List of minor characters in Dragon Quest IV

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Angus and Aigneas[edit]

In Chapter One, Angus has been thrown in the Strathbaile jail for stealing a loaf of bread, and Aigneas is his devoted wife.


A performer who disguises and passes herself off as Alena. She is kidnapped, causing Alena, Boryl and Kiryl to go after her kidnappers. When found, the evildoers want the Armlet of Transmutation in exchange for the fake princess.


Conrad Hilton[edit]


A girl who lives in the same village as the Hero. In the Prologue, she transforms first into a frog and then a rabbit.


Mary Lou[edit]

A horse.

Oopsy and Daisy[edit]

Two female elves that are supposed to be gathering the birdsong nectar. However, they are frightened away and leave it behind.


A prince who eventually marries Veronica, the princess of Endor.


She lives in Rosehill in a tower.


Josef Starling is a bard encountered in Zalenagrad. Alena wants to get her father's voice back, so she needs to ask him about the birdsong nectar. He is standing on the roof of the church.


Torneko's wife. She runs a bank in Endor during Chapter Five.


The princess of Endor. She marries Prince Regan of Ballymoral.

Willy Wally[edit]

The Strathbaile innkeeper's son, who was kidnapped along with another boy and must be rescued by Ragnar.

Zenith Dragon[edit]

The mode of transportation around the world map.

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