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"The Hero Draws Near!"

—The Hero's tagline from his reveal trailer.

Each of the four Heroes, as they appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Hero 勇者 (Yūsha?) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the main representative of the Dragon Quest series, being the third DLC character and the second to be part of the Fighters Pass. He was announced alongside fellow DLC newcomers Banjo & Kazooie at E3 2019, and was released on July 30th, 2019, where he was also made available for individual purchase for $5.99 USD, or downloaded automatically with the purchase of the Fighters Pass.

When the Hero originally began development, he was planned to be silent, similar to previous Dragon Quest protagonists. However, with the addition of voice acting in the Japanese version of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition (as the localized version of Dragon Quest XI had voice acting from the beginning), plans were changed and voices for the Hero were added. As a result, each Hero has a different voice actor - Mitsugi Saiki for XI's Hero (reprising her role from Dragon Quest XI S), Nobuyuki Hiyama for III's Hero, Takeshi Kusao for IV's Hero, and Yuki Kaji for VIII's Hero.


  • Despite having a singular name, the Hero actually consists of four characters: XI's Hero is the default, while III's Hero, IV's Hero, and VIII's Hero are alternate characters.
  • He has a shield that can block projectiles, much like the Links' shields.
  • His smash attacks have a 1/8 chance of acting as critical hits, accompanied by the critical hit sound effect.
  • His Fighter Ability (a distinct character trait) is an MP Gauge that depletes each time a special attack is used, with the max amount of MP being 100. The MP Gauge automatically recharges over time, though using standard attacks also fills it up.


  • His neutral attack consists of three hits: an upward slash, a downward slash, and an inward swipe.
  • His dash attack is a jumping slash, similar to Link's.
  • His forward tilt is a two-hit attack: a shield bash followed up by an outward slash. This attack can block projectiles, just like his shield.
  • His up tilt is an upward arcing slash.
  • His down tilt is a sweeping front kick.
  • His up smash is an upward thrust, which resembles Marth's up smash.
  • His forward smash is a two-handed downward slash, resembling Ike's forward smash.
  • His down smash is a kneeling inward slash in front of him, followed by a kneeling outward slash behind him, resembling Link's down smash.
  • His neutral aerial is him swinging his sword around him, resembling Ike's neutral aerial.
  • His forward aerial is a downward slash.
  • His back aerial is an upward slash behind his back, which resembles Marth's back aerial.
  • His up aerial an upward kick.
  • His down aerial is a downward thrust, which can meteor smash opponents if hit at the beginning.
  • His pummel is a knee strike.
  • His up throw tosses his opponent into the air.
  • His forward throw heaves his opponent forward.
  • His back throw is the tomoe nage, a judo throw that involves falling backward while grappling the opponent and using his leg to flip them behind him.
  • His down throw is a body slam.
  • In conjunction with his MP Gauge, the Hero has a plethora of magical attacks:
    • His neutral special is Frizz, but it can be charged up into Frizzle and Kafrizz. Frizz uses 6 MP, Frizzle uses 16 MP, and Kafrizz uses 36 MP.
    • His side special is Zap, but it can be charged up into Zapple and Kazap. Zap uses 8 MP, Zapple uses 18 MP, and Kazap uses 42 MP.
    • His up special is Woosh, but it can be charged up into Swoosh and Kaswoosh. Woosh uses 5 MP, Swoosh uses 9 MP, and Kaswoosh uses 18 MP.
    • His down special is Command Selection, which brings up a random set of four spells each time it is used. To exit the menu, the player can press the shield button, and use it again to bring up a different set of spells. The different spells that Hero is able to use are:
      • Bang and Kaboom, both of which fire off an orb of energy that explodes upon contact with an opponent, with the latter being a much larger explosion. Bang uses 9 MP, and Kaboom uses 37 MP.
      • Sizz and Sizzle, both of which fire a spark that bursts into flames, with the latter covering more area with the flames. Sizz uses 8 MP, and Sizzle uses 20 MP.
      • Whack and Thwack, both of which have a random chance of KOing the opponent, the odds of which increase as the battle progresses. Thwack has more range than Whack. Whack uses 10 MP, and Thwack uses 30 MP.
      • Kamikazee, which causes a devastatingly powerful explosion around him, but also causes the Hero to self-destruct. Uses 1 MP.
      • Magic Burst, which uses the Hero's remaining MP to create an expanding, spherical explosion around him. The amount of MP the Hero has determines the effectiveness of the attack.
      • Snooze, which puts any opponents it hits to sleep. Uses 16 MP.
      • Heal, which heals Hero's damage percentage. Uses 7 MP.
      • Oomph, which powers up attacks for a limited amount of time, but increases the damage he receives. Uses 16 MP.
      • Acceleratle, which increases the Hero's movement speed, but increases the knockback he receives. Uses 13 MP.
      • Bounce, which acts as a reflector. Other attacks can be used while Bounce is active. If two Heroes use Bounce, the projectile will eventually break Bounce. Uses 14 MP.
      • Kaclang, which turns the Hero into metal, and makes him invulnerable to damage, but he cannot move. Uses 6 MP.
      • Zoom, which has the Hero fly upwards to the top of the screen, before landing on the stage. Ceilings above the Hero will stop him from using the attack. Uses 8 MP.
      • Hocus Pocus, which causes a random effect. It can poison or flower himself to increase his damage, remove all his MP, make him invincible, make himself tiny or large, slow himself down, turn himself invisible, or activate Acceleratle, Zoom, Magic Burst, Metal Slash, Snooze, Bounce, Sizz, Kaclang, Psyche Up, Flame Slash, Heal, or Bang. Uses 4 MP.
      • Flame Slash and Kacrackle Slash, both of which have the Hero slash outward, with the former dealing flame damage and the latter freezing opponents. Flame Slash uses 12 MP, and Kacrackle Slash uses 11 MP.
      • Hatchet Man, which has the Hero perform a powerful overhead slash. Uses 15 MP.
      • Metal Slash, which instantly KOs a metal opponent, but deals almost nonexistent damage and knockback to non-metal opponents. Uses 6 MP.
      • Psyche Up, which powers up the Hero's next attack, but doesn't go away if the attack misses. Uses 14 MP.
  • The Final Smash is Gigaslash, which involves the seven non-playable Dragon Quest heroes charging the Hero's sword with bolts of electricity.


  • Up: The Hero puts away his sword and powers up.
  • Side: The Hero raises his sword into the air triumphantly.
  • Down: A Slime appears at the Hero's feet and hops, causing the Hero to lose his balance.


  • The Hero's tagline references the message shown when encountering a monster in many Dragon Quest games.
  • In the alternate costume for IV's Hero, his Slime earring turns metal.
  • Prior to update 2.0.0 of Ultimate, there existed hidden data for future downloadable characters under the placeholder names "packun", "jack", and "brave"; "packun" referred to Piranha Plant, and "jack" referred to Joker. At the time, it was unclear as to who "brave" was referring to, though a Dragon Quest character was heavily speculated to be filling the slot. Hero's Japanese name eventually confirmed this, as 勇者 (Yūsha?) can be literally translated into English as "brave".
  • The Hero is one of three characters to change weapons via alternate costumes, with the other two being Cloud and Bayonetta.
  • In Japanese, Hero has a chance of calling out a spell's name, excluding the Command Selection spells. This makes him the fifth character in the series to have specific lines in the Japanese language track of a game replaced by generic grunts outside of Japan after Fox, Sheik, and Falco in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mewtwo in all of its playable appearances.
  • When Kirby copies Hero, he gains Erdwin's cornet and shield, and the Supreme Sword of Light, all items available to XI's Hero in Dragon Quest XI.
    • Additionally, unlike other fighters with a gauge (such as Robin or Inkling), Kirby also gains the MP Gauge's rechargeability.
  • Depending on which version of the Hero is being played, the Critical Hit sound effect from that Hero's respective game will play when a critical hit through a smash attack or when Hatchet Man hits.
  • On November 24, 2019, Dragon Quest: Scan Battlers added in a special battle card referencing Gigaslash's depiction in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as Hero's reveal trailer for the game.[1]