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The dragonsbane (ドラゴンキラー, Dragon Killer), also known as Dragon Killer or dragon sword, is a powerful sword in the Dragon Quest series. True to its name, it deals 50% more damage to creatures from the dragon family in nearly every game it appears, and this multiplier will stack with skills such as Dragon slash and Flame Slash. In later games, it can be upgraded to the dragon slayer. There have been two distinctive designs for the dragonsbane in the series: originally, it appears as a wrist-mounted blade similar to a katar, but in later entries in the series, it is a conventional sword.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

Dragonsbane can be bought for 8,000 gold. It has an attack bonus of +50 and can only be equipped by the Hero, though it is merely a strong weapon without any extra capabilities in its debut.

Dragon Quest III[edit]

The dragon killer has an attack bonus of +79. It can only be equipped by the Hero and Warriors. It can be bought for 15,000 gold in Samanao and sold for 11,250 gold.

The sword starts to deal extra damage in this installment, but instead of the familiar +50%, it instead deals 16~32 extra points of damage, calculated separately from normal damage equations. This means that the effects of oomph will not increase the range to 32~64.

Effected monsters:

  • Blue dragon
  • Boreal serpent
  • Dragon zombie
  • Dread dragon
  • Ethereal serpent
  • Gran Dragon
  • Green Dragon
  • Infernal serpent
  • Xenlon

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The Dragonsbane has an attack bonus of +90. It can be bought for 15,000 gold in Rosehill and Riverton and sold for 11,250 gold. The Hero, Ragnar, and Psaro can equip it. IV codified the percentage-based effectiveness of the sword, and allowed for the bonus damage to be effected by attack augmentation.

Effected monsters:

  • Komodo
  • Pteranodon
  • Flying doctor
  • Chillanodon
  • Eoraptor
  • Spitfire
  • Terminonatator
  • Podokesaurus
  • Dragon rider
  • Terrorflyer
  • Wyvern
  • Green dragon
  • Damselfly
  • Red dragon
  • Dragooner
  • Emperor wyvern
  • Drakulard
  • Woolungasaurus
  • Rashaverak

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The dragonsbane has an attack bonus of +90. It cannot be purchased until generation 3 though, at Whealbrook and Precaria, and it's not cheap either (15,000 gold).

NOTE: The dragonsbane multiplies damage differently depending on which version of V is being played. In the SFC version it uses the standard 1.5 multiplier, 2.0 in the PS2 remake, and 2.25 in the DS remake. The likely reasons for these improvements is response to fan criticism of the Metal dragon, Black dragon, and Great dragon enemies obscene strength compared to average player level when first encountered.

Effected monsters:

  • Sizzard
  • Small fry
  • Drag-goof
  • Drag-goon
  • Mandrake marauder
  • Dragon zombie
  • Black dragon
  • Metal dragon
  • Great dragon
  • Lick O' flame
  • Mechan O' wyrm

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

The dragonsbane cannot be bought, but it can be sold for 11,250 gold or 11,625 gold after it's been upgraded. It has an attack bonus of +95 and a style bonus of +35 (+55 after it's been upgraded). It also does 1.5 times more damage to dragons. It is dropped by Hell gladiators. The Hero, Carver, Amos, Terry, Lizzie, and Goowain can equip it.

Effected monsters:

  • Damselfly (also Flying)
  • Gasbagon
  • Axesaurus
  • Noble Gasbagon
  • Cutterfly (also Flying)
  • Tyrantosaurus
  • Hacksaurus
  • Sea Fortress (ocean)
  • Finned Fatale (ocean)

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

The dragonsbane has an attack bonus of +83 and a style bonus of +35. It can be equipped by the Hero, Kiefer, and Aishe. It can be bought for 20,000 gold at Buccanham and the Dwarves' Den in the present and sold for 10,000 gold. It does 1.5 times more damage to dragons. Dragonsbanes can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at the Buccanham Casino.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The dragonsbane has an attack bonus of +72, and deals 30% more damage to dragons. It can be upgraded into a dragon slayer in the Alchemy Pot by combining it with a mighty armlet and can be equipped by the Hero and Jessica, provided she can use swords. It can be bought for 11,000 gold in Orkutsk and Tryan Gully and sold for 6,000 gold.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Desc: A might masher that's merciless even against the scales of dragons.
Attack: 73, 20% more damage to dragons
Rarity: 1 star
Recipe: N/A
   Buy: 10000 gold   Sold In: Wormwood Creek
  Sell: 5000 gold
Equipable Classes:DQ9 Warrior Icon.pngThief Icon.pngMinstrel Icon.pngDQ9GladiatorIcon.pngDQ9ArmamentalistIcon.png

Mandrake marshals will drop them rarely.


Deals devastating damage to dragons.[1]



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