress has been alive and kickin' compared to old Amos.

Goober: Boing! Boing boing!

Carver: Was she for real? Ashlynn's got sorceress blood in her 'n everything like that?

Milly: Poor Ashlynn. Comments like that are just confusing.

Milly: If only we could learn a little more about Ashlynn's past.

Nevan: I pray that Ashlynn's memory returns to her.

Ashlynn: ......

Amos: Old Amos can transform into somethin' else!

Amos: But that's got nowt to do with my magical might.

Goober: Boing! Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: You don't see stuff like this in any run-of-the-mill shop. This place must really be magical, aye?

Milly: I sense that these wares would prove useful when our own magical power wanes during battle.

Nevan: It would be interesting to see how these weapons might perform in the heat of battle.

Ashlynn: It's not the weapon that countsⓓ it's how you use it, huh?

Terry: The only thing I rely on in battle is my own strength and determination.

Amos: Inventive ways to use weapons? How about heatin' them up and coolin' them down?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...not very...inventive... (slobber)

Goober: Boi-oing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Well, ain't Ashlynn little Miss Fancypants?

Custom equipment 'n everything like that!

Milly: Oh my, having your own custom-made armour is rather special.

Milly: It seems that Ashlynn is a kind of princess in this city.

Nevan: The Sorens are clearly an extraordinarily productive couple.

Ashlynn: Armour? For me...?

Terry: What? Tailor-made equipment!?
...I mean, sounds okay, I suppose.

Amos: So I'm guessin' these Sorens are familiar with all Ashlynn's measurements then...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want...special armour...too... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: So it fixes up all our wounds? Sign me up.

Milly: An orb of healing... Look how it glows...

Nevan: Extraordinary! I would dearly love to show this orb to my grandfather.

Ashlynn: I guess we just stand in the light and let the orb do its thing.

Terry: Don't suppose there's a portable version?

Amos: There's so many surprises here in Sorceria!
What's next!?

Lizzie: (snarl) Strange...orb... (slobber)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Crikey! I think the tingling means it worked!

Milly: Even my dry skin has cleared right up.


Nevan: Quite impressive! I'd love to see what my fellow Ghentiles would make of this orb.

Ashlynn: Bright enough for you? My eyes are all bedazzled.

Terry: That thing really works.

Amos: There's no mistakin' that orb's power!

Lizzie: (snap) Lizzie...full of...energy... Lizzie run...skip...jump... (slobber)

Goober: (slurrrp) Boing! Boing!

Carver: They really make things easy for us here, aye?

Milly: I wonder if it replenishes your magical power... Shall we try it?

Nevan: This will prove a real boon for frequent magic users like us...

Ashlynn: Wow! An orb of energy! Let's try it!

Terry: A city of magic, indeed.

Amos: Even the Sorcerian shopkeepers wouldn't stock an item like this.

Lizzie: (snarl) Orb... Glow... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Crikey, I'm seein' spots. They'll go away, right?

Milly: Is everyone's magical power restored? That orb is really something.

Nevan: Incredible!

Nevan: We must come here each time we visit Sorceria.

Ashlynn: Bright enough for you? My eyes are all bedazzled.

Terry: If we had one of these we'd be unstoppable.

Amos: There's no mistakin' that orb's power!

Lizzie: (snarl) Bright light... Lizzie...no...see... (spit)

Goober: Boing? Boing...?

Carver: Whoa... That's one special statue, aye?

Milly: I can't help wondering when the next hundred-year cycle will begin...

Nevan: I see. That statue of the Goddess acts as the symbol of Sorceria.

Ashlynn: Once every century...?

Terry: The great sorceress of legend, eh?

Amos: Eh!? That statue can give birth!? Bloomin' heck...

Lizzie: (spit) Grrr... (slobber)


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Goober: Boi-oing.

Carver: I'm starvin'. Any place we can conjure up a sandwich around here?

Milly: I'm rather curious about the Sorcerians' way of life.

Milly: Let's keep looking around.

Nevan: Since we've come all this way, we should stock up on all the Sorcerian magical items we can carry.

Ashlynn: Hmm... I just might remember the layout of this place.

Terry: I'm sick of this place. Let's hit the road.

Amos: If Ashlynn recovers even a sliver of her memory, it'll be cause for celebration.

Lizzie: (snarl) This...city... Full of...power... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Magic Burst, aye? That kinda spell could put scrappers like me outta work.

Milly: Magic Burst... I remember reading about that spell.

Milly: I'm amazed there's anyone still alive who can cast it.

Nevan: Magic Burst? I would dearly like to attempt such a powerful spell someday.

Ashlynn: Magic Burst...? And Isnomor can cast it?

Amos: So it's a spell that has to be mastered? Sounds like it'd be a right headache to try and learn it.

Goober: (slurp) Boing.

Carver: Um... Is he alright?

Milly: My word... Frizzle is a rather fiery spell – too fiery for demonstrations!

Nevan: Magic is simply part of the fabric of everyday life here.

Ashlynn: Sheesh! People need to learn to cast responsibly.

Amos: I'm sure he can heal himself with the wave of a wand.

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: Hold on... Ashlynn's gonna be the next Eldress!?

Milly: They've been waiting for Ashlynn to grow up...?

Nevan: Ashlynn...?

Ashlynn: Don't look at me – I'm as confused as you. Next leader of what?

Amos: So everyone here's been eagerly awaitin' Ashlynn's arrival?

Goober: Boing boing!

Carver: A sand urn? Have we got any of those?

Milly: It seems we need a sand urn to cross the threshold of the Eldress's house.

Nevan: Unless I'm very much mistaken, we obtained the sand urn in Seabed Shrine.

Ashlynn: So the sands of time are what's blocking us from the Eldress, right?

Ashlynn: Well, then let's go scoop 'em up!

Amos: With the sand urn lost, the poor Eldress must have a distinct shortage of visitors.

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Every town has its oddballs, I reckon.

Milly: A couple and their child run this inn, it seems. I love family businesses.

Nevan: Are those fresh sheets I spy? I'd dearly love a lie-down...

Terry: Well, I keep to myself too and don't care what people think.

Amos: If that couple met the Sorens, I wonder if they'd get on.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: B-Boing!

Carver: Imposters? Who they imposterin'?

Milly: Let's do as the sign says.

Nevan: Huh!? Doesn't that door seem to be peculiarly high?

Ashlynn: Um... I could swear I just saw someone staring at us through that window...

Terry: Only a fool would be fooled by an imposter.

Amos: So are there imposters knockin' about here?

Lizzie: (snarl) Where...imposter... (spit)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: Avast! Did you see that!? That guy just up 'n disappeared!

Milly: What was that...?

Nevan: Was I dreaming...?

Ashlynn: Who was that...? And how'd he pull off that disappearing act?

Terry: Nothing surprises me here – it is a magic city, after all.

Amos: H-Here it is! An im-imposter!

Lizzie: (snarl) Imposter... Flying... (spit)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: The joint's jumpin' with cats, aye?

Milly: Look at these cute kitties!

Nevan: I never tire of gazing at our feline friends.

Ashlynn: What, does some crazy cat lady live here or something?

Terry: So are these magical cats or what?

Amos: Cats are fine, but give old Amos a dog any day!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: The joint's jumpin' with cats, aye?

Milly: Look at these cute kitties!

Nevan: I never tire of gazing at our feline friends.

Ashlynn: What, does some crazy cat lady live here or something?

Terry: So are these magical cats or what?

Amos: Cats are fine, but give old Amos a dog any day!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Geh. I don't like pranks...unless it's me doin' the prankin'.

Milly: I suppose that's just the kind of gentleman you'd find in a magical city. Rather impressive.

Nevan: When even an elderly gentleman can wield such magical power, it spurs me to study harder!

Ashlynn: Wow, Morph is some trick! I hope I can learn that someday!

Terry: That old boy should act his age.

Amos: Morph, eh? Next time we meet a bunny girl, let's be on our guard.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...confused... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing.

Carver: Remind me to never get hitched.

Milly: Hee hee. Where, indeed...

Nevan: Do they really pass their days playing around?

Ashlynn: ...Morph!!!

Ashlynn: Aww... I guess I don't have what it takes yet.

Terry: These clowns are too busy messing around to be taken seriously.

Amos: What if he's not really an old man either, but just used Morph...!?

Amos: Old Amos can't tell what's what any more!

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...not understand... (slobber)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: So he knew it was Ashlynn all along, aye...?

Milly: The Eldress really knows what's going on around here.

Nevan: It seems that Ashlynn's return was foretold.

Ashlynn: ......

Terry: She'd be back before long? How long is “before long” exactly?

Amos: So the Eldress only gets things right on the odd occasion, eh?

Lizzie: (snarl) Eldress...no...liar... (slobber)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Oops! Better leave him be.

Milly: Hee hee. That gentleman's face is that of a mischievous child.

Nevan: Just looking at his sleeping face has started me yawning...

Ashlynn: Nap time, I guess.

Terry: Let's get out before we wake him.

Amos: Anyone else want to draw on his face? No?

It's just old Amos then...

Lizzie: (snarl) Sleep...sitting down... No...easy... (slobber)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: Geh. Kind of a catty ol' lady, aye?

Milly: My word. She doesn't seem at all bothered by her current condition.

Nevan: She seems to have accepted her fate with a smile.

Ashlynn: Boy, it must be awful when your memory starts slipping like that.

Terry: Was that sorry cat tale really worth hearing?

Amos: In her cat form, you can't tell that old dear's age.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: I'm still a little freaked out by all the cats in this joint.

Milly: Hee hee. What a cute little cat.

Nevan: There's something about that cat's eyes that tells me it is no ordinary feline.

Ashlynn: The old guy here must really like cats, huh?

Terry: How much conversation do you hope to get out of a cat?

Amos: Once you start strokin' a cat, you just can't stop!

Lizzie: (snarl) Cat...cute... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: Hmm... I doubt they'll be up any time soon.

Milly: They're both sleeping like logs. Let's not wake them up.

Nevan: It seems they're both fast asleep.

Ashlynn: That's weird... I feel so calm when I look at these people's faces. I wonder why...

Amos: Shhh... Let's keep our voices down!

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Hmm... I doubt they'll be up any time soon.

Milly: They're both sleeping like logs. Let's not wake them up.

Nevan: It seems they're both fast asleep.

Ashlynn: That's weird... I feel so calm when I look at these people's faces. I wonder why...

Amos: Shhh... Let's keep our voices down!

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Whoa! That sand urn sure earned its name!

Milly: The sands of time are gone. In we go!

Nevan: We've done it! The barrier that surrounded this place is no more.

Ashlynn: Wow...! I did it! This sand urn is incredible!

Amos: So only Sorceria residents can use that sand urn...

Amos: I wonder how long you have to live here before you're granted residence?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Oh, no! The Eldress! The Archfiend must've gotten her!

Milly: Where did that attack come from...!?

Nevan: Perhaps the Archfiend was waiting patiently for the magical barrier to come down!

Ashlynn: She was right in front of me, and I couldn't do a thing for her...

Amos: Don't let your guard down, Hero! You never know where the next attack will come from.

Goober: B-Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: The most powerful spell in Sorceria, aye...?

Hardy har! The Archfiend ain't gonna like that.

Milly: We won't let her down. I have absolute faith that Ashlynn will master this new spell.

Nevan: We must ensure that the Eldress did not sacrifice her life in vain.

Ashlynn: Isnomor gave her life to put the ultimate magic in my hands...

Ashlynn: Well, this is my job now! I'm going to bring peace to this land as fast as I can!

Amos: So the Eldress passed on her powers to Ashlynn knowin' her life was at risk...

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Crikey. Ashlynn's got a big job on her shoulders now. She'd better start trainin' quick!

Milly: He's right... Let's keep what happened to Isnomor to ourselves for now.

Nevan: We must all pull together and strive every bit as hard as Ashlynn.

Ashlynn: I...I need to get stronger. I have to become the most powerful magician in the land!

Amos: Old Amos isn't too good at keepin' secrets but I'll try to keep my trap shut.

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Hey, great timing. Let's say hello to the Sorens, aye?

Milly: Isnomor's spirit probably called out to the two of them.

Nevan: So the hour of the Sorens' awakening has arrived at long last.

Ashlynn: The Sorens... Ugh. I still can't remember a thing about them!

Amos: Let's go and pay them a visit – though they're probably still half-asleep.

Goober: Boing! Boing!

Carver: Right. I suppose we'll be keepin' this whole thing between us, then.

Milly: Yes... We should keep what happened here a secret for the time being.

Nevan: So he can speak directly to the hearts and minds of the townsfolk? Only in Sorceria...

Ashlynn: I might not have my memory back yet...but I'll still give everything I've got for the Eldress!

Amos: So let's not get the sand urn out in public!

Goober: B-Boing!

Carver: Huh. I guess Ashlynn really is the next generation of Sorceress, aye?

Milly: Just as I thought. It was the Eldress's voice that compelled them to wake from their slumber.

Nevan: I have every faith that Ashlynn will become a gifted Sorceress.

Ashlynn: Me? A Sorceress? Wow, no pressure or anything...

Terry: Unless I'm very much mistaken, Ashlynn's got the stuff great Sorceresses are made of.

Amos: Ashlynn's well on her way to Sorceress-dom!

Lizzie: (snarl) Become Sorceress... Amazing... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Hardy har! How do ya top a flying carpet? A flying broom, maybe?

Milly: I wonder where this flying carpet is now...

Nevan: With the flying carpet, we should be able to visit places as yet unexplored.

Ashlynn: Angel-patterned baby clothes, huh...?

Ashlynn: I don't remember that at all, but it sure sounds cute. Wish I had them back!

Amos: Do you reckon he'd be impressed if we showed off our flyin' bed?

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Hey! I think the carpet's actually a little lighter now!

Milly: The flying carpet... It really feels as though it's brimming over with magical power.

Nevan: We've got a flying carpet – let's take to the skies!

Ashlynn: Wow! Wow! Wow! We can really fly now!

Amos: So this is a flying carpet?

Amos: It won't plummet to the ground if it gets a little ripped, will it?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Aye, the nice thing about this carpet is we can lug it around with us.

Milly: Come on, Hero. Let's take a ride on our flying carpet.

Nevan: Old Man Soren's magical ability really is quite extraordinary.

Ashlynn: Boy, I hope I get to learn some magic from the Sorens next time I visit!

Terry: The Sorens really came through for us.

Amos: Even if we're not ridin' it, the flyin' carpet will make carryin' heavy items a doddle.

Lizzie: (snarl) Even Lizzie...can...ride... Good...carpet... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: This carpet is so light and portable. I wonder if it's stain-resistant 'n everything like that, too.

Milly: With this flying carpet we've no excuse not to explore every inch of this world!

Nevan: The Sorens are an incredibly industrious couple with amazing magic powers at their disposal.

Ashlynn: I'd love to travel the world and give people carpet rides once things settle down.

Terry: If only the carpet could fly a bit higher...

Amos: Let's explore every nook and cranny of the world!

Lizzie: (snarl) Carpet can carry everyone... Amazing... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! These folks would be pretty shocked if they knew what we've been doin' with that bed.

Milly: Hee hee. It's a shame we can't tell him all about our bed-based adventures.

Nevan: We may be responsible for Clearvale's struggling tourist industry, but we had to do what was right.

Ashlynn: We better not brag about our flying-bed antics in Clearvale, huh?

Terry: Is a flying bed really that big a deal to tourists?

Amos: I'd love to show everyone how comfortable that flyin' bed is.

Lizzie: (snarl) See...flying bed...? No longer...here... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! These folks would be pretty shocked if they knew what we've been doin' with that bed.

Milly: Hee hee. It's a shame we can't tell him all about our bed-based adventures.

Nevan: We can see the bed any time we want – but let's keep that to ourselves.

Ashlynn: We better not brag about our flying-bed antics in Clearvale, huh?

Terry: Is a flying bed really that big a deal to tourists?

Amos: I wonder how many folks we could squeeze onto the flyin' bed?

Lizzie: (slobber) Flying bed... Claim...to...fame...? (snarl)

Goober: Boi-oing! Boing!

Carver: That's not a very bold bard, aye? What's so scary about Sorceria gettin' resurrected?

Milly: I can somehow sense that everyone's enjoying some peace of mind at the moment.

Nevan: As more sealed locations are restored, the number of our foes decreases.

Ashlynn: I feel like we're getting closer to real peace with every passing day!

Terry: Why exactly did we come to this town?

Amos: We're closin' in on that Archfiend, I tell you!

Lizzie: (snarl) People...no fear...Lizzie...here... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Buzzin' around in that bed feels great – the wind in your mohawk 'n everything like that...

Milly: Hee hee. How would you say it feels, Hero?

Nevan: I confess I once nodded off aboard the bed and dreamt that I tumbled out.

Ashlynn: Whether you're flying or napping, our bed is the best!

Terry: Well, I suppose it does feel like a dream.

Amos: The trouble with the bed is that the sheets get all messed up when we're flyin'.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...no...have...dreams... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Just when I think I understand women, they say somethin' like that.

Milly: Is that really true? Perhaps men have more active imaginations than I give them credit for.

Nevan: I suppose that's one way to put it...

Ashlynn: For all we know, they might both be dreamt up!

Terry: Dreams? That has nothing to do with me.

Amos: So he just dreamt up that gorgeous girl? This has to be worth a try...

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie...not understand... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! I hope he doesn't wake up any time soon!

Milly: As long as he's happy, I suppose...

Nevan: Well, I did once hear that love is the secret to a long life.

Ashlynn: I don't get it. In what world are those two compatible?

Terry: I shouldn't say this too loud, but the old boy's dreaming.

Amos: Old Amos would love to have that sort of dream.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrr... (spit)

Goober: Boing!

Carver: Wait, Matt “comes back” for him!? Crikey! That makes ya feel warm inside, doesn't it?

Milly: He'll always be at Matt's side in his heart!

Nevan: The most merciful Goddess has brought the two of them together.

Ashlynn: Wow! If that guy had a tail, it'd be wagging!

Terry: Huh? Just who is that man?

Amos: Seein' a human talkin' about walkies and playin' catch is just a tad odd.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie like walk too... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: I don't care how many chasms there are. We're not stoppin' until the Archfiend's history.

Milly: Each chasm we seal takes us one step closer to the Archfiend, doesn't it, Hero?

Nevan: No matter how many chasms the Archfiend may rend in the world's surface, we will fill them all.

Ashlynn: Rumours sure do get around, huh? I wonder who's been spreading that gem?

Terry: I wouldn't be here if that fourth chasm hadn't been filled.

Amos: Tearin' open chasms is disgraceful behaviour!

And four of them, no less!

Lizzie: (snarl) No...more...chasms... (slobber)

Goober: B-Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: Kids should be concentratin' on their education, not girls...

Carver: Hardy har! Almost had ya fooled, aye? Imagine me sayin' something like that!

Milly: Even children are complimenting her...

I'm getting rather jealous of Alicia.

Nevan: Well, I must confess that young fellow isn't wrong...

...Now I'm blushing!

Ashlynn: What am I? Chopped liver? ...Well no, I'm not seriously going to ask a kid that.

Terry: That kid's already chasing the ladies...

Amos: Old Amos agrees with that lad!

Lizzie: (snarl) Pretty...is good... Grrrargh! (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It's always time to get dinner started, if ya ask me.

Milly: Alicia really is beautiful.

Nevan: We shouldn't interrupt while she's chopping or she may have an accident.

Ashlynn: Someday I'll settle down and end up like her. I hope.

Terry: This seems like one happy household.

Amos: Shall I ask her to knock up some dinner for me? ...No, I'd better not.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrraaargh...! (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Huh. So this Zenith fella was the king of the dream world, aye?

Milly: I wonder... Yes... He must have been sealed off by the Archfiend...

Nevan: With Lord Zenith indisposed, Murdaw must have moved in to rule this world.

Ashlynn: Hmm... Sounds like a pretty far-out legend to me.

Amos: If we told him old Amos was Lord Zenith, you think he'd believe us?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Ahoy! Hero, look! Ain't that Rod over there?

Milly: Is that... Rod?

Nevan: Look – it's Rod!

Ashlynn: That...that's really Rod, right?

Ashlynn: Like, I'm not dreaming or anything?

Terry: Eh? Seems it's not just mermaids here.

Amos: For a second, I thought that bloke was a merman!

Lizzie: (snarl) Human...male... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: Sounds like a tough relationship 'n everything like that, but I bet that pair can pull it off.

Milly: Surely there's no way of knowing unless you try it out for yourself?

Nevan: While it will doubtless entail much effort, there is no reason why it should be impossible.

Ashlynn: Aww, why's she pooh-poohing their love parade?

Terry: They just have to stay away from other humans.

Amos: Old Amos is waitin' for his weddin' invite!

Lizzie: (snarl) Human... Mermaid... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: (sigh) When am I gonna find true love–

Carver: Oh, er... Forget I just said that. Hey, let's go beat up some monsters!

Milly: I wonder if all mermaids are so passionate?

Nevan: I am truly happy for Unda.

Ashlynn: Girls love this kinda stuff.

Terry: ............

Amos: True love, eh? Old Amos is green with envy!

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...love...blue...swordsman... (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Aye, those two should get a room.

Milly: I'm so glad that Unda's friends are looking after the happy couple.

Nevan: Seeing the two of them together, you can tell their love is true.

Ashlynn: Oh, we won't pester them or anything!

Terry: I've got no stake in this affair.

Amos: It's temptin' to interrupt the lovebirds, but let's leave 'em to it!

Lizzie: (snarl) No...interrupt...couple... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: I reckon half their house will have to be flooded 'n everything like that.

Milly: I'm sure that those two will have no problems.

Nevan: It would appear that mermaid is on Rod and Unda's side.

Ashlynn: She's right – all you need is love! Everything else will work itself out.

Terry: If there's a will, there's always a way.

Amos: Old Amos has a fair few flaws, but I'm still hopin' for love one day...

Lizzie: (snarl) What...Lizzie...strengths...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Whoa! She can't keep her fins off of him.

Milly: Hee hee. Risking life and limb is what Rod does best.

Nevan: The blessings of the Goddess be upon them...

Nevan: Well, I'll leave the rest for the priest.

Ashlynn: Aww, Unda is practically glowing!

Terry: Is this really any of our business?

Amos: Girls in love are prettier – it holds true for mermaids too!

Lizzie: (snarl) Unda's face...glowing... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing boing!

Carver: Rod really landed one whopper of a fish, aye?

Milly: Rod is such a wonderful person. It's only a matter of time before they're married, I'm sure.

Nevan: It's a blessing to see Rod and Unda so happy.

Ashlynn: Love like theirs is a force of nature. This couple is gonna last!

Terry: Rod keeps his promises. That I can admire...

Amos: True love can cross the deepest ocean, it seems.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...want...see...married... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Huh. Rod's right as rain now, aye? Ain't that dandy!

Milly: It's a great relief to hear that Rod's out fishing again.

Nevan: It's good to hear that Rod is better. Let's pray he doesn't overdo it again.

Ashlynn: Maybe Rod can go see Unda now that he's recovered and everything.

Terry: This is one run-down fishing village...

Amos: So Rod's out on the high seas? Maybe he's gone to meet Unda.

Lizzie: (sniff) Smells...fishy... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! Folks around here had Rod all figured out, aye?

Milly: You don't need to be a dream seer to notice when people are in love!

Nevan: I don't think Rod's the type who can keep secrets.

Ashlynn: Say, speaking of girls... How do you think Unda's doing right now?

Terry: No one's happier than a man in love. ...Pah!

Amos: It seems old Rod's well loved by the village folk.

Lizzie: (snarl) Rod...in...love...? (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Calm seas, aye? That's good to hear.

Milly: Of course, it was Gracos that was preventing people from going fishing.

Nevan: I'm sure the village cats are equally pleased.

Ashlynn: Yahoo! I guess beating Gracos worked!

Terry: Not much of a catch, is it?

Amos: Great to hear the seas are calm once again.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...not...eat...fish... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That cat seems chipper enough, aye?

Milly: Looks like the cat's been feasting on fresh fish too!

Nevan: Cats remain a mystery to me, but I sense that one is content.

Ashlynn: Aww, what a cute kitty! Tee hee!

Terry: ............

Amos: That's a fine shiny-coated cat!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: “North of the village”? That still leaves a lot of sea to explore.

Milly: The seabed to the north... I'm getting curious, Hero. Shall we take a look?

Nevan: My prayers are with those lost in that shipwreck.

Ashlynn: Why don't we check that story out? Maybe his “reckoning” will lead to something.

Amos: A sunken ship? That means treasure!
...Doesn't it?

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Hardy har! Three guesses who that “someone” was...

Milly: That's the ship where we found the ultimate key.

Nevan: My prayers are with those who lost their lives in the wreck.

Ashlynn: If we keep this up, the Archfiend'll be mincemeat by breakfast!

Terry: This undersea monster is the one you all beat, right Hero? Wish I could've helped out...

Amos: We were just doin' our job when we battered that monster.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It's good to see that ol' granny rarin' to go, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. What a bright and joyous aura!

Nevan: That's a fine net. She's clearly put her heart and soul into it.

Ashlynn: That old lady's no quitter. She kept fixing up those nets no matter how messy the seas got.

Terry: People take nets seriously round here.

Amos: A net with a hole is no use to anyone.

Lizzie: (snarl) Granny...powerful... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It seems like everyone's noticed we haven't reached true peace yet.

Milly: It's our duty to bring peace to the world – and quickly!

Nevan: People can sense that all is not yet well with the world.

Ashlynn: People are still pretty skittish. That's not good.

Terry: If we want peace, we'd better get going.

Amos: There'll be no peace till the Archfiend's been well and truly battered.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh... Peace...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I get a bad feelin' in my gut when I hear about stuff like that.

Milly: Could it be the work of the Archfiend? Hmm...

Nevan: This is a disturbing rumour. It warrants further investigation.

Ashlynn: Wow... I wonder where all these people went.

Terry: A world of darkness...

Amos: Does an evil hand just pop out of the soil and drag folk down? Crikey...

Lizzie: (snarl) Where...world of...darkness...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Anything with “ultimate” in the name sounds worth trackin' down, if ya ask me.

Milly: The ultimate key? I've definitely heard about this item.

Milly: Apparently it's a rather special key that can open any kind of door.

Nevan: Searching the seabed for a key brings needles and haystacks to mind. We require further detail...

Ashlynn: Wow, an “ultimate key”... I'd love to see that sometime.

Amos: What if someone's already found it and is sellin' it in their shop or somethin'?

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: Too bad for that fella that we already found the key, aye? Hardy har!

Milly: We're making good use of that key, aren't we Hero?

Nevan: As I recall, the sunken ship where we found the ultimate key was somewhat intimidating.

Ashlynn: You think anyone else in the world but us could've gotten the key from that shipwreck? I sure don't!

Terry: This information is past its sell-by date...

Amos: Old Amos has got the urge to show off the ultimate key to that chap.

Lizzie: (snarl) Ultimate...key... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Rod ain't the friendliest of fellas, but he's got some serious guts. I can respect that!

Milly: Hee hee. Good old Rod!

Nevan: I feel I could learn much from Rod.

Ashlynn: It makes sense to me. Rod's got something big to live for, after all.

Terry: Rod's got a wild animal's will to survive.

Amos: Willpower's what separates men from boys!

Lizzie: (snarl) Heal...by...willpower...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing! (slurp)

Carver: That makes sense. He's got no business in there now.

Milly: Parting with Unda must have been hard for poor Rod...

Nevan: Rod's behaviour must have seemed rather curious to the people of Pescado.

Ashlynn: People sure paid lots of attention to Rod's business around here, huh?

Terry: This is the mermaid stuff, right?

Amos: If Rod started goin' back to the cave, it'd actually be a tad worryin'.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrr... (spit)

Goober: B-Boing!

Carver: A boat delivery, aye? I wonder what that's about.

Milly: I wonder if...?

Nevan: So Rod's ordered in a supply of fish, it would seem.

Ashlynn: Why does Rod need fish delivered to his boat? Can't he just catch them himself?

Terry: No idea what this is about...

Amos: Is old Rod plannin' on sellin' these fish somewhere?

Lizzie: (snarl) That human... Make profit... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Now it makes sense! Them fish must've been a treat for the mermaids.

Milly: Hee hee. I'm sure all the mermaids were delighted with their delivery of fresh fish.

Nevan: That man would be stunned if he discovered the true reason behind Rod's purchase.

Ashlynn: Rod may not look it, but deep down he's a pretty considerate guy, huh?

Terry: I've got no interest in this fish stuff.

Amos: I want to tell him – but I should keep my big gob shut!

Lizzie: (snarl) That human... Make profit... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Remember how Rod kept lookin' over his shoulder in here? Drove ya nuts, aye?

Milly: This cave reminds me of when we first met Unda.

Nevan: The rocks are slippery – let's be careful.

Ashlynn: I wonder where Rod is right now...

Terry: There are no monsters here to relieve the tedium.

Amos: I can't wait to tell old Rod that we battered Gracos.

Lizzie: (sniff) Smells...like...sea... (snarl)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Remember how Rod kept lookin' over his shoulder in here? Drove ya nuts, aye?

Milly: This cave reminds me of when we first met Unda.

Nevan: The rocks are slippery – let's be careful.

Ashlynn: We probably shouldn't tell people in Pescado about Rod just yet, huh?

Ashlynn: Him and Unda might get hassled otherwise. Let the lovebirds live in peace!

Terry: There are no monsters here to relieve the tedium.

Amos: Rod did well to keep Unda hidden away.

Lizzie: (sniff) Smells...like...sea... (snarl)

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: Avast! Looks like he's hooked a whopper, too!

Milly: Gracos is a goner, so hopefully the fish will keep biting from now on.

Nevan: Rod no longer has any reason to come here.

Ashlynn: That guy wouldn't notice Rod unless he reeled him in.

Terry: I haven't got the patience for fishing.

Amos: I've never seen anyone look as happy as that old boy when he's hooked a fish!

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...no...need...fish... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Kinda boring in here now that nobody's around, aye?

Milly: It wasn't that long ago we were here, and yet I feel all nostalgic.

Nevan: I keep thinking Unda might emerge from the ocean at any moment.

Ashlynn: This cove seems a lot bigger than the first time we visited, huh?

Terry: A dead end, huh?

Amos: Did Rod make that cave door? It's a nice bit of handiwork.

Lizzie: (snarl) Connect...to...sea...? (slobber)

Goober: B-B-Boing!

Carver: Hey, didn't we run into that swordsman in the blue getup here?

Milly: It doesn't look like there are any new announcements.

Nevan: It seems that this kingdom is currently free of major worries.

Ashlynn: What do you think that blue man is up to these days, anyway?

Amos: A blank sign? They could at least write “Welcome to Arkbolt!”, couldn't they?

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: What, I'm not amusing enough to be his muse?

Milly: Terry...

Nevan: The swordsman Terry was indeed strong.

Ashlynn: I bet our flying carpet would inspire this guy if we whipped it out...

Ashlynn: But we're not going to!

Amos: Just rememberin' him saunterin' off with the sunderbolt blade makes my blood boil!

Goober: Boing! Boing! (slurp)

Carver: It's just Terry this 'n Terry that here, aye?

Milly: Terry's popularity just grows and grows.

Nevan: Travellers can now come and go without fear.

Ashlynn: I hate to admit it, but Terry did beat us to the punch, so...

Amos: Terry may have got the better of us, but there's no sense cryin' over spilt milk.

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Hardy har! Good ol' Brutus, aye? I'd kill for a chance to fight him again.

Milly: Commander Brutus must be getting stronger by the day. We should follow his lead.

Nevan: Works by day, trains by night. An impressive regimen indeed.

Ashlynn: Wow! Talk about leading by example. No wonder the soldiers like him so much!

Amos: Old Amos wouldn't mind takin' a sneaky peek at his trainin' methods.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: He must've gotten seriously lost, aye?

Milly: It sounds like journey's end for that gentleman.

Nevan: Hmm... Did we not meet his partner somewhere...?

Ashlynn: He's probably better off. It's practically raining monsters outside.

Amos: I'm sure he just mislaid his partner somewhere round the castle.

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: The soldiers here sure love to keep fightin' fit, aye?

Milly: If the soldiers are training that seriously, the castle should be safe from any attack.

Nevan: A steadfast commander is sure to inspire his troops.

Ashlynn: Good for them. I bet this army's more than a match for any invader.

Amos: We don't need trainin' – we get to do plenty of real fightin'.

Goober: Boiiing!

Carver: People say the darndest things when they're bored, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. Let's pretend we didn't hear that, eh?

Nevan: I'm sure he doesn't truly desire someone to pick a fight with Arkbolt.

Ashlynn: Oh, brother! He better be careful what he wishes for.

Amos: He wants us to pay no heed but old Amos tends to repeat everythin' he hears.

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: Geh. Pardon me while I puke.

Milly: Hee hee. Unrequited love is the fate of all young girls.

Nevan: That was quite a sigh she let out...

Ashlynn: She's really daydreaming on the job, huh.

Amos: If that lady's lookin' for a fella, old Amos is available.

Goober: Boing, boing.

Carver: We've run into a real rogues' gallery of freaks since then, aye? And it ain't over yet.

Milly: I can't help but think of the name Jamirus cried out when he was defeated...

Nevan: Unless the world becomes safer very soon, people's thoughts will all tend that way.

Ashlynn: Let's see... We've beaten Murdaw, then Jamirus, and then, uh, Gracos, right?

Ashlynn: I bet there's someone even meaner than those guys waiting for us up ahead.

Amos: I'd like to tell her she's thinkin' too much, but I'm not sure she's wrong...

Goober: Boing? ...Boing! (slurp)

Carver: Uh...who was that fella again?

Milly: It's a real shame that we weren't the ones who defeated the monster in the pass.

Nevan: It pains me somewhat to accept praise like that.

Ashlynn: My back hurts just thinking about that coffin we had to lug around.

Amos: Well, perhaps it didn't pan out as planned, but we gave it our best.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I think it's pretty flippin' obvious what they mean. You can't swing a hammer without hitting a monster.

Milly: Everyone's going to start getting uneasy again at this rate...

Nevan: Travellers are always acutely aware of the dangers that surround them.

Ashlynn: We won't have any kind of real peace until we beat the Archfiend, I guess...

Amos: Well, at least things have quieted down in Wayfarer's Pass.

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Hardy har! Do her folks know what she's up to?

Milly: Ah, youthful curiosity. It's a wonderful thing.

Nevan: Young girls should be interested in flowers and such – not monster cadavers.

Ashlynn: Yuck! What kind of girl would want to peek at a gross monster corpse?

Amos: She's actin' surprised, but young lasses shouldn't be tryin' to see monster corpses.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Aye, standin' guard is a boring job. I'm glad I don't have to do it.

Milly: Sounds like he just needs a bit of fresh air.

Nevan: That fellow should be well satisfied with the relative safety of guarding the castle.

Ashlynn: The grass is always greener, etcetera, etcetera...

Ashlynn: I bet the soldiers out slaying monsters can't wait to get back to guard duty.

Amos: A soldier shouldn't be whingin'!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I dunno if spreading your army so thin is smart strategery, no...

Milly: Hee hee. That's the spirit!

Nevan: I wonder what the other soldiers would say if they heard him...

Ashlynn: Thinks he's an army of one, does he?

Amos: That lad should give his mouth a rest and focus on his duties.

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: That's what ya call a winning attitude right there.

Milly: He's going to smash that armour into pieces at this rate...

Nevan: He certainly wields a sword like he means it...

Ashlynn: Ugh. Could he be any sweatier?

Amos: A good tip is to stick a picture of someone you hate on your practice dummy.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hope he hangs in there. Colds are tough on the old, aye?

Milly: He might have moved inside, but that corner of the castle is rather chilly. I hope he's alright...

Nevan: That fellow should return home and crawl straight into bed.

Ashlynn: Gross! What's that stuff dripping from his nose!?

Amos: Fingers crossed it's nothin' serious...

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: That's Commander Brutus's kid, aye? He's proud of his ol' man even when he's sleepin'.

Milly: He must really love his father if he dreams about him winning battles.

Nevan: That boy has the makings of a fine soldier.

Ashlynn: Aww... All that pride is making him toss and turn.

Amos: Old Amos would like a son who really admires his old man...

Amos: Well, first things first – I'm goin' to have to find a Mrs Amos...

Goober: Boing, boing.

Carver: Avast! Pretty spry for a dead monster, aye?

Milly: It could probably get out of the cell if it wanted to. It must be happy where it is...

Nevan: I think it's best to take in the scene without getting too involved...

Ashlynn: Wow... What brought it back to life like that?

Amos: I c-c-can't believe it g-g-got out of the coffin! (shudder)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I reckon it's best he doesn't know the whole story behind this, aye?

Milly: This is one of those times when it's better to say nothing.

Nevan: I pity this poor fellow...

Ashlynn: I don't like where this is going...

Amos: It's not really our place to say anythin'.

Goober: Boi-oing! B-Boing!

Carver: I hope that monster keeps its cool, or Arkbolt's gonna be in big trouble...

Milly: I'm sure it'll be fine to leave the monster as it is... Won't it?

Nevan: If we wade in thoughtlessly, things could get out of hand. Let's just take in the scene.

Ashlynn: So wait... Terry DIDN'T finish the monster off back in the cave...?

Amos: Well, it's not doin' anyone any harm. Leave it be.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: “Blue swordsman”...? Terry...maybe?

Milly: Seems it's waiting for that young swordsman. But why...?

Nevan: I'm relieved that it doesn't seem to be expecting reinforcements.

Ashlynn: Why's it asking for the man we all thought killed it?

Ashlynn: Revenge maybe, or...?

Amos: It'd be a bit of a shock if a blue swordsman suddenly appeared.

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Did you notice that worried look on the Chancellor's face, Hero?

Milly: There was something gloomy about the Chancellor's aura...

Nevan: At least he appears to remember who we are.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I love the way the Chancellor talks. It's so polite and old-fashioned!

Amos: Old Amos didn't mean to honour anyone with his presence...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I like the Queen here. She's not all haughty 'n everything like that.

Milly: I'm always impressed by the Queen's refined dignity.

Nevan: It's an honour to be addressed directly by the Queen.

Ashlynn: It's good to see the Queen's still in high spirits. I guess I would be too if I had skin like hers.

Amos: Maybe old Amos could live here at the palace for a while... No, it just won't work out!

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Is he referrin' to that monster the swordsman whupped in the cave? That's crazy talk.

Milly: Maybe it wasn't properly killed off... Could that be it?

Nevan: A slain monster has been resurrected? Can this really be?

Ashlynn: You don't think that Terry guy messed up the mission, do you?

Amos: So is Brutus sittin' on the monster's chest as we speak?

Goober: (slurrrp) Boing!

Carver: It seems to be keeping its cool for now, but I'm really not comfortable leavin' it be.

Milly: I sensed that it was quite happy to stay in its cell...

Nevan: A slain monster has been resurrected? Can this really be?

Ashlynn: Ooh, I just knew Terry bungled the job! He must've gotten lazy at the end of the battle!

Amos: It's not like we can get old Terry to come back and clobber the monster...

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Nothin' for him to do, aye...?

Milly: Hee hee. Sweet dreams, soldier!

Nevan: I appreciate that guard duty can be tedious, but this is inexcusable.

Ashlynn: What a slacker...

Amos: Old Amos got a sudden urge to shout – but I'll keep my big gob shut!

Goober: Boing!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: This used to be a castle or somethin'? It's seen better days, I'd say.

Milly: This place... Was it a castle?

Milly: What in the world could have happened to it?

Nevan: It looks as though a typhoon has swept through this place.

Ashlynn: Hey, Hero... Somewhere in these ruins is a super-strong magical power. I can feel it!

Ashlynn: But that's not the half of it. I'm also sensing the pain of tormented souls...too many to count. Ugh.

Ashlynn: These ruins are pulsing with the pain of many, many people.

Amos: This place is in a terrible state...

Amos: If Murdaw, Jamirus and Gracos all ganged up, they couldn't make more of a mess than this.

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Amazin' treasure? I doubt this dump even has amazin' trash.

Milly: What kind of treasure, I wonder?

Nevan: Thankfully there's no trace of dead rats here – or monsters.

Ashlynn: I doubt a tiny ruined castle like this has any treasure worth keeping.

Amos: Treasure, he says? It's got to be worth havin' a nose around.

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Avast! A hidden stairway! Here, of all places!

Carver: Crikey, Hero. How'd you know about this?

Milly: I won't ask how you knew there was a stairway here, Hero...

Nevan: How remarkable. It goes to show you should always give things a try.

Ashlynn: Wow! You found that right out of the blue! Are you, like, psychic or something, Hero?

Amos: What a find – even if it was just luck!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Kinda creepy down here, aye...?

Milly: Was this a prison...?

Nevan: I can almost hear the screams of those who breathed their last here.

Ashlynn: Wow... I don't know why, but I just feel so incredibly sad all of a sudden.

Amos: A dungeon buried under a ruin? It ain't half creepy.

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Whoa! Hey, Hero! There's another stairway leadin' down!

Milly: I wonder what awaits us down there...

Nevan: Hero, you seem to know exactly what you're doing.

Ashlynn: I sense a powerful magic force down those stairs...

Amos: Well, I'm not surprised you could find this staircase, but the one up there was somethin' else!

Goober: Boing. Boi-oing!

Carver: This looks like a good place to find monster henchmen 'n everything like that.

Milly: My, this path is rather long.

Nevan: Is this really part of the castle?

Ashlynn: The magic force... It's becoming more intense...

Amos: This place ain't half creepy!

Goober: Boing?

Carver: That... That's blood!

Milly: It looks like writing that message was his final act...

Nevan: Doubtless he guarded the legendary armour until the very end.

Ashlynn: The magical force I've been sensing... It must be this armour.

Amos: Who'd have thought we'd find legendary armour down here?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That must be the fella who wrote the message on the wall.

Milly: This is terrible... Dying alone in a place like this...

Nevan: I'll pray for his soul...

Ashlynn: He must've protected the armour by himself until the day he died...

Amos: He doesn't look like he was attacked by monsters.

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: ...Uh, do you mind if I hold the armour just for a sec, Hero? Can I touch it, at least?

Milly: Getting the legendary armour wasn't all that tough in the end, was it...

Nevan: How remarkable to find the legendary armour in a place like this.

Ashlynn: Wow! This is incredible! The magical power is so strong you can feel it!

Amos: So this is one of the legendary relics folks keep goin' on about.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Uh... Aren't we right back where we were?

Milly: Where are we, I wonder?

Nevan: So it appears that well connects the upper and lower worlds...

Ashlynn: Wait a minute... Where are we?

Amos: Let's keep it down... I think there's someone up ahead.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Pretty small castle, aye? It's got good bones, though – nice 'n sturdy, ya see.

Milly: That soldier has a nice, bright aura.

Nevan: This castle's guards seem to be well disciplined.

Ashlynn: That soldier seems wound a little tight.

Amos: Let's not bother that guard.

Goober: Boing. Boi-oing!

Carver: The soldier from earlier was warnin' us too, aye? This ceremony must be a pretty big deal.

Milly: Everyone in the castle must be busy preparing.

Nevan: If an important ceremony is imminent, we certainly don't want to get in the way.

Ashlynn: Hmm... Maybe we should see what's up with this ceremony.

Amos: We might get shouted at if we go traipsin' about.

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Eh, did you get all that mumbo jumbo? I only believe what I see, ya see.

Milly: Indeed. It's vitally important to determine one's own fate.

Nevan: I am convinced that, with sufficient effort, one can alter one's fate.

Ashlynn: That guy having a bad week or something? He's acting like he's at a dead end.

Amos: Sometimes fate just can't be escaped.

Crikey, that's a scary thought...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Huh. I don't feel nothin'. You, Hero?

Milly: An evil presence... Yes, I sense it too, but what could it be?

Nevan: An evil presence? Perhaps. I do sense some kind of deeply mysterious force radiating from this castle...

Ashlynn: I've been feeling the same presence, too. I thought it was just my imagination.

Amos: An evil presence on the day of a big ceremony? That can't be good...

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Great, a scaredy-slime. Just what we need.

Milly: Oh my, have we made ourselves a new friend?

Nevan: What kind of ceremony has even slimes fleeing in mortal terror...?

Ashlynn: And just like that we have a new pal.

Amos: He really thought he could dig a hole and escape? With that chubby body!?

Goober: (slurp) Boing! Boing! Boi-oing! B-Boing!

Carver: That slime needs to man up, aye?

Milly: I can sense his terror, poor thing. Shall we give him a ride?

Nevan: What kind of ceremony has even slimes fleeing in mortal terror...?

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Why don't we invite him in? He might be good for a few laughs.

Amos: Well, he's not just dreamin'. Hero just needs to invite him to join.

Goober: B-Boing? Boing...

Carver: Big ceremony, aye? What kinda ceremony?

Milly: This ceremony sounds terribly important.

Nevan: Whatever manner of ceremony it is, let's not make nuisances of ourselves.

Ashlynn: Somehow I don't like the sound of this “ceremony”...

Amos: So are they celebratin' somethin'? We might get a good feed out of it!

Goober: Boing?

Carver: What, so their king is a kook?

Milly: She seems weighed down with worry...

Nevan: That old woman doesn't look well...

Ashlynn: Wow... Poor lady. I think she's actually quivering in fear.

Amos: Well, you can't disobey the King. All she can do is hold tight and pray...

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: Oh, so their king's tryin' to one-up the Archfiend, aye?

Milly: Hmm. Defeating the Archfiend won't be easy by any method, that much is for certain.

Nevan: We won't learn the finer details of the ceremony from this old couple.

Nevan: Let's seek out someone who's directly involved.

Ashlynn: Okay, now I'm really feeling uneasy...

Amos: Isn't defeatin' the Archfiend our job?

Goober: Boing?

Carver: A demon-summonin' ceremony...? Of all the harebrained schemes...

Milly: Summoning a demon has the potential to go terribly wrong...

Nevan: No doubt the King has weighed other options before choosing this path, but even so...

Ashlynn: No wonder I've had this sinking feeling in my stomach since the moment we got here...

Amos: Do they have to call a demon? Can't they call somethin' a tad less horrifyin'?

Goober: B-Boing!? Boing!

Carver: Famous last words, aye?

Milly: Having faith in your king is all well and good, but still...

Nevan: Blind faith has its limits. Sometimes you must question your leaders...

Ashlynn: Liking your king is one thing... Following him to your doom without making a peep is another...

Amos: I'd love to find a lass with that kind of faith in old Amos!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: So they're pittin' a legendary demon against the Archfiend, aye?

Carver: Demon or not, the idea of “takin' command” of someone just doesn't sit right with me.

Milly: Are mere humans really capable of controlling powerful demons? I wonder...

Nevan: Relying on a demon to defeat the Archfiend? There's something fundamentally wrong here...

Ashlynn: A demon that powerful isn't likely to take orders from a human...

Amos: Archfiend versus demon in the fight of the century! I shouldn't want to see this, but...

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: More power than the Archfiend, aye...? Is this the part where we start gettin' scared?

Milly: I cannot shake off my sense of unease about this summoning...

Nevan: This ceremony absolutely must be stopped.

Ashlynn: This won't end well...

Amos: So after beating the Archfiend is the demon just goin' to quietly skulk back to Demonland...?

Goober: Boi-oing!

Carver: Not much point in tryin' to talk him out of it now, aye?

Milly: I don't think His Majesty has spotted us...

Nevan: I wonder what is going through King Falle's mind...

Ashlynn: The King might believe he's thought this through, but we're talking about a bona-fide demon here!

Ashlynn: These monsters are unpredictable! Anything can happen – most of it bad!

Amos: Maybe he's fast asleep...?

No, he can't be...

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Dependin' on a demon to fight your battles is just askin' for trouble, aye?

Milly: If the legendary armour is in the castle, the Archfiend is sure to make his way here eventually...

Nevan: I understand the desire to defend the legendary armour, but at what cost?

Ashlynn: Maybe they're just trying to protect the armour here, but still...

Amos: What if the demon ends up wanting the legendary armour, too? Then what?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: ...Let's go, Hero.

Milly: The legendary armour... Hmm...

Nevan: Let's leave this place.

Ashlynn: There's gotta be a better way to protect the armour...

Amos: You can see how seriously these two take the job of guardin' that armour.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: So that's the legendary armour... Think it would fit me?

Milly: So that's the Armour of Orgo. We mustn't let the Archfiend get his claws on it.

Nevan: It's breathtaking... Truly armour fit for a hero.

Ashlynn: Wow... The magic coming off that armour is just incredible.

Amos: It's got all the fine craftsmanship you'd expect from a piece of legendary equipment.

Goober: B-Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: That Princess has a point, ya know.

Milly: They wouldn't be calling it a demon if it were a natural ally to humans...

Nevan: I fear the Archfiend cannot be destroyed as easily as they hope.

Ashlynn: How can anyone predict what a demon's going to do?

Amos: If only the demon and the Archfiend would destroy each other at the exact same time – how great would that be?

Goober: Boing, boing.

Carver: So he only eats monsters' souls?

I dunno if I buy that...

Milly: The Queen seems to have complete faith in her husband.

Nevan: Even scholars are capable of making mistakes. I fear it's too early to relax...

Ashlynn: Nobody here's even seen a real demon. What makes them think they're experts?

Amos: So if the scholar's right, this demon's terrifyin' to monsters but no bother for humans?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Cats have it good, aye? He has no idea what's goin' on.

Milly: I wonder if the cat is worried too...

Nevan: The Princess's cat, perhaps? Its luxuriant coat suggests it lives in the lap of luxury.

Ashlynn: Aww... Even when I'm stressed out, kitties always calm me down.

Amos: No demon would gobble up a cat's soul, right?

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Huh. So this demon's got a thing for folks' hearts just like the Archfiend, aye?

Milly: I've no doubt that this demon has the power to see into the darkest corners of one's heart...

Nevan: The priest's words are not in themselves wrong...

Nevan: Yet I fear that things may be different when a demon is deliberately invoked...

Ashlynn: No offense to the priest, but things here have gotten a little too serious for faith and prayers alone.

Amos: Seems he's relyin' on nothin' but blind faith.

Goober: Boing...

Carver: The man's got a point.

Milly: It seems many of the locals are just as anxious as we are about the King's plan.

Nevan: If the demon did devour the Archfiend... Well, that would indeed be extraordinary...

Ashlynn: He's totally right! It's a stupid move. Stupid!

Amos: I bet eatin' an Archfiend would make for one heck of an upset stomach...

Goober: (slurp) Boing, boing!

Carver: He sure ain't takin' this seriously, aye?

Milly: That gentleman is rather...easy-going...

Nevan: I fear the Goddess will not be impressed by that fellow's lackadaisical attitude...

Ashlynn: That guy'll be easy pickings for the demon.

Amos: ...A ceremonial offerin', eh?

Goober: Boing! Boing! Boing!

Carver: I know nothin' about demons, but you can bet we're gonna take care of the Archfiend!

Milly: It really pains me to sense such fear in the heart of one so young...

Nevan: King Falle's subjects certainly have a great deal of faith in their monarch.

Ashlynn: I'm more worried about that demon than the Archfiend at the moment...

Amos: A few words from his Grandma and that lad's mind is at ease.

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Call me crazy, but seems to me like summonin' a demon is a lousy way to look after your subjects...

Milly: I suppose he's undertaking this ceremony for the good of all the world's people...

Nevan: It's a fine thing to see such a trusted monarch.

Ashlynn: Wow, she sure loves her homeland...

Amos: “No matter what may befall us...” That sounds a tad worryin'...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That fella makes a lot of sense.

Milly: I don't suppose he could say how he feels to the King's face, no matter how opposed he is.

Nevan: And when you fight fire with fire, someone always gets burned.

Ashlynn: This is the worst idea in the history of bad ideas.

Amos: And where there's fire, there's usually smoke...

Or wait...how does that go?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: What's that say? I couldn't read it over my muscles.

Milly: Brute force alone is not enough, I suppose.

Nevan: There is definitely truth to those words...

Ashlynn: The King must think these posters are motivational or something.

Amos: The soldiers in this castle must all take the King's commandments seriously.

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: What a lady, helpin' her sick ol' grandpa... And she doesn't seem upset or nothin'.

Milly: He must be suffering, but I'm sure he's happy to be in such good hands.

Nevan: Illness cannot be cured by medicine alone. The milk of human kindness is also essential.

Ashlynn: “Once things settle down”...? So she's bought into this demon-summoning scheme, too?

Amos: What old Amos wouldn't give for a daughter like that...

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Oof. He doesn't sound too good.

Milly: I hope he gets better soon...

Nevan: Tending to the ill is tough work – but being looked after has its own hardships as well.

Ashlynn: Aw, he seems so miserable...

Amos: Shouldn't they be holdin' a ceremony to get him fixed up?

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Whoa. Those fellas ain't holdin' back. Looks like fun.

Milly: Seeing the soldiers in training must put the locals' minds at ease.

Nevan: These soldiers all seem to be fervent followers of the King's philosophy.

Ashlynn: Eww! This whole room smells like Carver's feet!

Amos: These soldiers know what to do with a sword!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Whoa. Those fellas ain't holdin' back. Looks like fun.

Milly: Seeing the soldiers in training must put the locals' minds at ease.

Nevan: These soldiers all seem to be fervent followers of the King's philosophy.

Ashlynn: Eww! This whole room smells like Carver's feet!

Amos: These soldiers know what to do with a sword!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Whoa. Those fellas ain't holdin' back. Looks like fun.

Milly: Seeing the soldiers in training must put the locals' minds at ease.

Nevan: These soldiers all seem to be fervent followers of the King's philosophy.

Ashlynn: Eww! This whole room smells like Carver's feet!

Amos: These soldiers know what to do with a sword!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Whoa. Those fellas ain't holdin' back. Looks like fun.

Milly: Seeing the soldiers in training must put the locals' minds at ease.

Nevan: These soldiers all seem to be fervent followers of the King's philosophy.

Ashlynn: Eww! This whole room smells like Carver's feet!

Amos: These soldiers know what to do with a sword!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Good thing I don't got any weaknesses, aye? ...Aye?

Milly: I'd say that not knowing your own weaknesses is the greatest fear of all.

Nevan: There is definitely truth to those words...

Ashlynn: The King must think these posters are motivational or something.

Amos: The soldiers in this castle must all take the King's commandments seriously.

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: He's got that right, alright.

Milly: Good time or bad, it's not for us to say...

Nevan: He must accept the hand fate has dealt him.

Ashlynn: Wow, some people just never get any breaks, huh?

Amos: If the ceremony goes without a hitch, he'll have nowt to fear...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Snake venom? Frogs? Sounds like an acquired taste 'n everything like that.

Milly: I don't think I can even look at it...

Nevan: So that explains the foul smell wafting around here.

Ashlynn: Are they trying to summon a demon or (glurp) the contents of my stomach...?

Amos: I hope she's not usin' a regular pot to cook this muck...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Geh! Try not to slop any of that on me, aye, Hero?

Milly: Don't bring it anywhere near me, Hero!

Nevan: What malodorous muck this is...

Ashlynn: Demons like that gruel? Gag me with a pitchfork.

Amos: I was goin' to have a little nibble, but thought better of it...

Goober: (slurrrp) Boi-oing! Boi-oing!

Carver: The ceremony's in there, aye? I bet that's one wild scene.

Milly: Once the offering is ready, it seems the ceremony can begin.

Nevan: It seems the preparations have gone smoothly, at least...

Ashlynn: That sinking feeling in my stomach? It just hit my heels.

Amos: Stayin' calm and waitin' isn't as easy as it sounds...

Goober: (slurp)

Carver: What's he goin' on about? Does he think we're involved in this mumbo jumbo?

Milly: It sounds like they'd arranged for someone else to bring it up here.

Nevan: The ceremony looks set to begin in spite of any concerns we may harbour.

Ashlynn: Hey, how'd we get suckered into assisting this awful ceremony?

Amos: What're you playin' at, Hero? If you don't have it, don't tell 'em you do.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Crikey! My hands are all sticky from that swill!

Milly: The ceremonial chamber...


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Nevan: I still detect the offering's foul odour about my garments...

Ashlynn: Just how big is this demon? This room is huge!

Amos: You could cut the tension with a knife in here.

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Well, I doubt it'll have a flower on its head and big puppy-dog eyes...

Milly: It doesn't matter how scary it is – as long as the King can control it, we'll be alright...

Nevan: Having never seen this demon, I'm not qualified to answer...

Ashlynn: Hel-lo!? It's a demon! Of course it'll be scary!

Amos: I've clapped eyes on a fair few folks scarier than demons, so I'm not too fussed.

Goober: Boing!

Carver: If they're worried about this demon goin' after the wrong fella, what makes 'em think it'll attack the Archfiend?

Milly: He seems like a very honourable guard.

Nevan: While I fear that their powers are limited, their determination is deeply admirable.

Ashlynn: Oh, it'll be no “accident” if the demon attacks the King.

Amos: Do they really think they can protect the King from a demon that can defeat the Archfiend...?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Well, it won't be long now...

Milly: The ceremony will begin when the King arrives...

Nevan: I fear the King will not reconsider his decision at the eleventh hour...

Ashlynn: I've got goosebumps...

Amos: I wonder exactly where around here the demon's goin' to pop up.

Goober: B-Boing!

Carver: Oh, I see. They're really nice to us when we bring the offering, but now we're just in the way...

Milly: While I am curious, I don't want to be a nuisance. Let's go.

Nevan: We have no choice. Let us exit this room.

Ashlynn: No point sticking around here. Let's go, Hero.

Amos: It could be dangerous? I knew it! This is a tad worryin'...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hey, follow that king, Hero!

Milly: The ceremony's starting!

Nevan: Let's wait outside the ceremonial chamber.

Ashlynn: And there he goes...

Amos: Let's head up as well!

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Sounds like we oughta start figurin' out a plan B to stop that demon...

Milly: If the King obtains this power, peace is sure to return. If he doesn't...

Nevan: I feel compelled to pray as well...

Ashlynn: Outclass the Archfiend...? Riiight. Somehow I doubt it...

Amos: I'm not sure prayers will help anyone at this stage...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I guess they got the party started, aye?

Milly: It looks like we're locked out.

Nevan: I'm intrigued to know what's happening in there...

Ashlynn: The bad vibes here are badder than ever...

Amos: Fingers crossed all goes accordin' to plan.

Goober: Boing! Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: It's back to square one around here, aye?

Milly: Are these events going to repeat themselves forever?

Nevan: Deliberately invoking a demon is fraught with all manner of perils.

Nevan: I fear this entire castle may now be cursed.

Ashlynn: I guess there's nothing we can do to stop the summoning, huh...?

Amos: Could we have been cast into hell? I hope not...

Goober: (slurp) Boing...

Carver: What the? First we're trundled outta the castle, and now we're back here again!?

Milly: Back at this well again...

Nevan: B-But everything we saw...? It surely can't all have been a dream!?

Ashlynn: Where's the demon? ...What happened to everyone?

Amos: So this is Graceskull after it was destroyed by the demon? I'm not wrong, am I?

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: What do ya think happened to that fella who holed himself up with that armour?

Milly: The legendary demon destroyed Castle Graceskull in the end...

Nevan: It's hard to believe that the splendid Castle Graceskull has been reduced to this...

Ashlynn: That power I was sensing is as strong now as ever. Why, though?

Amos: Where did that demon get to? You don't think he's still knockin' about in this world, do you?

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Wait a minute! The armour! Where do ya think it is now?

Milly: As long as the demon didn't notice those stairs, the armour might still be in the basement...

Nevan: The Armour of Orgo... Could it still be intact?

Ashlynn: The armour might still be around here somewhere...but I'm not so optimistic about the Captain.

Amos: Didn't the Captain say he'd seal the armour away in the treasure chamber underground?

Amos: But with the castle in this state, how would you know where the entrance was?

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Crikey, Hero! Jokin' or not, ya don't say “yes” to somethin' like that!

Milly: You shouldn't answer like that if you've got no intention of selling, Hero.

Nevan: I would strongly suggest that we ignore such characters.

Ashlynn: You were just kidding, right, Hero? Right?

Amos: And if he'd stumped up enough money, what would you have done, Hero?

Goober: Boing? Boing!? Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! He couldn't equip it even if he did buy it. He'd just turn around 'n sell it for double, I bet.

Milly: This armour is imbued with the memories of many people. It isn't something that one simply sells...

Nevan: I would strongly suggest that we ignore such characters.

Ashlynn: I don't care if he offered a billion gold coins. It's not for sale.

Amos: Old Amos was terrified you'd actually go and sell it for a second there!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Crikey! You hit the nail right on the head, Hero! Not bad!

Milly: I'm impressed, Hero. You remembered exactly where those stairs were.

Nevan: Who'd have thought the golden pickaxe would prove indispensable here?

Ashlynn: How much time do you think has passed since that ceremony?

Ashlynn: The stairway's still there, at least. Let's hope the Captain is, too.

Amos: Is anyone else a little nervous about goin' down there?

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Musty enough for ya? That stairway probably hasn't been opened for an age.

Milly: This is more like a prison than a treasure room...

Nevan: I can almost hear the screams of those who perished in this castle during that tragic event...

Ashlynn: I'm feeling about as cheery as the atmosphere down here.

Amos: Seems like no one's around.

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Huh. Another hidden stairway, aye?

Milly: We've got to push on.

Nevan: Could it be...? Down there...

Ashlynn: Wow! I just felt the most intense burst of magic when we opened that stairway!

Amos: It's hair-raisin' but let's head down!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Gettin' our walkin' in today, aye...?

Milly: I wonder how far this goes...

Nevan: The Captain must have once passed through these very caverns.

Ashlynn: The magic force... It's becoming more intense...

Amos: Arrgh! You gave old Amos a fright there! It's best not to talk to me down here...

Goober: Boing?

Carver: That's the Captain, alright. No doubt about it.

Milly: He gave his life to protect the Armour of Orgo...

Nevan: Doubtless he guarded the legendary armour until the very end.

Ashlynn: Captain... Just think of all the time he spent here... No food, no water, no light... All alone...

Amos: That Captain was a true soldier alright!

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: That... That's blood!

Milly: Those must be the Captain's last words...

Nevan: The Captain's last words were dedicated to the armour...

Ashlynn: The armour's safe and all, but at what price...? It's just so sad...

Amos: Don't worry, Captain! We're not goin' to let the Armour of Orgo fall into the Archfiend's claws.

Goober: Boing...

Carver: So this is the legendary Armour of Orgo, aye? Sharp work, Hero!

Milly: The Captain guarded the armour up until the very end. We should be grateful to him.

Nevan: Could it be that the will of the Captain led us here...?

Ashlynn: Wow! This is incredible! The magical power is so strong you can feel it!

Amos: Thank the Goddess the armour didn't fall into the Archfiend's claws.

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Ain't it funny how your body gets all tingly whenever we go through a well like this?

Carver: Never gets old, aye?

Milly: Are you okay, Hero? Are you tired?

Nevan: Hmm... It seems no monsters lurk in the vicinity of this well.

Ashlynn: Whew! I'm beat. Hope we can take a break soon.

Terry: Huh? I didn't say anything...

Amos: Oh, well wisher, play with us! ♪

Oh, well wisher, stay with us! ♪

Come on now, surprise us! ♪

Amos: Er... Sorry... You just overheard some of old Amos's songwritin' experiments.

Lizzie: (snarl) No...one...around... (spit)

Goober: (slurp) Boing!


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Carver: It'd be nice to try out some of that legendary junk we've been gatherin'...

Carver: Too bad there ain't a snowball's chance in Aridea of any of it fittin' me.

Milly: I wonder where this well will take us...

Nevan: So tell me, Hero. Which vocation are you planning to change to next?

Nevan: I must confess to being a bit torn...

Ashlynn: So, got any plans for after we finally beat the Archfiend?

Ashlynn: It'll be nice to finally get a little vacation, huh? Tee hee!

Terry: It's far too damp down here.

Amos: This probably isn't the time to mention this, but...

Amos: I was just imaginin' a well wisher or a scarewell poppin' out. (shiver)

Lizzie: (snarl) Well...damp... (slobber)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Not a soul in sight. Even the mice moved out.

Milly: What's that in the middle of the floor...?

Nevan: A switch of some sort. I expect it has something to do with the floodgate.

Ashlynn: Ooh, a switch! Flip it! Flip it!

Terry: A switch on the floor? It's not a trap, is it?

Amos: What's the bettin' we step on that switch and the whole floor suddenly gives way...?

Lizzie: (snarl) Narrow...room... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Combatants!? This is my kinda place!

Milly: What kind of combatants, I wonder? Has anyone ever heard of this “Sledge”?

Nevan: Where do you suppose one might find this Sledge fellow?

Ashlynn: Great place for a sign. Like, who would ever read it here?

Ashlynn: ...Um, besides us, I mean.

Terry: Sounds like fun – let's give it a shot.

Amos: Some sort of contest, is it? Old Amos doesn't like losin'!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh... Fight...! (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing! Boing!

Carver: Whoa! I bet they heard that all the way over in Somnia!

Milly: So can we go through the floodgate now?

Nevan: Surely that must mean the floodgate is now open.

Ashlynn: Hey, let's go see what that was, Hero!

Terry: C'mon, Hero! Let's go!

Amos: I half expected a big explosion when we stepped on the switch!

Lizzie: (snarl) Floodgate...open...? (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)


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Carver: Sledge's Secret what? This place is weirdin' me out!

Milly: What kind of person goes to all this trouble to set up a secret arena...

Nevan: A “Slimopolis”? Let's investigate...

Ashlynn: Slimopolis? Wow! You think this is where little slimes dream of making it big someday?

Terry: I'm not sure if I should be excited or repulsed...

Amos: We have to register our group? I hope there's not a hefty membership fee...

Lizzie: (snarl) Many...slimes... (slobber)

Carver: Let's check it out, Hero!

Milly: Surely we won't be fighting the slimes ourselves...?

Nevan: The atmosphere is an intriguing mixture of high tension and good clean fun.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! This place looks kinda fun.

Terry: I don't know what they do here, but I'll try anything once.

Amos: That bunny is a looker alright!

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...compete...? (slobber)

Carver: I'll take a good time, sure, but hold the goo, please.

Milly: It'll be fun to stop here a while.

Nevan: Since we're here, we may as well enjoy it.

Ashlynn: Wow! I've never seen so many slimes!

Terry: It's wall-to-wall slime round here.

Amos: Old Amos is gettin' excited...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Hardy har! You'd have to be dead not to have fun at this place.

Milly: I must admit, this place does have a certain charm.

Nevan: It's fine to let our hair down on occasion – as long as we don't forget about the Archfiend.

Ashlynn: Wow! She remembered us and everything!

Terry: Personally, I prefer fighting solo.

Amos: There might be breeds of slime here we've never laid eyes on before.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...have...fun... (slobber)

Carver: Huh. I didn't even know slimes had muscles to pump up.

Milly: Could it really be so difficult to train a champion slime?

Nevan: Sadly the vocation of “slime trainer” isn't on offer at Alltrades Abbey.

Ashlynn: Wow! There's such a thing as a professional slime trainer?

Ashlynn: I wonder if you can train slimes to beg and play fetch and stuff.

Terry: “Pro” slimes? Please. I'll show them what a pro looks like...

Amos: Maybe this isn't such a great idea...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: That little fella looks eager to get into the arena.

Milly: That slime is in fine fettle!

Nevan: That is clearly a well-trained slime.

Ashlynn: Aww, he's so cute!

Terry: Is this marching practice or what?

Amos: Hey slime – sit! Good boy!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Huh. Who knew slime fightin' was such a big deal, aye?

Milly: A champion slime would be a real cash cow in this place.

Nevan: So the slimes are brought here purely to earn money for their masters...

Ashlynn: Wow... So we can see slimes from all over the world here!?

Terry: There's some seriously dodgy characters here...

Amos: Old Amos has always dreamt of makin' it big...

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...already big... (slobber)

Carver: Hardy har! I bet I could bench a hundred slimes!

Milly: It may be the slimes that are fighting, but there are significant demands on the trainers too.

Nevan: There's more to slime-fighting than meets the eye.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I do silly things when I get nervous, too.

Terry: There's no point in that guy getting nervous now.

Amos: Old Amos will stick to liftin' his sword and shield for exercise, thanks very much.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Flexible little fella, aye?

Milly: There really are all sorts of slimes here.

Nevan: Does a slime solidify when it gets nervous? I wonder...

Ashlynn: Wow, look at him jiggle! I just wanna poke him!

Terry: That slime's got no fear of humans.

Amos: That slime isn't goin' to start bitin' is it?

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Must be tough to be a rookie slime in this place.

Milly: Sounds like Blush has a history of escape attempts...

Nevan: Perhaps there are pacifist slimes?

Ashlynn: You don't think that guy's been abusing his slime or anything, do you?

Terry: What kind of trainer loses his slime?

Amos: If that fellow was my trainer, old Amos would run off too.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Whoa, what a quiverin' pile of goo...

Milly: He seems to be hiding...

Milly: I suppose that little fellow must be Blush.

Nevan: That slime is somewhat short of get-up-and-goo.

Ashlynn: Is he playing hide-and-seek, or what?

Terry: That slime's no fighter – it's written all over its face.

Amos: This slime shouldn't let its guard down.

Lizzie: (snarl) Shivering...scaredy-slime... (spit)

Carver: Hardy har! I can't tell 'em apart, neither.

Milly: I'm glad that others have difficulty telling slimes apart. I thought it was just me...

Nevan: So the champion slime gets a statue created in its likeness?

Ashlynn: Wow! You think the real Hammer's here?

Terry: Even if slimes' faces look the same, they all move differently.

Amos: Maybe we all look the same to slimes.

Lizzie: (snarl) Slime...all...look...same... (slobber)

Carver: That slime's got a real sparkle in her eyes.

Milly: I think that one's my favourite!

Nevan: That slime appears to be somewhat excited.

Ashlynn: How is that slime any different from the ones in the wild again?

Terry: That one looks about as solid as slimes get.

Amos: That slime's got spirit to spare!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Big prizes, aye? Count me in!

Carver: ...Wait. These fights are for slimes only? Ah, well.

Milly: I feel sorry for the slimes who are dragged here to win prizes for their masters...

Nevan: That man speaks a good deal of sense, Hero.

Nevan: What use are prizes if you're incapable of enjoying yourself?

Ashlynn: Poor little guy... He probably just hates slime-on-slime violence...

Terry: If his slime hasn't won a single match, you have to wonder about his training methods.

Amos: Once you lose your will to fight, you might as well hang up your spurs. Right, Hero?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...want...big prizes... (slobber)

Carver: Huh. All the slime eyes I've seen look pretty much the same...

Milly: He's right. I can usually tell if a slime is in a good or bad mood just from looking into its eyes.

Nevan: It's not every day that you run into hot-blooded slimes burning for a fight...

Ashlynn: Speaking of which, have you ever seen a slime blink?

Terry: It's the same with humans. You can tell the winners from the losers just by looking into their eyes.

Amos: But if you stare into a slime's eyes too long wouldn't they attack you?

Lizzie: (snarl) How...Lizzie's eyes...look...? (spit)

Carver: He's really givin' the hard sell, aye? I think it's workin', too.

Milly: He seems to be hooked...

Nevan: When your own slime's in the arena, I'm sure it's quite an adrenaline rush.

Ashlynn: We better not get sucked into this. We have things to do! Monsters to slay!

Terry: I imagine watching a slime you've raised yourself doing battle is pretty gripping.

Amos: Wouldn't a slime melt in the heat of battle?

Lizzie: (snarl) Give...it...shot...? (spit)

Carver: Rank D, aye...? That's a big achievement for a little slime.

Milly: His slime certainly seems strong.

Nevan: Apparently that is no run-of-the-mill slime.

Ashlynn: What kind of name is “Ralph”? “Champ” is more like it!

Terry: That slime isn't drinking, is it?

Amos: That's a man who loves his slime!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: That's one classy slime, aye?

Milly: I don't imagine slimes would have much of a tolerance...

Nevan: That slime certainly seems to be enjoying its victory celebration.

Ashlynn: I bet that slime's forty percent water and sixty percent booze...

Terry: That slime looks like it's having a good time.

Amos: I wonder if slimes turn red when they drink too much. Maybe that's where she-slimes come from!

Lizzie: (snarl) If Lizzie drink...Lizzie breathe fire... (spit)

Carver: Hey, I like to watch. Let's make the most of it.

Milly: I wonder if there are any especially nice items among the prizes?

Nevan: The atmosphere differs somewhat from a casino, but it's still rather jolly.

Ashlynn: I'm more than happy just watching the slimes bounce all over the place.

Terry: Let's take a look around.

Amos: Next time we come, let's bring a slime!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Whoa! Did you hear that, Hero?

Carver: We've got a reputation 'n everything like that!
Ain't that great?

Milly: We like to think of ourselves as friends, not trainers.

Nevan: That bartender knows how to flatter his customers.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Good to see the bartender knows talent when he sees it!

Terry: I don't want to be known as a monster trainer – I want to be a monster master.

Amos: Any slime that travels with us is gonna get stronger regardless of trainin'.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: I'm as surprised as anyone. I mean, who'd expect to find a huge slime arena on some random island?

Milly: They say you make your own luck, don't they...

Nevan: Even if it was luck, some strange connection drew us here.

Ashlynn: I guess we're just naturally inclined to find places like this, huh?

Terry: To think such a remote island would be overrun by people and slimes...

Terry: Still, I suppose it's likely famous among slime aficionados.

Amos: Maybe these folk all saw this island advertised in the latest issue of “Slime Magazine”.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Thirty years, aye...? The man's committed.

Milly: Oh my, his aura is gleaming with joy.

Nevan: Thirty years dedicated to slimes...?

Nevan: Does the Slimopolis really go back that far?

Ashlynn: Wow, thirty years! He started before I was even born!

Terry: The old boy's got spirit, I'll give him that.

Amos: If you'd devoted thirty years to slimes and NOT won a thing or two, well that'd be a tad worryin'.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Whoa, he's right! The door's slime-shaped 'n everything like that. Hardy har!

Milly: I don't think we're qualified to enter. What a shame.

Nevan: Wouldn't a king slime get stuck?

Ashlynn: Aww, I wanna see inside!

Terry: Ah, it all makes sense...

Amos: I'd love to know what the scene is like back there.

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...not...fit through...door... (spit)

Carver: Huh. I wonder why that Sledge fella opened this joint in the first place...

Milly: He seems so unassuming, too... It just goes to show, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Nevan: Those who excel in any field deserve respect.

Ashlynn: I feel like I should get Sledge's autograph or something.

Terry: Seems like this Sledge is a pretty powerful figure in the slime community.

Amos: Take a look at that! He looks like a champ alright!

Lizzie: (spit) Grrragh... (slobber)

Carver: So that's the owner, aye? Crikey, he's got a lotta pep for an old fella.

Milly: So that's Sledge. His passion for slimes is certainly clear...

Nevan: I sense the deep love and respect Sledge has for all slimes.

Ashlynn: Wow! Pretty cool for an old guy, huh?

Terry: I hope I'm still on top of my game at his age.

Amos: Old Amos reckons he could take down the champ...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Geh! That got my heart goin'. Is he really a slime?

Milly: My word... I didn't know slimes could make that kind of sound.

Nevan: I would hate to cross that ferocious slime...

Ashlynn: I don't think even I could take that guy in a fair fight!

Terry: That slime has the aura of a natural-born winner.

Amos: That slime doesn't have fangs does it?

Lizzie: (snarl) Slime...voice... Scarier...than...Lizzie... (slobber)

Carver: Hardy har! They even run in the Slimopolis, aye?

Milly: “A metal slime never changes its shine”, as they say... It must be tough for the trainers.

Nevan: It's gone in the blink of an eye...

Ashlynn: Wow! Those things can move!

Terry: That speed... That sleekness... It could only be a metal slime.

Amos: You'd think havin' a metal body would slow it down...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Too bad they don't have slime races to go along with the fights here.

Milly: That's the result of focusing on speed above all else.

Nevan: He's proud of his slime's strengths, but shouldn't he work on its weaknesses?

Ashlynn: Maybe he should nail that slime to the floor or something...

Terry: Fleeing from battles is nothing to boast about.

Amos: Runnin' away's a sly way to win!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: He doesn't have a leg to stand on, aye? Hardy har!

Milly: He should be supporting his slime, really. The poor thing is trying its best...

Nevan: He looks like he's about to jump in and join the fight himself.

Ashlynn: Boy, people really get into this!

Terry: Shouting at a slime's not going to make it sprout limbs...

Amos: That's no way to support your slime.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: We'd better keep our distance from that girl...

Milly: Ah, the lure of the forbidden fruit. It's human nature.

Nevan: She makes the Slimopolis sound like a fairly insalubrious place.

Ashlynn: She needs to let go and just enjoy it.

Terry: Over-excitement isn't good for your health.

Amos: Imagine bein' married to a lass like that?
It'd be a bloomin' nightmare...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: She had me at “fabulous prize”.

Milly: If we're going to do this, we're in it to win it!

Nevan: Should we allow our heads to be turned by glitzy prizes, victory will remain elusive.

Ashlynn: Sure is a lot riding on these slimes, huh?

Terry: It's all about the battle – not what you can win.

Amos: Can you win a bunny girl...?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...want...prize... (spit)

Carver: Grrr... We'll get 'em next time!

Milly: I suppose more training is required.

Nevan: What a shame.

Ashlynn: Oh, come on! We can do better than that!

Terry: We won't win till our slime pulls its gooey socks up.

Amos: This feels worse than losin' a battle yourself!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh! Lizzie...hate...losing... (spit)

Carver: Crikey! I'm so happy, I could cry!

Milly: Congratulations, (Slime Buddy)! I'm so proud of you!

Nevan: (Slime Buddy), that was extraordinary!

Ashlynn: Wow! (Slime Buddy) kicked some goo in there!

Terry: Well, at this rank, victory was pretty much assured for (Slime Buddy).

Amos: A kiss from a bunny girl!? Old Amos is green with envy...

Amos: Why can't I transform into a slime...?

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...want...compete...too... (spit)

Carver: You da slime, (Slime Buddy)! I'm all choked up here!

Milly: Well done, (Slime Buddy)! What an effort!

Milly: Watching you out there – you made me so proud!

Nevan: Brilliant performance, (Slime Buddy)!

Ashlynn: Yahoo! If I was a slime, I'd totally fall for you, (Slime Buddy)!

Terry: Nice work, (Slime Buddy). How does it feel to be the world's toughest slime?

Amos: You really pulled it off...

Amos: Let's all bask in the glory – and share the prize!

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie proud... (Slime Buddy) great...ally... (slobber)

Carver: Whoa! They're gonna put up a statue of (Slime Buddy)!?

Milly: What a contest that was. I wonder if there's ever been a battle like it?

Nevan: That truly was a battle for the ages.

Ashlynn: We better get (Slime Buddy)'s autograph before the fame and fortune sets in!

Terry: I must admit, I was impressed.

Amos: A statue, no less? ...What are they goin' to do with the old one?

Lizzie: (slobber) Lizzie...jealous... (spit)

Carver: I tell ya, I thought my heart was gonna jump outta my throat back there!

Milly: She seems so happy, you'd think it was her that won.

Nevan: (Slime Buddy) is the new Sultan of the Slimopolis!

Ashlynn: I still can't believe it! Like, we really did it! We really beat Hammer!

Terry: I always knew you had it in you, (Slime Buddy).

Amos: It was a great victory, but you shouldn't have hogged all the kissin' for yourself, (Slime Buddy)!

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...respect...(Slime Buddy)... (slobber)

Carver: We ain't any ol' tourists. We're on a journey to save the world!

Milly: He wouldn't be calling us tourists if he knew where we were headed...

Nevan: Becoming champion is one thing – defending the title is quite another.

Ashlynn: I guess (Slime Buddy)'s gonna have to defend the title pretty soon, huh?

Terry: (Slime Buddy) showed the former champion what for.

Amos: The world's crazy alright. I'll give him that!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: It's time for the ol' slimers to make way for the new generation, aye?

Milly: It's true, most slimes look the same to me too...

Milly: But I'll make it a point to try and remember (Slime Buddy)'s face!

Nevan: Once (Slime Buddy)'s statue is ready, celebrity status awaits.

Ashlynn: I bet (Slime Buddy)'s statue will be a hot meeting place around here!

Terry: I'll bet (Slime Buddy)'s victory has reignited other slimes' desire to do battle.

Amos: If all slimes look the same, don't all slime statues look the same as well?

Lizzie: (slobber) Every...monster...unique...snowflake... (spit)

Carver: I'm gettin' embarrassed here, and I wasn't even the one fightin'.

Milly: (Slime Buddy) is already quite a famous figure – or should I say famous figoore? Hee hee.

Nevan: Word of (Slime Buddy)'s victory has spread with impressive speed.

Ashlynn: They'll be selling (Slime Buddy) dolls and lunch pails before long, I'll bet.

Terry: It was certainly a fight to remember, that's for sure.

Amos: Thanks to (Slime Buddy), we can stroll round the Slimopolis like we own the place.

Lizzie: (snarl) Everyone...excited... (slobber)

Carver: Hardy har...

Milly: Hammer was tough – I can see why he thought so.

Nevan: Destiny had a hand in that victory.

Ashlynn: All that effort seems worth it now, huh?

Terry: Slime battling's about to get a lot more exciting.

Amos: The era of (Slime Buddy) has arrived!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: He's a champion chugger, at least...

Milly: I never knew slimes could drink so much...

Nevan: I'm not convinced this is in the slime trainer's handbook...

Ashlynn: All that slurping's gone right to his...hips? ...Belly? What would you call that exactly?

Terry: Something tells me he was going to celebrate either way...

Amos: In a drinkin' contest, my money'd be on that slime.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: He shouldn't beat himself up over this.

Milly: I feel bad... He's devoted his life to training slimes...

Nevan: We should encourage him not to throw in the towel just yet.

Ashlynn: He shouldn't quit. It's all about being in the right place with the right slime at the right time!

Ashlynn: ...Although his slime's probably a little past his prime, huh?

Terry: Ending a thirty year career with a shock like that must be hard to handle.

Amos: He shouldn't give up – here's to the next thirty years!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Hardy har! We're just a bunch of tourists, aye?

Milly: I hope we haven't set a bad example by winning with an untrained slime...

Nevan: (Slime Buddy)'s victory has made quite an impact.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Nobody saw this coming!

Terry: We didn't do a thing – it was all (Slime Buddy).

Amos: Seems like we've caused quite a stir.

Lizzie: (snarl) Me...Lizzie... Who...YOU people...? (slobber)

Carver: Uh... That girl's got slime on the brain alright...

Milly: I hope she doesn't start chasing (Slime Buddy) around...

Nevan: Whatever is that girl implying?

Ashlynn: If she likes slimes so much, why doesn't she marry one?

Terry: Let's steer clear of that one.

Amos: If I transformed into a slime would she go for me?

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Fightin's the least of that fella's problems, aye?

Milly: I believe I know how that battle would turn out...

Nevan: Fleeing to fight another day is often a sound strategy.

Ashlynn: At least he'd score a tie once time ran out... I think?

Terry: We need to work to be as fast as that metal slime.

Amos: It'd need to be a cage match to keep it from runnin'...

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: Huh. So we can still mix it up in the ranks a little, aye?

Milly: Which ranks are still available for us to enter, then?

Nevan: I'd like to see all our slimes become champions.

Ashlynn: So as long as we pay the entry fees, we can keep on winning prizes? Yippee!

Terry: A champion should keep battling to stay sharp.

Amos: Let's collect all the prizes!

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie want...more prizes... (spit)

Carver: Hammer's a killer name, too – but I've always had a thing for hammers.

Milly: Well, that was nice to hear.

Nevan: (Slime Buddy)'s destiny was set the day (he/she/it) was given that name.

Ashlynn: I like (Slime Buddy)'s name, too!

Terry: You can tell a lot from a name. “(Slime Buddy)” just screams “champion”.

Amos: So if (he/she/it) had a wimpy name, (he/she/it) wouldn't be as strong?

Lizzie: (spit) Lizzie...like...(Slime Buddy)...name... (snarl)

Carver: A “bundle of nerves” don't sound like a bundle 'o fun, but maybe it's still worth a shot...

Milly: Sledge wants us to train a slime for him!? What an honour!

Nevan: To think there's a slime that even Sledge has trouble with...

Ashlynn: Sounds like this one's nothing like Hammer, huh?

Terry: What do you think, Hero? Surely you've got what it takes to train up this slime.

Amos: When Sledge offered three million gold coins, old Amos's heart was racin'...

Lizzie: (snarl) This...slime... Scaredy-slime... (spit)

Carver: Hardy har! Well if that ain't the cutest...

Milly: I can't wait to see Sledge's face when we bring Goober back all toughened up!

Nevan: If this slime is willing to join our party, it is surely no coward.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! His name's really Goober, huh? That's so silly!

Terry: It doesn't look that different from Hammer, to be honest...

Amos: Right, let's put this little blob through its paces!

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Carver: He'll be putty in our hands, aye?

Milly: Hee hee. I have high hopes for his development.

Nevan: I pray that one day Goober will rise to become champion of the Slimopolis.

Ashlynn: Hey, let's take Goober back to see Sledge once we toughen him up a bit.

Terry: I'll make sure we knock this slime into shape.

Amos: Let's toughen this slime up!

Lizzie: (snarl) Lizzie...help train slime... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It's not like we've had him for very long...

Milly: He's still got some toughening up to do...

Nevan: The longest journey starts with a single slimy step...

Ashlynn: We don't have much to show Sledge yet, huh?

Terry: He's not battle-hardened yet.

Amos: Well, it's not really my place to comment.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Goober's a quick learner, aye?

Milly: He's fighting well, but he's still not quite ready for the Slimopolis.

Nevan: He's begun to develop his own unique fighting style.

Ashlynn: Goober's getting there, but he's not ready for prime time yet.

Terry: We'll turn Goober into a lean, mean, fighting machine. ...Well, a fighting machine, anyway.

Amos: If he hadn't made some kind of progress, old Amos would be hangin' his head in shame.

Lizzie: (snarl) Getting...stronger... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Crikey! I never thought I'd be jealous of a slime!

Milly: Goober's father must have been a super-strong slime!

Nevan: This is marvellous!

Ashlynn: Wow! Look at Goober! He's practically glowing!

Terry: Hmm... I wonder what I inherited from my parents...

Amos: Old Amos would love to learn that ability.

Lizzie: (spit) Grrragh! (slobber)

Goober: Boing! Boing! Boing!

Carver: We owe Sledge big time, aye? He really beefed up our team!

Milly: That cold breath of his will make Goober a key party member!

Nevan: Goober's face is starting to look different from other slimes!

Ashlynn: So Goober's officially part of the gang starting today, huh?

Terry: It's good to have Goober on board.

Amos: Let's keep trainin' him up!

Lizzie: (snarl) Together...forever... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Goober's officially one of us now!

Milly: Goober and his cold breath will have a big part to play in our future adventures!

Nevan: Goober's face seems to be sparkling.

Ashlynn: All of Goober's on-the-job training really paid off for us, huh?

Terry: If he's willing to fight with us, he's alright by me.

Amos: As final gifts go, this is a fine one!

Lizzie: (snarl) Goober...strong now... Good...ally... (spit)

Goober: Boing! Boi-oing!

Carver: Hardy har! So that's how slimes congratulate each other 'n everything like that?

Milly: Hammer and Goober must have been good friends.

Nevan: These two slimes' abilities may already be on the same level.

Ashlynn: I'd love to see Goober and Hammer duke it out sometime!

Terry: Looks like even Hammer recognises Goober's ability.

Amos: If someone swapped those two slimes, old Amos wouldn't even notice.

Lizzie: (snarl) Hammer...look...happy... (spit)

Goober: (slurrrp) Boing! Boing!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Nice little town they've got here, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: May the blessings of the Goddess be upon this town...

Ashlynn: Is it my imagination, or does this place feel somehow different from the other towns we've been to?

Amos: Let's give it our all today!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Felonia, aye? Not too shabby. Lots of shops, too.

Milly: ............

Nevan: The townsfolk certainly seem to have a good deal of vim.

Ashlynn: Nothing nicer than a warm welcome, huh?

Amos: He's got a healthy-lookin' tan.

Goober: Boing. Boi-oing!

Carver: New king, aye? Did they have a cootie tat...
Uh, I mean a coup day toe... Er, an uprisin'?

Milly: ............

Nevan: I'm glad to hear the town's improved.

Ashlynn: It doesn't sound like those Gandino guys were the friendly sorta gang, does it...

Amos: So do you reckon the Gandino gang used to get up to mischief?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: What, you knew about 'em all along, Hero?

Milly: ............

Nevan: Perhaps we should further investigate this Gandino gang.

Ashlynn: You think the reason this town seems different is because of that Gandino gang?

Amos: Fraid old Amos doesn't have the first clue about these rumours.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Well, the Gandino gang are news to me.

Milly: ............

Nevan: Perhaps we should further investigate this Gandino gang.

Ashlynn: You think the reason this town seems different is because of that Gandino gang?

Amos: So the Gandino gang are yesterday's news, are they?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Maybe he'd snap to his senses if he just dove right in, aye?

Milly: That gentleman is certainly fond of a tipple.

Nevan: Is a “proper” drink really that desirable?

Ashlynn: Why do drunks like drinking so much?

Amos: I bet that fellow is sucking up ditch water by nightfall.

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: The castle's no place for kids. They'd get into trouble, aye?

Milly: Oh my... I wonder why that could be?

Nevan: Perhaps the King dislikes children?

Ashlynn: That kid probably put some burning horse plop on the front step or something.

Amos: So the castle has a “no nipper” policy, eh?

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: It don't matter how nice that kid is – we can't help him.

Milly: And yet adults are allowed in... I suppose he'll just have to be patient.

Nevan: Perhaps if the King were more discriminating in who he granted an audience, more subjects could be allowed in the castle...

Ashlynn: The weird thing is the castle's wide open to travellers like us.

Amos: I'm sure if that lad met the King directly, he'd be allowed in.

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Hardy har! Was that a dare? Let's check out that house!

Milly: ............

Nevan: The townsfolk appear to have a healthy dislike for this Gandino gang.

Ashlynn: Could this Gandino gang really be as bad as they say?

Amos: We're not scared of some two-bit gang!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Is he talkin' to me? I wish I had time to teach him a little respect.

Milly: ............

Nevan: He'd best improve his attitude if he wishes to avoid eternal damnation. The Goddess is taking notes...

Ashlynn: What's with that guy? Ugh.

Amos: What a charmin' greetin'!

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: That was easy. Let's head inside, Hero!

Milly: ............

Nevan: So the King will grant an audience to even his humblest subject...

Ashlynn: King Benedict sure sounds like a real prince, huh?

Amos: Let's take him up on the offer and go inside!

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Crikey. That fella's really beating himself up, aye? Hope things work out.

Milly: ............

Nevan: That fellow just now was filled with regret for some past sin...

Nevan: He need not fear. If he has faith in the Goddess, he will surely be forgiven.

Ashlynn: That old guy didn't look so good...

Amos: So that chap's headin' to see the Gandino gang...
Shall we tail him?

Goober: Boing?

Carver: That lady seems concerned for her fella, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: Atoning for his sins? I wonder what he's done.

Ashlynn: Oh, yeah! Have we been to the church yet?

We should pay it a visit!

Amos: Old Amos has never committed a sin that needed confessin'...

Amos: ...I-I'm sorry. That was a lie. I'd better go to church to confess...

Goober: Boi-oi-oing!

Carver: The King must be a pretty nice fella to get praise like that.

Carver: ...Or maybe the last king was that much of a bum. Or maybe both!

Milly: ............

Nevan: A good king casts a benign glow over his entire kingdom.

Ashlynn: I'm starting to wonder what the last king was like, actually.

Amos: The latest king's a popular lad and no mistake!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: This King Benedict sounds like a reasonable ruler, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: A good king casts a benign glow over his entire kingdom.

Ashlynn: If I ever become a king, I want to be just like Felonia's. You know – all nice and sociable...

Ashlynn: Oh, wait! I'd be a queen, not a king! Tee hee!

Amos: A ruler needs to have a big heart.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hardy har! It's like I always say – you want the best gossip, ya gotta hit the tavern!

Milly: ............

Nevan: It seems this Gandino gang is in dire straits.

Ashlynn: What kind of work do the Gandinos do, anyway?

Amos: A gang leader, eh? I'm a bit intimidated just imaginin' him...

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Whoa. Every country should have a king like this.

Milly: ............

Nevan: Between taxes and extortion, I'm surprised that fellow was left with enough to live on.

Ashlynn: No wonder the bartender's crazy for the King. Those Gandinos were bleeding this place dry!

Amos: If he wants us to drink to the King's health, he'll need to pour us all somethin' to toast with...

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: An extraordinary shield, aye? Hearin' that gets my juices flowin'!

Milly: ............

Nevan: That reminds me – didn't we hear somewhere that the legendary shield could be found in Felonia?

Ashlynn: Hey, uh, that shield... That's gotta be the legendary shield, right?

Amos: Any travellin' salesman worth his salt wouldn't throw in the towel that easily...

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Oof. Looks like we picked the wrong time to drop by. Let's go.

Milly: ............

Nevan: He appears to be engaged in a heated discussion with that woman.

Ashlynn: Sheesh! He made me jump, turning around all quick like that...

Amos: That lad sounds very...er...persuasive.

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Looks like we interrupted somethin', aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: They're clearly discussing a delicate subject.

Ashlynn: I think I know how she feels.

Amos: ...So she's lookin' for a good-lookin' fellow, eh?
Think old Amos should introduce himself?

Amos: You're right... I don't know what I was thinkin'... (sob)

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Whoa! I wasn't expectin' a full confession 'n everything like that!

Milly: ............

Nevan: The Goddess frowns upon all forms of bribery.

Ashlynn: Sheesh! Was the last King really that crooked?

Amos: Even if you sent me dancin' girls, I wouldn't eat out of anyone's hand. ...Would I?

Goober: Boing! B-Boing!

Carver: Crikey! Either that guy's feedin' us a tall tale, or he's the biggest scoundrel around!

Milly: ............

Nevan: If what he said is true, divine retribution will catch up with him eventually.

Ashlynn: Sounds like he got a real beating. I hope he managed to survive...

Amos: Old Amos can't bear to listen...

Goober: Boing?

Carver: No happy endings for this story, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: O merciful Goddess...

Ashlynn: ......

Amos: ............

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That's probably all the old fella can do, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: There's no end to that old gentleman's pent-up frustration.

Ashlynn: The poor, poor man...

Amos: There must have been some reason he felt he had to sell that girl...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: She seems like an alright girl, but...

Milly: ............

Nevan: She must possess a cast-iron will...

Ashlynn: She's right! She needs to leave as fast as her feet can carry her!

Amos: Could old Amos be the good-lookin' fella she's been waitin' for...?

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: “Ain't in the best shape” is right, by the looks of it...

Milly: ............

Nevan: This boss appears to be rather long in the tooth...

Ashlynn: He looks like he's in agony... I wonder what's wrong.

Amos: It's not like we're here to have a leisurely chat with this boss...

Goober: ............

Carver: Leave him in peace, Hero. He ain't long for this world.

Milly: ............

Nevan: So this was the Gandino gang's leader?
Now he looks like any other elderly man.

Ashlynn: Anyone called “the evil emperor” is no friend of mine.

Amos: The “evil emperor”, eh? I dread to think what kind of empire he ran...

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: What do ya think they were hiding out from?

Milly: ............

Nevan: Only scoundrels need a secret hide-out...

Ashlynn: Blech. It smells awful in here...

Amos: Old Amos's eyes haven't quite adjusted to the gloom...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I'd be keepin' an eye on him if I were her. He's in sorry shape, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: It seems that some youngsters were terribly wronged and the regret still lingers...

Ashlynn: This couple looks like they're at the end of their rope, don't they? How awful...

Amos: It seems that whatever went on here once upon a time, it was no fairy tale...

Goober: (slurp) Boing.

Carver: Is that fella dreamin' about liftin' weights or somethin'? The sweat's pourin' down his face.

Milly: ............

Nevan: He appears to be having a troubling dream.

Ashlynn: Wow. Must be some nightmare.

Amos: That fellow looks like he's seriously sufferin'.

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Now that I see it up close, I can tell this castle is rock solid.

Milly: What a polite soldier.

Nevan: Let's head in.

Ashlynn: My! That soldier certainly looked chipper.

Amos: Greetin' folks properly is the sign of a good guard.

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: I'd like to see 'em just try that with us.

Carver: If the old King was still around, I woulda landed a roundhouse right on his crown!

Milly: ............

Nevan: I presume the current King is the old King's son...? Unlike father, unlike son – or so it would seem...

Ashlynn: Wow! That old king was a royal jerk.

Amos: Is what that soldier said true, d'you reckon?

Amos: If so, that old King sounds like a right bad'un and no mistake!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: She must be glad she missed all that junk, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: The Queen's profound love and respect for her husband are clear.

Ashlynn: What a pretty Queen!

Amos: Slave girls!? Did that stuff really go on here!?

Goober: Boing...

Carver: Right up here, aye? Let's go.

Milly: I wonder what kind of person the current King is...

Nevan: We've come all this way – I feel we should speak to the King.

Ashlynn: Come on! I wanna go meet the King!

Amos: If the King's upstairs, we should be upstairs!

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: King Benedict is one shrewd ruler, aye?

Milly: It seems the King is really worried about the fate of the world.

Nevan: He's prepared to lend an ear to anyone. What a fine figure of a King!

Ashlynn: What a wonderful King! People like that make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Amos: Old Amos don't half get nervous when meetin' royal folk...

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: A fake, aye...? I reckon most of the rumours leave that bit out.

Milly: ............

Nevan: It seems that the true legendary shield is not to be found in this kingdom.

Ashlynn: Those Gandino people sound rotten to the core.

Amos: So the King got fooled by a fake legendary shield?

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Findin' that shield is a job for us, not those Gandino thugs.

Milly: ............

Nevan: A mysterious cave found by following a river upstream from the sea far to the east...
I suggest we take note of this.

Ashlynn: If the cave's at the end of a river, maybe we can just reach it by ship?

Amos: Let's get that shield as quick as we can!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Aye! No way those Gandino crooks could've gotten their hands on this thing.

Milly: That really was a curious cavern.

Nevan: That soldier's words proved extremely helpful.

Ashlynn: That cave was rough for us. The Gandino gang wouldn't have lasted three minutes!

Amos: It took the likes of us to get that shield!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Slaves, aye? That makes me sick to my stomach.

Milly: ............

Nevan: The Archfiend is sadly not the only source of evil in this world...

Ashlynn: I would've tried to start an uprising or something if I had lived here then.

Amos: I'll bet the old King gobbled up all the good food himself.

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Looks like they keep their weapons at the ready even during breaks, aye?

Milly: This room is beautiful.

Nevan: So this is where the guards take their ease.

Ashlynn: How long's an average workday for these guys, do you think?

Amos: They've got surprisingly comfy-lookin' beds.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Good Goddess, he scared me! What kinda dream was he havin', anyway?

Milly: Oh my, he's drenched with sweat. I hope he doesn't catch a cold.

Nevan: The monster he saw in his dream was doubtless terrifying. His whole body is shaking.

Ashlynn: Sheesh! I thought he was talking about us! He got me all worked up over nothing.

Amos: When that lad yelled, it terrified old Amos!

Goober: Boing, boing, boing, boing!!!

Carver: Pretty fancy, aye? Musta been good to be that king.

Milly: ............

Nevan: A private pleasure chamber? Something about that troubles me...

Ashlynn: I bet the old king took bubble baths in here every day. I would!

Amos: Bloomin' heck! He lived in the lap of luxury and no mistake!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Great! Let's go and say hello!

Milly: ............

Nevan: An audience with the King, at last!

Ashlynn: Yahoo! We're gonna see the King!

Amos: Old Amos is shakin' like a leaf...

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: King Benedict is one shrewd ruler, aye?

Milly: It seems the King is really worried about the fate of the world.

Nevan: He's prepared to lend an ear to anyone. What a fine figure of a King!

Ashlynn: What a wonderful King! People like that make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Amos: Old Amos don't half get nervous when meetin' royal folk...

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: Alright. Forget about the monsters... I wanna beat up that fella.

Milly: ............

Nevan: Thank the Goddess the previous King is only a distant memory!

Ashlynn: Does the poor wittle man have to do his own worky-work now? Jerk.

Amos: You can just imagine the state of this place under the old King's rule.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Geh. Talk about a queen of mean.

Carver: She musta picked up those nasty habits from her ol' hubby.

Milly: ............

Nevan: So the current King is the Queen Mother's son.

Ashlynn: “Too beautiful”? What'll happen when she lays eyes on me?

Amos: I'm guessin' this Queen Mother isn't too beautiful...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: ...You pickin' up what he's puttin' down? I'm lost.

Milly: We'd do well to remember what he just said.

Nevan: Shall we make a note of that, Hero?

Nevan: “South of the golden dragon. Circle the wall, then examine the grass to open the path...”

Nevan: What could it be referring to, I wonder?

Ashlynn: Sounds like an old legend, huh? Still worth keeping in mind, though.

Amos: A golden dragon? Is it real? Fake? I'm intrigued...

Goober: Boing? Boing...

Carver: There's no way anybody but us coulda figured out that cave, aye?

Milly: We never would've found the Shield of Valora without that information.

Nevan: He furnished us with invaluable information.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Too bad for him that we already found the shield, huh?

Amos: Thinkin' back, that was a bloomin' odd cave.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Nice fella, aye? He has trustworthy eyes 'n everything like that.

Milly: ............

Nevan: I can see now why the townsfolk are so enamoured with their ruler.

Ashlynn: Not a bad-looking king, huh?

Amos: This King's a straight-shooter and no mistake.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It seems like the King 'n Queen have quite a fan club around these parts, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: The current King and Queen enjoy a fine reputation.

Ashlynn: I'm sure in no rush to meet the old King and Queen...

Amos: Well, I don't know exactly what the old ones were like, but they sound bloomin' awful.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Huh. Your move, Hero.

Milly: ............

Nevan: The chamber of the Queen Mother...
How shall we proceed?

Ashlynn: I wonder what the Queen Mother's like...

Amos: So we're not allowed to poke our noses in there?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: We got the go-ahead from the Queen Mother herself, aye? Crazy!

Milly: ............

Nevan: Well, then. Let us pay the Queen Mother a visit.

Ashlynn: Us? Cause trouble? Never!

Amos: It's good we persevered.

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Evil fiends, aye? What's that about?

Milly: ............

Nevan: But hasn't the previous King passed away...?

Ashlynn: That lady's, like, making me a little antsy.

Amos: Now we've said hello, could we say goodbye and scarper?

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Poor fella... Workin' in servitude must've scrambled his wits a bit.

Milly: ............

Nevan: The more I learn about the previous King's wrong-doings, the harder it is to control my anger.

Ashlynn: I'd leave this dump and never look back if I were him.

Amos: For an old person to be stuck here sounds like a fate worse than death.

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: A slave chamber, aye...? The more I hear about this place, the more I wanna punch somethin'.

Milly: ............

Nevan: No being is a slave in the eyes of the Goddess.

Ashlynn: If I lived here, I bet I'd get sent to the slave room so fast my pretty head would spin.

Amos: How could they do this!?

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Crikey! Better days my foot! Thank Goddess things have changed 'n everything like that.

Milly: ............

Nevan: If we could turn back time, I'd dearly love to teach the previous King a lesson.

Ashlynn: Oh, ew, ew, ew! What a creep!

Amos: Praisin' someone for kidnappin' a young girl?
It makes your blood boil!

Goober: Boing?

Carver: A “mysterious power”, aye...? Was she a slave too, or...?

Milly: ............

Nevan: I wonder if that girl ever found her brother...

Ashlynn: Is he alright? He looked kinda wobbly.

Amos: Just what did that old boy entrust to this girl?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: The poor fella can't see...?

Milly: ............

Nevan: I wonder how much that old man can see now...

Ashlynn: Hey... Hey, is he okay!?

Amos: ...Legends? ...An ocarina?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: He looks like he could use the rest, aye?

Milly: ............

Nevan: I pray he is having pleasant dreams.

Ashlynn: Whew... He's just asleep. For a second I thought...

Amos: I hope all that old boy's dreams come true.

Goober: Boing...

Carver: I hope he ain't countin' on me for an answer...

Milly: What kind of place could this Celestial Castle be?

Nevan: It seems to be some kind of code. We should take note of it.

Nevan: “Head to head. Right hand to right hand. Body to body. Arrange the symbols and I shall appear.”

Ashlynn: That sounded important! We better, like, write it down or something.

Amos: The Celestial Castle? Sounds like it's worth a visit.

Goober: Boi...oing?

Carver: We made short work of that riddle, aye? Well, you did. I supervised 'n everything like that.

Milly: I'm sure he'd be shocked if he knew we'd visited the castle.

Nevan: Where shall we head next, Hero?

Ashlynn: He might never know it, but that man's research really helped us.

Terry: So he's been stuck out here doing research?

Amos: Let's get going!

Lizzie: (spit) Grrr... (slobber)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: I don't like the looks of this place. Watch your back, aye?

Milly: We could easily get lost in a sprawling cave like this. Let's take care.

Nevan: I sense there are monsters nearby. Let us be on our guard.

Ashlynn: Great. I'm already lost.

Amos: Don't leave old Amos behind, d'you hear?

Goober: Boing?

Carver: Crikey, this cave is twisty. Blink and you're lost.

Milly: Something's just occurred to me, Hero.

Do you recall what that fellow in the cave east of Clearvale told us?

Milly: “First, north. At the end, east. North at the first four-way intersection, then south at the four-way intersection to the west.”

Milly: That is what he said, isn't it?

Nevan: “First, north. At the end, east. North at the first four-way intersection, then south at the four-way intersection to the west.”

Nevan: Perhaps that information refers to this place.

Ashlynn: Hmm... Which way next...? I'm losing track here.

Amos: No matter where we go, it seems like we're back to the same place.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: No tricks or traps in this bit, it looks like...

Milly: We had some hints for the floor above, but we've got nothing to help us down here, have we?

Nevan: I think it best we stick closely together.

Ashlynn: This floor seems normal enough. ...Maybe too normal?

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: No tricks or traps in this bit, it looks like...

Milly: Do you remember what that scholar told us, Hero?

Milly: “South of the golden dragon. Circle the wall, then examine the grass to open the path...”

Milly: ...I have a feeling his words may come in handy here...

Nevan: “South of the golden dragon. Circle the wall, then examine the grass to open the path...”

Nevan: Hero, do you remember that advice?

Ashlynn: This floor seems normal enough. ...Maybe too normal?

Amos: South of the golden dragon. Circle the wall, then... Er... What came next...?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Ahoy! A stairway, aye? Just as I thought!

Milly: It seems to be a hidden staircase.

Nevan: A hidden staircase! Let's head down...

Ashlynn: Yippee! That staircase is prettier than gold right now!

Amos: Why'd they feel the need to hide it like this? Old Amos is gettin' nervous...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Something ain't right about this, Hero.

Milly: My word... How far down do we need to go?

Nevan: The room just seems to repeat...

Ashlynn: I'm starting to think persistence is futile here. Why don't we backtrack a little?

Amos: This dungeon might have a hundred levels under the ground. (gulp)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Something ain't right about this, Hero.

Carver: Hey, I just got to thinkin'... Remember that thing King Poseidon said? Maybe he was talkin' about this place.

Carver: Uh, what was it again...? Three steps forward, two steps back? Somethin' like that...

Milly: “In the small room of repetition, the true path forward lies at three levels down and two levels up.”...

Milly: Do you remember that hint, Hero? I'm sure it refers to this place, don't you think?

Nevan: “In the small room of repetition, the true path forward lies at three levels down and two levels up.” ...This is it!

Ashlynn: We're just chasing our tails here. I know we are!

Ashlynn: Hey, do you think this is that “small room of repetition” King Poseidon told us about?

Amos: Could this be what old Poseidon was talkin' about?

Amos: Wouldn't you know – old Amos has completely forgotten! Any idea, Hero?

Goober: Boing, boing, boing... Boi-oing, boi-oing?

Carver: Whoa! Now where are we?

Milly: We made it through!

Nevan: Have we made it to the next room?

Ashlynn: It's tough to tell these rooms apart unless you look reeeeally close at them, huh?

Amos: I thought we were goin' to spend the rest of our natural lives wanderin' in circles.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Does anyone even know how many levels down we are?

Milly: We can't relax yet. Let's push on.

Nevan: There is a distinct chill in the air. We must be extremely deep underground.

Ashlynn: Is the Shield of Valora even in this stupid place? I'm starting to get worried...

Amos: This level looks like a big one. Old Amos's feet are achin'...

Goober: B-B-Boing!

Carver: Crikey! We did it, Hero!

Carver: The legendary shield is all ours! Well, all yours.

Milly: Finally, we did it! The legendary shield!

Milly: We're on a roll now – let's use this momentum to get our hands on the rest of the legendary equipment!

Nevan: The legendary shield... Look how it shimmers!

Ashlynn: Yahoo! Sure would be nice if nabbing the rest of the legendary equipment was this easy!

Amos: Now, where's the next legendary relic? Old Amos can't wait to get his paws on it.

Goober: Boiiing!

Carver: That's that for number two, aye? Now, on to the rest!

Milly: So this is the legendary shield... I can sense its awesome power.

Nevan: We have two of the legendary relics in our possession. Now for the third...

Ashlynn: Great job, Hero! That's two down!

Amos: The legendary shield, eh? Let's equip it and show off right away!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: We've got three out of four! Crikey, that shield's a sight, aye?

Milly: ...And now for the legendary sword. Let's go!

Nevan: All that remains is the legendary sword.

Ashlynn: Try the shield out, Hero!

Amos: This legendary shield is a beauty!

Goober: (jiggle) Boing? Boooing!

Carver: That's that for this place, aye? Time to shove off.

Milly: Is there anything else we can find here?

Nevan: We now have the Shield of Valora in our possession.

Nevan: Where to next?

Ashlynn: This place was such a headache!

Terry: We've got nothing more to do here, right?

Amos: This dungeon's chock-full of mysteries.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrragh... (spit)

Goober: Boing?

Carver: The “Celestial Castle”, aye? Where can we get tickets to see that?

Milly: I hope that we'll have defeated the Archfiend by the next time we meet King Poseidon.

Nevan: Findin' the Shield of Valora was no simple task.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! We're really on a roll, huh? Nothing can stop us!

Amos: The Celestial Castle, eh? That's quite a name!

Goober: Boing!?

Carver: The King really flipped his crown there, aye?

Milly: I hope that we'll have defeated the Archfiend by the next time we meet King Poseidon.

Nevan: Findin' the Shield of Valora was no simple task.

Ashlynn: Okay, Hero, where to next?

Amos: We lived up to Poseidon's expectations!?
Er, I mean... Of course we did!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: A coupla wise guys, aye? Didn't we hear a rumour about these fellas somewhere...?

Milly: Isaac and Benjamin... I sense we'd do well to remember those names.

Nevan: Two wise men? I'd very much like to meet them.

Ashlynn: Isaac and Benjamin? Hmm... Nope, doesn't ring a bell.

Amos: I bet those wise men know a thing or two.

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: That joint seemed a little rough for a princess...

Milly: Hey, don't encourage her, Hero.

Nevan: If I was her father, I'd put my foot down too.

Ashlynn: The castle looks nice on the outside, but it's what's on the inside that'll kill you.

Amos: I wonder why Poseidon's so irritable? Maybe he got out of the wrong side of the seabed!

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Well, the whole world's full of monsters, so...

Milly: We really must do something about those monsters...

Nevan: Indeed, it vexes us as well.

Ashlynn: I guess the monsters just went and made themselves at home, huh?

Amos: The Celestial Castle? More like the Monster Manor!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Well, I reckon it's okay for her to go there now.

Milly: I'm ever so glad we were able to recapture the castle from Dhuran.

Nevan: It is indeed a marvellous castle.

Ashlynn: It's not your average castle, that's for sure.

Terry: That princess should stick with her daydreams...

Amos: Old Amos would be happy to be the Princess's tour guide.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrr... (spit)

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That castle was really somethin', but I don't think it ever took my breath any place.

Milly: The ones who first invited us weren't the best hosts, but the castle's current inhabitants are simply wonderful people.

Nevan: Eh? Hero, was there still some problem at the castle?

Ashlynn: That castle wasn't much for first impressions, but now – wow! It's stunning!

Terry: Sometimes fiction is better than truth.

Amos: Reality can be pretty tough.

Lizzie: (snarl) Grrrargh... (slobber)

Goober: (slurp) Boi-oing!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: That's a Somnian soldier, alright.

Milly: I wonder who this so-called “weakling” could be...

Nevan: There's a saying that every face is shared by three people in the world.

Ashlynn: A village up north? I wanna see it, Hero!

Amos: A cowardly weakling? There's no way he's talkin' about Hero.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: That old fella's dream town sounds a lot like Haggleton, aye? Ya know, with that bazaar 'n all.

Milly: Hee hee. His dream certainly seemed true enough to me!

Nevan: A town where merchants all gather? There'd be no shortage of hustle and bustle.

Ashlynn: I wish we could cheer him up. It's never too late to chase your dreams!

Amos: A place where you could buy whatever you wanted, from any part of the world?

Sounds like a dream...

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I know this path...

Milly: Onwards we go!

Nevan: What a stunning view.

Ashlynn: This'd be a great place to hike...if it wasn't for the monsters...

Amos: Let's take a deep breath and get climbin'!

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Ehhh...? Uhhh...?

Milly: “Tania”...? “Buddy”...?

Nevan: It sounds like you're getting mixed up with someone else, Hero...

Nevan: But she did use your name... What could this all mean?

Ashlynn: That girl a friend of yours, Hero?

Amos: Want to introduce me to your friend there?
She's quite a looker...

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Avast! Is there another Hero, Hero!?

Milly: Could that have been...? Come on, let's go after this other Hero.

Nevan: ...Another Hero? Could we have finally found what we've been searching for...?

Ashlynn: I don't like that Buddy guy at all!
He's, like, a total jerk!

Amos: Seems we interrupted a blazin' row.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Pretty dark in here, aye?

Milly: Let's be careful.

Nevan: It seems that people often make use of these caves.

Ashlynn: It'd be easy to get lost in here.

Amos: Are we goin' up or down? Old Amos has lost track.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Hmm. So nobody's home in this world, aye?

Milly: There's no one here, and yet... Isn't it just spick and span?

Nevan: Is this where people ascending the mountain trail stop to rest?

Ashlynn: This seems to be a monster-free zone, at least.

Amos: Beds in a place like this!?

Goober: (slurp) Boing!


Warning: Spoilers!
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Carver: Quiet li'l country village, aye? Just like the dream-world Weaver's Peak.

Milly: What do you think, Hero? It seems just like Weaver's Peak in the dream world, doesn't it?

Nevan: The air seems so thin here. It must be because of the altitude.

Ashlynn: Aww... This village is so cute and quiet.

Amos: Take a nice deep breath of that country air!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: I'll smash that wall if it's botherin' ya, Hero?

Milly: Oh my... Who'd write such a thing?

Nevan: I cannot approve of graffiti.

Ashlynn: Wow, Hero! You're famous!

Amos: Seems you're a popular chap, Hero!

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: I guessed some big-shot lived up in that house.

Milly: The Mayor will be able to tell us more about the village.

Nevan: I wonder what the Mayor of this town is like.

Ashlynn: Why do the high-and-mighty always like to live high up?

Amos: Anythin' scribbled on the back of that sign?

Goober: (slurrrp)

Carver: Huh. So this's Weaver's Peak, aye? The “real” one, I mean.

Milly: I wonder how this Weaver's Peak is different from your home in the dream world, Hero?

Nevan: I assume he's referring to those two we saw outside the town.

Ashlynn: Keep your eyes peeled – that other Hero's gotta be close by!

Amos: No wonder the kid's surprised, what with two Heros appearin' in quick succession.

Goober: (jiggle) Boing.

Carver: Tania? Ain't that your sister's name, Hero? That bit's the same, at least.

Milly: She seems to have our Hero confused with that other Hero.

Nevan: Mistaken identity notwithstanding, we can still learn a lot from talking to the townsfolk.

Ashlynn: That lady's got your back, Hero.

Amos: Old dears seem to like you, Hero!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Wait, so Tania ain't your real sister, Hero?

Milly: Brother and sister...

Nevan: Were Tania's parents killed by monsters, I wonder...? I will pray for their souls...

Ashlynn: Aww! Those two seem so close.

Amos: Seems this Tania's been through a lot.

Goober: Boing? (jiggle)

Carver: Everyone here thinks you're the other Hero, Hero.

Milly: The other Hero seems to be a newcomer in the village.

Nevan: It is a lovely little village indeed.

Ashlynn: He's right. This village is just so soothing.

Amos: I wonder what this spirit of the mountain looks like.

Goober: Boi-oing! (slurp)

Carver: Did that fella get lost on the way to a fight or somethin'?

Milly: He must not have heard the rumours about the Archfiend.

Nevan: May the Goddess watch over that wandering warrior.

Ashlynn: We can vouch for the rumours. We've gone toe-to-claw with those monsters.

Amos: I hope he finds somewhere to use his talents.

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Nice joint, aye? Up on a hill 'n everything.

Milly: Oh my, this house is especially impressive.

Nevan: This spot enjoys the best view in the town.

Ashlynn: Was he the Mayor's assistant or something? He's sure working hard.

Amos: Old Amos would give his right arm to live in a place like this!

Goober: (slurp) Boing!

Carver: Spit over the edge, Hero. It's fun.

Milly: What a stunning view...

Nevan: The view is indeed splendid.

Ashlynn: Wow! Someone paint a picture!

Amos: Ah, I could gaze at this view all day!
Er... Is anyone else gettin' a tad bored?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: “Stayin' with Tania”, aye? So you're just a freeloader in this world?

Milly: I'm amazed he could tell the difference in his condition.

Nevan: Drunk at this hour? The Goddess would not approve...

Ashlynn: Oh, gross. I could smell that guy's breath from over here.

Amos: Old Amos wouldn't mind joinin' him for a drink but we've got work to do.

Goober: Boing, boing, boing!

Carver: We're never around for these big parties, Hero.

Milly: I wonder if the village festival is the same in both worlds.

Nevan: The festival of Ghent is also an impressive sight.

Ashlynn: Hey, I can be pretty dazzling too, when I doll myself up. I mean it!

Amos: I don't suppose they'd do the festival again for our benefit?

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: Huh. So Tania saved the other Hero's bacon, aye?

Milly: Passed out...? I wonder what could have happened?

Nevan: So that's how Tania and Hero met...

Ashlynn: Our Hero would've never gotten munched. He would've been the one doing the munching!

Amos: Old Amos would rather munch a monster than be munched by one!

Goober: Boing! (jiggle)

Carver: It's kinda hard