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Dragon Quest series character
Medal King
Dragon Quest IV
DQVI Medal King.png
Title King
Race Human

The Medal King is a recurring non-player character in the Dragon Quest series. He first appeared in Dragon Quest IV and has appeared in all subsequent main series games, as well as many side series games. Early on, he was referred to as simply 'Medal King', or 'King who collects small medals'. However, in later games and remakes, each king is usually given a specific name.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The Medal King resides in Princess Minnie's Castle. However, unlike in other Dragon Quest games, he does not collect the Mini Medals, as he is very ill. In his stead, Princess Minnie collects the Mini Medals.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Dragon Quest Swords[edit]

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