List of lighting sources in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Light sources[edit]

Image Name Description Ingredients
Babs billboard icon b2.png Bab's billboard A colourful sign that brightly bears Babs's name 5 gold ingot, 4 silver ingot, 1 zenithium
Beacon of erdrick b2.png Beacon of Erdrick A burning bright flame said to have been lit by the Hero of legend 1 enchanted ember, 4 gold ingot, 3 oil
Bonfire icon.png Bonfire A big bundle of branches that burns brightly. 3 wood, 3 oil
Brazier icon.png Brazier A blazing bowl of fire that illuminates everything around it. 3 stone, 1 coal
Candle icon b2.png Candle A compact candle on a gilded stand for starving off shadows 1 gold ingot, 1 oil
Candelabrum icon.png Candelabrum x5 A handsome candleholder that can be firmly fastened to any wall. 5 silver ingot, 1 oil
Candelstick icon.png Candelstick x5 A handy candle stand to keep the darkness at bay. 5 silver ingot, 1 oil
Ceramic sconce icon b2.png Ceramic scone A wall-mounted torch moulded from mud 1 spoiled soil, 1 wood, 1 oil
Nopic.png Cookfire A simple stand built above a bonfire, used for making mouth-watering meals 6 wood, 1 bonfire
Fansi lait b2.png Fansi lait An illuminating arrangement of lovely little lights 5 glass, 3 iron ingot, 3 oil
Fireplace icon.png Fireplace A large hearth that's handy for heating a house. 8 stone, 4 coal, 1 copper ingot
Floor lampe b2.png Floor lampe A large lighting fixture curved to illuminate the ground around it 3 iron ingot, 1 glass, 1 oil
Golden brazier icon b2.png Golden brazier A blazing brazier with a base beaten from solid gold 5 gold ingot, 1 coal
Jack o lantern icon b2.png Jack-o'-lantern A gigantic gourd with a funny face, illuminated from inside 1 pumpkin, 1 wood, 1 oil
King slime light icon b2.png King slime light A lordly light fit for a king...slime, that is 3 mythril, 3 gold ingot, 1 oil
Lampe basen b2.png Lampe basen The solid base of a modular illumination arrangement 1 linken lampe
Lampe lait b2.png Lampe lait A standing lamp that can be whatever height you like 1 linken lampe
Lampe holden b2.png Lampe holden The central support of a modular illumination arrangement 1 linken lampe
Lantern icon.png Lantern A bright light powered by a mysterious mechanism. 1 glass, 1 copper ingot, 1 oil
Light box icon b2.png Light box A gently glowing light set in a glass case 1 gold ingot, 1 glass
Tabel lampe b2.png Linken lampe A standing lamp that can be whatever height you like 1 iron ingot, 1 glass, 1 oil
Naughty night light icon.png Naughty night light A light-hearted lamp imbued with an alluring ambience.
(must collect 5 rubies to unlock recipe)
1 ruby, 5 oil
Paper lantern b2.png Paper lantern A lantern that gives off a warm and gentle glow 2 paper
Sconce icon.png Sconce A copper cradle that keeps the torch attached to the wall. 1 torch, 1 copper ingot
Slime light icon b2.png Slime light A delightful lantern that looks like a slime 1 mythril, 1 gold ingot, 1 oil
Sinister sconce icon b2.png Sinister sconce A baleful beacon that glows with a ghostly blue flame 1 torch, 1 iron ingot, 1 strange sand
Stone lantern b2.png Stone lantern A huge lantern carved from a huge piece of rock 6 stone, 2 oil
Stove icon.png Stove A basic burner designed to warm and light rooms, not to warm light meals. 4 stone, 2 iron ingot, 2 wood
Tabel lampe b2.png Tabel lampe A simple source of light, perfect for placing atop a table or desk 1 iron ingot, 1 glass, 1 oil
Torch icon.png Torch A burning branch fueled with flammable fluid. 3 wood, 1 oil
Nopic.png Wall lamp A bright light powered by a mysterious mechanism 1 glass, 1 iron ingot, 1 oil
Walle lampe b2.png Walle lampe A spherical source of light for affixing to walls 1 glass, 1 iron ingot, 1 oil
Watchfire icon b2.png Watchfire A signal fire used to set the position of a sentry's post 1 wood, 1 brazier
Wooden lampe b2.png Wooden lampe Trendy timber lighting suited for stacking 1 wood, 1 iron ingot, 1 glass, 1 oil