List of decorations in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Static decorations[edit]

Image Name Description Ingredients Ambience
Alarm clock b2.png Alarm clock A typical timepiece with a timeless design 2 iron ingot, 1 glass Cute
Anthurium b2.png Anthurium A pretty plant in a pretty pot 2 earth, 1 daffodaisy seed Cute
Bamboo base b2.png Bamboo base The bottom of a strong sturdy bamboo plant 1 bamboo N/A
Bamboo canopy b2.png Bamboo canopy The top of a strong, sturdy bamboo plant 1 bamboo N/A
Bamboo stem b2.png Bamboo stem The top of a strong, sturdy bamboo plant 1 bamboo N/A
Banner of erdrick icon b2.png Banner of Erdrick A proud pennant emblazoned with the emblem of Erdrick 2 cotton, 1 wood, 1 cord
Banner of hargon icon b2.png Banner of Hargon A fiendish flag used by the Children of Hargon to lay claim to land for their diabolical domain 3 cotton, 1 iron ingot Flamboyant
Beastly burrow icon.png Beastly burrow The dreadful den of a creeping, crawling monsters. 3 earth
Bell icon b2.png Bell A gleaming golden bell that rings with a clarion call. 3 gold
Bent pipe b2.png Bent pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine. 1 pipe Normal
Biblio pile icon b2.png Biblio-pile A stack of books that's barely even balancing.
Big bronze bell b2.png Big bronze bell An absolutely enormous bell that gives off a deep, resounding peal when rung. 15 copper ingots Normal
Big bolt icon b2.png Big bolt A sturdy screw for ensuring your constructions stay fastened together. 2 iron ingots
Big border boulder icon b2.png Big border boulder A bulky boulder that can contain the flow of water. 5 stone
Nopic.png Bones No reply. It's just a corpse 1 huge horn or 1 terrible talon
Boogie board icon b2.png Boogie board Firm footing tat allows dancers to shimmy and spin without fear of falling 2 wood
Border boulder icon b2.png Border boulder A small stone that can contain the flow of water 3 stone
Book icon.png Book A hardback book full of swashbuckling stories and useful information. 3 grass fibre
Book of blue prints icon b2.png Book of blueprints A special-interest periodical with an especially interesting pull-out section 3 grass fibre
Bottles icon.png Bottles Glass receptacles used for storing liquids and ships. 2 glass
Broken barrel icon b2.png Broken barrel A damaged drum that drifted ashore devoid of its contents 1 barrel N/A
Nopic.png Broken barricade A forgotten fortification that has been mangled by the monsters 1 barricade Normal
Broken track icon b2.png Broken track A remnant of a ruined railroad which can carry carriages no more 1 track N/A
Builder's bell icon b2.png Builder's bell A bell imbued with the spirit of a Builder that inspires inventiveness and ingenuity. 3 stone, 3 wood, 1 builder's soul
Cactail icon b2.png Cactail A delightful decoration created from a hollowed-out cactus 1 prickly pop, 1 gladiolus seed, 1 vineapple
Capsized crate icon b2.png Capsized crate A wooden box that's been eaten up by the earth 1 crate
Carafe collection icon b2.png Carafe collection A stylish set of glass receptacles suited for serving drinks. 2 glass, 1 copper ingot
Beer barrel icon.png Cask A round receptacle best suited for storing beverages. 4 Wood, 1 cord
Castle fanlight icon b2.png Castle fanlight Add an accent to any entrance way with this door-top decoration. 2 Marble Cool
Chic sunbrella.png Chic sunbrella A pretty parasol with simple, striking colours 3 fur, 1 iron ingot, 1 wood
Chopping board b2.png Chopping board A spartan slab of wood that no kitchen should be without. 1 wood, 1 iron ingot
Citadel bracket b2.png Citadel bracket A strangely sinister stone decoration found in Hargon's castle. 5 strange sand, 2 bones
Citadel cross carving icon b2.png Citadel cross carving A wall block used by the Children of Hargon to build dark, demonic shrines. 6 strange sand, 2 bones Flamboyant
Citadel creature carving icon b2.png Citadel creature carving A dreadful decoration designed to adorn the walls of Hargon's castle. 5 strange sand, 1 bones Flamboyant
Citadel fanlight b2.png Citadel fanlight Add a sinister accent to any entranceway with this door-top decoration from Hargon's Castle. 5 strange sand, 1 bones N/A
Citadel handrail b2.png Citadel handrail x10 N/A 5 strange sand, 1 stone
Citadel merlon b2.png Citadel merlon A sinister-looking stone to crown the top of Hargon's castle. 5 strange sand, 1 bones N/A
Nopic.png Citadel spear symbol A block bearing the eerie emblem of the Children of Hargon. 8 strange sand, 3 bones Flamboyant
Citadel spike b2.png Citadel spike An imposing stone spear to serve as an ornament for Hargon's castle. 5 strange sand, 1 bones N/A
Cocktail shaker icon b2.png Cocktail shaker A copper container for concocting a plethora of potent potables. 1 copper ingot
Coloured cup b2.png Coloured cup A handy, handled mug 1 stone
Comfy killerpillar body b2.png Comfy killerpillar body The central section of a snug sofa shaped like a lethal larva 5 cotton, 5 fur, 2 grass fibre Cute
Comfy killerpillar head b2.png Comfy killerpillar head The surmounting segment of a snug sofa shaped like a lethal larva 5 cotton, 5 fur, 2 grass fibre Cute
Comfy killerpillar tail b2.png Comfy killerpillar tail The posterior portion of a snug sofa shaped like a lethal larva 5 cotton, 5 fur, 2 grass fibre Cute
Cooking pot b2.png Cooking pot A deep receptacle for preparing all manner of meals 2 iron ingot
Crested viper fountain b2.png Crested viper fountain A water-spurting spout in the shape of a slithering serpent 10 iron ingots, 6 stone, 5 malachite Normal
Cross pipe b2.png Cross pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 2 malrothium Normal
Crystal ball icon b2.png Crystal ball A scrying stone that just might give you a glimpse into the future... 2 magic crystals
Nopic.png Dilapidated crate A wooden box that has been battered, beaten, and abandoned 1 wooden crate
Nopic.png Downward joint pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 joint pipe Normal
Draconic column icon.png Draconic column An imposing pillar capped with cruel countenance. 6 marble
Drum kit icon b2.png Drum kit Percussive instruments for pounding out a rhythm 6 wood, 4 fur
Dumb-bells icon.png Dumb bells Heavy hunks of iron used by bodybuilders to beef up their biceps. 1 Iron ingot, 1 cord
Emblematic clock b2.png Emblematic clock N/A N/A
False idol icon b2.png False idol A sinister statuette to which the Children of Hargon offer odious oaths 4 scales, 3 bones
Farming tools icon b2.png Farming tools Decorate your dwelling with these farmhouse favorites 2 stone, 1 wood
Fat rat signpost b2.png Fat rat signpost A silly signpost resembling a rotund rodent blocking the road 15 wood
Fiendish face icon b2.png Fiendish face A wall ornament fashioned in the image of the Master of Destruction's menacing mein 5 strange sand, 1 bones
Fierce fountain icon.png Fierce fountain A corner carving featuring the face of a ferocious feline. 8 wood Normal
Filter fountain icon.png Filter fountain A percolating pump that purifies polluted water. 4 stone, 1 sand, 1 grass fibre Normal
Firewood icon b2.png Firewood Lopped lengths of dry lumber fit for an even fledgling firestarter 3 wood
Floating flower petals icon b2.png Floating flower petals Beautiful blossoms that float on the surface of warm spring waters. 1 cherry blossom
Fountain icon.png Fountain Water sprays playfully from this pretty pump. 4 stone, 1 silver ingot Normal
Framed flowers b2.png Framed flowers A beautiful bed of blossoms prepared as a special present 3 gladiolus, 3 wisteria stems, 3 sunflowers, 3 milkblossoms, 1 rose
Full flagon icon b2.png Full flagon A large copper cup filled to the brim with digger's jigger. 1 copper ingot, 1 digger's jigger
Fungusbord icon b2.png Fungusbord A basket brimming with mushrooms of all shapes and sizes. 1 marshroom, 1 frogstool, 1 glumgus, 1 wood
Fun size fountain icon b2.png Fun-sized fountain A smallish spout that squirts slight columns of water. 1 iron ingot, 1 cotton Normal
Goddess statue icon.png Goddess statue A sculpture of the gracious Goddess watching over her children with a sympathetic smile. 4 stone
Goldinoggin b2.png Goldnoggin A remarkable replica of a gold golem's dazzling dome 10 gold bricks, 2 diamonds
Gramophone b2.png Gramophone A quaint contraption used to recreate quality music 3 iron ingots, 2 gold ingots, 1 wood
Grand piano icon b2.png Grand piano An intricate instrument that produces pleasantly resonant sounds when its keys are struck 5 woo, 3 grass fibres, 2 copper ingot
Gravestone icon.png Gravestone A simple stone symbol for a soul now at rest. 2 stone
Nopic.png Healix the Hero A statue of a heroic healslime from a faraway world 5 stone, 1 copper ingot, 1 mythril Cute
Helliportal.png Helliportal A horrible hole believed to be a back passage to a damned dominion. 3 copper ingot
Helm icon b2.png Helm A steering apparatus that attaches to a variety of vehicles 3 wood, 1 iron ingot
Hexagonal planter icon b2.png Hexagonal planter A decorative holder that can house flowers and other flora 6 stone, 2 earth
High heels b2.png High heels Fancy footwear that's much higher in the back than it is at the front 1 fur, 1 wood
Incense burner b2.png Incense burner This small smoke maker burns dried flora to release a relaxing redolence 1 iron ingot, 1 gold ingot, 1 wood
Nopic.png Infinite donking device Harnesses the power of running water to emit a periodic percussive sound 3 bamboo, 2 stone
Iron pillar b2.png Iron pillar A metal support that's thinner than most blocks 3 iron ingots Cool
Joint pipe b2.png Joint pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 pipe Normal
Knight oddments icon b2.png Knight oddments The rusted relics of a warrior bested in battle 1 ornamental armour
Large castle tile icon b2.png Large castle tile A stately, sizable floor tile that's fit for a king 2 marble
Leaves b2.png Leaves A little limb veiled in verdant green 3 leaf blocks
Nopic.png Left-to-bottom bent pipe pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 pipe Normal
Nopic.png Left-to-top-bent pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 pipe Normal
Nopic.png Leftward joint pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 joint pipe Normal
Long stemmed rose b2.png Long-stemmed rose A solitary flower for adding a sense of style and grace to a room 1 rose, 1 earth
Lush leaves b2.png Lush leaves A bulky bough veiled in verdant green 5 leaf blocks
Map icon b2.png Map A handy geographical guide to help you navigate the neighboring landscape 4 grass fibres
Marine monument b2.png Marine monument N/A N/A
Medicinal mortar icon b2.png Medicinal mortar Paired with a pestle for the proper pounding of herbs and mixing of medicines 1 stone, 1 earth, 1 medicinal leaf, 1 wood
Nopic.png Metal memorial An iron monument erected for an unknown individual 3 iron ingots
Mini merlon icon.png Mini merlon A frustrum-shaped segment of stone designed to trim the top of a tower 2 marble Cool
Nopic.png Mining tools Everything an enterprising miner needs to find themselves a fortune 2 iron ingots, 1 wood
Monster monument b2.png Monster monument A small stone statue in the shape of a hooded hammerhood 3 stone, 1 cotton
Note icon.png Note Pieces of paper perfect for jotting down ingenious ideas, or shopping lists 1 grass fibre
Noticeboard icon b2.png Notice board A bulletin board for posting pictures and uploading islands 5 wood
Nopic.png Old book A time-worn tome whose pages are tattered from overreading 1 book
Nopic.png Old Note N/A 1 note
Ornamental armour icon.png Ornamental armour Armour designed for decoration, not defense. 3 Iron ingot, 1 wood
Ornamental spears icon b2.png Ornamental spears N/A 1 steel ingot, 3 wood
Ornate adornment b2.png Ornate adornment A distinctive decoration displayed when observing auspicious occasions 15 wood, 5 grass firbe
Pestilential nest b2.png Pestilential nest A boggy burrow that's home to a creepy critter 3 spoiled soil
Pipe b2.png Pipe Tubing to transport fluids through a mighty machine 2 malrothium Normal
Plant pot icon.png Plant pot A big pot for planting pot plants. 1 earth
Nopic.png Player lyre An eccentric instrument that brings back memories of a bygone age 10 stone, 5 grass fibres
Playing cards icon b2.png Playing cards Suited slips of sturdy card that can be used to play games galore 2 grass fibre
Pebbles icon b2.png Pebbles The sad remains of a once proud stone that was pulverized 1 stone
Pebble pile b2.png Pebble pile The ruined remains of what was once a solid stone wall 2 stone
Pot and shot set b2.png Pot and shot set A convenient coffee set for the Builder who craves a caffeine boost 1 black coffee
Nopic.png Pot plant An attractive arrangement of appealingly petaled plants 1 coralily seed, 1 earth
Potage pot icon b2.png Potage pot A portly earthen pot of piping hot soup 3 earth, 1 oil
Potted plant icon.png Potted plant An attractive arrangement of pretty pink flowers. 1 Coralilly Seed , 1 earth
Powie yowie rug icon.png Powie yowie rug A soft and fluffy floor covering in the shape of a massive monster. 3 fur, 1 cord
Pretty pillar icon.png Pretty pillar A beautiful block of rock with a stylish sphere atop it. 3 Stone
Protective planks icon b2.png Protective planks Wooden bords to bolster a brittle mine wall 2 wood
Pyramidal merlon icon b2.png Pyramidal merlon A triangular topstone that can grace the pinnacle of a pyramid 2 marble Cool
Rice sack icon b2.png Rice sack A simple sack sewn from dried grass and packed with plenty of rice 4 grass fibres, 3 rice
Nopic.png Right-to-bottom bent pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 pipe Normal
Nopic.png Right-to-top bent pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 pipe Normal
Nopic.png Rightward joint pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 joint pipe Normal
Rigid rope b2.png Rigid rope A thick length of cord perfect for stringing things up 3 grass fibres, 2 fur
Rope icon b2.png Rope A stout and sturdy length of rope for tying things together 3 cord
Rubber ring b2.png Rubber ring An inflatable instrument that will help keep your head above water 3 grass fibre, 3 glowdrop
Sandals b2.png Sandals Frugal footwear fashioned from string straps strung through simple slabs of wood 1 wood, 1 bamboo, 1 cord
Sack of wheat icon b2.png Sack of wheat A simple sack stuffed to the seams with wholesome wheat. 2 wheat, 2 cord, 1 dry grass
Salutation station icon b2.png Salutation station A prominent placard on which to write words of greeting and guidance. 3 stone
Samurai sword collection b2.png Samurai sword collection A set of swords made by folding the finest steel countless times. 5 iron ingots, 1 wood
Nopic.png Seal of Erdrick A tile with a Hero's crest carved into it. 5 stone Cool
Slime balloons icon.png Slime balloons A bunch of buoyant balloons shaped like lovely slimes. 3 Glowdrop , 1 wood, 1 cord Cute
Slimey eye icon b2.png Slimey eye An odd ornament shaped like a gooey, goopy eye. 2 chalk, 1 coal Cute
Slimey mouth icon b2.png Slimey mouth An odd ornament shaped like a squidgy mouth. 2 earth, 1 coal Cute
Small scale slime icon b2.png Small-scale slime The figurine of a miniature monster whittled from wood. 1 wood Normal
Small scale soldier icon b2.png Small-scale soldier The figurine of a wee warrior whittled from wood. 1 wood Normal
Spa spout icon b2.png Spa spout A stone mouth from which warm water spurts forth 3 stone
Spider web icon b2.png Spider web A snug nest spun of spider silk. 1 cotton N/A
Splashing stone icon b2.png Splashing stone A stone that sends falling water splattering. 5 stone
Splinters icon b2.png Splinters The sad remains of a towering tree that was torn down. 1 wood N/A
Stackable drackolyte icon b2.png Stackable drackolyte A devilishly delightful likeness of a ruby red drackolyte. 10 wood, 10 tomatoes Normal
Stackable dracky icon b2.png Stackable dracky A devilishly delightful likeness of a bold blue dracky. 10 wood, 10 cabbage Normal
Stackable drackyma icon b2.png Stackable drackyma A devilishly delightful likeness of a mellow yellow drackyma. 10 wood, 10 wheat Normal
Stationary icon.png Stationary A pen and paper used for drafting documents or writing reports. 1 glass, 3 grass fibre
Nopic.png Straight pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 pipe Normal
Stuffed hammerhood icon.png Stuffed hammerhood A cute and cuddly recreation of a cute and cuddly creature. 15 grass fibre, 20 cord
Stuffed spike hare b2.png Stuffed spiked hare A delightful doll resembling a vicious rabbit. 15 cotton, 2 grass fibres Cute
Sunbrella icon b2.png Sunbrella A pretty parasol to shield soft skin from the sun 3 fur, 1 iron ingot, 1 wood
Super spouter icon b2.png Super spouter A first-class fountain from which great columns of water gush forth 3 marble, 2 gold ingots Normal
Supersized skull icon b2.png Supersized skull The calamitous cracked cranium that adorns the chest of the Master of Destruction 5 bones
Swabbing tools icon b2.png Swabbing tool Handy supplies for mopping mess off filthy floors and dirty decks 1 wood, 1 grass fibre
Swing icon b2.png Swing A seat suspended by ropes for relaxation and pendulation 8 cord, 3 wood
Tattered banner of erdrick icon b2.png Tattered banner of Erdrick A pennant emblazoned with Erdrick's emblem that has been worn and weathered by war 1 banner of Erdrick
Tattered standard b2.png Tattered standard A battle flag that has weathered many a war 1 wall-mounted banner
Nopic.png Tattered tent A bivouac so battered and bruised that nobody could live in it 3 grass fibres, 2 wood
Tower of towels b2.png Tower of towels A comprehensive collection of bath towels all in one stable stack 3 grass fibre
Treasures 'n' Trapdoors icon.png Treasures 'n' Trapdoors board Nobody knows whose turn it is, or who's winning or losing. 4 grass fibre, 1 wood, 1 cherry blossom
Treasure pile b2.png Treasure pile A gleaming hoard of gold and gems. 20 gold ingot, 20 silver ingot, 10 ruby, 10 diamond, 1 treasure chest Cool
Nopic.png Upward joint pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 joint pipe Normal
Vault bracket icon b2.png Vault bracket An ornate ornament of stone often seen on the walls of ancient ruins 2 stone, 2 earth
Nopic.png Vertical pipe Tubing to transport fluids trough a mighty machine 1 pipe Normal
Vile tile icon.png Vile tile An engraved tile bearing a depiction of a deadly demon. 1 copper ingot Flamboyant
Ward of erdrick b2.png Ward of Erdrick A magical marking that prevents monsters from drawing near 3 zenithium, 2 gold ingots, 2 magic crystals N/A
Water jug icon.png Water jug A pitcher for pouring and storing drinks. 2 Silver ingot
Waterwheel b2.png Waterwheel A huge wheel that spins when placed in water 12 wood Normal
Well icon.png Well A deep, dark hole from which water can be drawn. 3 stone
Wooden bracket icon b2.png Wooden bracket A diagonal structure for extra strength in crucial locations 1 wood
Wooden memorial icon.png Wooden memorial A modest monument memorializing a life lived and lost. 2 wood, 1 cord
Wooden pillar b2.png Wooden pillar A wooden support that's thinner than most blocks 3 wood Natural

Room modifiers[edit]

Facetious food[edit]

Image Name Description Ingredients Ambience
Nopic.png Banana basket A receptacle replete with bananas, the favoured foodstuff of Badboons 2 wood, 1 banana Cute
Bread basket icon.png Bread basket Fresh-baked baguettes with an appetising aroma in a rustic arrangement. 2 bread, 1 broken branch Natural
Nopic.png Celebratory soup A beautiful broth for souper special occasions 3 wheat, 1 chicken drumsticks, 1 simple supper set Cute
Nopic.png Crock pot A steaming stew of savoury morsels perfect for a cold winter's night 1 soldier's stew, 1 iron ingot, 1 cotton Normal
Nopic.png Deep-fried feast A plenteous portion of delicious but decidedly unhealthy snacks 2 crockery, 1 fried fish Normal
Nopic.png Fancy fresh fish platter An extravagant assortment of fish finely sliced 1 fresh fish set, simple supper set N/A
Nopic.png Flame-grilled fish A fish skewered end to end and scorched over an open flame 1 fish stick, 1 wood N/A
Fish dish icon.png Fish dish A flavoursome feast featuring the finest fish in the salty sea. 1 sailor's stew, 1 crockery Normal
Nopic.png Fruity parfait A delightful dessert of fresh fruit topped with sweet cream 1 strawberry, 1 melon, 1 ice cream, 1 glass Cute
Meat feast icon.png Meat feast A serving of finely sliced steak with all the trimmings. 1 searing steak, 1 crockery Normal
Nopic.png Meaty marshy mountain A smorgasbord of slimy meats only a monster could appreciate 7 strange sands, 1 goregasbord Flamboyant
Nopic.png Omletti spaghetti A meal made from two unlikely culinary accomplices 1 egg, 1 butter, 1 saucy spaghetti, 1 crockery Normal
Nopic.png Plate of pancakes A heap of hotcakes smothered with a slathering of syrup and butter 1 pancake, 1 crockery Cute
Nopic.png Rice ball arrangement An assortment of rice balls with a delicious surprise inside 1 salmon ball, 1 bamboo Natural
Nopic.png Rice dumpling arrangement An appealing assortment of rice-based, bite-sized treats 1 rice dumplings, 1 crockery Normal
Salad plate icon.png Salad plate A serving of salad that's as hearty as it is healthy. 1 fruit salad, 1 crockery Natural
Nopic.png Sponge cake A moist, sweet confection cut into slices for sharing 1 sponge cake, 1 crockery Normal
Nopic.png Soup and salad set A set of appetising appetisers to enjoy before a meal 1 scrumptious salad, 1 pumpkin soup, 1 crockery Normal
Nopic.png Supersized steak set A colossal cut of meat with all the tasty trimmings 1 supersized steak, 1 heatroot, 1 sweetcorn, 1 simple supper set, 1 iron ingot Normal
Tea service icon.png Tea service A delicate and dainty table setting ideal for afternoon tea 1 hearty cream cake, 1 crockery Cute


Wall hangings[edit]

Image Name Description Ingredients Ambience
Armourer's sign icon.png Armourer's sign A sign showing that a shop sells weapons. 1 Iron ingot Normal
Big bold banner icon.png Big bold banner x5 A huge hanging handsome enough to be hung in the most magnificent of halls. 5 cotton, 3 gold Cool
Bold banner.png Bold banner x5 A tall tapestry with a distinguished design. 3 cotton, 1 gold Cool
Nopic.png Bunting x10 Add equilateral elegance to any festivities with these fine flags. 3 grass fibre, 1 cord Natural
Chains icon.png Chains A pair of unescapable iron manacles designed to handcuff hostages to the wall. 2 Iron ingot Normal
Nopic.png Cloth sacks A pair of sacks hanging from hoops of rope. 2 grass fibre, 1 cord Natural
Clover carving icon.png Clover carving A quaint stone quatrefoil designed to decorate a castle wall. 2 Stone Normal
Nopic.png Cooking utensils A wall-hanging mount to hold a trove of tools for the discerning chef. 1 iron ingot, 1 wood Normal
Nopic.png Curtain A classy cut of cloth for covering a window. 3 cotton, 2 cord Normal
Nopic.png Dart board A colourful target carved from a circular section of wood. 3 iron ingot, 2 wood Cool
Decorative drapery icon.png Decorative drapery A coloured cloth drape designed to be strung from the ceiling, or used as a bulky blindfold. 3 grass fibre, 3 cord Normal
Decorative shield icon.png Decorative shield A silver-plated shield too weighty to wield in combat. 2 marble, 1 iron ingot Normal
Nopic.png Framed foliage A bevy of branches bound and mounted in a simple square frame. 1 leaves, 1 cord, 1 wood Natural
Nopic.png Hargon's standard The baleful banner brandished by the Children of Hargon. 3 cotton, 1 gold ingot, 1 wood Flamboyant
Hela's hammer sign icon.png Hela's hammer sign A big wooden board with a huge hammer carved into it. 1 Armourer's sign, 1 mythril Normal
Gentleman sign icon.png Gentleman sign A bold blue sign to signify the denizen of a dwelling. Wood, magic dye, blue goo Normal
Ladder icon.png Ladder A set of vertical steps pieced together from planks. 3 wood, cord Normal
Lady sign icon.png Lady sign A rich red sign to signify the denizen of a dwelling. Wood, magic dye, orange oil Normal
Inn sign icon.png Inn sign A sign showing that guests are welcome to stay the night. 1 Wood Normal
Nopic.png Name plate A placard put up to reserve a room for private purposes. 1 wood Normal
Ornamental swords icon.png Ornamental swords These swords might be crummy in combat, but they're lovely to look at. 2 iron ingot Cool
Nopic.png Picture frame A simple frame to store mirthful memories. 5 wood Normal
Portrait of a lady icon.png Portrait of a lady An impressionistic image of a formidable figure. 5 grass fibre, 1 wood Normal
Portrait of a princess icon b2.png Portrait of a Princess The painted picture of a young princess of surpassing pulchritude. N/A Normal
Nopic.png Pub sign A placard to welcome wayfarers to a watering hole. 1 iron ingot Cool
Shop sign icon.png Shop sign A sign showing that a shop sells items. 1 wood Normal
Nopic.png Smashing sign x10 A placard to point out places that can be pulverised. 1 grass fibre, 1 cord Normal
Nopic.png Stage curtain Hang this handsome curtain on your wall and let the show begin! 3 cotton Normal
Summoning stone icon.png Summoning stone A magical monument that summons structures from a faraway place. Brick wall, iron ingot
Towel rail icon.png Towel rail A wall-mounted rail with a towel attached. 2 grass fibre, 1 wood Normal
Vile visage icon.png Vile visage A carving of the fearsome face of a foul fiend. 4 strange sand, 3 stone Flamboyant
Nopic.png Wall hanging Deck the walls with this colourful cloth fashioned from green fibre. 3 grass fibre Natural
Nopic.png Wall mounted banner An elegant emblem to hang on the wall of your castle home. 3 cotton, 1 gold ingot, 1 wood Cool