Lily Gilder

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Lily Gilder
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2
DQMJ2 Lily Gilder.png
Japanese name キストーラ
Romaji Kisutōra
Race Human

Lily Gilder is a character from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. She owns a teeny sanguini named the Countess.


Lily is a woman of sublime character and gravity. Or, at least, she likes to think so. The truth is, she's more than a bit full of herself, but she is also a shrewd and proven monster scout in her own right.


The first time the Hero enters Iceolation, he encounters Lily at the mercy of a group of unruly hellhounds. The Countess is missing at the time and cannot help Lily, so it is up to the Hero to rescue her. After the battle is over, she discovers a dry bonfire, but can not light it, as she has lost her lighter - ironically made of the Mother of Pearl material. She eventually finds a torch, but incurs the wrath of another group of hellhounds. The bonfire has a method of attracting the Boss of Iceolation, Baby Bjørn, yet they had no intentions of fending the beast, as the giant was prone to knocking it itself out due to the presence of thick ice walls and the bonfire. Later, in the caves further along, she reunites with The Countess after a brief chase, but the reunion is interrupted by the very Giant she and the Hero had outsmarted time and again. However, without any walls to utilize, she entrusts the Hero with defeating the agitated Bjørn.

After the events of Cragravation, Lily appears once more in the depths of The Unshore, having chased after The Countess once again. She rewards the player with a Seed of Agility, as way of thanks.

The Countess[edit]

The Countess is Lily's main monster and pet. This friendly beast spends most of its time in a seemingly vacant and mindless bliss, floating among human pals. However, the Countess is given over to occasional, inexplicable fits of strange behavior, from agitation to rage.