King of Romaria

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King of Romaria
Dragon Quest III
Japanese name ロマリア王
Romaji Ōshō no Romaria
Title King
Race Human

The King of Romaria is a character from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.

One of the six human monarchs in the game, he is the first foreign ruler that the player encounters after leaving Aliahan through the Path of Promise.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The King rules over the Romarian peninsula, and is regarded by his people as "Il Re". The King is not unpopular, but he does not enjoy his position as reigning sovereign and would rather slack off much to his father's chagrin. His wife the Queen takes her role more seriously, and usually keeps her husband's lackadaisical attitude in check.

At some point prior to the game, his King's crown was stolen by Robbin' 'Ood. When the Hero arrives in Romaria, he enlists their help to retrieve his crown from the thieves. Upon its return, the King praises the Hero for their might, muses that they ought to have a realm of their own, and insists on abdicating in their favor. If the player accepts, the Hero is immediately crowned King or Queen. During this time, the former king embraces his new life as a commoner and spends his time gambling in the city's Monster Arena. However, when the Hero tells the former King that rulership makes them unhappy, he says he cannot in good conscience force them to be ruler against their wishes, and becomes King once more. Having enjoyed his brief respite from ruling, he wishes the Hero well on their journey.

Afterwards, his adviser admits to the Hero that this is not new behavior: the King has switched places with him five times before.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The King of Romaria travels with the four other kings to the ruined lair of Baramos to honor those who fell to the archfiend when the monster slew the King of the Necrogond and invaded the kingdom. When they arrive, the group is horrified to find that monsters have returned to the lair and are attempting to revive Baramos.

The King of Romaria is in one of the cellars of the castle, mourning a corpse resting on a bed. He is facing the wall, and is startled when the Luminary speaks to him. He is uneasy about the dangerous situation, and does not hesitate to state that he wishes he'd have forced the Hero to keep his crown if he knew this would happen. After the Necrogondolier is killed, the King congratulates the Luminary and asks him if he would like to be king in his place--he will state that he was only joking and wishes the young man well regardless of how the player answers.

When Baramos revives later on, the King of Romaria returns with armed forces along with his peers to stomp out the evil on their own, but the archfiend quickly amassed an army of his own and has forced a stalemate. He grew terrified, and fled into one of the castle's dead ends. After Baramos is killed, he is found in the King of the Necrogond's chamber and thanks the Luminary for putting an end to the archfiend--and trying to pass the crown off on him once again.


  • In the original NES Version of Dragon Quest III, the player could not decline the King's offer to become King or Queen; choosing "no" would simply repeat the question endlessly. In the remakes, choosing "no" enough times will have the King relent, and the player can continue the journey without the short sequence of ruling Romaria.
  • After the ruler sequence, any time the player talks to the King, he will once more offer the crown to them. This way, the player can replay the sequence as many times as they wish.