Erdrick's Tablet

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Erdrick's Tablet
Artwork of Erdrick's Tablet.
Kana せきばん
Localized As
Found in Dragon Quest
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Erdrick's Tablet, or Erdrick's Monument or Monolith, is an item from Dragon Quest. It can be located in Erdrick's Cave northwest of Tantegel Castle. The tablet tells the Hero that he is a descendant of Erdrick and gives some explanation of what needs to be accomplished.


The tablet reads: "I am Erdrick and thou art my descendant. Three items were needed to reach the Isle of Dragons which is south of Brecconary. I gathered these items, reached the island, and there defeated a creature of great evil. Now I have entrusted the three items to three worthy keepers. Their descendants will protect the items until thy quest leads thee to seek them out. When a new evil arises, find the three items, then fight!"


In the remake Dragon Quest I & II, the tablet is not found within a treasure chest, and appears to be more of a monument.


Game System Buy Sell Location Sp/Ab
DW1 NES N/A N/A Erdrick's Cave None


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