List of wall hangings in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Image Name Description Ingredients Ambiance
Armourer's sign icon.png Armourer's sign A sign that shows a shop sells weapons 1 iron ingot Normal
Big bold banner icon.png Big bold banner (x5) A huge hanging handsome enough to be hung in the most magnificent of halls 5 cotton, 3 gold ingots Cool
Bold banner.png Bold banner (x5) A tall tapestry with a distinguished design 3 cotton, 1 gold ingot Cool
Bunting icon b2.png Bunting (x10) Add equilateral elegance to any festivities with these fine flags 3 grass fibres, 1 cord Natural
Chains icon.png Chains A pair of unescapable iron manacles designed to handcuff hostages to the wall 2 iron ingots Normal
Cloth sacks icon b2.png Cloth sacks A pair of sacks hanging from hoops of rope 2 grass fibres, 1 cord Natural
Clover carving icon.png Clover carving A quaint stone quatrefoil designed to decorate a castle wall 2 stones Normal
Cooking utensils icon b2.png Cooking utensils A wall-hanging mount to hold a trove of tools for the discerning chef 1 iron ingot, 1 wood Normal
Curtain icon b2.png Curtains A classy cut of cloth for covering a window 3 cotton, 2 cords Normal
Dartboard icon b2.png Dart board A colourful target carved from a circular section of wood 3 iron ingots, 2 wood Cool
Decorative drapery icon.png Decorative drapery (x3) A colourful cloth drape designed to be strung from the ceiling, or used as a bulky blindfold 3 grass fibres, 3 cords Normal
Decorative shield icon.png Decorative shield A silver-plated shield too weighty to wield in combat 2 marble, 1 iron ingot Normal
Display hook b2.png Display hook The perfect way to hang items on the wall 1 wood, 1 iron ingot Normal
Display frame b2.png Display frame The perfect way to draw attention to items you want to display 2 wood Normal
Framed foliage icon b2.png Framed foliage A bevy of branches bound and mounted in a simple square frame 1 leaf block, 1 cord, 1 wood Natural
Gentleman sign icon.png Gentleman sign A bold, blue sign to signify the denizen of a dwelling 1 wood Normal
Hanging picture b2.png Hanging picture A stylish scroll for showing off photos 4 paper, 1 cord Cool
Hargons standard icon b2.png Hargon's standard The baleful banner brandished by the Children of Hargon 3 grass fibres, 1 gold ingot, 1 wood Flamboyant
Hela's hammer sign icon.png Hela's hammer sign A big, wooden board with a huge hammer carved into it 1 armourer's sign, 1 mythril Normal
Inn sign icon.png Inn sign A sign that shows guests are welcome to stay the night 1 wood Normal
Lady sign icon.png Lady sign A rich, red sign to signify the denizen of a dwelling 1 wood Normal
Modern art b2.png Modern art Abstract artwork in an alloyed frame 4 iron ingots, 3 grass fibres Cool
Nameplate icon b2.png Nameplate A placard put up to reserve a room for private purposes 1 wood, 1 cord Normal
Ornamental swords icon.png Ornamental swords These swords might be crummy in combat, but they're lovely to look at 2 iron ingots Cool
Picture frame icon b2.png Picture frame A simple frame to store mirthful memories 5 wood Normal
Portrait of a lady icon.png Portrait of a lady An impressionistic image of a formidable figure 5 grass fibres, 1 wood Normal
Portrait of a princess icon b2.png Portrait of a Princess The painted picture of a young Princess of surpassing pulchritude N/A Normal
Pub sign icon b2.png Pub sign A placard to welcome wayfarers to a watering hole 1 iron ingot Cool
Shop sign icon.png Shop sign A sign that shows a shop sells items 1 wood Normal
Smashing sign icon b2.png Smashing sign (x10) A placard to point out places that can be pulverized 1 grass fibre, 1 cord Normal
Stage curtain icon b2.png Stage curtain Hang this handsome curtain on your wall and let the show begin 3 cotton Normal
Towel rail icon.png Towel rail A wall-mounted rail with a towel attached 2 grass fibres, 1 wood Normal
Trendy triptych b2.png Trendy triptych A trio of panels perfect for putting your pictures in pride of place 5 wood Normal
Vile visage icon.png Vile visage A carving of the fearsome face of a foul fiend 4 strange sand, 3 stones Flamboyant
Wall hanging icon b2.png Wall hanging Deck the walls with this colourful cloth fashioned from grass fibre 3 grass fibres Natural
Wall mounted banner icon b2.png Wall-mounted banner An elegant emblem to hang on the wall fo your castle home 3 cotton, 1 gold ingot, 1 wood Cool