Hero's Daughter (Dragon Quest V)

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Dragon Quest series character
Hero's daughter
Princess of Gotha
Dragon Quest V
Madchen, The hero's daughter in the Bianca route
Japanese Name 女の子
Rōmaji Onnanoko
Title Daughter
Class Hero
Race Human/Zenithian
Age 8 (after second timeshift)
Voice Actor Kae Araki (CD Theater)

The Hero's daughter is the legendary hero's twin sister in Dragon Quest V. She's eight years old at the third arc, and like her father, she is capable of recruiting defeated monsters.

In English her default name is Madchen. In Japanese her default names are Annie (アニー) on the SNES and Tabatha (タバサ) on the DS. In the CD Theater audio drama and official novelizations, her name is Poppy (ポピー) .


Warning: Spoilers
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Madchen was born with her twin brother in the castle town of Gotha shortly before his father was coronated king. However, their mother Bianca/Nera/Debora was abducted by monsters and their father went missing searching for her. Eight years later, she along with her brother and Sancho finally located their petrified father. Using the Stolos' staff, she was able to restore him to life. With him recuperated, the twins journeyed with their father in search of their missing mother.

Equipment, Stats, and Abilities[edit]

Madchen can equip most knives, whips, and staves. Unlike her mother, she can also equip a silver shield. She is principally a spellcaster, in particular learning ice and blast spells.

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 5 99
HP 67 540
MP 24 530
Strength 8 170
Agility 60 255
Resilience 18 180
Wisdom 30 255
Luck 31 255
Initial gear Staff of antimagic, Scale shield, Robe of serenity, Fur hood


Level Learned Original Japanese PT Translation DS Version MP Description
5 N/A Crack A weak ice spell. Added for the DS version.
5 マヌーサ Manuusa Surround Dazzle 4 Creates mirror images of your party to encircle and confuse the enemy.
5 ルーラ
Return Zoom 8 Allows instantaneous travel to places previously visited.
9 リレミト Riremito Outside Evac 8 Cast in a cave to return to the surface.
11 イオ
Bang Bang 5 A small explosion spell; affects all enemies.
14 ヒャダルコ Hyadaruko** Snowblast Crackle 5 An ice spell which affects an enemy group.
16 バイキルト Baikiruto Bikill Oomph 6 Doubles the attack power of an ally.
18 ラナルータ Ranaruuta Day-Night Tick-tock 4 Changes day into night and night into day.
20 ラリホー Rarihoo Sleep Snooze 3 Cast to put the enemy to sleep.
22 ルカナン Rukanan** Decrease Kasap 4 Reduce the enemy's defensive power.
24 イオラ
Boom Boom 8 A stronger form of Bang.
27 マホカンタ Mahokanta Bounce Bounce 4 Reflects spells back at the caster.
30 ヒャダイン Hyadain** Blizzard Kacrackle 12 An ice spell which affects all enemies; stronger than Crackle.
32 ドラゴラム Doragoramu Bedragon Puff! 18 Turns the caster into a huge dragon.
36 イオナズン Ionazun Explodet Kaboom 15 The strongest explosion spell.

**It is believed that the Japanese name listed is correct; however, this has not yet been verified.


  • Both Madchen and Parry inherit their hair color from their mother (e.g. blonde hair as Bianca's children).
  • Her full name in the CD drama and novels in Japanese is ポピレア・エル・シ・グランバニア - Popirea El Cie Granvania. Granvania is the Japanese name for Gotha.