List of decorations in Dragon Quest Builders

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Static decorations[edit]

Image Name Description Ingredients Points
Armoire icon.png Armoire A stony storage closet for keeping clothes in. Wood (x3), stone, copper ingot, coarse cloth (x3), cord 200
Armourer's sign icon.png Armourer's sign A sign showing that a shop sells weapons. Iron ingot, magic dye 150
Bar counter icon.png Bar counter A classy counter for a stylish saloon. Wood (x5), iron ingot 300
Barrel icon.png Barrel A cask crafted from curved wooden planks. Broken branch (x3), cord 50
Bathtub icon.png Bath tub An extraordinary apparatus that turns your skin all wrinkly. Stone (x4), hot water crystal 300
Beastly burrow icon.png Beastly burrow The dreadful den of a creeping, crawling monsters. Monster egg, earth 150
Beer barrel icon.png Beer barrel A round receptacle best suited for storing beverages. Wood (x3), cord (x2) 150
Bench icon.png Bench A long wooden seat that's perfect for placing in a park. Wood (x2), cord 150
Big bold banner icon.png Big bold banner A huge hanging handsome enough to be hung in the most magnificent of halls. Shot silk (x2), gold 150
Big table icon.png Big table The finest timber carefully carved into a long, low table. Wood (x2) 200
Bold banner.png Bold banner A tall tapestry with a distinguished design. Silk shot, gold 50
Book icon.png Book A hardback book full of swashbuckling stories and useful information. Freezia flower (x5), orange oil 20
Bookcase icon.png Bookcase A simple set of shelves loaded with literature. Wood, book (x3) 50
Bottles icon.png Bottles Glass receptacles used for storing liquids and ships. Glass, coal 150
Chains icon.png Chains A pair of unescapable iron manacles designed to handcuff hostages to the wall. Iron ingot (x2) 150
Chest icon.png Chest Branches bundled together to form a stout strongbox. Broken branch (x3) 50
Chest of drawers icon.png Chest of drawers A set of small drawers suited for storing small things. Wood (x2) iron ingot 200
Chic chair icon.png Chic chair A high-backed set that's overflowing with opulence. Wood, silk shot 200
Clover carving icon.png Clover carving A quaint stone quatrefoil designed to decorate a castle wall. Stone 150
Column icon.png Column A massive marble support structure with a classical cut. Stone (x2), Gold (x1) 150
Comfy sofa icon.png Comfy sofa A soft settee to relax and recline on. Wood (x2), cotton (x5), coarse cloth (x2), bigonia leaf (x2) 500
Comfy stool icon.png Comfy stool A chair crowned with a cozy cushion, perfect for a painful posterior. Ch2, TI Wood, cotton
Ch4 Wood, fur
Crate icon.png Crate A cube-shaped container made from wooden planks. Wood 100
Decorative drapery icon.png Decorative drapery A coloured cloth drape designed to be strung from the ceiling, or used as a bulky blindfold. Shot silk, cord (x3) 50
Decorative shield icon.png Decorative shield A silver-plated shield too weighty to wield in combat. Stone, silver ((x2)) 300
Dining table icon.png Dining table A trendy tablecloth adorns this otherwise austere table. Wood, coarse cloth 100
Draconic column icon.png Draconic column An imposing pillar capped with cruel countenance. Monster egg, stone 300
Dragonlord's standard icon.png Dragonlord's standard A horned banner bearing the Dragonlord's sickening sigil. Monster egg, wood, shot silk 300
Dragonlord's throne icon.png Dragonlord's throne The sinister seat of the dreadful Dragonlord Shot silk (x3), finest fur (x2), iron ingot (x3), gold (x3), dragon bones 500
Dressing table icon.png Dressing table A dainty dresser with a mirror made to aid you in applying your makeup. Wood (x3), glass, copper ingot 150
Dumb-bells icon.png Dumb bells Heavy hunks of iron used by bodybuilders to beef up their biceps. Iron ingot, cord 100
Equipment display stand icon.png Equipment display stand A simple stand designed for displaying weapons and armour. Wood (x2), iron ingot 300
Extravagant table icon.png Extravagant table A lot of lumber is required to build this titanic table. Wood (x5), coarse cloth (x3), magic dye 500
Fierce fountain icon.png Fierce fountain A corner carving featuring the face of a ferocious feline. Wood (x5), lava (x3), magic ingot, thermobattery 300
Filter fountain icon.png Filter fountain A percolating pump that purifies polluted water. Stone (x5), pumice pieces (x5), cotton (x3), bigonia leaf (x2) 300
Fountain icon.png Fountain Water sprays playfully from this pretty pump. Stone (x3), silver 500
Goddess statue icon.png Goddess statue A sculpture of the gracious Goddess watching over her children with a sympathetic smile. Stone (x2), holy water 300
Grandfather clock icon.png Grandfather clock A sizable timepiece that's too tall for the shelf. Wood (x3), spring, gold 500
Gravestone icon.png Gravestone A simple stone symbol for a soul now at rest. Stone (x2) 50
Hela's hammer sign icon.png Hela's hammer sign A big wooden board with a huge hammer carved into it. Armourer's sign, magic ingot 300
Helliportal.png Helliportal A horrible hole believed to be a back passage to a damned dominion. Monster egg, copper ingot 300
Inn sign icon.png Inn sign A sign showing that guests are welcome to stay the night. Wood, magic dye 100
Item display stand icon.png Item display stand A simple stand designed for displaying tools and other items. Wood (x2), finest fur 300
Note icon.png Notes Pieces of paper perfect for jotting down ingenious ideas, or shopping lists. Freezia flower 10 (ten)
Ornamental armour icon.png Ornamental armour Armour designed for decoration, not defense. Iron ingot (x2), wood 300
Ornamental swords icon.png Ornamental swords These swords might be crummy in combat, but they're lovely to look at. Iron ingot (x2), copper ingot 300
Plant pot icon.png Plant pot A big pot for planting pot plants. Stone, earth, blue goo 300
Portrait of a lady icon.png Portrait of a lady An impressionistic image of a formidable figure. Freezia flower (x3), magic dye, wood 300
Pot icon.png Pot An earthen urn that can be used to store one's personal property. Ch1, Ch2, Ch4, TI Earth (x3), blue goo
Ch3 Earth (x3), orange oil
Potted plant icon.png Potted plant An attractive arrangement of pretty pink flowers. Pink petals (x3), broken branch 100
Powie yowie rug icon.png Powie yowie rug A soft and fluffy floor covering in the shape of a massive monster. Whopping needle, powie yowie fur (x3), cord 500
Pretty pillar icon.png Pretty pillar A beautiful block of rock with a stylish sphere atop it. Stone 100
Round table icon.png Round table A circular stone table that's well-suited to the chivalrous. Stone (x5), gold (x2), magic dye 750
Shop sign icon.png Shop sign A sign showing that a shop sells items. Wood, magic dye 100
Sink icon.png Sink A big basin where you can wash your dirty dishes in warm water. Stone (x4) 300
Slime balloons icon.png Slime balloons A bunch of buoyant balloons shaped like lovely slimes. Slime skin, wood, cord 500
Small table icon.png Small table The finest timber carefully carved into a small, square table. Broken branch (x3) 50
Stationary icon.png Stationary A pen and paper used for drafting documents or writing reports. Book, chimaera feather, bottles 200
Stone stool icon.png Stone stool A smooth stone seat that's upholstered with hide. Stone, fur 100
Stone table icon.png Stone table A slab of stone shaped and smoothed into a cylinder. Stone (x2) 100
Stuffed hammerhood icon.png Stuffed hammerhood doll A cute and cuddly recreation of a cute and cuddly creature. Whopping needle, coarse cloth (x3), cord 500
Throne icon.png Throne A sumptuous seat that's fit for a king. Shot silk (x3), fur (x2), iron ingot (x3), gold 500
Towel rail icon.png Towel rail A wall-mounted rail with a towel attached. Fur, broken branch 50
Treasure chest icon.png Treasure chest These comely coffers often proffer treasure. Iron ingot, gold 200
Treasures 'n' Trapdoors icon.png Treasures 'n' Trapdoors board Nobody knows whose turn it is, or who's winning or losing. Freezia flower (x3), magic dye, broken branch 500
Vile tile icon.png Vile tile An engraved tile bearing a depiction of a deadly demon. Monster egg, copper ingot 200
Vile visage icon.png Vile visage A carving of the fearsome face of a foul fiend. Monster egg, stone 300
Wardrobe icon.png Wardrobe Furniture used to store clothes without folding them. Wood (x3), copper ingot 200
Washtub icon.png Washtub A watertight wooden tub used to scoop up water. Broken branch (x2), cord 50
Water jug icon.png Fresh water jug A pitcher for pouring and storing drinks. Silver 300
Well icon.png Well A deep, dark hole from which water can be drawn. Stone wall 200
Wooden memorial icon.png Wooden memorial A modest monument memorializing a life lived and lost. Broken branch (x3), cord 50
Wooden stool icon.png Wooden stool A simple stool crafted from carefully whittled wood. Wood 80

Room modifiers[edit]


Image Name Description Ingredients Points
King-sized bed icon.png King-sized bed A bed of princely proportions, with plenty of space to roll around in. Ch3, TI Wood (x2), powie yowie fur
Ch4 Wood (x2), fur (x3)
Princess-sized bed icon.png Princess-sized bed A great big bed with closable curtains to give a princess her privacy. Wood (x2), fur (x3), shot silk (x2) 500
Simple bed icon.png Simple bed A wooden frame with a comfy cotton mattress on top. Ch2, TI Broken branch (x3), cotton
Ch4 Broken branch (x3), fur
Straw mattress icon.png Straw mattress Basic bedding made from dried weeds woven together. Ch1 Grassy leaves (x3)
Ch2 Strong stalks (x3)
Ch3 Sandgrass (x3)

Facetious food[edit]

Image Name Description Ingredients Points
Bread basket icon.png Bread basket Fresh-baked baguettes with an appetising aroma in a rustic arrangement. Bread (x2), broken branch 200
Crockery icon.png Crockery Glazed tableware made from kiln-fired clay. Clay (x5), coal 30
Fish dish icon.png Fish dish A flavoursome feast featuring the finest fish in the salty sea. Sailor's stew, crockery 300
Meat feast icon.png Meat feast A serving of finely sliced steak with all the trimmings. Searing steak, crockery 200
Salad plate icon.png Salad plate A serving of salad that's as hearty as it is healthy. Fruit salad, crockery 200
Tea service icon.png Tea service A delicate and dainty table setting ideal for afternoon tea Hearty cream cake, crockery 300

Light sources[edit]

Image Name Description Ingredients Points
Bonfire icon.png Bonfire A big bundle of branches that burns brightly. Broken branch (x2), blue goo 50
Brazier icon.png Brazier A blazing bowl of fire that illuminates everything around it. Stone (x3), coal 100
Candelabrum icon.png Candelabrum A handsome candleholder that can be firmly fastened to any wall. Sludgestone, blue goo, iron ingot 150
Candelstick icon.png Candelstick A handy candle stand to keep the darkness at bay. Sludgestone, blue goo, iron ingot 150
Fireplace icon.png Fireplace A large hearth that's handy for heating a house. Stone (x8), coal (x4), copper ingot 500
Lantern icon.png Lantern A bright light powered by a mysterious mechanism. Glass, iron ingot, thermobattery 150
Naughty night light icon.png Naughty night light A light-hearted lamp imbued with an alluring ambience. Ruby, silvery sludge, gold 500
Sconce icon.png Sconce A copper cradle that keeps the torch attached to the wall. Torch, copper ingot 150
Stove icon.png Stove A basic burner designed to warm and light rooms, not to warm light meals. Stone (x4), iron ingot (x2), wood (x2) 300
Torch icon.png Torch A burning branch fueled with flammable fluid. Ch1, Ch2, Ch4, TI Broken branch, blue goo
Ch3 Broken branch, orange oil


Image Name Description Ingredients Points
Gentleman sign icon.png Gentleman sign A bold blue sign to signify the denizen of a dwelling. Wood, magic dye, blue goo 100
Ladder icon.png Ladder A set of vertical steps pieced together from planks. Wood (x3), cord 10 (ten)
Lady sign icon.png Lady sign A rich red sign to signify the denizen of a dwelling. Wood, magic dye, orange oil 100
Lyre of slime immemorial icon.png Lyre of slime immemorial An eccentric instrument that brings back memories of a bygone age. Silver (x5) 500
Sharing stone icon.png Sharing stone Anything built behind this magical monument can be called forth by faraway friends. Brick wall, gold 0
Signpost icon.png Signpost A simple sign made of wood. Broken branch (x3) 100
Stone steps icon.png Stone steps A staircase sculpted from solid stone. Stone (x3) 20
Summoning stone icon.png Summoning stone A magical monument that summons structures from a faraway place. Brick wall, iron ingot 0
Wooden steps icon.png Wooden steps Layers of laminated lumber assembled to aid in ascending to higher levels. Wood (x3) 20


Image Name Description Ingredients Points
Chest icon.png Chest Branches bundled together to form a stout strongbox. Broken branch (x3) 50
Colossal closet icon.png Colossal closet A sturdy stone stash expansive enough to accommodate a whole person. Wood (x8), brick wall (x5), stone (x3), iron ingot (x3), glass 1000
Colossal coffer icon.png Colossal coffer An enormous enchanted chest that can store all the materials a busy Builder needs. Ch1 Earth (x3), blue goo
Ch2, Ch3, Ch4 Wood (x8), fur (x3), pot